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ribbit 4 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Germany, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A young hare poses for the camera in Brandenburg, Germany

A young hare poses for the camera in Brandenburg, Germany [CATERS/Rudiger Kaminski]

By way of an adept photographer, the rabbit has floated to us from Durer’s time

Or so it might seem…



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 September 2011

The Dowd piece in the last thread was great, thanks.

marisacat - 4 September 2011

Wasn’t it? I landed on by accident as I don’t just ‘go to th NYT’ anymore, not like I did for years… It was hard to pick a part to snip… there was a quite a bit in that piece.

2. Ganjafied Gabacho - 4 September 2011

Holy. I can’t believe this isn’t getting wider press (/snicker)

WASHINGTON — First Nations and Native Americans were arrested at the White House today, Friday, Sept. 2, after traveling long distances to halt the Keystone XL pipeline, planned for the heartland of America and Indian country, including the massive Ogallala aquifer.

There have been 1,009 arrests at the White House sit-ins. There were another 166 arrests today, adding to the previous total of 843 arrests, during two weeks of sit-ins, which end tomorrow, on Saturday.


American Indian and Canadian Native leaders were arrested in front of the White House as they refused to move under orders from the police. Representatives of Native governments and Native organizations from the United States and Canada traveled long distances to join thousands of people that have come to Washington DC during the past two weeks to tell US President Barack Obama not to issue a permit for the construction of a controversial 1,900 mile oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast.


Ho mitakweaysin!

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 September 2011

Goodbye to All That: Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

After a good rundown of everything wrong w/ the Reps (which is frankly obvious at this point and boring), he gets to the worthless dems:

The reader may think that I am attributing Svengali-like powers to GOP operatives able to manipulate a zombie base to do their bidding. It is more complicated than that. Historical circumstances produced the raw material: the deindustrialization and financialization of America since about 1970 has spawned an increasingly downscale white middle class – without job security (or even without jobs), with pensions and health benefits evaporating and with their principal asset deflating in the collapse of the housing bubble. Their fears are not imaginary; their standard of living is shrinking.

What do the Democrats offer these people? Essentially nothing. Democratic Leadership Council-style “centrist” Democrats were among the biggest promoters of disastrous trade deals in the 1990s that outsourced jobs abroad: NAFTA, World Trade Organization, permanent most-favored-nation status for China. At the same time, the identity politics/lifestyle wing of the Democratic Party was seen as a too illegal immigrant-friendly by downscaled and outsourced whites.[3]

While Democrats temporized, or even dismissed the fears of the white working class as racist or nativist, Republicans went to work. To be sure, the business wing of the Republican Party consists of the most energetic outsourcers, wage cutters and hirers of sub-minimum wage immigrant labor to be found anywhere on the globe. But the faux-populist wing of the party, knowing the mental compartmentalization that occurs in most low-information voters, played on the fears of that same white working class to focus their anger on scapegoats that do no damage to corporations’ bottom lines: instead of raising the minimum wage, let’s build a wall on the Southern border (then hire a defense contractor to incompetently manage it). Instead of predatory bankers, it’s evil Muslims. Or evil gays. Or evil abortionists.

How do they manage to do this? Because Democrats ceded the field. Above all, they do not understand language. Their initiatives are posed in impenetrable policy-speak: the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The what? – can anyone even remember it? No wonder the pejorative “Obamacare” won out. Contrast that with the Republicans’ Patriot Act. You’re a patriot, aren’t you? Does anyone at the GED level have a clue what a Stimulus Bill is supposed to be? Why didn’t the White House call it the Jobs Bill and keep pounding on that theme?

You know that Social Security and Medicare are in jeopardy when even Democrats refer to them as entitlements. “Entitlement” has a negative sound in colloquial English: somebody who is “entitled” selfishly claims something he doesn’t really deserve. Why not call them “earned benefits,” which is what they are because we all contribute payroll taxes to fund them? That would never occur to the Democrats. Republicans don’t make that mistake; they are relentlessly on message: it is never the “estate tax,” it is the “death tax.” Heaven forbid that the Walton family should give up one penny of its $86-billion fortune. All of that lucre is necessary to ensure that unions be kept out of Wal-Mart, that women employees not be promoted and that politicians be kept on a short leash.

It was not always thus. It would have been hard to find an uneducated farmer during the depression of the 1890s who did not have a very accurate idea about exactly which economic interests were shafting him. An unemployed worker in a breadline in 1932 would have felt little gratitude to the Rockefellers or the Mellons. But that is not the case in the present economic crisis. After a riot of unbridled greed such as the world has not seen since the conquistadors’ looting expeditions and after an unprecedented broad and rapid transfer of wealth upward by Wall Street and its corporate satellites, where is the popular anger directed, at least as depicted in the media? At “Washington spending” – which has increased primarily to provide unemployment compensation, food stamps and Medicaid to those economically damaged by the previous decade’s corporate saturnalia. Or the popular rage is harmlessly diverted against pseudo-issues: death panels, birtherism, gay marriage, abortion, and so on, none of which stands to dent the corporate bottom line in the slightest.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 4 September 2011

How Not to Solve the Jobs Problem

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that President Obama is planning to include in his eagerly anticipated post-Labor Day jobs speech a variation on a truly lame state program called Georgia Works.

The program, begun in 2003, pays people on unemployment insurance a small additional stipend, currently $240, if they agree to work 24 hours a week, for no wages, for a private employer while unemployed, in exchange for some form of training by the employer.

The program was actually started by a Democratic state labor commissioner, Mike Thurmond, and continued by his Republican successor. Thurmond went on to run as the Democratic nominee for the Senate in 2010, and lose. Former President Bill Clinton is a big booster of the program, and Obama gave it favorable mention at one of his recent town hall meetings in Iowa: The president said:

“We’ve got to rethink how we do unemployment insurance. There is a smart program in Georgia. What they do is they say, all right, instead of you just getting unemployment insurance, just a check, what we’re going to do is we will give a subsidy to any company that hires you with your unemployment insurance so that you’re essentially earning a salary and getting your foot in the door into that company. And if they hire you full-time, then the unemployment insurance is used to subsidize you getting trained and getting a job.”

But that’s not how the program works at all. Basically, the company gets free labor while the person is receiving unemployment insurance. If the company does hire the person, there is no ongoing wage subsidy or training subsidy.

marisacat - 4 September 2011

(sorry these lanquished a while in Mod… I fell back to sleep during Cheney on FOX with Chris Williams… 😆 )

I think they DEF are going to pursue a model like Georgia Works… there have been happy cheery little segments on the program, on the local news here over the past two weeks…

I could see a model like what George Works purports to be working, in a decent, coherent and much more honest society. NOT with us…

Not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but we are still cursed with Gavin, even tho he is now Lt Gov… the local news covers him like some local prince… On KGO a few weeks ago, he cheerily stated he was “working with BIll C” on a plan to change how UI works… that instead subsidies would be paid to corps and businesses to employ the unemployed. No longer a system of employment insurance that is contributed to by both worker and employer….

Yeah right.

I feel sorry for any middle class person who has not awakened to the reality that US business, ably assisted by both D and R heads of the dual monster, is abandoning any sort of participatory program that benefits workers. UI being one.

ts - 4 September 2011

My version of unemployment insurance: if you are unemployed or looking for work, whatever the reason, you get 75% of your previous salary up to $200K, plus subsidized enrollment in Medicare (scaled for unemployment pay), for as long as you’re unemployed. None of this 99 week bullshit.

The state program is funded by taxes on businesses, but only when state unemployment is 6% or under. A Federal subsidy kicks in whenever unemployment is above 6%. No need to pass a stimulus bill, unemployment pay plus insurance is the stimulus.

Unemployment insurance now is a joke. It’s so badly funded it breaks down every recession. Thirty something states have been taking federal loans just to make payments, most of them for over two years now. And that’s because they’ll only pay you if you’re laid off. If you quit or were fired you’re SOL. Even then, as some people can attest, even when you’re eligible they’ll try to screw you out of benefits if they can.

marisacat - 4 September 2011

I think even in supposedly hard times that Germany is keeping ot their long standing system, first year of unemployment you are paid 90% of your salary and it is paid by your former employer. I am pretty sure that stops a lot of huge layoffs and terminations (Solyndra the solar company favored by Ob and Chu has broken state and federal laws in their summary terminations of all staff, with no notice and, I hear as well, no severance, a morning meeting and out the door by noon)… then after a year you are paid by a state fund… which is far more generous than the US system… I think it is around 70% and it is long term…

What Americans REFUSE to understand is that the same argument works here that is a bedrock reality of welfare and the various programs for the poor, it funnels large amounts of money into the national cash flow. As I used to say about welfare, it is not banked in the Cayman Islands… nor in Aruba nor Switzerland… ti is spent at the market, for goods.

5. Ganjafied Gabacho - 4 September 2011

I feel sorry for any middle class person who has not awakened…

I don’t feel sympathy, nor even pity. Honestly, empathy for those mindless morons is wearing thin. To believe or support just about anything the murderous thieving traitors in both parties do serves anything but the corporate elite is past ignorant foolishness and programmed stupidity to a dangerous willful mindlessness that implies not complacency but complicity.

Its easier to buy into the party line, either party line, than to use your brain. So fuck them for taking the easy way out. History, if there is one, will judge them to be the “Good Germans” of the end of the USA, Indolent enablers and the so called banal face of evil.

Truthfully, I’m moved through beyond pissed off and on to complete disdain and spiteful acceptance ofl their terminal zombiedom as well as the hellish implications of that basic fact of life in ‘merikkka today and for the short term future.

marisacat - 4 September 2011

Its easier to buy into the party line, either party line, than to use your brain

I agree… but I also think, and it does absolutely discredit them, they cannot imagine how bad it will get. And I think increasing numbers do know.

Plus so many people for reasons that perhaps once made sense, buy into the local power structure, which ever it is, seeing an overall benefit being aligned with the R or the D…. but that is long long long over…

In 2012 we will have the numbers that voted, each side. And like 2004 (I did not vote for Kerry… nor as best I can remember for anyone at the top of the ticket, which likely means my ballot was tossed) when I said, now we will know how many want full glasses of blood served to them.. and are willing to drink.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 4 September 2011

zombies and vampires, and we legendary few are the last living humans on earth….well sort of, I think a lot of them do sense it, but dimly much like a Turkey (the dumbest animal in the barnyard by an acre at least) they await a tragic Thanksgiving feast…

marisacat - 4 September 2011

My mother used to refer to Americans as ‘sheep fatted for sacrifice to the moon’.

I think some are catching on thru the netteries… how many I don’t know… a piece over at corrente, where they have barely made the break for real, far too many still persist in thinking Hillary would have been better and in fact ms_xeno was driven off that site for being blunt about Hilarious… but I did read a piece over there that gave me some hope on the Iowa bi partisan hecklers and protesters… a group in existence for 3 decades ICCI, Iowa Concerned Citizens for Improvement…. I had read how they (tho not identified) overwhelmed a Town Hall with Grassley… BUT what I read did not have the context necessary… they take on the national and establishment Dems as well… AND they refuse to fall for the Dem thugdom… they don’t fall in line after a few weeks ad endorse someone…

6. diane - 4 September 2011

Yay!!!! I haven’t been able to post since my last post on August 28th. From what I could tell (after blowing about six hours trying to post and receiving an “operation aborted” ‘diagnostic’) it was likely due to old browser issues and some internal WordPress tweak, which hopefully has been undone (maybe due to messages to the WordPress crew?). I was able to read the comments, but when I enabled scripting, to post a comment, I wasn’t able to read, or post comments. I hope the renewed ability to post is not fleeting, if I disappear again with no further comment, that will likely be the reason.

I so don’t want to do the browser update thing for a number of reasons; for one, the last time it was excruciating and took waaaaaay too long to iron out resulting issues. For another reason, I’m pretty sure with each unnecessary, but ‘necessary’ browser update, increased privacy violations are a feature.

Anywho, glad to be back, was going to post this on the 29th:

loved this, from Jack Crow:


is an imperial perspective ….


bolded is, mine (as I’m pretty sure jack would never have omitted that simple auxiliary). …. If I recollect correctly, who is IOZ …recently nailed that point also; …beautiful, … agile, …. birds of a feather ….

(in other news, Glenn, on the obvious $$$$reason$$$$$$$ why there is no funding for “civilization” – life in relative peace, empathy, safety and joy, among living beings of a profoundly mentally complicated species …equally capable of sacrifice for another, …as murder of the otherremaining; …though, jeesh ….. he should have thought about that title more, …. I would have, at the least, …. included the words: Malevolent, Hideously Greedy, Sociopaths ….. in the title. And hey hey! .. regards to “Edna and Fred,” ……. :0) ….;0) …. )

marisacat - 4 September 2011

Yay!!!! I haven’t been able to post since my last post on August 28th

has it been 7 days??? – – – glad you are around again!

sorry if there were wp issues that put your commenting in knots

diane - 4 September 2011

say hey honey! ;0) I’ve really missed that back and forth (about whatever tweaks WordPress has done, …why should you feel required to apologize over something you have no control over?). I’ve got company, but will (hopefully ) get back, love you!

7. BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

Feinstein, Sanchez Campaign Treasurer …
Arrested by the F . B . I.

The Treasurer for , literally, 113 other Campaign Committees
Massive Money Laundering Operation much?

SACRAMENTO – A prominent Democratic campaign treasurer who works for federal, state and O.C. lawmakers including U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Rep. Loretta Sanchez and state legislators Lou Correa and Jose Solorio has been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of mail fraud, The Orange County Register has learned.

U.S. Attorney’s Office spokesman Thom Mrozek confirmed Saturday afternoon thatKinde Durkee of Burbank-based Durkee and Associates, was arrested by the FBI on a criminal complaint filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Sacramento. Special Agent Steve Dupre of the bureau’s Sacramento office said she was arrested in connection with her position as a campaign treasurer.

State Sen. Lou Correa told the Register on Saturday afternoon that he was called by the FBI late Friday night and told that Durkee had been arrested and that he is a likely victim 😆
{Surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre – bhhm}

along with “many, many other victims.” 😆 The Santa Ana Democrat said he believes he has lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in campaign funds.

“This is clearly a sense of betrayal of someone I have trusted for a number of years,” said Correa, 🙄 who has used Durkee as his campaign treasurer since 1995. “This is a punch straight to the gut.” 🙄

Federal Election Commission records show that Durkee is the treasurer for Feinstein and Sanchez, who could not be reached Saturday. California Secretary of State records show she currently serves as the treasurer for at least 113 state-level committees. 😯 Those committees include campaign accounts for Solorio, D-Santa Ana; Assemblymen Gilbert Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, and Roger Hernandez, D-Baldwin Park; State Sens. Ted Lieu, D-Torrance and Curren Price, D-Los Angeles; Los Angeles City Councilman Paul Krekorian; and former Orange County lawmaker Tom Umberg.

Durkee also oversaw the political-action committees of the Democratic Party of Orange County and the Democratic Foundation of Orange County, among others.

Durkee and Associates says on its website: “Since 1972 we have worked for 5 presidential campaigns, 4 gubernatorial campaigns, numerous senate, congressional, state and local candidates, initiatives, political action committees and many non-profit associates and small businesses.”

{ She shoulda been arrested for THAT 😆 ~ bhhm}

😆 Durkee has had enforcement actions taken against her four times by the state Fair Political Practices Commission, primarily for failing to report transactions or information. She has also received at least a half a dozen enforcement warning letters from the commission and stipulated to a violation before the City of San Diego Ethics Commission. 😆

Oh I suppose for latest updates we can turn to Moulitsas dailykos for in-depth coverage…
I wonder how many sockpuppets were targetted in the operation?

marisacat - 5 September 2011

well somebody has got the money…. prolly more than just Durkee….

diane - 5 September 2011

Saw that hit the tubes, in the wee hours, this morning. Wasn’t that bleakly fuckin hilarious :0) !!!!!! ..typical fuckin Golden Showers Cali … :0) !!!!!! …. they’re certainly being tight lipped about the domino that was tippped over onto the multitudinous line up … would love to be a fly on the wall of the, Dianne! – white silk hankied, Namaste! Blum Estate.

I sure hope Missy Kinde doesn’t own any leather dog leashes.

8. marisacat - 5 September 2011

Reading an article at Cpunch on highly political organising – agaisnt Wall St – that the two biggest nurses unions (NNU and CNA) are doing…

and along the way saw this:

[T]oday, there is a record 46 million Americans on food stamps. Instead of seeing this huge number as a deeply troubling sign of crisis, congress is considering altering eligibility criterion to get the numbers down by kicking people off the rolls. . . . . .

You know, if the AFL CIO meant any of that fucking bullshite Trumka and others have off loaded recently, about separating from the D Party (yeah right), they would not have Slobster at a photo and useless, endless, lousy speech op in Detroit today. They’d tell him to stay away.

marisacat - 5 September 2011

… and that lousy speech is sure going to be a barn burner. Or whatever the phrase is…

via Detroit Freep:

So far, Obama administration officials have hinted only that the crowd will hear more about the president’s role in rescuing General Motors and Chrysler from liquidation.

9. marisacat - 5 September 2011

hmm tomorrow could be interesting…

European stocks tumbled Monday, with the Stoxx Europe 600 Index posting its biggest two-day drop since March 2009 on investor speculation that support for bailing out Europe’s indebted nations may fade.

The Stoxx Europe 600 Index lost 4 percent to 223.86 at the 4:30 p.m. close in London, following Friday’s 2.4 percent plunge off of a worse-than-forecast U.S. jobs report. The U.K.’s FTSE 100 Index dropped 3.6 percent and France’s CAC 40 Index lost 4.7 percent.


BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

Yep time for me to get in some more furniture…..
™ > to chop up for heat this winter. < ™

marisacat - 5 September 2011

Meanwhile Obby was unable to say the word “hell” in Dtroit today…. He declared it a city that had been “to heck and back”.

Strength! He radiates it!

Oh and he stands for collective bargaining too. Well, he said that. He did.

Via Detroit Freep:

In perhaps some of his strongest words of support for organized labor, President Barack Obama told a riverfront crowd of thousands in Detroit today that “As long as I’m in the White House, I’m going to stand up for collective bargaining.”

He said organized labor is responsible for the rise of the middle class and the core of the nation’s economy and that legislative battles to curb the rights of organized labor is a threat to the nation as a whole.

“When I hear they’re trying to take collective bargaining away, trying to pass right to work laws, I know it’s not about economics it’s about politics,” he said, prompting a chant from the crowd of “Four more years.” . . . . .

And the sheep mewed.

marisacat - 5 September 2011


Full text from Bus Insider:

Fears that the Eurozone might go kaput led to a total bloodbath in Europe today (and it’s not quite over).

We mentioned the selling earlier, when the major indices were down some 3%, but now it’s worse.

Here’s a quick look at the equity markets.

Italy -5.3%.

Germany -5.5%.

France -4.9%.

Athens -3.1%. That index is now down about 50% since March.

Greek 2-year yields blew past 50% for the first time.

Meanwhile, banks are getting destroyed.

Deutsche Bank is off over 8%.

Credit Suisse is down 8.8%.

Italy’s UniCredit is off 7.4%.

And the major US equity indices, fresh off their ~2.5% losses on Friday are down another 2.5% or so today.

Drink up!

BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

Oh heh-henh-heh-HECK 😉
I think the floor is about ready to collapse.
Which, on the upside, means more firewood.

I can only imagine how our Hi-Fi Overlords are moving to cover their positions…connived, contrived and CDS derived positions they are…

“Meanwhile, banks are getting destroyed.”

Bummer, man. As is , awwww – (shock and awe) shucks –
what’s happening in the OIL markets. Whole lotta naked ass positions looking for bearskin, too.

And, apropos of NOTHING, truly, I see there’s a whole lotta hoohah goin on about pwog-protest in Israel. Something about difficult adjustments in the Greatest Democratic Freeloading Society in the Middle East. Sumpin’. Close enough. Funny how that works….

As the IDF is right on cue ::::: humping “full blown regional war” 🙄
( as if that’s not the deal now ) yes, right on cue, the IDF trotting out one un-chill Daddio all fidgety finger again.with the WMD ( as if that’s not BEEN the deal all along 🙄 )

marisacat - 5 September 2011

Oh but… Netanyahu promised to make living more affordable. So…. our subsidy goes up?

BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

I just wonder what they’re gonna do for Thanksgiving without Turkey and all now.

As for the subsidy going up, I think it does, it does, right?
It’s SACRED and all ..
So I guess it does, but I sure as hell don’t know how.
Let alone…….WHY
Oh it should all work out for the best, tho. Ultimately, I mean,
Once the U.S. Jeebus-fascists implement , I dunno, Christmas-care packages or somethin for them with whatever we can – at that point – spare: a little bubble gum, some rubber bands, a nice card with well-wishes hoping they can keep things glued together…

diane - 5 September 2011

I just wonder what they’re gonna do for Thanksgiving without Turkey and all now.

they cood go that short distance to Dubai, and borrow the fake turkey Halliburton provided number 43 (are my numbers off there? …no small fuckin wonder ….) in Iraq, or, they could get a deep discount …on a fresh, semen filled rubber turkey from the Obamessiah.

marisacat - 5 September 2011

Well I wonder how much Turkey gaming it in public is for domestic consumption…. Angry Arab has said there are years worth of secret agreements and treaties between T and I.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2011

Knowing that fucker, he’s considering harvesting kidneys in Gaza to sell on the black market …

marisacat - 5 September 2011

He’ll cut us in for 20% IF we fund the whole thing. Check in the mail!!

Cons all over the place.

One hilarious headline last week out of Israel… about “arming the settlements“… ahead of the upcoming Palestinian statehood vote in the UN

snicker. Coals shipped in via DHL overnight to Newcastle?

10. BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

Mutual-Fund Outflows Continue for 6th Week

Fund investors throw in towel

Orderly exits, everyone! Try not to tear-off their oxygen masks when uppercutting passengers in the seat next to ya!

marisacat - 5 September 2011

I read an article the first week that started, the numbers were STUNNING.

People are abandoning the markets… as well they should imnsho

11. diane - 5 September 2011

speakin of Business Insider, …Cali Rats, ..and jawbs … wasn’t this jus’ precious!!!!! (MoveOn.org[an] cood make a cutsie little video for the 2012 elecshun from it):

24 people have killed themselves by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge so far this year, putting 2011 on a pace to have the most such suicides ever (the previous high is 1977, which had 39), reports Scott James for the New York Times.

Another 12 people have thrown themselves under trains in the area, which exceeds the 11 who killed themselves that way all last year.

San Francisco’s suicide prevention lines say many people who call are mentioning the economy as a factor in their despair:

“We constantly hear, ‘I’m going to be homeless; I would rather be dead than be homeless,’ the head of the suicide hot line said.

About 500,000 Californians have been unemployed for so long that they’ve run through their 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

At least 1,400 people have killed themselves by leaping off the Golden Gate Bridge since it was built in 1937. And it turns out it’s a brutal way to go: Many jumpers suffer “blunt force trauma” with cracked ribs and other limbs and then drown.

In response to the Golden Gate suicides, the city of San Francisco is planning to build a net around the bridge, at a cost of $45 million. (That’s $10 million more than the $35 million it originally cost to build the bridge.) The net will be made of metal, and it will hurt to to jump into it–a factor that the city hopes will dissuade people from jumping.

One woman who jumped a few months ago, 55-year old Barbara Sue Beaver, emailed a friend from the deck of the bridge and asked him to check in on her pit bull. Beaver had been unemployed for two years since losing her job in a bookstore, and she had no health insurance. A letter found at her home said “I’m too lazy to navigate further.”

(bolding mine. Hugs to twig)

marisacat - 5 September 2011

They’ve been talking about the guard net or guard rail or something for years…. I am not even sure WHY they are moving on it now…

A fifteen year old did jump a few months ago….

diane - 5 September 2011

likely because that concerned Jesuit: Jerry, ROTC, appoint a bankster as a jobs Jawbs Czar ., …will still be “gainfullyemployed” in his nineties, …. Brown iz now Kleanin Up , after the Naz Groper (he adored).

12. diane - 5 September 2011


The minute I saw Melancholia (yeah, the spelling is apparently wrong, according to Wiki , … but that’s how I remember it …) …I identified …with what? …not quite sure…could’ve been just the title ….in my early teens …as a female.

I’m fascinated by the seeming gentle roundedness, warm ..just slightly salty, ..yet citrusy flesh (if you were to lick it ………. nothing blue, cadaverous, sickly …or frozen, about it, …let alone “ugly” …..), … of Roman/Italian art, …yet the stark, bleak, – not a spikey hair unnoticed, angularity of the northernmore, neighboring clock/wind up toy experts ….. from much cooler, far harsher …..climes.

marisacat - 5 September 2011

beautiful stuff….

diane - 5 September 2011

love you honey ….. ;0)

diane - 5 September 2011

concentrating on it …. It wasn’t early teens, it was early twenties …(it’s been awhile …and thank you honey, for the memory …;0) …), when I somehow knew, I would never “marry” anyone, …anything, ….group, …with the battles that were raging inside of me ……, about what everthing was “about,”…. not that it matters, …just didn’t wan’t to be misleading ….

diane - 5 September 2011

any hoodie:

… just when your havin fun, [:0)] ..it’s January one ..and you wait for explanations to appear …

phoebe snow (rest in peace sweetness)

diane - 5 September 2011

…I have to run …… try to hide my rage …. …bear my life in pain …

diane - 5 September 2011

why …. why …. did she have to do that? in this world with plenty to feed Obama wifie banksters bofa chris xhristie kringle gramps buffet the po con man/wman harrasin at the end of the block, the grain hoarders and hedgers? the thugs? Peter Theil ….Poperah, Brand Jolina? ….zuckerbergbrinnpagegateskurweilellisonJOBS …et al? not to mention pulseless cheney and klan …etc., etc., etc,

13. marisacat - 5 September 2011

Watching the news of the various demonstrations and Labor Day gatherings… and politicos stumping, etc., around the country…

Here is a chant for the protests…

No Jobs No Vote.

diane - 5 September 2011

and yet another chant,…..apologies to yinz motherfuckers out there if yinz really believe this is actually Yesterday’z NOOOZ …”soon to be forgotten:”

Marines charged with hazing before lance corporal’s suicide

By Los Angeles Times
Published: 8/26/2011 2:29 AM
Last Modified: 8/26/2011 5:26 AM

SAN DIEGO – Three Marines were criminally charged with mistreating a fellow Marine in the hours before he committed suicide in Afghanistan, the Marine Corps announced.

The three are accused of “wrongfully abusing, humiliating and demeaning” Lance Cpl. Harry Lew of Santa Clara, Calif. Lew, 21, killed himself with his machine gun April 3 while assigned to stand guard in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. Lew and the three accused Marines were part of the 3rd Marine Division, based at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

Two lance corporals were reportedly angry at Lew for repeatedly falling asleep while on guard duty. An Article 32 hearing, akin to a civilian preliminary hearing, is set for the three accused Marines on Sept. 8. The Marines charged are:

Lance Cpl. Jacob D. Jacoby, 21, charged with kicking Lew in the back and head, and striking him on the helmet.

Sgt. Benjamin E. Johns, 26, is accused of failing to keep his Marines from beating Lew and failing to protect Lew.

Lance Cpl. Carlos Orozco III, 22, is accused of stomping on Lew’s back with his boot, kicking him in the head, ordering him to do push-ups and leg lifts and pouring sand on his face.

After the mistreatment, Lew allegedly scribbled a farewell on his arm – “May hate me now but in the long run this was the right choice. I’m sorry. My mom deserves the truth” – and killed himself.

diane - 5 September 2011

welp, Labor Day Weekend .. ….plenty Change .. … Stimulous …. ,…. Hope ….. , … and TRIUMPTH , …spreadin round … ya kan jus sniffit in the err (and horror).

14. BooHooHooMan - 5 September 2011

Israeli flag yarmulkes on, man


Former FBI employee sentenced for leaking classified papers…

😆 – > Drudge trotting out ahead BEFORE the NYT facilitation piece is even script doctored. .Oh I wouldn’t worry too much about the U.S. a’peepin at the Israeli Embassy anyways.
I mean, what’s the worst that could come out?
MORE video of Obama givin’ up the bony-ass suckee ~fuckee?

So what’s the hub bub?

A Silver Spring man {NOT EXACTLY! 😆 – bhhm}
who worked as a linguist for the FBI was sentenced Monday to 20 months in prison for leaking secret documents to a blogger.

But federal prosecutors in Maryland have remained mum about exactly what was contained in the classified papers that Shamai K. Leibowitz, 39, gave the unnamed blogger in April 2009, while he worked on contract for the FBI. According to court records, the documents concerned “communication intelligence activities.”

During a Monday hearing in U.S. District Court in Greenbelt, Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven M. Dunne said Leibowitz “betrayed the FBI 😆 when he worked there,” but offered no details.

U.S. District Judge Alexander Williams Jr. said the response of federal authorities convinced him Leibowitz committed a “very, very serious offense.” But the judge said even he does not know what information Leibowitz, a Hebrew scholar, disclosed.

😯 Oh Hell, sentence him anyways, right? 🙄
Big Time IRONY Alert throughout. The FBI victimized, the Israeli Dual citizen er, ep, em, Silver Springs! Silver Springs! The agreeably dumbfuck Judge… imposing sentence anyways, hell why not ? In this clusterfuck?

“I don’t know what was divulged, other than some documents, and I don’t know how it’s compromised things,” Williams said in court.

Leibowitz, who worked as a lawyer in Israel and has dual U.S. and Israeli citizenship, said in court papers that he worked for the U.S. State Department in 2006, teaching Hebrew and Israeli law and culture to American diplomats. He said he then was hired as a contractor by the U.S. Department of Defense at its Defense Language Institute.

According to court papers, Leibowitz worked on contract for the FBI from January through August 2009.

In court Monday, Leibowitz said he made a mistake. 😆 But he said that, at the time he revealed the classified information, he believed the documents showed a “violation of the law.” He said he should have pursued other options within the government to report his concerns.

“I should not have done what I did, and I regret it terribly,” he said.

In a letter to Williams, Leibowitz wrote that he spent his legal career helping “minorities, undocumented workers, refugees, and disadvantaged people.” 😈 PART WITH KIDNEYS 😈 He said he settled in Maryland with his wife and twin children in 2004 and attended the Washington College of Law.

In 2008, Leibowitz became a lawyer in New York. He said his license has been suspended.

Leibowitz pleaded guilty in December to one count of disclosure of classified information. As part of the arrangement, he agreed to file no requests for documents concerning the investigation and to “never disclose,” except to those who are authorized by the government, any classified or sensitive information he learned while working for the FBI.

Several members™ of the local Jewish community™ wrote Williams to support Leibowitz, who™ they said™ is an active member of his synagogue.™

The case against Leibowitz comes as the government has charged a former U.S. intelligence official with leaking secrets to the media. Thomas A. Drake, 53, a former official with the National Security Agency, is accused of sharing classified information with a newspaper reporter.

Somethin happened!. LOL
One of those things! . Carry on!

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2011
16. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2011

Toxicologist: Oil spill far more toxic than admitted

Nicholas Forte has spent the last year with an array of health issues. Headaches. Migraines. Nausea. Breathing problems so severe they would land him in the hospital.

“We have no idea what it is,” the 22-year-old Battle Creek resident told Michigan Messenger. “Then it escalated to seizures.”

And while the seizures landed him in the hospital — at one point stopping his heart and his breathing — doctors are at a loss to understand why. Tests indicate none of the expected patterns for epilepsy.

Finding out why the formerly healthy young man had suddenly fallen ill drove him and his family to listen to Riki Ott, an environmental toxicologist who has been tracking the health impacts of oil spills on human beings since her home was impacted by the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska. Ott was in Battle Creek Wednesday night at the invitation of local activists.

And when Forte asked Ott about his symptoms, she nodded an affirmative.

“We see that in 16-year olds in the Gulf,” she said. And Forte was not the only person she may have given much needed answers to. Nearly 50 people gathered to talk about headaches, nausea, burning eyes, memory loss and rashes. There were young and old, African-Americans and whites, rural residents and city dwellers, all with one thing in common — they live by the Kalamazoo River and were exposed to last year’s Enbridge Energy Partners Lakehead Pipeline 6B.

For Ott, it was a litany list of symptoms and voices of frustration she has heard from Alaska to South Korea to the Gulf Coast and now in Calhoun county. And Calhoun, she says, represents exposures to both tar sands and lighter oils, each with its own chemical make ups and attendant toxins.

“You’ve got the worst of two worlds. You’re getting a fully double whammy,” she says of the Cold Lake Crude Oil. “Peoples’ health problems (from the Enbridge spill) are identical to the Gulf.”

Ott says that studies about health impacts conducted by health officials since last summer are based on 40-year old science.

“We used to be able to use a thermometer and say, ‘yep, you’ve got a fever,’ but we didn’t have an understanding of how that worked on a cellular level,” she said. “Now, we have the tools and the ability to see how these chemicals impact us on a cellular level.”

Ott noted that just this July a peer-reviewed study of oil spill exposure found the same set of symptoms in each location. They are the identical to the ones being seen in Calhoun county. She also noted that the studies have begun to identify toxicity to DNA, as well as reproductive health impacts. She says many of the chemicals of concern to occupational and environmental health officials have been shown to impact fetuses in the first trimester.

Studies by the MDCH released this summer have indicated no risk of long term health effects. The National Wildlife Federation condemned the Aug. 17 report, calling it incomplete.

“By their own admission, multiple chemicals have not been fully tested. No doctor would look at a sick patient, skip doing a full diagnosis, and declare him fit as a fiddle. Officials are prematurely drawing conclusions about the risks of tar sands oil to human health.” said Beth Wallace with the Great Lakes Regional Center of the National Wildlife Federation. “Residents at the meeting, including myself, were extremely skeptical and frustrated when hearing these conclusions from officials with MDCH. A complete study on the make-up of tar sands oil needs to be conducted before we can begin to truly understand the impacts to humans, wildlife and our environment.”

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 September 2011

Better This World

Premieres tomorrow on PBS’ POV …

18. marisacat - 5 September 2011



……………. 8)

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