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Protest… 8 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, California / Pacific Coast, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

 A Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputy grabs one of hundreds of longshoremen trying to block a grain train bound for an export facility in Longview, Wash.     [Don Ryan / Associated Press]

From LAT report:

Hundreds of angry longshoremen stormed through a grain shipping terminal in Longview, Wash., early Thursday and held security guards at bay while descending on a disputed train full of grain, cutting brake lines and dumping cargo.

The predawn labor protests came after a clash with police Wednesday in which hundreds of longshoremen blocked railroad tracks near Vancouver, Wash., to prevent grain cargo from reaching an export terminal 45 miles farther west. In that protest, they far outnumbered officers, pelting police with rocks and spraying them with pepper spray, police said.

There have been no serious injuries, but 19 protesters were arrested on charges of trespassing during the initial protests Wednesday. 

Police were not present during Thursday’s predawn action at the terminal, but they said six security guards were held inside a guard shack while protesters attacked the train, broke windows in the shack and pushed a private security vehicle into a ditch.


The eruptions cap a simmering summer of labor unrest at the new $200-million grain-shipping facility in southern Washington state, newly opened by Bunge North America subsidiary EGT, the first major grain export terminal built in the U.S. in the last two decades.

The ILWU has insisted it has the right to work at the facility, but EGT has hired a contractor, General Construction of Federal Way, Wash., which is employing members of another labor union.

The National Labor Relations Board intervened in late August, seeking a court order to end “violent and aggressive” labor actions, which it said included destroying EGT property and harassing and threatening employees of EGT and General Construction.

In one case, the labor board alleged, a protester dropped a trash bag full of manure from an airplane near an EGT building.

Of course I hope it spreads beyond an intra-mural union conflict…

At issue, so the report says, is the Longshoremen were being asked to work 12 hour days, with no overtime..


1. Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

waiting out the hotest part of the day, watchin Obozo’s delivery…god bless amway, he really doesn’t get the difference between strident and strong…

marisacat - 8 September 2011

Seems to me he did that very markedly in one of the recent (there/ve been so many)…

Nearly yelling.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

My chosen adjective would be shrieking, but I wouldn’t use the modifier nearly either…

P.S. does anybody know the code for the devil cat smiley face?

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

or a grammarian tutor?

marisacat - 8 September 2011

He is shrieking. Or he was, til he was done…


marisacat - 8 September 2011

I think it is evil between two colons…

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

Muchas Gracias, Dona. 👿

2. marisacat - 8 September 2011

Hmm Speech put me to sleep for a few mins….


Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

watchin the up down of ovation, I’m thinking how much fun would it be to play a real life version of wack-a -mole?

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2011

‘Do Not Resuscitate’ tattooed on Norfolk pensioner

Joy Tomkins had the message tattooed, along with “P.T.O.” and an arrow on her back, earlier this year.

The former magazine company secretary said she could not bear to “make beds and wash-up for another 20 years”.

Despite having a living will for about 30 years, she said the tattoo meant there was be “no excuse” for error.

“The tattoo is immediate… no excuse for not knowing what I thought,” she said.

The grandmother, who is diabetic but said she was not seriously ill, said she got the idea from a retired nurse, who did something similar in 2003.

She said her willingness to not be resuscitated would “save money” for the NHS.

Mrs Tomkins, who went to a tattoo parlour to get her message done, said she was happy with life but stated she would be “just as happy” not to wake up in the morning.

She added she was determined to have the final say if she falls seriously ill.
‘Much better dead’

“If I’m found lying about and can’t say something, I want [medics] to accept that,” she said.

“I’m 81 and don’t need any more use. What do you think I’m going to do with the frightful thought of getting to 100? I hate it.

“My mother-in-law lived to be 106 and in the last six years of her life she’d have been much better dead. She was miserable.”

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2011

I think I’m in moderation …

oh, and thanks for all the links about the longshoremen. Labor needs to do more of this.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 September 2011

never mind, my link is up!

marisacat - 8 September 2011

Good thing it got thru on its own… as I slept and slept… just awake again at 7:50.


5. marisacat - 8 September 2011

The Lone Wolf electrical worker…. pretty funny overall. I wouldn’t think it might be somehting EXCEPT if you remember when … I forget which year, it might have been as soon as 2002 but it might have been 2003, 2 million or so lost power in NY state…. then a bit later, a similar number lost power south of London…. many people did not know that at some point later, environs of Rome (think it was) got zapped, again a big number….. and last, which I only knew of as my elderly neighbor was Danish and spoke regularly with her relatives there, a similarly large number lost power south of Copenhagen.

They all were our partners in Afghanistan and then Iraq…

Anyway… Lone Wolf. at it again….

[T]he outage appears to be related to a procedure an APS employee was carrying out in the North Gila substation, which is located northeast of Yuma. Operating and protection protocols typically would have isolated the resulting outage to the Yuma area. The reason that did not occur in this case will be the focal point of the investigation into the event, which already is under way. . . . .

6. deedogg - 8 September 2011

I have not watched a Presidential address in over 20 years. They either anger or bore me too much. Did I miss anything of importance?

marisacat - 8 September 2011

I don’t think so….

I fell asleep twice……….

deedogg - 9 September 2011

Thanks, same as the one’s before

7. Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 September 2011

Torture is treated like a homeopathic technique: a little violence used against violence might cure violence. “One inoculates the public with a contingent evil,” Roland Barthes astutely put it, “to prevent or cure an essential one.” But what happens when the torture is not the remedy, but if it indeed the malady: if it is torture of the body and the spirit that provokes and prepares the retaliations that have now become legion? It is easy to ask the question, as pundits have been doing ten years after 9/11, “are we safer now”? But the question fails. We are not safer, not those who live in Droneland, in the shadow of the archipelago of prison, in the clutches of what the Center for American Progress has called Fear Inc., the institutions of Islamaphobia that now infect U. S. society. There is no such thing as a little torture or a little illegal bombing, a little war, a little fear. As with bloodletting, torture weakens the body politic. It is another legacy of 9/11.

Ten Years On

Orale, vato but what the fuck is anybody gonna do about it and the legion of assaults and insults to our humanity we witness or endure daily

8. marisacat - 9 September 2011

Good Luck… Milbank has a piece up on the “irrelevant” president.

It was, in a way, more insulting than Joe Wilson’s “you lie” eruption during a previous presidential address to Congress. The lawmakers weren’t particularly hostile toward the president – they just regarded the increasingly unpopular Obama as irrelevant. And the inclination not to take the 43-percent president seriously wasn’t entirely limited to the Republicans.

The nation is in an unemployment crisis, and Obama was finally, belatedly, unveiling his proposals, but Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-N.Y.) thought this would be a good time to ask Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to autograph a copy of the children’s book “House Mouse, Senate Mouse.”

Rep. David Wu (D-Wash.), forced to resign this summer over accusations of sexual impropriety, nevertheless showed up for the speech (in business suit rather than his tiger suit) and took a seat among the Democrats.

House Speaker John Boehner and Vice President Biden set the tone at the start. Waiting for Obama to make his way down the center aisle, they stood before the House and had a talk – not about jobs, but about golf.

“Seven birdies, five bogies,” Boehner reported to Biden.

“You’re kidding me!” the vice president said.

“I missed a 4-foot straight-on birdie on the last hole,” Boehner said of another round.

“Whoa!” the vice president said.

“So, the next day,” Boehner went on, “I shoot an 86! Ha, ha, ha!”

“That’s incredible,” the vice president said. . . . .


9. marisacat - 9 September 2011

Touring the early am news on the West Coast… it is clear that a single day, 9/11, has been stretched into more than a week.

Full bore 9/11 all over media. On the 9th.

Maybe this is over by next Wednesday?

marisacat - 9 September 2011


[B]efore the smoke cleared, our national culture of opportunism sought to ratify 9/11 as world-historical, and in retrospect all our flailing, horrible, violent responses to those briefly spectacular moments of smoke-and-kaboom read as much as anything as dully intentional attempts to render the attacks as epically poetic, the hijackings that launched a thousand sorties, so to speak; but mere spectacle rarely bears much weight of memory: the sense of all these memorial recollections is of rushing into Radio City and declaring the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular the equal of Lear on the strength of its high-kicking–not simply wrong, but preposterous.

The reason that so many newspapers and magazines, teevee shows and radio programs, blogs and other bullshit have ginned up so many Special Editions, the reason there is such an unharmonious cacophony of competing kaddishes linked only by their ridiculous, maudlin sentimentality, is that the supposed universal significance of the date barely qualifies as a mirage; the touted unity of the national conscience and consciousness afterward less than a fairy tale; the importance of the day as some inflection point in the history of human civilization so vastly overblown as to have long since popped. . . . . .

10. marisacat - 9 September 2011

Madman sent me this….

BI (Robert Johnson) has a good piece up on the longshoreman strike in WA…. with more back ground on the big conglomerate at issue (EGT) than I got in reading several pieces…

but here’s what’s been brewing for the past several months and led to this boiling point.

Japan’s Itochu Corp, South Korea’s STX Pan Ocean, and St. Louis Bunge North America combined to form EGT that built a new $200 million port facility in Longview.

Promising quality union jobs, EGT received special tax exemptions and a low-cost lease from the Port of Longview with the government even pulling eminent domain on adjacent landowners for EGT.

From groundbreaking EGT began to renege on its deal and started looking for sub-contractors 100 miles outside of town.

With high local unemployment, EGT imported low wage workers from out-of-state claiming arbitrarily it would save them $1million annually – a number EGT confessed to simply making up.

EGT then sued the port saying it was not bound by its contract with ILWU.

ILWU picketed EGT for months and was ignored. The company refused to negotiate.

On June 3, 1,000 workers peacefully protested.

On July 11, union members tore down a fence and 100 were arrested.

EGT hired an an outside union to manage the sub-contractors attempting to pit union against union.

On September 7 400 union protesters faced down 50 police officers in riot gear who beat union members with clubs and sprayed them with pepper spray. …..

ILWU says they will be arrested as a union and go to jail as a union….

ILUW 21 President Dan Coffman told the Longview Daily News: “We are going to fight for our jobs in our jurisdiction. We have worked this dock for 70 years, and to have a big, rich corporation come in and say, ‘We don’t want you,’ is a problem.

We’re all together. We’re all going to jail as a union.”

Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

…go to jail as a union…

These longshoremen have really got the right idea, and I wish them the best of luck. Their actions are one little bright spot of hope in vast abyss…too bad it’s only boutique news; this is the kind of story I wish they would give the Hurricane or Royal wedding treatment

marisacat - 9 September 2011

I jsut saw this at Cpunch, kind of a synopsis of what Robert Johnson posted at Bus Insider… but maybe Macaray, who writes on union issues for Cpunch, will stay with it and update..

They fear that EGT will break the relatively weak IUOE (Local 701), and that after busting this union and coming away perceived as the victor (a la Ronald Reagan with PATCO), they will move against the ILWU, undermining contracts up and down the west coast.

Although a preliminary injunction was issued late yesterday by U.S. District judge Ronald Leighton, as of this writing the dockworkers are still protesting at ports in the northwest. The Longview dispute obviously has a ways to go before it gets sorted out, but no matter what the eventual outcome, these brave ILWU members have breathed life into the labor movement. One can only hope that their actions will inspire union members in other industries to assert themselves as well.

‘Course my old, decades long, hope fr a West Coast ports work stoppage might come out of this… who knows…

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 September 2011

I’m just happy to see any resistance …

11. Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

Local Rethuglicans proving AZ can out-stupid and outgun Texas:

The Pima County Republican Party got itself some national attention with its recent decision to raise funds by raffling off a Glock 23, which is remarkably similar to the Glock 19 used by a crazed gunman in the Jan. 8 shooting rampage that killed six people, including federal Judge John Roll and 9-year-old Christina-Taylor Green. Thirteen others were wounded, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who is still recovering from being shot in the head.

Tucson Weekly

marisacat - 9 September 2011

I saw that, struck me as bizarre. But then some media, after all the hoopla as to who used bulls’ eyes in their junk… and who did not (they both did and DO as I saw it) fished up pics of Miss GG with a huge old gun, in campaign promo junk…. iirc she was looking thru the scope and holding it up to shoot.

Round round: comes around goes around.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

yeah gabby luvs her gunz and she ain’t never been no librul, She really isn’t anything other than an opportunist and once she made her DC stripes she was ready to move permanently into a lovely Georgetown Townhouse with her dufus republican astroj-ock hubby and occasionally visit her white constituents in nice safe areas like the affluent NW side of Tucson. She wouldn’t even visit Tubac for more than a micro-second because her folding on the BP checkpoint on I-19 pissed off all the townfolk…

marisacat - 9 September 2011

she was ready to move permanently into a lovely Georgetown Townhouse with her dufus republican astroj-ock hubby and occasionally visit her white constituents in nice safe areas like the affluent NW side of Tucson

Oh…. her plans were so interrupted – and by a white constituent shooter.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

like OMG. Like totally intterupted, Like how I just can’t believe like it could happen like from a state that made concealed carry, endless bullet magazines, and fully auto weapons legal with out permit 👿

marisacat - 9 September 2011

Several people in the Safeway lot that day had concealed weapons with them…

Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

It is unnerving how armed my neighbors are…you walk into a grocery store and notice a something pink and deadly in the walmart handbag of the tea bagging granny in front of you….

12. BooHooHooMan - 9 September 2011
marisacat - 9 September 2011


they deserve each other.

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 September 2011


13. marisacat - 9 September 2011

6.4 off Vancouver Island…

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 September 2011

Obama Team Feared Coup If He Prosecuted War Crimes

For now, read Harman’s account below of her comments during the audience Q&A segment at Boalt Hall’s forum Sept. 2:

I said was overwhelmed by the surreality of Yoo being on the law faculty….when he was singlehandedly responsible for the three worst policies of the Bush Adm. They all burbled about academic freedom and the McCarthy era, and said it isn’t their job to prosecute him. Duh.

Then Dean Chris Edley volunteered that he’d been party to very high level discussions during Obama’s transition about prosecuting the criminals. He said they decided against it. I asked why. Two reasons: 1) it was thought that the CIA, NSA, and military would revolt, and 2) it was thought the Repugnants would retaliate by blocking every piece of legislation they tried to move (which, of course, they’ve done anyhow).

Afterwards I told him that CIA friends confirmed that Obama would have been in danger, but I added that he bent over backwards to protect the criminals, and gave as an example the DoJ’s defense (state secrets) of Jeppesen (the rendition arm of Boeing) a few days after his inauguration.

He shrugged and said they will never be prosecuted, and that sometimes politics trumps rule of law.

“It must not,” I said.

“It shouldn’t,” he said, and walked off.

This is the Dean of the Berkeley School of Law.

marisacat - 9 September 2011

They’ve spread that shit all over the past couple of days…

I don’t buy it frankly. he had no desire to pursue it… just like Bill C and Iran Contra…. same thing same excuses (tho this does ratchet it higher… and plays into that old assassination masturbation)

Ganjafied Gabacho - 9 September 2011

I don’t buy it either. It assumes the Oobsters ever entertained the question. Like he would stick his neck out, even if only metaphorically. When has his Irrelevancy ever done the difficult, but right thing to do? When has he stood on principle, damn the politics, really?

The must fucked up part is the sub rosa shit. You know the assasination implication; that they’ve done it before.

True enough, but its Pure Hopium; Obama never once thought he would challenge the powers that be because they put him there and might yet keep him there (believe or not!)

And once again the mythic truth of “they Killed Kennedy” is used by PTB to fuck with the John Q public’s head…

marisacat - 9 September 2011

Oh absolutely they may wedge him back in… whatever suits….

From the minute they began playing the assassnation bait, back in the primaries, I did not like it. LOL Who gets shot during his reign? A white woman in AZ…. I am not a fan of Hillary at all… in any way, but she is hated, or has been, by wide swathes of this country. IF any one might be assassinated, they all might. And anyway.. they ALL just use it, to keep separate from ordinary people…

marisacat - 9 September 2011

oh and Edley and his wif, her name iirc is Echevarria from the DNC, is an asshole.

15. marisacat - 9 September 2011

hmm Solyndra led the 6 pm news on the local ABC affiliate… it’s been all over the news, various channels, every day, with updates…. prolly no end in sight…

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 September 2011

Ruling in Wellington case could further complicate Florida foreclosures

In a decision that could have staggering implications on foreclosure proceedings statewide, an appeals court ruled Wednesday in favor of the owners of a Wellington home whose bank filed documents sworn to by employees with no personal knowledge of the case.

The ruling from the 4th District Court of Appeal reversed in part a 2010 Palm Beach County Circuit Court summary judgment that said homeowners Gary and Anita Glarum owed LaSalle Bank $422,677.

That amount was based on an affidavit of indebtedness signed by loan servicer employee Ralph Orsini, who pulled the information from a company computer — a move that appeals court judges said amounts to hearsay.

“Orsini did not know who, how, or when the data entries were made into Home Loan Services’ computer system,” the decision states. “Orsini could state that the data was accurate only insofar as it replicated the numbers derived from the company’s computer system.”

The ruling means the home on Amesbury Court, which has been in foreclosure since September 2008, can’t go to a foreclosure sale until the bank either gets another summary judgment or goes to trial. The Glarums still live in the home.

Tom Ice, whose firm Ice Legal represents the homeowner, said Wednesday’s decision hits at the essence of the nation’s foreclosure robo-signing scandal in which tens of thousands of foreclosure court documents were signed by people swearing that they had personal knowledge of cases when they did not.

While some lenders called the document problem a technicality, foreclosure defense attorneys called it perjury and fraud.

17. marisacat - 9 September 2011

As the country sobs for 9/11 the sausage makers are busy (moiv sent this)

[T]he increase stems from a deal between Congress and the White House, finalized last month, that spells out how the borrowing limit would be increased by $500 billion. Under the process, lawmakers in both the House and Senate must vote on a resolution of disapproval against the increase in the borrowing limit. President Barack Obama would then have to veto the resolution of disapproval, and Congress would then vote to try and override that veto.

The complicated procedure, designed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.), would allow an increase of the borrowing limit while allowing most Republicans to vote against such an increase.

There was a twist in this scenario Thursday evening, however. Democrats held firm, rejecting the resolution of disapproval, thereby speeding the process and increasing the borrowing limit immediately. …..

WSJ Blog

18. BooHooHooman - 9 September 2011

Israel seeks U.S. help after protesters storm embassy in Cairo

Uh Oh. But really, come on! ~ Lighten up, Israeli Embassy !
The Egyptians could have mistaken it for the Fall Line coming in now at Bergdorf Goodman.

marisacat - 10 September 2011

I read they ‘tore down a wall’ at the embassy. Doesn’t seem so bad does it? Helping with a remodel.

BooHooHooMan - 10 September 2011

Some paper, new cabinets, a nice make-over…
of the Regional- Globo – balance of power.
All for less than a THOUSAND DOLLARS!
Why SAVE those old fixtures???
How about a new toity near the fire exit? 😆

marisacat - 10 September 2011

and you know they wanna build a HIGHER wall, wiht gun turrets.. here is their chance!!

19. Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011

yeah but the wall was built only last week to keep out the riff-raff…I guess Egypt just isn’t the same neighborhood it was a few short months ago…

20. Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011
marisacat - 10 September 2011

it’s all coming around….

as Issa furiously keeps his check list.

Between Solyndra and Fast and Furious, he is finally having fun.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011

he’s making his list
and checking it thrice
gonna prosecute whether
Oobster lube-sters been
naughty or nice

Issa’s Claws is comin’ to town…

marisacat - 10 September 2011

I kind of think it is… how far they go, where they take it… probably depends on how the coming year goes.

It seems to me, more and more and over and over, that his people vacilate between running a real campaign (as his numbers fall… and how far will THAT go?) and jsut runing a money collection scheme, spending as little of it honestly as they can. And I think that is what many runs are for Dems, where they long ago strategically made them selves subservient to the R forces… (I see they are pumping a halff million, that they admit to publicly, on the run for the Weiner seat… NY-9 I think it is, as example… who knows if they have conceded already, news reports indicate the D is running a “oops” plagued campaign 😳 )….

I don’t think I’d like being Obama for the next couple of years… but i don’t thnk he cares, either way he and Mchelle get a pay off. And so many days I think they’d rather get the apy off NOW than in 4 years….

Then again, he may get wedged in…. if it suits… It’s like watching a merry-go-round go round…

Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011

…he may get wedged in….
Like a bad piece of nearly tasteless Illinois GMO pig feed corn stuck in your front teeth…but who knows, perhaps RP is their guy now…I kinda doubt it though, and I have a really hard time thinking that Romney has better odds than a mormon missionary’s chance of coming out (ha!) unscathed from the tenderloin

marisacat - 10 September 2011

yeah tough all around….is ”RP”, Ron Paul? ‘Cuz he obviously has as much chance as Kuc, both of whom are close to worthless imo.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011

rick perry 👿

21. Ganjafied Gabacho - 10 September 2011

And now, something completely different…

“If these signs do turn out to be a sign of life, it would be doubly exciting because it would represent a second form of life independent from water-based life on Earth.”

Professor John Zarnecki, of the Open University, added: “We believe the chemistry is there for life to form. It just needs heat and warmth to kick-start the process.

“In four billion years’ time, when the Sun swells into a red giant, it could be paradise on Titan.”

They warned, however, that there could be other explanations for the findings.

But taken together, they two indicate two important conditions necessary for methane-based life to exist.


22. marisacat - 10 September 2011



…….. 8)

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