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Perp walk… 12 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Total fucking lunatics.

President Barack Obama arrives to address a joint session of Congress on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sept. 8, 2011. (AP Photo/Kevin Lamarque, POOL)

All those to the right and left of him too, perps.

I see he is in the Rose Garden this morning, exhorting for that jobs bill, a Potemkin village of “ordinary Americans” as the backdrop… I have to say, they look silly as all hell and he sounds fake as all hell.

You know, when he got “writer’s block”, during the crafting of Audacity for Hope or whatever the book was, he and Mother Michelle took off for 4 months in Bali.  I suppose by then, producing a book to accompany a senate run and perhaps one day a pretzel run, the fix was already in.

I’d love to know who paid for the 4 months of creative break in Bali.

We are so screwwed….

US government by Disney and GE, it is clear. 

Reports this morning say a gaping hole in the jobs bill is any indication of a plan for housing.  I notice that Mother Michelle will be appearing in an upcoming, two hour expanded, “Extreme Makover”, the Disney / ABC extravaganza that gifts some worthy update of Queen for a Day with a house.

Obviously that is the plan, it used to be women won a washer, so they could go on washing 42,000 loads a day, now it is a house.




1. Ganjafied Gabacho - 12 September 2011

Watchin’ MSNBC (yeah, yeah, I know it is a dirty habit) and got some good nooze; Dental Hygienists, xray techs, and Physical Therapy assistants are in demand so there are JOBS available. AT least you’ll be able to make your student loan payments for those advanced degrees in tiddlywinks and brain-steurbation as you remove pieces of corn from the teeth of the blessed few (those with Health Insurance).

Can you smell the burning Hopium?

marisacat - 12 September 2011

oh we’ll be importing someone soon enough… a single person imported from the Ukraine can do all three jobs!!

Ganjafied Gabacho - 12 September 2011

Once we get rid of all these damn Mexicans who are taking our ditch digging jobs…

2. Ganjafied Gabacho - 12 September 2011

Because the Patriot Act isn’t enough and tbecause the ghost of Hoover never left the building:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is giving significant new powers to its roughly 14,000 agents, allowing them more leeway to search databases, go through household trash or use surveillance teams to scrutinize the lives of people who have attracted their attention.

The F.B.I. soon plans to issue a new edition of its manual, called the Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide, according to an official who has worked on the draft document and several others who have been briefed on its contents. The new rules add to several measures taken over the past decade to give agents more latitude as they search for signs of criminal or terrorist activity.


Some of the most notable changes apply to the lowest category of investigations, called an “assessment.” The category, created in December 2008, allows agents to look into people and organizations “proactively” and without firm evidence for suspecting criminal or terrorist activity.

Under current rules, agents must open such an inquiry before they can search for information about a person in a commercial or law enforcement database. Under the new rules, agents will be allowed to search such databases without making a record about their decision.


The new rules will also relax a restriction on administering lie-detector tests and searching people’s trash. Under current rules, agents cannot use such techniques until they open a “preliminary investigation,” which — unlike an assessment — requires a factual basis for suspecting someone of wrongdoing. But soon agents will be allowed to use those techniques for one kind of assessment, too: when they are evaluating a target as a potential informant.


The new manual will also remove a limitation on the use of surveillance squads, which are trained to surreptitiously follow targets. Under current rules, the squads can be used only once during an assessment, but the new rules will allow agents to use them repeatedly. Ms. Caproni said restrictions on the duration of physical surveillance would still apply, and argued that because of limited resources, supervisors would use the squads only rarely during such a low-level investigation.

The revisions also clarify what constitutes “undisclosed participation” in an organization by an F.B.I. agent or informant, which is subject to special rules — most of which have not been made public. The new manual says an agent or an informant may surreptitiously attend up to five meetings of a group before those rules would apply — unless the goal is to join the group, in which case the rules apply immediately.


Being the most incarcerated nation on the planet is not enough, we need more numbers in prison (JOBS!) so I say, “Go Pigs!”

marisacat - 12 September 2011

BTW, I am unsure who posted it… maybe Madman… maybe you? But someon posted a report last week that the Patriot Act is, by a very visible measure, mostly used in drug cases, a lot more than terrorism.

Which sure makes sense.

‘Course, either way, we are so skereweeeddd.

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2011

which is what these powers will be used for, too

3. Ganjafied Gabacho - 12 September 2011

I think it was everbody’s favorite crazy dude, but I forget (ha! short term memory loss is a chronic problem but I’d rather forget where I put my keys than my loved ones name)

I think that use of the Patriot Act was the plan from the beginning and with all the data mining that’s happened since they have more than enough targets…there’s over 10 million cannabis users (according to the governments deflated statistics- I think the number is closer to 50) if one in 10 sells (again prolly way low) that’s a million more to through into the grist mill of the system…

I actually take small comfort in the fact they have so much data and targets; until they open up the internment camps they just don’t have enough capacity in the court system (never mind the prisons)…but one day, perhaps sooner than I think (about 10-15 years) they will

Somos bienes chingados…(We are good-n Skrewweeed)

marisacat - 12 September 2011

oh think so much of what they have put in over the past 10 years does have to do wih various crirminal (under the laws that exist) activities…

Just like my simple thing years ago of taking some MJ to my friend in Texas to cook into suppositories for his dying-from-cancer mother…I neve even thought twice about it.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 12 September 2011

Good on you. Fuck Babylon. You’re a tree top flyer too, and tienes mas cajones que yo; I avoid Tejas like the plague

Speaking of plagues, did you know that along with having palliative affects for the modern plague sufferer (cancers) may be a true curative and that cannabis seems to selectively cause cancerous cells to commit hari kari while leaving the healthy ones protected from their bad neighbors?

Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis and metastasis.[9-11] Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell death. These compounds have been shown to induce apoptosis in glioma cells in culture and induce regression of glioma tumors in mice and rats. Cannabinoids protect normal glial cells of astroglial and oligodendroglial lineages from apoptosis mediated by the CB1 receptor.[12]

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 September 2011

well, that’s not good … how is a multinational going to monetize THAT?!?!

ts - 12 September 2011

They’d better make a federal case out of it, because the states don’t have any money to waste on drug offenders anymore.

4. diane - 12 September 2011

Oooh, … look at the happy boyz with their pet mal noise ….. before they go home and switch to those pink tulle tutus, with matching pink, vinyl, fake rhinestone studded, good little doggie collars.

(hat tip to Glenn Greenwald)

5. BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Remember from Feigned Gravitas 101, the ole
It’s a difficult situation., the veritable duct tape of
all things political……

Where are the Great Statesmen with, you know, stature and all?
Like Cap’n Stumpy here….

Jordan’s Abdullah:
Israel’s situation today more difficult than ever

..who obviously had Gravitas 102. 🙄
Ah yes, “King PlayStation” as AA and Mcat tagged him……

marisacat - 12 September 2011

King Play Station and Queen You Tube!!

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

😉 LOL… Get that pedestal a pedestal!
About it for our designs for the family room there… which aren’t gonna make the cut I think in the final episode of Feng Shui The ME…

6. BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

OFA Conference Call
by domestic goddess

A slick little piece trotted out for the wimmens.
One of Bowers or the Philly Boyo’s personae, my bet….

The opener-

Apparently, OFA thinks I’m a valuable volunteer and community leader.

Some operative, anyways…LOL.
With an idea about the gals,you know~ so disappointed, so confused, so pressed for time between soccer and the PTA…
.and they all love to be pursued donchaknow … 🙄

I used to be and in a previous diary I told OFA they couldn’t count on me and that I would not be volunteering for the next presidential campaign.

I guess they don’t take no for an answer. So I am listening to Jim Messina, campaign manager and soon President Obama is supposed to be on this call. I am not sure if they are taking questions or not. They have not said is this was a dialogue or monologue. They want us to know how much they value us. As much as Rahm?

So dissapointed, so confused. Followed by a few hits of Hopium, a little more disappointment, {Henh – lay the “Feel Your Pain” on THICK, Fellahs} And a plug of course for the whole Obster family 🙄 … yep, we know where this one is going…

The President finished trying to fire us up. The news is discouraging but he is confident that we can get this done. But it will take a long time, more than one term. He wants us to shake off our summer doldrums. Thanks and good bye.

I dunno, this just doesn’t do it for me. I supposed I should feel grateful for some kind of second stimulus jobs bill. But as most respected economists have said, it’s not going to be big enough. I support the infrastructure projects in this bill and I wish it went further. I am worried about Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I don’t think it is fair or productive to give incentives to companies to take on interns without paying them. The money should go to workers.

We need financial and tax reforms. We need to refinance mortgages for those threatened with foreclosure and clean up the whole paper trail mess. These things and many more will get us out of this recession/depression and on a secure footing to end the boom/bust cycle.

As I have said before, I really like Mr. Obama and his family. 😆 I think he and his family have done a lot to restore class and respect to the Whitehouse for this country internationally. 😆 I think he’s very intelligent. But I am so disappointed 😦 in the continual movement to the right and to constant concessions and lousy negotiations. We needed bold action in the first two years and could have accomplished a lot more when we had the majorities in both houses.

Yep we know where this is going…. the come-shot 😆 😳 –

I am a progressive and a Democrat and I will vote for Obama. 😆 😆 😆 I just won’t give away my time and energy for nothing. I am all for fairness and sacrifice. It’s time for corporations and the wealthy to be fair and to contribute.

marisacat - 12 September 2011

well….you know…..ted is dead. they used to put teddy on those calls.

people loved it.

soooo meaningless:

I just won’t give away my time and energy for nothing. I am all for fairness and sacrifice

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

ted’s dead,baby, ted’s dead. 😆

marisacat - 12 September 2011

right ted is dead.

not got an easy replacement in their pocket. I don’t htink messina quite cuts it.

I watched pretty carefully… absolutely NO hint, at all that the Obslobs met with the widow. ted’s that is, when on mv.

oh things are so fragile these days… not like the old days. 😆

AND btw, anyone wants a hit of how looney ”the old days” were, catch the tapes of Jacqueline on ABC, big roll out tomorow night. What has been put out here already… people have to be nuts to rally to that weak stuff.

But they do.

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

I think he and his family have done a lot to restore class and respect to the Whitehouse for this country internationally.

Such good little Reaganites…
pulling perceptions out of their ass.
There is very little other than strained spin on US image abroad since the Historic Honeymoon, (pretty formulaic, only the Moooslims are still peeved with Uncle under Obby 🙄 ,- that kind of shit,) And PewGlobal seems to have shut down polling abroad on Obby personally. LOL, THEY are so trying to be helpful 06.21.11
U.S. Image in Pakistan Falls No Further Following bin Laden Killing

But the takeaway buried deep in the BBC WorldService poll … in China wrt USA!USA! ??? Left till the very end – – > Negative views @ 53% up 9% in the last year under OBummer.
And that was in the Spring.
Before the Biden disaster tour this summer…LOL

marisacat - 12 September 2011

Things are going so well. They ARE TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Such good little Camelottas too, now that you mention it.

AND btw, anyone wants a hit of how looney ”the old days” were, catch the tapes of Jacqueline on ABC, big roll out tomorow night. What has been put out here already… people have to be nuts to rally to that weak stuff.

But they do. mcat

I read a blurb on it, Sorensen interviewing Jackie.
LOL. Oh Jeezis.
I can only imagine what Sorensons wives went through.
In the middle of alternating nights, waking to find Ted,, (Sorenson that is), LOL, – with candles lit, treasured White House portraits ritually arranged,
just jacking his Jack-and-Jackie off .LOL,
To Goulet. LOL.

marisacat - 12 September 2011

Yeah what I heard is jack is barely 4 months in the ground and she is madly working up the Camelot routine. The 3 year old John John wanders in during one interview and the interviewer begins to interview the child. it was beyond odd.

diane - 12 September 2011

you’ve got a very kind heart boo, thank you for that.

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Well, for a cynical basard, I have my moments.
My limits within-shred-of-humanity, too.
I’ll say this of my former efforts at Dem outreach.
From Union Goons to Trial Lawyers, pfft.
There are none as appalling and cynical as the lizards and lizardessas set upon the Party wimmens.

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

I was more of an appalling and cynical Centrist 😆 😉
{LOL@ self}

diane - 12 September 2011

well, hon, clearly ..you weren’t so appalling as to not get a clue and ignore the misery going on.

I would say that makes you very human, and pretty speshul …. I initially didn’t bother to look into NAFTA, how very miserable is that?.

diane - 12 September 2011

There are none as appalling and cynical as the lizards and lizardessas set upon the Party wimmens.

oh ..I believe you honey , though I’ve never been a Party [Dem] Woman, .. …despite always voting DemoRat …. ;0) …just being biolgically female in this focker, clues me in.

not at all … to ever say, …that males, of every color and hue, do not have their very own, set of horrors ….

7. diane - 12 September 2011

perfect snapshot marisa, and as they giggle, … in that stench filled shrine to power:

Yet another Labor Day holiday has passed, little noted except for its traffic jams, even though, for growing numbers of Americans, every day is (un)Labor Day and it’s no vacation. Think of this, in fact, as our country’s economic 9/11 — the people taken down by the crew that hijacked our economy and ran it into the nearest set of buildings. In this case, however, tower after tower has already collapsed, and more are shuddering, while millions of previously employed Americans are now the equivalent of desperate internal exiles in their own country. It’s a slo-mo catastrophe for which, startlingly, the first responders have not yet arrived and show no signs of ever doing so.

As TomDispatch regulars Steve Fraser and Josh Freeman point out, the most surprising aspect of all of this, given our past history, is how little upset it’s caused. Tom

Uncle Sam Does(n’t) Want You
America’s Reserve Army of Labor Marches Through Time

By Steve Fraser and Josh Freeman

Not long ago, the city council of Ventura, California, passed an ordinance making it legal for the unemployed and homeless to sleep in their cars. At the height of the Great Recession of 2008, one third of the capital equipment of the American economy lay idle. Of the women and men idled along with that equipment, only 37% got a government unemployment check and that check, on average, represented only 35% of their weekly wages.


(bolding mine)

marisacat - 12 September 2011

yes I thought that piece at Tom Dispatch was very depressing.

Obama is doing nothing at all for anybody and the idiots will patriotically declare they will vote for him again.


8. BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Oh My! Say it Ain’t So!
NYT with the breaking……news? 🙄

Working for Less
Detroit Sets Its Future on Two-Tier Wages

A system that pays lower wages to new hires is being seen as 🙄 important to the automobile industry’s future.

Facilitated by Obama, the Dems and Union retainers. Of course after they allowed Rattner and every Brooklyn Hebrew with a Hedge Fund to rip off GM.

Oh I know! They weren’t all Hedge Funds!
Some weren’t even from Brooklyn!

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

It’s all going to be Okay tho!
Germany is supposed to save the Bankers!

marisacat - 12 September 2011

a few months ago… maybe a year, I saw some news segment… some co had been persuaded to open offices in Detroit… and the big thing they were proud of… they were persuaded to open in the US as, magically, Detroit workers were nearly as cheap as offshore!!!!!

They all professed to be just so delighted.

9. BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

{{ An update from this amusement… }}

Feinstein: ‘Wiped out’ by scandal

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said she was “wiped out” by Kinde Durkee, a well-connected California Democratic political operative who served as treasurer for hundreds of state, local and federal campaign committees. 😆

Durkee was arrested by the FBI on Sept. 2 on allegations of fraud surrounding the diversion of more than $670,000 from the reelection committee for a California state assemblyman, and a growing list of California Democrats, including Feinstein and Reps. Susan Davis and Loretta Sanchez, now appear to victims as well. 😆

“I was wiped out too, we don’t know how much,” 😆 said Feinstein, indicating the losses in campaign funds could run into hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars. Feinstein, who is up for reelection next year, reported just over $5 million in the bank as of June 30, according to disclosure reports filed with the Federal Election Commission.

“She did my ‘92 campaign, my ‘94 campaign, my 2000 [campaign], my 2006 [campaign] … my gubernatorial campaign,” Feinstein told POLITICO on Monday, describing her long relationship with Durkee. “I trusted her implicitly.” 😳 😆

Feinstein said she and her campaign staff have been unable to access all their bank records at this point because Durkee alone controlled access to the account, 😯 which has made it difficult for them to assess how much money is gone.

“It’s very painful,” Feinstein added.

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

…. a difficult situation….

And no wonder the wimmenfolk operatives aren’t going to be working for Obby. Who has time packing the minivan full of suitcases of cash and heading for the airport? 😆

marisacat - 12 September 2011

Sanchez claims to be wiped out as well.

I don’t believe any of it…

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

I mean, really : I don’t know for How Totally MUCH not to believe it. 😆 I haven’t seen any vid but I thought the Politico piece on DiFi dissembling was a hoot.

Oh they are going to bury this Kinde. BURY.
Sole access to the accounts?
So much for Kinde-Care!
No idea how much money was involved?

diane - 12 September 2011

Ohhh fuckin jeeesh homey, I can surely always count on you for a huge smile! ..I mean that sweetie.

:0) …;0P (that’s a zero and p, not an “O” [oh] ..fuck billy gates) …. ;0)

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Good Lord.
Kinde Durkee Called “The Bernie Madoff Of Campaign Finance Treasurers”

😯 ….Refraining from furrther comment …

OTHER THAN to say…thinking of Cali-rounder Lange / “MB”‘s sudden departure from DK, his Hu$tle working among the ladies going back to Colorado & Schroeder in the 70’s , it raisies me eyebrows here…

One parallel I DO see with regard to Madoff, and Kinde …..not a question in my mind…the Demchicks like DiFi , Sanchez and Davis are going to see this Durkee Kinde takes the fall for all sorts of slime up and down the line….

marisacat - 12 September 2011

a few years ago a host at KGO committed suicide… to this day if a caller brings it up, panic ensues and the caller is shouted down til they can can the call. Turned out years ago that fellow, whose name slips my brain, was a long time money guy for the Dems. It would be a dangerous job to have, as I see it.

Wouldn’t one think that the Sanchez sisters, so close in so many things, would use the same money person?

marisacat - 12 September 2011

here you go… Duane Garrett July 1995

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Jeeeeezuhs Criiiiist.
What the hell is going on out there?
Can’t you all just pick up the local news and find the weatherman asleep in a hot tub with a naked dead guy in a dog collar like the rest of us? Jeezis, our hacks here only commit suicide within 24 hours of arraignment for money laundering mixed up with an international ring of Orthodox Rabbis engaged in Black Market human organ trafficking.
What the fuck is going on? 😆 😉

You guys are always so Jim Jones BoA Chinese Triad Lawrence Livermore Purloined by Israel DNC Al Gore DiFi Silicon Valley Money Funnel and shit.

Where’s the PLAN? 😆

marisacat - 12 September 2011

You guys are always so Jim Jones BoA Chinese Triad Lawrence Livermore Purloined by Israel DNC Al Gore DiFi Silicon Valley Money Funnel and shit.

yup, that’s us…

marisacat - 12 September 2011
BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

I saw in the links from google the guy had all sorts of money given reportedly for various ventures, art, sports memorobilia, private offerings on real estate deals…that just, yaknow vaporized Like money always does. Just poof. 🙄 Given his bagman’s position hardly a wonder he went the way of Vince Foster and Ron Brown. Down for, or over…. the count…

marisacat - 12 September 2011

I noticed, if one reads Difi carefully, she would be crediting BOTH the Dundee woman AND, earlier, Duane Garrett, with her ’90 gubernatorial try.


BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

I also saw that Savage was brought in to the guys slot right afterwards ..Is that true?

marisacat - 12 September 2011

I don’t recall that at all… I thought Brian Wilson, a local news man who had been on KGO TV moved over…. to at least some f the slots… and that Bernie Ward, recently taken down by our local Federales (and deservedly so I have to say, tho a long prison sentence was levied, whcih was the punishment and the removal) took some of the slots.

But it is kind of vague. I don’t remember Savage Weiner being on KGO…

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

AND speaking of Schroeder….

It’s all Gone to Shit™ since Pat left… 😆

Private citizenship in Florida

Following her tenure at AAP, Schroeder and her husband relocated to Celebration, Florida, a master-planned community built by the Walt Disney Company.[5] Schroeder is a resident of the 8th congressional district, and in the 2010 general election came out in strong support of Democrat Alan Grayson for re-election to Congress, citing in particular the candidates’ differences on women’s issues.[7] Grayson was not re-elected.

Like you said Mcat. Government by Disney™. 😉 😆

marisacat - 12 September 2011

god. can you think of a dumber place to live.

BooHooHooMan - 12 September 2011

Pulling in or out of the driveway?
LOL. What can I say – I live in Jersey.

diane - 12 September 2011

“It’s very painful,” Feinstein added.

my mom has some expired pain meds she clings to, …. you nasty ass bitch, …shall I mail them to you? …ooopsie …Postal Office closed, and I can’t afford UPS .. or ExFed.

10. marisacat - 13 September 2011



…. 8)

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