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Nuclear 16 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Culture of Death, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Moscow, Total fucking lunatics.

August 1987: The village of Kopachi is buried, house by house. It was located 7km from the Chernobyl reactor that housed the control room and decontamination area in the months after the disaster.  A bulldozer would dig a large trench in front of each house before burying the building and covering it with earth and flattening the soil.  Entire villages would be buried this way     Photograph: Igor Kostin/Corbis

From a gallery at the Guardian on Chernobyl.



1. marisacat - 16 September 2011

I did not realise that Hansen is among those arrested at the fence at the WH

[N]ASA’s lead climatologist, speaking to the National Press Club recently, laid it out rather bluntly: “We have a planetary emergency,” Dr. James Hansen said, stressing that if we continued to burn oil at our current rate, we would lose 20 to 40 percent of all species on the planet within the century, see an increase in disastrous weather events and “ruin the future for our children.” Following his remarks, Hansen accompanied 60 religious leader to protest in front of the White House and joined the ranks of 140 more people arrested Aug. 29 for trying to stop the pipeline. . . . . .

Ganjafied Gabacho - 16 September 2011

I hate to be such a downer, but who really notices these protest arrests? I love the fact that these heroes are willing to undergo the dehumanization of arrest and detention, but it seems futile at this point.

I hate to admit it, even to myself, but I think the planets only hope is that there is a complete economic collapse that doesn’t spark a thermonuclear conflict on a large scale…

marisacat - 16 September 2011

well the only thing they would notice is mass withholding of as many forms of tax at all levels as is possible. AND OF COURSE, if no one showed up to vote.

I’ve said forever, they care ntohing about rape and murder and all the fluff over missing children is pantomime and theatre to keep the great pulsating mass feeling somebody cares BUT they do care about bank robbers, esp if they cross state lines with the moolah.

Can’t change any of that

I happen to think that Anonymous has had some effect here. The protests, multi message as they are, against BART… not only for the killings, mostly the most recent but also for the jamming of their cell relay towers. AND that break in service, I believe, did cause some behind the scenes reactions, BART has not done it again. And I’ve watched them long enough to know, if they could they would do i again.

I don’t really care what effect protests at the WH have. I like them.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 16 September 2011

I don’t really care what effect protests at the WH have. I like them.

Totally. And having suffered unwarranted arrest, I am awed by their courage and commitment to voluntarily suffer the vagaries of the “justice system”… I guess I just wish that that these protesters got more attention and hence “effect”

marisacat - 16 September 2011

I htink they get attention where it matters, which may not be on the pages and tv screens of the media. yes with anti terror laws, it takes some level of courage… even for Daryl Hannahs of the earth.

It slipped by me, but Carney, that crumb of the earth, had to admit that obby was told of the protests at the fence. THAT told me he does not read newspapers. In hand or online. But then I have never bought that he and the wif are so smart. Neither, imo, is a reader.

One thing I fully believed in the two hours of cut and snipped Jacqueline, that JFK read and read and read…. he would have an article or some book he was in the middle of propped up as he shaved… or some article to the side as the children were bathing… he was a reader. Whatever else he was..

2. marisacat - 16 September 2011

hmm I just read ths in a thread over at SMBIVA (and the post is pretty damned good too)

“You meet people like him in every executive washroom.”

In type yes, but in degree I think Obama is in a class of his own.

The man’s ambition is of another order than most of the psychopaths you would run into in the executive washrooms of corporate America. And we’re talking about some really ambitious mofos. Most people with this type of ambition also tend to have an agenda of some sort, something they want to get done with all that power they’ve acquired. But with Obama I get the impression ambition and the acquisition of power is the end within itself and once he got it he had no idea what to do with it. It never occurred to the man that the acquisition of power is also a means to an end for most people. With Obama, means is the end.

Posted by Drunk Pundit | September 14, 2011 10:32 PM

3. Ganjafied Gabacho - 16 September 2011

Arizona’s solar industry players, from policy makers to industry officials, spent a little time Wednesday talking about the past and future at the behest of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Giffords, the Democratic representative from Tucson, has been a huge proponent of solar. Even though she is still recovering from a gunshot wound to the head, she and her staff are still pushing the solar agenda.

The discussion was an interesting look at how Arizona’s solar policy came to be, and what was so attractive about it. Former Arizona Corporation Commissioners Mark Spitzer, (now a member of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and Kris Mayes (now a professor at the Arizona State University) talked about how the state developed its renewable energy standard and the driving factors behind it. They said many people thought it was too aggressive and that the distributed generation component — the section that requires rooftop solar systems — would never be met.

The driving factor was not centered on being environmentally friendly, but dealing with a projection that Arizona was going to need twice the power after another 20 years of growth. That would have meant spending billions on electricity generation, Mayes said.

“If we were going to do that the same old way we always did it, we would have had to build four new Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Stations, eight new Hoover Dams or 28 new combine cycle natural gas plants,” she said. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t know where we’re going to put all that stuff.”

Since the standards were passed, they have proved more popular than most people thought. Mayes credits that with a public willing to spend more on solar.


…While the state was losing about 300,000 jobs in the Great Recession, GPEC approached 152 different solar firms about locating in the region. Not one was interested, said Michael Bidwill, president of the Arizona Cardinals, who learned to become intimately familiar with solar at the time as board president of GPEC.

“If we were to make Arizona the ‘Solar-con Valley,’ what we really needed to do was have a focused strategy,” he said.

He then recalled how GPEC pushed for legislation that helped land First Solar Inc. First Solar Inc. Latest from The Business Journals Burns & McDonnell to hire 300.5M federal grant to bolster state’s solar industryBrewer’s addition lends new dimension to China trip Follow this company and Suntech Power Holdings Co. Suntech Power Holdings Co. Latest from The Business Journals .5M federal grant to bolster state’s solar industryValley hosting international solar conferenceBarry Broome’s decision to stay at GPEC hinged on past, future potential Follow this company Ltd. manufacturing facilities.


Aside from the cuteness (@ Gabby Giffords request, ha!) the article is also a disingenuous come on for more dole for modern day snake-oil sales. I’m all for solar energy, especially passive stuff that has a high cost to benefit ratio, but it seems like the whole thing green energy, esp solar, has become a scam to get tax money…I like the idea of Bio-Gas Digesters; there’s a certain poetry to getting our power from our poo, hoisted on our own petards, so to speak…

marisacat - 16 September 2011

I’m all for solar energy, especially passive stuff that has a high cost to benefit ratio, but it seems like the whole thing green energy, esp solar, has become a scam to get tax money

One reason when time came for Van Jones to fall, I could not have cared less. The whole VC Green bullshit, Green Jobs slobber from Dems for several years now — and the whole BS of carbon credits were a huge clue here. Rich people cleaning up, scooping up Federal money. It was over almost beore it began.

I am all for saving, for reusing, for alternatve sources but i all too dishonest in this country….. it gave me delight for years that it KILLED Cheney and his cohorts that one way we survived the energy assault here in 2000 – ’01 was good old fashioned conservation. That was a plan to kill us, to take down the economic power house that was Cali….. And it probably worked, but we came thru it at least in better shape than wemight have…

Like Gore cares so much about global warming. Bullfuckingshit. He has done nothing but make money off the scams. And vomit the slobber.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011
5. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011

CIA pitching scripts to Hollywood

“The scripts we get are only the writer’s idea of how the Department of Defense operates,” Vince Ogilvie, deputy director of the Defense Department’s entertainment liaison office, told Danger Room. “We make sure the Department and facilities and people are portrayed in the most accurate and positive light possible.”

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011
7. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011

Murphy’s Law: The True Story of How I Shot a Cop and Went to Jail

Bunting swung by my place at about 2pm and we headed to the demonstration downtown. The New York Marriage Equality Act went into effect the previous evening, and the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) was protesting gay marriage throughout the state, for reasons of a religious and hate-filled nature. We wanted to cover the event properly, so we brought along a video camera, a couple bibles, and a massive latex dildo/microphone. The jiggly kind is best for serious journalism.

We circled the block a few times, parked and walked over to the growing crowd at Niagara Square. To our surprise (and because most had been bused in from out of state), the delusional NOM bigots totaled about 250. The righteous counter-protesters were only about a dozen strong. As press, we moved among both factions, asking questions.

“The bible says nothing about gay marriage,” I told a NOM supporter, “and marriage invariably results in less sex, so wouldn’t it stand to reason that, as a Christian, you should support gay marriage?” He was confused.
“Would it be fair to say that you’re doing The Lord’s work here today?” I pressed him. After much squirming, “Yes,” was his answer. I pointed to the bible, politely informed him that he shouldn’t be working on the Sabbath, and told him he was going to hell. It’s in the bible.

We also talked to this hayseed who subsists, ostensibly, on moneys derived from the Tooth Fairy. In a hill-folk whistle, he claimed to be “a low-level politician.” He had glossy, moonshine eyes. And dementia, possibly. “They took our rights!” he claimed. I didn’t bother to ask how.

“Your pants are clearly a poly-cotton blend,” I informed him. “You’re going to hell. It’s in the bible.”

The crowd started chanting, “Let the people vote!” Because social conservatives are not allowed to vote for governor or state legislature. Then they started singing; it was pretty gay. “How great is our God?” went the seemingly endless refrain. Not great enough to stop gay marriage which, for an omnipotent being, should have been pretty easy. One would imagine.

“This here’s a chocolate protest,” I heard one woman say to another. Indeed, most of the NOM supporters were black and, apparently, incapable of detecting the historic irony in their prejudice.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” I beckoned one lady. “Are you menstruating?”

“Well, this is what this is all about,” she inexplicably answered.

I was like, “Whaaaa?”

“He’s trying to say you’re unclean,” her husband chimed in.

“It’s in the bible,” I said. “You’re going to hell.”

She then claimed that the New Testament was her guiding principle. I quickly shot back that in Matthew 5:17-20 Jesus said he didn’t come to change the law. Bunting had made a note of this in anticipation of her predictable nonsense. He spends his spare time studying apologetics. I prefer to stab at my eyes with needles. But to each his own–unless it impinges on the rights of others.

We lingered on the outskirts of the protest. Bunting taped while I interviewed. I snagged a beardy bible-humper, but the noise of the rally was ruining our audio, so I broke out the dildophone. “How do you define marriage?” I asked him, waving the wobbly latex member near his face.

“I hope someone does this to your child,” he said, slowly slinking away.

“I’m sorry,” I said, trailing him. “Could you speak into the mic?” He walked backwards while craning his neck toward the dildophone to chastise us on the record. “You’re going to have to speak into the mic, sir,” I said, wiggling it near his face. He then fled.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011

‘I Wasn’t Born at Harvard’: Elizabeth Warren Meets the Voters

But she will be competitive in ways that people may not expect. First, Warren seems to enjoy campaigning and demonstrates as much warmth and “relatability” as any seasoned pro on the trail. Hardly anyone went untouched of the dozens waiting to greet her at The Student Prince, the fifth and last stop of her announcement tour. I mean that literally — she dispensed hugs and arm-pats to nearly everyone, clasped many hands with both of hers, and seems to have perfected the art of intense eye-contact, the kind that makes people think they are the only person in the room.

Few can match Brown’s gripping biography, from his upbringing amid alcoholism, poverty and domestic violence, to his education at Tufts and Boston College law school, to his careers in modeling, the military and politics. Yet Warren, a native of Oklahoma, also has a compelling tale that she often telescopes into a few vivid sentences. After her father had a heart attack, she says, her family existed on “the ragged edge” of the middle class. “We lost our car. We almost lost a house,” she told one man at The Student Prince. She later told reporters that she was babysitting by age 9, waiting tables at 13, married at 19, a mother and elementary school teacher at 22.

As for Republicans who dismiss her as a liberal academic, “I grew up hanging on to the edge of the middle class by my fingernails,” Warren said. “All I can say is I’ve been there. I’ve lived this. My family lived one pink slip, one bad diagnosis away from falling off the economic cliff. Yeah, I’ve got a fancy job at Harvard and I’ve gotta tell you, I’m proud of that job. I worked hard to get there. I wasn’t born at Harvard. I was born to a family that had to work for everything it’s got.”

We’ll see how she does …

Ganjafied Gabacho - 16 September 2011

I’m rooting for her, I get a good “read” from her, but who knows she did work for Oobster…

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 September 2011

I would like to see someone real win something, it would be a nice change, but I’m far past able to believe in anything or anyone, but I’ll keep watching.

marisacat - 16 September 2011

I get a good read off her too, but I cringe everytime she hedges on how it came down in DC. Obby shafted her.

IMO the way our system is structured no one can run outside the two parties and no one inside the two parties, even f they want to, can do much good.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 16 September 2011

The shafting part is why I wonder about her; you got be one hell of barracuda in a cesspool full of leeches and piranha

..IMO the way our system is structured no one can run outside the two parties and no one inside the two parties, even f they want to, can do much good.

That’s about as clear as it gets…

MitM- I’m far past able to believe in anything or anyone, but I’ll keep watching.

That’s why I lub, you…err. guy.

No seriously though, that’s about as real as any human gets in this time of utter shyte hole fucktoolery…

marisacat - 16 September 2011

yeah… I am convinced at state ad local levels there are S O M E, not too many!, elected Democrats who are fed up, know exactly what a mess we are in, are disgusted, top to bottom both parties, the whole country…. Hell, there’s probably still a few R left on earth that know too….

But the top heavy structures are so heavy, the lid is so tight – and even in bad tmes, the cash flow so large…. it’s basically over. A waiting game… Not much more.

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 September 2011

Sometimes I miss being able to believe in stuff …

9. marisacat - 16 September 2011

yum yum

September 16, 2011

Categories:Senate races

DiFi in decline

Need more evidence it’s getting worse for Democrats just about everywhere?

Sen. Dianne Feinstein registers her lowest approval rating of her 17-year tenure at 41 percent.

That’s according to the highly respected Field Poll, which shows that even only 60 percent of Democrats are happy with the third-term Senator.

It’s not that Feinstein is high on the GOP target list for 2012 — but these deflated numbers coupled with the campaign finance scandal that wiped out her war chest are cause for concern, if not alarm.

The biggest issue might be drafting a credible candidate following the shellacking the GOP took during the historic 2010 wave.

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Oh… BOOT HER ASS OUT….. please!

marisacat - 17 September 2011

oh i SO hope!!! hope. Hope.

10. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Obama camp woes: . “slipping” they say…..now being framed as …
Failure to attract.. Welp, pretty much everybody.
Next stop, “repulsive” I guess , soo not good for President Jet Magazine and Mrs
Internationally Famous Black Person.

Well, , LOL, a ringing endorsement , off to a good start here in group therapy, from one of the Dem ladies in Tennessee, anyways, .

“I don’t disapprove of Barack Obama as a person, .

Good Gladys, GOOD! You won’t finish him off with a concrete block behind the furnace in the basement! GOOD!

Difficult Whoopies tho! – …

..but as a president he has disappointed™ me greatly,” said Ann Sheets, 69, a Democrat from Chattanooga, Tenn., speaking in a follow-up interview.

Ms. Sheets added, “I’m realistic™ enough™ to know how difficult™ it is 😆 and I am not against™ compromise™, but I voted™ for a backbone™. You have to draw some™ lines in the sand™, and I don’t think™ he has done that….”


BARRY 2012 is Fully Programmable! With more Cliches THAN EVAH!
With the Fully Programable VOTER in mind!!

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

They so need a plan. ….

11. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Here’s the deal..the uptick in the stock market this week?
ALL BULLSHIT. All bid up to cover naked short positions by the Banksters…( record short interest / short positions in stock – hello Goldman, hello Citi, hello gentlemen) who are all now waiting for The Bernank and Geithner in ass bare hospital gowns to set up, yet again, on Good Morning America if need be, the ole Weimerian printing press that, I dunno, just shoots money into the gathered televised audience of passersby?

Meanwhile…..In Greece.
Bankster victim / Hostage standoff at a bank, a man threatening to light himself on fire…which he does…

From Arab Spring To Greek Autumn To European Winter

Yesterday in Tunis.
Today in Greece – A man pours a flammable liquid on his body to set himself on fire outside a Piraeus bank branch in Thessaloniki in northern Greece September 16, 2011. The 55-year old man had entered the bank and asked for a renegotiation of his overdue loan payments on his home and business, according to police, which he could not pay, but was refused by the bank (Reuters).

12. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011
marisacat - 17 September 2011

I figure he licked hsi chops when he said that……..

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Like Ed Koch chokin on Chinese pork ribs. 😉

All very police state moderately kosher, donchaknow… 😉

marisacat - 17 September 2011

I thought it was a great story!

13. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

The Late Great Breaking…..Update?

UBS ‘Rogue’ Trading Lasted 3 Years

I am shocked. Only Three!
A very nasty game now, well, with new and improved nastiness that is, over who can fuck who with these naked short positions…
I just laughed my ass off when I saw USBancorp claim angelic status recently, such moneylaundering angels in the custodial role for the pols and hedge fundies ,suing BoA. et al last week over Counrtywide and Wells Fargo, all Who knew?

14. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Vocabulary Lesson for the Day: Delta Desks.

Delta Desks Emerge as Mine Fields

The scandal at UBS is casting a harsh spotlight on a corner of the financial world—so-called Delta trading—that Wall Street has been counting on to boost revenue in the wake of a financial crisis

marisacat - 17 September 2011

Do the Delta Desks also send out spurious emails, promising to share large amounts of money with you if you help them?

(sounds like they do!)

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

No that would be OFA 😆 😉
With a chance to win dinner!

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

And to be clear,
those are the emails SENT to the Banksters. LOL

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Gotta keep yer Kenyans from the Nigerians straight!

marisacat - 17 September 2011

loads of rude comments around that he is Kenyan. when he is not.

Poor Kenya… hs any one polled on its popularity lately? (Down I would guess!!)

BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Oh I know. I had to laugh tho, when I saw this picture,
how it all looks so very cordial.

Excuse me, pardon, bloke just ripped off 2 Billion- Coming thru!.
Watch the sweater! J Crew! Summer Clearance!


marisacat - 17 September 2011

oh i remember that pic, yes it did look quite chummy!

15. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011


‘Unbelievable Gore’ After Plane Crashes At Air Show..

Pretty believable actually.

Multiple Deaths Confirmed..
Witness: ‘Blood Everywhere..
There’s Arms And Legs’..
Pilot Dies.. Senator Reid Reacts

Maybe Schmer will be involved before the day;s over.

marisacat - 17 September 2011

It’s the same field… and I think the same show event, where 4 died over a couple of days in 2007.

This one is quite the slaughter – or at least quite the dismemberment – event however.

16. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

Rogue states threaten GOP calendar

I SAY it all went to shit after Hillary threatened to “go rogue”.

Oh this is big , the whole rogue thing.

marisacat - 17 September 2011

ROUGE! It’s all about rouge.

17. BooHooHooMan - 17 September 2011

And for a Tour de Force of Bullshit, read this;

Volcker Rule May Extend to Overseas Banks

The rule, named for the former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Inert Matter 😆 Volcker, includes exemptions for government-guaranteed investments, hedging, market-making and insurance-company transactions. It also exempts proprietary trading conducted “solely” outside of the U.S.

Reform! But all about JAHBS, see – The BANKER’S!

“There is no question that we would lose jobs,” 😆 said Wayne Abernathy, vice president of the American Bankers Association in Washington. 😆 “A lot of what the banks have been doing in recent years to diversify their services are activities that can easily be done by foreign competitors.”

Big Reform!

™ ™ ™ Subject to Interpretation ™ ™ ™

The language of the bill is subject to interpretation by regulators at agencies including the Federal Reserve and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Dodd-Frank, signed into law by President Barack Obama last year, requires regulators to adopt rules to carry out the provision by Oct. 18.

Regulators are considering how to define operations conducted “solely” outside of the country. Trading managed in the U.S. or involving U.S.-based advisers may be subject to the rule even if it takes place overseas and has no U.S. investors, the people said.

“There has been a question how to interpret the phrase in the Volcker Rule ‘solely outside the United States,’” said Satish Kini, co-chairman of the banking group at law firm Debevoise & Plimpton LLP. “There was some hope with respect to funds, whether they were formed outside the United States and their interests were not offered to U.S. persons, whether that would be sufficient.”

Five Agencies

™ ™ ™ The proposal may still change, ™ ™ ™ the people said. Five regulators, including the Fed, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and the Securities and Exchange Commission, must approve the proposal separately. The Treasury Department is responsible for coordinating the regulation. The proposed rule will be released for public comment and can be changed before it becomes final.

Colleen Murray, a spokeswoman for Treasury, and Barbara Hagenbaugh, a spokeswoman for the Fed, declined to comment. Andrew Gray, a spokesman for the FDIC, also declined to comment.

Does anybody for the Admin bother to show up for work anymore?
Are they all out at hawking resumes?

The Institute of International Bankers, which represents firms such as London-based HSBC Holdings Plc (HSBA) and Paris-based Societe Generale SA, is arguing that the Volcker rule shouldn’t apply if trading takes place offshore and doesn’t put U.S. investors or the financial system at risk. 😆

😆 Moving Jobs Overseas 😆

Foreign banks often employ New York-based investment advisers and managers to work on offshore proprietary trading. If such trading were forbidden under the Volcker Rule because U.S. employees are involved, the banks would simply move those jobs overseas, Miller said. 😆

“It’s a jobs issue — if we can’t use a U.S. sub-adviser, we’re going to use an adviser sitting in London or Frankfurt, so that job is not here anymore,” Miller said in an interview. “Allowing foreign banks to employ U.S. firms as sub-advisers encourages foreign banks to invest in U.S. securities.”

International banks employ more than 250,000 U.S. citizens and permanent residents, according to IIB. Credit Suisse Group AG, Societe Generale and Deutsche Bank AG are among the overseas banks that manage trades in the U.S. and would be affected by the rule. 🙄

U.S. bank executives, including JPMorgan Chase & Co. (JPM) Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, argue that the Volcker Rule places domestic banks at a disadvantage to foreign rivals that aren’t subject to the same restrictions in their home countries.

“If America adopts a lot of things very different than the rest of the world,” U.S. competitiveness will be damaged, Dimon told investors at a Feb. 15 meeting at JPMorgan’s New York headquarters.

Oh I’m not too worried about the bankers.
Especially any of the talented muckety mucks.
This is America. They could cut lawns, rake some leaves, suck a dick for 5 dollars, ya know, UNLEASH-the-innovative-genius-of-sleeping-capital-in-a-hot-tub WHATEVER.

marisacat - 17 September 2011

Geithner disliked Sheila Bair, a Bush appointee but I so liked her, she made sense over and over and over again…. so the FDIC now is in the hands of whomever Timmy told Obby to put in.

Ob being the servant in this relationship…. if we are to believe Suskind’s new book.

We are utterly screwerweredddd

brinn - 18 September 2011

Bush appointee or no, Bair ALWAYS spoke the truth…that’s why she’s gone….

For my own part, I have done my own reform in the form of not paying the usurers their minimum payments…fuck them and my ‘credit score’!

18. Ganjafied Gabacho - 17 September 2011

A picture may be worth a thousand words but owning the “authorities”?


marisacat - 17 September 2011

what a bizarre picture… are they there to protect capitalism? or something. Plotting out their places for the Wall St sit-in?

19. marisacat - 17 September 2011

wow… NOT the weekend for Democratic progeny. Eleanor Mondale at 51 and Teddy’s eldest, also at 51.

20. diane - 17 September 2011

sigh, once again, was unable to post – from the fourteenth of September, to yesterday around noon PDT (at which time, I didn’t really really have the energy to post what was going on in my head about the horror of ultimately being voiceless on the venue which has been proclaimed to be the last bastion of voice, …The Net Roots ….) –

anywho, I’ve mustered up the nerve somehow ….with the help of some brew (don’t try this at home kids!) …certainly ..not White House Honey Ale!!!!! …to repost what I ended up writing in my despair, on the 14th, by the time I gave up trying to post anything:

Well, when I’m out and about in Northern Cali, all ya have to do is bring up DC or State Politics to sense a resounding contempt for the Thugs of both parties (then again I never shop at Whole Wallet , nor, when I can help it, any of the Big Box[es] Stores , …I love the intimacy and clarity of family owned places), I’m sensing that Bipartisan!!!!!!! Cali (way too many powerful, Nasty Ass Rethug Prez/Governors, let alone, Fake Dem, Obscenely Wealthy Wimmens to ever refute that), will both: lose major party voters, in droves, of course losing far, far more Democrat voters than soulless, lipless ReThugs ….who still have their shirts on, and always intend to, no matter who they have to fuck.

(ugggh, amazing how long it now takes … to “speak,” ……any time now, …. that: …cannot open internet site… Operation aborted message will become permanent. …(Not your fault Marisa, please don’t apologize honey). …People who cannot afford to Update …or replace that fried puter, are forced to ever closing Libraries, along with that 30% of the country who have been forced to the Libraries to express their governmental and Corporate billing/”product” concerns (to fricken Avatars!!!!!! [??????] [WTF?????] , and spend hours on HTML Code!!!!!! …only to end up with a ton of humiliating typos which rarely occurred, ….. in their cursive, and spoken …)…all along.

To top off the despair [1] I haven’t been able to access Black Agenda Report for two days now, I keep ending up with a Drupal diagnostic, telling me to download …choose a language. I might be prone to download …choose a language., or, at the least, understand, and choose not to download anymore to my already overloaded puter if I trusted that it was a move to a users only site, but my first thought, is that their site is being fucked with (or Updated!!! by their “server,” without their knowledge). I could be totally wrong, but I wouldn’t be a bit surprised, if I was totally right ……:0(

[1] Yes it is despair, not being sarcastic …..peoples voices have been and are being obsolesced (sans, not cheap, constantly updated techie degree and gadgetries), via “our” own “progress.” …Any fool, can see how well that progress has worked out for the masses …. remote control drones warp speed transfers of assets from the populace to a handful,….in our face Transparency about recent. atrocities, ..about protest meetups, …..BUT with NO resulting JUSTICE, …. clever phones …..”face” books with direct pipelines to the NSA …ohhhh, but congrats! 5,000 new fwends!!!!!!!!!, fusion centers!!!!!!!!!, when one hasn’t even spoken to their best friend, in 2 years.

sighhhhhh Not saying that the entire thing must be wiped out (although, who knows), but what are Pundits thinking when what they are saying to affect “Public” “Policy”is being made increasingly off limits to the masses, who cannot possibly afford to ultimately keep up with the Updates? Those 30% who have always been disconnected from the Tech Industry , likely encompass those potential voters who realized their vote didn’t count anywhere, …giving up voting long ago. So disgusting and deplorable that they’ve never ever been acknowledged by the supposed Dem Pundit Saviors …so bizzy on their stupid, vapid little mind and soul numbing, worthless, energy sucking, ….. yet instantly, (zaappo! Pow! bang!), Ego Gratifying!!!!! …..toyz……. and mimicing ghastly mother fuckers like karl rove.

Seriously, what kind of civilization institutes a mainstream “language,” and main communicarions venue, where, for example, one had to determine (without any explanation of what any of the gobbledy gook they are signing onto, or off, of actually means) whether to:

Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe

even prior ..to “911?”?)

and yeah, DiFi, and Jerry, let alone motherfuckers, on the national, and world “front,” couldn’t possibly tank, …and fall back to earth (like that funky obsolete NASA satellite, on Spetember 23rd, 2011 (plus…minus some hours ….and ounces/tons/pounds of force …. ), …heads up Mofos!!!! :0) …..) ..too soon. ;0)

(I rather like Spetember, …don’t yinz? …. ;0) ….)

marisacat - 17 September 2011

To top off the despair [1] I haven’t been able to access Black Agenda Report for two days now, I keep ending up with a Drupal diagnostic

I don’t know if it is back up, but it had been down for everyone… Kind of odd….

diane - 17 September 2011

welp honey, there is this:

We’re Back….

the thing is, in order to “stay online” requires an ever increasing knowledge of an industry, computer “science:” geared towards the powerful and their Wars and Assets (let alone: the ability of the Government to immediately shut the shit down; the ever increasing privacy violations; …and, an ever increasing PRICE TAG, once the “old” avenues of communication, have been totally obliterated), .. . to the detriment of being able to concentrate on far more important issues.

….A “feature,” not a bug.


marisacat - 17 September 2011

oh that is good…. 😉 and good that you can post again…

diane - 17 September 2011

yeah, I was really happy to be able to read their articles again, ..and also happy to be able to post again (though many times I’m tempted to do a cold turkey before I’m totally cut off, “obsolesced” by all that WTF PROGRESS!!!!!!), despite my ultimate preference for the physical one on one, many with many.

;0) (at least momentarily, I’m a happy clown, …sigh.)

diane - 18 September 2011

(to those whose “native” language isn’t English, yes, “article” is a typical Brit trap, which should be spelled artic/kull .. or something simliar (jeesh … “similiar,” …yeah well …I could ramble on ….for quite the time….. oops! … I already have! … blushy faced emoticon! )

21. marisacat - 17 September 2011

hmm More interesting than the title indicates…

22. diane - 17 September 2011

to preface my above post (which hasn’t “posted” yet (though I know it will, as Marisa does believe in free speech (not to be confused with intent to kill speech) and I love her for it.), the Spetember 14th post I had such a difficult time posting, was in response to this post, by my, geographical and otherwise (as in , human! …and not a monsterous one.)…homey ……..

diane - 18 September 2011

to preface my above post (which hasn’t “posted” yet (though I know it will,…

just to clarify for any infrequent readers, the “post” has been “posted,” (thank you sweetie ;0), I love you!) it’s currently, numbered, number 20 (though subject to pwogwessive WTF!!!!!! Change!!!!! ™).

Yes, yes I can be obsessive about clarity, why exactly, wouldn’t I want to be ..in such a time of twisted semantics?

23. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 September 2011

Protesters blocked in bid to ‘occupy’ Wall Street

NEW YORK — Hundreds of people marched near Wall Street in New York in a failed attempt to occupy the heart of global finance to protest greed, corruption and budget cuts.

Plans by protesters to turn Lower Manhattan into an “American Tahrir Square” was thwarted when police on Saturday blocked all the streets near the New York Stock Exchange and Federal Hall in Lower Manhattan.

The demonstrators had planned to stake out Wall Street until their anger over a financial system they say favors the rich and powerful was heard.

“The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99 Percent that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the one percent,” said a statement on the website Occupy Wall Street.

By noon, about 700 people, many carrying backpacks and sleeping bags, had gathered near Wall Street to search for a place to camp amid a heavy police presence.

That was far less than the 20,000 people that the online magazine Adbusters, which launched the movement in July, had hoped to see “flood” the neighborhood for a months-long occupation.

The protesters who did arrive were full of zeal and righteous indignation.

“This is a protest against corporate greed and we come to Wall Street because Wall Street is the Ground Zero for corporate greed,” said Julia River Hitt, a 22-year-old philosophy student.

“We are here just to say we are fed up, we are not gonna take it anymore.”

The protesters gathered in Trinity Place, some some 1,000 feet (300 meters) from Wall Street, which they hope to turn into the US version of the famous square in Cairo that became the focal point of protests that led to the ouster of Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak in February.

“No more corruption,” read one sign a demonstrator brandished. “Wall St Greed, New Yorkers Say Enough,” read another.

“I will sleep here. A lot of us we will sleep here,” said Steven Taylor, 24 a protester who arrived equipped with a backpack and a sleeping bag.

Youths shared food and discussed the economic crisis in groups of 15 and 20. Others marched around the square.

Among the group was Javier Dorado, a law professor from Spain who compared the protesters with the mass “indignant” demonstrations in his country against high unemployment, welfare cuts and corruption.

“This is a global phenomenon that is taking place in Europe and many countries,” Dorado said.

The protest came as the United States struggles to overcome an economic crisis marked by a huge budget deficit that has triggered cuts in the public service sector while unemployment hovers stubbornly above nine percent.

“There’s a war in Libya, there’s a war in Afghanistan, there’s a war in Iraq and we have cuts in education, social programs,” said a masked protester who declined to be identified.

“We know where the money is going! Revolution in America!”

marisacat - 17 September 2011

well I think I read taht one way and another… Tahrir Sq had about 30+ routes into it… the Egyptian police never managed to shut them all down.

Apparently things are simpler for access to Wall St…

24. jam.fuse - 18 September 2011
marisacat - 18 September 2011


Great middle of the night gift!!

25. marisacat - 18 September 2011



26. diane - 18 September 2011

siiiiighhhhhhhh …….Fuck!!!!!!! :0) …..waves to all, …from the last “thread.” …Jeesh, I’d like to drop a fucking bomb on Billy Gates, …bad enough I can’t usually post anymore without an Operation Abort …. , …now I’m receiving an:

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are [not at all] sorry […….] for the [“]inconvenience[“] [of our malicious sadism and obsession with Censure, Absolute Control and Power.

diagnostic on the new, mmm, thread (even using a “Proxy” server). Who knows, what the issue is, as I can read comments for about a minute, before I get the shutdown notice. (I guess I should feel lucky that I’m still able to post a comment on any thread ….sighhhhhh ……)

Anywhoodle, I wish I were there in Manhattan, camping out on those motherfuckers…..yeah, they didn’t name it Wall Street, on some whim. Carry on, …..let’s take the weemomsandpopsandkiddlesfucker down … fellow[essa] wee peepsies. ;0).

diane - 18 September 2011

Ooh, and by the by, did you see this hon, a few months ago, about the sweet honeys at The National Lawyers Guild (San Francisco branch)

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) is filing a major class action lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department (OPD) on Monday, June 13th, in the United States District Court. The lawsuit asserts constitutional violations stemming from the November 5, 2010, mass arrest of 150 peaceful protesters following the sentencing of Johannes Mehserle, the BART police officer who killed Oscar Grant. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief as well as monetary damages for those 150 people who were unlawfully corralled by police and incarcerated in overcrowded holding cells for up to 28 hours.

yum, yum …the Fockers!!!!!!!!!!! ……………… ;0)

diane - 18 September 2011

Too bad they can’t file a lawsuit against the 17 Cali counties (or something quite close to) that sent that ghastly “support,” or whomever[s] FED[s] $™$$$$$$$$$$ in DC/VA/MD/DE et al, …. who gave that signal to silence justice.

diane - 18 September 2011

Oh, and a reminder to those in current protest, write the phone number of that local National Lawyers Guild on your bod, if the protest organizers have hooked up with them, ..as all potential writing tools (along with ciggies and lighting implements, …. which, will not be returned, and good luck calling it theft by the White Hats …. although it is venal, small, ugly minded theft..) will be taken from you, as will any drawstrings which you might use to hang yourself at the injustice we are stewed in.…

Also try to have something warm on hand, to bring into that unseasonally chilling cell (without strings in the waistband if you don’t want that waistband to be destroyed……jus’ sayin …..

Oh, and ladies, try not to pee before you end up in that jail cell, otherwise the nasty guard “wimmens” will cutely threaten you that they will have to send you to the wimmens prison for failing to pee, and fulfill those pregnancy test regulations, even if you are obviously past child rearing age (well, that’s what they did in Oaktown, was that a blessing of that Jesuit Jerry Nasty Ass Brown?)

diane - 18 September 2011

Lastly, if you’re lucky enough to get out of the motherfucker, don’t let them bully you into signing that property release statement, before you’re actually able to verify that the property they’ve taken into custody is being returned to you in its entirety; …though, ….upon refusing to sign before you can verify they haven’t stolen anything, ….they will send you to a tiny room, and giggle in your face ….implying that they can keep you for however long they want, and steal whatever they like, …despite your presumed legal rights and the fact that you have been unlawfully detained according to the written law in the country/state/city, et al, you reside in this Liberty Loving, Peace and Freedom, Land of Plenty!!!!!! Homeland .

diane - 18 September 2011

Oopsie …sorry! Lastly II!!!!! …do be be prepared to trip out, be booted out, .. that door in your unlaced sneaks …cuz even though all on board are quite aware you’ve been illegally detained for a day or more (and now all of your future jawb prospects (and therefore, your life!) are now absolutely sunk!), they won’t even let you sit down and lace your shoes before shoving you out the door ..simply because they can, and because they’ve gravitated towards sadism ….an absolutely pathetic, wee peep Hedge

27. diane - 20 September 2011

Are you okay hon?

Well it would have been nice to see an acknowledgement, by Lambert, that Fukushima, Japan was everything that was feared …, after he, in typical: White, I’m An Educated Professional; Boyo Manner, …SAVAGED those connected to the vein of reality, just a few months ago,…but, better late, …than never

Japan’s Fukushima ‘worst in history’

oh, and Ya Gotta Love It … [So very Rovian, …. Bat Cavish!!!!!] …over there at TalkLeft ™, chumming the water … for a re elect: if not the Obombster … (Guantanamo Shutdown!!!!!! …..oopsie!!!!! …U.S. to build new massive prison in Bagram; …. we all know the wimmen’s are always targeted, but Obombster is also a victim of it all, and can’t help hisself, since thoze white boyz started it ) ….. then a Clinton Dynasty member ….(Cheney Approves!!!!!! (…that, …so reminds me of Pissonthe weepeepburgh, PA’s very own: li’l Dicky Mellon Scaife: …absolutely Glowing! ..in that coral lipstick, …Getting that haard on, … in the eeny weeny about Billy [the COCK] )). … Eleventh Dimensional Chess …indeed.

diane - 20 September 2011

(ooowee! …and yeah, they, the ReThugs and Dem Rats, … are … one and the same:

TV preacher Pat Robertson told a viewer of his show that it’s OK to divorce his wife and remarry if she has Alzheimer’s disease.

If it’s cool to split when your spouse is stricken with Alzheimer’s, what’s next? The flu? Restless Leg Syndrome? An ingrown toenail? “Sorry, your honor, but that is not the foot I married.”


marisacat - 20 September 2011

I think everyone should decide for themselves. Period.

diane - 20 September 2011

That would certainly help clear the muddled, stifiling (yes, I did have to consult a dictionary for the spelling, though I knew what it meant, and know how to spell it phonetically), lethal air, …if everyone did what they felt was best, rather than be enslaved and enthralled by a way over made up, bankrolled prime timer, etc. who has no more, if not far less, living directly amongst the landmines experience, than themselves.

marisacat - 20 September 2011

yes all of this ‘telling people what to do’… I am so sick of it. Sad to say, Ob and Snob just luv doing it. Quite a side from the Robertsons and that ilk.

Fuck ’em all.

diane - 20 September 2011

Fuck ‘em all.

a[fuckin’ women, in the tween, and yet to be categorized ….]men, honey.



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