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mmm 18 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics.

Li Jinlong demonstrates his impressive ball skills on Chinese TV. He used just his mouth to balance a tower consisting of three plastic bottles, 12 wine glasses, glass plates and 16 footballs. He then made the entire contraption spin using just his tongue.

Li Jinlong demonstrates his impressive ball skills on Chinese TV. He used just his mouth to balance a tower consisting of three plastic bottles, 12 wine glasses, glass plates and 16 footballs. He then made the entire contraption spin using just his tongue. [Quirky China News / Rex Features]



1. jam.fuse - 18 September 2011
marisacat - 18 September 2011

ooo you got here with it before I did….


2. marisacat - 18 September 2011

jam.fuse dropped this off at the end of the last thread… 😉

raw footage of nyc protest


3. jam.fuse - 18 September 2011

thanks… feel free to delete redundant posts.

Here is a twitter stream or whatever it is called,


(someone just wrote ‘Warning: dude in gray sweatshirt with Guy Fawkes mask was talking on police walkie’)

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Meanwhile Anonymous
left “Who’s Makin Love To Your Old Lady?” on the Cop’s cell phone, conjured up a rather motherfuckery-laden “Declaration of Honest Patrolman Plutarski’s Intent to Testify” and sent it to all the heads and capos of the Five Families , then cleaned out the aspiring sergeant’s bank account . LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

So yah, they’re gonna need a plan.
Wherein lies the rub in the rubble:.
A plan to manage chaos with chaos in order to control chaos.
Form a distinguished panel! While they last!

So, the dillema as old as the Imperial Stone Age.
Careflul with that lever on the rock slide fellahs

marisacat - 18 September 2011

I like Anonymous, they got rid of the precious neurotic hubris laden spkesperson fr BART… they also want the Chief of BART cops gone… I hope they achieve that one.

I feel they did me a personal favor on the spokesman.

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 September 2011

thanks for the link!

4. BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Oh why not just batter the kids with constant x rays?
The Naked Radiated Kiddy Porn Security Program
(dibs) could be run through Big Sis at DHS, the private monitoring contracts bid through a Faith Based Initiative operated through ( hmm, tough call here, I dunno Catholic Pedo Outreach or Israel thru one of the Orthodox Assistance Programs, prolly the Catholics, tho:: name brand and all 😆 :wink:)

Ah, well. – Attention Gun Owners!

Or a Principal or School Board Member! Just SHOOOOOT!
Don’t have a gun? Bolt cutters and a sledgehammer will do!

Principals seeking cameras in schools

Emma Brown

Spurred by food-fight frustration, Fairfax’s 27 high school principals are banding together to ask for a powerful disciplinary and security tool.

Oh but let’s look for the upside, shall we? – – > The food riot impulse I find find VERY interesting. So Young! And anti-hapless autoritarian! Couple that with an absolutely numb-to-it / could-give-fuck attitude over being surveiled from a very young age and when this whole paranoid motherfucker of a police state spinning plates Blows, it’s gonna be BIG.

From mcat’s (droll, VERY droll 😉 ) caption above:

He then made the entire contraption spin using just his tongue.

Oh it’s what America WANTS. The PTB certainly.
One hummer-ringer-dinger of a rimjob election and fiscal year after another. Hey, WIN that Future, I say.

I also see Drudge and his doughy matzoh ball sidekick Breitbart, tho normally tasked with tsk tsk seem fully freaked about the flash mobbing yute, Drrudge’s latest (rather self fulfilling IMO , LOL ) mirrors the underlying deal in NY 9 , losing control , rrrrr – this morning’s offer Black and Hispanic Youths Attack 4 White Men! was quickly taken down, tho. He got a call. Chill for a few…..


5. BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Oh ~thisisnews 😆 In the New Fucked Times –

From an American in London, Global Warnings

Adam Posen, an economist on a committee at the Bank of England, wants central banks to print a lot more money.

😆 Can;t we has more Shekel ??

6. BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Shylock in spam. 😉 The irony!

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

oopws ! He’s ot now!

Anyways – > could this be more PERFECT:?!!? 😆
Look at that mug!.


GOVERNMENTS are pushing austerity; bankers are hoarding cash; a recession looms in the United States and Europe. But Adam S. Posen has a solution: a shock-and-awe display of coordinated central bank attacks aimed at reviving sluggish economies.

An American economist on the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee, Mr. Posen is no academic scribbler or lonely blogger, but someone inside the central banking establishment.

And, as a leading expert ™😆 on what is often called Japan’s lost decade, he is particularly worried that the Federal Reserve in the United States and the European Central Bank are making the same monetary policy mistakes that left Japan’s once-robust economy stagnant all through the 1990s and even into the 21st century.

For months now™ 😆 ,

Mr. Posen — who got his bully pulpit at the Bank of England by answering an ad in The Economist —
😆 – SURE! – bhhm} has been warning that policy makers in Washington and in Europe have been too optimistic

{ REALLY?!? YOU DON”T SAY?? 😆 – bhhm}

about how quickly the global economy would recover from the financial crisis. …….

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

another turd plopped on the plentiful pile….

ts - 18 September 2011

This is why I hate economists.

brinn - 18 September 2011

The only economist worth listening to is the unsponsored “amateur”, i.e., one who doesn’t get paid for his/her analysis.

They are out there, but you have to listen real hard to hear them….the paid shills drown them out.

Also, the focus on money and banking is inanely out of proportion to the economies we really need to be focusing on….

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 September 2011
BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

One of my favorites!

marisacat - 18 September 2011

sorry they languished…. I slept and slept and slept….

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 September 2011

TPM wrap-up w/ pics: Hacktivists Begin Operation Occupy Wall Street

oh, and a Pinkerton speaks:

One New York City cop reportedly characterized some members of the Saturday protestors this way: “Oh you know, a bunch of angry college students showing up because they can’t get jobs, so they’re blaming Wall Street.”

marisacat - 18 September 2011

And ”they” ‘d be R I G H T

8. brinn - 18 September 2011

For those of you who still do FB, I have posted some photos that son the younger has taken — they’ll be fun to guess and the prize is being able to see the world through the eyes of 8-year-old!

Home school is FUN! 😉

Hope all is well with ya’ll!

9. marisacat - 18 September 2011

The various cabals hosting the first of the Perry fundraisers in NYC

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Holy Jews fer Jeezis.
LOL, That piece needs passed around.
Anybody got a list of trigger-happy, borderline psychotic, meth fueled Neo-Nazis who enjoy casual reading?
Anybody know how to forward email?
I see Greenburg of AIG was one of the suitcases behind the rabbis..
amidst that zombie criminal’s AIG concerted efforts to re-emerge with a new, cough, choke, cough, ahem, “image” … 🙄 .

As of last year, Greenburg still had around $2 Billion tied up in the joint between he and the wif, the family foundation and assorted minions, HG’s baton merely handed off in zombie swaps with the Berkowitz clan of Fairhome Capital Mgmt. Also seen there is the big Golden Calf yet to be hacked up: the U.S. Treasury who still own 87%….

I saw derivatives fixer / lawyer Koster was there at the Perry conflab, too. We are so Blessed!

Around we go. LOL – > Politico noted, for about 5 seconds, LOL, that Ron Paul took 45% of the CA straw poll, …before superceding it with the lede: Calif. takes back seat in GOP race 😆 Oh, the fix is SO IN.

in other NTIM news, LOL, Santorum was also nihilistically honored with a GOP PA straw poll as a native ……kook.
LOL..as AIPAC is all but working out of People Magazine Politico…
Note journo-orifices……

Santorum wins Pa. GOP straw poll
By DAN HIRSCHHORN | 9/16/11 9:31 PM

He won 36 percent of the vote from state committee members, beating Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

The game seems to be anybody but Paul or Mittens now…

Poll: Perry, Romney up, Obama down
By REID J. EPSTEIN | 9/17/11 10:18 PM

The two candidates are pulling away. 😆

10. BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

White House Seeks to Undermine Suskind’s ‘Ineffectual Obama’ Book

😆 Oh, c’mon. Man UP. Have a hanky.
Just because Inneffectual Obama Studies are now routinely cross-offerings among the Political Science , English Literature, Economics, and HISTORY Departments everywhere with students advised of the availability of textbooks in the library or the convenient Amazon SECTION….ya can’t necessarily call it IT”S OWN GENRE now, right? No? Yes? 😆

And just because Christmas retailers are betting the ranch on Barry the Ball-less Wonder Doll doesn’t mean it’s humiliating.
Plenty of Respect left for the President!

marisacat - 18 September 2011

I read they aqre going ot have Geitner specifivally refute it. Why on earth would THAT work?

In some ways it is such a laugh… one of the big defenses of Obby IS that he is

1. weak

2 at the mercy of those around him.

So you know, HOME RUN.

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Well , you know, they could have Biden handle it. 😆

Or __ wait for it__ HILLARY. 😆 😆

BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Oh isgonnabegood I think, like that couple who simply sent their adopted accessory children back with a one way ticket to Russia , I imagine Barry’s minders coming up with some awful explanation how he has become, well, ~ DIFFICULT

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 18 September 2011
12. BooHooHooMan - 18 September 2011

Oh I’m fine with it, budtatink ~
If only Bank of America knew the “safe word”.

Alisha Smith, a well- respected lawyer in the New York Attorney General’s Office, who helped win a $5 billion settlement from Bank of America for a securities fraud case three years ago, was suspended from her job yesterday after it was discovered she was moonlighting as a professional dominatrix.

As “Alisha Spark” the 36-year-old performs at S&M events where she “dominates people, restrains them and whips them, a source told The New York Post.

Welp™, (Yelp! Help!) 😆 Hard to distinguish the NYPost piece….

It is common in the S&M community for dominatrixes to receive payment for appearances at fetish parties, where they unleash tawdry torments on eager submissives.

from one of the solicitations from the DNC. LOL.

marisacat - 18 September 2011

Honestly I cannot think why it would matter. Really…. what if she was a person who accepted the occasional acting role.. and got cast a lot as a dom.

Do they sign morals clause to work at the AG office… ? (Maybe they do, I have no idea)

BooHooHooMan - 19 September 2011

It shouldn’t . and lousy of me to joke about it.
Stupid, too: The NY BoA settlement, (even the way these things are structured, lead with the headline – the actual payout subject to revision) – IIRC was a hard slap upfront, no joke about it.
And hardly a pol like Cuomo’s work.

I imagine she is being moved out by some fixer tanking a current case, something coming up on appeal, or what she knows about some muckety….

marisacat - 19 September 2011

oh I don’t see a problem with joking about it. Life is short. Short short short… have fun….

13. marisacat - 19 September 2011


Stonewall? Just a little?

Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel says that he doesn’t recall the Obama administration’s loan to Solyndra, the bankrupt solar panel manufacturer that received more than $500 million in taxpayer loans and is now under investigation.

Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, told local radio station WLS that he was not going to talk about the company.

“I don’t actually remember that or know about it. So, what I’m dealing is with what I’m dealing with here today,” Emanuel told a reporter.

Pressed by the reporter on whether he thought there was appropriate due diligence on the loan, Emanuel said, “I’m talking about healthcare today . . . . . .

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0911/63810.html

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 September 2011

this from a guy who’s shtick for a couple of years was “Bush dun it, don’t forget, Bush done it!”

marisacat - 19 September 2011

I’ve reached a point of relising there were no plans. Of any kind, partial, half baked, vague, flimsy or otherwise.. About any thing. Nor are there plans now. They just get up each day and stumble and exercise their well honed skills of “Let’s Make a Deal, it is our wish to serve, fill in the blanks, tell us what you want! You write it we’ll sign it!!”

…and so on.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 September 2011
marisacat - 19 September 2011

I was under the imprssion it was a done deal… which is a shame, the old cafe boat house, th ewhole atmosphere at Stow Lake is just so lovely and peaceful. And as the articlesays, cheap.

First, according to the wave of protests this scandal is starting to raise in San Francisco, Mayor Lee’s administration, the City Planning Commission and the Recreation & Park Department are all involved in the decision to replace the boathouse with a tourist trap café-restaurant run by a souvenir store chain company from New Mexico that has no experience in boating, all under the guise of saving money for the parks. Which is curious when you consider that this privatization of open space includes a provision that the new facility will receive free gas, water and electricity paid by the people of San Francisco.

Well I am planning to vote just to vote against Lee, as it happens.

marisacat - 19 September 2011

the thead is great!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 September 2011


15. BooHooHooMan - 20 September 2011

You mean online poker might be rigged? 😆
This could be bad – WHAT”S NEXT??
You mean Hot People in MY AREA might NOT want to fuck me tonight?!!
AGAIN?!? 😆

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 September 2011

Wisconsin legislators attempt to ban all fetal cell research

Lawmakers in Wisconsin have proposed an overzealous method to banning stem cells—banning, instead, the use of any cells derived from human fetal tissue ever in history—even if that tissue was donated to medical science by women who had legal abortions 40 years ago. This is possibly the dumbest case of not-thinking-through-the-implications that I’ve ever heard.

marisacat - 20 September 2011

Let’s build altars to the pre zygote.

Madman in the Marketplace - 20 September 2011

esp. sad since so much of the original work in stem cell research was pioneered at UW Madison.

It’s amazing how fast they’re tearing down decades of tradition in this state.

marisacat - 20 September 2011

well Cali is in rags. So much is gone…. and Jerry moving forward fast to complete Arnold’s work.

17. marisacat - 20 September 2011


EXCLUSIVE | The Obama administration is constructing secret bases for counterterrorism drones in the Horn of Africa and Arabian Peninsula as part of a newly aggressive campaign to attack al-Qaeda affiliates in Somalia and Yemen, U.S. officials said.

One of the installations is being established in Ethiopia, a U.S. ally in the fight against al-Shabab, the Somali militant group that controls much of the country. Another base is in the Seychelles, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean, where a small fleet of MQ-9 Reaper drones resumed operations this month after an experimental mission demonstrated that the unmanned aircraft could effectively patrol Somali territory. . . . . .

Link to Wapo

marisacat - 20 September 2011


EXCLUSIVE | The Obama administration has sharply warned Pakistan that it must cut ties with a leading Taliban group based in the tribal region along the Afghan border and help eliminate its leaders, according to officials from both countries. In what amounts to an ultimatum, administration officials have indicated that the United States will act unilaterally if Pakistan does not comply with demands to act against the Haqqani network.


18. BooHooHooMan - 20 September 2011

This Time President Obama Really Means It – John Dickerson, Slate


marisacat - 20 September 2011

oh ffs.

Dickerson’s mother, who I remember, apparently raised a simpleton. IF he even half believes that tired gibberdrool

19. marisacat - 20 September 2011

OK! Rabbani was killed by a “bomb in the turban”. So now, as we take our shoes off… and are told to accept thru and thru porn shots and TSA finger probes…

Can we, for fuck’s sake! rescind the one and only religious exemption at the airport security? The exemption for the 8 yards (Or is it feet? Who can tell?) of fabric in a Sikh turban.

Please? Pretty please!?

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 September 2011
marisacat - 20 September 2011

oh you just have t love the “new industries”… so clean, so ethical. SO democratic!!

(so now we are China? Just checking, trying to pay attention here!)

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 September 2011

Taibbi: Why David Brooks Really Is a Sap

He began and ended his piece with the construction, “I’m a sap,” repeating the phrase nine times.

The premise of the piece was that he, Brooks, was a “sap” for believing Barack Obama when Obama pledged, after his election, to rise above partisanship and “move beyond the stale ideological debates that have paralyzed this country.”

For Brooks, “rising above partisanship” always means “not criticizing the rich,” so you can kind of guess where he’s going with this article. He references the recent Obama speech that hinted at tax increases for the wealthy, always a no-no on planet Brooks, where such proposals are always interpreted as “class warfare” and “angry populism.”

There’s a lot in this piece that’s objectionable, but the most galling thing is when Brooks angrily rejects the idea that the rich don’t pay their fair share: “He repeated the old half-truth about millionaires not paying as much in taxes as their secretaries. (In reality, the top 10 percent of earners pay nearly 70 percent of all income taxes, according to the IRS. People in the richest 1 percent pay 31 percent of their income, while the average worker pays 14 percent, according to the Congressional Budget Office).”

I suspect that Brooks here is playing with the word “income,” for while it might very well be true that the richest 1 percent pay an average of 31 percent of their “income,” I seriously doubt that they pay that much of their earnings.

marisacat - 20 September 2011

Brooks pulled out that old chestnut, which ereally does not work… it is a misrepresentation ….

OF COURSE slobster should go after corps and there ought to be a small tax on certain kinds of transactions on Wall St.

But… whistle Dixie, etc.

😆 ANYONE can figure out the US tax situation deserves a medal. One that weighs about 2 tons and hangs from the neck.

22. marisacat - 21 September 2011

argh. stop stop stop stop STOP!!

Can it get weaker. I guess so:

Get Real: Bush, GOP to Blame for Obama Woes – Bill Keller, New York Times

23. marisacat - 21 September 2011



………. 😯

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