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Protest 22 September 2011

Posted by marisacat in Greece, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Athens, Greece: A civil servant shouts through a megaphone during a protest against further austerity measures announced by the government      [Alkis Konstantinidis/EPA]





1. marisacat - 23 September 2011

Brinksmanship? A little… a lot? Too much. Fucking get on with it.

Politics News Alert: Senate defeats short-term measure to fund government
September 23, 2011 12:45:44 PM

Early Friday afternoon, the Senate defeated, 59 to 36, a spending bill to fund the government through Nov. 18.

With both chambers scheduled to begin a week-long recess later Friday, the next step on the funding resolution remains unclear. The Federal Emergency Management Agency could run out of funding as early as Monday, and the resolution currently keeping the federal government open is set to expire on Sept. 30.

The House had passed the bill, 219 to 203, in the early hours on Friday morning after an earlier failure.

Link t Wapo

2. marisacat - 23 September 2011

Sometimes things are strangely perfect….

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Waldorf Drool

I think Michele Bachmann is just great. Straight up: no taxes! Also, you’re a genius. Yes you are! One of the more interesting signs of decadence in our society is the way our politicians transform themselves into first-grade teachers, the way the mark of a good operative is in their ability to flatter America and boost her self-esteem. NO AMERICA THOSE JEANS DO NOT MAKE YOU LOOK FAT HAVE YOU LOST WEIGHT THOSE HIGHLIGHTS REALLY BRING OUT YOUR EYES.

IOZ of course..

3. marisacat - 23 September 2011

Poor unknowing waif DiFi was somehow, totally unbeknowst to her, fuced over.

Somehow i don’t believe it. (And if my last name was Flaccus, I would change it)

Associated Press

Feinstein sues treasurer, bank over campaign fraud

By GILLIAN FLACCUS , 09.23.11, 05:48 PM EDT


Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s campaign filed a lawsuit Friday against a bank that handled accounts for a prominent Democratic campaign treasurer accused of looting millions of dollars from the war chests of local, state and federal politicians.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, names First California Bank, treasurer Kinde Durkee, Durkee’s firm and two business associates, including her husband, who is a partner in her business. The filing comes two days after state financial regulators launched an investigation into how the bank managed the dozens of accounts Durkee maintained at First California, based near Los Angeles in Westlake Village.

“A fraud of the scale alleged herein could not have occurred, and did not occur, without the knowing involvement of First California Bank,” the lawsuit reads. “In exchange for fees and profits, First California Bank intentionally ignored dozens of red flags, ignored its duties and obligations under state and federal law and allowed Durkee to perpetuate the scheme.” . . . . . .

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 September 2011


4. BooHooHooMan - 24 September 2011

Well, better if he killed himself. Enh, – Can’t have everything.

But see ya, Oswald J. Grübel,,,, UBS Chief Executive Guy,…
My, my, my.
How VERY lone Gunmanish auf der Grübelecher…AND the New York
(( the crackheads could barely save it for the sub-head before fingering the heavenly bonfire – LOL ))

UBS Chief Executive Resigns Over Trading Scandal
By JULIA WERDIGIER 16 minutes ago

Oswald J. Grübel, who took over the bank in 2009, resigned Saturday over a rogue trading scandal™ that cost the bank $2.3 billion.

So, How many Oswalds is it now? 😆

Just in the last couple months –
How many of the Bigs allegedly “new” rats who replaced the purportedly old rats from 2008 have jumped sinking ship? Hard to keep the Allegedlies from the Purpotedlies straight.

A UBS, here,
a Bank of America, there,
a one Deutche Bankster real estate con or two
Care for some BoNY/ Mellon creme du Get The Fuck Out?
In a rush to exit the ECB? …ETC

Hard to keep it all straight. It all seems so very BoA/ Thain-from-Merrill hitting the bricks in 2009. LOL.

Tho rather much like 2008, no?
SocGen CEO Bouton Resigns Over Rogue Trader 😆
Of course™ that was after Bouton OFFERED to resign 😆 –
then – wait for it!™ – RETRACTED IT.. 😆 …
THEN jumed ship!

Oh and the excuses from the local yokels and regional bank presidents who in 2011 have suddenly come down with some sorta controversial pandemic of Pursuing Other Interests FLU is quite the hoot. QUITE the hoot lemme tels ya.

Sorry! Can’t come in! Gotta Go! BELEAGUERED you know!
Different VISION!
Pursuing Other Interests!
Illness in the Family!
Heading for THE PLANE!

™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™ ™

marisacat - 24 September 2011

Shouldn’t there be a Club des Rogues by now? Small yellow rosettes for their silky lapels? Something? Some badge of dishonor?

BooHooHooMan - 24 September 2011

A nice touch. Somethin claaaaassy.

I’m thinkin sumpin to go with recently released ink artist Nick Cigarettedanglingfromlip’s signature “Bullseye-on-Forehead” piece we could arrange to have installed for FREE on the motherfuckers….
I know a guy. 😉 😆

marisacat - 24 September 2011

A Croix de Guerre des Banques!

marisacat - 24 September 2011

Maybe soemthing tattoo’d on their forearm?

BooHooHooMan - 24 September 2011

Not before we go all in on Popcorn.
Talk about a Last Supper moment, which IIRC,
“JC” 😆 was shocked to hear Judas ask,
“Shall we Short the Shekel, Jesus?”

Rogue Trader. Get’s ya every time!

BooHooHooMan - 24 September 2011

Something? Some badge of dishonor?

HA! I get real whiny with it sometimes.LOL 😉 😆

Won’t the Democrats help? LOL. That shit. 😆

BooHooHooMan - 24 September 2011

Nothin like Oldies.
Musical Chairs ….circa 2008
Société Générale announces massive write-down – and fraud

Well, As we arrive now at UBS..(CDS-fuckin-FINALLY!),
a little light in the pockets now – ( that they admit too) …
UBS, – > the Bankster cartel’s managing partner at the Swiss Bank CENTER of global money laundering/ German Intelligence gathered with full list of names and accounts on secret CD from Lichtensteinian Whistleblower uhm, broohahaHAHAHA – sorry – Affaire? Imbroglio? Good Ole Fashioned American BFM?
This here UBS coming up a little , eh, short?? …Is a –
..is a…ehm, ah,
~ a difficult situation you know. 😉

The good news tho!
😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

Big Rallly to finish the Year! ::lol:

5. marisacat - 24 September 2011

Laugh laugh laugh laugh…. None other than Bill C has a new……………………..



“I wrote this book because I love my country and I’m concerned about our future … Our ability to compete in the twenty-first century is dependent on our willingness to invest in infrastructure: we need faster broadband, a state-of-the-art national electrical grid, modernized water and sewer systems, and the best airports, trains, roads and bridges. … There is no evidence that we can succeed in the twenty-first century with an anti-government strategy, with a philosophy grounded in ‘You’re on your own’ rather than ‘We’re all in this together.'” $12.62 on Amazon pre-order http://amzn.to/rqVb3C

I don’t think Bill is slated for a long life. And the sooner his rest in peace comes, the better.

6. marisacat - 24 September 2011

Handbook for the urban guerilla… OR suburban! They have cops too….


FAQ: When Can You Capture Cops on Camera?

Can you photograph the police during times of civil unrest? At a crime scene? What are your rights, and the responsibilities of the police?

By Rachel Sadon, PCWorld Sep 19, 2011 6:00 pm

Bay Area Rapid Transit’s August shutdown of wireless service to squelch a demonstration in San Francisco raised anew questions about the use of tech in the face of authority.

In this first installment in a series of FAQs, we discuss your rights when photographing police. . . . . . .

7. marisacat - 24 September 2011

The blobby glob is taking shape:

–KEY POINT FROM JON WARD: ‘[E]ven Tea Party groups like FreedomWorks [chaired by Dick Armey] signaled that their past opposition to Romney might soften if Perry continues to fumble.” http://huff.to/q3qpM6

transforming yourself into a pretzel, pre-pretzeling, is so much harder than regional princelings appreciate. (slob had a LOT of help! AND an easier cycle!)

😆 😳

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 September 2011
9. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 September 2011

Muslim Students Convicted of Being Mean to Israeli Ambassador

Today 10 members of the so-called “Irvine 11” (charges against one of the original eleven students were dropped) were convicted on misdemeanor charges of disrupting a meeting and conspiracy to disrupt a meeting in a Santa Ana, Calif., court. Here’s what they did, which is a crime:

In February 2010, as Oren began to speak about the U.S.-Israeli relationship at a campus speech, the students rose one-by-one to object to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. One shouted, “Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech!” As the offender was removed from the audience, a designated compatriot shouted, “You, sir, are an accomplice to genocide!” And so on. According to an attorney for one of the students, the longest of the interruptions lasted roughly 8 seconds, and the total amount of time taken up by their outbursts—combined—was roughly one minute.

marisacat - 24 September 2011

ugh…. I remember that down at the Irvine campus. They were PROTESTING.

There is this charge that I think Zionists want to promote whereever they can… that being mean (oh!!!! Meanie!) to them is some criminal act of attempting to de-legitimise the State of Israel….. which is pretty much what the local Israeli consul, Akiva Tor, said at the time of the Irvine protests.

marisacat - 24 September 2011

I will be interested to see if CAIR does anything about this. Seems to be all they do is sue over the hijab…. or try to get a religious exemption at TSA for all manner of dress.

Madman in the Marketplace - 24 September 2011

I wouldn’t hold my breath.

marisacat - 24 September 2011

They live to defend the hijab…. in my opinion anyway. I think it is partly their allegiance with the Democratic party… concentrating on madly defending a cultural habit is thought to play to the wimmens vote.

Such fucking bullshit.

10. marisacat - 24 September 2011


special bombs for a special relations

“The upcoming issue of Newsweek, which is set to hit newsstands on Monday, claims that two years ago US President Barack Obama secretly approved the transfer of 55 “bunker-busters”, a form of deep-penetrating bombs, to Israel.

The country had been requesting the bombs since the time of the Bush administration, the Daily Beast website reported on Friday. According to the report, US and Israeli officials told Newsweek that the GBU-28 type bombs, which could be potentially be used in an attack on Iran’s nuclear sites, were transferred to Israel in 2009, just several months after Obama came into office.”

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 9:17 AM

It’s riding at the top of Angry Arab at the moment…. http://angryarab.blogspot.com/

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 September 2011
marisacat - 24 September 2011

oh this is so true of him… IF you believe in ANYTHING, even craven political whatever, you have such a stronger personal stance on the political stage… all he wanted to be was the One at the head of the lumpen crowd. It’s not enough, it is nearly nothing……

This kind of hollowness oddly can’t be faked. It can only come from a truly empty core, lacking conviction and the animalistic rut from enjoying the immersion and parry of actual politics.

marisacat - 24 September 2011


This comment uses excerpts from Confidence Men, extracts and links back to source, Daily Beast. Stuff I had not run into.

Jesufuckinggod… what a mess we are in, this is abou half of the comment:

A recurring theme is Obama’s utter failure of leadership. The president is incapable of making a decision; on the rare occasion when he does, he is ignored, as in the Citi case. During a meeting in March 2009, an annoyed Obama left the room to get dinner and said he wanted a decision when he returned. Emanuel promptly took over, saying, “Everyone shut the f— up. Let me be clear—taking down the banking system in a program that could cost $700 billion is a fantasy.” Romer told Suskind that was the point where Emanuel violated his famous rule to never let a crisis go to waste—with Obama abdicating decision making, his chief of staff had decided on the status quo. “The bottom line is Tim and others at Treasury felt the president didn’t fully understand the complexities of the issue, or simply that they were right and he was wrong,” Alan Krueger (a former deputy Treasury secretary recently appointed to replace Romer as head of the CEA) tells Suskind. It’s a recurring pattern throughout the book: Obama voices a preference, his advisers overrule him, and he never says boo about it. Elsewhere, he allowed himself to be dictated to.

Peter Orszag recalls Summers telling Obama, “I’ll make my argument first; you can go after me.” Orszag was incredulous that the president allowed a subordinate to talk to him that way, and shocked that he didn’t say, “I made that decision a week ago. Just do what I say.” As Volcker put it, “Obama is smart, but smart is not enough. Leadership is another thing entirely, about knowing your mind enough to make real decisions, ones that last.”

Aside from his disinterested temperament… there is the HUGE problem that he is a mannequin. A walk-on. Essentially…. NO standing in Illinois party politics, in fact no standing at all. And stronger, if horrible men, simply move in.

What a huge fucking mess we are in.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 24 September 2011

Occupy Wall Street Saturday: Tasers and Mass Arrests

looks like the NYPD has doubled down, going by the videos at the link.

marisacat - 24 September 2011

wellll if one reads creatively! Bloombutt said he wanted riots. So he will work for that — so it seems…. and give theboys in blue somewhere SAFE to work off all that angst. God forbid they monitor track arrest actual dangerous criminali.


13. ts - 25 September 2011

good concise summary by mr sartwell.

one of my favorite things about american politics is the hyper-partisan argument about who is more partisan. so say you get debbie wasserman-schultz on your cable program and you ask her why congress can’t agree on anything. and she says the democrats tried to come to a reasonable compromise, but the vicious idiots on the other side wouldn’t agree to anything because they’re pandering to their extremist base. same the other way round. it’s meta-partisanship. now i think they should argue about who’s to blame for the fact that they’re blaming each other for being partisan, etc. this is a lovely example of performative self-contradiction: a hyper-partisan denial that you yourself are partisan. somehow, all these people have forced themselves to became dolts. partisanship is polling badly. conclusion? we can win if we can blame the other side for it. it’s devotion merely to political strategy all the way up and down, and what’s really cool is that this relentless empty strategic rhetoric makes any decent american hate her representatives and despise the political system and possibly the concept of democracy. well, they certainly are despicable every day, right there on your television set. all they could possibly be trying to do is manipulate you. extreme cynicism is the only humanly possible or even vaguely rational or morally decent response. check out, is my advice to you.

marisacat - 25 September 2011


extreme cynicism is the only humanly possible or even vaguely rational or morally decent response. check out, is my advice to you.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 September 2011

interesting blog

marisacat - 25 September 2011

he’s on the IOZ list and I like his acidic take on many things……… I read him from time t time… but he can wig out in quite nasty fashion on abortion. Not sure why…

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 September 2011
marisacat - 25 September 2011

oh my god! those are SO beautiful….. I cannot decide which I like best…. the dragon one is very wonderful, but so is the film one, and the first, “Poetree”…. incredible.

But I think each recipient has an absolute responisbility to display theirs… in situ…

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 September 2011

I thought they were really awesome.

marisacat - 25 September 2011

They don’t exactly remind me of the tableaux inside framed boxes by…. I think his name was Joseph Cornel, a kind of middle aged semi-recluse in NJ iirc….. similar in intensity and beauty o the Cornel boxes…….

marisacat - 25 September 2011

Here he is… Yes Joseph Cornell, he died in ’72.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 September 2011

oh, I haven’t seen his stuff before, thanks! Nice.

15. marisacat - 25 September 2011



……….. 8)

[link fixed! Mcat]

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