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Sunday 9 October 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.


A crimson speckled moth. The recent heatwave has seen hundreds of rare moths arriving in the UK, in what experts are describing as the best migration for the insects in years    [Butterfly Conservation/PA]


1. marisacat - 9 October 2011

I’d laugh if it were not so ridiculous. Not even my drug, ever… but geesh.


Federal prosecutors on Friday launched a significant crackdown on commercial marijuana operations, announcing legal action against several marijuana operations as part of a new statewide enforcement effort.

According to a statement, the action focused in part on an Orange County building “that houses eight marijuana stores and a trafficking ring that sold marijuana at its San Fernando Valley storefront, and sent marijuana to customers as far away as New York state.”

Additionally, six people were charged in alleged marijuana trafficking in a operation that authorities said generated $15 million in eight months.

Officials also issued warning letters to operators of 38 marijuana stores.

It is important to note that for-profit, commercial marijuana operations are illegal not only under federal law, but also under California law,” said U.S. Atty. André Birotte Jr. in statement. “While California law permits collective cultivation of marijuana in limited circumstances, it does not allow commercial distribution through the store-front model we see across California.”

The announcement came after The Times reported Thursday that federal prosecutors are threatening to shut down medical marijuana dispensaries throughout California, sending letters that warn landlords to stop sales of the drug within 45 days or face the possibility that their property will be seized and they will be charged with a crime.

The stepped-up enforcement escalates the Obama administration’s efforts to rein in the spread of pot stores, which accelerated after the attorney general announced in 2009 that federal prosecutors would not target people using medical marijuana in states that allow it. . . . .

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011


marisacat - 9 October 2011

how wide it seems they plan to cast the net and the rhetoric being used is worrying. As fr sites and businesses that are in violation of the law (and it seems obvious quite a few around the state are)… that was supposed to be

    under control

due to LOCAL licensing of dispensaries.

Plus you always have to wrry what the agenda of the Feds – and Slobby in particular – is.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

From the AP report in Politico.

I would say the Feds are targetting Cali in particular, but the West regionally, out of the 16 states with a compassionate use or decriminalising with some sort of dispensing system… and iirc it is an additional 5 or so states with pending legislation.

[M]ore than a dozen dispensaries named by officials either did not respond to telephone messages or refused to comment on the closure demands. Damian Nassiri, a lawyer for two of dispensaries inside the Orange County shopping center authorities cited, predicting it would not be long before the owner sends his clients packing.

“These collectives had a hard time finding landlords who were willing to rent to them,” Nassiri said.

Three of the four prosecutors declined to reveal how many dispensaries are subject to closure orders. Birotte said 38

property owners in his district were sent warnings.

Birotte said his office already had initiated property forfeiture proceedings involving three properties whose owners had received prior warnings.

The effort was criticized by two Democrat state legislators who represent San Francisco.

Assemblyman Tom Ammiano said the crackdown “means that Obama’s medical marijuana policies are worse than Bush and Clinton. It’s a tragic return to failed policies that will cost the state millions in tax revenue and harm countless lives.”

“I don’t understand the politics of it, …. added State Sen. Mark Leno, who has worked to safeguard and regulate medical marijuana in California.

Wagner said individual U.S. attorneys general in other states including Nevada, Oregon and Washington state have also coordinated actions with the U.S. Department of Justice . . . .

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011

this is so going to blow up in their faces out west.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

I don’t dispute there are problems… but then target those, and go after those. And i think the problems exist by design… local regulators, which it seems always includes a policing body, sheriff, etc., TOOK BRIBES.

One dispensary that has been in existence for 14 years (it might be Harborside, I forget now), so they formed in the first year after the vote, has paid state, Federal, payroll, excise, Board of Equalisation — all the taxes for 14 years… and, as he said, the Feds took the money, year after year.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 9 October 2011

It is Harborside, Stephen D’angleo’s crew (who btw is a true Rainbow brother and one of the ‘good guys” in this stoner’s estimation) Ironically, Stephen was in Oakland’s sales tax office handing the locals a 300K check for quarterly sales taxes when he got the call the call from the feds that he had lost his tax court appeal and owed for all the money paid for his expenses.

Strangely, Harborside didn’t get one those “cease or else letters last weekk…of course he still has the one the Clinton era DEA sent him, framed and on his wall…

The thought amongst my Idren in Kali (just back from the further shows at Monterey’s Fair Grounds and goddess bless was this a topic of conversation!) is that the Feds are specifically targeting operations that can’t pull the ‘medical” fig leaf far enough over themselves for protection.(i.e. openly sending weed out of state, not creating programs for indigent but truly sick folks to get medicine, which Harborside does). The end result is likely to be more, but smaller operations.

I think the Feds are freaking out because the amount of herb being grown in NorCal is astronomical and is starting to cost as little as the blood-weed from mexico so it interferes with “PLANe Mexico” and whatever they do with that FUBAR scenario…

marisacat - 9 October 2011

the amount of herb being grown in NorCal is astronomical and is starting to cost as little as the blood-weed from mexico so it interferes with “PLANe Mexico” and whatever they do with that FUBAR scenario


2. marisacat - 9 October 2011



How would have the US reacted if three Iranian hikers were found along the Canadian-US border?

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 5:56 AM

(no embedded links)

3. ts - 9 October 2011

Dear Lord

Concerned that the unmanned aerial drones currently raining death upon the unfortunate inhabitants of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia aren’t having their synthesized voices heard in Congress? Sick and tired of our brave robots defending American overseas lacking representation the halls of power? Fret no more, friend. Drones, unlike some bipeds, now have their very own caucus in Washington consisting of around 50 lawmakers — perhaps the only patriots left in America.

Very bipartisan membership of that board, including America’s Favorite Shot Person.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

oh that is an interesting (and horrifying) blog post… thanks for that. Plus I had not been to Charlie Davis in ages….

marisacat - 9 October 2011

Yes I see Gabby… and Loretta Sanchez… and Hanabusa of HI – Inouye muscled her election thru…. Edolphus Towns….


They openly declare they represent the industry.

4. marisacat - 9 October 2011

Oh this should go over well. Who are these people?

‘The biggest problem we had in terms of the loss of political capital is we came in and did a bunch of stuff, and things got worse,’ says Ron Klain, who served as chief of staff to Biden. ‘And some of that was just bad luck. If we didn’t have the 22nd Amendment and Barack Obama became president in late March rather than in late January, things would have been much worse when we came in than they were. And then the Recovery Act would have come not in February, but in May. We would already have hit bottom, and it would seem like things were getting better.'” . . . .

Plus it is a “big piece” that Ezra Klein “worked on for months” on the FP of the Business Section.

Odd little Ezra. Gee.


Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011

awww, called the waaaambulance … poor little foundling and drunken’ unkle …

ts - 9 October 2011

They could have tripled the stimulus and it still wouldn’t have worked – built three roads side by side with no trucks hauling goods over them.

Economists have been bailed out for years. In the past the structural damage from the recession has been relatively minor and when the economy recovers on its own volition, they take the credit for their policies.

Now that the structural damage is immense (and piled on an incomplete recovery from 2000), they’re shocked SHOCKED to find out their crappy polices to give free money to businesses that don’t need to hire people and bailouts to banks that don’t want to lend to people don’t work (not that people want or need to borrow, either).

Of course, they blame everyone but themselves – especially the people that needed help but didn’t get it.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

and piled on an incomplete recovery from 2000

Very very very true…. a partial, somewhat illusionary recovery… at least as I saw it.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011

Bank On It: They’re Scared

And they’re scared.

Know how I know? I know because a friend in San Francisco took the time to transcribe a document he was given by the major bank he works for. The document, titled “Protest Safety Handbook,” explains what a bank employee should do when confronted with the horror and terror of an OWS protest.

I am leaving the name of the bank out of this to protect my friend. Some tidbits:

The movement in New York has begun to publish a four page news paper titled “The Occupied Wall Street Journal.” The current edition of the published document loosely outlines the group’s manifesto and intentions. The group has indicated that they have been inspired by the results from similar groups involved in the “Arab Spring” in the Middle East. The group’s publication cites an intention to first to protest and then to march, escalating to civil disobedience when necessary.

These types of groups are reaching out to the disengaged and disenfranchised population of the United States for members, often encouraging the unemployed and homeless to join the movement. Often these marches and protests are unplanned and result from instant notification on “Social Networks” that produce “Flash Protest Mobs” in a matter of minutes. While this group has not yet resorted to violence the possibility exists that they can.

Safety Tips:

– Avoid poorly lit areas and isolated locations that may make you vulnerable to an attack.

– Keep the cars doors locked while driving in the area of a mob or protest march.

– Project an image of confidence and strength. Walk with a purpose and avoid hesitation, keep your head up, shoulders back and make eye contact with people you pass.

– Avoid confrontation and unnecessary contact with protesters.

– Avoid walking or driving alone. There is safety in numbers.

– Carry purses close to the body.

– Wallets and cash are best kept in a front pocket.

– Avoid wearing Bank ID or logo items outside the bank if possible.

– Keep your cell phone charged and close at hand.

– Have emergency contact information pre-programmed into your phone.

– Have your keys out and ready before you need them.

– If you feel that you’re in danger or if you observe suspicious or illegal activities, call the police or dial 911.

– If confronted or attacked, try to remain calm and cooperate by following the attacker’s instructions.

– Do not attempt to reason or argue with the protesters.

– Cooperate and do not risk your personal safety.

– Be a good witness and try to remember as many details of what occurred as you can.

Makes it sound like you’re walking through a war zone, right? Not a peaceful protest, but some actively dangerous Thunderdome where instant and horrible death might reach out at any time to cut you down.

The financial powers-that-be are desperate to paint this peaceful, meaningful movement as some kind of civilization-annihilating upheaval, populated by rogues, pickpockets, mobs and murderers. They need the OWS protest to be seen this way by the general public, so they can discredit it and destroy it. Fear-mongering is an old, old tactic, and they are deploying it once again.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

As IOZ posted the other day, how long til there is a demand for a NATO drone action over Southern Manhattan.

LUV the bit about not wearing the bank logo…. 😆 … 🙄

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011

Umbrellas and Dry Spaces Are Contraband, but Lying on the Ground Under a Tarp Is Just Fine

Wow, things got really tense there. As Dominic reported, Mike McGinn officially became The Mayor Who Outlawed Umbrellas in Seattle and the Seattle Police Department began valiantly defending the unused dry space under the awnings of Westlake Park from people who wanted to get out of the rain.

As protesters realized that The New Normal meant that they could still sleep under tarps and in sleeping bags on the ground, things loosened up a bit. People cozied together under blankets, and cocoon-like bulges began appearing everywhere on the sidewalk. People wearing JakPaks discussed whether or not their jacket/tent hybrids would get them arrested (most thought they would fall under the blanket/tarp definition, making them okay).

As things seemed to settle down for the night, I saw the following adorable exchange: A young protester passed the police standing under the awning. “You guys are the 99%, too,” she said, sweetly. “I know,” an older cop replied. “We’re fighting for you,” she said. “Thanks, kid,” the cop said. He sounded like he meant it. And then, a second later, he added, “Get me some more money!”

ts - 9 October 2011

I remember reading that during the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the police had orders to ticket black drivers if they formed a carpool, or even were walking down the street for more than a few blocks. In response black taxi drivers lowered their fares equal to bus fare for black passengers.

This kind of crap isn’t effective, makes local government look petty, vindictive and ridiculous, and strengthens the movement.

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 October 2011
7. marisacat - 9 October 2011

Blodget uses a Council of Economic Advisors graph lifted from the Ezra Klein piece at Wapo (to say Slob cannot win…).

But yeah very damning. All that heady bullshit of the first few months was bound to catch up.


ts - 9 October 2011

Blodget still thinks the stimulus helped. It may have kept a few construction companies from laying people off until their ARRA project was completed, but it didn’t support spending a whit.

And it poisoned the well so that the D’s could only throw up their hands like Bud Selig at the All Star Game a few years back.

Banks have $1.6 trillion in unlent excess reserves right now, from QE1 and 2, and the initial shitstorm of lending guarantees (the real reason the financial system survived). I say take them if the banks won’t lend them and pay off all that negative equity, and start mailing checks out to people.

Interesting that in the Klein article, it was McCain’s advisor that had the idea to use stimulus money for cramdowns. Not Obama. I think that’s pretty damning right there. Tells me Barry’s team never had an inkling to do anything for anybody.

marisacat - 9 October 2011

Here a lot went to companies who absolutely did not need it.

8. Ganjafied Gabcho - 9 October 2011
9. marisacat - 9 October 2011

Time for Herman to go home.

Republican presidential contender Herman Cain amplified his criticism Sunday of the growing Occupy Wall Street movement, calling the protesters “jealous’ Americans who “play the victim card” and want to “take somebody else’s” Cadillac. . . . . .

Ganjafied Gabcho - 9 October 2011

Tiresome Uncle Ruckus mutherfucker is such a fucking cliche he should be put out of our misery…

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

😆 Negroes and Cadillacs ?

Oh Just perfect how all that is home-repo layered.
Methinks ole Get-a-Job Herman definitely got a spot by the curb.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I KNOW!!!! Could he engage more forcefully in old stereotyping???????????????

Mrs Cain, take your son or your husband home. Please.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011
10. Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

U.S. Drug Policy Would Be Imposed Globally By New House Bill

The House Judiciary Committee passed a bill yesterday that would make it a federal crime for U.S. residents to discuss or plan activities on foreign soil that, if carried out in the U.S., would violate the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) — even if the planned activities are legal in the countries where they’re carried out. H.R. 313, the “Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Elimination Act of 2011,” is sponsored by Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), and allows prosecutors to bring conspiracy charges against anyone who discusses, plans or advises someone else to engage in any activity that violates the CSA, the massive federal law that prohibits drugs like marijuana and strictly regulates prescription medication.

“Under this bill, if a young couple plans a wedding in Amsterdam, and as part of the wedding, they plan to buy the bridal party some marijuana, they would be subject to prosecution,” said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance, which advocates for reforming the country’s drug laws. “The strange thing is that the purchase of and smoking the marijuana while you’re there wouldn’t be illegal. But this law would make planning the wedding from the U.S. a federal crime.”

The law could also potentially affect academics and medical professionals. For example, a U.S. doctor who works with overseas doctors or government officials on needle exchange programs could be subject to criminal prosecution. A U.S. resident who advises someone in another country on how to grow marijuana or how to run a medical marijuana dispensary would also be in violation of the new law, even if medical marijuana is legal in the country where the recipient of the advice resides. If interpreted broadly enough, a prosecutor could possibly even charge doctors, academics and policymakers from contributing their expertise to additional experiments like the drug decriminalization project Portugal, which has successfully reduced drug crime, addiction and overdose deaths.

The Controlled Substances Act also regulates the distribution of prescription drugs, so something as simple as emailing a friend vacationing in Tijuana some suggestions on where to buy prescription medication over the counter could subject a U.S. resident to criminal prosecution. “It could even be something like advising them where to buy cold medicine overseas that they’ll have to show I.D. to get here in the U.S.,” Piper says.

Huffing and puffington post

Why do I think this law is gonna pass with sickening ease? 👿

marisacat - 10 October 2011

This is so awful…. so many parts of the world there are not the horrible restrictive prohibitions we hve on pain meds. This makes me CRAZY.

The crack down in Amsterdam has been ramping up for at least a couple of years now…. which absolutely blows me away…. Latest I read they want to reclassify some of the stronger strains as Heroin, LIKE US.

Of course I believe the US has bought, been part of the push anyway, and installed right wing people all thru Europe, one way and another. I am sick to death o it.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011


A Dutch buddy visited this summer, advising medical activists locally, and lamented on the US Money and “retrograde calvinism” (his phrase) inflicting Europe…he really suggested Americans stop multiplying, I couldn’t really find fault with that sentiment even though my childe was sitting on my lap…he assured me I was ok because we (babe’Olicious and I) we’re still “dividing” since we only had one.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

oh Imeant to add… there was a caller to the local talk radio.. a woman who is on the … not NO fly list but she is diverted probably forever to secondary and more inspection at airports, not by any on the spot assessment buy by being on a LIST… Her crime? She and her grandmother were coming back from Canada with her grandmother’s medications.. and there had been some change in the amounts you could bring in. They knew nothing of the change.

And now she is stuck on a Homeland Security fly caution list.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Welcome to the new normal. When I went to the Further Shows this weekend I had to fly to SFO because of time constraints. We didn’t bring #juan sun’s birthcertificate, which it turns out is a major no-no…anyways we got thru that ordeal and the TSA screening (we’re a family of dreadlocked, patchouli stinking, hippies) by doing our best to emulate the “step and fetchit” routine people of color developed to cope with tyrranical authority…it worked, but it left a really bad taste in this whiteboy’s mouth

marisacat - 10 October 2011


It is harder to come more white than I am, blonde, short, small…. for a while in the 90s I seriouisly consdiered wearing a pin that said, “I am not now, nor have I EVER been, a blonde Republican“. So many people I knew slightly were very surprised I was going to vote for Clinton (only ONCE, the first go, did not vote for them in ’96)… I was very shocked.

AND, despite that, I have had so much trouble on re entry to the US, thru much of my life… and at the damned passport office, that I could not even consider getting on a damned plane under TSA. And i have had a pretty simple straightforward life. 3 addresses from age 5 …. ONE name. Simple stuff. And yet………..

11. ts - 10 October 2011

I suppose it’s fitting Sims and Sargent win the Fake Nobel. After all, Obama won the peace award. Rational expectations is the suckiest suck suck theory that ever did suck. And I was forced to use Sargent’s macro book. It really is terrible. This graf should tell you all you need to know.

“It is not an exaggeration to say that both Sargent’s and Sims’ methods are used daily … in all central banks that I know of in the developed world and at several finance departments too,” Nobel committee member Torsten Persson told the AP.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I noticed Angry Arab referred o two winners, I forget which two, as “approved by te World Bank for the awards”.

I DID read with some joy that Sirleaf Johnson, a HUGE favorite of Clinton and CGI, her award is not going over well (she is in the middle of an election) in Liberia. GOOD!

ts - 10 October 2011

I was looking for that reference but didn’t see it on first pass. Found this though

The singling out of the individual achievement is to my mind an essentially right-wing trope. It encourages the kind of thinking that leads people to argue that the tax system must preserve the profit incentive that is supposed to motivate these”job creators” and ”wealth creators.” But the fact is that emphasizing the economic incentives to individuals ignores the importance of providing other kinds of incentives to the kinds of people who are not motivated primarily by money (and I think that Jobs himself surely was one of those for whom money was a secondary consideration). No matter how much we enjoy our iPods and iPhones, we should be careful about attributing their existence to individual “genius” rather than to collective effort and the education and organization on which that effort depends.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

“genius”, “brilliance” and “brilliant” are SERIOUSLY overused in this culture. And of course “great” is a beaten to death dead horse.

12. BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

Goodwin @ the NY Post, a pirhana piece, but a whole Lotta stuff here between the lines, too….
Not even between the lines…

Aimless Obama walks alone

The reports are not good, disturbing even. I have heard basically the same story four times in the last 10 days, and the people doing the talking are in New York and Washington and are spread across the political spectrum.

The gist is this: President Obama has become a lone wolf, a stranger to his own government. He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his political strategist.

Everybody else, including members of his Cabinet, have little face time with him except for brief meetings that serve as photo ops. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner both have complained, according to people who have talked to them, that they are shut out of important decisions.

The president’s workdays are said to end early, often at 4 p.m. He usually has dinner in the family residence with his wife and daughters, then retreats to a private office.< 😉 One person said he takes a stack of briefing books. Others aren’t sure what he does.

If the reports are accurate, and I believe they are, they paint a picture of an isolated man trapped in a collapsing presidency. While there is no indication Obama is walking the halls of the White House late at night, 😉 talking to the portraits of former presidents, as Richard Nixon did during Watergate, the reports help explain his odd public remarks.

Distant. Distant.
TPM Bulletin : DISTANT.
Everybody Distant. 😆 … but him and Val ,( on the WH staff at least~
of course there’s Axelrod, sigh™, who would NEVAH think of interrupting Official YeaYA~Business between Valerie and the President in the Private Office to run re-election efforts right out of the White House. A stand-up guy. Like Rahm. Not a White House Official, officially. business-like.

The blame isn’t much of a defense for Solyndra and “Fast and Furious,” the emerging twin scandals that paint a picture of incompetence at best.

Oh bus in reverse now, gaining speed by the looks of it, set to back over Barry and Valerie,, WITH Hillary and Geithener hopping well clear of that there gun-running to Mexico and Solyndra bundler hedge fund covering thing. Why they felt the need to mention the lesser Geithner I don’t know other than to silmultaneosly add some lesser Cabinet cladding to “left-out” Hillary while providing a sorta lesser-among-equal’s benefit to Rubin’s Geithner with a distinctive little nightgown. A gift.
Cold out there purportedly in out-of -the Loop Land…. 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

“If the reports are accurate… ” paragraph is a blockquote from The NYP piece,,,

I found the all but naked innuendo dripping “no indication the President is wandering the halls of the White House late at night” to be a real hoot.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

He talks mostly, and sometimes only, to friend and adviser Valerie Jarrett and to David Axelrod, his political strategist

BINGO he is isolated. And self-isolating. I figured out long ago, without those two, he can barely tie his shoes. One more directionless hump, loose in the world. And Michelle won’t be bothering to help him tie those shoes, as I see it.

The president’s workdays are said to end early, often at 4 p.m

He CLEARLy, back in the PRIMARIES was low energy. In fact imo that is ONE reason Bill and Hill led him on the state after state chase… to wear him out. Which they did… he was dragging…. And horrible as they are, those two plus the kid, roll out like tanks most days. (Plus why should she give up? IMO that is antithetical to actually being a pol)

Kerry had the same problems… he would start to almost collapse, too early in the day. ABC, with little comment, Kate Snow on the camp trail, showed it. It was kind of shocking in fact.

WHAT THE fuck is wrong with these men. I have heard that Bush 2 had almost a clinical level of “sundowner” syndrome… extreme fade by 5 pm… they made sure to get him home to the WH, or on AFOne or ensconced deep within the ranch in Crawford by evening.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

WHAT THE fuck is wrong with these men.

If you wear heavy duty tinfoil the answer is they’re manchurian candidate types; you know “programmed multiples” that lose all direction once their puppetmaster(s) lay down the control sticks…I think they’re just reptilians and once the sun sets they lose all animation 😉 :mrgreen:

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

LOL. No WONDER they were backing NextGen solar power!
Fuckin ever greater robotic Manchurian Candidate demands on battery technology being what it is…

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

Well I’ll say this about Hillary, who I thought quickly became frazzled , all such tired humps all of them, at least she and her ops would come out all sword running across the stage. Which did Barry a huge favor, as people, evidently enough in the DP anyways, were plainly sick of the Clintonia. It also worked IMO , too little, too late, to give her some bona-fide brawlers credentials. We like that shit here in the U.S. we really do. I DO. LOL.

But, Barry, oh fuck, if he had gotten the nom in a walk more obvious than it was? ( I still think it was a hedged bet by the big donors let em slug it out , if the Clintons win, they;ll have been rehabbed enough to take to market once again, If recently-signed-artist Ingenue Barry makes it out of test marketing, well, then, the studio will spring for the Fall Tour.) But if he went in to the General Selection with the kind of No DramaBlahBlahblahblah after the Rev Wright and Ayers thing hit? In a general election? Shiyat, Jeezis – he would have been Dem gizzards on GOP toast points.(forever grateful to your “toast points” analogy by the way. 😆 😉 )

Mostly a beneficiary of an anti-Bush reactionary vote as you’ve said all along. And whatever-by-whomevers propped him up enough to get over? He all by his seepy-time lonesome now.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

oh I agree, one thing working in his favor was factions in the party did not want a retread with Hill and Bill and more Bill.

Oh yeah she def picked up brawlers’ cred… no question.

marisacat - 10 October 2011


link did not work….

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

Sorry! 😳
Aimless Obama walks alone

BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

Sorry about my html. I need another favor, before I take MY nap 🙄 – can you close italics after …Fall Tour)

🙄 Sorry.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

oh thank you! I hunted all over there… did not think it would be in LOCAL News.


13. BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

Berlusconi Blames Stock Market Volatility On Cocaine Abuse By Traders

😆 Which would only be 140% of it.
What accounts for the other 11,000% Mile High Club Multi Continent Bombing Earth Raping Serf Pillaging IPO Insider Trading Bank Fraud Pension Looting Campaign Stripper Financed Boozy Golf Outing Resort Orgy?

* “Some of the same folks who actedduh irresonsibleh” ???*

http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2011/10/06/gIQAknHOQL_story_4.html“>*Barry Obama, October 6, 2011

ts - 10 October 2011

I think the unga bunga also had something to do with it.

14. marisacat - 10 October 2011

Pam Martens at Cpunch on who pays the cops….

and along the way in the article is this great sign fromr OWS:

“I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one”

15. BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

To Live Without Dead Time

To live without dead time means to embody a great refusal, to find pleasure in struggle, to transform every moment of existence into a repudiation of the consumerist nightmare and an affirmation of revolutionary possibility. A semester, a year, a decade without Big Macs, Frappucinos and World of Warcraft but overflowing with midnight adventures of blackspotted billboards, guerrilla gardening and spectacular synchronized global memewar actions. Imagine if a huge number of us start living in this way, turning daily life itself into a form of resistance that re-enchants the city and reawakens the promise of a people’s insurrection. The way forward is through this kind of radical play.

– Micah White

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I’m keeping my Macchiato (with two extra shots of espresso)…. tho I admit I don’t care for the Starbuckian version.

16. ts - 10 October 2011

Well, I for one don’t consider WoW dead time (a couple guildies have mentioned going to OWS events). But it is fertile ground for actionable ideas that amount to more than marching in a circle and synchronized global memewar actions.

I feel that simple restructuring of daily life would be the easiest way to do participation. For example, we just started meeting with a neighbor to carpool to Costco and the Farmer’s Market on Sundays. Not only do we save two trips we’d have to make separately, but our daily food diet is better and cheaper and we get to spend time hanging out with friends to boot.

17. marisacat - 10 October 2011

David Swanson is on RT… talking about OWS…. and so cheering!!

18. marisacat - 10 October 2011



…………….. 😯 …. 🙄

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