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Joker 10 October 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics.

I dunno… I found the photo at Drudge and he did not source it…. Pretty damned on target imo.

hmm Maybe Trickster is better.  Hell, it all fits.



1. BooHooHooMan - 10 October 2011

The supposedly better wilted rosy employment numbers they released a few days ago?…had all the Verizon workers just off strike in them.

Trickster. Bankster. Fraud. War Criminal.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

oh I did not catch that!

2. Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011
Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

that was really interesting, thanks

3. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011
Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011


And many of the comments are soooo rich 😀

4. Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

The United States was funneling guns to the drug cartels during the Bush administration in an operation based in Tucson, Operation Wide Receiver, years before Fast and Furious began in Arizona. Further, a cartel member now in custody in Chicago says the United States and the Sinaloa drug cartel have been working together.

Although the news media has focused on the ATF’s Fast and Furious, another operation, Operation Wide Receiver, allowed guns to “walk” into Mexico during the Bush administration, 2006 — 2007, according to a Tucson gun seller who kept a lengthy journal.


On the streets of Tucson, none of this is big news.

It comes as no surprise here that the US government was supplying assault weapons to the drug cartels – assault weapons that have killed, and are still killing, innocent people in Mexico and the US. In Tucson, most people knew that the assault weapons had to be funneled south by the US government. The only surprise was that the US government got caught.

Here, most people understand that there would be no drug war in Mexico without the demand for drugs in the United States. Here most people know about the US military’s black ops. Here, people know how the US trained Latin military officers to torture at the School of Americas, and how the US Army trained the special forces who later deserted and became the Zetas, the most notorious murderers in Mexico.

The US Army even has its manual online stating that the United States furnishes guerrillas with funding and weapons, to destabilize governments and achieve other US agendas. Most people here remember that the airstrips around Marana and Tucson were used as airstrips when the US brought drugs in from Vietnam, smuggled in body bags during the Vietnam War, as exposed by former CIA agents.

Still, there are always questions on the streets of Tucson.

Less than two weeks ago, on Sept. 28, the streets were roped off downtown by police. “There’s a bomb,” said one police officer on Congress Street downtown.

There was no bomb, but there was a truck load of weapons near the federal buildings and courts. It was at the same time that Jared Lee Loughner, charged with killing six people and wounding 13 others, was in Tucson court concerning his medication, a few blocks away. There was little explanation by police of the truck loaded with weapons, but there was one arrest.


Simon, ese

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

October 31st is Jesusween

Well, they do worship a zombie who said we should eat his flesh and drink his blood …

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

and I though HE was a homo. You know with all that brotherly love and kissing and turning of “cheeks” and the do “others” as they do you.

Damn, you gave me a great idea. That would be a great All Souls Procession costume; a gay/transexual zombie jesus!

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

aka The Pope

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

:rofl: dude, you made me nearly piss myself!

6. Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Too funny. Buddy Roemer just handed Larry OD’ed on Hopium his ass in a hat when he tried to pin Cantor et al as the only pro Wall St. party

“but what about Schumer… both parties sold out america..etc”

Ain’t a buddy of Buddy, but damn I enjoyed that…

marisacat - 10 October 2011

He might be interesting to watch, just at the moment, in the next debate… whcih I think is tomorrow night.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

He made it into the debates? I thought he didn’t get enough polling to be allowed in…

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

I think they kind of had to because so many of them had fallen to single digits

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Nice. I’d love a rethug spoiler to decide a Romney nom wasn’t what america needed and ran in the general. It would be even more fun if Oobster still lost… 😈

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Oh I had thought he squeaked in to this one… but i could be wrong.

7. marisacat - 10 October 2011

Fashion Moment… The Steve Jobs 175.00 mock turtle in black (what else) is SOLD OUT at St Croix.

Commence mourning until restocking is complete.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Well, He (His Imperial Appleness) never told us too “dress different.”

What the fuck do you want us vidiot, yuppified, social-climbing lemmings to do? “Think for ourselves!?” Stop being devotees of personality cults? Dress to express rather impress or conform?

Yeah, right. Like that will ever happen. 👿

marisacat - 10 October 2011

One thing i had not known, he tried to deny paternity of a daughter born in ’78…. Which really is awful …. he had already started AppletSnaplet…. no reason to try ot run out on a CHILD. And by deny I don’t just mean question if he child was his, he claimed to hve been snipped… and thus sterile.

Ganjafied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

It is amazing how the techno-cratic Jeebus shit stinks as much as “joe the plumbers'”

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I really ignored Jobs for years… being a native, I might drown in Coastal Techno Masters of the OOniverse Religionismsismismismsm, if I paid attention…

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

GE CEO: Protesters Should ‘Root for Me’

In an interview that aired Sunday, General Electric Chairman and Obama job czar Jeffrey Immelt told CBS’ Leslie Stahl that the notion that Americans were against big companies was “just wrong.”

“I want you to root for me,” Immelt said. “Everybody in Japan roots for Toshiba. Everybody in China roots for China South Rail. I want you to say, ‘Win, GE.'”

And then he ripped off a baby’s arm, ate it and sucked the marrow out of the bones.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I heard that this am… it came off very nutty. he also said, “everybody in Germany roots for Siemens”. Well maybe.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

I doubt it too. I’m sure at least the pirates in Berlin pro’lly don’t always “root for Siemens”..

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Immelt is so awful.

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

like people are of any illusion that multinational companies are “from” anywhere. Look what the Japanese power industry did to it’s own people.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Look what the Japanese power industry did to it’s own people.

So Saddam of them! So Bashar al Asad of them!

We MUST invade and occupy Japan for its own GOOD.

Wait……….. no need.

brinn - 11 October 2011

One would hope that illusion isn’t prevalent — hell, I can still hear my grandfather screaming from his grave about multinationals — I was brought up on his righteous rants…..I miss that man.

brinn - 11 October 2011

That being said, most Americans have been brought up on the bestest we’re number one propaganda machine ever devised and executed (pun intended…)

9. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Frontline’s ‘Anthrax Files’ takes hard look at FBI role in suicide of Ft. Detrick scientist

“The Anthrax Files” is a chilling report on several fronts.

First, it is a reminder of what paranoid and scary times have been living though since 2001 when the envelopes first appeared — and the horrible events we just commemorated took place on September 11. These are indeed dark times, and with the economy getting worse and worse, there seems to be no light anywhere in sight.

Second, the report shows how a federal agency can shred an individual’s life — with or without the proper evidence to convict. “The Anthrax Files” suggests that anyone with the psychological issues Ivins had might have cracked under the weight of the FBI invading his privacy, exposing his secrets and ultimately getting him kicked out of the community of researchers that he called home at Ft. Detrick.

And finally, this is a chilling report, because if Ivins was not the person who sent the anthrax, then that killer is still on the loose. And we are left with an FBI that not only failed to solve such a huge case, but overstated and maybe lied about what it did accomplish.

The link is from Baltimore, but it should be on PBS next Tuesday…

10. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Boston police warn protesters to leave Greenway tonight, or be moved out

Fuckers. But the occupiers should feel some pride, there is a great tradition of being banned in Bean-town… 😉

11. marisacat - 10 October 2011

I SOL A TION is the theme… make way for dead and beaten horses strewn all over between now and Nove 3 2012.

[T]he president’s supreme confidence in his intellectual abilities and faith in the power of good public policy left the political advisers and policymakers in his White House estranged. The initiatives that have emerged have often been unpopular and unsatisfying — too small, too big, too beside the point — to a country consumed by economic uncertainty. . . . . .

Scott Wilson in the WashPo.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

oh the canned excuses go on and on………………..

To veterans of the campaign, though, it was more a matter of Washington not understanding the leadership upgrade that had just taken place. “He’s playing chess in a town full of checkers players,” a senior adviser and campaign veteran told me in the first months of the administration. Obama had a “different metabolism,” the aide explained. . . . .

Someone anyone drag the Obamas off the stage!

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m feeling craps like odds that Oobster gets “wedged,” as you’ve put it, back in….a tea party candidate screwing up Romney’s nom or something similiar.

Pro’ly not, but I just have this sneaking suspicion “they” are gonna keep their lone ranger houseboy…

marisacat - 10 October 2011

I think it is up in the air….. I doubt Republicans REALLY want all three houses and they have a proven taste for hunting down a pretzel while in office (tho we know Foundling is treated to “more abuse than ANY OTHER pretzel”), though undoubtedly they would shrnk less than the Dems did when they won it in a trifecta

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Just makes me laugh.

[A] senior Democratic strategist told my colleague Chris Cillizza recently that “the person running out of air most quickly” is Obama himself, and there may not be many who come to his rescue.

“We’re about a year out from the elections, and the senators are turning to their own races,” the strategist said. “They don’t have a lot of energy or political capital to spare for the president at this point.”

It’s HARD out there for a pretzel.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Isolation theme continues on. I think it was tweety today where the guest was lamenting Oobster doesn’t have anybody like “friends of Bill” out there to “explain the pretzl” when he couldn’t do it himself or some such drivel…he surely doesn’t have any friends, tho and the Dems running are running away quickly…

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Oh yes just because they are shaping it into an easily repeated on-cue story… doesn’t mean it is not true. It is.

Aside from everything else (that was wrong), I never saw any VALUE in voting for a minor fixer… likely used often as an operative or cut-out…. but not of enough value to hav built an actual standing in the party….nor even in his home state. Tho UofC will be happy to be the locus of the Obamamessiah Kneeling-in Library… 😆

he never was able to like or just accept people, in the way that pols almost have to.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 October 2011

This is a pretty interesting, long piece by a self-defined libertarian, but better written and smarter than pieces under that label often end up being. Independent reporting of #OccupyWallStreet

There are many other aspects of this that go unreported. One I find especially important is the loving nature of the protest. If you look at photographs in the news, you see the typical angry protester. This is the sort of action shot newsrooms prefer, i.e., showing the emotion of the scene.

But the protest isn’t angry. Quite the opposite, it is loving and accepting. If you go up to protesters with the opposite political view and debate them, they will express their undying love for you and ask for you to join them to increase the diversity of viewpoints. I did this myself, and watched this happen to others, including cops. This attitude pervades everything they do, and is frequently reinforced by the hard-core occupiers.

This is the opposite of what happened during the protests against the Iraq war, the protests against the last Republican convention in New York or the violent protests during every G8 summit. Not only is this different than most other protests, it is the similar to the hyper-tolerant “Burning Man” festival that takes place in the Nevada desert every summer. Whether it’s Burning Man or Occupy Wall Street, there is a cultural shift somewhere here. Now I feel compelled to go to Burning Man next year, just to track this thread down.

marisacat - 10 October 2011

ooo thanks for that… I will snd that around.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Actually, he should go to the Rainbow Gathering, because that’s a lot of OWS. Burining Man costs money and is limited in size by the permits the buy from the feds. Rainbow doesn’t believe in permits, it knows its constitutional rights. Not everybody gets a ticket at the Burn, even if they have the dough. Everybody can go to rainbow, and you don’t need a dime (or even clothes!) Consensus, GA (mailn circle at rainbowg), talking sticks aren’t part of the Burn, but they are central at Rainbow. Besides a lot of thet Kitchens at OWS are rainbow family stalwarts….I’m so proud youngsters of Nic at Night, who used to piss the high holy types at the gathering but have been “serving”,as we call it, at OWS since the beginning..

13. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 10 October 2011

Grijalva looking forward to return of Giffords despite vote differences

The headline should be “putative progressive Grijalva sucks national Dem party cock for 2012 election cash and helps obscure Giffords immanent retirement”… 😈

marisacat - 10 October 2011

Or, the headline could read, “Fuck ’em all!”

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

or my fave from a OWS sign, “let them eat shit”

marisacat - 11 October 2011

oh one of my fav was

Yes We Can Occupy .. with the lower part of the “O” of occupy with the read and white stripes of hte Obama campaign logo.


14. marisacat - 10 October 2011

LOL that old coin teetering on the edge of the table again. By now it is just a laugh and a half.

Twenty-four percent of voters said their situation would improve if President Obama is reelected.

Another 24 percent said they’d be better off if a Republican won the election.

The largest group by far — 44 percent — said it wouldn’t make a difference.

New Wapo/Bloomberg poll………….

15. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

{corrected for html, sorry}

Irony x 2 .
Head to the curb…

Wall Street Shrinkage

New York City’s securities industry could lose nearly 10,000 jobs by the end of 2012, the state’s comptroller predicted, a painful blow to the area’s economy and government budgets. A report also said bonuses are likely to shrink this year, reflecting lower profits on Wall Street.

….. where, my good Bl :oo: berg says now,
people are WELCOME to STAY

16. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

I wonder if these well-spoken “jar-heads” might be those marines going to protect OWS MitM posted about last week:

Marine Vet at #OccupyWallStreet Tells Sean Hannity to “F**k Off” youtube video

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

thanks for that

brinn - 11 October 2011

Oh, yeah, thanks for that GG! Awesome all the way to the end — that sign:

“2nd time I’ve fought for my country. 1rst time I’ve known my enemy”

Semper Fi indeed!

Oh, yeah, I’m still alive ! :0

Have missed you guys and gals!!

17. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Looted for Ten Years. Now Poof.
Goldman Sachs. Heeby Jeebies.
Kiss of Death. ETC.

And of course, leveraged to the hilt, off-book derived, and CDS’d up the ass, regardless of what they’re trying to sell now …

Drained of Cash, Longacre Will Shut Funds

A high-profile hedge-fund firm run by three former Bear Stearns traders is winding down its main funds after investors pulled their cash, evidence that market turmoil is claiming some big-name victims.

Longacre Fund Management LLC, which at its peak oversaw close to $3 billion in assets, informed investors of the wind-down Monday, according to people close to the matter.

The closures of Longacre’s main funds, which specialize in distressed debt, mark a dismal turn for a firm started 13 years ago by former Bear Stearns distressed-debt traders John Brecker, Vladimir Jelisavcic and Steven Weissman.

In June 2008, Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Petershill Fund Offshore LP bought a minority interest in Longacre. A spokeswoman for Goldman declined to comment Monday.

The Longacre executives told investors and others close to the firm that clients’ requests for withdrawals for the end of this year took a greater toll than they expected, 😦 according to people familiar with the matter.

The wind-downs also are symptomatic of broader jitters amid a year of wild market swings, which have stoked concerns that further volatility and losses will spook clients into pulling money from hedge funds. Across the industry, many funds had just regained their swagger earlier this year after the financial crisis of 2008.

The end of the year is a particularly sensitive time for hedge funds, especially during periods of market turbulence, as they try to convince investors to stay put. Many hedge funds require that clients meet a 60-day or longer deadline before year-end in order to withdraw money effective Jan. 1. As a result, a lot of hedge-fund managers currently are in close contact with investors, trying to gauge who is pulling money and who isn’t, according to investors and traders.

As of February, Longacre had $835 million in assets, according to fund documents. The firm went into August ahead for the year, but was hurt in that month’s turmoil, losing about 7% in one of its biggest funds, worse than most hedge funds, according to a person privy to the performance figures. That decline put the Longacre fund down about 4% between January and August.

Hedge funds on average were down 4.7% this year through the end of September, according to Hedge Fund Research, Inc., which tracks industry performance. The Standard & Poor’s 500 Index was down 10% for the same period.

Longacre executives told clients and others close to the firm on Monday that it was giving clients in its main funds the option of transferring to smaller funds, the people said. But they said the firm will shrink significantly nonetheless, executives told clients and others.

Even after the Goldman deal, 😆 Longacre executives were in the market for strategic partners who would consider buying 😆 a stake in the firm, saying its growth had been disappointing, said people close to the matter.

“Longacre values its longtime and productive relationship with Goldman Sachs,” Jeremy Garber, Longacre’s chief operating officer, said in an email Monday. “This relationship has met or exceeded all expectations.”

Longacre uses fundamental research to identify investments in companies that have filed for bankruptcy or are under severe financial distress, according to fund documents. The firm tends to hold positions between six months and two years, according to its Web site. It minimizes the use of borrowings,:lol: or leverage,:lol: to increase its bets. 😆 😳

Between their launch in 1999 and February, Longacre Capital Partners and Longacre International funds, the firm’s oldest, had average annual returns of 9.6% and 9.8%, 🙄 respectively, net of fees,:roll: in line with funds with similar strategies, according to marketing documents. The funds had two losing years, 2002 and 2008.

Yeh well, when ya sift thru other GS/Longacre tids around since wediscovered the Primordial Israelites naked in the 2008 Garden of Eden, Goldman used it as a burnbag…..

well before they shuttered<b? their ole Bear Stearns zombie's London office in December 2010.

Longacre Fund Management Plans to Shut London Office
By Saijel Kishan –

Longacre Fund Management LLC, the hedge fund founded by former Bear Stearns & Co. executives more than a decade ago, plans to close its London office this month.

“Given its desire to concentrate personnel and resources in its New York headquarters, :lol Longacre has decided to close its London satellite research office by year-end 2010,” Chief Operating Officer Jeremy Garber said today in an interview.

Garber declined to name the number of people in the office, which was led by portfolio manager Roderick Stephan.

Longacre, which focuses on distressed and leveraged credit investing, was started in 1998 by John Brecker, Vladimir Jelisavcic and Steven Weissman, who had worked within Bear Stearns’s distressed debt and high-yield group, according to the hedge fund’s website.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s Petershill Fund Offshore LP bought a minority stake in Longacre in June 2008, according to the website.

18. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Armor the door.
Bulletproof tuxedos and gowns at the Met eventually…
Ya know. kinda sucks.

Occupy Wall Street is on the move … uptown.
By Charles Riley @CNNMoney October 10, 2011: 6:47 PM ET

Occupy Wall Street… mansions

Protesters affiliated with Occupy Wall Street are moving uptown on Tuesday and plan to demonstrate outside of some of New York’s richest residents’ homes.

Why uptown? Because that’s where the rich folks live!

Organizers are planning a march on Tuesday that will visit the homes of JP Morgan Chase (JPM, Fortune 500) CEO Jamie Dimon, billionaire David Koch, hedge fund honcho John Paulson, Howard Milstein, and News Corp (NWSA, Fortune 500) CEO Rupert Murdoch.

The millionaires and billionaires are being targeted for what event organizers called a “willingness to hoard wealth at the expense of the 99%.”

So far, protesters have not strayed too far from downtown, where a home base of sorts has been established at Zuccotti Park.

Tuesday’s march — organized by UnitedNY, the Strong Economy for All Coalition, the Working Families Party and New York Communities for Change — will cover quite a bit of ground if successful.

Anybody catch the new season of… a…. Bexter?

Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsies with these people, you’re wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you…they’re Marxist radicals…these guys are worse than Robespierre from the French Revolution…they’ll kill everybody.”


Oh it’s not so bad, Glenn .. – Capital punishment, , right?
Besides, most folks are Progressive..
Not like they’re gonna cut your head *RIGHT off.
We only need ………………………
a few whacks.

marisacat - 11 October 2011


Gee and it is me who dreams dreams of the travelling Guillotine…

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

The funny thing is at IF these protests are forced to shut down the next thing will likely by something decidedly more violent than hanging-out and dialoging in a park…

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Yes i can see that it would or could happen that way… and of course the Right is hoping it will.

SF: Homelss Advocates, as part of Occupy SF, entered an empty hotel on a main boulevard, one chain link fenced off and waiting for demolition…… and I think they were very smart… latest news is they may have slipped back out of the old facility during the night.

19. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Goldman Sachs Earnings Collapse, Wells Fargo Thrives

And around we go. Musical Shares.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), whose shares have fallen 43 percent this year, may report its lowest quarterly profit since the 2008 financial crisis. Far from Wall Street, Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC) is headed for record earnings.

Not lookin good. You know, them Krauts –

Germany is pushing behind the scenes for a “hard” default in Greece with losses of up to 60pc for banks and pension funds, risking a chain-reaction across southern Europe unless credible defences are established first.

I go back and forth, I do think they are all so far gone that what you see is what you get: that the Bigs are indeed canabalizing each other, .but the deal IMO seems to be with all the US cash on lockdown in the US, the herky jerky Dow trading is pretext for remnant fund looting, and given it’s no secret our biggest thieves want the Euro gone,… (Soros has been shamelessly humping that for the last several years) ..so while it lasts, I can’t help but see the whole drawdown as setup for another wandering capitalist tribe surge in commodities, regardless of the recent selloff in metals and The Saudis trotted out recently saying they were going to hold oil output steady. All musical chairs with evry Earthling stuck in, and, one way or other, paying for the game. Thus when the Saudis get theirs upon their next turn, (they’ve been so patient, so …Christian..).. then we get Drill Baby Drill X.0. Then that big push for the Tar Sands ppeline here gets to be the next LP on the old victrola…..

ts - 11 October 2011

I don’t think there are “small investors” in the market anymore, or at least they’re not significant. 75% of the trading is flash trading at the three or four largest hedge funds and banks. 20% is all the smaller hedge funds and banks, and 5% is mutual funds and everybody else. The big guys just trade with each other, mostly, and try to one-up each other. Like our democracy, it’s just a Potemkin structure representing the free-market now. More like the five families. I think the deal with Lehman Brothers is that somebody messed up so somebody had to get whacked.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Christie To Endorse Romney

‘Joe The “Plumber’ To Run For Congress

The allure of an Obama-Hillary ticket…

As lynch mobs form….….Dingdingdingdingdingdingdingdingding!….

[ 😆 ][ 😆 ][ 😆 ] < — WooHoo! Like hitting a Slot Machine!

marisacat - 11 October 2011

I notice he collected a few endorsements ahead of tonight’s debare… Gregg and Simpson both endorsed yesterday, iirc.

Oh Hilarious and Bill are going to stay in the crowd that will dine out for years on, “We triiiied to help him, but … you know…”.

20. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011
21. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

These kids are making me cry, I feel so good when I see what they’re up to; 2nd camp at Boston is back up after the arrests (mostly vets, says one bandanna decked brothah) Live Stream at 2nd camp Boston

22. marisacat - 11 October 2011

hmm Tom Dispatch presents an essay from a ObSlob voter…. and along the way (as I am almost screaming GET OVER YOURSELF! You fell for a fucking, lousy, third rate, gift wrapped grifter!!) there are a couple of good grafs:

[B]ut every indication from this administration suggests that it is prepared to grant the necessary permission for a project (Keystone XL) that has the enthusiastic backing of the Chamber of Commerce, and in which the Koch Brothers have a “direct and substantial interest.

And not just backing. To use the words of a recent New York Times story, they are willing to “flout the intent of federal law” to get it done. Check this out as well: the State Department, at the recommendation of Keystone XL pipeline builder TransCanada, hired a second company to carry out the environmental review. That company already considered itself a “major client” of TransCanada. This is simply corrupt, potentially the biggest scandal of the Obama years. And here’s the thing: it’s a crime still in progress. Watching the president do nothing to stop it is endlessly depressing . . . . .

And up at the intro from Englehardt is yet another placard from OWS…

At the Occupy Wall Street campgrounds in lower Manhattan, you can find just about anything.

Like the sign held by a Marine vet wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” t-shirt (with a “Ban Fracking Now” sticker on one sleeve) and military pants:

“2nd time I’ve fought for my country, 1st time I’ve known my enemy.”

It could give you chills . . . .

And he is not wrong in this….

[T]hat vet and those women are living reminders that, along with the Wall-Street-focused economic grievances of the new movement, there are other things “too large to fail” in this country which threaten to bring us all down. If they, too, get swept into this movement, it may truly prove a moment to reckon with. After all, our wars, including the now decade-old one in Afghanistan and the drone-fed global war on terror (as well as the military-industrial-homeland-security profiteers who accompany them) have proven a quagmire of corruption and failure, as well as a drain on the national treasury. . . . .

23. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

Chilled is right. There are a lot of disgruntled war vets out there suffering from PTSB… 🙄

24. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Nothin like a good business development incubator,
I always say.


{you have to read thru the comments a bit…}

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011
lucid - 11 October 2011

I like this one

Right to their doors. ALL the best buildings on Central Park West and Fifth Avenue.
Columbus Circle, the Upper West Side , the Upper East Side, what have you.
Friendly neighbors, you know, just strolling by or dropping IN for a chat.
Get to know the doormen, the maids, the cooks, the maintenance people.
Surely they will ALL have MANY Great, ~interesting~things to say about the Goldman Sachs, Citcorp, and HedgeFund residents.

You know , catch up with Our Old Bankster Friends who live just a stair climb or elevator ride away.
See people ya know…who already work in their buildings.

Yes, Good Lordy, Good luck trying to stop a level of consciousness now.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Sounds like nice fellah. 😆 😉 😉 😉

marisacat - 11 October 2011


From Business Insider

The Wall Street protesters reached John Paulson’s house on their tour of some of the richest Wall Street homes in New York City.

They left Paulson a present, a novelty tax refund check made out for $5 billion.

@ElliotJustin took the photo below as NYPD officers barricade the door to Paulson’s townhouse.

25. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Unabash-ed Bl 😯 berg today –
Spread wide.
Blloomberg for Jamie Dimon that is. Enh, the piece is just a read.

Bloomberg: Occupy Wall Street unfairly blaming hard working people

“I don’t appreciate the bashing of all the hard working people who live and work here and pay the taxes that support our city,” said Bloomberg, during a press conference in a Bronx library.

“The city depends on Wall Street. Let’s not forget, those taxes pay our teachers, pay our police officers, pay our firefighters. Those taxes we get from the profits companies and the incomes, they go to pay for this library.”

The mayor’s comments harken back to those he made Friday on his weekly radio show, where he accused the protestors of trying to undermine the city’s economy. Yesterday, Bloomberg wouldn’t set a time limit on how long the protest in Zuccotti Park would be allowed to continue.

:: {Snippy da Bullshit Snippy} ::

Asked what he thought about the protestors’ march to the Fifth Avenue homes of some of the wealthiest new Yorkers, including Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, the mayor came down hard on the side of Dimon.

“Jamie Dimon is one of the great bankers,” said Bloomberg. “He’s brought more business to this city than any banker in (the) modern day. To go and picket him, I don’t know what that achieves. Jamie Dimon is an honorable person, working very hard, paying his taxes.”

Bloomberg also questioned why the protestors were picking on wealthy bankers and other corporate titans.

“There are a lot of people who make a lot of money,” he noted. You have actors and athletes and you have business people making a lot of money.”

Despite his criticisms, Bloomberg again pledged 🙄 to let the protest continue.

“This is a city that honors the First Amendment 🙄 and will continue to do that just as long as people obey the law,” he concluded.

Sweeet Move! Gotta Love It – Bloomberg stepping into the breach for Goldman Sachs and the Citicorp rounders, LOL, to the last bloody drop from Jaimie Dimon’s body….

“He’s brought more business to this city than any banker in (the) modern day.

Street rats Robert Rubin , Lloyd Blankfein,and Steve Cohen up in breachable fortress Greenwich must be relieved….

marisacat - 11 October 2011

“Jamie Dimon is one of the great bankers,” said Bloomberg. “He’s brought more business to this city than any banker in (the) modern day. To go and picket him, I don’t know what that achieves. Jamie Dimon is an honorable person, working very hard, paying his taxes.”

watch me, your wealthy uuuuuber wealthy mayor!, kiss Jamie’s hanging gardens

diane - 11 October 2011

oh …but…but Ralph ..just endorsed the [Red Algae] Bloomer as third party candidate in a video at Politico …(didn’t watch the video, but am imagining there is some truth to it, after he endorsed the obscenely wealthy).

welp, apparently the planet earth is residing in a wormhole?

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Poor Ralph. One month his brains drip out, then he spends a few weeks packing his brains back in, then the other ear canal opens and th brains drip out.

I suggest a time out.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

thing is, with Ralph, no one is listening.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

he timed out!!

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

And ~thing is, see~ Blooby has a real DIE lemmings- lemma –

long as Zucotti/ Liberty Park is the spot…..well, ya know, ain’t bad, ain’t bad, but when it geyts to the point where ya got yer corn-liquor-lit-up flash-mobbing pisto- packing flaming-bag-o-poo throwing tourist GRANDPARENTs bussed-in from Hooterville with a list and Google Map looking to tag team any Bankster-taker types upside the head with them like hard fuckin metal old school cans with the four little legs on the bottom, well then, ….
it’s either WELCOME TOURISTS! or the world is treated to the candid spectacle of the NYPD on full time, no questions about it security detail serving as personal guards to the Bankster Elite. 😆

marisacat - 11 October 2011

is treated to the candid spectacle of the NYPD on full time, no questions about it security detail serving as personal guards to the Bankster Elite

And Pam Martens just detailed how much allowing NYPD (and in other cities too) to take paid work, with a percentage going into the central coffers of the police too……. how much it costs the taxpayers.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

To sy nothing of what hapened in Boston today…. first they took the peace vets (thrown to the ground face down), then the voluntary legal team, then they went for the medics.

Boston Pinkertons. Let it rip I say. Bring the earthly Rupture to Slobby.

… nd i am happy to say that RT, also a land of propaganda, was happily covering it… (works for me!!)

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

😆 …and that would be Granddparent’si>canes,canes,
with the four little legs for ever 3rd Little Pig. 😆 😉

26. diane - 11 October 2011

Let’s Move!!!!! ™, CNN Noooz!!!!!:

Jumping with excitement, First Lady Michelle Obama [otherwise known as In It For The Bling Bitch, by an overwhelming majority of misery ridden DC residents] and hundreds of local school children [The First Lady prepares the kiddies to physically Carry Their Own Weight!!!!!!! ™, in both: Endless War; and lugging the belongings from the soon to be Foreclosed Home/Apartment Eviction] ….

… the “Jumper-in-Chief” [Mickey] , led 400 kids from schools in the DC area ages 8-14, to break the record … More than 20,425 jumpers are needed …. [SIGN YOUR KIDDLE KIN UP NOW!!!!!!! ]

Mrs. Obama was mobbed by children wanting to meet her. At one point, Secret Service agents had to step in ….

(bolding and bracketed commentary mine)

marisacat - 11 October 2011

She needs to go. It would be a MOVING experience.

brinn - 11 October 2011

oh, goddes, yes, and as fast as she can run, too….

marisacat - 11 October 2011

I am suggesting early retirement to Indonesia. I guess I am weeks late catching up (I don’t read the caustic anti Michelle blogs, of which I guess there are a few) to her brand new 42,000 dollar bracelet, that has been on view recently.


Suggested wear to the Soup Kitchens by High Holy Pretzel Consort, Lanvin sneakers and low range bling.

brinn - 11 October 2011

Hell, Mcat, it took me a couple hours just to catch up reading ya’ll! Which was much more worth the time — I really cannot stand that woman. So clueless about what actual people are going through day by day….

marisacat - 11 October 2011

How are you doing brinn!?? Surviving? And the boys?

moiv said her area got some cooling off and rain.. you?

We are again boiling here, of course boil for us is 80

(go Michelle! Go Michelle! GO ANYWHERE Michelle!!)

brinn - 11 October 2011

Oh, we are ok – thanks for asking! The boys just got back from 4 days with their dad, and I took the opportunity to work a 50 hour “week” — oh, how I wish I got paid by the hour!! Homeschooling is going well, though little sleep is had by yours truly…am enjoying my first “mostly day off” in about 3 weeks….

We did get some rain, and the temp is back down to high 80s low 90s….

and you dear lady?

brinn - 11 October 2011

Wait. What!?!? 42K$ bracelet?!?

Are you fucking kidding me?

She wears on her wrist something worth more that what has been keeping my boys and me afloat for the past two years?!?

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Ys… i gather it is being reported on… I would guess at the Rightie blogs… and there are blogs dedicated to her, pro and con. LOL I bet it is reported on both sides of the Michelle bed.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

I got the brilliant idea to Google… looks like she wore it to a DNC fundraiser in September at the WH… and the pro Michellers are trying to say the bracelets were borrowed. And how dare you complain about our Peoples Princess.. or some such Slobslobber.

GOO D LUCK. The Target drop in makes more sense. Now…. (snicker)

brinn - 11 October 2011

Oh, fuck her anyway, either way….sorry, but that is about all I have at this point!

diane - 11 October 2011

indeed, if not the rare, dry eyed moving experience.

27. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Oooo! Michael Steele and Mark Penn on Tweety’s Show!
Answers! Finally! Direction for OWS!

And… they say~ …:shock: ….VIDEO.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Black White Bozos. Maybe it could be a traveling show.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

For the OWS seg Matthews had on that shopworn wind-up doll Debbie Wasseman Shultz . Why I don’t know. REALLY shopworn TPM’s.

Nice job by Ron Reagan..Jr. tho . Seriously.
Who went there with the V word.
Tweety, I’m shocked, on some level actually groks this may get out of the predicted-by-cold home-for-the-holidays hand.

28. diane - 11 October 2011

hmmm … I guess it’s 53% day today ™ ? …never heard of them… but it certainly doesn’t surprise ….

From “Who is IOZ”, where I first heard of them….

A pictorial – The 53%ers ™ supporters, … via “cannonfire”, …via “correntewire”

(is it just me or do they all look like the kind who would batter their neighbor over the head to save themselves …, and are angry that they have sold their neighbors downstream for years …managing to hold on to those jawbz (not to be confused with THE PROPHET, JOBS ) ..and yet: “are not appreciated for their industriousness” …and still forced to pay taxes which might actually benefit their neighbors, unlike their Overseers?)

diane - 11 October 2011

(sorry, meant to end the itallics after THE PROPHET JOBS ™,)

brinn - 11 October 2011

Swell — these assholes have most likely no clue what “hard work” even entails, and that they are deluded enough to think that everything in their life was under their direct control and that the other 46% of us are just “making excuses” because we all had “an equal opportunity”, they are certainly to not to be taken lightly….as Diane says, they are most likely waiting around the next corner with a very large cudgel…waiting for all us …

29. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Breaking an Hour ago: Dems Pass Jobs Bill to Move Ahead!

Breaking a Second ago:: GOP BLOCKS Bill! NO Move Ahead!

Righter AFTER THE VOTE on the vote to MOVE ON!
Didn’t have the Votes! Procedural!
Threatened a Filibuster. We TRiiiied!

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Soon Dems will add:

Or, just take us for a walk! We’re cool with that!

ts - 11 October 2011

Oh the JOBS bill. You mean the $447 bil in spending that will be matched by $447 bil in spending cuts. That adds up to a big zero. Probably less, as you’ll get more roads to nowhere and less social spending.

ts - 11 October 2011

And in the end they still couldn’t pass a zero bill.

30. marisacat - 11 October 2011



……. 8)

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