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Flood 11 October 2011

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Ayutthaya province, Thailand

Sleeping giant: Villagers row past a submerged ‘leaning Buddha’ statue at a temple which has been flooded after heavy rains. More than 250 people have died in the floods. Photograph: Pornchai Kittiwongsakul/AFP/Getty Images

 A gallery at the Guardian shows a lot more stress elsewhere in the flooding. I esp liked this pic, of a woman, hopefully floating to dry land, with her two cats (great cats) and a dog.


1. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011


Police, some dressed in riot gear, moved on the protesters in Rose Kennedy Greenway, 😯 tearing down tents and arresting scores of people. The protesters had been warned to leave the site, near their official encampment at Dewey Square. Occupy Boston claimed in a press release that the police, “made no distinction between protesters, medics, or legal observers.”

So much for a Kennedy Memorial Nader-Nook there on the Greenway.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

They really went at them.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Change Ya Can Believe In.
Endearing the DP to all.
Oh but Obama’s Got This.
Mennino, Deval, and of course,
Bill Daley.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Bammy got his iBarry. And you can see the lousy Dem brain wheels working, how can they oppose the Occupiers AND graft on as the One True Party of Occupation.

Should be fun.

GOOD LUCK… I suggest diamond bangles for all. (I really do)

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

re: in the last thread, the 53% thing is a creation of the Red State boyos:

“We are the 53 percent” was originally the brainchild of Erick Erickson, founder of RedState.org, who worked together with Josh Trevino, communications director for the right-leaning Texas Public Policy Foundation, and conservative filmmaker Mike Wilson to develop the site,

Mike Wilson gave the world that anti-Michael Moore film that no one saw.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

and Trevino, of course, is Kos’ old buddy Tacitus

marisacat - 11 October 2011

operative snake pit

ts - 11 October 2011

Course this is gonna go over as well as the Coffee Party. How’s that working out for you? Nobody likes a copycat, especially an idiot one.

diane - 11 October 2011

re: in the last thread, the 53% thing is a creation of the Red State boyos:

yeah it is, I thought the piece, The secret history of the people behind the “53 percent” site…, (which references and links to that WAPO piece, among others) at the cannonfire link I included on that 53er post, explained the treachery pretty well.

3. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

I see Maddow is selling Holders whole Mexican Drug Gang Mole-digging Iranian Agent Would Be Assassin of Saudi Ambassador With A Bomb in a DC Restaurant.. thing –
(no word on menu items, hours or whether they have take-out 😦 come to think of it, I guess they’d have to have take-out, right? )

ANYWAYS Maddaw sellin why this is ALSO a Major International Incident (show Holder reading Iran To Be Held Accountable clip ) and OH! is somehow like the whole Moldovan Plutonium Fissile Material Kind of Great Black Market Interrupting Jack Bauer Work That IS DONE – Every Day!- and IF IT WASNT™ Done *There why then. YOU COULD, literally Build Your OWN Homemade Nuclear Bomb………..HERE.

Change…believe in…etc...brrzerzuzuh^zert%spark@#!POOF!!

Fast and Furious ass covering DIVERSION much?

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Fast and Furious ass covering DIVERSION much?

I think they did a loop thru Target too. Stuff for Bo… ya know…

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

And to think Michelle did all those fuckin jumping jacks for Diverzsha-fuckin-nothin..

Jeezis Christ. 😆
She was fuckin jumpin-Jacked-right-OFF the fuckin-news radar.
We HAD to give her a blurb! 😆

Baby Fat Hunter gonna be pissed when she gets home.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

She Jumped Jack for a whole minute. According to evening news. Should that even be happening in public?

You know when this gob of nothing-ness was reported the other day, I thought they planned for her to PLAY JACKS… the old game (and really old, as I understand it).

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

She Jumped Jack:

Jumped Jack: (verb)
1 vigorous arm and leg flailing, vertically launching the human body, a form of calisthenics.
2. to displace via media a news item of disturbing political implication, to Bauerize via television diversion based on another television diversion.
3. de rigueur sexual activity prior to Thanksgiving of 1963
1. lifelong fantasy of Ted Sorensen.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

oh that made me laugh.


I think No 2 is my fav.

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

😆 I almost forgot! The central point!
Among Many! Pick One!
The FLOTUS~al adverbial phrase:
1. ta Jack Shit poop-out at cratering Admin photo-op

brinn - 12 October 2011

BHHM, you should write an entire dictionary ala Ambrose Pierce (the Devil’s Dictionary)! It would be one wicked piece of satire!! Hey, ya wanna? I’ll co-write and we could get MsX to do the illustrations!

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 11 October 2011

Supposedly the Iranian was set up by an informer inside the Zetas, who were trained by US military/spooks before the started their own franchise…

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Nabbed. Announced. Confessed. Pressed. Case Closed.
Mexico. Nothin to See Here. Move Along.
War With Iran. The Usual.

Guaranteed Shipping for the Holidays. Etc.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

War With Iran

No No NO… did you miss the nooz? We are being wise. We are weighing our options. We will use pressure… no military engagement is contemplated at the moment.

(Except we always think WAR!)

BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

What was I thinking?! 😉
I’m just so used to Barry’s Brand of Peace!

marisacat - 11 October 2011

iBarry iPeace

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

I like these sketches: Faces of Occupied Wall Street

marisacat - 11 October 2011

hmm I can see a couple of themes forming across media… These people are INCOHERENT. They need to speak more clearly and in Power Point. They need to be like the Tea Baggers… who really made a difference and got people elected to congress.

Soon, without coherency, some cleaned-up, spot-lighted and known Leaders, and if they do not commence to playing Footsie and Jumping Jack Crap with the various local hack Dems… without influencing electoral politics….. they will be declared FAILURES.

I don’t think that particular route is going to work.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

yup, that’s what they’re trying to sell, but I think it’ll backfire. Hell, no one remotely serious believes the Teabaggers are anything other than repackaged wingers. Even people I know who don’t pay any attention to politics think they’re nuts and clowns. Those same people are also saying things like “I heard some kids interviewed down there and they seem pretty smart.”

Ain’t gonna work.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

You know the brief occupation here of the old Jack Tar Hotel soon-to-be another Sutter Health hospital that I mentioned… and that the homeless advocates as part f Occupy appeared to slip out during the night?

LOL the cops sent in 27 SWAT today….

Nobody inside.

Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011


oh so brave …

brinn - 12 October 2011

27 SWAT!?! Jeebus. Can you say “overkill”???

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011
6. BooHooHooMan - 11 October 2011

Not surprising , but obvious, OBVIOUS meme scuttling shift deployed by MSNBC, Hmm, picked up on it surfing through other network coverage. too.
They’re starting to strip down #OWS ledes of “Occupy Wall Street” replacing it instead with “The 99% Movement”….

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011

John Waters on coming out

Pretty entertaining, and great line at the end in favor of abortion.

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011
marisacat - 11 October 2011

So glad not to see a sign that exhorts for “What Buffett Said”. (I am sure he’s now stepping all oer that mangled phoney as hell endorsement of Slobster).

Good for her!

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 11 October 2011
ts - 11 October 2011

That was very good. I’m still chuckling at “Dammit…would somebody make me a hamburger?”

marisacat - 12 October 2011

OH I love this!

And the thread is great.

brinn - 12 October 2011

Thanks, madaman! A great way to start my day! 😉

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

de nada!

10. marisacat - 11 October 2011


Today the Dhief of Police over in Oakland resigned… a peevish babyish version of a man. Gah.

I started to look around for some of the background (partly as I was listening to such anhorrifically dumb program on Oakland PD and Batts, the chief)… and found:

[F]ederal control

It remains unclear how much Batts was influenced by the threat of increased federal control of the Police Department.

Last week, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson warned Oakland officials about the city’s failure to meet the terms of a consent decree to reform the department in the wake the “Riders” scandal, in which several officers were charged with beating or framing drug suspects in West Oakland in 2000.

The city initially had five years to make reforms but is now entering its ninth year of trying to comply. Unmet goals include identifying habitually abusive officers and protecting internal whistleblowers, attorneys said.

Henderson said in a court order that he was “prepared to take appropriate further corrective action if necessary.”

Quan would not answer questions at Tuesday’s news conference. In a brief statement, she said a January hearing before Judge Henderson made it imperative for her to hire a new chief quickly. She is hosting a crime summit this Saturday at which she is expected to announce a series of strategies to deal with crime. . . . . .

Read more: Link to SF Gate

11. diane - 11 October 2011

Weird, trying to watch Frontline – The Anthrax Files, (on my sans cable, relatively new, crappy, rabbit eared DIGITAL TV!!!!! ) which is airing on one of the few network stations I never have problems viewing, but all I’m receiving is the audio, no visual. The words Audio Program, slowly scrolling across a blank blue screen, are the only visuals.

marisacat - 11 October 2011

I lost PBS last month, KQED tho not KCSM… I have to buy a new antenna… but i got diverted into other things…

diane - 11 October 2011

I don’t think this is a rabbit ear problem, not having problems with other stations which are usually the problem stations. Maybe it has to do with their fwend Comcast ? ….I fucking hate digital TV ….sighhhhh, Progress my ass.. I guess the visuals will come back when the Public’s vampire squid Comcast X finity!!!!!1 commercials air….

marisacat - 11 October 2011

KQED has a lot of problems on their own… frequent transmissions problems that go on and on (as if there is NO ONE at the station) and are not rectified.

diane - 11 October 2011

as if there is NO ONE at the station …

sigh, probably isn’t,… who needs humans when you’ve got puters and software designed by The Gawdz ….

marisacat - 11 October 2011

Once, an Xfnity ad, the part that was just the logo on a blakc ground, sat on the main PBS KQED channel for hours. Just sat there. I would slide by it as I went to other channels.

They barely function…

12. marisacat - 12 October 2011


ORLANDO, Fla. — On the same day President Barack Obama will visit Orlando, the city unveiled the first part of a roadway project named after him.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony that showcased President Barack Obama Parkway, near the Mall at Millenia. . . . . .

I think people should go dump trash on it.

13. marisacat - 12 October 2011

Soooooooooooo… ? NOT the $175 mock turtle from St Croix? I guess not!

Gawker by way of Business Insider:

[I]n the process, however, he became friends with Miyake and would visit him regularly. He also came to like the idea of having a uniform for himself, both because of its daily convenience (the rationale he claimed) and its ability to convey a signature style.

“So I asked Issey to make me some of his black turtlenecks that I liked, and he made me like a hundred of them.” Jobs noticed my surprise when he told this story, so he showed them stacked up in the closet. “That’s what I wear,” he said. “I have enough to last for the rest of my life.” . . . .

14. marisacat - 12 October 2011

Could she squeeze in one more product placement plug? I think by now this clearly is some overarching, too eager, rehabbing of the current FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama says when she takes a trip to Target or Petco, she is often surprised that people don’t even recognize her.

“It’s amazing how people don’t recognize you,” the first lady said in an interview that aired on NBC Wednesday morning. “They don’t expect to see me at Starbucks or at Chipotle.” . . . .

Read more: Politico

15. diane - 12 October 2011

From Black Agenda Report:

Freedom Rider: Occupy Wall Street, Denounce the Democrats

As a witness to the protest in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti park, this columnist did not see one sign or hear any general assembly statements denouncing the Democratic Party. It is easy to shout down Geraldo Rivera and Fox news, that condemnation is low hanging fruit for any intelligent person.

It will be harder to say that Andrew Cuomo and his political aspirations are as much a part of the problem as Messrs. Koch and Dimon. The propaganda which ignores Democratic Party perfidy is very deeply imbedded in the American people. If they don’t hear the voices of the American left telling them the truth of the country’s condition, then our situation is a dire one indeed.

(I would only add the Ron Paul crew to that need to clearly be denounced.)

What a Whopper! … the Mother Of All Anti-Iran Psy-Ops

Attorney General Eric Holder, the American entrapper-in-chief, says the Iranians wanted to pay $1.5 million to Mexican hit men to kill the ambassador, possibly by blowing up a DC restaurant where lots of congresspersons also dined. But it turns out that a Drug Enforcement Administration “confidential source” in Mexico was the guy the Iranians supposedly contacted for the hit, and that he came up with the bombing idea, and that the restaurant doesn’t even exist. A naturalized American who also kept his Iranian passport is now in custody. His alleged partner is an Iranian who, if you believe the U.S. government, was connected somehow to the Iranian Quds force. We are supposed to accept that this is how the Iranians make war against the western world.

Mexico says the plot was a threat to its national security, although it is not alleged that even one Mexican hit man was actually contacted. Israel – well, the Israelis are always trying to get the U.S. to attack Iran, so there’s nothing new, there. And the Saudis are pretending to be the injured party, even though they years ago promised the use of their airspace to Israel and the United States for the purpose of bombing Iran.

(but ..but can’t we just go along with the program? …It synchs so well with the FLOTUS,’ Lets MOVE [Future Urban & ‘White Trash’ Community War Fodder of THE HOMELAND!!!!! ] ™. we’ll give you Stimulus/Employment, ‘Movement.’ )

marisacat - 12 October 2011

well… Geraldo got shouted down as he went there, with a camera crew.

My feeling still is, I’ll see where it goes.

diane - 12 October 2011

ditto: will see where it goes.

Overall, I’m still feeling that it is a positive thing overall, that is going on …though with a very real potential to end up truly fucked up and usurped.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

I agree the jury is still out, but so far the signs are good:

Occupy Wall Street activists cool to celebrities’ visit

When Kanye West, Al Sharpton and Russell Simmons drop by the Manhattan protest site, activists accuse them of using the movement to boost their own profiles and agendas.
Kanye West

Most groups that count on donations might welcome nods of support from someone with the deep pockets of superstar Kanye West or the influence of activist and MSNBC host Al Sharpton.

But when the anti-establishment movement called Occupy Wall Street opened the floor to comments during a recent meeting, Reena Walker looked at the crowd in a Manhattan park and bellowed disapproval over the visits that day of Sharpton, West and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

“Sharpton and all these guys — are you kidding me?” said Walker, who accused them of using Occupy Wall Street to bolster their profiles while perpetuating things the movement eschews, such as party politics, consumerism and sexism. “We don’t want to be used and co-opted. This is not a game.”

marisacat - 12 October 2011

and bellowed disapproval over the visits that day of Sharpton, West and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons.

All three of those guys need to be thrown out. Or whatever is the method of choice. Simmons and Sharpton ar nothing but party operatives and spies…a nd Kanye bombed at Paris fashion week last week, he’s just looking for some ego boost.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011


I heard Simmons got an earful from 99%ers over his high interest rate credit card offered through Payday lenders…

Houseboys and hustlers, every last one of them, and the field workers are starting to catch on

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

Chuck D used to describe Russell as a buzzard, when it came to hip hop, but in general he’s all about consumerism, support of privatizing schools …

marisacat - 12 October 2011

He’s disgusting. Lives for $100,000 watches. How is this different from cash rich drug kingpins. It’s not.

diane - 12 October 2011

I was hoping Bruce Dixon would have a post up re his Google and GoDaddy (what a creepy logo, given the times) email problems. He posted at correntewire about it, and magically the problem went away, right around the time that someone from one of the guilty parties showed up from GoDaddy, …. ‘in person!,’ to portray innocence! ….Paternal Help!!! [for Luddites!!!! ] ™ : We’re not blocking the word “occupy” …[NOW. …And we] would love to help you …[look like a paranoid].

Sadly, most of the commenters seemed okay with letting Bruce look like he was tin hatted, not even commenting on that creepy, fairly rapid, personal response (likely far quicker than their “Help Desk” for customer issues) from GoDaddy. …None spoke to the fact that when it comes to MAJOR BLAWG criticism of the Tech Gawdz, those Tech Gawdz are right on it! unlike the non response to other problems people have daily, but don’t post about because they’ve been taught to feel it will make them look like a Luddite.

I’m pretty sure Bruce was left feeling like he shouldn’t have posted about the problem there, and I’m positive his general complaint was valid; after all, most, if not all, successful Techie companies have been well fed by the MIC …..the MIC ‘invented’ the internet, Al gore may not have been so wrong, in that he was complicit in it..

(bracketed comments mine.)

marisacat - 12 October 2011

i don’t think the issues I had with loading corrente have gone away, so I won’t go read… but I look a look at my gmail…. I happened not to use “occupy” in subject lines, but people who wrote to me did

Maybe it was a limited problem. Or limited blocking or whatever.

diane - 12 October 2011

I’ll go with limited blocking honey, or, at a minimum, they could care less about the fact that it was easier to get through to someone 20 years ago than it is now (not to even mention the fact that that twenty years ago communication, was actually private, not stored and instantly accessible, in the Cloud, . …with very limited, and costly, exceptions.)

But seeing as how Google has no problem with ReThugs (likely, never have), I tend to lean more towards deliberate collusion to discredit. Afterall, The GooglePlex, is a BIPARTISAN!!!!!! PERSONHOOD whose sole interest is POWER, …it runs with the MIC and Wall Street, … despite the mythology, …(’love’ the bump up to Boner… here …..)

diane - 12 October 2011

(I should have also noted that Bruce Dixon was one of the very early, overt, very Public, signees to the Tenth Anniversy of Droning the Fuck out of Afghanistan Villages, October 6th, 2011, DC Protest against Forever War.)

diane - 12 October 2011
marisacat - 12 October 2011

I’d take issue with “turns”.

Who ever said because some companies publicly support the Dem pretzel, they are anything but rightie.

diane - 12 October 2011

I’d take issue with “turns”.

Indeed. Truer words and all ……

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

Iranian Terror Plot:Fake, Fake,

Fake, fake, fake – I’m talking about the latest anti-Iranian propaganda coming out of Washington, which claims the Iranian Revolutionary Guards were involved in a “plot” to take out the Saudi ambassador to the US and blow up both the Saudi and Israeli embassies. The narrative reads like a formulaic melodrama: two Iranians, one a naturalized US citizen, purportedly approached someone they thought was a member of a Mexican drug cartel – according to the indictment [.pdf], it was a “sophisticated” drug cartel, not the plebeian sort – and proposed paying him $1.5 million to murder Adel al Jubeir, the Kingdom’s ambassador in Washington – oh, and by the way, the Iranians supposedly said, “Are you guys any good with explosives?”


This is another one of US law enforcement’s manufactured “anti-terrorist” triumphs, where the feds set somebody up, fabricate a “crime” out of thin air, and then proceed to “solve” a case that never really existed to begin with. This has been the general pattern of our “anti-terrorist” operations in the US since the beginning – because finding and catching real terrorists is much too hard, at least for our Keystone Kops. Instead of going out and actually, you know, looking for the Bad Guys, and then apprehending them, they lure some unsuspecting Muslim immigrant into a trap, and spring it when the time is right.

The long narrative spun by the indictment tells us everything but what we really need to know, which is: how is it that these two Iranian “terrorists” just happened to meet up with a Mexican drug cartel assassin who just happened to be a longtime DEA informant? I guess that would be giving too much away: far better to spice up the story with scary details, such as the conversation between one of the alleged plotters and the informant, in the course of which the former says “If you have to blow up the restaurant and kill a hundred Americans, well then f*ck ‘em!”

The credibility rating of this story, taken on its face, is close to zero. Let’s say the Iranians really were plotting to kill the Saudi ambassador on American soil: would they contract it out to the Mexican Mafia, send all kinds of traceable money wires from Iran to the US, and not care if they killed a hundred Americans in the process of achieving their goal? Or would they send some fanatic, who would not only do it for free but also eliminate himself (or herself)? This flimsy cock-eyed tale is so transparently fake that it’s an embarrassment to the United States of America. Can’t our spooks do better than this?

NPR had an Iranian “expert” who found that the story was “extraordinary” and it was “out of character” for the Rev Guard. CNN’s John King had a cartel expert on who said it didn’t make s
sense for any cartel to expose itself to US retribution for a paltry 1.5 million when that was less than the cost of a lost drug load.

Looks like everybody can smell this fishy enchilada…

marisacat - 12 October 2011

Only th epeople who WANT a war with IRan are “believing” it.

no one else…

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

I read someone describe it as a rejected script for Breaking Bad …

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

It’s definitely not up to par with that show’s scripts, for sure…’sides Jesse would pro’lly succeeded and gotten the Saudi dude and Mr.White would have produced a bomb with champagne and cleanser from the restaurants kitchen…

marisacat - 12 October 2011

yes Jesse and White would have managed to succeed.

This is the looniest story possible… my local talk radio has struggled hard to push this for two days (we are loaded with operatives, ex Brooklyn Jews, local Jews… and people who are surrepticiously pro war, pro status quo).

People are NOT, emphatically NOT, buying it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

OMG, the season finale Sunday is still kicking my ass …

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

dont tell me, I missed it coming back from NorCal got to go to hulu or somthin’

ts - 13 October 2011

I ran across this article thanks to the fine folks at fark. What a hoot!


Neighbors, however, said it had been years since Arbabsiar lived in the stucco house he once shared with his wife on a suburban cul-de-sac. They said it appeared as many as 10 people were living in the house, and lately there had been some signs of suspicious activity: When residents looked for available Wi-Fi networks, names like “FBI Van 1” would pop up.

marisacat - 13 October 2011

When residents looked for available Wi-Fi networks, names like “FBI Van 1” would pop up.

O so very funny!

16. marisacat - 12 October 2011

NINE shot in a beauty salon in Seal Beach (down in Orange Co) 6 are dead…. and somebody in custody.

News at 4, 5, 6 … 10 and 11!!!!

marisacat - 12 October 2011

And the shooter, taken alive with apparently no resistance, wore body armor.

Or so LAT says KTLA is reporting…

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

I found a report that says he’s the husband of one of the employees.

marisacat - 12 October 2011

I pulled up the LAT complete coverage… http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/lanow/salon-shooting/

The mass shooting that left eight people dead in Seal Beach on Wednesday appears to be the deadliest in modern Orange County history.

“This could be one of our greatest tragedy,” said Seal Beach Police Sgt. Steve Bowles.

Seal Beach saw only one murder between 2005 and 2010.

ts - 12 October 2011
marisacat - 12 October 2011

oh my.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

Nobel Prize-Winning Former President Of Poland To Visit Occupy Wall Street

Lech Walesa, the Nobel Peace Prize-winning former president of Poland, will show his support of Occupy Wall Street by paying Zuccotti Park a visit. “How could I not respond,” Walesa said, “The thousands of people gathered near Wall Street are worried about the fate of their future, the fate of their country. This is something I understand.”

Walesa, a former electrician, was imprisoned by the communist government of Poland for being a union activist, and was elected president in 1990 after sucessfully leading negotiations for Polish workers. He is also the inspiration for the U2 song “New Year’s Day.”

“This this a worldwide problem,” Walesa told a Polish newspaper. “The Wall Street protesters have focused a magnifying glass on the problem.” A spokesman for the 99 New York Campaign describes Walesa’s career to the Daily News: “He fought very, very hard for the rights of all working people.” It’s unclear when Walesa will make the journey, but his representative said it’d be “soon.”

Countdown also just reported that Occupy Seoul is planning protests Saturday in Korea.

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011
19. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

The crisis surrounding The Wall Street Journal Europe intensified yesterday after details emerged that the newspaper artificially inflated its circulation figures in return for favourable articles to a commercial partner.

UK Independent


20. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011
Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

Unbelievable, but not really; lawmen are always convinced of they’re better than the rest of us. But the moment they removed the car from where it was stored that they’re guilty of theft, and hence no immunity.

Somebody get Eric on this quick, the Iranian/Zeta thing is cratering and everybody loves Ferraris… 😉

21. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

These fuckers are so fucking divorced from reality.

Wall Street Sees ‘No Exit’ From Financial Decline as Bankers Fret Future

Wall Street executives, facing demonstrators camped for a fourth week in New York’s financial district, say they’re anxious and angry for other reasons.

An era of decline and disappointment for bankers may not end for years, according to interviews with more than two dozen executives and investors. Blaming government interference and persecution, they say there isn’t enough global stability, leverage or risk appetite to triumph in the current slump.

“I don’t think it’s a time to make money — this is a time to rig for survival,” said Charles Stevenson, 64, president of hedge fund Navigator Group Inc. and head of the co-op board at 740 Park Ave. The building, home to Blackstone Group LP Chairman Stephen Schwarzman and CIT Group Inc. Chief Executive Officer John Thain, was among those picketed by protesters yesterday. “The future is not going to be like a past we knew,” he said. “There’s no exit from this morass.”

Seriously, all of the fuckers interviewed in this thing will be just fine .. it’s their secretaries and call center reps and clerks etc. who’ll be fucked as they continue to refuse any and all attempts at transparency and honest accounting.

The self-serving whining continues in subsequent paragraphs.

22. Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Talk to most bank executives and they’ll still place the blame for the 2008 financial crisis on “irresponsible consumers” who took out mortgages they couldn’t afford; dishonest mortgage brokers; and—at the top of the list—the government, which used Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to finance mortgage lending to “people who shouldn’t own homes,” as one senior New York bank executive put it to me recently. All of which is partly true but omits the enthusiasm with which Wall Street feasted on that market, and the fact, as Warren puts it, “that Wall Street made tens of billions of dollars” from it. In short, there is no remorse, let alone a sense of obligation, because bank executives generally do not believe they were the cause of the financial collapse. As Neil Barofsky, Treasury’s former inspector general charged with oversight of TARP, the $700 billion government bailout of the banks, recalls from his interviews with bankers, the attitude instead was that “shit happens.” The state of denial has been massive. On Wall Street today, says the vice-chairman of a private-equity firm, “there is this enormous persecution complex in the banking industry about Dodd-Frank, that everyone is going after the banks.”

This Wall Street psychosis—“We did nothing wrong, but everyone is trying to hurt us”—was given a dramatic airing in June by Jamie Dimon, the chairman of JPMorgan Chase, at a conference in Atlanta. Clearly agitated during a Q&A with Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, Dimon launched into the reasons why the regulators were being too tough on banks. The causes of the financial crisis had been dealt with. “Most of the bad actors are gone,” he said, rattling off a long list of the perpetrators, which included C.D.O.’s, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, “thrifts, all the mortgage brokers, and, uh, obviously some banks.” He said that he worried that Dodd-Frank was “holding us back at this point”—suggesting that the regulation of banks was the reason why the economy was not recovering. In other words, what was bad for Wall Street was very bad for the country.

What Dimon did not say is that having been supported through the crisis by billions of dollars in TARP aid from American taxpayers, and another $1.2 trillion in emergency loans from the Fed, the largest banks are bigger today than they were before the crisis—way too big to fail—and that many of them are generating even fatter profits. At Dimon’s $2 trillion JPMorgan Chase—which rewarded Dimon’s performance last year with pay estimated at $20.8 million and $17 million in restricted stock and options—revenues hit $27.4 billion, with a profit of $5.4 billion, in the second quarter of 2011 alone. Nevertheless, Dimon’s argument was essentially the one that bank executives, their lobbyists, and supporters in Congress would make against financial reform: that it would kill job creation, cut off lending to businesses and consumers, stifle financial innovation, and strangle free enterprise in America. Spencer Bachus, the Alabama Republican who chairs the powerful House Committee on Financial Services and who is one of the C.F.P.B.’s leading opponents, would—invoking Mao Zedong—even suggest at a Chamber of Commerce gathering in March that Dodd-Frank was, as he put it, a move toward “a government command-and-control” economy.

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

That bluntness was evident in an interview even in late May, when Warren, who learned only in July that she wouldn’t get the job, still believed that Obama might ask her to run the C.F.P.B. “It’s money and power, the only two things we are talking about here,” she said, speaking of the people who were trying to kill the C.F.P.B. “in the back alleys,” as she put it. “There are many who are rich and powerful who say the system works fine as it is,” she continued. “America had been a boom-and-bust economy going into the Great Depression—just over and over and over, fortunes were wiped out, ordinary families were crushed under it. Coming out of the Great Depression we said, We can build a structure that makes us all safer. And notice, it’s from the end of the Great Depression to the 1980s that we built America’s middle class. That’s when we got stronger as a country. That’s when that big, solid, boring, hardworking, play-by-the-rules group in the middle emerged and defined what America was. You still had the ability to become a billionaire, but the center stayed strong and, notice, provided opportunity for growth, opportunity for getting ahead, opportunity that your kids were going to do better than you did. That was what defined America. And then we started, inch by inch, pulling the threads out of that regulatory fabric, starting in the 1980s.”

Today, Warren says, one “vision of how America works is that it’s an even game, that anybody can get started—just roll those dice; that booms and busts will come and millions of people will lose their homes, millions more will lose their jobs, and trillions of dollars in savings retirement accounts will be wiped out. The question is, Do we have a different vision of what we can do? This agency is out here in a sense to try to hold accountable a financial-services industry that ran wild, that brought our economy to the edge of collapse,” she said. “There’s been such a sense that there’s one set of rules for trillion-dollar financial institutions and a different set for all the rest of us. It’s so pervasive that it’s not even hidden.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

It was in 1979 that Warren had her Damascene conversion—the experience that would lead her to become the nation’s top authority on the economic pressures facing the American middle class, and trigger her passionate advocacy. In 1978, Congress had passed a law that made it easier for companies and individuals to declare bankruptcy. Warren decided to investigate the reasons why Americans were ending up in bankruptcy court. “I set out to prove they were all a bunch of cheaters,” she said in a 2007 interview. “I was going to expose these people who were taking advantage of the rest of us.” What she found, after conducting with two colleagues one of the most rigorous bankruptcy studies ever, shook her deeply. The vast majority of those in bankruptcy courts, she discovered, were from hardworking middle-class families, people who lost jobs or had “family breakups” or illnesses that wiped out their savings. “It changed my vision,” she said.

Madman in the Marketplace - 12 October 2011

As for Elizabeth Warren, on September 14, ending weeks of speculation, she officially announced that she was entering the Massachusetts Senate race. Today, Warren is considered the Democratic front-runner in what is likely to be one of the most closely watched congressional elections next year. In early September, one poll put her within nine points of Scott Brown—even before she had announced her candidacy. A few weeks later, after her official entry into the field, another poll had her ahead of Brown by two points.

Speaking from a car on her way from one campaign event to another, Warren told me that the stakes are too high for her not to run, too high not to try to continue the fight “for the middle class.” Too high not to try to bring it into the belly of the beast, to the floor of the U.S. Congress. Middle-class families “are getting hammered and you know Washington doesn’t get it,” she said. “G.E. doesn’t pay any taxes and we are asking college kids to take on even more debt to get an education, and asking seniors to get by on less. These aren’t just economic questions. These are moral questions.”

Although heavily lobbied by leading Democrats to run, Warren was warned by many that the fight would be brutal. Even her brother David told her, “Don’t do this, it’s too nasty.” Looking back on her time in Washington, though, and the months she spent setting up and fighting for the C.F.P.B., she says, “I’ve done brutal.”

marisacat - 12 October 2011

oh gee.. I am close to praying for her… an agnostic prayer.

Just stunning.

23. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 12 October 2011

Survival. Brutish existence. Barely endurable. I mean can you imagine having to fly First Class as opposed to a private jet…I mean he might even have to give up a Thai girlfriend…

marisacat - 12 October 2011

Check-in is so onerous.

24. BooHooHooMan - 13 October 2011

Fornt Page of The Chabad.Lubovitch Wandering Tribe Times.**.

Congress Ends 5-Year Standoff on Trade Deals in Rare Accord


Approval of long-awaited free trade agreements
with three countries offered a rare moment of bipartisan agreement in Washington.

Oh ya know.

Your Doctor will Decide-
See your Doctor-
Ask your Doctor.
Your Doctor will Decide.

Then Seen JG Wentworth if you need cash now.
I think ole i MELT over at GE owns that one
I love it.
Justl full-blown Thorazine and Slip and Fall Lawsuit Territory now.
Which you can REFI, Mr And Mrs Dead Peasant Policy.
See your Doctor. Leave tire iron in the waiting room.

Oh I Hate to break it to ya folks,
These people?
Not your friends.

Bl 😯 berg –
Biggest U.S. Trade Accord Passed Since 1994.

Not your Friends.

China Exports Slow on “Severe Challenges”.

Not your Friends.

German Inflation rises More Than Expected

Not y’ old whiny bitch friends.

The state of denial has been massive. On Wall Street today, says the vice-chairman of a private-equity firm, “there is this enormous persecution complex in the banking industry about Dodd-Frank

It what we do here in “mrka. It’s who we are.
It’s what we make. Ironic – heavy on the Iron –
“Enormous Persecution Complexes.”
That’s why I play with the role…….

** Too Lubavitcher Much? Too bad, truly.
Too Chabad-fuckin-Lubavitcher bad.
You know if ole above-board U.S. wasn’t bad enough?
Well then, Uncle Sam went and decided to set up
it’s own *Off-book* Country.

25. marisacat - 13 October 2011



………. 8)

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