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Fresh 17 October 2011

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Bamboozled the ring tailed lemur curls his prehensile tail in a portrait by Lennette Newell
Bamboozled the ring tailed lemur curls his prehensile tail in a portrait by Lennette Newell    [Lennette Newell / Barcroft USA]



1. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

I……………….. seen it –


Obby gettin the hand job atop Drudge now


Wall Street ,Obby, Drudge,…NOW WITH 1% MORE
99% War Humping Zionist Neo Con Circle Jerk Jism
Than EVAH!

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

‘night all…

2. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

I lied. Incoming TPM Alert.

Ooga Booga on WaPo-
‘Occupy’ movement, an absence of diversity

Like clockwork out of Chicago….
which gets routed thru der GooglePlexernFernFuhrerbunker

Oh it’s all so Historic and Why does OWS hate the fags , nigs, spics, women, chinks, and nigs now? And the nigs again.
What the hell, ,double up on the chinks spics, faqs and women, too,, before of course, movin back to the nigs a third time.

Who coulda seen THAT comin? 🙄

I was talkin to a friend tonight about voting…
and I’m gonna just share my position on the whole thing, a sorta status flabbergasticus update if you will..

And as for voting I am going to go and affirmatively vote LOL AGAINST whoever the fuck is in.

State Senate and Assemblymen? Beat it.
Dog Catcher of the Year? Sorry.
Take a puppy home to the kids.
Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? –
Like Here? Like you can even REACH THRU the Wound to Vote?!
Not on Your Afterlife JC, – >
Goin Straight Up Beelzebub this time.
No Incumbant? Front runner facing challenger who was controversially in favor of the Ernst Rohm Memorial Square Referendum?
Hmm. A Toughie. 😆 Just 1 Question- Did the Hitlerite somehow mixed up in the whole nostalgic Brownshirt Nazi Sodomite thing have the backing of the Knights of Columbus or not? LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

That shit. That’s where we are about now…


Out. So out. Out…..

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 October 2011

Well, they tried the dirty hippies w/ bongos and anarchists attack (to scare of wishy-washy lefties, I guess), which fizzled. Then they tried the “they’re like the tea party, only with dirty hippies, bongos and anarchists (to scare of other lefties who hate teabaggers, I guess) which also fizzled, so now we’re at the “they’re elitist white suburbanites who secretely hate }insert minority group here{ while using them to advance their own agenda” attack. Which looking at pictures & video I’ve seen, and reports from within the gatherings, is also likely to fizzle.

Does seem to be a concerted effort to keep it from growing by keeping people who might be sympathetic away. Hell, since when does WaPo give a shit about diversity?

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

I just want to know what’s wrong with Bongo. He was my favorite Matt Groening character ever. I might even be him for Halloween if my paper mache’ budget holds out. :p

marisacat - 17 October 2011

kiss the kitties!!

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

The Sid can hear you. He just gave me his traditional disgusted Don’t you even think about it, Sister! look.


marisacat - 17 October 2011

The cats run everything. By default. They do…………

ts - 17 October 2011

Usually when someone runs unopposed there is a blank spot on the ballot under their name. I always mark there.

3. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 17 October 2011

Hedges has a good piece up. From about the middle:

What kind of nation is it that spends far more to kill enemy combatants and Afghan and Iraqi civilians than it does to help its own citizens who live below the poverty line? What kind of nation is it that permits corporations to hold sick children hostage while their parents frantically bankrupt themselves to save their sons and daughters? What kind of nation is it that tosses its mentally ill onto urban heating grates? What kind of nation is it that abandons its unemployed while it loots its treasury on behalf of speculators? What kind of nation is it that ignores due process to torture and assassinate its own citizens? What kind of nation is it that refuses to halt the destruction of the ecosystem by the fossil fuel industry, dooming our children and our children’s children?


The liberal class functions in a traditional, capitalist democracy as a safety valve. It lets off enough steam to keep the system intact. It makes piecemeal and incremental reform possible. This is what happened during the Great Depression and the New Deal. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s greatest achievement was that he saved capitalism. Liberals in a functioning capitalist democracy are at the same time tasked with discrediting radicals, whether it is King, especially after he denounced the war in Vietnam, or later Noam Chomsky or Ralph Nader.

The stupidity of the corporate state is that it thought it could dispense with the liberal class. It thought it could shut off that safety valve in order to loot and pillage with no impediments. Corporate power forgot that the liberal class, when it functions, gives legitimacy to the power elite. And the reduction of the liberal class to silly courtiers, who have nothing to offer but empty rhetoric, meant that the growing discontent found other mechanisms and outlets. Liberals were reduced to stick figures, part of an elaborate pantomime, as they acted in preordained roles to give legitimacy to meaningless and useless political theater. But that game is over.

Human history has amply demonstrated that once those in positions of power become redundant and impotent, yet retain the trappings and privileges of power, they are brutally discarded. The liberal class, which insists on clinging to its positions of privilege while at the same time refusing to play its traditional role within the democratic state, has become a useless and despised appendage of corporate power. And as the engines of corporate power pollute and poison the ecosystem and propel us into a world where there will be only masters and serfs, the liberal class, which serves no purpose in the new configuration, is being abandoned and discarded by both the corporate state and radical dissidents. The best it can do is attach itself meekly to the new political configuration rising up to replace it.

An ineffectual liberal class means there is no hope of a correction or a reversal through the formal mechanisms of power. It ensures that the frustration and anger among the working and the middle class will find expression now in these protests that lie outside the confines of democratic institutions and the civilities of a liberal democracy. By emasculating the liberal class, which once ensured that restive citizens could institute moderate reforms, the corporate state has created a closed system defined by polarization, gridlock and political charades. It has removed the veneer of virtue and goodness that the liberal class offered to the power elite.

Liberal institutions, including the church, the press, the university, the Democratic Party, the arts and labor unions, set the parameters for limited self-criticism in a functioning democracy as well as small, incremental reforms. The liberal class is permitted to decry the worst excesses of power and champion basic human rights while at the same time endowing systems of power with a morality and virtue it does not possess. Liberals posit themselves as the conscience of the nation. They permit us, through their appeal to public virtues and the public good, to see ourselves and our state as fundamentally good.

But the liberal class, by having refused to question the utopian promises of unfettered capitalism and globalization and by condemning those who did, severed itself from the roots of creative and bold thought, the only forces that could have prevented the liberal class from merging completely with the power elite. The liberal class, which at once was betrayed and betrayed itself, has no role left to play in the battle between us and corporate dominance. All hope lies now with those in the street.

Sorry if the quote is a little longish, I just liked too much too snip much.

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

Yup. I’m about 99% sure that the two Managerial fuck-sticks who just screwed me out of a job are proud to call themselves “Liberals.”

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 October 2011
5. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 October 2011
6. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011
marisacat - 17 October 2011

I know it looks like that link failed but it worked fine, I just got thru to the pic.

Yes soemthing has happened to our beloved Hilarious the past few months. Longer hair, 40+ new pounds… whatever… oh and an awful lot of tweedy jackets.

Gah. Things did seem to hump the shark at the 65th b’day party for Bill. Good lord. Please go away… embrace the coffin.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Yep. I think the truly triagulicious beauty of the squeeze play .
w.r.t Hill ,Bill, and Precious Foundling Barry is you can now
Support the Lampoon Free Trade Zone AND come
out all NO Lampoon-Free Trade Zone at the same time…

Oh they’re all running for cover.
Looking for all sorts of beautiful people to exploit and hide behind. And they’re Run run running, ehm OUT, so out, so out in the open.

Well, Good fuckin Luck .
…..with every videographer , anonymous cop cell and fam-phone phreaker and assorted database dippers now more than happy to identify – quite specifically for global recognition –

– the NYPD Jackel cadres street rape teams,
their hideous “GAGA” Club (Grope A Girl Always)

Sooo ya know, Watch them hot mics, fellahs.
And Never EVER talk on the phone.

NYPD officer charged with making false arrest based on race

Posted: 12:06 PM, October 17, 2011
More Print

FBI agents arrested a New York City police officer this morning and charged him with gross civil rights violations for deliberately falsifying an arrest against a black man and later referring to the incident on a wiretapped call by saying that he had “fried another n—-,” officials said.

The incident began when Michael Daragjati, an eight-year NYPD veteran, stopped the man in the Stapleton neighborhood of Staten Island on the evening of April 15, the feds say.

Brooklyn federal prosecutors say that Daragjati, 32, frisked the man, but did not find contraband or a weapon on him. But after the man complained about his treatment during the street encounter, Daragjati placed him under arrest without probable cause, prosecutors say.

Daragjati then filed a police report in Richmond County Criminal Court that falsely claimed the man had “flailed his arms and kicked his legs during the arrest,” prosecutors say, allowing the officer to charge the man with resisting arrest.

As a consequence of the trumped-up charges, the man was kept in jail for approximately 36 hours, prosecutors say.

On the same day that he filed the false report, investigators secretly intercepted several phone calls that Daragjati made and overheard him use racist epithets on several occasions to refer to black people, officials said.

In one of the calls, Daragjati acknowledged that he could be terminated from the NYPD if the department discovered that he would at times “throw somebody a beating,” prosecutors say in court documents.

He also conceded in one of the intercepted calls that he had been “skating it for a long time,” officials said.

“The power to arrest – to deprive a citizen of liberty – must be used fairly, responsibly and without bias. Motivated by base racial animus, the defendant allegedly abused this power and responsibility,” said Loretta Lynch, the United States Attorney for New York’s Eastern District.

marisacat - 17 October 2011

hmm i just heard yesterday, in possibly the ONLY Woodrow Wilson Institute or Council or whatever they call that thing at Princeton, but the only interesting WW panel I have ever come across, that the SCOTUS this year is going to hear a very interesting case of DWB, driving while black.

I also read that in recent – late September – Federal court proceedings over in the East Bay, it came to light the Feds are considering taking over the Oakland PD (so many years of massive fuck ups WHILE they are under continuous review for 10 year old lawsuits for a pattern of behaviour)… but the Judge (Thelton Henderson) admonished the Police Chief over a cop program he discovered, called ‘Summer Tune-up”. hmmm. Th judge knew “tune-up” is vernacular for beating up suspects in custody.

But the “system” catches so little. Corrects so little.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

So they’re TRYiiing to stay out in front of as pervasive and perverse a scandal to rock the NYPD since EVAH.
An arrest of a cop here, some under-the-bussing of ticket fixers and protection racket records-room types lest they spill, an internal NYPD black op used to spy on the Pols, cash card retainers courtesy of the banks, an AA white shirt who just up and shot himself in the head repeatedly to death recently…
going all the way up to Kelly at the N Y P D

marisacat - 17 October 2011

AA white shirt who just up and shot himself in the head repeatedly to death recently…

One of those “unusual” suicides!

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Well trying to get confirmation of the blood spatter analysis only leads one this season to confront Catholic Theological Doctrine. 😉 I mean you get some serious Limbo for Suiciding ONCE.
But three times? Off the same gun? Oh Come On!
And what if he had purged himself of his Dark Passenger Before the first shot, immediately enters the Afterlife and FUCK! – Naughty Suicides Himself Again?
I mean what’s up with THAT??? 😉

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Oh I think we’re going to see some serious cop-on-cop violence.
A few chatty Priests and Ministers moved out of the way, too…
It’s all getting so Keyser Söze meets Wonder Boys now…

marisacat - 17 October 2011


We have Hell’s Angels killing each other out here, not at all rare in and of itself BUT… at the Memorial Service, at the graveside even. A new day!!

marisacat - 17 October 2011

I mean you get some serious Limbo for Suiciding ONCE.
But three times? Off the same gun? Oh Come On!

I think the Catholics have Limbo on Steroids for the TripSuis. All set up to greet them.

7. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Her’s the White Shirt white wash of a downtown, Tribeca rank and filer who had no way out…

One relevant tid within tho..


News: NYPD Cop Commits Suicide In Front of Girlfriend

(Long Island, N.Y.) A twenty-nine-year-old New York City police officer shot himself in the head this week after allegedly arguing with his girlfriend. The officer was on duty at the time of the incident, and had told his partner he was going for a meal break. Prior to taking his life, the officer became distraught over his girlfriend’s Facebook postings.

The officer was a four year veteran and left his squad car just feet away from him during his final moments of life. He was assigned to the overnight shift at the First Precinct in Tribeca

and had a clean record. His father was a former insurance company president and an active member of the community.

Emergency responders took the officer to Bellevue Hospital where he was pronounced dead. It’s unsure whether there were any long-term reasons leading to the officer’s suicide. Though the couple had been living together, they had only met a few months prior.

Friends and family members of the officer have described him as an excellent marksman and gun enthusiast. A competition event for shooting was named after him because of his outstanding achievement. He is also described as being a gentle and courteous person.


Cop Suicide a Growing Concern as Ticket-Fixing Probe Nears End
September 16, 2011

Droppin like flies.
Not a good summer…Better Luck in the Fall

An NYPD inspector who oversaw the department’s construction projects died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound yesterday at a police facility in Fort Totten, Queens.

Anthony Tria, 48, joined the department 26 years ago, police sources said.

The NYPD issued few details about the tragedy.

Tria, a former Marine, began his career as a housing cop, and was among the youngest officers ever promoted to captain, a colleague said.

“Inspector Tria was a consummate professional who worked tirelessly on behalf of the Police Department and the people of New York,” Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

ANOTHER Fly, dammit! And one just missed a few weeks ago!

Robert McGee, NYPD Officer Probed In Ticket Fixing Scandals, Allegedly Attempts Suicide

And hmm..The AA Inspector who shotted himself up on Statten Island IIRC from the tele is nowhere to be found.

Rough year for the Cops in the New York Metropolitan Area.
Being the not-to-be-outdone or UNdone NY neighbors they are, New Jersey , they say this year on CBS New York, is facing an “epidemic” of Cops who cap themselves. . 🙄 Yep Yah. Apparently epidemiologists suspect a link between globomafial gangsterism and Bulletindafuckinhead-itis.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Ooops Link to the young, son of an InsCo Op, On DutyDahnathn, Tribeca NYPD who shot himself in the ole facebook Out on Long Island before they cadavre-dragged him back to Belluvue in the City for proper handling.

Some other html clean up above and a SERIOUS Script Doctor needed for the NYPD now…

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

One quick other thing, that just-shot-hisselfed Inspector *white shirt who “oversaw NYPD construction sites” wouldn’t have anything to do with like the highest of high-tech security installations around, say, Wall Street, the NYSE, or that job rising up The Big Gigundo Freedom Tower Money Phallus out of that Holy Sepulchur Money-Holey Hole-in-the-ground where the World Trade Towers once stood?

😯 NOT the Holy Sepulchur!

marisacat - 17 October 2011

Fallen heroes…….

Proceed to head bowing ceremony.

8. marisacat - 17 October 2011


I think this is a comedy piece wrapped in a puff piece wrapped in a hit piece.

[“I] frankly don’t see them sending the first lady out to deliver a hard hit on their opponent,” said Michael Feldman, a Democratic strategist and managing director of the Glover Park Group. Instead, “With the country’s wrong-track numbers in the 70s, there is a lot that people are anxious about, and what they see in the Obamas is a family they can relate to.”

Despite sky-high job approval numbers, the first lady is still a somewhat polarizing figure, stirring sharp enmity along with deep loyalty — both spun from the threads of 2008, when Michelle Obama’s outspokenness included a February declaration that “for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.” That same year, she helped deliver the women’s vote for her husband.

In 2010, her late entry into the midterm campaigns didn’t do much toward reordering Republican momentum, but the effect that her improved image and rising popularity had on Democratic crowds was impossible to mistake. . . . .

Read more: Link

all I can think is GOODFUCKINGLUCK

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Post Toasty Fun-to-Munch Crunchies with Shed-her Jack! 😆

marisacat - 17 October 2011

Jack jumping on the road.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Ah, yes.
Michelle out there breezily jumping jack on country highways.
Semi-truckS full of crow gravy gnarly bearded jug-band-hat wearin, 400 pound GOP Tea Party Roadies bearing down…

marisacat - 17 October 2011

But she is New and Improved! and, unlike 2010, TOTALLY dedicated to this campaign.

You’ll see!

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Among Others! 😆

9. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

We have Hell’s Angels killing each other out here, not at all rare in and of itself BUT… at the Memorial Service, at the graveside even. A new day!! -mcat

Where THE HELL do they think they ARE??!!? Ireland?
(not to go all dead-old-sod on the sitch)
But really – Haven’t they heard of good ole American Made
Flying Robotkilling machines? What do they think is?
? South Central Liby-O-UgandA FER FUCK’S SAKE?


marisacat - 17 October 2011

I know! PICKING up a gun! In your hand!

What a scream! And biker funerals are massively covered here. The shot photographed ’round the world.

Oddly enough I have Disc One of Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy about to hit my mail box this afternoon… 😆

10. marisacat - 17 October 2011

What was that about Nanny state? Government meddling?

October 16, 2011

Mitt by the bedside

An unusual anecdote from the Times:

In 1990, Exponent II, a Mormon feminist magazine that Ms. Dushku, the Suffolk University professor, helped found, published an article by a married mother of four who recounted her own experience after doctors advised her to terminate her pregnancy when she was being treated for a potentially dangerous blood clot.

Her bishop got wind of the situation, she wrote, and showed up unannounced at the hospital, warning her sternly not to go forward. The article did not identify Mr. Romney as the bishop, but Ms. Dushku later did.

Now the woman has come forward, identifying herself in Mr. Scott’s book as Carrel Hilton Sheldon. (Through Ms. Dushku, she declined to be interviewed.) “Mitt has many, many winning qualities,” she is quoted as saying, “but at the time he was blind to me as a human being.”

TweetPosted by Ben Smith 07:10 PM

Tags:Mitt Romney,Mormonism
comments ( 2)

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Well that certainly puts Romney in the most favorable light to be despised by, welll, EVERYBODY! Glad they cleared that up for us!

marisacat - 17 October 2011

And I fear SLob would wish to be by his side, both bathed in celestial, saintly, glowing, all-but-papal robes.

Ya know Slob said, back in the GE, “You can’t just have an abortion cuz you are blue…”.

Jan Crawford Greenberg, then with ABC, said it put him to the right of our extremely right wing SC. And she was RIGHT.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

President “In Consultation With Your Minister..”

Just another shoe-shine boy for the Reverends…

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

Gotta’ say. I’m sick of the hierarchy of choice, or whatever you want to call it. You can’t just be a secular humanist/atheist female in good health and in a passable financial condition, who had an abortion because you just plain flat out don’t want to have children. If you want to get any sympathy, that is. (No, let’s stick to the Female Faithful like this one, and her obvious case of Stockholm Syndrome. Some she-animals are just more equal than other she-animals blah fucking blah. No other sort of woman merits inclusion in the Great Narrative of the Fetus.)

Nope. Sorry. The media won’t have you, You Heathen Fornicating Whore. Sit down and shut up.

And Romney can go fuck himself. But that goes without saying, probably.

marisacat - 17 October 2011

oh very true. Abortion is just a medical procedure… the least valuable part of it is all the excuses/reasons/stories for WHY someone supposedly wants one. Which is the better abortion!

all the same procedure.

IMO the Mormon woman is STILL excusing Mittens. so boring.

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

[sigh] Yeah. And if that sanctimonious prick had had his way, she wouldn’t be alive now to “There, there” his poor Godly masculine ego.

Plenty more breeding stock where she came from, after all. What’s one dead woman, more or less?


marisacat - 17 October 2011

well she had already fulfiflled her purpose: 4 children. Husband can move on to another critter, have 4 more.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

All there is, xee. The incessant assembly, tweaking an trading on fractional accounts..the whole liberalish shmiberalish *except in cases of rape or incest* that the, uhm, Cool-with-Child Rapist Endorsements and Cash recipients , the Catholic machine Pols, have been hustling past a certain set of conflicted Guitar Mass mammals found among the numbest and dumbest homo-sapiens on Earth…

ms_xeno - 17 October 2011

‘Scuse me, BHHM. When I got to “Guitar Mass” I almost choked on the apple I was eating. (Well, you know about us females and our eternally unholy relationship with the apple.)

“Guitar Mass” should be Young Person’s Slang for some esoteric sexual practice. Hell, it probably already is. 👿

marisacat - 17 October 2011

spare us the hootenany mass. Frankly if by chance I am at a mass, which last was about 1981 in Minnesota with a Great Aunt and a relative officiating at the altar, I do not want anyone reaching out and touching me. I almost fainted seeing the new protocol… of turn and shake hands.

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Well youse two, It all went to shit after they took Sally and
The Flying Nun off the air. 😆 😉

marisacat - 17 October 2011

well now she is the mother of a big raucous but lovable family. So………… she’s still wtih us!!

And selling wimmens medicine for osteoporosis. Our Sally is so busy.

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 17 October 2011

I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. It is just a piece of tissue, after-all…I mean Ann, of course. The fetus might have turned out to be male.and so be valuable for making war …

marisacat - 17 October 2011

Pre-born personhood.

the country is fucking nuts…. it really is…

11. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

A second senior New York police officer is being formally investigated over allegations that he assaulted an Occupy Wall Street protester, raising fresh questions over the NYPD’s deployment of supervisors on the front line in volatile public order situations.

The officer, who has been named in news reports as deputy inspector Johnny Cardona, was filmed on Friday grabbing the protester from behind, spinning him round and appearing to punch him in the face so hard that he fell to the ground.

The New York Civilian Complaint Review Board, an independent mayoral agency that deals with allegations of excessive or unnecessary force against police, is now investigating the incident, along with a number of other complaints over policing of the protests.

This is the second inquiry the board has launched in the last month into an alleged assault by a senior NYPD officer on Occupy Wall Street protesters. It is also investigating the use of pepper spray on peaceful female protesters by another deputy inspector, Anthony Bologna, who is also the subject of an internal NYPD inquiry.

Linda Sachs, a spokeswoman for the CCRB, said she could not comment on individual officers, but confirmed that the alleged assault was among several being investigated.

“We have several ongoing investigations involving police interactions with protesters. That includes events that occurred on Friday. Those events were videotaped,” Sachs told the Guardian.

The victim of the alleged assault, Felix Rivera Pitre, has called for an investigation into Cardona’s conduct. Over the weekend, new video was released of an earlier demonstration which appears to show him roughly handling a female protester from the same group that was later pepper-sprayed by Bologna.
A CCRB spokeswoman said the alleged assault was among several being investigated

Pitre’s lawyer, Ron Kuby, who specialises in cases of alleged police brutality, has written to the New York district attorney, Cyrus Vance, demanding a “full, complete and lengthy investigation” into Friday’s incident.

The NYPD has neither confirmed nor denied the identity of Cardona as the officer involved in both incidents. A senior police spokesman, Paul Browne, said Rivera was wanted for questioning for allegedly having provoked the confrontation by trying to elbow a police officer, which the officer deflected.

Browne said: “Others in the crowd jumped on the officer when he tried to apprehend the suspect. When the officer got to his feet, he was sprayed in the face with an unknown liquid coming from the suspect’s direction.”

Kuby has denied that his client was involved in any wrongdoing.

The new investigation has renewed doubts over the NYPD’s use of supervisory officers – those wearing white shirts denoting the rank of lieutenant or above – on the ground during large protests.

12. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Wherein, Burlesqueoni’s telephone calls are released,
oh ya know, simply plotting abject Military Dictatorship of Italy with a General if he was found guilty during corruption trials

AUDIO [link fixed! – M]

And for those who don’t speak even rough Italian Fascist, the google translate version of Republica’s transcript today is here…

marisacat - 17 October 2011

the “audio” link failed… just post the URL if you have and I will fix it…


BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011
13. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Italy cracks down on anarchists after riot
Oct 17, 7:19 AM EDT

ROME (AP) — Italian police conducted raids Monday throughout the country against suspected anarchists and their sympathizers following riots in Rome that marred a march against Wall Street greed, a top security official said.

Interior Ministry Undersecretary Alfredo Mantovano told Sky TG24 TV that the crackdown targeted far-left suspects. He gave no details because the operation, which included house searches, was still being carried out.

And where there are Fascisti ?… Catholic Italy??
The Neo-Liberal accommodationists and Holy Roman Pope-fuckers will be right there alongside them…

Italian news reports said police raided homes and youth centers where extremists are known to hang out in cities including Florence, Palermo and Ancona. Six people were detained, along with the seizure of gas masks, ski masks and other gear used by rioters as protection from tear gas and to hide their faces, the ANSA news agency reported.

Mantovano dismissed criticism that police weren’t tough enough against the several hundred rioters Saturday. Rioters used clubs and sledgehammers to smash bank ATMs and store windows, torch police and private vehicles and hurl cobblestones and chunks of sidewalk they had ripped out. Police battled back with tear gas, water cannon and batons.

Politicians from both the opposition and Premier Silvio Berlusconi’s coalition called for a get-tough campaign against so-called “urban guerrillas.”

“There was tried and true urban terrorism,” Francesco Giro, a Culture Ministry undersecretary said, surveying damage near Rome’s St. John Lateran Basilica.

“We need to apply anti-terrorism laws,” ANSA quoted Giro as saying in a call for authorities to launch preventive crackdowns on anarchists and insurrectionists.

marisacat - 17 October 2011

San Francisco Chief of Police says there are anarchists in the Occupy SF and they must be rooted out!

They will move in again tonight, after 10 pm…. (no camping you know!!)

14. BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011

Good God, rubbernecking the tv now…
Barney Frank is dissembling like a blibbering fool.
Just porky-pigging pudding all over himself on Rachel Maddow tonight…

Madman in the Marketplace - 17 October 2011

I turned it off when he opened with a whine about “where were they two years ago when I was fighting …” etc.

In other words, donk fecklessness is the Occupied movement’s fault, or something.

marisacat - 17 October 2011

I’ve decided people SHOULD fall over sexual peccadillo-ing… Like Barney (and his honestly ws a fucking mess).

Either keep it together or it’s as good as any excuse to dump a pol.

15. marisacat - 17 October 2011

Dave Lindorff at Cpunch

In For the Long Haul in Philly



Common Terry was in a buoyant mood as he marched along Market Street Saturday afternoon along with a couple hundred activists who, following a rally outside the Liberty Bell pavilion, headed over to Philadelphia’s ornate City Hall to join the thousand or so occupiers camped out there.

“We’ve been occupying places for a long time,” said the laid off part-time teacher from Oakland, California. “University administration buildings, parks in Berkeley, nuclear plants. And now we’re occupying the centers of cities!”

Terry, who says he has been shuttling back and forth between the occupations in Philadelphia and New York, said he had purchased a one-month $60 Trailpass on Greyhound and was planning to attend a number of other occupation sites around the country.

The movement is clearly growing in size, and impact.

“This is cool. It’s a good thing they’re doing. Living democracy in action,” said two tourists outside the Constitution Center, as demonstrators marched past carrying signs saying “Hands of my Security and Medicare!” and “Tax the Rich!” and chanting “Banks got bailouts! We got sold out!” . . . .

marisacat - 17 October 2011

There is a graf on a second couple, Lindorff calls them tourists as well.

A second couple, Christie and Billy Leetch, down from Boston, said they were happy to see the occupation happening in Philadelphia. “The one in Boston was violently attacked by the police a few days ago,” said Christie. “It was really disgusting, watching them arresting peacefully demonstrating veterans.”

“I agree with the message, and with the civil unrest,” said her husband. “It’s the only way to effect change without picking up guns.”

hmm Lindorff is an old time reporter, back when you started on the night beat on the city desk…, the police and morgue beat… I think he’d report things as he finds them. he used to work in a team with a woman reporter, Olashansky I think her name was… I would catch them on Cspan, esp about Gitmo… but I have not run across her in a few years…

16. marisacat - 17 October 2011


Linh DInh

[W]hen noticed at all, the protesters’ frequent meetings have often been dismissed as pointless and confused. Surely nothing will come of their callow and cumbersome deliberations. Their decisions can’t and won’t matter. America’s life and death matters are decided by cynical, rich old guys in suits, not bongo stroking freaks, so debate all you want, but there’s no way your jejune ideas can inflect, however slightly, this monster bank-dominated, Federal Reserve-run, two war party system.

With the just released The 99% Declaration, our ruling class has been issued an ultimatum, however.

The anti-Wall Street protesters will convene a National General Assembly in Philadelphia from July 4th, 2012 until October of 2012, resulting in a “PETITION OF GRIEVANCES to be submitted to all members of Congress, The Supreme Court and President and each of the political candidates running in the nationwide Congressional and Presidential election in November 2012.” If these grievances are not redressed within one year, the 99% “will organize a third independent political party to run candidates in the 2014 mid-term elections.”

This is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Finally, some much needed oxygen in this suffocating political dungeon. These mostly young protesters have stayed clear of any current politician. Showing more maturity than many of their elders, they trust neither Democrats nor Republicans. They are not suckered by Obama nor distracted by Clinton’s Usher and Lady Gaga circus. It’s incredible, isn’t it, that the man who enacted NAFTA and repealed the Glass-Steagall act can now go on television to lament that “the American Dream has been under assault”? . . . . .

BooHooHooMan - 17 October 2011


17. marisacat - 17 October 2011

😆 I missed this earlier today

Bloomberg Says Occupy Wall Street Tent City Is Not Covered By Freedom Of Speech

Bloomberg issued another veiled threat to the Occupy Wall Street protests, saying at a Queens press conference on Monday that “the Constitution doesn’t protect tents — it protects speech and assembly.”

“I’m 100 percent in favor of protecting — 1,000 percent in favor — of giving people rights to say things, but also we have to protect those who don’t want to say anything,” he said according to Bloomberg News. “There are places where I think it’s appropriate to express yourself and then there are other places that are appropriate to set up a tent city, and they don’t necessarily have to be one and the same.”


Read more: Link to BI

Ganja a ied Gabcho - 17 October 2011

The Bumburger wishes those tents were set up in another city, of course the problem is they’re in every city, so it wouldn’t matter of course. :mrgreen:

18. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 17 October 2011

Shades of Dune

A miniature “kamikaze” drone designed to quietly hover in the sky before dive-bombing and slamming into a human target will soon be part of the US Army’s arsenal, officials say.

Dubbed the “Switchblade,” the robotic aircraft represents the latest attempt by the United States to refine how it takes out suspected militants.

Weighing less than two kilos, the drone is small enough to fit into a soldier’s backpack and is launched from a tube, with wings quickly folding out as it soars into the air, according to manufacturer AeroVironment.

Powered by a small electric motor, the Switchblade transmits video in real time from overhead, allowing a soldier to identify an enemy, the company said in a press release last month.

“Upon confirming the target using the live video feed, the operator then sends a command to the air vehicle to arm it and lock its trajectory onto the target,” it said.

The drone then flies into the “target,” detonating a small explosive.


Dude, I can’t wait. You know that our AZ nutbag state legislature and guv’ner will allow these to be purchased at liquor stores except on sundays before 10 AM 😈

marisacat - 17 October 2011

We are fully armed, locked, loaded and ready to fly.

19. marisacat - 18 October 2011

😆 I hope it ws intentional…

Virginia television station WWBT/NBC12 is reporting that days before President Barack Obama’s visit to Chesterfield, VA, a truck carrying the presidential podium, audio gear, and the presidential teleprompter was stolen from a hotel parking lot.

The unmarked white box truck was recovered on Monday, and investigators are still looking into whether the thieves knew what they were stealing.

A spokesperson for the Defense Information Systems Agency told the station: “No classified or sensitive information was in the vehicle. We take incidents such as this very seriously and a formal investigation is continuing.”

Read more: Business Insider

20. marisacat - 18 October 2011

Whiplash. Maybe this admin needs some sort of policy position GPS.

Good luck.

Obama opposes repeal of healthcare program suspended last week

By Julian Pecquet – 10/17/11 01:51 PM ET

President Obama is against repealing the health law’s long-term-care CLASS Act and might veto Republican efforts to do so, an administration official tells The Hill, despite the government’s announcement Friday that the program was dead in the water.

“We do not support repeal,” the official said Monday. “Repealing the CLASS Act isn’t necessary or productive. What we should be doing is working together to address the long-term care challenges we face in this country.”

Over the weekend, The Hill has learned, an administration official called advocates of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act to reassure them that Obama is still committed to making the program work. That official also told advocates that widespread media reports on the program’s demise were wrong, leaving advocates scratching their heads. . . . . . . .

21. marisacat - 18 October 2011

Stumbling over themselves to sympathise…

Financial Times

22. Ganja a ied Gabcho - 18 October 2011

The Woman Who Knew Too Much

Millions of Americans hoped President Obama would nominate Elizabeth Warren to head the consumer financial watchdog agency she had created. Instead, she was pushed aside. As Warren kicks off her run for Scott Brown’s Senate seat in Massachusetts, Suzanna Andrews charts the Harvard professor’s emergence as a champion of the beleaguered middle class, and her fight against a powerful alliance of bankers, lobbyists, and politicians.

FWIW It’s a long Vanity Fair background article…

23. Ganjafied Gabcho - 18 October 2011

Here’s a post from naked capitalism that brings up some serious concerns about Elizabeth Warren’s progressiveness:

Elizabeth Warren’s Jobs Plan: War with Iran

As much as your humble blogger still regards Elizabeth Warren as preferable to Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race, the evidence from her campaign is that she is no progressive, unless you define “progressive” to mean “centrist/Hamilton Project Democrat willing to throw a few extra bones to the average Joe.”


A particularly ugly revelation came in the Boston Herald. On the one hand, the Herald is far from in the Warren camp, so it is possible that her remarks were taken out of context. But on the other, the Herald would see saber rattling as a plus, which perversely means they’d be less likely to exaggerate her views:

“Our number one responsibility is to protect Americans from terrorism, that’s our job, so being tough on terrorism is enormously important,” said Warren yesterday at a campaign stop in Gloucester.

“We should take nothing off the table, but the facts are still emerging,” the Senate candidate said when asked if she would support military action against Iran.

Huh? Protecting Americans against terrorism is number one? That means it ranks ahead of the rule of law, among other things. And this from a law professor. Glad we got that clear.

mas snippado
If her statement about Iran was just one example, it might simply be a personal departure from an otherwise prototypical “progressive” position. All of Warren’s three brothers served in the military, after all. But we’ve seen other tells that she is more centrist than the liberal fundraising apparatus that has latched on to the Warren product would lead you to believe.

For instance, I’ve had a number of readers ping me, concerned and perplexed to Warren’s response to a question in the Democratic primary debates about Occupy Wall Street:

Click through to the video here and watch starting at 49:50. The question is “What do you think of the Occupy protests and would you join them?” (…) video here

Warren, by contrast, pointedly avoids giving a straight response and goes a bit off the rails. Her first statement is about obeying the law, and several readers took it to mean she was accusing OWS of being a bunch of lawbreakers. She gave the impression that she’s more concerned about whether they play by the rules or not than whether they have real concerns (and those concerns are broader than just bad behavior by banks). Then she talks about how the banks broke the country mortgage by bad mortgage. She may have meant that as part of her “obey the law” message, but it comes off like an effort to save a flubbed opener. Then she says that’s why she wants to run for Senate. In other words, her message, at best, is she doesn’t agree with how OWS is seeking to effect change. They should vote for people like her instead.

major snippage

Mind you, if you are in Massachusetts, I am not telling you not to vote for Warren. I am simply warning you that she is not the Great Progressive Hope. She came to a strongly liberal view on a comparatively narrow set of issues, on how banks have looted customers, based on intensive research. She does not have that depth of expertise on many, if any, of the other topics she opines on. She has surrounded herself with mainstream Democratic advisors, the bulk of them with links to Harvard. 😯 😦 👿 She may wrap her views in populist rhetoric, but I strongly suspect, ex banking reform and other consumer protections, she’ll be far more centrist than most of her enthusiasts anticipate.

another one rides the bus…

marisacat - 18 October 2011

GG…. I will move this forward to the new thread… 😉

24. marisacat - 18 October 2011



…. 😯 … 🙄

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