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Interrupt 21 October 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, California / Pacific Coast, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Occupy Wall Street.

Screen grabs courtesy of Business Insider:
Watch Occupy Seattleites Awesomely Hijack “Today” (PHOTOS)
“Today’s Forecast: No Jobs.”

Apparently Kathi Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were in Seattle today for their hour of the Today Show… and Occupy Seattle decided to occupy the back ground crowd…

hmm I just heard that Occupy Oakland has been served with an eviction notice… they can gather in the day but they are evicted from staying overnight.  We shall see….


1. Madman in the Marketplace - 21 October 2011

those pics at the link are great.

marisacat - 21 October 2011

I got a big kick out of it…

2. Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

A Guardian article on the Greek riots

Greece is split in two. On one side are politicians, bankers, tax evaders and media barons supporting the most class-driven, violent social and cultural restructuring western Europe has seen. The “other” Greece includes the overwhelming majority of the population. It was in evidence yesterday when up to 500,000 people took to the streets; the largest demonstration in living memory. The attempt to divide civil servants (ritually presented as lazy and corrupt) from private sector employees (the “tax evading” plumbers) has misfired. The only success the Papandreou government can boast is the abolition of the old right-left division – replaced by a divide between the elites and the people.


The political elites will stand accused of fostering the lawlessness – the term freely used against those who resist. Two dynastic parties have alternately ruled the country over the last 40 years, creating the inflated, ineffective public sector they now attack. They turned a blind eye to tax evasion and created a generous system of tax avoidance. They ran up debt even after the problems became clear, eventually leading to the European intervention. Yet a representative of that “troika” of lenders – the IMF, EU and European Central Bank – told a Greek newspaper that they did not demand the abolition of collective bargaining in the private sector, the one measure that has led to some opposition in the ruling party. Nor did the troika demand the wholesale change in university law. It is as if the Greek elites desired the debt to orchestrate the wholesale destruction of the welfare state and transfer of public assets to private hands.

That last sentence sounds familiar doesn’t it?

marisacat - 21 October 2011

So classic.

3. marisacat - 21 October 2011

hmm they cleared out Occupy Oakland during the night… It seemed it was coming, there have been “visits” and “tours” thru the main encampment by various city officials, at a square in front of city hall, Okagawa Sq, named for the Asian astronaut in Challenger.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

Rotten Bastids! As if clearing a tent city is going to make those problems…er, I mean PEOPLE, go away. 😈

Here the occupation is growing despite the legal limbo (still waiting for council, city manager making a phone would be all it takes) The number of tents appears to have tripled since the first day. With our warm fall and the large number of indigent winter visitors in the Ol’ Pueblo I wonder if once the City Council gives the go ahead (something we hope for at the meeting next week) that the local occupation continues past the late december de-campment I’ve heard they plan in NY

marisacat - 21 October 2011

oops my error … they cleared out the small encampment in San Jose, also in a square in front of City Hall. Started clearing at about 3 am.

Oakland has received an eviction notice… so I expect it will be cleared sometime over tonight.

Dem mayors, both cities, of course. SF will be next I think….They already cleared it once, last saturday, full scale removal during the night.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

Our Hidalgo, Bob Walkup is a R, but more of a good time charlie from the clubhouse than any kind effective reactionary…besides he’s just basically chair of the council with one vote and ceremonial responsibilities; our city manager functions as most mayors do (the chief executive that hires, fires, directs bureaucracies) but has no vote. The council is majority Dem, but has just been a handmaiden to the real power here, the real estate developers. Of course now that industry imploded almost as spectacularly as Phoenix’s has, and questions about long time promises (on the taxpayers dime, of course) of fat-cat feeding trough known as Rio Nuevo revitalizing downtown are increasingly questioned, and our water issues become more and more dire the tools on the council don’t know who to serve anymore…

marisacat - 21 October 2011

Speaking of what did they do with the money… it has come out in a new report on infrstruture that San Francisco Co is in the WORST SHAPE OF THE ENTIRE state. So now, media decides to show us (not news really if you pay some attention, but still!) crumbling bridges. And they are crumbling badly. We all know about the roads, an old story here, we apparently value Pot Holes…. etc.

So all I can think is, where did the money go. (Into ther own pockets, of course) We are not a poor county, not even now (despite poor mouthing!)…. and we def had the set up t be first in line for “shovel ready” jobs from what I called the Stumble Money Bill…

And so on..

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

Its hard to believe you could have more pot-holes than us ( and I’m not talking about stoned jerks like myself- 😆 )…

10 years ago while a grad student at UofA, my boss, a post-dco from Alemania, was fond of unfavorably comparing our roads around town with “third world countries” Things have only degraded since then. Of course, if you go the elite northern edge of the city, where the High Schools have heated Olympic Pools (and a high percentage oof junkie students) their roads are perfect…

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

OkayYa Go-wa Square……

4. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Oh Fer.Fuhhck’s.Sa – aake! ~..
No Campaign Treats this year?
No kibble? No snausages, even?
Bin Laden AND Ghaddafi’s corpse to stage? Anyone?

Campaign 2012

Obama Looks to Bush for Winning a Tough Re-Election

President Obama and his campaign have studied, and to a striking degree are replicating, the Bush re-election playbook.

Oh cheer up,all ye Rabid Ape Liberals – only SINCERE when chestbeating Bloody Ends.- My my my –
Have the Dems got a candidate for You!

Hey, ya ask me, I SAY it’s an endorsement to go all roving bands of murder and mayhem HERE, no? Right? Yes? No?

Watering “Trees of Liberty” with Blood, Yes? Yes?
Hope for Change you can Believe In, Yes? We Can,? Yes?

marisacat - 21 October 2011

Unfortunately Bush (and Rover) will go in to the “political races” history book on the three wins – 96 in Tejas, 2000 and Reelection…. If only poor Slob had put in place something other than Clinton Continuation People, he could point to an Obama era.

But he cannot. False second coming advertised in 2008? Oh sure toss him that one.

5. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

I see Hillary’s a hit in Pakistan.

Kisses and Flowers! – ROASTED!

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

I didn’t know they had an Occpation in that Pakistan…. 😳 oh wait, that’s right they do…. (/crickets)

6. marisacat - 21 October 2011

Workin’ the Vota Liberal….

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Obama to Announce All Troops Out of Iraq by End of Year

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

Well, almost all…and the 40K “contractors” that will now be hired, well there’s a lot of South Africans and Israelis and other interationl merc types so it won’t be America, per se but more of will be an international cartel of the billing…

Reading behind “Mitch’s” lines on MSNBC, it sounds like their pulling out because Iraq’s parliament won’t grant US forces “immunity” past the New Year…

7. marisacat - 21 October 2011

Not that it matters of course, the two parties much less the cartoonish debate routine are tightly rigged, but still… makes me see RED…

–“Commission on Presidential Debates Elects Reverend John I. Jenkins to Board of Directors: Frank J. Fahrenkopf, Jr. and Michael D. McCurry, co-chairmen of the Commission on Presidential Debates … announced that the Reverend John I. Jenkins, President of the University of Notre Dame, has been elected to the CPD’s board of directors. …

‘Father Jenkins is a respected voice in higher education, and we are very pleased he will join the CPD’s board as we launch plans for the 2012 debates,’ Fahrenkopf and McCurry said.”

8. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

AND I see Discrepancies arise over how Gaddafi died

I think SO – WAPO – I think SO!

But Look man, MSNBC now has a blurb up on how the owner of the private uhm LION TIGER AND BEAR PRESERVE in Ohio was ah…DEEP IN DEBT.

So there’s thaaat.
Oh gather ROUNDS, Irony Lovers, gather ’round…
– – > We not only have the 300 + ready-to-burst million or so who can distill their own urine into heavy-on-the-nitrates improvised gelignite devices, we ALSO got the Debt Laden, heretofore Dr DooLitttle Motherfuckers now ready to unleash the veritable Seven Signs outta there OWN HOUSE.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

I suspect there is a lot of gruesome video of the whole sordid affair…have you seen the “sewer pipe” pictures with the fuzzed out “rebel” inspecting the pipe? CIA asset? Maybe he’s a frog or wop spook? But I’m sure there’s no doubt amongst those who enabled the mob….

marisacat - 21 October 2011

I think it was coordinated. Nato from above, select group on the ground…. waiting for the signal to sweep in.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Definitely…as is, ( I suspect) the Hill dismayed at Blackberry report…
Her Crime-Family-as-State-Department operation touched down in Libya just a few days ago..

All of which they’ve purchased at ever steeper prices IMO.
Embrace the Arab Spring? Well they’re going to need to embrace it ALL. Inevitable red meat bloody pulp street insurrections and ALL.

There are signs, however small, however great the efforts are of the PTB to conceal them, of their losing the grip on rank and file mil, cops, and critical infrastructure workers here… The confrontations in Pentagon Town Halls overseas with Mullen, etc… those moments of existential crisis you can see within rank and file NYPD, ****pivotal moments in the street, and they definitely definitely know their vulnerability among communications workers, their quick hustle this summer on Verizon strikers notwithstanding…

Oh Weld the manholes! Check all access panels!
Armor the Door!

** And – (decider-dly for a moment OUT of my not-given-to-dealing-with-nuance bhhm character now ) – IMHO if asking the deeper relevant questions wrt to ANY premise of necessarily affording street cred for Iraq Vet Shamar Thomas or any other mil-person else for that matter, it’s worth seeing his interview by Olberman, dare I say….

The guy’s affections steeped in Change rhetoric is there, notation of his family’s career Enlisted background too ….Yet Definitely indicative of more Kokesh-like fissures appearing in, simple matter of fact now – more home-from-the-Mil starting to appear in the streets telling it like it is,

And w/r/t This” Iraq Over” ObSlobber now…part of a piece IMO, the PTB rollout of rapid response in the battle to preserve monopoly on the “Our Hero’s” BRAND. Which, for those watching carefully the full length vid at the end of Sgt Thomas v shellshocked NYPD, the white shirts summoned any cops who had “been to ‘raq” to DEAL with him….Very poorly handled by some dick white fireplug who said Yeh? I been ta “raq – keep it moving ….” it was AFTER that the cops withdrew from the meme-breakdown-clusterfuck with people shouting Go Back! Go Back to Iraq!
Bottom Line? Command Narrative LOST.
Existential Crisis Rules the Day…. and Night.

marisacat - 21 October 2011

I see Hill and Huma are still together. Hell even i am starting to ”buy” it.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

One video I don’t have access to, …..not that I’m interested.
maybe Huma’s soon to be ex – WhatsHisWeiner- the disoriented-on-Twitter/ Marital-Bliss-And-Career-Now-Under-the-Bus guy, will accidentally post one up from the Private Collection….

marisacat - 21 October 2011

I wonder where Weiner ends up. He’s kind of a liability now. when it first broke i did not pay a lot of attention, I thought someone had broken into an anonymous twitter account… and discovered it was Weiner. THEN I found out it was his official Anthony J Weewee Member of Congress Twitteroo acct.


Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

The last bit of the “shame” video is where citizen Thomas really showed his careful nature, and hence respectable IMO; his alpha-male display, while not exactly facade (dude is no doubt the very definition of tough) was purely a demonstration and certainly not out of control. The telling moment for me is when the “I was in Iraq too” little thug in bleu shows up. (and you’re 100% correct that we are soon to see a lot more of these troglydytes) Clearly a mental moron as well as emotionally handicapped (call me judgmental but the eyes never lie), the little sociopath was instantly recognized by thomas as the cops’ check-mate move and he retired to the accolades of the varied Nyers. Truly a tour d’ force, by what I’d call a “good guy jock” Betcha he was defenisve captain or some such thing back on the ol’ high school team…

BooHooooMan - 21 October 2011

Oh he’s LEGIT, definitely a stand up guy.
As the saying goes, He REPRESENTS.
Which makes him a fucking nightmare for the PTB.

Oh the Pre-Empt Radicalization memo has gone out as they know THE central debate on peoples politic minds is over legitimate use of force. And uh, the growing number of “folks” lining up to occupy that too.

So we’ll be treated now to more Live from the Prosthesis Shop broadcasts and Brain Blasted Congressional Debutante Balls than ever before.

They’re not going to waste anytime–
ATOP HuffPo now, a Big Font day I see..

Saved From The Brink Of Death,
Veteran Keeps Chasing His Dreams

That said, Occupations and Direct Action are designed to be Non Violent. Like U.S. Diplomacy,
Humanitarian Aid and NASA engineering,
You know, Shit Happens.

marisacat - 21 October 2011

So we’ll be treated now to more Live from the Prosthesis Shop broadcasts and Brain Blasted Congressional Debutante Balls than ever before.

Mamma Obama hand feeding the blind quadriplegics – WH garden raised, blanched and braised vegies in soy butter…. You KNOW it’s coming.

marisacat - 21 October 2011

ugh Liion tiger man was something like (so the reports go) 68K in debt.

Mostly I have run away from this story…ti is just too horrifying. But I DO wonder where the wif is.

9. ms_xeno - 21 October 2011

Inspired by the last thread, I’m thinking of reworking this piece so Obama’s face is in the lower left hand corner. And submitting it to his re-election contest. What do you all think, Fans?

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

To replace the 50’s style stepfordian? Super. I love it. The color palette is so cheery and optimistic that it sets up a powerful tension with the content and import of the piece.

FWIW Can you make Obama look like her? (lip stick, wig, etc.)

ms_xeno - 21 October 2011

Oh, I wouldn’t want to offend actual cross-dressers by doing that. Also, people would probably mistake him for The Joker, and I don’t even read Batman comics, usually…

I’m actually long overdue to do another “Blue Skies” collage. But I have to think of a good hook first.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

😆 Everybody gets offended when linked to Oobster…I guess there ain’t nothing funny about our Joker in Chief :mrgreen:

marisacat - 21 October 2011

Fucker in Foo Foo.

ms_xeno - 21 October 2011

I’d find him funnier if he were happening to somebody else. :p

10. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011




BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

..and What was that Yesterday from HILLARY in Afghanistan?
Intimating threats To Obliterate PAKISTAN

marisacat - 21 October 2011

Oh we have said we (hilarious) can do what we like to Pakstan in an effort to eradicate groups……….that knit and sew. Somethng like that.

Terra Terra Terra.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Chris Matthews. (WITH Mrs GREENSPAN!)

This is Mission Accomplished without the banner.

Under, uhm – multiple MSNBC /GE corporate newsfeed banners that render the , ehhh, broadcasters themselves into the size of a postage stamp on a 40″ inch flat screen.

“End of an Era” 🙄 No banners. 🙄 No DramaBamaMamma.
🙄 “Peace As Promised.” 🙄


marisacat - 21 October 2011

“Peace as promised” but FIRST: Eat your peas.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Oh THATS it! – PEAS! As Promised! 😉 😆 Good One!

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Iraq Veterans for CitBank Anyone?
Oh CUE some group now to appear in some New York Ob-slobbery Home for Thanksgiving Parade – issuing of course – a very moving statement of Solidarity with………… BaaARRY

brian - 21 October 2011

he cut into the end of young and the restless to announce this bullshit

11. lucid - 21 October 2011

I’m wondering if the old guard is slowly disappearing from Dkos… In years past a diary like this would have been roundly mocked and the author dismissed as a troll. But because of the success of OWS, it’s on the rec list and very noticeably none of the usual suspects are in the comment thread.

I highly recommend reading the whole thing – though long. It’s an excellent piece.

marisacat - 21 October 2011

Thanks for that lucid…. 😉

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

Yeah, muchi garcias dude.

That was quite good. And to think that I’ve been avoiding that place for years for fear of an fulminant case of orange rash… 😉

ms_xeno - 21 October 2011

The day Kos’ enforcers start to vocally love the OWS movement is the day you should run like hell. :p Only Michael Moore and whatsisface from SEIU could deliver the killing blow faster…

Lucid - 21 October 2011

No need to worry yet. I noticed geekesque defending police brutality in a comment thread the other day.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Well just you wait, Ms Xee —
when they roll out DailyKos OccupyLondon Saturday Morning Gardening MotherTalker Brothers and SistersKos they’re gonna pick up the whole of the UK right there. 😆
Plus, Moulitsas is half- Greek.
All he has to do is reinstate Pyrrho at the Parthenon and he’s good. Send Mary Scott O’Connor to liveblog from Ireland and they’re golden. LOL

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Oh fiddlesticks! I meant to say ~

Send Mary Scott O’Connor to liveblog from Ireland, *My Sweet Leprechaun*, and they’re GOLDEN..

ms_xeno - 21 October 2011



In the future, please put your recounted acid flashbacks behind a warning-cut, Sir.

lucid - 21 October 2011

Just stop. I’m trying to eat…

12. marisacat - 21 October 2011

[banging head on computer. banging head on the wall]

In a new book ‘Ten Letters’ about the ten letters from Americans that President Obama reads every day, written by WaPo reporter Eli Saslow, this touching detail is revealed:

Obama sometimes writes personal checks to Americans who are struggling.

“It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened.” . . . .

Read more: Business Insider link

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

😆 Yah – and he dropped mine off on the ROOF!

marisacat - 21 October 2011

And somebody ate the oranges and cookies you left for Santa Claus….

Ganjafied Gabacho - 21 October 2011

I wonder if Ty Pennington delivers it with mouse ears intialed obbama-wear

lucid - 21 October 2011

Shit. We should all write him heart wringing letters about our toils and trouble.

ts - 21 October 2011

A *friend* on facebook twittered (after the death of Qaddafi) “Obama sure is effective at killing bad guys” #just saying, to which I replied “By the time tomorrow is over, he will have parachuted out of AF1, mowed down Qaddafi before touching the ground, handed out candy to the children, adjusted his sunglasses and said something witty, and flown off into the sunset with his cape trailing behind him.”

13. ms_xeno - 21 October 2011

Reading that link that lucid provided…

…Over and over she heard the same story: “I did everything I was supposed to! I worked hard, studied hard, got into college. Now I’m unemployed, with no prospects, and $50 to $80,000.00 in debt.” These were kids who played by the rules, and were rewarded by a future of constant harassment, of being told they were worthless deadbeats by agents of those very financial institutions who—after having spectacularly failed to play by the rules, and crashing the world economy as a result, were saved and coddled by the government in all the ways that ordinary Americans such as themselves, equally spectacularly, were not…

You’d better believe: this profile would fit a huge number of people I worked with at this latest dangerous, horrible, massive clusterfuck of a temp job. (For a “green” company, no less!) Not all, but a great many.

And they know what’s happening, I think. It’s just that stuck in that miserable hellhole, bullied and jammed together like pigs in a damn feedlot and treated like de facto “waste product”, you literally can’t afford to think it. You have to keep your eye on that check. (Which incidentally is always fucking late. Fuck you, Temp Agencies. Every last fucking one of you.)

They know. >:

14. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Yes. Every Institution.
Clue Yet?
Someone Cue an Overton Window Conference already! 😆

Occupy camp closes iconic London landmark

St Paul’s Cathedral is forced to close to visitors for the first time since World War II because of the Occupy London protest camp outside.

Dean Knowles: “The decision to close St Paul’s Cathedral is unprecedented in modern times”

Oh we got ourselves a gumbo –
a Mystified Gumbo –
Sippings and Wafers now…

The decision was taken with a “heavy heart” for health and safety reasons, said the Right Reverend Graeme Knowles.

Anti-capitalist demonstrators from Occupy London Stock Exchange have been in St Paul’s Churchyard since Saturday.

The group said they were “disappointed” by the closure but they planned to continue the protest.

Following a meeting of the protesters, one of the group, who gave her name as Lucy, said: “It was felt by everyone that we really wanted to stay and continue with the protest.

“This protest is massive, it effects everybody, everyone’s watching at home right now.

“It’s not just about a few people who have got some tents in St Paul’s, it’s not a stunt, it’s not a spectacle.”

Earlier a statement from Occupy London Stock Exchange said the camp had been reorganised in order to meet fire safety concerns.
Police presence

The dean has asked the activists to move on from the area by the entrance. “We have a legal obligation to keep visitors safe and healthy,” he said.

Peter, a supporter from Occupy London Stock Exchange, said: “What we are doing is we are informing everybody of the current situation and from then on we will be deciding if any further action will be taken on everyone’s behalf.

“We knew this would be a difficult occupation and I don’t think that we can just give up at this very moment.” The cathedral was closing to members of the public after a service on Friday afternoon.

Dean Knowles: “The decision to close St Paul’s Cathedral is unprecedented in modern times”

On Sunday the cathedral’s canon chancellor, the Reverend Giles Fraser, said he had asked for the police presence outside the building to be scaled back.

By Wednesday, the higher number of protesters meant officials had to review “the extent to which it can remain open for the many thousands coming this week as worshippers, visitors and in school parties”.

Speaking outside the cathedral on Friday, Dean Knowles said: “I have written an open letter to the protesters this afternoon, advising them that we have no lawful alternative but to close St Paul’s Cathedral 😯 until further notice. 😯

Doesn’t it suck when a few determined DFH can reach into your coin-operated Eden and shut down your various National God HeadQuarters?
So lemme get this straight –
Burning assorted Palms and Bush? – > Okay.
Sterno? – > not so much.
A gagillion BTU’s of candles and incense INSIDE the Church with several hundred year old wooden pews Okay?
– But a little peasant campstove outside on the pavement – not so much.


“With so many stoves and fires and lots of different types of fuel around, there is a clear fire hazard.
“Then there is the public health aspect, which speaks for itself.

Yeh Yeh – Got it, London:
FUCK that Frenchy Hump Quasimodo ~

“The dangers relate not just to cathedral staff and visitors but are a potential hazard to those encamped.”
‘No safety issues’

The 200 staff and 100 volunteers, who work at the cathedral, would continue coming to work “as usual”, a spokeswoman said.

Sunday services have been suspended until further notice but small gatherings of up to 100 people would still be allowed inside the church to enable planned weddings to go ahead, the cathedral said.

It is the only the second time Sunday services have been cancelled – the other time was during World War II, when the cathedral was closed in 1941 for four days during the Blitz. 😯

Protesters’ tents outside the cathedral Activists said the camp had been reorganised to leave clear access paths

😳 Last year the cathedral earned an average of £22,600 a day from commercial activities, which included income from 820,000 paying visitors. 😳 ;lol:

A statement from the protesters said: “Since the beginning of the occupation six days ago, OccupyLSX have tried hard to accommodate the cathedral’s concerns in any way we can.

“Over the past 48 hours, we have completely re-organised the camp in response to feedback from the fire brigade and we have also accepted the presence of two large barriers to preserve access to the side door of the Cathedral.

“This afternoon we have been told, in a telephone call, by the fire brigade, that they have not issued any new requirements above and beyond those already communicated directly to the camp. Therefore, there are no outstanding fire safety issues.”

The statement called on the cathedral to specify its “precise safety concerns”, saying the closure of the restaurant “mystified” them as the access to it had “never been blocked by the encampment”.

City of London Corporation’s policy and resources committee chairman, Stuart Fraser, said: “We hope common sense will prevail and those camping around the cathedral will recognise that they are damaging the integrity of their protest by their actions – and they decide to disband in a peaceful manner.”

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

😳 SORRY! I botched a close bold after “On Sunday..”

15. BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011

Church Social in Spammage.

BooHooHooMan - 21 October 2011


And for a few laughs…just from a couple days ago…
:lSt Paul’s canon happy for protesters to stay

So yeh, St Frollick of Flounderfuck, they trotted out this shtick yesterday…

Occupy London: Traders’ fears over St Paul’s demo

And now they got the Church of England closed for BUSINESS too.

16. marisacat - 21 October 2011



… 😯

gah for some reason the new post is not showing up on the side bar under ”Posts”. will see what is wrong. Link works tho.


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