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Priorities 6 November 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Occupy Wall Street, UK, Viva La Revolucion!.

A protester chats to tourists outside St Paul’s Cathedral [Dan Kitwood/Getty Images]




1. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

Teacher Lets 4th Graders Enjoy Wisconsin Solidarity Sing Along-Gets reprimand+15 minutes of fame

It’s a silly non-scandal being pushed by the local Faux affiliate (pushed this week, actually happened in late September:

It was September 27th. I’m wondering how they could hold onto this *scandalous* tale for so long?

A word from Portage School District Administrator Charles Poches:
“The district addressed the situation as soon as we were notified. The problem was we were not notified until Fox 6 contacted us,” Poches said. “There was never any intent from the district of hiding something. It’s just we were never notified of the incident because most people didn’t think it was an incident.”

The Solidarity Sing Along:

While I have your valuable attention on the eminently successful Solidarity Sing Along group, I may as well let you know they’ve conducted 203 Solidarity Sing Along gatherings now and started the whole thing on March 11. They meet every weekday at noon at Wisconsin’s Capitol building with Monday and Friday spent outside by the Lady Forward statue and the other days spent inside the Rotunda.

This is the funnest choir I’ve ever had a chance to be a part of. All you do is sing. There is no practicing 1 phrase to get it perfect. That being said, 203 sings has made them darn near perfect anyway. They sing a mix of labor and folk songs that are jazzed up by lyrics that speak to the Wisconsin protests. You can see a selection of their songs on WNPJ’s site which sponsors the sings and download your own PDF copy of their songbook.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

take two on the You Tube link

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

Why Walker Wants To Shrink Role Of Government?

To make it easier for the pleasurably privileged 1% and the political machine that serves them to profit from public resources and strengthen their economic and electoral hegemony.

If you starve public schools of their financing, private schools that can teach conservative doctrines prosper. Which conservative donors love.

If you starve bus systems and ban trains, roads remain priority #1, meaning road-builder profits stay reliable and donations flow back to the transit-killers.

If you steer public dollars to agencies with new private-sector management and operating manuals, like Wisconsin’s remade Commerce Department and the chamber-of-commerce-inspired DNR, more government-let contracts, and other public resources like waterways and wetlands and their profit-making potential fall under private steerage and management – – and the donations flow back from a grateful private sector.

And if you weaken environmental regulation, public confidence in government naturally erodes with the landscape – – see Oak Creek, coal ash spill – – and that makes it easier for companies to fill streams, build on lake beds, and mine large swaths of land – – see Senate Bill 24 – – with less fear of regulatory oversight, or effective citizen opposition.

The goal is to allow and encourage business to make a profit off public resources and to decrease the public role and trust in resource management and preservation.

It isn’t that Walker and the Fitzgeralds and their conservative donor groups want government to run more efficiently – – that would only give government more credibility and reach.

They want to use government to subsidize private interests with tax breaks and deregulation, and to run out of existence government programs in the common interest.

And through fresh tax schemes, like the idiotic 9-9-9, or a flat tax, to make middle-class taxpayers foot more of the bill – – thus to pay for more for less.

The extreme right now in power in Wisconsin, with national funding’ support, is coming after
anything and everything that has been created and maintained with your money and belongs to you – – beginning with state power plants, and then public waterways, and on to what ever can be picked off- – airports, street repairs, fish hatcheries, fire services, policing.

If it can be privatized and profitized, they will take it, and then through fees and an increased middle-class tax burden make you pay again to use it.

ms_xeno - 6 November 2011

re: charter schools

I was doing my customary troll for jobs last week, and saw a want ad for a charter school located in the next county over. There was a misspelling in the ad heading. Sadly, the job was not for a proofreader and it was too far away, so I didn’t apply.


3. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011
4. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

Guerrilla Librarians in Our Midst [link fixed!! – M]

Immanuel Ness, a professor of political science at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York and editor of The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest, 1500 to the Present, (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009), points out that libraries emerged as part of the sit-down strikes that unionized the American auto industry in the 1930s. Over the past 20 years, scores of workers’ centers providing training and legal help for low-income people have been established around the United States. “All of them have libraries as essential components of the process of educating workers,” says Ness by email. (His most recent book, Our to Master and to Own, co-edited with Dario Azzellini and published by Haymarket, is in great demand at occupation libraries, I’m told.)

So the OWS library and its spin-offs have a venerable ancestry. But what distinguishes them is that the collections are drawing in people with a deep background in library work – who, aside from their feelings about the economic situation itself, are sometimes frustrated by the state of their profession.

“I’ve worked in libraries since 1998,” Henk told me, “and throughout that period we’ve lost more and more control over budgets and collections. The information sources that people need are controlled by corporations, while we keep getting hit by the push for austerity.”

The issue here isn’t just the impact on the librarians’ own standard of living. Their professional ethos is defined by a commitment to making information available to the public. They are very serious about that obligation, or at least the good ones are, and they are having a hard time meeting it. If knowledge is power, then expensive databases, fewer books, and shorter library hours add up to growing intellectual disenfranchisement. Extreme economic inequality reinforces inequality of access to information, and vice versa.

It is an exceptionally vicious circle. Joining the occupation movement is a way for librarians “to begin taking power back,” Henk says, “the power to create collections and to define what a library is for.” It is, in effect, a battle for the soul of the library as an institution.

The get-together at the American Library Association meeting in Dallas early next year will be an important chance to work out the next stage of that campaign. In the meantime, the occupation-movement librarians — professional and otherwise — have to figure out how to meet more pressing demands. “We’re going into a very cold winter,” Henk says. “It’s important to get our people through 16 weeks of that while also preparing for the longer term.” At OWS, they are working out plans for fund-raising, storage, and, in due course, expansion.

The poet and rock performer Patti Smith has donated a tent that the organizers could use to protect the collection. But putting it up would risk a crackdown by police, since tents in parks are prohibited by city law. It’s against the law in Washington too, though the Occupy DC library in McPherson Square has one up anyway. The image of cops destroying a library, even an informal one, would go around the world in about two minutes. That’s not to say it won’t happen, though. Beyond a certain point, strategy and tactics replace cataloging and collection management as core concerns.

In any case, Henk sees the occupation-movement libraries as the shape of things to come. “We have to keep serving the information needs of the protesters,” she said, “and of other communities being hit by the economy. This work needs to continue.”

marisacat - 6 November 2011

oh that si so interesting… but the link failed.. if you have the URL just post t and I will fix


Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011
5. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

… there’s this description of Obama’s March 27, 2009 meeting with the heads of thirteen major banks:

The discussion moved swiftly across topics, such as the general soundness of the overall system and how to jump-start lending, before it came around to what was on everyone’s mind: compensation.

The CEOs went into their traditional stance: “It’s almost impossible to set caps; it’s never worked, and you lose your best people,” said one. “We’re competing for talent on an international market,” said another. Obama cut them off.

“Be careful how you make those statements, gentlemen. The public isn’t buying that,” he said. “My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

It was an attention grabber, no doubt, especially that carefully chosen last word.

But then Obama’s flat tone turned to one of support, even sympathy. “You guys have an acute public relations problem that’s turning into a political problem,” he said. “And I want to help. But you need to show that you get that this is a crisis and that everyone has to make some sacrifices.”

According to one of the participants, he then said, “I’m not out there to go after you. I’m protecting you. But if I’m going to shield you from public and congressional anger, you have to give me something to work with on these issues of compensation.”

No suggestions were forthcoming from the bankers on what they might offer, and the president didn’t seem to be championing any specific proposals. He had none; neither Geithner nor Summers believed compensation controls had any merit.

After a moment, the tension in the room seemed to lift: the bankers realized he was talking about voluntary limits on compensation until the storm of public anger passed. It would be for show.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

It would be for show.

Obama the window dresser

6. BooHooHooManMy Oovr - 6 November 2011

Now I played a lil fouhball/played a l’ill ball///
{note well, Old Jockstraps, always important to allude here in conversational opportunities to mythical destined-for-greatness athletic prowess without precisely identifying the inexplicable :wink:: athletic career-ender, pardon the homonymous ‘rear-ending ending there, too…..}
ANYWAYS, Priorities, well, yes, Priorities!
And it seems to be this.
1. Neither leave your mouth agape in awe of sports figures too much nor shower with the coach too often .

My God! I think I’ve done it! My Thesis, my Philosophie!
My OooVray!

7. BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

The double clutch below,, oops, can, ooops ,
hit the showers so to speak…

Classic m.o. on Sandusky’s part the charity for kids angle…
and Penn $tate i$ really trying to in$ulate Paterno over all thi$…


marisacat - 6 November 2011

maybe he can hide with the Catholic priests

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

“Huddle”, so to speak. 😆

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Hide, Huddle & Grope LLC. A Catholic Sports Law firm… specialising in unique and agressive defense of singular men of the Cloth and the Pigskin..

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

hut hut HIKE!

It’s all so Historic and fully-sponsored now… 😆

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

Blue22! Blue 22! Hide, Huddle & Grope! LLC. !
A Catholic Sports Law firm!…
LOL. etc.VERY cheeky.

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

For it is written, in John, I believe::
Let no play begin without snapping the ball. 😆

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Nobody wants to shower with them tho…

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

Well, men – Did the Army WANT to land at Omaha Beach or Anzio?

{20 minutes later into a recitation of WWII }

Did the Marines WANT to fight at Guam ? –
OH FUCK OFF GRONSKY – Whaddya MEAN in ’41 OR 44?

😆 That kinda shit…Yaknow – Hit the showers, men. :lol:. 😉

BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

Lemme tell ya, it’s rough for the History majors… 😉

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

This Is How the 99 Percent Becomes the 100 Percent

If there is going to be an Occupy movement beyond this initial Big Bang of a moment, it is going to come because people like Pam Newman brought it to places like Louisville, and Elkhart in Indiana, where a guy named Tom Wiley wrote to his local paper, “I know the people who are “occupying” Elkhart. They range in age from 18 to 73. They are working people, employed single mothers, veterans, students, those who have been laid off.” Or in places like El Paso, where a Bank Transfer Day has brought a windfall to 10 local credit unions because the people there pulled their money out of the fee-laden swamp of major banks, and deposited it in places where they can keep an eye on it, and the people handling it, and where anyone who wants to steal it probably has to go to the trouble of buying a mask and a gun.

That’s a movement, not merely a TV show. There’s already talk of a general gathering of Pam Newmans and Alan Rosedales from around the country, maybe in Philadelphia, to produce the “coherent political agenda” that various superstar pundits have been whining about since the first tents went up. Until then, there are two tents and seven people in Liberty Square in Louisville and, around them, quietly, workmen are hanging the lights of the holiday season from the bare branches of the trees.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

NHK, the Japan Public TV, ran a segment today on homeless in America…

I missed WHERE they did the segment, but somewhere has apparently set up a tent mini city. Wood pallets about 6 or 8 inches off the ground, and about 50 matching pale green and grey small tents. They interviewed a former engineer, voted for Obama in hopes it might mean soemthing…and one year after election was laid off. So, out of work for 2 years. He drives a cab and tries to make ends meet to have money for food and pay for a storage unit, is in the tent city as eventually he just could no longer cover the rent.

Currently he said no difference between the parties.

The convoluted and coercive retail politics thug work to get a broad range of disenfranchised and newly homeless or losing place in the middle class to Vote Obama! is going to be UGLEE. And of course as always, soon after election, the poor in their increasing numbers will be forgotten about. Not that it will cause Slob and Snob a moment’s lost sleep.

But America should pay attention if Obamavilles, to say nothing of people going hungry!, are going to be covered in places like NHK and not just Russia Today (which regularly covers poverty in America).

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

Free Trade Deal in Action: Milwaukee Firm Seeks $100 Million From El Salvador Govt.

For working people, talk of free trade agreements tends to trigger fear of being pitted against workers in low-wage nations—and being laid off.

But another critical dimension of free trade agreements and the race to the bottom has just cropped up in Milwaukee. A multinational company named Commerce Group based in the city is seeking to use the Central American Free Trade Agreement to overturn El Salvador’s efforts to block pollution from its gold mine. Commerce Group wants to win $100 million from the government of that poverty-stricken nation, which has blocked the company from re-opening the mine.

The power play illustrates the essence of corporate globalization, which is to use capital’s mobility to evade the constraints of democracy at the national level and establish rules that guarantee global corporate supremacy. Trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the World Trade Organization have effectively given corporations the power to set rules and ignore laws on product safety and the environment, allowing them to override democratically enacted laws and even win damages for lost profits through decisions by remote and secretive unelected panels.

Under the “dispute resolution” provisions of free trade agreements, a corporation can contend that a regulation constitutes a barrier to trade, and then can sue a nation for lost profits.

The issue is decided not in an open international court, but by a secret international “dispute resolution panel” composed of unnamed government officials and corporate officials. While their deliberations are conducted in secret and their documents are permanently sealed, their decision is final, as Thom Hartmann explains in his valuable book, Unequal Protection: the Rise of Corporate Dominance and the Theft of Human Rights.

This provision in CAFTA allows the Commerce Group to challenge the decision by the government of El Salvador to shut down the company’s mine because of severe pollution, which has resulted in a high rate of cancer and kidney disease, according to local residents and government officials. Operation of the mine stopped in 2001, but the Commerce Group gained a permit in 2004 to study the possibility of re-opening the mine, only to have it revoked by the government in 2007.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

This provision in CAFTA allows the Commerce Group to challenge the decision by the government of El Salvador to shut down the company’s mine because of severe pollution, which has resulted in a high rate of cancer and kidney disease, according to local residents and government officials

Just more global take over. Global enforcement …

marisacat - 6 November 2011

The issue is decided not in an open international court, but by a secret international “dispute resolution panel” composed of unnamed government officials and corporate officials. While their deliberations are conducted in secret and their documents are permanently sealed, their decision is final

The big problem is the transnationals have a secure home in the US. And no matter who is s/elected in the US they are lower than waste by-products.

Today it looks again to me as if we really are finished.

Yesterday a Wells Fargo was shut down, by an immigrant rights group… because WF participates in investment schemes that include investing in detention centers.

Quite a few of the East Bay protests on Saturday I found out, but not the ones earlier in the week, were arranged for by MoveOn. But I bet NOT the immigrant rights one.

I wonder if it will work this time when orgs like MoveOn tell Democrats, like th eones that came out in San Ramon, WC and so on yesterday, to Shut up and Vote.

Be interesting ot watch.

Crash landing, a very hard one – high velocity hitting reinforced concrete, after election 2012.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

I think if Move On tries the Shut You Pie Hole and Vote strategy, a lot of people won’t listen

marisacat - 6 November 2011

I hope not, but I wonder.

Things are so bad tho, if people fall for it now, its over. They might as well dispatc the drones into the downtown areas.

ms_xeno - 6 November 2011

MoveOn should try passing out some free pies if they want people to “close the hole.” We can either eat them or throw them. Or eat half and throw half.

Shit. Only suckers give away votes for free. 👿

10. BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

This just in…

MF Global Client Funds Still Missing

A shock, I know.

What is rolling out ever so slowly, (it was froating around on Friday) is that Rubin/ Clinton/ Schumer Turd, Gary Gensler,, Chairman and Chief Zionist installed at the CFTC has been forced to recuse himself from any of the investigation proceedings because of his relationship with Corzine.

How very “arms-length” of them all.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Maybe they can run a headline every day

Funds Still Missing at _______________ (fill in the blank)

Soon to be a regular FP column: FSM / Name Your Firm!

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Has anyone posited yet that “MF” most likely stood for MuthaFucka


Mutha Fucka Global.

Yep that sounds right to me.

11. marisacat - 6 November 2011

AfrikaWar, more and more of it

U.S. warns of Nigeria dangers

By ASSOCIATED PRESS | 11/6/11 12:39 PM

Diplomats identify the Hilton, Nicon Luxury and Sheraton hotels as possible targets for attacks.

LAGOS, Nigeria – A radical Muslim sect responsible for attacks that left more than 100 people dead in northeast Nigeria this week could bomb three luxury hotels frequented by foreigners in the oil-rich nation’s capital, the U.S. Embassy warned Sunday.

The unusually specific warning from U.S. diplomats identified possible targets of the sect known locally as Boko Haram as the Hilton, Nicon Luxury and Sheraton hotels. Those hotels draw diplomats, politicians and Nigeria’s business elite daily in the country’s central capital of Abuja. …..

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

Lawmakers Aim to Stop Defense Cuts if Debt Panel Fails

As pessimism mounted this week over the ability of a bipartisan Congressional committee to agree on a deficit-reduction plan, lawmakers began taking steps to head off the large cuts in Pentagon spending that would automatically result from the panel’s failure.

Members of both parties and both chambers said they increasingly feared that the 12-member committee would be unable to bridge deep partisan divisions and find $1.2 trillion in deficit reduction as required under the law that raised the debt ceiling and created the committee in the summer.

As talks sputtered, one panel member publicly lamented that the process was not working, and the group was chastised by a bipartisan group of budget experts at a public hearing for failing to show progress. Several members of Congress, especially Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, are readying legislation that would undo the automatic across-the-board cuts totaling nearly $500 billion for military programs, or exchange them for cuts in other areas of the federal budget.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, has drafted a bill that would replace the military reductions that would occur under a process known in Congress as sequestration with 5 percent cuts to other, unspecified parts of the federal budget, and a 10 percent decrease in pay for members of Congress. In the House, similar measures are being assembled.

“If the joint select committee does not do what it needs to do,” said Representative K. Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican on the House Armed Services Committee, “most of us will move heaven and earth to find an alternative that prevents a sequester from happening.”

After listening to dire predictions by the Joint Chiefs of Staff about the effects of automatic cuts, Representative John Garamendi, Democrat of California, was even more blunt. “The sequester will never take place,” he said. “It’s not going to happen.”

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Save Every Jack Boot.

Luv that the night blooming flower of the South is running it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

marisacat - 6 November 2011

He probably sold his heart and his nether regions to some general decades ago.


13. Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011
marisacat - 6 November 2011

hmm i Read the whole thing. it’s basically the boilerplate model that has evolved over the past few weeks.. I noticed a local lawyer, Scherzer, DOES get it, however

But Mark Scherzer, a lawyer who lives and works near the protest site, said Occupy Wall Street had become a scapegoat for broader neighborhood issues. The near-constant drilling of bedrock by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was worse than any drumming, he said, and the need for bathroom facilities had mushroomed before the protesters arrived.

“While O.W.S. has brought more people to the neighborhood,” he wrote in response to the officials’ letter, “so has the 9/11 Memorial. All of them need to use toilets.”

Madman in the Marketplace - 6 November 2011

it was the one bit of reality in the midst of a steaming pile of runny turds

marisacat - 6 November 2011

well thre were little flickers in that the Community Whatever seems to have people in the neighborhood that are sympathetic.

But it may be ephemeral… there is a show right now in SF among the Supervisors of half embrace, half hands off. Same with the runt piece of crap that is the installed mayor …

I don’t expect it to last.. and may likely just be in response to polling. And the fast spread of the Occupies.

14. BooHooHooMan - 6 November 2011

Neoliberal a go-go.
{PASOK’s} Papandreou is out and his Amherst Colleg room-mate 😆 Samaras of .New Democracy is stepping in atop the new “national unity” / Amherst Alumni Association Whateverment or other ….. 🙄

New Democracy.
in Greece.
Jumping Sharks flying over the Acropolis now.
About it.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

oh I had just added that (Washpo edition) to the new post about to go up….

Oh wait… Not only at Amherst… they went to private grammar school together too!!

It’s like Rhode Island Chafee and Whitesnout or whatever his name is, families friends for years, genreations… happy little agreement to not take each other on. Etc.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Mon cher frere Vieu ami de mon coeur!


15. marisacat - 6 November 2011



………….. 😯

16. diane - 6 November 2011

I’ve been thinking an Occupy All Major Ports Day, will hopefully transpire in the very (very) near future.

Ports, harbors and terminals can serve a nation in wartime in a myriad of ways – delivering supplies, troops and equipment to fronts as needed. Only “major” ports, harbors and terminals are taken into account in this listing. In the final GFP ranking, landlocked nations [ and states, counties, cities, etc.,…”High Tech ™,“ ,,, has certainly confused so many into thinking, that Ports, are no longer relevant. – diane] ARE penalized for lack of major terminals.

(Just found the above linked site: Total Major Ports and Terminals by Country – Ports and terminals would become fair play in total war, doing an internet search minutes ago, so I don’t know anything about it. If the data is reliable, it could be used to really stir up the Mother (also: Father And Kids) Fuckers)

(yeah, the above was intended for the November 6th, Freedom “thread” ….. increasingly I’m not able to post on certain threads due to ancient!!!!!! (meaning over two plus years old ….no wonder so many are believing in the “Mayan” calendar, where time shortens to zero (no I haven’t signed onto that yet, it’s certainly tempting though.)) browser issues.…Very sorry and humiliated, but then, that appears to be the plan with a technology the powers that be, know no one will ultimately be able to keep up with, outside of who/what is running the program.)

diane - 6 November 2011

welp, after poking around a bit, I didn’t see a list of major ports at the link, though I’m sure there is a reliable list ‘out there.’

anywhoodle, …..Furthering the thought, Occupy all Waterways …on barges, canoes, rowboats, rubber rafts, and whatnot …that’ll certainly give those Foot and Horse brigades the fuckin BLOOOOOOZ …..

(ohh Sandusky, ..figures it was PA …hope they finally catch up to the Prick English/Theatre Master/Yearbook Editor Instructor I had too. He had one of those sickening belt/key chain things with about two hundred keys dangling from snip snappy elasticized extensions, and a perpetual, unkind and chilling smiiiiirrrrrk for anything and anyone hindering his obsession.)

marisacat - 6 November 2011

wiki has lots of info on Ports and links… I looked up stuff on Port of Oakland and Pireaus a few days ago there…

diane - 6 November 2011

yeah, I saw the Wiki, Port links, …but I’d really be interested to see the actual, updated to the minute, MIC/Bank lists re “Major Ports” …since lil Jimmy Whales (along wit his lackeys) has shown himself to be quite controlling of that wize data empire (Peter Byrne is one instance (yeah fuck byrne on his skool vouchers, capitalism and m. friedman worship, but naked short sales were a reality …and lil jimmy, iz a ‘capitalist’ hisself.)), not to mention the fact, that unlike an old fashioned encyclopedia, wiki relies on interested parties completing the data voluntarily, generally, for free. If no one is interested, or has the “free” time to spare, the Wiki data is not complete, and/or not true (despite how ‘up to the nansecond’ the analysis/edit was).

marisacat - 6 November 2011

the pages I looked at had an awful lot of links to port data… fwiw.

diane - 6 November 2011

wellsy, in lieu of the most complete, up to date data, as to what is being shipped from/to where, and how important it is, on a particular date, ……..the Port lists at Wiki (yes they are extensive) could certainly be used, vetted and Added To, by Longshoremen&wimmens in the know …….to begin Global, Instantaneous, Port Shutdowns …… :0) ….(despite lil Moby Jimmeh).

marisacat - 6 November 2011

the most complete, up to date data, as to what is being shipped from/to where, and how important it is, on a particular date

uh well good luck on that… with Homeland Security involved in the ports.

diane - 6 November 2011

so true, I suppose the only thing we can rely on, is the fact that the Homeland Security system relies on human ‘slaves’ way ‘underpaid’ for the human treachery they’ve become immersed in (for which, they will be the first to be physically assaulted by 6.995000000 (plus minus) billion humans for), just to simply put some gruel in their mouths and shelter over their heads (though not their whole bodies), from ‘the elements.’ Human ‘slaves’…who might love to ‘switch sides’ and provide that important information, …. to those they more resemble.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

I think an awful lot of people agree with how things are, esp in national security.

It’s nice to think otherwise.

Other than that, Jared Ball over at Black Agenda Repor is esp stressed that “slave” is being used by OWS. Says it “reflects darkly” on the user.

So easy to get deflected.

So hard for anything to make any sense at all. And so on.

On to the non sense.

diane - 6 November 2011

(okay, …I really exaggerated in my above comment. The lower most rung of Homeland Security won’t be the target, on the other hand though, they will certainly be used as disposable shields in the face of starving, crippled and dying multitudes who are deliberately being destroyed. )

marisacat - 6 November 2011

Pretty much everybody is disposable…

diane - 6 November 2011

It’s unfortunate that Jared’s post (which I totally disagree with,…though I don’t know that I would welcome switching lives with Jared as to what he was feeling in stating what he did) seems to have overshadowed the other posts at Black Agenda Report (I have absolutely no verbal/oral communications with anyone there) in the last week; …in a way that would not have happened at a ‘blog’ where various non ‘black’ people were posting …jus sayin, people certainly don’t blame you for the things I post if they don’t care for my thoughts.

marisacat - 6 November 2011

I’ve said a couple of threads back that I think Ball’s post is ridiculous… and I sure don’t care what people think of what I post or don’t post.

17. diane - 8 November 2011

oh fuckin priceless homes …:0) ….(from the now current (November 8th, 4:30 DST “Pacific Time”), Freedom ‘thread’) …..:

Well the “graduate assistant” at Penn State who witnessed and did nothing to stop Sandusky raping a child in the shower, was not only a Penn State football player – no scrawny kid – he got a promotion and is now in fact a Penn State coach AND their recruiting co-ordinator…Howdya like them apples?”
Come play with ‘the Legends’ ” and all that the pitch no doubt.

would love to be that unsignificant dust mote that captured/captures whatever conversation transpired/transpires between Rooney, and the freckled ‘Mick,’ Obombster,….about Joe! … PA!!!!!tern[al]o[h]!!!!! …….

In the meantime, I’m still working on the correct spelling .of Rothlesburger …so I can graduate wit honors too, …..Yes A Priorty …An Obligation Which Must Be Upheld In Order To Receive Sufficent Oxygen and Vittles!

yeah …..smiiiiiiiiirk . sigh …..stone sack ……. back broke …..

diane - 8 November 2011

(unintended bolding after “o[h]!!!!!” … though I somewhat appreciate most of that accident, …. in retrospect ….)

diane - 8 November 2011

One thing I’ll say about CA, tis easy to spell Jobs, Page, Brinn, Ellison …certainly even Zuckerberg, …and that not so distant ‘Papa’, Uncle Gates ….etc. …etc. ….etcetera ….

then again …..it is so late in the day …………… nearing dusk …..

18. diane - 8 November 2011

as I heard it from a wimmin, in the pit berg first hand an hour or two earlier (five twenty something “Eastern Daylight Time”): more de tailz please …I like de tails along with my nasty, force fed, canned ‘june’ peas .

How did Sandusky get that Penn State “office space” after they told him to resign … and who payed for it …and how does one get away with taking showers with boyz in an “institute of higher learning” …perhaps that despicable scum sleaze Arnie Duncan can answer?

19. diane - 8 November 2011

Re Madman’s post #11 on the now current, Freedom thread:

ACLU to OPD: No Seriously, Hand Over the Info

no doubt the “State of California,” as in the Jerry the Jesuit, DEM Team, co starring his Celibate, ReThuglican Atty/Counsel – GAPWifie – (lil bloggie doggie tooo), and the Federale, Obombster, ….had much to say re that Oaktown pre dawn, Thor’s Day, November 3rd, 1011, …RAID on ‘The People,’ …..certainly not to overshadow the ugliness of any local Oaktown Dick Suckers, whatever Skin Tint, “Gender,” Culture, …..etcetera …(for that matter), they may be idealized as.

20. diane - 8 November 2011

…rocks turning over…

one might even say, Key Stones. …So very sad, …. oh where, …oh where? is my well worn hanky! :0) ….

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