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Car wash 9 November 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la vie en rose, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, Occupy Wall Street, Viva La Revolucion!.

A turtle swims through a make-shift underwater car wash, surrounded by a bright shoal of yellow tangs eager to rid him of algae that had collected on his shell. Photographer Masa Ushioda captured the sight off the coast of  Kailua Kona, in Hawaii.
A turtle swims through a make-shift underwater car wash, surrounded by a bright shoal of yellow tangs eager to rid him of algae that had collected on his shell. Photographer Masa Ushioda captured the sight off the coast of Kailua Kona, in Hawaii.
[Masa Ushioda/SeaPics.com/solent]


On a related matter –  I found this at IOZ,

Operation Barkarossa

Those who think I view the Occupy folks in too rosy a light may have a point, although, as with my view of the Tea Party wheezers, a positive opinion shouldn’t be taken as a wholesale endorsement.  Nevertheless, I defy anyone to tell me that this isn’t fucking awesome.

…when the city of Denver insisted that Denver Occupy HAD HAD HAD to select someone to speak and meet with the mayor (no doubt some Democrat, they hold a few cities in their portfolio, snicker):

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock insisted that his city’s occupation name a leader in order “to deal with City and State officials.” And he got his wish! Occupy Denver has elected Shelby, a border collie, as its leader. Long live Shelby!

Shelby, on whose noble visage you can gaze here, was elected in a “landslide vote” on Sunday night. One of Occupy Denver’s organizers, Al Nesby, was inspired to nominate Shelby to the position after the director Michael Moore showed up one day and rubbed him the wrong way by refusing to follow general assembly rules; with Shelby, who’s three and a half, the occupation should have no such problems. Her bodyguard and closest confidante is a filmmaker named Peter John Jentsch

 . . . .

Protesters have already made an official request for Shelby to meet with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

A lovely sense of the absurd.


Lastly.. in a shameless act of plagiarism (on my part!)…. this wonderful graf again from IOZ on Occupy:

[T]his is why I really like this whole Occupy dealio.  As one eminent blurgher said, Occupy Wall Street is no revolution.  I love their absence of a program and agenda, their lack of leaders and, at least to-date, their charmed indifference to calls on all sides for them to get such things.  I think that packing a tent and sitting your ass down and not moving is just great.  I think it’s exactly what this country needs.  I think that it is at heart and root a contemplative practice.   I think those kids are transmitting the grace-waves of beneficence to the rest of humanity.  I think that the very act of abjuring traditional activism is necessary and ingenious.  I also think that Occupy, or something very much like it, would have inexorably occurred five years ago or ten years hence, one way or other; that this moment I so admire is both specific and inevitable.  I’m jealous that I didn’t dream it up.  But the thing is: someone was certain to dream it up.  . . . .




1. brian - 9 November 2011

the dow is down almost 400 today . . . more of the same tomorrow???

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 November 2011


2. marisacat - 9 November 2011

Stocks down 3%… on Italy they say. hey if it is Wednesday, it is Italy. If Monday, it is Greece.

God knows the market could give a shit about the US.

3. marisacat - 9 November 2011

I love all the flapdoodle from FEMA that! despite its failures, here and there, they did the right, the courageous thing: They tested it!! And so they will endure the brickbats. In the valiant search for.. something or other….

Probably not well known but the Cali emergency alert system failed here on 9/11.


And this:

Did the national Emergency Alert System mistakenly play Lady Gaga?

Christian Science Monitor – ‎25 minutes ago‎

FEMA sent out a live emergency alert notification that was supposed to be accompanied by a ‘this is only a test’ disclaimer Wednesday. The disclaimer did not always happen.

Some observers said they heard a Lady Gaga song instead. …

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 November 2011


Be afraid! We have to make sure we can gin up more fear …

… wait for it … wait for it … waaaaaiiiiittttttt for it …

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 November 2011

Fema apparently messed up the embedding code!

diane - 9 November 2011

but but but the Bill/Hill C. (D- AK), Deformed Cock, FCC ACT of 1996, re: the “Section” re: the switch from Analog to Digital was supposed to be about providing unhindered (by deformed cock sucking politicians and related white gloved assassins), true Emrgency Alerts to the wee [weed on] peeples …

(versus those exponentially increasing, …by the horrifying nanosecond, …….let’s bomb the fuck out of Iran and the rest of Africa ….while “Legislating” armed drones for every major city, urban area, “national” borderline, …EMERGENCY ALERTS!!!!!!!! … wee actually ended up with.)

(it’s truly too wrenching, …. that the above ‘photo,’. has been so highly, … happy endingish, …… “photo – shopped;” … …so poorly, at that. -…..everyone knows there are shadows created ….. when ‘light’ (artificial, or real), confronts a ‘subject.’ …..)

marisacat - 9 November 2011

what photo?

diane - 9 November 2011

the photo of the turtle. …There are no shadows where they would be, given where the source(s) of light (the sun and..possible waterproof ‘flash’) are obviously coming from.

further, the detail of the (closer) yellow ‘tang’ between the (further away) coral and the turtle, is far less focused/defined and far more blurry and fuzzy, than the further away coral.

marisacat - 9 November 2011

I am not aware of much nature photography that goes unretouched.

But I’d add that light and shadow are soemtimes indistinct happenings… down, under the water, in Hawaii there is a lot of light and shadow… hard to tell where it comes from at times .. like parts of England, Bronte country for one, where shadows move across the land, as if there were clouds in the sky. When there are no clouds.

diane - 9 November 2011

sorry hon, it’s totally ‘touched up’ ….

marisacat - 9 November 2011

diane, I don’t care. As I said, I am unaware of much nature photography that is UN RE TOUCHED.

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 9 November 2011
marisacat - 9 November 2011

oh tha poor Democratic mayor… what will he do!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 9 November 2011

riot cops with whips?

marisacat - 9 November 2011

Cat ‘o Nine Tails. Why not. Dogs, hoses. Be the new black mayor of Atlanta. Rise of the New South and all. So laudable.

5. marisacat - 9 November 2011

Spanier and Paterno are fired.

Geesh. At last.

I found out today that under PA laws Paterno did fall under “mandated reporter” of child abuse. ANY school ”official”, teacher, etc was mandated.

AND that two chjildren came forward in 1998… and it was brushed away, Sandusky went o see one mother and confessed. Sounds like he cried too.

6. marisacat - 10 November 2011

It got violent tonight at “Occupy Cal” which is on the Sproul Plaza at Cal Berkeley…

Violent meaning the cops against the students. Pretty ugly from the news film….

And it seems they will move on Occupy Oakland soon. They cut the electricity to the street lights at the plaza, for one thing.

We shall see.

An interfaith candlelight demonstration has just started at Ogawa Plaza in support.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

hmmm they cut the electricity at Sproul Plaza too…

wu ming - 10 November 2011

pretty fucking ugly attacks, usually they’re more careful about doing it in the darkness:

stop beating students

amazing discipline by the kids here.

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011


just keep on radicalizing a generation, cops …

marisacat - 10 November 2011

I thought it was horrible, the police line advancing hitting people over and over in the stomach with their truncheons.

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011

I just saw it again from multiple angles on Countdown … it’s stomach churning. I admire those kids for standing firm and finding ways to help move the injured back without breaking ranks.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

it looked ot me like moving the injured back was a constant… they would kind of scoop them backwards behind a new front line, that then moved forward, all in one motion, as much as possible.. And plenty of women in he front line.

I think I heard a professor or TA was injured…. and one news channel intrviewed an alum who saw the film on the news last night and came today to see for himself.

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011

I was extremely impressed by their discipline.

Just found this Boing Boing post about it, with this observation:

In videos surfacing today of this and other police beat-downs at Berkeley, observers note that cops are routinely covering up their badge numbers to avoid being identified later.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

Same as Oakland…

7. marisacat - 10 November 2011

Slob, best lackey there ever was. The Watergate still-alives are who and how many? 36 fucking years ago.

[T]he Nixon Presidential Library said it will make the records accessible online.

Grand jury testimonies generally remain sealed and private. While the Obama administration argued that too many people mentioned in the testimony were still alive, the secret testimony was ordered to be released after a judge determined that its historical value trumped any privacy concerns.

“Watergate significance in American history cannot be overstated,” wrote U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth in his decision, the AP said. “The disclosure of President Nixon’s grand jury testimony would likely enhance the existing historical record, foster scholarly discussion and improve the public’s understanding of a significant historical event.”

The request to unseal the testimony was made by historian Stanley Kutler, who has written several books about Nixon and Watergate. . . . . .

Read more: People Mag oh ooops I mean, Politico

8. ts - 10 November 2011

Greece appoints a new prime minister after unrest over austerity policies causes old government to collapse. A banker and economist, he pledges to implement new austerity policies promptly.

Already the dead pool clock ticking on this one.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

One thing is certain, the Greeks are not leaving the streets.

ts - 10 November 2011

My coworker told me he’d read an article that now even Greeks who still have jobs, small businesses, etc are stopping paying their taxes. It’s in a death spiral now, there’s simply no way for the banks to strongarm a government in place that can keep them in the eurozone and default-free.

Argentines still haven’t forgiven the IMF for putting them through the same thing for over four years before they finally abandoned the dollar peg and defaulted. At the end the people were in the streets banging on pots and pans all night in front of the legislator’s houses, unemployed workers had taken over the factories their employers had abandoned (the post-default government let them keep ownership in many cases), people were looting the supermarket chains to pass out food to the old who had lost most of their pension, etc. They’re just going to get stronger and the government will just keep turning over until one gets what is happening and puts a stop to it.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

Well there is even some level of capitulation in tht supposedly Merkel or both, Merkozy, are talking about a smaller “core” Eurozone. As if it is their idea and not scrounging for a cover story.

ts - 10 November 2011

I think that will die the same death as the “referendum” that was proposed by Papandreou, (only to immediately be canned when the government realized that people would vote themselves out of the Eurozone big time). Core EU means Greece is kicked out. It will be political difficult for the core countries to pay the bankers back at 100% for a non-core country. That would be non-cool. A non-starter. Non.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

However they get to breaking it up, fine with me.

9. ts - 10 November 2011

The Fark headline: “Greek stock market soars on news that outgoing Prime Minister Papawhatever will be replaced by incoming Prime Minister Papawhatever”

10. marisacat - 10 November 2011

Geesh the Sandusky Paterno Penn State story is popping open… all over… from pedophile ring… (what a shock! and it may have been rich donors. More SHOCK) to now a missing prosecutor, since 2005, the prosecutor who declined to prosecute Sandusky in 1998.

Apparently his laptop turned up in the Susquehanna River, hard drive missing…. NYT has it but I see the story is breaking all over.

Bradley, the named interim coach won’t say what he knew or when and has announced McQueary is staying… and will coach Satruday.

Obviously no shame in Happy Valley. NONE.

Oh and. Sandusky out and about, seen at Dick’s Sporting Goods wearing PS sport gear. I say he s advertising how protected heis… no owrries he will go to prison and be killed there.

NO shame clearly with any of these people.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Obviously no shame in Happy Valley. NONE.

Well we’ll just have to see what we can do about
gettin some up in theyah.

Susquehanna is a very shallow river as are the streams that feed it and the furrowed fields nearby….

All sorts of stuff floats up and is seen deposited by the banks…, Jonathon Luna, Arthur Mizzoni….

I wonder if Governor Ed was at home – the river view is stunning from the Mansion as ice flows and whatnot from up in the mountains pass by when winters turn to Springs , or perhaps, as was his habit, he was burning up the roads, with his hand picked and loyalty-oath-sworm State Police detail in tow….to get to one meeting or other…….

11. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Of all the things to riot about, protesting the firing of Paterno
{Most Wins AND Child Rapes EVAH!!!}…
is not one of them.

Fucking Assholes. Literally.

THAT SAID, now your probably wondering, (Okay! maybe not!)
how can I change course , Oh I’m not, not, NOT (Ray Gricar) – ….yet seeing the Still Striving Ignorant WHITE People – and they ARE as Dumbfuck-a-Cracker-Ass campus as they come , yet seeing them come apart at the seams like that, my my my my my my. Somebody fucks with the Vanilla Ice Cream Man and they go apeshit.

wELLLL,, – try not to barf – the kidsnots up there have ALSO taken to a a Blue Ribbon campaign in memory of the victims. And for diversity’s sake — ya wanna know how White this school is? – there is this Hero-worshiping slobbering fuck-wazzle of a “street muralist” who has taken to painting over his sucky suck-up “art” leaving a …WAIT FOR IT…. A Blue Ribbon – HEY – miss out on the Award Winning IRONY THERE, FOLKS???:…
a Blue Ribbon in the chair where Sandusky was seated in along the Great Penn State Luminaries….

You can’t make this shit up. Literally.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

More to come I am sure. I mean, why would it end now….

I take it a curious valley of low brow, no neck and low to the ground knuckle draggers.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

No no – those are the ELITES. 😆

To wit – A Penn State grad I might add, left Nader right quick, too, upon getting ticket punched….

marisacat - 10 November 2011

oh yeah when she feels like it she’ll mention having been “a Nader’s Raider”.

So cute. As a button.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Bloomberg pet now, big friend of Al and Judy, ,Tweety,
the Potatoes Russert etc…, BIG friend of Midge and Ed, kid married in to one of his buttonmen, Veritably serviced Barbara Bush on the lawn up at Kennebunk during a television interview…
You can make this shit up. Literally.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

Maybe Santorum still luvs him:

Citing Sandusky’s work with The Second Mile charity to provide care for foster children, then U.S. Senator Rick Santorum honored Sandusky with a “Congressional Angels in Adoption” award in 2002.[9]

Sandusky wrote an autobiography titled Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story (ISBN 9781582612706), which was published in 2001.[10] The book includes a quote from ex-Eagles head coach Dick Vermeil about Sandusky: “He could very well be the Will Rogers of the coaching profession.”[11]


marisacat - 10 November 2011


Sandusky is married and has six adopted children.[23] He also took in foster children.[5]

One son, Jon Sandusky, serves as Director of Player Personnel for the Cleveland Browns.[24][25] Another son, E.J. Sandusky, is an assistant football coach at West Chester University.[26]

12. marisacat - 10 November 2011

Sounds like Continental is a dual national. At least.

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Well as far as emergency crash landings go, the only other thing that would suck more than having an emergency crash landing is having an emergency crash landing in ISRAEL .

ISRAEL: The Country That Makes Crash Landings Anywhere Else Seem Worth A Shot!

Hell I’d be beggin the pilot right down the list –
Hold out for shark infested waters!
Can we make it to the Sahara?!!

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011

Barry blinks on the Keystone pipeline:

The United States said on Thursday it will study a new route for the Keystone XL Canada-to-Texas oil pipeline, delaying any final approval beyond the U.S. 2012 election and sparing U.S. President Barack Obama a politically risky decision during an election year.

The decision was a victory for environmental groups, who say producing oil sands crude emits large amounts of greenhouse gases. It was a blow to TransCanada Corp, which planned to build and operate the conduit.

The State Department said that based on past experience a study of the new route could be completed as early as the first three months of 2013, well past the November 6 2012 U.S. presidential election.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

R are already beating him up on it… (jobs lost)

Hey go for it.

14. marisacat - 10 November 2011

Lordy, there was a shower incident in 2000 as well.

1998, 2000 and 2002.

COME ON! They all knew, knew everything.

15. marisacat - 10 November 2011

There’s been a shooting adjacent to the camp at Okland Occupy… stories are mixed but it seems to me it is NOT a camp member, tho camp “medics” went to his aid… (for real, they wear red jackets with big white crosses)

Larry Reid the asshole head of the Oakland council is there… my guess it is used, if they possibly can, to clear the area….

A camp person said they deal ith gunshots and violence that is endemic to Oakland everynight, and their medics often deal with it first.

We shall see…

marisacat - 10 November 2011

THe gunshot victim has died…

Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011

I think DC used injuries associated with Occupy DC’s action against the Koch Brother’s event the other night to attack the sight as “dangerous”, only mentioning very late in the press release that the injuries were to PROTESTERS hit by a driver who was allowed to leave the scene by DC police. LINK

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011

If you want a break, there is a cool short documentary about those awesome Roxy Music album covers at this link.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 10 November 2011


“They say the Occupy movement has no leaders. They are wrong. YOU are the leaders! The rest of us are your followers! What you do here shows us what we can do out there.”

18. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Rendell running for cover…
Says he worries about a rush to judgement about Paterno AND that McQueary “did the right thing”. Vomit at will.
Podcast translation:
Not a State Institution, per se
Very little involvement, very little involvement.
Small school up in the mountains , right?

R iiiiiiiight.

Mark H. Dambly and Paul H. Silvis will serve one- and three-year terms on the board, respectively, according to the announcement. Rendell also has reappointed Ira Lubert, a trustee since 2007, for another three-year term on the board.

Dambly, a Penn State graduate who holds a degree in real estate and insurance, is the president of the Pennrose Properties real-estate group in Philadelphia. He has held that position for six years, according to the university announcement. On the Penn State board, Dambly, of Media, will succeed Roger J. Reschini.

Silvis, of Patton Township, is a graduate of Penn State’s Business Executive MBA Program. He founded Restek, a Bellefonte-based international manufacturing group, and runs SilcoTek, a local technology company. Silvis also serves on the advisory board for Penn State’s current capital campaign. On the trustees board, he will succeed Eugene Chaiken.

Lubert, meanwhile, is chairman and founder of Philadelphia-based Lubert-Adler Real Estate. He holds a degree in food service and housing administration from Penn State. He is a holder of the Penn State Alumni Fellow and Distinguished Alumnus awards, the university noted.

Thirty-two people sit on the university’s trustees board, which is the ultimate governing and oversight authority at Penn State. Six of the trustees are appointed by the state governor.

Well, Damblyfronts an op run by Richard K Barnhart, a well connected tax credit hustler for low income housing with a long history of Clinton era warehouseing schemes for elderly and cubicles for “the mentally ill” , …. and of course student housing. Anyways Rendell habitually taps ’em to the max over the years to flow money to Clinton productions…And Penrose Properties was mixed up in the whole Martin Luther King “homes”/ Philly Housing Authority/ HUD Imbroglio they really have it down to an art form where they set up the deal,, hook in a non profit (that will eventually take the fall) and they beat everybody out of the money when they pull out, just like they did in Philly WITH the Housing Authority blessing of Ed, Arlen, Fumo and so forth.

Same m.o. in Baltimore,
Same ripoff in Jersey.
And perhaps a classic among feasability studies – the ole early in/ early out hit and run …. their meant-for-naught LGBT SENIOR Housing in Philly. Basically – > yaknow what the LGBT community got out of it?
One Big TENT. LOL…

Which brings us to Rendellian Blue Ribbon Trustee Number 2
Silvis angle, touted by Ed on the way up as one of those tech miracle stories,
(Right here in Bellefonte PA!) LOL – you know the drill : a dogshit employee-financed leveraged buy out followed by grants, assignable tax write offs, credit lines and executive spending sprees before the guy shows up in the Walll Street Journal discussing the Fine Art of laying people off.

To REAPPOINTED Rendellian Blue Ribbon Trustee Number 3!.
Lubert of Lubert-Adler …..uhm , yeh…<a that’s this guy…Rendell’s buddy who looted the Pa PUBLIC SCHOOL EMPLOYEES Retirement System and was set to go to jail if they didn’t pull Bankster strings at the New Jersey State System for a loan. (Which was left – wahhhh – holding the bag)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
NJ backs Lubert-Adler real estate bailout fund

The $2 billion Lubert-Adler Real Estate Fund VI, set up by the Philadelphia-based partnership of Ira Lubert and Dean Adler in 2007 before the real estate market collapsed, has lost a whopping 41% of its initial value, according to the most recent report filed by one of its backers, the Pennsylvania Public School Employees’ Retirement System. { PSERS}

Any idea where most of the dough comes from for PSERS?
That’s right folks, filched right out of Penn State.
UC, New York and the Texas Syatem ain’t got nothin on us.

Anyways…Bad Luck.

PSERS’s original $67 million investment was worth just $40 million, last time PSERS filed an estimate earlier this year.Similar losses have been posted by property funds managed by Blackstone, Fortress, Morgan Stanley, Stockbridge and other big operators hired by PSERS and other giant pension funds, which have struggled to finance future pensions despite the weak investment markets, as more workers retire and fewer are setting money aside.

But Lubert-Adler, like other big real estate players, has plans for climbing out of its hole. And New Jersey is trying to help. 😆

The New Jersey State Investment Council, 😆 which oversees pension money for over 200,000 state workers, teachers and retirees, voted last month to give Lubert-Adler $100 million for its new $400 million Fund VI-B, “to acquire assets at significant discount through the distressed debt opportunities provided by the current real estate market,” director Timothy Walsh told council members in a memo last month.

Lubert-Adler will buy “discounted” loans from banks and other lenders, and, where necessary, helping redevelop the properties so they can start making money again.

Lubert-Adler won’t charge fees until June 2013 and “will not invest capital in legacy assets” that have already been written down in the firm’s original Fund VI. New Jersey will name a director to help watchdog the fund.

No mention that, in addition to personally appointing trustees,and effectively controlling the appointments of others, Rendell, as Governor, was a Trustee himself for 8 of the ass-rape years…
They haven’t seen fit to trot him out on MSNBC that I know of…
Maybe they’ll wait to he can be interviewed by Mrs Greenspan..

And for a few laughs in retrospect as Rendell was leaving, here’s a sappy piece by the Harrisburg Patriot News…Pennsylvania’s winners and losers during Gov. Ed Rendell’s tenure ...
In which the list Harrisburg. “Ed was a Friend of Harrisburg”

LOL – The City of Harrisburg , denied state funds reserved for plunder in Philly were instead sold ( and the Pols cut in lke everywhere) on how they could borrow the money instead.
Ah well, loaded up on graft project debt courtesy of Dem Friend Ed , Bankster underwriting (undertaking?) and of course, the patented skim by Friend of Ed and Arlen Philly Law Firms… Harrisburg has distinguished itself among sate capitals by declaring bankruptcy two weeks ago and is now in receivership.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

I just read McQueary will NOT be coaching or on the sidelines or whatever the story was, on Saturday. Threats!!

I am not really into violence or related acts, but a little predatory THREAT can do wonders!!

Now i say get Bradley to move on as well. Been there too long. clean house!


On the tax credits and so on for housing scams… same as Chicago… snicker. In fact imo that was a large part of the Judson Miner biz, faciliating federal and state money and credits and so on and so forth for th scammers. Etc.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

[A] source “close to the Penn St. football program” told SportsByBrooks.com that Mike McQueary will not coach this weekend and that an announcement will come tonight or tomorrow.

Michael Sanserino of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is also reporting that McQueary’s future is “in doubt” after the Penn State board of trustees held a closed-door meeting this afternoon.

When asked if McQueary was still employed by the university, Penn State’s acting president told reporters to “stay tuned,” and indicated that action could be taken tonight or tomorrow.

Read more: Link

BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

And they still omit that McQueary , like Sandusky was a Penn State PLAYER. Do programs hire alums? Obviously.. And noowever many coming and going on waivers, red shirted, injured, catching a workout….All sorts of support staff student interns etc… God forbid they say something about players or students…you know, protect the children and all… 🙄

God forbid………They associate the whole congealed student-athlete brand with child rape and there goes their multi billion dollar CONGLOM up there…

19. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

Penn State could be sued over child sex-abuse scandal, lawyer says

And who is this genius?
Who is this splitter brought forth in the Harrisburg paper?
(Shame on them too for the shameless PROMO)

Penn State University faces a “substantial” exposure to civil lawsuits as a result of the Jerry Sandusky child sex-abuse scandal, says one of Pennsylvania’s leading civil attorneys. 🙄

Matt Casey, a founding partner of the Philadelphia firm Ross Feller Casey who in 2008 won the second-largest compensatory verdict in Pennsylvania history…..

Casey’s BROTHER.
Oh fer fuck’s sake – Put it in the CLASSIFIEDS Hell, give him his own section – – under Bleeding Orifice Ambulance Chasers.

said he thinks “a very credible argument can be made” that Penn State officials “not only didn’t do anything to prevent the conduct from continuing, but — even worse — in some ways facilitated the conduct by providing (Sandusky) with an office and keys to facilities and the imprimatur of the football office, which it seems he exploited in order to impress and otherwise retain the trust of these children.”

That exposes the university not only to claims for civil damages but also punitive damages, he said.

As recently as last week, he said, Sandusky was listed in the university’s online directory as emeritus professor of physical education.

“And it appears there was knowledge at the highest levels of the university that he was using the property as an instrument in the performance of his crimes against the most vulnerable of citizens,” Casey said.

“It is exceedingly rare to see — from the point of view of an attorney — a civil liability case that is so obviously a punitive case,” said Casey.

Casey noted that punitive damages can be multiples of the compensation awarded. “The U.S. Supreme Court has said punitive damages as much as ten times any compensatory damages will be upheld,” said Casey.

Penn State’s exposure would depend on many factors, including the number of cases filed. 🙄

So many scumbags, so little time.
Now comes the big race……
to sign CLIENTS.

marisacat - 10 November 2011

I hope SNAP comes to the rescue of the victims of PSU…. and diverts them AWAY from the fucking Catholic attys.

I hope…

BooHooHooMan - 11 November 2011

I agree.

Sooner or later tho , (Prolly Sooner! ) people are just gonna have to start shooting their way out of the feed-lot. (Tonight works for me!)

20. BooHooHooMan - 10 November 2011

This just in…

MF Global money still missing…
But you know , we got us a new “hunt”…
? – Like – We need another hunt?

Inside the Hunt For MF Global Cash

Regulators searching for MF Global’s missing $600 million say the hunt is being hobbled by the poor condition of the firm’s records. 😆

Oh Elmer Fudd, PLEASE – That’s the HUNT???
Who knew! Jeesus – Once the animals find out you just have to leave a circular trail of paper, the next thing ya know they’ll all be off to Switzerland or the Islands this winter with all our fuckin MONEY..

21. marisacat - 11 November 2011



………….. 😯

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