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Pillage 1 December 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iran, Viva La Revolucion!.

A protester walks past a policeman with a poster from the British embassy in Tehran | Reuters

Oh it just says so much.  Not that I care what the native fellows do to the foreign interlopers…  I don’t care.

Carry on…



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 December 2011

I think I posted about this months ago. Here’s an update:

Anonymous library paper sculptor returns, and calls it quits

In September, Cory posted about the exquisite paper sculptures that an anonymous artist was leaving as gifts in Edinburgh’s libraries and museums, along with notes of support for those “special places.” Several more sculptures have now turned up, bringing the total to ten and, according to the mystery artist, the end of the project. From the final note: “It’s important that a story is not too long… does not become tedious… ‘You need to know when to end a story,’ she thought.”

marisacat - 1 December 2011

oh I remember those, they were wonderful!

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 December 2011
3. Madman in the Marketplace - 1 December 2011

The Declaration of Occupy D.C.

Consented to by General Assembly November 30th, 2011 | PDF

We have been captives of corrupt economic and political systems for far too long. The concentration of wealth and the purchase of political power stifle the voices of the increasingly disenfranchised 99 percent. Corporate dominance subverts democracy, intentionally sows division, destroys the environment, obstructs the just and equitable pursuit of happiness, and violates the rights and dignity of all life.

Occupy D.C. is an open community of diverse individuals, facing different forms of oppression and impacted by economic exploitation to differing degrees, but united by a shared vision of equality for the common good. The harsh economic conditions that have plagued the poor, working class, and communities of color for generations have begun to affect the previously financially secure. This acute awareness of our common fate has united us in our struggle for a better future. We recognize that inequality and injustice systemically affect every aspect of our society: our communities, homes, and hearts. To build the world we envision, we commit ourselves to overcoming our personal biases so we can successfully challenge systems of oppression in solidarity.

We are peaceably assembled at McPherson Square, practicing direct democracy on the doorstep of K Street, the epicenter of destructive corporate and governmental relationships. Recognizing that the term ‘occupy’ is associated with exploitation, violence, and imperialism, we are reclaiming it to mean the peaceful liberation of public space. In this disenfranchised city, we are insisting that our economic and political systems serve the people’s interests. Now is the time to advance and complete the struggles of the many who came before us.

We are assembled because…

It is absurd that the 1 percent has taken 40 percent of the nation’s wealth through exploiting labor, outsourcing jobs, and manipulating the tax code to their benefit through special capital tax rates and loopholes. The system is rigged in their favor, yet they cry foul when anyone even dares to question their relentless class warfare.

Candidates in our electoral system require huge sums of money to be competitive. These contributions from multi-national corporations and wealthy individuals destroy responsive representative governance. A system of backroom deals, kickbacks, bribes, and dirty politics overrides the will of the people.
The rotation of decision makers between the public and private sectors cultivates a network of public officials, lobbyists, and executives whose aligned interests do not serve the American people.

The entrenched two-party system overlooks public interests by pursuing narrow political goals. This climate encourages candidates to polarize voters for individual power and personal gain. Citizens’ meaningful input has been compromised by gerrymandering, voter disenfranchisement, and unresponsive politicians. Residents of Washington, D.C., continue to lack autonomy and legislative representation.

The 1 percent benefits from economic, political, and legal structures that oppress communities long targeted by displacement, denial of sovereignty, slavery, and other injustices. These persecuted but resilient communities continue to suffer through generations of disproportionately higher rates of unemployment, poverty, criminalization, and homelessness. Facets of the 1 percent campaign to blame these groups for these problems while obstructing healing and restoration.

Those with power have divided us from working in solidarity by perpetuating historical prejudices and discrimination based on perceived race, religion, immigrant or indigenous status, income, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and disability, among other things. These divisions have inhibited our ability to work in solidarity, though today we recognize the power of uniting as the 99 percent.

Financial institutions gambled with our savings, homes, and economy. They collapsed the financial system and needed the public to bail them out of their failures yet deny any responsibility and continue to fight oversight. Corporations loot from those whose labor creates society’s prosperity, while the government allows them to privatize profits and socialize risk.

Corporate interests threaten life on Earth by extracting and burning fossil fuels and resisting the necessary transition to renewable energy. Their drilling, mining, clear-cutting, overfishing, and factory farming destroys the land, jeopardizes our food and water, and poisons the soil with near impunity. They privilege polluters over people by subsidizing fossil fuels, blocking investments in clean energy and efficient transportation, and hiding environmental destruction from public oversight.

Private corporations, with the government’s support, use common resources and infrastructure for short-term personal profit, while stifling efforts to invest in public goods.

The U.S. government engages in drawn-out, costly conflicts abroad. Numerous acts of conquest have been, and continue to be, pursued to control resources, overthrow foreign governments, and install subservient regimes. These wars destroy the lives of innocent civilians and American soldiers, many of whom suffer adverse effects throughout life. These operations are a blank check to divert money from domestic priorities.

Government authorities cultivate a culture of fear to invade our privacy, limit assembly, restrict speech, and deny due process. They have failed in their duty to protect our rights. Exacerbated by profiteering interests, the criminal justice system has unfairly targeted underprivileged communities and outspoken groups for prosecution rather than protection.

Corporatized culture warps our perception of reality. It cheapens and mocks the beauty of human thought and experience while promoting excessive materialism as the path to happiness. The corporate news media furthers the interests of the very wealthy, distorts and disregards the truth, and confines our imagination of what is possible for ourselves and society.

Leaders are trading our access to basic needs in exchange for handouts to the ultra-wealthy. Our rights to healthcare, education, food, water, and housing are sacrificed to profit-driven market forces. They are attacking unemployment insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, creating an uncertain future for us all.*

A better world is possible.

To all people,

We, the Washington D.C. General Assembly occupying K Street in McPherson Square, urge you to assert your power.

Exercise your right to peaceably assemble and reclaim the commons. Re-conceive ways to build a democratic, just, and sustainable world.

To all who value democracy, we encourage you to collaborate and share available resources.

Join your voice with ours and let it amplify until the heart of the movement booms with our chorus of solidarity.
*These grievances are not all inclusive.

marisacat - 1 December 2011

I am very impressed.

BTW face-off on-going in SF with Occupy and the cops. Barricades are up – peole penned in or out, the cops would move in, then fall back across hours but it seems to be sparking now. I wold guess the plan was to keep the tension up for hours then move in in the dark.

Madman in the Marketplace - 1 December 2011

watching the way the cops are operating now I really do think they’re trying to incite a violent response.

marisacat - 1 December 2011

Well like that quote from Benito Shlomo… all about (pretty much close to) I am God I have a God’s army that is the 7th largest on earth. And so on.

They have gone mad with power.

He is almost saying, At a word of command frm me my armies would move on Washington. That would be the next mad move… as I see it.

marisacat - 1 December 2011

And horrific as the wars have been … they seem to b spiraling as well. I mean this “story” with supplied “movie” from Zawahiri about a captured US Aid worker, some 70 year old guy named (so help me god) WARREN WEINSTEIN…. taken on Pakistani soil and supposedly held by AQ in Pakistan… and now threats that if Slob does not do thi or that they kill some guy named WEINSTEIN.

It is all spiraling very fast.

BooHooHooMan - 1 December 2011

…shoulda gone with the ole ‘Bud McNally’ ruse or somethin..

and all….
Yanah – to throw them ‘Qaedastanis off the track..


Welp. I bet ya that motherfucker now is revisiting the advisability and legal underpinnings of local municipal ordinances prohibiting the wearing of masks in public.
Yanah – Better come to terms with it quick.

marisacat - 1 December 2011

SO tired of being in a Mossad Cia commercial… but it seems we are…


BooHooHooMan - 2 December 2011

Well it’s all so commercial and televised now.
As Weinstein is to likely to find out.

Poor schmuck.
Rough territory that Lahore, I mean especially for. ya know,
a new guy workin door-to-door encyclopedia or vacuum cleaner sales or whatever in the neighborhood.
Hard out there.

BooHooHooMan - 2 December 2011

See things will pick up if Romney gets in,
and we can 😯 – use the MORMANS for cover. LOL
Although if Gingrich gets it we always have the fallback of sending in the Sequined Gown crews now that he’s a member of the One True Faith. LOL.

I tell ya what I pray for – > a fuckin SPACESHIP.
Fuckin loaded with otherworldly creatures.
I mean, who cares, right? Fuck it, I’ll go, I’ll submit to their experiments or whatever. LOL Hell, I figure they can’t come from anymore a crazy ass Exceptionalist realm than we got here.

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Fuckin loaded with other worldly creatures.

That famous bar scene… in what was the movie… Star Wars? The original?

diane - 2 December 2011

That was beautiful, thank you so much!

4. BooHoHooMan - 2 December 2011

That famous bar scene… in what was the movie… Star Wars?
Welp, the scene I recall is with the fat, slobbering, insatiable, lewd-tongued bastard about to take every captive down, tho I may be thinking of one of the Clinton or Gore runs back when, ya know,
Democrats were.Democrats. 😉 😆

marisacat - 2 December 2011


Were they ever? I guess I think.. or at least this is what my mother used at dinner parties to break up heated arguments, that ‘the Democrats at least moved money around’.

snicker. They still move it around, they finger it in their pockets and wallets… constantly counting and feeling the money up.

5. BooHooHooMan - 2 December 2011

A 24 Hour Performance Occupation

With Over 70 Acts!

This Saturday, creative artists, performers occupy Broadway and commence an all-night performance in an undisclosed bonus plaza.

EVENT: Occupy Broadway
{Theatre/shopping district}
with a 24-hour performance.
WHEN: From December 2nd starting at 6pm until
December 3rd at 6pm
WHERE: Times Square by the red stairs, between 46th and 47th streets, along 7th Ave, NY, NY
SHHH!: location released at 6pm day of: @OccupyWallStNYC #OccupyBroadway

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Oh isn’t that great…

and have you read the statement out of Occupy DC? Someone sent it to me tonight…

marisacat - 2 December 2011

oh I see Madman posted it ot the thread…

The Declaration of Occupy D.C.

Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011


diane - 2 December 2011

Loved this:

“The city created privately owned public spaces for the people, in exchange for bonus height and bulk in these spaces,” notes Benjamin Shepard, co-author of The Beach Beneath the Streets. “As State Judge Stallman made clear last week, the people have a right to be in these spaces 24 hours a day.”

In recent weeks, we have seen a push to tramp on our rights to public assembly, public space and by extension democracy itself. In response, we join a global struggle using occupation as a form of creative resistance. Occupations are spreading around the world and around New York City, even UPTOWN! Bloomberg Beware, you take our park, Now Liberty Park is everywhere! In a time when downtown theaters are rapidly losing their spaces, being turned into high-end fashion stores, Occupy Broadway is a symbolic attempt to regain the space of theatre as an accessible, popular art form, bringing it back to where it all started – in a public space, for the common citizen. We are using public space to create a more colorful image of what our streets could look like, with public performances, art, and music. Through this movement, New York re-imagines itself as a work of art, rather than a retail shopping mall. With capitalism gone mad, foreclosures increasing, and bank crises consuming whole communities, we are signaling through the flames that there is another way of living. Join us.

(bolding mine)

6. marisacat - 2 December 2011

I don’t know if diane will swing by, but Cumulus cleaned house today at KGO radio…. I found it so entertaining…. what a hoot!

ts - 2 December 2011

“What we are doing is adding a tremendous amount of news content to KGO.” The goal would be to make up ground compared to CBS Radio’s all-news KCBS-AM (740) and its FM simulcast at 106.9. Gone are veteran KGO talents Gil Gross (2-4pm). Gene Burns (7-10pm), John Rothmann (10pm to midnight) and Ray Taliaferro (1-5am). At 6:13pm Thursday evening, the San Francisco Board of Radio-Info.com carried this post: “KGO fired Burns, Rothmann, Gross and Taliaferro today.” Gil Gross posted this message on Facebook Thursday evening: “It’s been fun, San Francisco. Truly the most fun I’ve ever had was at KGO. See you soon.” Weekend talent Brian Copeland remains, as weekends will apparently stay mostly talk. (KGO’s own statement about the changes is here.) On the San Francisco Board, there is speculation that Cumulus Media-syndicated talker Doug McIntyre may be added for late nights.

marisacat - 2 December 2011

UNfortunately it has gone downhill for years…. adding more and more advertising and more advertising that was questionable…. many hosts, while probably not by comparison in a weird business, but in reality were stale and frankly rank propagandists. It was clearly, even in our rigged system, an operative joint…increasingly right wing tho hosts keeping lip service to “a woman’s right to choose” and more lip service to SS marriage allowed most hosts to call themselves liberal or progressive… but other than that so right wing with a few exceptions here and there. Interestingly keeping call-in talk on the weekend means they have kept the one host I refer to as The Only Liberal.

There was a heavy pro war, pro Israel bias in all things. And it had been increasing – it went from bad to gut wrench – with ramping up for war or something ith Iran… Fanning huge fears over Egypt, Islamists under the bed, in the cupboard… and on and on and on and on. One of the hosts fired had just called for a US Israel operation in the Sinai, basically war… again. More war. War forever. Israel Uber Alles.


diane - 2 December 2011

While Cumulus is yet another Vampire Squid, I couldn’t be happier to see the GasBag Exodus. It would probably be too good to be true if Rothman found himself unemployable (in CALI), and without a voice; …. on the other side of being able to click that off switch on DESPAIR, and have his own ‘despair,’ go, … not only unacknowledged, … but loaded with BLAME pointed toward himself, … see how well he holds back his emotions after something ultimately breaks and snaps in him.

I’d really love an OCCUPY THE AIRWAVES, and was disappointed when Pat Thurston was not only incredulous, but highly miffed at the idea. Maybe she never listened to the GasBags cutting off and/or insulting callers, though I was glad to know she will remain. I wonder if Cumulus will still be airing that nasty blurb implying that all late night callers to her show, were Lone Wolf Losers ? Seems likely to me.

diane - 2 December 2011

(oops, meant to cut off italics after: Lone Wolf Losers .)

marisacat - 2 December 2011

I think something of a pirate radio station would be best… I loved it when down in Chiapas they occupied the radio station… but people died that day iirc (a few years ago now and those weeks were bloody) rather than try to invade a locked secure site that is a working station. Meaning there is arms carrying security…

Oh she did not handle that well, but what was she going to say? Come on in, I’ll leave the back door unlocked for you (and mail me my pink slip if you see it lying around).

diane - 2 December 2011

Love the pirate radio idea honey. ;0)

And yeah, I got that Pat wouldn’t have been able to say much, what bothered me a bit was what seemed to actually be her anger, and misunderstanding of how voiceless people actually feel.

I think all radio show hosts should dedicate at least one show a month to just letting their talkers air their woes, I really don’t think they understand voicelessness at all.

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Avctually I think Pat gets that…. She is th ONLY host who has not carried pure propaganda on what were the big issues that host after host fought people on, RIDICULED people on, laughed at people, marginalised people… AND there have been shows where people, ordinary callers were ambushed. That happened esp on Oscar Grant.

From Oscar Grant, to Fukushima to TSA to Occupy. Over and over on the big contentious issues KGO imo even for talk radio becuase they parrot the gibberish that somehow they are peoples’ friends that they are part of the community ( 😆 ), but over and over they took the position of the State, of the corps, of the nuclear industry… and they REALLY ridiculed people over TSA.

And please don’t think I am naive, Pat I am sure also exists as a valve… a release valve.. but I’ve listened to her long enough and watched her avoid what the others did, over and over.

diane - 2 December 2011

I don’t think you’re naive at all about ‘the valve,’ …and I love the wonderful way Pat lets people talk to her, …. one on one, never ever shuts them off, ….. it’s absolutely wonderful. I was just disappointed, and surprised, at what seemed to be her honest disbelief that people might want to take over the airwaves (for the most part) at KGO, and I wondered if she was aware of how many people are actually afraid to call in, no matter how wonderful she responds, because they don’t want their boss recognizing their voice, because they don’t like their phone number being recorded when they are complaining about the hideous government, et al…(there is no anonymity anywhere, anymore, anyhow, …even though it is absolutely necessary to fix things).etc. etc. .

7. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

Inner-tube/cable guy came out today after 36 hours of no net to explain that the THIRD box has to be plugged in FIRST to make innertubes work…its hard in the 21st century for neanderthal sybarite :mrgreen:

BTW This looks great:


marisacat - 2 December 2011

thanks for that…. I am surprised San Francisco is missing from the line-up!

8. marisacat - 2 December 2011

hmm seems John Timoney horrid cop late of NYC Miami and wherever else is moving on to Bahrain.

From Cpunch:

[J]ohn Timoney was the man in charge, and he was telling the people of Miami and his police force that the violent anarchists from Seattle were coming to destroy the city. He took it further, showing his troops artfully-edited video footage that was supposedly of the Seattle protests, where it appeared there were injured or dead police on the ground at the protests (this never happened). These Miami police were scared, and for no reason. Timoney presumably knew they had no reason to be scared, but there was no doubt that many of these cops believed the media lies which Timoney had been exaggerating even more for their benefit.

Every downtown exit was shut down for days, and almost all the stores and restaurants were shuttered, shop owners made to fear riots that would never happen. Massives fences were erected everywhere, and thousands of police everywhere you looked were wearing the most sinister-looking riot gear, many of them weighted down with an array of “non-lethal” weapons of all kinds, along with the lethal ones there for backup.

In one arbitrary moment the protests were declared illegal and within moments thousands of mostly young people were being drenched with tear gas and attacked, many of them in their backs, with bean bag bullets, rubber-coated steel bullets, tazers, and clubs. As people ran into the poor, mostly Black neighborhood near where the conference was taking place, people were helpful, and were also informing them that certain people in their neighborhood had been told by Miami police that they should be encouraged to rob the protesters coming in from out of town — any potential criminals were apparently given free reign to mug for the duration. . . . .

diane - 2 December 2011

As people ran into the poor, mostly Black neighborhood near where the conference was taking place, people were helpful, and were also informing them that certain people in their neighborhood had been told by Miami police that they should be encouraged to rob the protesters coming in from out of town — any potential criminals were apparently given free reign to mug for the duration. . . . .

Evil people running things, …. so evil, that they managed, deliberately, for quite some time, to near obsolesce, … the word, EVIL.

9. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

Yet another reason to choose the wiser bud and not budweiser; safer streets.

Medical marijuana laws making our highways safer

The first study to examine the relationship between the legalization of medical marijuana and traffic deaths shows a nearly nine percent drop in traffic deaths and a five percent reduction in beer sales.
The study was conducted by Daniel Rees, professor of economics at the University of Colorado Denver and D. Mark Anderson, assistant professor of economics at Montana State University.
The study entitled “Medical Marijuana Laws, Traffic Fatalities, and Alcohol Consumption” can be found at http://www.iza.org/en/webcontent/personnel/photos/index_html?key=4915,
The researchers analyzed traffic fatalities nationwide, including the 13 states that legalized medical marijuana between 1990 and 2009. In those states, they found evidence that alcohol consumption by 20 – 29 year olds went down, resulting in fewer deaths on the road.
The researchers noted that simulator studies conducted by previous researchers suggest that drivers under the influence of alcohol tend to underestimate how badly their skills are impaired. They drive faster and take more risks. In contrast, these studies show that drivers under the influence of marijuana tend to avoid risks.

,Tuscola Today Link

Time has an article up on the study, too.

Pro’lly shouldn’t be admitn’ nuthin, but when the wheel bearing went out in TX I had just finished “titrating” …there’s a reason why Raven is always laughing… 😉

marisacat - 2 December 2011

I’ve noticed that or those studies being referred to fairly widely… all to the good.

The problem is they are cracking down on EVERYTHING.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

Yep, but I think they can try to crack down all they want, it won’t do them any good…It won’t be tomorrow, and a lot of good jpeople will suffer gross injustice in the meantime, but we’re posed to overgrow the government.

Google map Norcal and zoom in anywhere oaks grow, and the cannabis plant gardens are more ubiquitous than vineyards (well, almost…) And that’s just Cali…Illionois had local grown “kind bud” (something Ras Marius calls “something to talk you out of it”) Mafia weed. Chem shit. But an indigenous cannabis product, and something you didn’t see (notwithstanding the odd bro’ doing ‘dro , or rarity a full blown organic rainbow gardner) before the so-called “drug war in mexico” sic

Love how the dude’s in mendo paying the sheriff for each plant and staying under the Fed’s magical 99 plant number still got raided….I cant wait to see Stephen of harborsde on CNBC’s special next week, but they made it seem like he was saying that pot was dangerous in the previews…of course he was talkng about the threat posed by the FEDS but they cut made it look like it was the devil weed that made it dangerous… 👿

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Love how the dude’s in mendo paying the sheriff for each plant and staying under the Fed’s magical 99 plant number still got raided

They got brutally raided – not just the plants but also the house proper… they operated completely within the law from everything I read… but I also read that one of the principles was a long long long time MJ rights activist. I think htat is why it happened. And afterall, it is the traffikers and “criminals” that the Feds like to do business with. Not some sraightforward medical mj grower.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

l…ong time MJ rights activist. I think that is why it happened


At least that’s the view from closer than 6 degrees of separation… 😉

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

To be more precise, some folks seem to think the Fed’s are picking on the Mendo Sheriff’s posse and other “legit” scenes (more than the fronts for exporters) as a lame attempt at thwarting the legitimizing of cannabis (as opposed the state “legalization” they can’t do anything about either) within the broader culture.

I’m not so sure the fucker’s giving the orders are really that stupid. Making pot businesses prohibitively unappealing to increasingly hopeless and impoverished intelligentsia? A fool’s errand surely, and forcing the public, legit and taxed scene underground NOW, once again, is so pointlessly stupid when you realize how far the cat is out of the bag in NorCal (and in the cancer wards, bedrooms and behind the bar allies in even TX) that other than hazing the competition nothing else makes sense to me..

diane - 2 December 2011

I was a pathetic driver the few times I smoked weed. I found myself stopping way too far away from intersection stoplights, for one, like twenty feet or so. I’m actually a better driver drinking a couple of brews than smoking weed, but that’s just me, can’t speak for anyone else (have never had an accident that I caused, though I don’t drive when toasted, either).

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

The DUI laws are ridiculous, and I can tell you from my disatereous foray into tavern ownership the laws are not equally applied…but I can honestly say that I could smoke weed until my eyes bled an still not be functionally physically impaired. Find me a skater/surf-border/skier/snowboarder/waterskier/dirtbiker/bmx/etc. and I’ll you somebody who might not smoke themselves, but certainly knows a “colleague” who does so ritually before they set out for fun…

marisacat - 2 December 2011

DUI laws are ridiculous… so is the federal requirement of 21

diane - 2 December 2011

I think weed should be legalized. I have a feeling that they will only do that after the powers that be set themselves up to reap the fortune. Schultz, of Poppy/Reagan Reign/Iran Contra infamy, was recently on record as pushing drug legalization, which had me instantly thinking of MICCORPoratization, …Afghanistan, and Poppies ……sigh ….

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Shultz has long long long supported legalisation, at least of MJ. For years he has donated $ to any initiative that came up.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

I think Eagleberger was talking about him (shultz) being the cabinet guy who kept him from getting biblical with the napalming the andean foothills and jungles to destroy the coca prodcution…

I hate the fucking “black lodge”…

There’s so many spooks in the high end of drug distro/production I’m sure they out-number the narcs and a nearly at parity with the actual outlaws …this has been especially true in the hippy scenes since the beginning (I hate Leary because of what he gave the spooks to come back from Morroco..well that and other reasons 😈 ) They usually focus on powder drugs, but Leary got busted for hash trafficking…

marisacat - 2 December 2011

See… all the lauding and slobbering over people like Leary has always bored me to death – aspects of his story are very very interesting, and I leave it at that…. The falling for his sort, it is just more drool… now maybe that is just from growing up here… seeing the passing parade or what… I hve a disdain for anything that smacks of groupies in any case…

and yes it, traffiking, the whole mule train is mixed up w/ the government and various factions and entities… Like Hasenfus, the pilot who went down about 20+ years ago with Poppy’s card in hs pocket iirc. SO many DEA stories.

Whre there is arms trade there is drugs trade often… and usually the same people in it.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

the hero worship thing is sickening, but Leary (Mentzer and Alpert too) did do a lot of research on “re-programming” that does echo bizzare stories from the Church commission’s findings on MK-Ultra…
BTW Multidisciplinary Approach to Psychedelic Studies is a serious science group doing good work

marisacat - 2 December 2011

I certainly believe in programming and re-programming. I never thought Manchurian Candidate, quite aside from the particular setting, was some fairy tale for adults. I was thrilled when after decades it as available again.

10. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

I’ve learned to love the bomb…er bong 😆

Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

😳 that’s from dr. strangelove…well another great old movie, anyhoo…

marisacat - 2 December 2011

😆 Same director!

11. Ganjafied Gabacho - 2 December 2011

New York – In October, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department turned parts of the campus of the University of California in Berkeley into an urban battlefield. The occasion was Urban Shield 2011, an annual SWAT team exposition organized to promote “mutual response,” collaboration and competition between heavily militarized police strike forces representing law enforcement departments across the United States and foreign nations.

At the time, the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department was preparing for an imminent confrontation with the nascent “Occupy” movement that had set up camp in downtown Oakland, and would demonstrate the brunt of its repressive capacity against the demonstrators a month later when it attacked the encampment with teargas and rubber bullet rounds, leaving an Iraq war veteran in critical condition and dozens injured. According to Police Magazine, a law enforcement trade publication, “Law enforcement agencies responding to…Occupy protesters in northern California credit Urban Shield for their effective teamwork.”

Training alongside the American police departments at Urban Shield was the Yamam, an Israeli Border Police unit that claims to specialize in “counter-terror” operations but is better known for its extra-judicial assassinations of Palestinian militant leaders and long record of repression and abuses in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. Urban Shield also featured a unit from the military of Bahrain, which had just crushed a largely non-violent democratic uprising by opening fire on protest camps and arresting wounded demonstrators when they attempted to enter hospitals. While the involvement of Bahraini soldiers in the drills was a novel phenomenon, the presence of quasi-military Israeli police – whose participation in Urban Shield was not reported anywhere in US media – reflected a disturbing but all-too-common feature of the post-9/11 American security landscape.

The Israelification of America’s security apparatus, recently unleashed in full force against the Occupy Wall Street Movement, has taken place at every level of law enforcement, and in areas that have yet to be exposed…(etc)

Al Alkhbar Link

the whole thing is worth a read, IMO

marisacat - 2 December 2011

Oh yeah… Rothmann (blissfully now fired) on KGO had two participants from the Urban Shield Yamam event here… an Israeli ”anti terror firefighter” (that was how he introduced him) and a “Special Operations captain” from the Alameda Fire Dept who regularly takes part here and in Israel in these joint events. Rothmann repeatedly mentioned the Israeli is stationed in North Israel near the border…

I was GAGGING. And enraged ….

Of course Rothmann did not mention nor did either of the men, that they also particpated in the Northern Cal operations against Occupy.

Thanks for that I will go read.

Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011

jeebus …

marisacat - 2 December 2011

ug where to begin.

Through the ADL’s Advanced Training School course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats, over 700 law enforcement personnel from 220 federal and local agencies including the FBI and CIA have been trained by Israeli police and intelligence commanders. This year, the ADL brought 15 high-level American police officials to Israel for instruction from the country’s security apparatus. According to the ADL, over 115 federal, state and local law enforcement executives have undergone ADL-organized training sessions in Israel since the program began in 2003. “I can honestly say that the training offered by ADL is by far the most useful and current training course I have ever attended,” Deputy Commissioner Thomas Wright of the Philadelphia Police Department commented after completing an ADL program this year. The ADL’s relationship with the Washington DC Police Department is so cozy its members are invited to accompany DC cops on “ride along” patrols.

The ADL claims to have trained over 45,000 American law enforcement officials through its Law Enforcement and Society program, which “draws on the history of the Holocaust to provide law enforcement professionals with an increased understanding of…their role as protectors of the Constitution,” the group’s website stated. All new FBI agents and intelligence analysts are required to attend the ADL program, which is incorporated into three FBI training programs. According to official FBI recruitment material, “all new special agents must visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to see firsthand what can happen when law enforcement fails to protect individuals.”

THe United States of Israeli Occupied America.


diane - 2 December 2011

“draws on the history of the Holocaust to provide law enforcement professionals with an increased understanding of…their role as protectors of the Constitution,”…

and, on the ADL wesite, in the paragraph following that sadistically ironic paragraph, is this sick message:

Participants examine modern policing against the backdrop of the role of law enforcement in the Holocaust.

There was ‘Just’ Law Enforcement during Hitler’s Reign???????

Poking around further at the ADL site (with full hazmat suit on):

ADL Letter to The New York Times

Note: This letter appeared in The New York Times on November 20, 2011.

Letters to the Editor
The New York Times November 15, 2011

To the Editor:

Facebook has 800 million users who are required to use their real names (“Naming Names: Rushdie Wins Facebook Fight,” front page, Nov. 15), and, as a result, are identified with and accountable for what they post. It is time to consider Facebook’s real-name policy as an Internet norm because online identification demonstrably leads to accountability…

Online privacy is a major issue today. And in the United States, we have had a great tradition of anonymous political speech. Elsewhere, dissidents in oppressive regimes have felt free to speak up precisely because they believe (perhaps erroneously) that they cannot be identified [But they should just shut up, and we mustn’t have any of the Whistleblowing Here either. Instead of instituting true anonymity for victims and whistleblowers, we will destroy it – diane].


Christopher Wolf
ADL Internet Task Force

Sick, NAZI fucks.

marisacat - 3 December 2011

Well Facebook requires a name. They don’t demand that you scan your passport or driver’s license into their system to support the name you use. Tho of course I am sure the police could find anyone, pseudonym or not.

Of course the hook is that most people using Facebook WANT to be found.

diane - 2 December 2011
diane - 3 December 2011

uuuuughhhh, this is AWFUL this 2010 Urban Shield Supporting Agencies page, is even creepier than the Team ‘page.’ For example:

Public/Private Partners

AT&T Corporation
American Medical Response (AMR)
Century Theater
Cisco Systems
Chevron Refinery
Chevron Refinery Fire Department
Denevi Video
Dolphin Graphics
Long Beach Police Department
Marriott Corporation
Oracle Corporation
Prison Health Services
QUEST, Quality Emergency & Safety Training
Transamerica Corporation

Federal Agencies / Organizations

95th Civil Support Team, Weapons of Mass Destruction,
-California Army National Guard
Amtrak Police Department
Camp Parks Reserve Forces Training Area
Camp Parks Fire Department
Camp Parks Police Department
Federal Air Marshal Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Lawrence-Berkeley National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory Police Department
NASA AMES Research Center
National Guard, 95th Civil Support Team (WMD)
Stanford Linear Accelerator Facility
Transportation Security Administration
United States Marine Corp Band
United States Marine Corp Silent Drill Team
United States Maritime Administration Division of Pacific Operators
United States Coast Guard
United States Marshals Service
United States Navy
United States Secret Service

International Agencies / Organizations

Canada, Vancouver Police Department
Kingdom of Bahrain
Kingdom of Jordan
Singapore National Police Force
State of Israel National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA)
State of Israel National EMS System, Magen David Adom
State of Israel National Police
State of Qatar
United Arab Emirates

National UASI Regions [see Urban Area Security Initiative (and, anyone ever heard of Pres. Steve Davis & All Hands Consulting?) – diane]

Austin, Texas
Bay Area, California
Boston, Massachusetts
Chicago, Illinois
Dallas, Texas
Denver, Colorado
Houston, Texas
Los Angeles, California
Portland, Oregon
Seattle, Washington
Washington D.C., National Capital Region

[much more re CALI]

(More re the Urban Area Security Initiative, From FEMA. (of course).)

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011

Occupy Cleveland helps prevent foreclosure eviction at West Side home

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Some Occupy Cleveland members have deserted their Public Square perch to encamp in the back yard of a West Side family who was about to be evicted on Tuesday as a result of foreclosure.

The Occupy Cleveland members said they are taking their message of corporate greed and income inequality into the neighborhoods. The group also said they were willing to try and prevent Cuyahoga County sheriff’s deputies from evicting the family — a mother and two young children — from their West 94th Street home.

But in the end, it didn’t come to that. Efforts on the part of a few City Council members and other public officials resulted in the homeowner getting a 30-day extension from the eviction.

Homeowner Elisabeth Sommerer credits Occupy Cleveland with helping her get the extension.

“The Occupy movement is mostly about the little people,” she said. “I live on ‘Main Street,’ and they helped me out.”

The group said they were glad that they are focusing attention on the foreclosure problems in Cleveland.

“Down on Public Square, we’re just being a visual,” said John Sasala, one of the West 94th protesters, who said he is homeless and unemployed. “Finally we’re doing something.”

Nathan Tolowitzki, a bike messenger and West 94th Street protester, said by moving their protest they were better able to get a crucial message to other homeowners facing foreclosure.

“There are so many who get foreclosure notices and the they lose hope,” he said. “We are telling them that they don’t need to lose hope.”

Councilman Brian Cummins, an Occupy Cleveland supporter, and his colleagues, Councilman Anthony Brancatelli and councilman Jay Westbrook, whose ward the home is in, were among the public officials who worked to get the extension for the homeowner.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011

#OccupyBoston: Boston Police Steal Kitchen Sink

Yesterday morning, an Occupy Boston member told me a city official said they had to have a proper way to clean their dishes. So, a donor gave them a sink. Great, right? Well, last night, the Boston Police – in riot gear – showed up and forcibly removed the kitchen sink, much to the dismay and over protests from the occupiers. This also seems to be in violation of a restraining order issued to protect the protesters. Three protesters were arrested, and one reportedly taken away on a stretcher with injuries.

marisacat - 2 December 2011

I heard audio from Menino about the sink, that old hag of an city pol. Awful

Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011

he and the rest end up looking like petty bullies

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011
15. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 December 2011

Walker lights Christmas tree among protesters

Even the annual lighting of Wisconsin’s Christmas tree on Friday couldn’t escape politics.

Protesters turned their backs as Gov. Scott Walker lighted the tree and one Democratic state senator complained about the timing of the ceremony.

Sen. Bob Jauch of Poplar said Walker purposefully held the lighting in the morning because he was afraid protesters would disrupt the usual noontime event. A couple dozen protesters, many of them holding “Recall Walker” signs, did not interrupt the governor or cause any disruptions.

About 200 people attended the event, many of them members of the military who were being honored during the ceremony, but Jauch said there should have been more than 1,000.

“It’s normally a joyous occasion,” Jauch said. “He has screwed up one of the finest traditions in the state Capitol.”

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie said the lighting was held in the morning because the governor had midday speaking engagements and scheduling conflicts in Milwaukee that he could not change. He said he felt the ceremony was just as joyous as always.

“We were happy that Sen. Jauch attended the Christmas tree lighting ceremony this morning,” Werwie said.

Even before the ceremony, the tree was a subject of controversy when Walker declared it a Christmas tree and not a holiday tree, as it had been called since 1985. The Madison-based Freedom From Religion Foundation called that an insensitive move to non-religious people and amounts to a government endorsement of Christians.

Jauch said he didn’t care what the tree was called, but in the spirit of the season Walker should have scheduled the lighting at noon so more people from Brule, a town 300 miles from Madison where the tree came from, could attend.

“He set this up early in the morning so as few people could get here and he could protect his image,” Jauch said.

16. marisacat - 3 December 2011

Not a surprise of course…

Report: Police went undercover to watch Occupy LA

By Associated Press – 8 hours ago

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police used nearly a dozen undercover detectives to infiltrate the Occupy LA encampment before this week’s raid to gather information on protesters’ intentions, according to media reports Friday.

None of the officers slept at the camp, but tried to blend in during the weeks leading up to the raid to learn about plans to resist or use weapons against police, a police source told the Los Angeles Times. The source spoke on the condition of anonymity because the case is ongoing.

The undercover work yielded information that some protesters were preparing bamboo spears and other potentially dangerous weapons in advance of an expected eviction by the LAPD, none of which were used, according to City News Service which first reported the story.

Police downplayed the significance of the undercover work since Occupy meetings were public and easily tracked. . . . . .

I haven’t landed on any reporting about the collection of buccal swabs from people at LA Occupy

17. BooHooHooMan - 3 December 2011

The undercover work yielded information that some protesters were preparing bamboo spears and other potentially dangerous weapons in advance of …

🙄 O-yah.. – And Fellow White Men! – 🙄 –
If You Act Now
– on this exclusive Militaery Channel OFFER –
you’ll get the ENTIRE Jap / Viet Cong / Gook Zhanra.-… .whatever!. –
The Entire VFW Movie Collection! { Blurblurblurblurblurp}

Fuck, come out of the JUNGLES, motherfuckers.
Wrong Occupation! Wrong Century!
THOSE Wars are OVER. No Really! They Are!
Script Doctor! New Scenery! New Bogeymen already! 🙄

Of course, what ARE they gonna say?
Ya know – That doesn’t raise the spectre of the half dozen other ACTIVE Brain Death Wars our much vaunted Security State are perpetrating and are in fact ..uhm … LOSING.

marisacat - 3 December 2011

LA Occupy… the last hold out Pacific Island with Japanese warriors left from WW2.


SO in need of a script doctor…. we are trapped forever in the jungles in the Phillipines filming the past.

Bamboo spears.

Of course they won’t be filming the reality, Urban Shield hunting down renegade 4 year olds and frisking them in public. At gun point because they are dangerous threats.

Did you see that somewhere there was a fight between 6 yerar olds? One mimic’d strangling one, the child fought back by grabbing or kicking the othr child between the legs. The one that went for the crotch is being looked at for a charge of sexual battery… (or something close).

Holy Fuck. The mother of the one in danger of being fingered for being a sex soemthing or other has said she wants the other child then charged with attempted murder. Boy she is not far off. Push back. Escalate.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

If we can sexualize our female toddlers, why can’t we militarize/gangsterfy our boys… I can say with pride that mi changito has begun his guerilla trainin’ 😆

18. Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

If your competition has a superior product, the best gangsta can do is do drive-bys at their corners…

For more than thirty years tourists have flocked to the Netherlands to indulge in a legal high courtesy of the country’s famously soft stance on weed. An estimated two million Britons alone visit Amsterdam each year with hundreds of thousands peeling off to sample some of the pungent goods inside one of the city’s ubiquitous coffeeshops. Small border cities, meanwhile, can expect as many as three quarters of their regulars to be foreign. Maastricht – a southern offshoot of the Netherlands sandwiched between Belgium and Germany – receives an astonishing 2.1million drug tourists a year.

But the free-wheeling dope days may soon be over for British visitors if the Netherlands’ new centre-right coalition government has its way. Following growing complaints over rising crime in the country’s border towns – and a string of recent drug-related shootings in the south – the Dutch government has signaled its intention to ban foreigners from buying cannabis altogether.

Tomorrow [THURS], following a request for from the Holland’s highest court, the European Court of Justice will decide whether such a ban contravenes European law, where free trade rules forbid discriminating against purchasers on grounds of nationality.

Independent UK

I loathe the articles slant that “drug violence” is the root problem. Unfortunately it is a common refrain across the globe and is particularly specious w.r.t. cannabis production; the profit the stigma of illegality provides attracts criminal groups, remove the profit (i.e. legalize) and the violence disappears as the small scale garden scene explodes.

BTW..Amsterdam is awash in tourists right now because with the Cannabis Cup is in full swing.

marisacat - 3 December 2011

But the free-wheeling dope days may soon be over for British visitors if the Netherlands’ new centre-right coalition government has its way. Following growing complaints over rising crime in the country’s border towns – and a string of recent drug-related shootings in the south – the Dutch government has signaled its intention to ban foreigners from buying cannabis altogether

They’ve been cracking down, ever more and bit by bit… in Amsterdam and the Netrlands for a couple of years, at least, now.

It worries me, it’s nutty as all hell. Even cracking down on the famous cannabis cafes. I assume the red light districts will be next.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

My sampling of dutch people is vanishingly small, 3 guys, all cannabis people, but they are bemoaning the undercurrent of good ol’ germanic style fascism making a comeback in their neck of the fens…don’t worry about the working folks though, I’m sure private member clubs will replace the windows and the “live” theaters will hide behind green doors… 😈

marisacat - 3 December 2011

oh i figured that private clubs would be the answer for the locals… and I blame the US, not that Europe cannot re-embrace authoritarian fascism all on their own, but I do think we have had a campaign not only agaisnt more open drug laws (esp much written about liberalisations) but to entrench conservative repressive bureacrats in office – anywhere we can make it work….


Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

I think that the impetus towards fascism is funded by US sources in many locales, but ultimately are controled by the same puppetmasters and with the same modus operandi here and there (and elsewhere); appeal to some vanishing variety of “white, moral purity” in the “embattled” white neighborhoods and countryside while actually “corporatizing” everything instead and rely on the media/electronic circus to pacify anyone alive enough to care about “their neighbors as themselves”

marisacat - 3 December 2011

oh I agree… but imo immigration itself was also used to de-stabilise. And it is in Europe and elsewhere as well… I’ve seen that in California. we (the US) have been, over all, in contraction for some time, not just the last 4 years. It became an enormous strain to absorb the legal immigration much less the pro corp laissez-faire special work visa situation. what a fucking nightmare!

I am not interested in a white world (what, if anything, could be more boring) but this has not worked. Plus a lot of the immigration, as spelled out in 1964 (’65?) Immigration and Naturalisation Act was imo done to marginalise and furhter impoverish, slowly combatting any gains made from integration and CR, US born blacks.

19. marisacat - 3 December 2011

…my father was a chauffeur, my mother was maid…

Herman is up, wif by his side. He is mis-speaking quite a bit.

Go away.

marisacat - 3 December 2011

Thank you Jesus. He IS going away… those meanies hurt his wif and famileeeeeeeee.


20. Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

I’m sorry to see the Hermanator go; he’s funnier than either amos or andy…

BTW isn’t PLAN B classified as an abortion by the Kristian Konservatives?

marisacat - 3 December 2011

oh I admit I used HC for laughs… but it has reached the ”Larry Summers reaction”, the sight, the sound of Herman and my stomach lurches.

He is so emblematic of so much that is wrong. I don’t really care who he came on to or cavorted with, or if he and his wif live separately… he is jst one more dumb fuck that rode our business, advertising, cheap food, cheap labor world.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

the perfect cartoon of of a crook, of a cock crown’d king…almost shakespearean, to me, but definetely grating to endure his soliloquies, like an Iago ..

marisacat - 3 December 2011

He needs to go. And in the end the wifette stood there with him.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 3 December 2011

without a doubt, and truly good riddance but with so many goddam cockroaches everywhere it’s hard to get excited until I see some industrial strenght Raid/DDT spray cans comming out of the cupboards…

marisacat - 3 December 2011


21. marisacat - 3 December 2011



………. 8)

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