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Athens 7 December 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Greece, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Occupy Wall Street, Pan Arab Revolt - 2011, Viva La Revolucion!.

The Dark And Beautiful Graffiti Of Athens’ Disaffected Youth | Milos Bicanski – Getty

From a gallery at Business Insider




1. BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2011

S&P Downgrades Goldman Sachs, Bank Of America, Wells Fargo And Citigroup

S&P Downgrades Five More North American Banks, Incl. US Bancorp, Northern Trust

S&P Warns It May Cut Most European Banks, European Union Itself

Even Mike’s Blooby News –
Deutsche Bank, BNP May Be Cut by S&P
which is interesting, their selection, given that someone either
1.) is looking to knock off the head of Deutche or
2.) someone wants it to appear that way…

But there’s more…

JPMorgan’s Investment Bank Revenue ‘Flat,’ Chief Dimon Says

Look, man, here’s the deal. there’s OVER $700 TRILLION in “notional” derivatives out there. LIterally.
let me repeat and cite that from the BIS
:OVER $700 TRILLION in “notional” derivatives out there
glued together with ….____________________.?

And ALL our Thieves, lookin for a big score, needing one financially, the psychiatry of it all quite another matter, ALL of them CDS tied together, all of them owning blocks of each others shares, all of them ventured, coventured, directly or indirectly, all of them in inflated, commingled, conjured up, SPV’s Special Purpose Vehicles, all “credit facility” tied together, ALL OF THEM – when it was momentarily impolitic of the Fed to money-bomb New York, ALL of them bet on a quick fix coughed-up from Germany and China.
Well, they do know their heroin.

But I’m gonna tell ya right now, ever since the Corzine / MF implosion surfaced , I wake up every. day. – > wondering whether Merkel got whacked.
Corzine, the man, is nothing, a stooge.
A criminal who should go to jail, but a stooge nonetheless.
During his previous tenures, a face slapped on the Goldman Mafia, that particular branch of the banking cartel. Just as he was another cartelier’s face in the Senate, just as he was Gov-minding New Jersey, just as he was the face slapped on the MF Global swap shop, a carteliers front, for the very carteliers which funded him from the git and ran cash sweeps on it all the way down.

But they need the money now.
No, like they really REALLY need that skag, now.
They ain’t even bein’ particular.
I’ve been reading this shit very closely throughout the year..
All these TBTF scams from pod-person after Bernie Madoff pod-person “maybe we can get you in” hedgefunds built on suckers at the country club on down, all of these TBTF outlets are facing record redemptions: flight from mutual funds, cashing out insurance policies.. loans against retirements 401k’s and so forth, People still working are paring back hard on stock purchase plans and want whatever they can get in the take home pay. Mutual Funds have all sorts of complaints.on slow redemption processing. Not to mention as once reliable 30 day pays turn into 60 days late, then 90 and on. No, they done broke it.

So here’s the Barry Boogie Boarder kicker set against this enormous volitility –

Regulators Move to Cull Credit Ratings From Bank-Capital Rules
* DECEMBER 7, 2011, 3:57 P.M. ET

WASHINGTON— The largest U.S. banks would no longer be required to rely on credit ratings to assess the risk of assets they hold in their trading accounts, under rules proposed on Wednesday that seek to address criticism of ratings firms’ influence on financial markets.

The proposal by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., Federal Reserve and Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is a response to last year’s Dodd-Frank financial-overhaul law, which requires federal agencies to remove from their rule books references to credit ratings. Regulators also say the proposal will help ensure that banks are holding enough capital to cover

So there it is, Alice. War is Peace.
Re-Elect Governor Corzine. Obama 2012.
and so forth.

And Occupy the Capitol tomorrow.

marisacat - 7 December 2011

”Record redemptions”…that makes sense…

Ganjafied Gabacho - 7 December 2011

I keep teazing Babe’olicious that I’m planning on attending the next gun show (and they’re always less the a month away in AZ) and getting me some “peacemakers” Our brilliant state lawmakers say it’s legal to buy fully automatic weapons if they are manufactured wholly within the state so maybe that’s the prudent investment for a new father…

2. BooHooHooMan - 7 December 2011

Henh. Love the pic.

3. Ganjafied Gabacho - 7 December 2011

Caveat Lector: you’re likely to explosively vomit if you read the following blockquote:

TUCSON – Rep. Gabrielle Giffords has a famous fan who often e-mails her husband to check on her progress: lead U2 singer Bono, says Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly.

“He checks up on her all the time,” Kelly said at the Tucson Festival of Books on Tuesday. “He just wants to make sure she’s doing OK, and (to see) if she needs anything.”

Before Kelly and Giffords married, Giffords confessed that she loved Bono almost as much as she did her fiance.

“She kind of put me on notice,” Kelly said. “There was someone else.”

And after Giffords was shot Jan. 8 in the mass shooting near Tucson that killed six and wounded 13, Bono called Kelly, asking him to film a segment in space that was later used to introduce the song “Beautiful Day” during the recent U2 tour.

Bono told Kelly that after Giffords was hurt, Bono “felt like he’d met her before.”


Tucson Citizen

ts - 7 December 2011

Gag. If it wasn’t for the non sequitur at the end, I’d still be gagging tomorrow just thinking about that.

marisacat - 7 December 2011

They think people would vote for her in a completely CGI campaign to come, based on Bono is fixated on her.


Ganjafied Gabacho - 7 December 2011

With THE Bono(r), miracle worker of pop “music” and “culture” Gabby needs no CGI. He can be the Bergen to her Charlie McCarthy and even the newly transplanted Orange County republicans in Tubac will get her vote…maybe he can even intrepret her grunts and farts and formulate a “immigration plan” that is “humane” and “secures the border”

marisacat - 7 December 2011

He can lend her some sunglasses.

brian - 8 December 2011

i’ve always suspected bono of faking his sun-glasses disease (aka photo-phobia) unlike say jim mcmahon

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 December 2011

well, they did vote for two badly-drawn cartoons in a row for pretzel …

marisacat - 7 December 2011

Truly. And they will again. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up, please view the Right Wing of the stage, black cartoon, white cartoon. Vote for either. Or neither.

4. BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Corzine gets his 3rd Subpeona…
He and Sandusky should car-pool.

A House Financial Services subcommittee unanimously agreed to subpoena the Democrat for questioning about his role in the collapse of the now-bankrupt brokerage firm MF Global.

“We want to find out what happened to the customers’ money,” ( LOL – Join The Club!! – bhhm}

…said Rep. Randy Neugebauer (R-Texas), chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee. “We want to know what was going on in the regulatory world … and we also want to know what was going on inside the corporation. We think we need to understand that.”

Neugebauer said Corzine had refused to appear voluntarily at the subcommittee’s scheduled Dec. 15 hearing. Rep. Michael Capuano (D-Mass.), the panel’s top Democrat, called the subpoena an “unfortunate, but necessary” move.

This is the third congressional subpoena in less than a week
for the former New Jersey governor, 😆
(Plenty of Time Before Christmas! – bhhm}
who was knocked out of office by Chris Christie in 2009 🙄 and whose name has been floated as a potential Treasury secretary candidate for the Obama administration. 😆
(By All Means – Pile On!! – bhhm}

The Senate Agriculture Committee, led by Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), and the Republican-led House Agriculture Committee voted unanimously within the last week to subpoena Corzine. U.S. farmers had invested large amounts of money with the collapsed firm.

Well there is the expectation floating around that today at the House Agricultural committee hoe-down that he is going to take the fifth…

I also see “>they have the journo biz law shillage in place,
arguing essentially,that…. contractually…..
he was allowed to steal. 😆

Worth a read for the quick decent summary of the financial gymnastics tho.. You know, a bit more sophisticated than the ole forklift thru the mini-mart plate glass window , shearing off the ATM machine, but, you know, not as typically well thought out, either. LOL.

ts - 8 December 2011

Thanks for that article. The interesting thing about that article is that if you go one way on a trade, you better have everyone watching your back, cause your liquidity, and apparently all your clients’ assets, can disappear in a puff. MF Global, and Lehman before, essentially become the lowest tranche of the global debt pyramid.

5. BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Look, this is like a Holiday for me.
Corzien appearing @ 9:30 a.m.
Available on CSPAN. LOL.

I have another preview on it floating around, but yeh,
this deminimus just in from BloobyNews

Corzine to Tell Panel He Doesn’t Know Where Missing MF Global Millions Are

😆 Sorry! No Idea! Gotta Go!
And “Millions” my ass.
Billions and Billions and Billions….the way this AIG Groundhog Day plays out. But yeh, looks like he is going to try and run a statement and shut his yap.

Jon S. Corzine, former chairman and chief executive officer of MF Global Holdings Ltd., apologized to investors, customers and employees of the failed New York broker and said he doesn’t know the location of the estimated $1.2 billion in missing client money.

“I simply do not know where the money is, or why the accounts have not been reconciled to date,” Corzine said 😆 in a statement prepared for a hearing today for the House Agriculture Committee.</b


Corzine said in the 21-page statement that he was “stunned” to learn on Oct. 30 that the company couldn’t account for “many hundreds of millions of dollars.” Corzine is scheduled to appear before the committee after it voted to issue a subpoena to compel his testimony. The Senate Agriculture Committee and House Financial Services subcommittee on oversight and investigations have also voted to subpoena Corzine.

Corzine apologized to customers, investors and former employees who have suffered because of MF Global’s bankruptcy. “Their plight weighs on my mind every day – every hour,” Corzine said.

The company filed for bankruptcy protection after wrong-way bets on some of Europe’s most indebted countries. 😳

And this classic move…roping in his Board, …
sounds like he knows he’s goin down…

MF Global’s board of directors was told of the European debt trades and approved limits on the risk in the trades by specific countries, Corzine said.

“At the time of the bankruptcy, MF Global was within the risk limits set up by the board of directors,” Corzine said. “MF Global’s board was not a rubber stamp,” he said. None of the foreign debt securities that MF Global used in so-called repurchase-to-maturity transactions has defaulted or been restructured, Corzine said.

That last part is fantastic word play, as, technically, the PIIGS bonds haven’t “defaulted” at all. They just lost, oh, veritably ALL MARKETABLE VALUE while Brilliant, “No Idea”, There Goes The Margin Call Jon was using 40 to 1 Leverage on what now is known as a 7 billion dollar bet the EU would pay in full…

The rippling exposure, sorry, TSUNAMI, just from HIS node in the chain….. being a Quarter TRILLION.
For now….
Drip. Drip. Drip…….
There seems to be water coming thru the door.

ts - 8 December 2011

Sounds like Bernie Madoff’s problem was that he couldn’t use “hypothecation”.

BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

The House Ag Critters are all cool with it…
All falling over themselves to put the fix in…
All so shocked, exasperated, seeking – and offering explanations.
Any more lube necessary? LOL….A fuckin joke, really.

Tho not in DC, I’m hearing unusually heavy security for the halls.
.I didn’t have wireless where I was for a bit, tho we had the TV – .CSPAN didn’t even carry the opening live just had the morning blowhardy speeches till 10 AM……Watching it now online I can’t tell if Corzine spoke earllier tho prolly the afternoon, right?
After a nice lunch?

It’s all such bullshit.
What do we need to learn so that in the FUTURE …
That excreta.

Many are on the House Finance Committee, big beneficiaries from the American Bankers Association. Classic Duopoly Television if anyone is up to it…

marisacat - 8 December 2011

It’s always “no one could have foreseen” and some version of the Learning Channel! Live Painful and an exercise in sweeping under the carpet.


Thumbscrewed, garrote… whatever works. hey penile screw. whatever!!

marisacat - 8 December 2011

speaking of penile scre3w, Sandusky made bail.

is this a great nation or what!?

BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Pennsylvania! Leading the Way!

marisacat - 8 December 2011

To Alabama! And to what the legal dox are calling “enforced deviant sex”.

I think “rape” is a good, well understood word but… nto good enough for Penn State luminaries. Apparently.

BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

This hearing is RIDICULOUS. 😆
You should see this sorority chick Jill Sommers that Obama appointed, a lobbyist from from the Derivitives and Swaps Association How’d that vote work out on obby and the Lobbyist ban BTW???

LOL…. I shouldn’t be too mean as the boy Chairman Obama appointed to CFTC, Gary Gensler, (the Goldman Sachs Underling of CORZINE) is hiding behind a statement of “non participation”. Not there. BUT! NOT a recusal! Says Jill! The Acting Senior Commissionerblubblubblub now….. And the Trustee sent some 70ish Perot Running Matish CPA who might as well be talking about when the next round of prune juice arrives. Oh it’s a trip.

marisacat - 8 December 2011

We’re winning!! Closer and closer to home, all the time and every day.

I’ve read that is pretty much what the leadership of Japan sent out in missives, as the war wore on. IF ONLY we could hear and see ourselves.

BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Corzine Up now @ 1:1) EST
He looks BAD, nervous..
The USUAL. 😆

ts - 8 December 2011

If I remember, Bush’s appointees were all lobbyists from that Association, too.

6. BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Oh Corzine is heading for “the board, Sr traders and Executive Management” were i “involved in numerous meetings …”
LOL — Good Luck to ALL!!…

7. BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Oh here’s the implication of a rogue trading.
Cue some amiable kid in a cashmere sweater.

booHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

Now to questions where they get all het up for a while..

BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011

It’s getting better actually.
Hey can we move some of the Popcorn Futures into the Flopsweat Remediation Sector???

8. marisacat - 8 December 2011

Welcome to the past, shooter at VTech. Barricaded apparently and has shot a couple… one of which is of course a cop.

marisacat - 8 December 2011

Virginia Tech campus on alert after reports of shots fired

There are reports of shots fired on the Virginia Tech campus in Blacksburg.

The university’s Web site confirms the reports and gives an initial description of the gunman as a white male wearing gray sweatpants and maroon hoodie. The advisory tells students and faculty to stay where they are.

Read more at:
Wash Po

Or visit washingtonpost.com.

marisacat - 8 December 2011

In case there is not sufficient holiday spirit between all the lovely events… we have one of the more famous Wal Mart parking lot Black Thursday shooters, San leandro over in the East Bay a stick ’em up in the parking lot (a car radio was at issue) and I think it was the first reported, anyway he is holed up in a house in San Leandro, had a hostage for a while… and the SWAT team apparently hustling the mother in … to.. do.. whatever it is Mothers do.

Well… do what you can I guess.

Joy To The World!

marisacat - 8 December 2011

well cop at Vtech is dead.

And the Iranians are parading Little Davey (so cruel, how dare they).. and claiming they hacked the US signal to bring Davey in.

Shop til you drop!! And if things look shabby and frayed around the world, drink!

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

Quick somebody order some (made in china) kevlar “save Davey” sweaters and set up a website to sell them. We’ll make a killing 🙄

marisacat - 8 December 2011

Stuff is realy popping today, and in Pakistan, masses of US oil tankers set ablaze – with Zardari in a mad dash to the ICU – in Dubai or some such place.

AND the US parking lot is vying with the home bathtub as “the most dangerous place”… the cop was shot in the Vtech parking lot. And the other victim is dead too.

Can this get better? I guessss so!

ts - 8 December 2011

I remember the other day Pakistan had closed its borders “for security reasons” (nothing to do with U.S. drone strikes, nope, nope, nope), and there was a graf in the article about dozens of really flammable tankers just piling up on the Pakistan side of the border as the “security issues” were being sorted out.

Things just got sorted out a little.

marisacat - 8 December 2011

A sorting job!

marisacat - 8 December 2011

Model it after the Free Willie campaign.

We always have a marketing template.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

xactly. Mebbe we can get Tom Hanks to “do” the voice of Davey and Deniro does an akmadinajad (sic) cameo in the FIRST movie (always hinkt FRANCHIZE!)

marisacat - 8 December 2011

Soon to evolve to Free Santa, Free Traditional Christmas, Keep Christ in Christmas.

Poor dissassembled Davey will be forgotten.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

that’s alright, come Easter time he can be resurrected in a pig in a poke Nukular egg hunt…

marisacat - 8 December 2011

soon he’ll b wearing a niqab

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

a stealth chador!

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

Well that settles what to get for stocking stuffers this year:
(hung round the pallet fire in a barrel, ’cause chimeneys get foreclosed on with rest of the house)

Semi-auto pistols and ceramic tipped kevlar piercing rounds and AZ manufactured “endless” clips and gift cards for “Find a Bankster/Pinkerton bodygaurd” I-phone apps.
(paid for with copper stripped from aforementioned abandoned house)

Meanwhile Holder is being “grilled” 😆

marisacat - 8 December 2011

Joy to the Whirled.

As for congress.. I am amenable to moving on t the Mme Tussaud’s editiion. Wax works. How different would it be?

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

ya know, wax makes a lovely fire when it burns… 😈

9. BooHooHooMan - 8 December 2011
Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

now he looks like a guy I could share a beer with…

10. marisacat - 8 December 2011

mamamammaamama mia.

“Radioactive materials that scattered and fell from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant belong to individual landowners there, not Tepco,” the company said. This stunned the Court, the plaintiffs and the press. An attorney for the golf club said, “We are flabbergasted….”


at Cpunch


I am careflly avoiding another post there, from Nader. Entitled
Time to Save the Post Office

What can you do but hold the professional left in high disregard.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

What can you do but hold the professional left in high disregard.

I realize that is a rhetorical question, but I suggest the following (tongue barely touching cheek):

Buy a slightly used, but traceable to Mexico, ATF firearm and help them (the professional left and right) find Jeebus?

marisacat - 8 December 2011

well Holder said today, those guns will be involved in crimes for a long time to come.

Ganjafied Gabacho - 8 December 2011

Praise the LARD!

marisacat - 8 December 2011

… and pass the ammo.

11. marisacat - 8 December 2011



……. 8)

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