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Saga 19 January 2012

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Italy, Total fucking lunatics.

Giglio, Italy: The Costa Concordia cruise ship | AGF s.r.l./Rex Features


NOW there is a report surfacing, I think from the blonde the captain was seen with, he ordered dinner after the crash.

It boggles the mind.


1. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 January 2012

halfway through January, and getting only our second snow storm of the season. Slippery mess, but nothing like the piles we got last year.

marisacat - 20 January 2012

we finally have rain… and I guess there will be some rain, at least early on in the game Sunday…

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 20 January 2012
marisacat - 20 January 2012

oh I completely forgot about aht, watching the protests today here in SF… yes they sure did shut it down.

3. marisacat - 21 January 2012

Toooo funny… Mittens wins NH and nothing else:

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Newt Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary, ABC News Projects [7:00 p.m. ET]

marisacat - 21 January 2012

oh very bad news for Mittens:

N. Gingrich 40.7% 72,968
M. Romney 26.0% 46,578

Madman in the Marketplace - 21 January 2012

the circus continues!

marisacat - 21 January 2012

whatever is painful for them!

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

😆 But Mittens has Ben Ginsberg loyally workin’ fer ‘im.. LOL.
What is going on here with voters and Romney?!
They keep rejecting this perfect facsimile of a leading man!
(the dynamic to watch,imo.)

Wake up Mitt!
We don’t like wholshmomeshmolsome in America!
Go on a bender! Tonite! Join a swingers club! Something!
Wreck a car! Leave the hash right there on the front seat!
Have a meth lab in the trunk, in case they try and let ya go!!
Something! Anything YOU FUCKING KEN DOLL!!


What a joke it all is…

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

Newt up now for victory speech… LOL

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

He’s “the embodiment of Christ” or something.
Not a direct quote, but close!

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

Now he’s moving to co-opt the Santoreans AND the Paul camp. LOL.

4. BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

Here we go – “the growing anti religious bigotry of our Elite”.

Bad Newt, is ouit now, Chuckie Dolll Newt with that look now.

marisacat - 21 January 2012

I predict Newt goes on a good old fashion never-out-of-date Southern pol tear. Snack food and popcorn laid in the for next few weeks.

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

Larry Obrien says he’s unelectable.
I mean, really, fuck, who has ever been elected slobbering over Christo-Fascist-Militarist-Racists before dressing it with a little Muslim Bashing Israeli Loving Populism and Student Loan Relief after the Convention? This is America!

marisacat - 21 January 2012

Anybody can get elected! This IS America!

BooHooHooMan - 21 January 2012

And thank God of it! LOL – You know –
American God-but-not-the-Mormon-American God!
Oh, Newt. What an example. And Such a great night to
consider converting to Catholicism!

As I write, I have the tube on in the other room and I hear one Obbytwink after another going on about how great this is for Barry.
I can HEAR the sweat puddles forming tho. LOL

marisacat - 22 January 2012

One thing about Newt, he’d stick it to Slob. I think that is what worries people about Mittens. No real spit no real fire. LOL No basic spit and fire, either!!

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

…No Fur, no club. No fucked up teeth.
Newt’s the Man! Cro~Magnan Man, but hey! LOL.

5. diane - 22 January 2012

Hey hey honey,

Oopsie doopsie, on December 10th, I was reading Ex “Associated Press” journalist, Robert Kagan’s poignant piece(at “Smirking Chimp”) re the anniversary of Gary Webb’s “suicide”, when , quite sober, the 24 ouncer of cheap Pabst brew, which I was holding, jolted, ….along with my heart, …….splattered, ……and …fried my puter. I’m just now ‘reconnecting.’ …

marisacat - 22 January 2012

oh diane! I worried about you. Just today I dug out the card I had written your phone numbers on when you called the hhospital. I thought I should try to get a hold of you, make sure you were alright…

Do you mean in the midst of that, that you had a heart attack?

diane - 22 January 2012

Oh Honey I did, but not the physical type of heart attack, ..and actually it started when I started digging into the PA penal system on account of something BooHooHooMan posted …I was gonna post about it but it was so bleak …I didn’t want to spread that bleakness …fuck ..penology is a PA system? The PA Abu Graib Focker (Grainer? I’m fried and can’t spell right now) teenagers are sentenced to prisons via paying off “Justices” ..who the fuck wouldn’t want to get toasted to a crisp ….It is all so fucking heart breaking because Humans are so capable of such astounding love.

diane - 22 January 2012

and did you hear that asshole one recent weekday on KGO, who hosted some creep named Marty Nemus, an Education Expert!!!!!! …who stated that we should genuflect to Zuckerfuck/Face Joke? and in that same breath, …implied that all others should be happy kneeling and groveling their way through life?

diane - 22 January 2012

Uggh,sorry, Robert Parry, not Robert Kagan, apologies.

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

What’s goin on? What’s up?

diane - 22 January 2012

turmoil and grief (jeesh, I guess I better never apply for a jawb at “Hallmark Cards” ..never been much of a liar….) …

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Got some ears.
Can pin my lips too.

diane - 22 January 2012

ask Marisa for the land line number I gave her (without the 5 in it), if ya ever want to get an earload about sly con valley (though I can’t guarantee it isn’t tapped, as I believe it was in 2006 for still not understood reasons). If you do an online lookup on the number (and I certainly wouldn’t fault you for it), you’ll likely end up with a last name that ends with a “b,” that’s not my last name. If I don’t answer and you don’t get an answering machine, it means I’m on the tubes and haven’t been able to finangle knowing when my phone is ringing when I’m “online” yet … on my noo puter (I am working on that though), so try back.

(can you erase this at a timely point Marisa? thank you Honey!)

marisacat - 22 January 2012

OK will do… as soon as I pass the number along.

Very relieved you are not ill… I worried your mother had either taken a turn for the worse or there was a series of events with you or your family. Good to know you are in one piece.

diane - 22 January 2012

Thank you so much honey … for your concern, …and my mamma is still hanging in, and far better than when we rescued her from that hell hole last year, many hugs to you!

diane - 22 January 2012

oops, should’ve wrote: without a five in the area code.

6. BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Mystery author for the moment…

Quick Thoughts on Tonight’s Results

Tonight’s results — a blowout win for Newt Gingrich — upend all the equations governing the GOP presidential primary. So which variables can we still be relatively sure of?

Let me take a stab at one. Newt Gingrich isn’t going to be the GOP nominee. I’m not saying Romney will be, though I think it’s still very likely. You can never say never in politics. But I think the anchor point for understanding where we are right now is that the institutional GOP, the establishment Republican party, won’t let Newt get the nomination.

Look at these numbers: nationwide Newt Gingrich’s favorability number is 26.5%, unfavorable 58.6%. (see the chart here.)

It would be quite difficult for Newt Gingrich to beat President Obama…..

F E E L the conviction.

The bigger story is that he would likely devastate the congressional Republican party. He’d probably weigh down the GOP up and down the ticket. And that puts the whole thing in much sharper relief for Republican officeholders, committee chairs and money folks.

If I’m right about that, that means they have to and will do virtually everything possible now to crush Gingrich and make Romney the nominee.

My best guess is that Gingrich will come on strong or even win Florida. And it’ll be bad for Mitt for a while. But eventually Mitt and really the GOP establishment will just grind him down. Do I know that? Not at all. Unless Mitt can totally shut Gingrich down in Florida, it’s really all bets are off territory. But again, the one thing I think you can rely on is that Gingrich isn’t the nominee — simply because I think the costs to the GOP are simply too grave to let it happen.

That folks,….is Josh Marshall.

Who would have to know, that if Romney doesn’t win in Florida, he’s done. Yet Marshall isn’t totally purple-lipped with the Kool-Aid: given, at best, and wisely so if one takes the game and themselves seriously enough I suppose, is that he only offers that it would be “difficult” for Gingrich to beat Obama. He reveals much in saying so little. Frankly the Dems want a “bore-off” would be far better off facing Republicans with a underwhelming candidate of their own. The Donks can do scripted, Barry can do set-piece politics with rules of engagement …like the Clintons had that included not utterly crippling the Party so badly there would be nothing left of it. Gingrich is no-prisoners And I imagine GOP operatives, , stuck with McCain’s drippery and as surrogates for Sarah and the Wasilla Weirdos last time around, I bet they would just love to eat Barry and apologists like Marshall whole. I imagine Marshall 😯 :gulp: LOL, knows that, too….

The thing is ..this idea…that there is some order to how this proceeds, that some order will, you know, show up and, wellll, order things all orderly like…oh I know, Joshie, I’ve been there, I understand, I doo, but that’s the thing about Empire’s in Decline…


7. marisacat - 22 January 2012

sloughs off that mortal coil…

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Ex-Penn State Coach Joe Paterno Has Died, Family Says

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012
BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Oh I opened the wrong casket, I meant to tuck this in with the Romney looking defeated comment below, but, whatever!
Defeat, errors in delay, revisionist history, opportunism…

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey issues statement on Joe Paterno’s passing

– U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) released the following statement on Joe Paterno’s passing:

“I was saddened to hear of the passing of Joe Paterno. His long career at Penn State is unrivaled and his accomplishments as the winningest coach in major college football will certainly not be forgotten. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.”

….. the American Gag-worthy Way.
Group psychologists could have, sorry, a field day in PA and this here lionized USA! today. Oh break out the 70’s Lincoln limo and throw coach on top already. Just get the thing movin.
Make panderer Casey run alongside in this parade past the indoctrinated . Right off the cliff..

marisacat - 22 January 2012

the whole thing had a very Catholic whiff off it. Like a coven of priests preying.

8. marisacat - 22 January 2012

hmm Mitt looks pretty damned defeated and with a complete loss of whatever buoyancy (sp?) he ever had. (FOX News with Chris Wallace)

Geesh. Buck up boyo.

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Cue Jaws” theme music. Dehndin.
Mitt knows you’re on to him, Marisa. 😆 😉

marisacat - 22 January 2012

Hahahahah… he’s gripping himself in panic in his magical underwear!

9. marisacat - 22 January 2012

I am surprised, they sure did everything they could to make it look like she was in… and endlessly “getting better”….

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Gabrielle Giffords to Step Down from Congress, Staff Says

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Talk about a sad saga. it is, no doubt, but with the distinction of having fully funded great coverage. And investors to consider.
The whole thing is so craven. Craven is in. We do craven, a veritable craven-off in 2012, .Anyways, If they elevate her hubby, they might as well just have an IPO on the whole thing, like they do with every other….

marisacat - 22 January 2012

oh it was corrupt from the first minute… and surely peaked with Slob and his magick visit. He laid hands on her and bingo, her dollar obsessed eyes opened soon after.

It was right up there with Prom Night Inauguration Slob Fest mit Beyonce. (it blew my mind it was so bad)

10. ms_xeno - 22 January 2012

I want the Dems to win, because I want Daddy-O still in office when his l’il lambs start getting seriously whipsawed between their student debt and their first round of mandatory health insurance premiums.

I think the resultant demos will make OWS ’11 look like an old rerun of Romper Room, personally.

Plus, I’m dying to see if just once, that sanctimonious fuckstick and his creep of a wife are capable of feeling ANY embarrassment or shame over what they’ve done. It’s not likely, but Daddy O’s idol, Ronald Reagan, could plausibly fake regret from time to time. So we shall see.

marisacat - 22 January 2012

I agree, it’s a huge temptation tht he be in office when the bloody nightstick begins to swing. It would be fatal for the DNC I think. And I could see him being if not run out of office then certainly being run out of DC at the close of it and hounded, far worse than anything ever laid upon Jimmeh C.

The mandatory health premiums are going to bankrupt people before they ever even get sick. Plus there seems every chance the economy blows up far worse than the last 3 – 5 years.

11. marisacat - 22 January 2012

hmm Artur (Davis) is an irritating little putz, but he is not wrong.

http://www.politico.com/arena/ (only a couple down if anyone wants to read it)

He points out that SOUTH Carolina is the first state up where Ob and his policies are perceived as an utter failure and further, it is the state where his NLRB fought the Boeing move, and 10,000 in jobs, for over a year, only to recently drop it.

Snip from it:

There is something about South Carolina that was never quite understood. It was the first state in this cycle where Barack Obama’s policies have been an abject failure: a unemployment level that is catastrophic, almost 10 percent, and a year-long effort to block Boeing from bringing 10,000 jobs to the area. That environment favored a candidate who will launch an unbridled attack on Obama’s record and shortcomings, and who is undefensive about his own history. In the last week, that was Gingrich by a mile.

Going forward, the first disconcerting news for Romney is that there are a batch of other states that have the same alienated cast as South Carolina – the bevy of Southern states in March, the downcast industrial states with a substantial conservative white working class, and they are all prime territory for Gingrich’s anti-elite message. The second bad news is that Romney’s negatives with the national electorate are steadily climbing – in a few weeks, he may no longer be the more electable candidate, which means that the central rationale for his nomination will have collapsed. . . . . . .

12. marisacat - 22 January 2012

I admit I am watching the Niners game today… and I watched a little of the earlier game too, the Ravens and the NE Patriots… not that I know much about te game, but I get the basics, at least…

There is supposed to be some hard driving rain to hit near the end of the game (we’ve had drizzle all along from the opening)… and I am curious to see how muddy and sloppy it gets.

diane - 22 January 2012

slate colored skies here … looks like it might pour unrelentingly …. probably needs to ……

diane - 22 January 2012

(“heh” anyone born, or having lived in PA, likely gets to always remember what slate looks like, and how very unstable it can be whilst trying to travel steep slopes on it.)

marisacat - 22 January 2012

Whatever is coming down now is not too hard. No sign of it bouncing off their helmets.

13. marisacat - 22 January 2012

well if I was going to pick a game to watch, this was it.

17 17 both sides… into overtime. Raining hard. I can see it come down against the lights over the field.

14. Madman in the Marketplace - 22 January 2012

Good ole’ Fareed was happy to throw softballs to David Rubenstein about how wonderful to us hedge fund guys like him are.

RUBENSTEIN: Well, it’s disappointing if you’re in this – an industry that is actually adding value, creating jobs, making America more efficient in many ways and more effective in many ways.

Private equity is dominated by the United States companies. The largest private equity firms are here. Many people around the world are looking to us to how we do private – how they should do private equity there. In fact, the Chinese, for example, they very much want to import our private equity statistics and – because the statistics show that we are very good at what we do, and they want these – these skills and these know-how that we have here.

So why is it that the Chinese are so interested in learning what we do in private equity? Because they want to make their companies more effective, more efficient, and – and strengthen employment as well.

So I don’t think what happened to Bain in terms of the criticism is really that fair. They may have done some things I don’t know about years ago that aren’t the practice of today. Remember, much of what Mitt Romney did happened 20 years ago or more, and the practice of the industry have evolved.

My favorite part was him talking about how he was buying up rare historical documents and sharing them with us all out of the goodness of his shriveled heart and patriotic fervor:

ZAKARIA: Let’s talk for a second about the stuff that you buy and give away.


ZAKARIA: So you – you’re giving $7.5 million to clean the Washington Monument. You bought a –

RUBENSTEIN: More than clean it. It’s to repair it. It’s (INAUDIBLE) earthquake damage. Yes.

ZAKARIA: You bought a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, and what did you do with it?

RUBENSTEIN: I have bought a number of historic documents, and I’ve put them on display at places where I think people can see them, because I think it’s important for people to know about American history.

So I bought a copy of the Magna Carta, the only one in private hands. I’ve put that on display at the National Archives so Americans can see the document that inspired the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I bought a copy of the Emancipation Proclamation, and I’ve put that on display at the Oval Office, and I – the president is very pleased to have it there.

I bought a couple copies of the Declaration of Independence. One is on display at the State Department.

Recently I bought a copy of the 13th Amendment, which freed slaves, and that is going to be displayed somewhere else in Washington soon.

So I’m very proud of owning these documents and making – important – making sure that people can see them and learn American history. I’m very concerned that people don’t know enough about our history and the rights that we have and the freedoms that we have. And I think if Americans would learn more about American history, I think we’d be a better country.

ZAKARIA: But you – and you buy all these documents. You don’t keep any of them at home?


ZAKARIA: If we were – if one were to go to your house, would there be any documents there?

RUBENSTEIN: No. My – I don’t want to have things in my house because how many people are going to see them? I want the American people to see them.

So millions of people go to the – to the Archives. Millions of people going to the Smithsonian. Millions of people go to the State Department. And they can see these documents, and that’s more important than having them in – displayed in my house.

ZAKARIA: David Rubenstein, pleasure to have you on.

RUBENSTEIN: My pleasure, Fareed.

Yes Fareed, he especially liked the way you squeezed his balls while you blew him.

BooHooHooMan - 22 January 2012

Oh the blowjob and peanut squeeze is obligatory when the Hedge Fund MotU demand airtime rolling out a pre-emptive public relations campaign as they are being tracked by hostile villagers at their homes and huge protests are being planned for the Spring and even the Feds have a few tracking devices in some of their homes.
I DO have an cheerful side!

And frankly, the idea of a designated dickschmoker is rather shlong-handling-efficient. No, not that it recommended while driving,but it must help the derivative markets in some way.

Oh Gad. So grateful that Rubenstein let’s lets us wave at those atrophied pieces of fiction that he carries as some bullshit-o-flated notional asset value on a balance somewhere. And collaterallizes other notional float. And prolly gets some tax angle for his charitable inclinations.

Jeezis what channel do they carry that on?
The GobbleSlurp Network?

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012

I liked the quietly implied threat that he could take them away.

marisacat - 22 January 2012

iirc Fareed’s brother is on wall St.

marisacat - 23 January 2012

I was reading thru that… and really it is just so CUUUUTE of him.

He bought something for the little black people, The Emancipation Proclamation. And he bought something for the little white people, the Declaration of I.

And I suppose he thinks he bought the other items for all the little people, black, brown, white, yellow and tiger striped.

I think the American Indians should def feel left out. Not a thing he can buy for them.

What a fucking crock.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012

It was a pretty shameless performance.

15. marisacat - 23 January 2012

Ah yes. [Sl]Obama as truth teller. Etc.

The White House gave misleading information about the BP oil spill and pressured scientists to do the same, according to a new report from Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (via Kate Sheppard at Mother Jones).

PEER tracked down an email from US Geological Survey director Marcia McNutt, who said the White House repeatedly misinterpreted her data:

I cannot tell you what a nightmare the past two days have been dealing with the communications people at the White House, DOI, and the NIC who seem incapable of understanding the concept of a lower bound. . . . . .

Read more: Business Insider links back to Mother Jones article…

16. marisacat - 23 January 2012

Land of the Freee and home of the…. Brave!!

Gingrich-backing super PAC to receive second $5 million donation

Miriam Adelson, the wife of the gambling mogul whose $5 million donation helped make Newt Gingrich competitive in South Carolina, has promised the Gingrich-backing super PAC Winning Our Future another $5 million by this week, a source close to Adelson said.

Sheldon Adelson is the primary owner of the corporation that owns the Sands hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas, as well as casinos and resorts in Macau, China, Singapore and Pennsylvania. The new $5 million pledge was first reported by the Las Vegas Sun. .. . . . .

Read more at:

Or visit PostPolitics.com.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012
marisacat - 23 January 2012

ooop… link fail!


Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012
marisacat - 23 January 2012


18. Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012

so much lesser an evil, our Pretzel:

Two lessons from the Megaupload seizure

(1) It’s wildly under-appreciated how unrestrained is the Government’s power to do what it wants, and how little effect these debates over various proposed laws have on that power. Contrary to how it was portrayed, the Obama administration’s threatened veto of the NDAA rested largely on the assertion that they did not need a law vesting them with indefinite detention powers because they already have full power to detain people without a trial: not because any actual law expressly vested that power, but because the Bush and Obama DOJs both claimed the 2001 AUMF silently (“implicitly”) authorized it and deferential courts have largely acquiesced to that claim. Thus, Obama argued about indefinite detention in his NDAA veto threat that “the authorities codified in this section already exist” and therefore “the Administration does not believe codification is necessary,” and in his Signing Statement the President similarly asserted that “the executive branch already has the authority to detain in military custody” accused Terrorists “and as Commander in Chief I have directed the military to do so where appropriate.” In other words: we don’t need any law expressly stating that we can imprison people without charges: we do it when we want without that law.</blockquote.


(2) The U.S. really is a society that simply no longer believes in due process: once the defining feature of American freedom that is now scorned as some sort of fringe, radical, academic doctrine. That is not hyperbole. Supporters of both political parties endorse, or at least tolerate, all manner of government punishment without so much as the pretense of a trial, based solely on government accusation: imprisonment for life, renditions to other countries, even assassinations of their fellow citizens. Simply uttering the word Terrorist, without proving it, is sufficient. And now here is Megaupload being completely destroyed — its website shuttered, its assets seized, ongoing business rendered impossible — based solely on the unproven accusation of Piracy.

Madman in the Marketplace - 23 January 2012

and speaking of due process (on a more serious issue than “stealing” intellectual “property”):

Western justice and transparency

On Saturday in Somalia, the U.S. fired missiles from a drone and killed the 27-year-old Lebanon-born, ex-British citizen Bilal el-Berjawi. His wife had given birth 24 hours earlier and the speculation is that the U.S. located him when his wife called to give him the news.

That’s one hell of a baby cigar …

Jeebus this country is evil.

19. marisacat - 23 January 2012

hmm I have to say I am irritated… I fiddled quite a bit with the antennae…. both the arms or whatever the word is (VHF, I think it controls)… and the circular part (UHF, I think) to get NBC to come back (it disappeared again Sat) for the debate.

And it is not on.

I tell ya.

BooHooHooMan - 23 January 2012

Just tuning in 2/3 of the away thru.
Let’s see if we can hobble across the line. 😆
I’ll live3 blog.
Tell me if that’s not motivation to slam the tv into compliance!
Anyways seems sedate so sedate that I can’t tell if fireworks flew yet or not.
Mittens looks weak.
Immigration. Mitt spoke of “self-deportation” LOL
And on NASA, of course,
“Yes. It should be a prority, everybody should have rockets.”
Not sure about the last phrase but close!
Into the stretch!

Newt saying “Extraordinary” a lot.

Okay now Williams is baiting them with their attacks on each other.
Moving under the desk now. It may be difficult for me, even as a viewer, to keep this up when the cannibalism commences as I suspect it will…

BooHooHooMan - 23 January 2012

Oh Newt saying “enourmous” and “difficulty” alot too.
And “big ideas”.

Romney tsays America is “great”. The others agree.

I got this liveblogging down pat. And that’s it, it’s over.
Not bad coming in 2/3 of the way thru..

Serously I just turned in. And that was about it so I was looking to see how the first part went, apparently Mittens went on attack earlier and Newt just fucking ignored him. Blew him off LOL.. Not even the time off day, according to the post game crew….

Whoa! and right as I was going to press the send button, Mrs Greenspan brought mentioned the prospect of JEB BUSH if Romney doesn’t win Florida. She reports Party mucketies are saying they “are going to have to do something”. LOL

BooHooHooMan - 23 January 2012

Sorry for the spelling , the cut and paste danglers , the trademark incoherency..

marisacat - 23 January 2012

oh don’t worry about it… my fingers drag as I type, aside from all the other problems… it’s readable…


marisacat - 23 January 2012

Romney tsays America is “great”. The others agree.

Democracy! In action!

I heard today Saudia Arabia says Syria needs some. Qatar said Syria does too need some democracy.

Funny… SA and Qatar don’t?

marisacat - 23 January 2012

ugh it came on at 9PM here…. delayed I guess to start in that slot in the West. It’s a MESS. I gave up in 15 minutes.

Slobster faction is laughing themselves silly and crowning themselves for 2013 already. Any Republicans who planned to take the WH either have to rethink or get a new candidate.

marisacat - 23 January 2012

Supposedly Mittens has had some boffo new debate coach, for weeks, since “Bachman left” th campaign (why that was reported as the start date… who knows). Seems a wste of money…

BooHooHooMan - 23 January 2012

Couldn’t close the deal. Done. PoofgoestheMagicUnderpants.
Can’t get past their base.

20. BooHooHooMan - 23 January 2012

via HuffPo

Tax Records Released… Paid 13.9% Rate In 2010 – Lower Than Most Wage-Earning Americans… HAD A SWISS BANK ACCOUNT

Holdings In Cayman Islands, Luxembourg, Famous Tax Havens… More Than $3 Million In 2010 Charitable Contributions; $2.6 Million To Mormon Church In 2011

He’s got a week to live.

Good LORD! 😆 Newt Fucking Gingrich?!! 😆

The Finest Meritocracy on Earth!

marisacat - 23 January 2012

I saw that… of course in much smaller amt, (22K) but people forget the Slobbers only charity back in the pre pretzel days was Rev Wright’s drop in joint. Of course their act was forcibly cleaned up and by 2009 they had 22 official charity donations.

Mitt’s a Mess. I honestly think it’s over. Even Mrs Greenberg said they will have to reinvent the smoke filled room and shove someone in. Well… I think it was Andrea Mitchell.

BooHooHooMan - 24 January 2012

I do to. Over.

21. BooHooHooMan - 24 January 2012

Thing is, Newt, after this relatively civil little Sudetanland deal tonite is going to make Poland out of Romney in the last Fla debate Romey has himself so boxed in. Look up ‘box’ in Webster’s , his picture’s there. Hopey Changey Happy Nicey for the GOP is OUT , Romney effecting affecting it WHATEVER! LOL like now I can’t imagine it coming off as anything other than the desperate gambit it would be. Trying to out-lunatic Gingrich? Why– he’d have to be CRAZY. LOL What a spot, what a fine mess he’s in..

I’ve been poking around the RW heads, Krautheimer, Will, a few of the other patented sorts, and they ARE worried, I mean, hell, who doesn’t know Gingrich is a total fucking lunatic?…LOL. Anyways They seem to be voicing congreescritter concerns over potential Newt-drag down-ticket.

Meachum, LOL, says, Gingrich if anything, embodies the politics of resentment and righteous indignation.. It IS authentic for him.
Whay to keep up there, Meechy.

I think he’s electable, my damnself. LOL. Doesn’t matter he’s parked his fat ass in Washington since ronnelraygen. Romneywillow never grabbed the pissed off lunatic mantle, never to be underestimatedd here. LOL. And Sweatervest would never really eat into the party establishment, what axe does he have to grind with them? Gingrich was deposed, and he’s back. And the difference between him and Nixon, who methodically rebuilt himself in his exile, who endured the gladhanding and had to, Gingrich actually likes doing that, but has no pretense-to-civility constraints before getting on to what he really loves. Running amok. Different country than in the 60’s: largely asleep ,comatose frankly, if it wasn’t there would have been millions in the streets and semi-regular rioting in protests over the last however many…

I think the guy can get the nom, moreover: I think he can get elected if he does. In this country? Shiyat.

22. marisacat - 24 January 2012



………….. 😯 … 🙄

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