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Laugh 30 January 2012

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Australia, Germany, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is bundled out of a restaurant by security service agents after it was surrounded by furious Aboriginal rights protesters in Canberra. Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were stranded in The Lobby restaurant as dozens of demonstrators from a protest against Australia Day, which marks the arrival of British settlers in 1788, converged on the hotel...

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is bundled out of a restaurant by security service agents after it was surrounded by furious Aboriginal rights protesters in Canberra. Gillard and opposition leader Tony Abbott were stranded in The Lobby restaurant as dozens of demonstrators from a protest against Australia Day, which marks the arrival of British settlers in 1788, converged on the hotel… | LUKAS COCH/AFP/Getty Images

I saw the vid of this, it was hilarious.  They hustled her to her limo, she lost a shoe in the process and finally they stuffed her in, butt first.

More of that please.


THIS I had not seen.  What a scream, and so perfect.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel strokes a golden goose that was given to her by Carnival Prince Frank I and Princess Petra I of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Chancellery in Berlin

German Chancellor Angela Merkel strokes a golden goose that was given to her by Carnival Prince Frank I and Princess Petra I of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the Chancellery in Berlin | ODD ANDERSEN/AFP/Getty Images

Screw ’em all.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 30 January 2012
marisacat - 30 January 2012

ugh I can hear Slobby now.

2. lucid - 30 January 2012

That picture of Merkel is priceless.

marisacat - 31 January 2012

Isn’t it? Giving the retreating Golden Goose a hand job. (Tho certainly Germany France and other Euro countries are in a LOT better shape than we are.)

3. marisacat - 31 January 2012

🙄 Mission Accomplished… I doubt anyone doubted it…

Breaking News from ABCNEWS.com:

Mitt Romney Is the Winner of the Florida Primary, ABC News Projects [8:00 p.m. ET]

marisacat - 31 January 2012

M. Romney 46.4% 763,848
N. Gingrich 31.9% 524,741
R. Santorum 13.4% 219,634
R. Paul 7.0%

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2012

Oh Fer~Fuhhhck’s sake!
Who goes 0 for 57 predicting race outcomes?
ME, that’s who! 😆

Well I hope you’re happy, everyone. The way Romney besmirched Speaker Gingrich’s integrity like that.

marisacat - 31 January 2012

I want a knife fight in a dark alley. Catholic Knife vs Mormon Knife. BUT no one comes out a live. Hahahahahaha.

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2012

~ Mc’ the Knife
that Heavenly Host, see –
he’s a’beebobobboway..

And somethin about that Mormon’s pearly whites.
Yanah. 😆 😉

marisacat - 31 January 2012

EVERYBODY in their religion’s special Magical Underwear.

BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2012

Absolutely! Costumes – Music – , the whole deal! :lol:.

I really hope we can light the alley, tho. On FIRE!

4. BooHooHooMan - 31 January 2012

Hey movie and fashion fans.
Hillary at the U.N. in some weird Dr. Evil thing.
Right off the rack up there on the orbiting DeathShip or what? 😆


marisacat - 31 January 2012

Momma Mao?

What a get up!!

BooHooHooMan - 1 February 2012

LOL. Oh Yes, The Mao suit thing, clearly an influence, and I was going to note it but for the – welllll, whatever the hell that sort of pectoral , costume jewelry, brooch accessory thing she’s got goin’ on that indicates rank in some extraplanetary crime syndicate or whatever…

A rather remarkable presentation, really! LOL

marisacat - 1 February 2012

that sort of pectoral, costume jewelry, brooch accessory thing she’s got goin’ on that indicates rank in some extraplanetary crime syndicate or whatever…

oh god. The Maddy Albright Coterie.

BTW, just a little while ago, I saw this Momma Mao look, on vid on the Nooz. Even odder when not a still shot.

ts - 1 February 2012

It’s the Team America World Police badge. F’yeah!

diane - 1 February 2012

too funny, Condi had one of those beam me up to Galactic “SECURITY” Patrol lookin brooches too … which thought, as in Mao Mama’s case too, was most surely aided and abetted by the kooky, somewhat deranged, look in her eyes …

diane - 1 February 2012

(and who is that nuclear dick headed fuck from the UK leaning in honey?

jeebus, at first glance it looks like a cross of Jerry (Gerald E. Jr) Brown, Glenn Beck, Newtster and Wild BIll The Dick, a dash of Romney/Huntsman combined Silverback, et al and who knows who?

Rahm & Family certainly wouldn’t want to feel left out …… )

marisacat - 1 February 2012

I think it is the UK Foreign Minsiter… but i forget his name.

diane - 1 February 2012

wish I could help honey, but I haven’t a clue who the fuck he is either, except to say he’s a pretty unpleasant lookin fuck who appears to be conspiring wit Mama Mao;…who may, or may not (dubious), have been totally bought and paid for, ….. at this point, …which is why I’ve never called myself a feminist.

diane - 1 February 2012

and isn’t it bleakly priceless …. how that cowl of skin, near his collar line, happens to resemble the curve of a Nazi/Gladiator helmet?

death cult indeed …….we are so screwed, and certainly, the tad of Black Folk PAID to “represent,” ……… are not the answer either.

diane - 1 February 2012

the tad of Black Folk PAID to “represent,” ……… are not the answer either.

If they were, we wouldn’t be reading:

Tue, 01/31/2012 – 23:57 — Marsha Coleman:
Black Children’s Lives Short and Cheap in U.S.

Tue, 01/31/2012 – 23:58 — Glen Ford:
Obama: Not Cool, Just Cold-Blooded

Tue, 01/31/2012 – 23:47 — Bruce A. Dixon:
Rented Protesters in Chicago, Presidential Hypocrisy on School Reform

marisacat - 31 January 2012

oh too good! I have spread that around already!! Thanks for that… 😉

5. diane - 1 February 2012

Thank you so very much Don Cornelius, and Rest in Peace Honey …

diane - 1 February 2012

on this tiny end …. it do look like Bro’s ™ Al Butterjob, Obombster, JJ, et al did absolutley nothing, as Black Americans to stop that bullet ….despite any prime time boohdy hoodyz, or, Obombster’s Grits Greene solos …….. looks to me like Don, with Soooouuullllllllll Traaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiin, did far more ….. than they ever will …

6. m - 1 February 2012

We will all be speaking Mandarin soon:

A dragon dance in the Negev
By M K Bhadrakumar

China’s Middle East diplomacy is adroitly advancing three parallel tracks engaging Iran, GCC states and Israel. This may seem improbable against the backdrop of the rise of Iran and the concomitant hostility it arouses in Israel and the GCC states. But Beijing sees no contradiction here, and is striving to make the three tracks even complement each other. Conceivably, one day they well might.



Madman in the Marketplace - 1 February 2012

big advantage that they seem to know history, plan ahead and don’t put bullshit ideology ahead of their own interests …

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 2 February 2012

UNC-Charlotte gets its own SWAT team

Yes. Virginia Tech and Columbine. Now, let’s look at the numbers: Any given middle school, high school, or college in America can expect to have exactly one homicide on its campus every 12,000 years. So how long before the UNC-Charlotte SWAT team feels the need to justify its existence by expanding its mission? I predict they’re serving drug warrants and raiding frat houses within a year.

marisacat - 2 February 2012

One nation under SWAT

8. marisacat - 2 February 2012

oh mother of god. UCSF a teaching hospital here in SF (obviously) connected to the UC system (evident as well) has done a study and released it on SUGAR.

Motheroffuckinggod I am praying this is a one day wonder in the media.

They want taxing (higher), regulation and age barrier to buying sugar products.

I’ve heard from two of the scientists on the study and both are fucking nutso.

There is so much wrong in this country.. but campaigns of this sort and the sort Memsab and Slob run are not the answer…

The country is certifiable, it really is.

brinn - 3 February 2012

But, Marisa, think of all of the public money wasting measures that can be taken against the inevitable black market sugar industry!

NarcoNews – 2013
Anytown, USA

Today, the Southside Elementary School SWAT team raided the treehouse headquarters of the 3rd grade candy
cartel. Twp 8 year old ring leaders were taken into
custody and 15 pounds of illegal sugar products were

Certifiable doesn’t even cover it….

marisacat - 3 February 2012

oh very funny brinn… you are right a whole new division of the DEA and ATF. By accident I ran into a segment of talk radio with the lead doctor on… A major whack job. I landed there to catch the top of the hour news update…. and someone was screaming:

I am hanging up, You are a conservative! You don’t care about children! I won’t talk to people who disagree with me!!

It was Dr Robert Lustig who apparenty has been on a huge anti sugar, regulate, tax and ban the little children from buying a gum ball – for years.. I am serioius. He wants children carded at the candy store…

The talk show host had dared to challenge him and he immediately lost it. So I googled him… he has put out papers, op ed pieces (which this was in Nature magazine) vids of his lectures and so on and if challenged he yells.

One report also said in the past he has been seen in candy shops and when challenged, says he is buying sugar as he was trying to stop smoking. I am guessing he might b a gun nut too. But would want guns banned for the rest of the world.

he quite frankly says sugar is the most toxic substance on earth.


The country is fucking nuts. Esp apparently out at UCSF in the pediatric endocrinology dept, he is head… and he runs the obesity center. Can you imagine him lording it over patients?


brinn - 3 February 2012

Wow, indeed! Thanks for that info., and I have made a note to keep my kids far far far away from any SF teaching hospitals! Yikes!

I wonder how the folks in Fukishima might answer his contention that sugar is the most toxic substance on earth?!

It’s strange how some people see their battles with addictions to substances, habits, etc. as perogative to lord judgement over others….this past month of wraslin’ with my addiction to nicotine has made me even LESS judgmental, not more….we all have our vices whatever they are…and even if a vice-free human existed, it wouldn’t give them leave to pass judgement on others…

marisacat - 3 February 2012

Well I am really opposed to banning commodities… from heroin to sugar.

Oh yes poor Fukushima, I am sure they are totally worried about sugar – anad nothing else…… and they are trying to keep very quiet about our “small” leak out here at San Onofre…. but one report yesterday said that interior linings in some integral part are very worn out, a lot more than they should be. Hardly sounds good.

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2012
marisacat - 3 February 2012

omg. The country is a hostile environment. It really is.

Madman in the Marketplace - 3 February 2012

it’s right up there with not being able to buy some cold medicines without an ID because some people used it to make meth.

marisacat - 3 February 2012

hiding the morning after pill because you in your infinite pharmacist tech assistant opinion don’t agree.

marisacat - 3 February 2012

Geesh. I realise it is in the UK but that just means the entire fucking world is insane:

Ross Bearman

Your source left out the following, from the original article:

“Sainsbury’s apologised for the incident. “The self-scan system recognised the spoon’s SKU as one for a knife,” said a spokeswoman. This had now been rectified.”

Original: http://www.thegrocer.co.uk/com

A Like Reply Today 12:04 PM 6 Likes F .


You need photo ID to buy knives from grocery stores now? Doesn’t make the story any better for me. If I understood the comment in The Grocer correctly, you can’t buy knives at Sainsbury’s unless you’re over 18. I started cooking dinner when I was 13. I’d love to know what my mum would have said if I’d told her I’d broken a paring knife and wasn’t allowed to buy a new one.

diane - 3 February 2012

… and they are trying to keep very quiet about our “small” leak out here at San Onofre….

and the January 31st tritium leak …(yet another), a few days ago (no need to worry everythings under control of the NRC!!!!) at the Byron Nuclear Generating Station, in Illinois; …yeah, ….you guessed it, . Exelon.

Just found this interesting, older link: exelon, tritium leaks at braidwood [Illinois], obama turns the other cheek while looking for an update ….

marisacat - 3 February 2012

oh! I had not heard about the Exelon leak. Maybe Axelrod can stick his finger in it.

Maybe we could pin SLob’s cheeks together.

diane - 3 February 2012

and his homey, Rahm, could help Axlerod with his nine digits … much more exciting than those baths!

marisacat - 3 February 2012

Tutus for everybody!

diane - 3 February 2012

with electrifying nuclear blue leotards! … Rahm will, of course, choreograph their pas de trois … the pas de deux, starring him and Obombster, …. and his very own pas de chat!

ms_xeno - 4 February 2012

I’m always amazed at how many of the most judgmental fucks on women’s weight are supposedly “on my side.” That is, Left of Liberal or whatever. One of them sneered at me when I “outed myself” as fat, though prior to that we’d had some interesting discussions. Apparently one’s humanity is revoked by the presence of a spare tire around the middle.

I won’t read the fuckstick’s blog anymore. And I hope he crashes his car/bike into a tree one day and I live long enough to do my Big-Ass shuffle on his grave. >:

ts - 3 February 2012

Well, he’s certifiable…or there’s a lot of money in federal/private grants in it for him.

marisacat - 3 February 2012

It sounds like UCSF protects him.

And there is too much of this sort of thing around… I live in the city that made a huge fuss over some McDonald’s childrens’ meal…the “Happy Meal” I guess.

I’ve never in my life had a fast food burger… but I have zero interest in telling other people what to do, exp when all of this hoopla ignores reality. HOW things came to be the way they are….

BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2012

The Happy Meal. God. Oh to be free of that tyranny.
Not that I begrudge it. I would note tho, that its only a happy Meal till the youngsters starts farting out methane like the larger barnyard animals. A clear llink to the nuclear industry too, the “collectible” diminutive figurine crap seemingly with the million-year-half-life of fissile materials that just seems to proliferate within the breeding containment vessel otherwise known as “home”.. That for many will doom any actual evacuation plan while trying to get out the door in the event of a power plant meltdown.

Come to think of it, fuck those Happy Meals.
They’re not all that happy. A fucking living Hell, frankly. 😆

marisacat - 3 February 2012

I’ve never understood why people eat it. I mean, voluntarily, when they can afford better. The odor alone coming frm McDonalds is enough to kill the proposition or should be.

The massive cheap (at the retail end) franchising is one of the big killers of America.

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2012

Peer Pressure. That’s what I blame it on. LOL
But see, I come at it from a different angle, I mean,
Winning The War on The Happy Meal and all.

I’m all like fuck the nutritional value considerations for the children, mine or anyone else’s, LOL, Yt’s the painful, crippling, podiatric injuries inflicted upon barefoot ADULTS when steeping on those MOTHERFUH-!!#&$!*!FUckaSHiFUCK!! booby-tube things that come with the crap-in-a-bag.
I don’t give a God Damn what it does to the kids, afterall, there are advanced treatment options available for them. I just wish there was a inviting label with instructions showing the microcephalous freeloaders of the planet how to devour the hideous trinkets whole.

Just a little peace and quiet.
That’s all I asked. And when that didn’t work,
I just started them right in on the reefer. 😆 Hell, most of them can smoke without any ill affects to adults anyways. 😆 😉


marisacat - 4 February 2012

I’ve only seen the happy toy on TV, they look ugly as sin.

BUT I completely admit I have never had a SUV full of wiggling children in need of a fast meal. The problem is so much lack of choice. It APPEARS, from time to time, that we have choices. But it’s few and far between.

ms_xeno - 4 February 2012

I can remember when “obese” meant the dude who made the Guinness Book for needing an extra-large coffin when he died. Now it’s any (woman) who can’t zip herself into a size 00 and still dares to go out in public without a fucking burqa on.

Some local ex-fat creep just wrote a shitty book about how he got rid of all his “disgusting” fat and how anyone who doesn’t imitate him post-haste is a horrible burden on society and blah blah blah. This self-righteous fuck is also a restaurant critic. I wonder what he does if he gets to the restaurant and there’s already some “disgusting, burdensome” fat person daring to enjoy their pie and ice cream in his saintly line of vision? Does he throw a tantrum until the maitre d has the offending fat person expelled?


marisacat - 4 February 2012

People get all whupset about what other people do… and this idea that “we all pay for [insert anything here]” is such hogwash.

I don’t know… bayonets at dawn, thru the belly, is all that will make some people happy.

9. BooHooHooMan - 3 February 2012

I see the Anonymous hacked into the FBI and Scotland Yard conference call on…the Anonymous.
So, you know, the authorities are, like, …. the pissed. 😆

marisacat - 3 February 2012

Security Theatre… !!

God bless hackers.

10. ts - 4 February 2012
marisacat - 4 February 2012

I see she offers matching pajama bottoms…

I think it was IOZ who used to have or frequently use a depiction of Cthulhu.

Works for me…


11. marisacat - 4 February 2012

hmm on a news update I just heard, speaking of McDonald’s, a woman was tasered for jumping the line … I guess waiting for food (maybe a Happy Meal!!).

I took a look at Yahoo News but did not find anything…

marisacat - 4 February 2012

it was in the drive thru at a Raleigh NC McDonalds… she pulled her car in at the head of the line… the three year old with her (Happy Meal!) had to be taken into custody by CPS

Obviously it si just used at any old time.

diane - 4 February 2012

Yup, apparently tasers are the ‘cure’ for any display of the slightest rudeness by the unlawyered, unmoneyed, or Lone Wolf!!!!!! masses (of course if that off the hook punishment was applied all across the board, to politicians and vampire squid vips: cutting in line! in front of, and to the hinderance of, others…ohhh nevermind, it will never happen across the board, generally it will only happen to those who don’t have the power/$$$$$$ to defend themselves.)

And wasn’t this despicable:

A Montara man walking two lapdogs off leash was hit with an electric-shock gun by a National Park Service ranger after allegedly giving a false name [why would she ask for his name over a month old law leash law that many likely weren’t even aware of, and duh, why would anyone now not want their name on the horrendous” Homeland Terrerist” database for walking their dogs without a leash in an area where it was allowed for years until a month prior? – diane] and trying to walk away, authorities said Monday.

Per unrelated witnesses:

“It was really scary,” said Michelle Babcock, who said she had seen the incident as she and her husband were walking their two border collies. “I just felt so bad for him.”

Babcock said Hesterberg had repeatedly asked the ranger why he was being detained. She didn’t answer him, Babcock said.

“He just tried to walk away. She never gave him a reason,” Babcock said.

The ranger shot Hesterberg in the back with her shock weapon as he walked off, Babcock said.

“We were like in disbelief,” she said. “It didn’t make any sense.”

Likely, the man hadn’t even realized the leash law had been changed a month prior ( and likely Ms. Taser Ranger had already run into a number of people who had no clue. But even if he did have a clue, the Taser use was the real crime going on, and she should not only be fired, but be charged for that crime.

Rancho Corral de Tierra has long been an off-leash walking spot for local dog owners. In December, the area became part of the national park system, which requires that all dogs be on a leash, ….

marisacat - 4 February 2012

I read in one report that there is an earlier complaint against her from a dog owner… no details.

Reports keep pushing that he “knowingly gave false information” which I think, but it is hard to tell from the purposeful mishmash that most reports have been, they mean when she asked him his name and he replied

John Freaking Smith. (I forget hsi actual name at the moment)

Aside from the tasing, she tased him in the back, after he said if she was not citing him then he was leaving.

I had not read that the leash restriction is new, and so very new.

The whole thing, like so many of these incidents is a mess.

diane - 4 February 2012

So interesting that so much hay is being made of his giving her a false name, versus why she needed a dossier/dna on him in the first place (one report claimed she just wanted to “educate him” on the new law), when clearly he was only walking his dogs. Again, who now wants their name on one of this countries sadistic dat bases of “enemies,” especially when it can ruin their lives despite their innocent intents.

diane - 4 February 2012

(“country’s” versus “countries”)

marisacat - 4 February 2012

well that is the thing, if it is as some reports have said, it is a stretch to say he “gave a false name”. Some early reports tried to shield it and say he “offered false ID”, which of course would lead people to think he had fake Cal ID or Drivers License.

Saying I am Robert FREAKING Hesterberg is NOT offering “false ID”.

Fortunately there were witnesses…

Also if the leash law is new it should be nothing more than a verbal ADVISORY. Nothing else. There is some talk that there is little notice on the trail tat leashes are required… and now, knowing how new the law is, I bet that is correct.

diane - 4 February 2012


BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2012

Trigger Happy Meal Nation.

More like left to go feral..

Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria

So somebody direct Susan and Hillary to the Imperial dumpster for their Happy Meals.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said she was “disgusted” by the vetoes that “prop up desperate dictators,” and French Ambassador Gerard Araud said “history will judge harshly” those who protected the Assad regime.

“To block this resolution is to bear the responsibility for the horrors on the ground in Syria,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in Munich today after meeting with her Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov.

Frankly, this looks like a job for Biden ..
{Cackle, snicker, chortle-chortle….} 😉
Hell, he was great with that goodwill-tour-turned-away-game arena-riot in China last summer. 😆

marisacat - 4 February 2012

ugh I cannot stand Susan Rice. Coat both her and Hilarious in plastic, stick them on a table and call them Salt and Pepper.

Such a fucked mess.

BooHooHooMan - 4 February 2012

such a fucked mess
Oh isn’t it? The more deciseively the world shoves us aside the better. How absurd, the U.S. lecturing anybody on decency.

Afghan civilian deaths rise for fifth year, says UN

And how absurd, U.S. policy makers believing’ Mrka still has significant power. Russia and China must have not gotten the memo.

marisacat - 4 February 2012

Russia and China, the ultimate Non-Aligned Nations.

What a laugh, in a sense.

12. diane - 4 February 2012

Stacy Taylor hosted what I considered a pretty good defense of Occupy Oakland on KGO with a young spokesman for Occupy Oakland.

So shocking (snerk) to hear that the flag burning (who, in their right mind, doesn’t feel like burning it at this point?) happened after all of the illegal detentions (kettleing versus an allowance of peaceful disbursement) and police abuse?

marisacat - 4 February 2012

I heard that…. he also did more than an hour last weekend on Occupy…

Think his guest mentioned a dollar amt in payouts for police misconduct… 50 million but I missed over how many years.

Yeah I don’t mind ST…. and at least he is on every weekend both days…

News reports avoid mentioning that OPD is a heart beat away from Fed take over.

I say go for it. Everything that is happening is coming down from WH and DOJ so let’s streamline the communications.


diane - 4 February 2012

ohhh ….. Stacy’s last response, to the prick fantasizing about ‘rearranging the faces of Occupy Protesters,’ was fuckin priceless honey…..


marisacat - 4 February 2012

I dropped out a little after 4 PM, so I missed that…

13. ms_xeno - 4 February 2012

Sorry for the strange placement of my post above (in the “No. 8”) cascade. It was supposed to be a response to brinn.

WordPress doesn’t like me right now. 😮

14. marisacat - 4 February 2012

hmmm at Cpunch there is a posting that is critical of Oakland Occ, but in interesting ways…

The author suggests this for a future bldg take over.

[H]ow could this be done better next time? First, identify ten trusted occupiers to pick a building to occupy. Have each of those ten occupiers pick nine trusted friends to total one hundred. In secret, devise a plan to converge on a defensible building that presents the police challenges to retake. Leak other buildings scattered around town as decoys for occupation. Work with the blacque bloque to create a militant diversion a good distance away from the target building. Call a public march where the blacque bloque agrees to avoid towards another of the decoy buildings but closer to the target structure. Have the one hundred trusted folks converge on and take the target building while the blacque bloque is going at the cops across town. Once the building is secure, tweet out the location to the peaceful march to consolidate and defend the occupation.

This is one instance of how to use a diversity of tactics to cooperate to achieve goals. .. . . . . .

15. marisacat - 5 February 2012

omg… BEN STEIN that old harridan, on the CBS early show (forget its name) with a populist rant, in favor of workers and against the big airline lay offs coming.

BooHooHooMan - 5 February 2012

By all means , enjoy the breakfast buffet.

Gingrich, just now on MeatPress: “Obama has declared WAR on the Catholic Church”

And on the 3 Nice Jews and Matthews Show, , Beschloss, Mrs Greenspan and Howard Fineman, all very entertaining, something about Obby getting boxed in on supporting Israel in an independent attack Iran at the end of the shtick..


marisacat - 5 February 2012

I thought I would try to catch a bit of the Sunday Soaps today… a lot seems to b happening. Might be hilarious to hear the take.

Don’t know if you saw it but there was a piece at Bus Inider on how the mil is limiting free speech of their Catlick chaplains. You know, censorship!!!!! That letter that was read in churches last Sunday, about the conscience clause and birth control coverage etc, had to undergo a bit of a change in the mil. The line about illegal laws or soemthing similar. Seen as too defiant to the Head Hefe, Pretzel.

Honestly I am hardly pro military but my feeling is Buck the Fuck Up. You’re in the MILITARY fffs.

If i can land on it without too much difficulty (connectivity problems) will post it.

BooHooHooMan - 5 February 2012

Buck the Fuck Up.
Easy, General Patton! LOL.

Hell, I’d be happy with an entirely Catholic Chaplain Military.
Followed by immediate deployment for ground war on Iran..
I could… I could, I could support that.

All we’d have to do I think, I mean from a mission critical POV, is train newly recruited special-op-seminarians to tone down the sequins and not be constantly eyeballin’ young boy cock when put behind enemy lines.

marisacat - 5 February 2012

🙄 We are pretty much an arm of hte IDF, so why not employ seminarians. Right… no sequins. And spangles are rationed!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

I hope you missed the panel on This Week … Matthew Dowd, some attractive woman who works for Breitbart, George Will and that worthless hack Huffington. The discussion around Komen was painful.

marisacat - 5 February 2012

oh no I caught it…. I went back and forth between Meat and TW.


Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

why do I suppose that he has a family member who works for the airlines?

marisacat - 5 February 2012

He mentioned over and over he “lives in the air” I guess near constant travel for speechola, endorsement and so on. I think he did it to buy favor.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

doesn’t want his service to suffer … pretty funny from a man who used to always talk about “creative destruction” from the Holy Market.

16. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

these people are fucking insane:

Ron Paul: If It’s an ‘Honest Rape’ a Woman Should Go to the Emergency Room, ‘Get a Shot of Estrogen’

MORGAN: Here’s the dilemma, and it’s one I put to Rick Santorum very recently. I was surprised by his answer, although I sort of understood from his belief point of view that he would come up with this.

But it’s a dilemma that I am going to put to you. You have two daughters. You have many granddaughters. If one of them was raped — and I accept it’s a very unlikely thing to happen. But if they were, would you honestly look at them in the eye and say they had to have that child if they were impregnated?

PAUL: No. If it’s an honest rape, that individual should go immediately to the emergency room. I would give them a shot of estrogen or give them —

MORGAN: You would allow them to abort the baby?

PAUL: It is absolutely in limbo, because an hour after intercourse or a day afterwards, there is no legal or medical problem. If you talk about somebody coming in and they say, well, I was raped and I’m seven months pregnant and I don’t want to have anything to do with it, it’s a little bit different story.

But somebody arriving in an emergency room saying, I have just been raped and there is no chemical — there’s no medical and there’s no legal evidence of a pregnancy —

MORGAN: Life doesn’t begin at conception?

PAUL: Life does begin at conception.

MORGAN: Then you would be taking a life.

PAUL: Well, you don’t know if you’re taking a life either, because this is an area that is — but to decide everything about abortion and respect for life on this one very, very theoretical condition, where there may have been a life or not a life.

MORGAN: But here’s the thing: although it is a hypothetical, it does happen. People do get raped and they do get impregnated. And sometimes they are so ashamed by what’s happened that weeks go by before they may even discover they are pregnant.

They have to face this dilemma. And they are going to have a president who has a very, very strong view about this.

PAUL: This is like the proposal that the people who like abortion, endorse abortion because it’s the woman’s right to her body. You say, well, does that mean one minute before birth, you can kill the baby? I did this on one of the TV programs where some women were opposed to what I was saying.

I said, this nine-pound baby is in the woman. She has the right. She argues her case. I said you would abort this baby because the woman has had unfortunate some circumstances, so the doctor gets paid a handsome fee to kill this nine-pound baby?

Oh, that’s not what we’re talking about. But that is what they are talking about. They are talking about a human life. So a person immediately after rape, yes. It’s a tough one. I won’t satisfy everybody there.

But to tell you the truth, what I saw happening in the 1960s and the change in the law and — no, the change in attitude, people were doing illegal abortions. To me it is a moral problem. It was to change the morality of the ’60s, the lack of respect for life, leads to the lack of respect for liberty and all the things that I believe in.

So it was a change in morality that had the Supreme Court change the law. So I don’t believe the change in the law is the magic cure. I do believe, though, very sincerely, if we don’t have an understanding of life and have a lot of respect for life, I can’t defend people on their personal liberties. I can’t be as tolerant as I am on how they use liberties.

So that’s why I think it’s really a moral issue, rather than a legal solution to all these problems. As a physician, as a gynecologist, I have had to face some of these very, very difficult problems. I understand them. Even before Roe versus Wade, many of those problems that existed, where there is no perfect answer, they were taken care of, but it was always done — they respected the fact that they were dealing with a life.

MORGAN: Finally on this point, do you accept there is a slight contradiction between a candidate who is pro liberty, pro personal choice, pro personal responsibility in almost every other area, but on the specific area says no, you don’t have choice?

PAUL: See, I don’t see the inconsistency because I see the nine- pound baby that’s still within the mother as deserving some protection, too. Who deserves protection? That fetus has rights, because if I do harm to him, I get sued. If you have a car accident and kill a fetus, there are legal right there. But to say that it’s only the mother, it’s very, very unique.

If you carry your argument to the — all the way through, we have a right to our homes. Shouldn’t we have the privacy of our homes? Do we have a right to kill the baby one minute after birth? No. Everybody say — as a matter of fact, this is what happens: we can kill the baby before it’s born and a doctor is paid. One minute after birth, if the woman who was unfortunate enough to have this baby — if she throws the baby away, she gets arrested for a homicide.

To me, the one minute before birth and one minute after birth isn’t a whole lot different.

MORGAN: You understand that to a lot of people with serious religious conviction, it is. They say life begins at conception.

PAUL: Life does begin at conception.

MORGAN: So it’s a moral maze. Let’s have a break.

marisacat - 5 February 2012

oh this reminds me of Whoopi. And her comment on “rape-rape” vs rape. Ron… is for the morning after pill, I take it? But he is in the moral maze.

Honestly I am so sick of Ron Paul. Drop dead already.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

on a purely observational level, I’m always amused / horrified at the moral / ethical knots people tie themselves into …

marisacat - 5 February 2012

I wish someone would just let him go off on abortion. And women. Because he can reach foaming at the mouth, stammering and screeching. EVERYBODY pulls him back. (They prob have him on some sort of rage suppression drug, that he passed up the chance iwth Morgan).

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

Coburn gets like that too … amazing how these two men who have such an apparent deep-seated hatred for women chose that particular medical specialty.

marisacat - 5 February 2012

They play god… and there are lots of hapless women. Coburn certainly worked on Medicaid patients… as he saw fit, as I recall.

17. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

Pussy Riot: Russian riot grrrls lead the way

Before the police dragged them off, the members of Pussy Riot, the Russian day-glo balaclava-clad punk rock protesters, sang their anthem “Revolt in Russia” (“Revolt in Russia – the charisma of protest / Revolt in Russia, Putin’s got scared!”) near the Kremlin. Their inspiration for a style of resistance never before seen in Russia, was the riot grrrl punk movement, including groups like Kathleen Hanna’s Bikini Kill, and flash mobs. The young women of the collective, average age 25, have revealed only the smallest details about their lives. None will divulge their day jobs. They only use first-names.

In the two weeks since their mid-January action, the all-female group has become a potent symbol of anger at the status quo in Russian society and their videos have gone viral all over the world. Like many young people in Russia, the members of the Pussy Riot collective are furious at Vladamir Putin’s plans to seek the presidency again and his return was the impetus behind the formation of the group (as well as their song “Putin Has Pissed Himself”).

the video is pretty cool

18. Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

Schneiderman MERS Suit and HUD’s Donovan Remarks Confirm That Mortgage “Settlement” is a Stealth Bank Bailout

In case you had any doubts about what the mortgage settlement was really about and why banks that were so keenly opposed to it are now willing to go ahead, the news of the last two days should settle any doubts.

As we had indicated earlier, one of the many leaks about the settlement showed that there had been a major shift its parameters. Of the $25 billion that has been bandied about as a settlement total for the biggest banks, comparatively little (less than $5 billion) is in cash. The rest comes in the form of credits for principal modifications of mortgages.

Originally, that was to come only from mortgages held by banks, meaning they would bear the costs. The fact that this meant that whether a homeowner might benefit would be random (were you one of the lucky ones whose mortgage had not been securitized?) was apparently used as an excuse to morph the deal into a huge win for them: allowing the banks to get credit for modifying mortgages that they don’t own.

The first rule of finance (well, maybe second, “fees are not negotiable” might be number one) is always use other people’s money before your own. So giving the banks permission to modify loans they don’t own guarantees that that is where the overwhelming majority of mortgage modifications will take place, ex those the banks would have done anyhow on their own loans. And the design of the program, that securitized loans will be given only half the credit towards the total, versus 100% for loans the banks own, merely assures that even more damage will be done to investors to pay for the servicers’ misdeeds.

Let me stress: this is a huge bailout for the banks. The settlement amounts to a transfer from retirement accounts (pension funds, 401 (k)s) and insurers to the banks. And without this subsidy, the biggest banks would be in serious trouble

Why? As leading mortgage analyst Laurie Goodman pointed out in a late 2010 presentation, just over half of the private label (non Fannie/Freddie) securitizations have second liens behind them (overwhelmingly home equity lines of credit). Moreover, homes with first liens only have far lower delinquency rates than homes with both first and second liens. Separately, various studies have found that defaults are also correlated with how far underwater a borrower is. If a borrower is too far in negative equity territory, it makes less sense for them to struggle to stay current, no matter how much they love their home.

How does the Schneiderman MERS suit play into this? The consensus reaction to his Friday filing of a suit on MERS abuses seemed to be that he had at a minimum redeemed himself for taking the wind out of the dissenting AG effort by joining a Federal task force that looks likely to produce little and becoming coy on where he stood on the settlement deal. After Friday’s filing, some even thought he had outplayed Obama, by getting him to commit in a very public way to investigations and then filing a suit that put robosigning and other foreclosure abuses front and center. It looked as if he had gotten to have his cake and eat it too.

I’m skeptical of this cheery view. As readers know, I doubt that this investigation will produce much except some suits against small or at best medium fry. As Charles Ferguson of Inside Job put it, “Let Them Eat Task Forces.” There is a well established art form to stymieing people like Schneiderman: do the least important 60% of what they asked you to do, slowly.

Schneiderman got to be on a not-likely-to-do-much task force. What did he get? He allegedly gets more resources, and he might get more information, but the Administration scored a huge win by dragging out the settlement talks over a year and running out the statute of limitations on some of the best legal theories. I have to admit I was snookered. I thought the ongoing joke of the Tom Miller “we’re gonna have a deal any day now” was an embarrassing bug, but it was a feature. The AGs were being strung along as long as possible to keep them from filing suits. A few like Beau Biden, Martha Coakley, and Catherine Cortez Masto still did, but not soon enough or in enough numbers to embarrass some of the other fence-sitters into action (Lisa Madigan is an exception that proves the rule).

So what does his MERS suit mean? I’m mainly focusing on how it relates to the bigger game of the settlement, but let me make a few observations about his filing qua filing. It is gratifying to see a long form description of the MERS horrorshow. And this suit could be used to shift focus back to an issue that everyone in the mortgage industrial complex seems to want to push aside: servicers seem unable to foreclose legally and chain of title is a mess. Settlement deals and compensation to abused homeowners could be useful, but they don’t address the underlying mess (and neither do phony baloney OCC consent decrees).

And the media keeps taking the industry line on foreclosure problems. It keeps touting how long it takes to foreclose in New York as if this is the fault of the borrowers and the courts. In fact, it is the fault of the industry. In October 2010, New York implemented a requirement that all attorneys in residential foreclosures certify that they take “reasonable” measures to verify the accuracy of documents submitted to the court. From a formal standpoint, all this did was reaffirm existing law, but procedurally, it makes it much easier for borrower’s counsel to get attorneys who play fast and loose sanctioned.

Madman in the Marketplace - 5 February 2012

But does the Schneiderman MERS suit hinder or help the settlement effort? Perversely, it may help the Administration push it over the line. If the leak about the scope of the release via Mike Lux is to be believed, MERS-related liability is excluded from the waiver. Schneiderman has just demonstrated you can file what amounts to a robosigning lawsuit using the MERS exclusion. You won’t get the securitizations outside of MERS where the notes weren’t transferred properly, but you’ll get a large proportion of the defective securitizations.

Now why should the banks sign onto a deal to settle robosigning claims that leaves them exposed in a big way to robosiging claims? If they thought the Schneiderman suit revealed a problem in the release, you’d expect them to demand that the negotiations be reopened. It may be too soon to tell, but I’ve seen no sign of bank pushback, and this deal has been so heavily lawyered I am sure the banks were well aware of this issue. Similarly, as reader Pwelder pointed out, all the banks that were targeted in the suit were up on Friday markedly more than the market overall, indicating that investors do not see this suit as threatening.

So the fact that they seem so keen to go ahead on a deal that does not very much to shield them from attorney general suits on robosigning confirms our suspicions: the banks are willing to pay several billion of hard cash among themselves to create the impression that they are Doing Something for Homeowners as cover for a bailout. Nicely played all around.

And Donovon’s cheerleading confirms the Administration’s sense of priorities. He regards robo-signing, foreclosure fraud, and making a mess of title as unimportant, and applauds the this settlement as a way to get principal reductions and allow the banks to escape any meaningful liability or responsibility.

The Obama Administration may have decided that investors have acted enough like patsies, given how they have failed to react to rampant servicer abuses, that they judge the risk of investor litigation and a related PR embarrassment to be small. But this battle is not yet over. The rumblings I am hearing from investor-land remind of the sections of the Lord of the Rings when the Ents were finally roused. It isn’t yet clear that investors will act, but if they do, the Administration will be unprepared for the vehemence of their response.

marisacat - 5 February 2012


marisacat - 5 February 2012

I’m skeptical of this cheery view.

As everybody should be. OR! just discount it now and don’t b surprised later.

BooHooHooMan - 6 February 2012

J.P. Morgan Banker Selected for FDIC

WASHINGTON—The White House plans to nominate a former Bush administration official to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., a key banking regulator.

President Barack Obama said he would nominate Jeremiah Norton, currently an executive with J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., to serve on the FDIC’s five-member board.

Mr. Norton served from 2007 to 2009 as deputy assistant secretary in the Treasury Department, where he was a key adviser to former Treasury Secretary Henry PAULSON. 😆

Obama 2012 – Love Him Back. { whip-crack }
In theaters this Summer.
Featuring privileged white people,
mostly from the Bush Administration…

marisacat - 6 February 2012

Featuring privileged white people,
mostly from the Bush Administration…

Pooor Obama. Pauvre Petit. History will report him as a Clinton Bush 2 extension.

I caught snips of him on with Matt Lauer on Today show. STILL defending Memsab on being a “less than” Floti and “angry black woman”.

19. marisacat - 5 February 2012

hmmm All Hail the Holy Pigskin….

I did drop in and caught a few mins of half time. FWIW

20. marisacat - 6 February 2012



…………… 😯

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