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Sunday 18 February 2012

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Lord of the Flies cover designs – the shortlisted pictures – The Guardian will select the winner of a joint competition with publishers Faber to design a new cover for the schools’ edition of Lord of the Flies

The Devil Within by Naomi Bartholomew aged 14 | Photograph Naomi Bartholomew

The cover designs are pretty stunning for teens, 13 – 16.




1. BooHooHooMan - 18 February 2012

Well, it’s starting to dribble out ….


ICE office where shooting occurred has had a troubled few years

A high-ranking ICE official and his wife, an intelligence analyst, have been indicted and are on trial in federal court on charges of defrauding the government. Another official, suspected of doctoring his college diploma, has been on leave for more than a year while a grand jury investigates the matter.

According to court files, two other ranking supervisors were internally investigated and disciplined for an extramarital affair and related professional misconduct.

Thursday’s shooting occurred at the federal building in Long Beach.

Ezequiel Garcia, 45, who supervised a document and benefit fraud task force, allegedly shot Deputy Special Agent in Charge Kevin Kozak, 51, in the upper torso, legs and hands before being shot and killed by another immigration official.

Kozak, a 30-year veteran agent who previously served as acting head of ICE’s Los Angeles operations, remains hospitalized but is in stable condition, alert and talking, federal officials said at a news conference Friday. Officials did not identify the third supervisor, who has been placed on leave, citing “concern for his privacy.”

Hmm. So the guy who gets killed is the incumbent supervising investigator in documents fraud and benefits scams. In an office where – quote – “A high-ranking ICE official and his wife, an intelligence analyst, have been indicted and are on trial in federal court on charges of defrauding the government.”

Oh I’d definitely want Dexter to confirm the print patterns on the gun.

I think we can stow away the typical office shooting ideal , yanah, – One guy shoots other guy behind desk, people seeking concealment or Uhm, COVER while returning fire like one is uhm TRAINED to if not – hello – instinctively so upon gunfire.

Get this little modifier –

ICE Agent Was Fatally Shot During Struggle For Gun

LONG BEACH, Calif. (AP) — An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent accused of shooting a supervisor died after an “intense” struggle for his gun with a colleague who burst into the office after he heard shots fired, an official said Saturday.

The shooting Thursday happened after Ezequiel Garcia had a discussion about his job performance with ICE’s second-in-command in the Los Angeles region, agency spokeswoman Virginia Kice said. Another agent who attended the meeting had just left the office and rushed back after the shots rang to disarm Garcia.

“There was a very, very intense struggle,” Kice said. “They were physically struggling over the gun.”

The agent eventually drew his own gun and shot Garcia, Kice said. ICE is not releasing the agent’s name.

And this tid , again via the AP –


Garcia was a plaintiff in a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department after he and another immigration agent claimed they were roughed up by officers while doing undercover work. A federal jury found in the police officers’ favor in 2005, saying they did not use excessive force against Garcia and the other agent.

The lawsuit alleges that the other agent was sitting in an unmarked car when officers handcuffed and threatened to shoot him. When Garcia arrived, police allegedly put him in a headlock, handcuffed him and forced him into the back of a police car, despite his cries of agony because of an old shoulder injury. Garcia was hospitalized for treatment of his shoulder and “numerous bruises and contusions.”

“If this could happen to me, then ordinary citizens have even more reason to fear for their own safety,” Garcia told the Los Angeles Times when the lawsuit was filed in 2000. “The situation within the LAPD is clearly out of control.”

Doug Walters, an attorney who represented Garcia, said he was shocked by his death.

“During the time I worked with Zeke, his supervisors were very supportive of him and the case. Some of his supervisors traveled some distances to testify,” he said.

The shooting erupted after Garcia “was being counseled about some job performance issues,” Kice said. She said she didn’t know what those issues were and could not disclose them if she did.

A federal official with knowledge of the investigation has told The Associated Press that Kozak denied Garcia’s request for an internal transfer. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the investigation publicly.

Sounds like they just murdered the guy.

marisacat - 18 February 2012

I can’t remember the details anymore … but just south of SF, hmm San Mateo I think around there.. a few weeks ago, two “customs agents” I think is how they were described had a shoot out… in front of the home of one. The other lay in wait for him…

Supposedly over the wife of one.

But I would assume most ICE Customs agents are bent, crooked, whatever the word is…

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

I would assume most ICE Customs agents are bent, crooked, whatever the word is…

Oh Definitely. As the wisewoman said
All of the above for 600. 😉

Something is up with the narrative.
I remember few things from the mil, but finding cover was one of them. I must slept through the whole First, get closer to the guy and try and put your finger behind the trigger that McGyver shit, before seeking cover and drawing down. And I would think their issued sidearms are semiauto with slide triggers, by now anyways. The report that the target “eventually” drew a weapon whiffs of stink.


Hmmm….Poking around further while scribling now, there is this piece LA Times Looking at the Tip of the ICEbergwritten just a few days before the shootings….

All sorts of dirt written by this guy, Bonzer Wolf. 😯 Who , while quoting from Ayn Rand AND William O Douglas in his blog profile. (Hell, cover everything there, Bonzer!). Anyways,he was FBI, INS, DHS then retired 2008, has been dishing lots of dirt since on his blog…and a week before, shall we say, the L.A. ballistic inter-office controversy… he was contacted by the LAT. Seems like they had been running with a series on ICE …

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

….he did a stint at DoS in Diplomatic protective details too.
All sorts of stuff on his blog.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

poking thru it … the typical swingin dick cop stuff, gun love and career axe grinding too . Quelle Surprise. Still, worth a sift thru.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

ooo thank you for that! New link 😯

diane - 19 February 2012

I vote for MURDER ……

Ohhhhhh….. Cali’s own, [02/17/11, …an Anniversary of sorts, …not that it is not a daily occurrence] …not that it only happens in CALI, …YET, …the Hypocrisy!:

BLUE ™ & Libewal CALI,…. Just Us Enforcement ….

Anniversary Celebration here.

… ‘If those guys had found out what I was doing, there was no doubt in my mind that they would have killed me.’

diane - 19 February 2012

(sorry, I had intended the second link to be:

BLUE ™ & Libewal CALI,…. Just Us Enforcement …. …)

2. ts - 19 February 2012

Oh, this story has everything! Pass the popcorn.


Let’s see…Romney…gay lover…immigration…rising GOP star…irresistable use of the term “hard-line on immigration”…

ts - 19 February 2012

The Post also can’t stop using the term “surging Santorum”, which makes me think of a sewer line break in the Tenderloin or something.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

oh I was just catching up to that (gay lover part) myself!

What a hoot!!

3. marisacat - 19 February 2012

BUT is the border now unprotected???!!!!!

Snicker… I’d read the story, that Babeu was suspected of threatening a love interest with deportation… but not the juicy detail…

ROMNEY ARIZONA CO-CHAIR RESIGNS – AP’s Bob Christie, in Florence, Ariz.:

“Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, … a [congressional candidate and] first-term sheriff who has gained widespread attention with his strong opposition to illegal immigration, … called … Romney’s staff to say he would step down from his post as state campaign co-chair. … The New Times posted a photo provided by [‘Jose’] of the two embracing. It also posted a cellphone self-portrait of a smiling Babeu in his underwear and … the shirtless sheriff in a bathroom, posted on a gay dating website. … Jose also ran [Babeu’s] campaign website and Twitter account.”

–TAPPER: “McCain said [on ‘This Week’] that his ‘friend’ and political supporter, Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu, who has been accused of threatening to deport his ex-boyfriend, should be given the benefit of innocence until proven guilty.”

McCain used him in that awful commercial about getting the “danged” fence built.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

Confession. I wasn’t “late” the other night at work.
I went over to DK after that blip on Pat Shroeder, LOL, poking around for that onetime Shroeder-meat-chowderhead Timmy Lange , found him, LOL, pinching off a loaf on Gingrich, ( you know, always check the bathrooms!) Apparently, Newt is a Liar! Meat-Beat also pointing out that the Dems are as reasonably Republican as anyone else, ( verrrry sloooooow on the upbake, that MB, the operative story is Santo and Romney in MI now)

ANYWAYS 😆 upon checking those bathrooms , they had
( hell, I’ll thow em a link) they had a piece up on
GOP Sherrif Rod Dickbone CongressCandy or whatever
They were, predictably, all full-blown Gaydar Alert : On it!
With some skin, too! Oiled even! LOL. Good Luck to All, I say!

I also saw MB r

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

Sorry for remnant cut and pasties. Mostly pasties!

marisacat - 19 February 2012

When I saw Miss Patty’s name surface I did think of MBlades. And glory days in AZ in the 70s.

[or is that GORY days in AZ? Blood in the streets… etc]

diane - 19 February 2012
4. marisacat - 19 February 2012

Catching that dirtball of Slob’s on TW, Robert Gibbs… swearing that Slob is not about to undo SS.


Oh I so want a slimeball white boy from Alabama and a fake pentecostal Northern black jerk deciding my life. And a old secret drunk slack-jawed Irish – Biden – and and and and…

and on and on.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

No need to disparage the charms of liquor in this! LOL.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

That’s troooo

diane - 20 February 2012


ts - 19 February 2012

It’s always been about making SS so worthless that nobody minds losing it. If they used a real COLA for the thing, rather than CPI; you know, since medical care is a much higher proportion of spending for SS recipients than the general pop; the monthly payout would be three times what it is now; something people could actually live on. So it’s not dying fast enough; let’s just cut the contribution so it dies faster; call it a payroll tax cut – nobody will know the diff and when the trust fund runs out in 2034 instead of 2040, you know, who cares? Plus it keeps the deficit nice and big (cause SS is in the general budget, and now running bigger deficits), so Slob can continue to try and defend us from a crisis he’s complicit in starting. So read his lips (wait, no, you can’t cause he doesn’t have any), they won’t “undo” it. If it bleeds to death in the gutter, however…

marisacat - 19 February 2012

oh they have been slitting the throat of SS almost since it existed… it was all planned to be quite different fom how it is managed. As I understand it, the original plans called for consistent eexpansion of SS.

Slob did lot of firsts including first in 30+ years to cut off the small annual “raise”.

Usually when I get the December notice of whatever the new amt is I toss it on the kitchen table and I open it around March. Bush’s last year I almost keeled over… it was just under 6% – which actually DID make a difference.

5. ts - 19 February 2012

And its happening in “Pinal County” *snicker*, I would think it was pronounced “Pee-nal” and not “Pie-nal” or “Pin-all”.

Just checking out the county website, I was drawn to the header of the section called “careers”.


marisacat - 19 February 2012

Pinal Co, where the jokes just grow and grow.

The laugh product is endless….

6. BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

Wherein, I couldn’t help but thinking, ~Oh honey~,
never marry a man with a tire on his head.

Even her father, a prominent rabbi of the Riminov line,….

Well, ya know, another CLUE.

But I love stuff like this. the assumptive exclamatory Even her father! how it rolls off the pie-eyed tongue, lingering only for an instant before the right-hook-Pow! launches the pie-eyed with the limited warranty pitch:
a prominent rabbi of the Riminov line!
What a hoot.

But, I’ll cheerfully admit, like any other offer, I read the NY Post for
“All The News That’s Fit To Print” – oh that’s right, that’s the Times~ish outfit, who broke this story today on their FP.

A Jewish Hockey Player at History’s Crossroad
Evan Kaufmann is one of the few Jews to play for Germany in international sports since World War II.

An American hockey player whose Jewish family was decimated in Germany during the Holocaust has returned to play in his ancestral homeland.

I know! In the New York Times! Known for its Sports coverage!
Practically the goddam source on Ashkenazi Hockey!
Now wading in to current events and International Affairs!

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Snicker.. playing in Germany as he is so broadminded.

Course no mention of the ties and links between historically right winger Germans (strangely, esp in Bavaria) and Israelis.

Geesh Get over yourselves. I think he missed the epochal crossroads. We are post x-roads.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

The wedding pic in the first story is a hoot.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

😳 Welllllll. LOL prolly NOT a wedding pic.
Not theirs anyways.

7. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012

Why I Call Myself a Socialist:

Sorting Babies on the Global Market

Around 400,000 babies are born on earth each day. Some are born irreparably damaged, casualties of the conditions in which their mothers lived — malnutrition, polluted water, mysterious chemicals that sneak into the body and warp the genes. But the much more tragic and more horrible truth is that most of these babies are born healthy. There’s nothing wrong with them. Every one of them is ready to develop into a person whose intelligence, insight, aesthetic taste, and love of other people could help to make the world a better place. Every one of them is ready to become a person who wakes up happily in the morning because they know they’re going to spend the day doing work they find fascinating, work that they love. They’re born with all the genetic gifts they could possibly need. Wiggling beside their mothers, they have no idea what’s going to be done to them.

In the old days of the Soviet Five-Year Plans, the planners tried to determine what ought to happen to the babies born under their jurisdiction. They would calculate how many managers the economy needed, how many researchers, how many factory workers. And the Soviet leaders would organize society in an attempt to channel the right number of people into each category. In most of the world today, the invisible hand of the global market performs this function.

I’ve sometimes noted that many people in my generation, born during World War II, are obsessed, as I am, by the image of the trains arriving at the railroad station at Auschwitz and the way that the S.S. officers who greeted the trains would perform on the spot what was called a “selection,” choosing a few of those getting off of each train to be slave laborers, who would get to live for as long as they were needed, while everyone else would be sent to the gas chambers almost immediately. And just as inexorable as were these “selections” are the determinations made by the global market when babies are born. The global market selects out a tiny group of privileged babies who are born in certain parts of certain towns in certain countries, and these babies are allowed to lead privileged lives. Some will be scientists, some will be bankers. Some will command, rule, and grow fantastically rich, and others will become more modestly paid intellectuals or teachers or artists. But all the members of this tiny group will have the chance to develop their minds and realize their talents.

As for all the other babies, the market sorts them and stamps labels onto them and hurls them violently into various pits, where an appropriate upbringing and preparation are waiting for them. If the market thinks that workers will be needed in electronics factories, a hundred thousand babies will be stamped with the label “factory worker” and thrown down into a certain particular pit. And when the moment comes when one of the babies is fully prepared and old enough to work, she’ll crawl out of the pit, and she’ll find herself standing at the gate of a factory in India or in China or in Mexico, and she’ll stand at her workstation for 16 hours a day, she’ll sleep in the factory’s dormitory, she won’t be allowed to speak to her fellow workers, she’ll have to ask for permission to go the bathroom, she’ll be subjected to the sexual whims of her boss, and she’ll be breathing fumes day and night that will make her ill and lead to her death at an early age. And when she has died, one will be able to say about her that she worked, like a nurse, not to benefit herself, but to benefit others. Except that a nurse works to benefit the sick, while the factory worker will have worked to benefit the owners of her factory. She will have devoted her hours, her consideration, her energy and strength to increasing their wealth. She will have lived and died for that. And it’s not that anyone sadly concluded when she was born that she lacked the talent to become, let’s say, a violinist, a conductor, or perhaps another Beethoven. The reason she was sent to the factory and not to the concert hall was not that she lacked ability but that the market wanted workers, and so she was assigned to be one.

And during the period when all the babies who are born have been sorted into their different categories and labeled, during the period when you could say that they’re being nourished in their pens until they’re ready to go to work, they’re all assigned appropriate costumes. And once they know what costume they’ll wear, each individual is given an accent, a way of speaking, some characteristic personality traits, and a matching body type, and each person’s face starts slowly to specialize in certain expressions which coordinate well with their personality, body type, and costume. And so each person comes to understand what role he will play, and so each can consistently select and reproduce, through all the decades and changes of fashion, the appropriate style and wardrobe, for the rest of his life.

the whole piece is really something … I think you’ll find it interesting.

ms_xeno - 19 February 2012

My only issue with this, really, is that there is no reason that anyone should have to choose between being a “mere” laborer and creativity.

The problem isn’t manual labor. (Playing a violin, after all, is also manual work.) The problem is that 40 hours a week, or anything more than that, in toxic environs for shit wages and no bennies, is murderous. I’d say that about all the desk jockey jobs I’ve had, too. Not just the ones in warehouse/factory settings.

Whatever happened to proposing a shortened “full time” schedule. Oh, right. We threw that out the window about ten minutes into Clinton I’s first term. Overemployment or Unemployment are your choices, you stupid proles. Now shut up and vote and forget having any sort of life not connected to collecting whatever shit wage we feel like letting you have.


Creativity is not a fucking designer good to be doled out to a fortunate few. Not in a humane world, anyway. I don’t like to see the Socialists echoing this Capitalist pretense, however unwittingly/unconsciously.

diane - 19 February 2012

Creativity is not a fucking designer good to be doled out to a fortunate few. Not in a humane world, anyway.

I love you honey.

ms_xeno - 19 February 2012

diane, I regret to report that I was stone cold sober when I wrote it. :p

diane - 19 February 2012

If you were my neighbor, I would offer you a brew (apologizing for the fact that it isn’t one of the better brews) and a big hug.

I’m so sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel. A while back, I had what I initially thought was carpal tunnel (it was actually ulnar nerve damage (that numbness occurs in the little and ring fingers and that side of the hand)), was afraid to go on disability, as I knew in Sly Con Valley it would pretty much make me near unemployable, so paid for it (out the ass), …still fucking numb ……….

Lastly, in my wee opinion, you nailed it again, for millions in the UZ, with this:

When I’m idle now I’m either broke or being eaten alive with stress and fear.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Arnold pretty much gutted Workers’ Comp…. and now employers look upon being ill as being the end of the line… or so I hear. And it wasn’t ever good unless you had a REALLY decent employer, doctor who actually cared (how rare is that?) and so on..


SO many people at my last firm had CT, and the Firm for some reason was accepting of that, I think because it was so cut and dried. Factory medical care basically. Assembly line surgery, pretty much… Time off for surgery, a few weeks to heal and people came back with pretty angry looking red surgical scars but swore up and down (they all did) that the pain and the problem was gone.

I thought it was all vaguely barbaric…

diane - 19 February 2012

yup, Barbaric is the word. Oh, and for fucks sake the hand doctor (forgot the technical term) had about fifty people at a time in that office, one to two hour wait, after thousands out of my pocket it feels pretty much the same, likely because out of fear and economic situation, I ‘waited’ way too long ….

It’s always struck me, how at the very end of his term, the Big Dawg signed off on some sort of ergonomics bill (if I’m not mistaken?), …which the Shrubster immediately undid upon inauguration (I think it was even prior to Sharon and Berlusconis’ ‘Crownings’),….not a fuckin whisper from Billy the Dawg, or the Dem’s, that I recollect.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Shrub moved ergonomics out of HHS, Rover managed it from the WW. Which means it stopped existing… not that Bill or his strange wife cared.

diane - 20 February 2012

I’ve been thinking there are millions and millions of kids who will end up with major hand surgery by the time they’re twenty, …. with a few exceptions:

Computer Free Silicon Valley School, That Doesn’t Compute

– By MATT RICHTEL – The New York Times – October 22, 2011

LOS ALTOS, Calif. — The chief technology officer of eBay sends his children to a nine-classroom school here. So do employees of Silicon Valley giants like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Hewlett-Packard.

But the school’s chief teaching tools are anything but high-tech: pens and paper, knitting needles and, occasionally, mud. Not a computer to be found. No screens at all. They are not allowed in the classroom, and the school even frowns on their use at home.

Schools nationwide have rushed to supply their classrooms with computers, and many policy makers say it is foolish to do otherwise. But the contrarian point of view can be found at the epicenter of the tech economy, where some parents and educators have a message: computers and schools don’t mix.

This is the Waldorf School of the Peninsula, one of around 160 Waldorf schools in the country that subscribe to a teaching philosophy focused on physical activity and learning through creative, hands-on tasks. Those [Techie Million/Billionaires – diane] who endorse this approach say computers inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans.

(original source ($Firewall$ and/or Cookies required!!! ))

diane - 20 February 2012

(sorry, corrected: original source link)

marisacat - 20 February 2012

Yes but then rich chartered schools which is what I think the Waldorf schools basically are, that adopt what might be called a quixotic system is then USED to deny poor children materials they need. Like access to oomputers.

That si really what I see here, to be frank.

diane - 20 February 2012

Since I don’t have kids/grandkids, and am not up on what is going on in the public schools enough to comment about that being used to generally deny needed access to computers in non-wealthy schools (though I am aware enough to know that paperless, instantaneously ‘revisable/deletable/prohibitable’ kindle type books, and a thorough loosening, if not decimation of handwriting are being pushed nationally for students who are not from wealthy families), I won’t debate your thought, and I totally agree that all students should have free access to computers.

The thing that I agree with about the article, is that a total emphasis on computers and related gadgetry, all day long, to the exclusion of all else, does: inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans.

That seems to be, from what I’ve seen, what is being pushed for the masses, and taken over a huge segment of remaining, barely (if that) livable wage employment, eight plus, numbing hours a day at computer. They’ll soon have bots to do all of the now menial paying service jobs, and increasingly non-unionized physical labor.

marisacat - 20 February 2012

oh I agree it is all getting increasingly robotic, no question. The public school system now is a set up for failure. Has been for a long time… I think it goes back a ways, to the 60s, the growth of the “adminstrative” slots in education, even before the growth of the outside entities that take all the money and then the monies slotted for “special ed” which has little if any plans to teach anyone.

Masses of children with forced ADD ADHD dx, in some instances medication forced on parents for their children and so on.

I think the whole thing si a hell hole.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

The problem is that 40 hours a week, or anything more than that, in toxic environs for shit wages and no bennies, is murderous.

Bingo. In the later 90s I was still working when the law firm I was at went from 35 hours a week to 37.5 … it can be argued it is ”only” a half hour a day, but it made a big difference. Forget moving from 37.5 to 40… Or losting an hour lunch to a half hour lunch etc., and all the other “changes” that are going on…

ms_xeno - 19 February 2012

32 worked very well for me, while it lasted. :/ But of course it couldn’t last.

I mean, you can’t have people both earning a real wage AND being awake/alert enough on their three days off to become engaged in real life. Well all know how wrong that would be.

When I’m idle now I’m either broke or being eaten alive with stress and fear. When I’m working 40 hrs in Templand I’m frantically throwing money at everyone in sight, and I’m fucking exhausted. (I also just managed to acquire a nasty case of carpal tunnel at the current job, which means reduced time here AND a drawn-out tango with Workers Comp. I want physical therapy and I think the cheap Temp fuckers should pay. Obviously they don’t agree, of course. Let the games begin. 👿 )

marisacat - 19 February 2012

I found working 40 hours but just 4 days a week very doable… It does reduce stress, less commuting, less rise and [try to] shine, etc… an extra day to get things done… I think more places should look at that…

ugh carpal tunnel Does the dr think there is enough that can be done thru PT that you can avoid the surgery..???

ms_xeno - 19 February 2012

I doubt surgery would be necessary if I could just get in there NOW, instead of dicking around with the State and the Agency. It’s taken THREE MONTHS just to get to the point where they’ve issued the initial denial, and now I have to appeal the denial. 🙄

The HMO only offers therapy during the hours I work, and there’s no paid time to attend therapy, so I want to go off-system, somewhere that I could get in on weekends or evenings. Just a few sessions would probably help, though I haven’t been able to see an MD yet, just the “Urgent Care” nurse.

You’d think I was asking these cheap assholes at Temp-Mart for a yacht and a closet full of mink coats. Fuck ’em. I’ll appeal until the world really does come to an end or until the State commands me to knock it off. They piss me off that fucking much.

A four-day work week w/10 hours per could be tolerable, depending on the line of work and locale. I bet at the current job, and in my advanced years :p it wouldn’t be so hot, though.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Did they at least give you the simple forearm wrist hand brace? I found that helped a lot in general… esp if it fits right… tho I never was dx with CT… just tired wrist…

ms_xeno - 19 February 2012

Ah, yeah. The brace helped the first couple of weeks, but now the condition is deteriorating again. :/ It’s more paralysis than pain. Just really disconcerting. The first week, I picked up a water pitcher and didn’t have enough nerve sensation to know that I was really gripping it. Dropped it on the floor, water everywhere. Gah. At least the pitcher was plastic.

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012

I did that schedule for a few years, loved it.

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Esp with a not too long commute (which I had, short hop, 20 minute city bus ride) It can be very do-able…

8. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012

#F20 National Occupy Day In Support of Prisoners: Statement from Formerly Incarcerated People

To the Occupy Oakland family, all supporters of Occupy Oakland, and the larger Occupy Wall Street movement:

We are writing to appreciate everyone who has ever supported PEOPLE inside jails, prisons, and detention facilities throughout the country. We are also writing to ask for support from everyone planning to participate in February 20th National Day of Occupy in Support of Prisoners. PEOPLE in prisons – a nice name for cages – as well as formerly imprisoned PEOPLE, are one of the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in our society. We have been labeled as “offenders”, “criminals”, “convicts”, “ex-offenders”, “ex-cons”, and many other dehumanizing terms, and are scapegoated for causing society’s fundamental problems. We are PEOPLE, and not the labels they use. The real “criminals” are those who run Wall Street, who are responsible for genocide, racism, xenophobia, and all forms of discrimination. They lead the attacks against communities throughout America.

Feb 20th is a National Day to support PEOPLE inside cages who express their solidarity with the 99% and to support PEOPLE seeking social, economic, and other forms of justice. With the help of our supporters, allies, and larger communities, we aim to create a safe space to allow the voices of PEOPLE in captivity to be heard.

Many of us inside as well as out in the “free” world live by a code of conduct and support self-determination. We strive to build and follow leadership in our collective and public actions. We do not advance individual agendas over our collective needs. We further pledge to treat each other with respect and not allow differences to divide us, to accept responsibility for any acts that may have caused harm to our families, our communities or ourselves, and to play an active role in making our communities safe for everyone.

Seldom if ever, are people inside asked or given a safe space to tell their stories. The broader Occupy Oakland and general public need to know what is going on inside these cages, how the bottom of the 99% are treated by the 1%, and the need to meaningfully include people inside as we build our collective efforts.

We ask everyone reading these words to support our efforts to create a safe, secure and genuinely inclusive space for people inside, and to build a genuine role for their voices in the February 20th National Day of Occupy in Support of Prisoners. We do not want to create or exacerbate conditions that endanger anyone’s freedom. We know police have attacked our sisters and brothers at Occupy encampments all over the country. We ask everyone participating to remember that for many of us even a mass arrest could escalate to a parole violation and a return to prison. We also want to guarantee the safety of family members with loved ones inside because they are the lifeline for PEOPLE in cages.

We ask you to be our sisters’ and brothers’ keepers!

With Humility,

Formerly-Incarcerated People from All of Us or None and Occupy for Prisoners

marisacat - 19 February 2012

There is no longer any idea in this country that it is possible, that is all I am saying possible, the possibility of discharging a debt to society and re-intregrating.

That really is over.

I think we are fully moving to as much exclusion and separation as we have ever had in the country… the demarcation lines won’t ncessarily be as easy to read as slave vs free or who may use a water fountain, toilet, train car etc.,… but that doesn’t make it any less wrong.

Gerston who admittedly writes in Readers Digest oops Politico I mean, but I don’t mind him on legal matters, has a piece up on the assault coming on the Voting Rights Act… building. They’ll make a fight of the reauthorisation that is coming… and whil it is told as conservatives doing it, as always they have willing partners… across the spectrum.

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012

agreed, better to keep people powerless, to have them broken up into competing blocs, with a large black hole of being shunned to dump them into in case they don’t get the message.

BooHooHooMan - 19 February 2012

There is no longer any idea in this country that it is possible, that is all I am saying possible, the possibility of discharging a debt to society and re-intregrating.

Fish rots from the head down. Tail up.
From those cute little fins on the side, too.
Point being; all rot now, this USA! Where War Criminals walk, Kleptocrats create dynasties , a Catholic Rape Cult and its Cultist still afforded any credence whatsoever..where Judges jail children in private prisons they own, where police frame, beat and thrill kill citizens with acquittal being the norm, none of this being the rare exception to the rule…..Where elections are purchased and insured on a daily basis, and where regular people spend far too LITTLE time considering the ethical possibility of doing in some of the well known foregoing miscreants let alone destroying their criminal resources or resisting their wares on offer. Might have set a different tone.

Instead we’ve seen a country of stupid spineless people chest-pound for War and beg for the prison industrial complex that has now come upon their heads. We’ve seen these same imbecility run off halfway houses and transitional living, filled with mostly, in more cases than not, people just like themselves, save the temerity of having crossed if ever so slightly outside the serpentine lines of the “law”.

We’ll never know of course, and picking a point on villiany’s timeline is a mug’s game, but I do think it mattered an awful lot that Nixon didn’t go to jail. And I wonder what would have happened if Kissenger was taken down by a posse. Imagine if Michael Milken got a sentence like Bernie Madoff back then, or in the alternative, any in the long, episodic line Criminal Cops or Bankster wrist slap-ees were simply offed during transfer by an Ain’t-taking-this-Shit crowd.

We have a decidedly hour-glass shape of criminal “justice” in this country. Oh they say all is contained, and of decent measure.
But how odd just looking at it as sands of time, restitution and punishment only flow downward in direction. We let pimps and thugs take the blindfolded lady , scrapped everything along the way, her horizontal scale was the first to go.,

diane - 19 February 2012

‘a[wo]men’ siiiiiiiiiigggghhhhh, …gaaaaaspppp, …but why …….

marisacat - 19 February 2012

Yes I remember Milken literally on cooking shows after his incrceration… one of his ways “back in”, appearing on daytime shows…. early am shows and then in local markets too… with his low cal this or that recipes. And the family gave money big time to hospitals, got their name on wings and what-have-yous…

Complete rebranding. Loads of cute stories, as he whipped egg whites, about toupees… etc.

Thassssssssssssssssss America!!

9. diane - 19 February 2012

hmmm, I hope Glenn Greenwald has seen this, and will make short work of it:

Rumors initiated by pro-Iran bloggers made headlines claiming it was a “joint Mossad-MEK” operation.

10. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012

Northern Wisconsin Chippewa tribes might use treaties to halt or slow proposed mine

Armed with its status as a sovereign nation and powerful treaties with the federal government, the Bad River Chippewa tribe has the legal muscle to do what Democratic opponents of an iron mine proposed for northern Wisconsin have so far been unable to do: halt or delay the project.

Those powers, say experts on Native American law, appear to have been both underestimated and misunderstood by proponents of the mine, including Republican legislators who have been criticized for failing to consult with tribal members as they work on a bill to streamline permitting for the mine.

“All of us are going to get an education in federal Indian law,” said Larry Nesper, a UW-Madison scholar in Great Lakes Indian law and politics.

Nesper said Bad River and other Chippewa tribes have the power to challenge the proposed mine in federal court by invoking the federal treaties that protect their access to clean water and clean air.

Though they have not filed a legal challenge, tribal officials have consulted with the Bureau of Indian Affairs on whether the treaties may have already been violated by state legislators who didn’t work with Bad River on the Assembly version of the bill.

After the Assembly approved that bill, Bad River Chairman Mike Wiggins, Jr. said the tribe would consider legal options to force the state to include the tribe in discussions related to the mine and possibly to stop construction of the mine itself if it is approved.

“We’re here to appeal to reason,” Wiggins told members of the Legislature’s budget committee Friday. “But in order to protect ourselves we may have to look at some of these things.”

The tribe has staunchly opposed the 4 ½-mile long open pit mine in the Penokee Range near its reservation. The mine would be built near the headwaters of the Bad River, which flows onto the reservation and nourishes the tribe’s extensive rice beds.

Glenn Stoddard, a lawyer for the Bad River Chippewa, called the treaties a “trump card” in the fight against the mine.

“These treaties go back to pre-statehood,” said Stoddard. “I think a lot of people in the Legislature look at these reservations as lines on a map. They don’t understand that the reservations are created by treaty and give the tribes rights that are different and apart from the rest of the state. They’re not like counties or towns.”

The Republicans are trying really hard to ram this mine through before the recalls …

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 19 February 2012
diane - 19 February 2012

and it couldn’t happen any time too soon ……

12. BooHooHooMan - 20 February 2012

Oh this is very troubling. Found this code out on the web, see, some kinda plot to take over the International Space Station. Anyways, its out of this clandestine site in England ,
the ‘cross/ then down” encryption and everything.


Canadian readies for ISS command


Chris Hadfield will become the first Canadian to command the International Space Station during his upcoming spell on the orbiting outpost.


marisacat - 20 February 2012

They are sending Canadian Geese Death Rays to earth from Space! All commercial air flights be aware!! You too can skid into the Hudson.

13. marisacat - 20 February 2012



………………… 😯

ts - 20 February 2012

I’m getting a “comments closed” on the new link and can’t post.

marisacat - 20 February 2012

oh let me check.. sorry…

marisacat - 20 February 2012

should be corrected, leaving a comment on the new thread to test…


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