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Hot air… 24 March 2012

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Jakarta, Indonesia: Visitors at a hot air balloon festival | Tatan Syuflana/AP

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1. marisacat - 24 March 2012

I don’t know if diane is around tonight, but Pat Thurston on KGO radio just mentioned that at 7:30 tonight she will have David Lindorff on to talk about this article that is in the weekend Cpunch:

Lawyers Guild Expects More Documents

Evidence Homeland Security Coordinated Occupy Crackdown


If you want to know where the real government of the United States is located, just check out one of the documents received by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund in response to their Freedom of Information Act request to the Dept. of Homeland Security relating to surveillance of the Occupy Movement. That document, from the Secret Service, dated September 17, 2011, the day the Occupy movement began on Wall Street, from the US Secret Service Intelligence Division, titled Prism Demonstrations Abstract, list the location as “Wall Street Bull” — a reference to the bronze statue of a bull on Wall Street in front of the New York Stock Exchange, and the “protectee” as “The United States Government.” . . . . . .

diane - 25 March 2012

I listened to that earlier, and is anyone surprised. I was kind of surprised that Pat said she hadn’t been aware of the fusion centers, especially with her secret service background.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

She also clearly had not read the article. I stayed in for Russ Baker in the next hour then dropped out…

diane - 25 March 2012

I kind of half way listened to the Russ Baker portion, which seemed somewhat of a repeat of when he was on her show about a month ago. He strikes me as a paid, DemRat steam venter (vigorously ‘covering’ already known issues, and discussing, then vaguely defending, current issues), perhaps even a vacuum cleaner, but then, I’m paranoid ™.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

Well Baker as well as Palast and Pilger are all disappointing, even if one can glean bits. The only thing I got from the too hyped breathless telling of the Florida Saudi family that I had nto heard, ws the head count of 9/11 terrorists who had been to the house.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

The fusion centers were so widely reported, mainly because of the stories that centers in the middle of nowhere were getting as much or more money than the ones in obvious target cities, like NYC, DC, Boston etc …

I know that there is a lot to keep track of, but still …

diane - 25 March 2012

Yeah, it would seem pretty hard to miss if a person made it their business to track fascist citizen surveillance, Dana Priest and William Arkin’s WAPO project, which was covered on PBS/Frontline, comes to mind, for one large Fourth Estate Expose. ™.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

the thing is tho, no one ever exposes too much. Not really.

diane - 25 March 2012

yep, and then, only when the that nooz has already become known by a multitude of the voiceless in the victimized back streets and alleyways of the $UZ$.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

well certainly not from WashPo Intelligence reporters, nor from PBS nor from Frontline.

The idea that Right wingers want to shut down PBS is a horselaugh. It’s a huge propaganda machine, one that works. Democrats are in a stupor, soporific stupor.

2. BooHooHooMan - 24 March 2012

Evil Pulse 1, 2, 3. ….

1. One advantage of Uncle’s Imperial War Berzerkery is the fine medical attention we bring to the native organs, testing, testing, probing, screening, and the life support measures we bring along with it. Someone’s life support anyways.

2. So. 🙄
The Massacre last week in Afghanistan wasn’t exactly a match made in Heaven

3. Then again, neither was Cheney’s heart transplant thru a “hospital in Virgina”.

marisacat - 24 March 2012

oh I agree… so many fiction writers in America. We’re drowning in fiction. Fictitious fiction even.

The ICU unit at Inova…. yeah riiiiiiight.

I notice now there seem to be official sources saying Bale returned to a second round of killing.

I’m sticking with the night patrol theory. It’s the only one that works.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

It reminds me of Haditha, only this time they picked out a fall guy at the beginning of the publicity.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

I don’t see this idea that he went out twice is going to fly. Interesting they try to float it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

I’ve also seen some try to float the villagers’ reports of helicopters as them being confused, that the helicopters were the troops sent to help later.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

I think the night patrol went out to wage murder and mayhem… in retribution for the 7 killed in the aftermath of the Quran mess.

Nothing else makes sense…And now the dead are up to 17…

I find that his def atty gets on my nerves massively. Something about him absolutely pisses me off…

BooHooHooMan - 24 March 2012

Oh but this is a solemn moment for Badheart.
Besides, who knows?
Given advances on all fronts, everyday, I mean, sorta, well, with, oh yes – kidneys, partial livers and bone marrow, maybe they’ll finally breakthrough and announce the pioneering use of a living donors, albeit reluctant ones, for heart transplants as well….

Personally along with 6 Billion other people, I breathlessly await return of Cheney’s results on JDMA co-factors.

marisacat - 24 March 2012

I am guessing th government still supplies Cheney with his extra special outsized ambulance … staffed, too I bet. Just like I am sure McCain is supplied with special Navy aides to bathe and groom him. Dress him too. (not leaving out the Democrats, just these two come to mind, fast)

BooHooHooMan - 24 March 2012

Imagine what Clinton will get.
Fuckin heart shaped tub motherfucker.
Vegas-style, elevated, see-thru champagne glass bubble bath for 6?
Elvis impersonating day-job physicians manning the Confetti guns and balloon drops? Long since pastured Moulitsas Pwog bloggers arriving as well wishers hopeful to just to lick the pudding off Clinton’s shriveled nipples?
Helluva sight, helluva sight in the end. LOL

marisacat - 24 March 2012

What I see of Bill now for years, he only fake functions… often he forgets to close his mouth, it just hangs open. That was my first clue years ago, in the run up to the 2004 GE. Then in 2005 I think it was I saw him on a panel in Europe… he mumbled and meandered… there was an alert French television, Antenne 2 news woman moderating the panel who caught it and would manoever the conversation to mask the mess he was.

I am guessing he goes long periods using too much pain meds… selectively overdosing…

The sooner he dies the better, frankly.

BooHooHooMan - 24 March 2012

Scanning the literature (as so much of it IS)
for mortality in >70+ years of age, “ethical” sort criteria 🙄 , etc, FWIW a prime commentary on list criteria, ethical algorithms wrt acuiity and age, mortality, the construct of “normal life expentency”….

Someone needs to poke around the age of the donor. The idea 🙄 USA!USA! 🙄 , you know, is to approach normal life expectancy for all in line.
(start white-coat hand-waving , lay out dice, spread deck of cards, set up dart board , pick a number any number, etc) 🙄

Older organs with older patients generally. provided,
pun oh-so-intended there on the last…

3. marisacat - 24 March 2012

It’s hard out there for a pimp (I thought it was a GRRREAT song!, LOL)

An especially juicy Chicago protest target is top corporate Democrat Obama’s 2012 downtown re-election campaign headquarters (located in the Prudential Building at 130 E. Randolph St.). Obama’s center of operations “looks more like a company than a campaign. For the last year,” the New York Times reported two weeks ago, “an office that appears nearly as long and as wide as a football field has steadily grown, with more than 300 workers now sitting bunched together….a payroll of $3 million in January suggests the staff is larger than any ever assembled for a presidential race.”

The Times adds that the 300 workers are having a hard time raising money from the “small donors who gave early and often in 2008.”

This is because “Some of the volunteers who went to work enlisting friends and neighbors [in 2008] have been turned off by unmet expectations”

and because “they have literally lost track of many reliable Democratic voters, particularly lower-income people who have lost their homes or their jobs or both, and can no longer be reached at the addresses or phone numbers the campaign has on file” (J. Rutenberg and J. Zeleny, NYT, March 8, 2012, A1). . . . . . .


Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

“Some of the volunteers who went to work enlisting friends and neighbors [in 2008] have been turned off by unmet expectations”

I know people who are turned off because his campaign LED THEM TO BELIEVE HE WAS SOMETHING HE WASN’T. Which, I guess shame on them for falling on it, but people who’ve been conned HATE the conman when they realize what happened.

I love the way they kind of brush that off.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

I think in some areas his people, both working out of Chicago and out in the hinterlands are going to panic at some point. He may win, but it will be merely as a default incumbent. Hard to see anaything else…. And I think everything is going to turn very sour very quickly after election. 😆 No matter who goes in….

Hankies at the ready!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

I think that is very likely. He’s lucky (or it’s by design) that the opposing field is so very weak.

ms_xeno - 25 March 2012

…Looking at this election I see a Republican Party that has lost the presidential election before they even began to campaign in earnest. A more unlikely bunch of weirdoes, misfits, and losers, is difficult to imagine. They make past Republican presidents look like paragons of reason and logic. George W. Bush looked better even when dressed in his silly flight suit landing on the deck of a carrier. Obama must be laughing as he sizes them up. Their whole reason for being seems to be a determined effort to re-elect Obama with each asinine utterance that they continually blast out each one more ridiculous than the last…


4. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

DA decides Wisconsin’s new ‘castle doctrine’ applies in fatal shooting

Less than five minutes before a Slinger homeowner shot and killed a man hiding in his back porch, he had been on the phone with nearby police about how they handled his earlier complaint about an underage drinking party next door, according to a prosecutor’s decision that the shooting was justified under Wisconsin’s new castle doctrine law.

The victim, 20-year-old Bo Morrison of West Bend, was one of about 20 people at the March 3 party. A report released by District Attorney Mark Bensen last week includes some new information about the tragic shooting, but lacks details such as the names of officers and witnesses. It does raise the question of why Adam Kind chose to get a gun when officers familiar with the situation were less than 300 feet away, and serves as a chilling reminder of the potential stakes of armed self-defense.

His attorney, Craig Mastantuono of Milwaukee, said Kind’s wife called 911 at the same time her husband went to investigate banging near his back door.

Kind, 35, didn’t know how close the officers were, Mastantuono said, and it wouldn’t have mattered if he did.

“He thought there may be hostilities and he was concerned,” Mastantuono said. “Calling cops back was not an option he felt was reasonable. He felt it was going on right now.”
Boisterous party

The noisy gathering had awakened Kind, and he went to his neighbor’s driveway about 1 a.m. to ask someone inside a car with very loud music to turn it down. After a verbal confrontation with someone else in the car, Kind returned home and called police.

Happening all over. It’s interesting that some of the people who have the most chance of the cops helping them are the ones to have the least faith in them, the ones most willing to go Wyatt Earp on people who frighten them.

5. marisacat - 25 March 2012

It’s a pity more Americans will not see that Bale is a long time con man…

Cockburn prints an email he got:

From: Michael Dawson Portland, OR

“In Harm’s Way:

This one was apparently used by our friend Staff Sgt. Robert Bales in a 2009 Pentagon-published discourse on how to distinguish ‘good guys’ from ‘bad guys’:

‘We discriminated between the bad guys and the noncombatants, and then afterward we ended up helping the people that three or four hours before were trying to kill us. I think that’s the real difference between being an American as opposed to being a bad guy, someone who puts his family in harm’s way like that.’

“In harm’s way. It dehumanizes and dehistoricizes all enemies. It flatters the speaker as somebody who chooses to stop Evil, presumably also suggesting the notion that, once one gains that status, one has the right to go shoot up a village. J’accuse.” ….

And this too from Cockburn

Incidentally, on the Bales killings, Lawrence McGuire sends me an interesting story from The Australian to the effect that

“Residents of an Afghan village near where an American sergeant, Robert Bales, killed 16 civilians are convinced that the slayings were in retaliation for a roadside bomb attack on US forces in the same area. The villagers allege the men of Mokhoyan were lined up against a wall by US troops after the bombing on March 7 or 8 and told they would pay a price for the attack.”

One way or the other, retaliation.

I wonder the process tho that got one man to take the fall… or be so drugged that in the aftermath he is putty.

ts - 26 March 2012

Interesting. Given that he’ll be tried in a military court and most likely given the hardest whipping a wet noodle can give, it might not have been a conspiracy, but more like a casual conversation on the way back from Mokhoyan.

“Man, I’d like to shoot every f*cker in the town, but they’d send me to jail forever.”

“Well, what if someone just pretended to have PTSD or something?”

“Naw, they’d probably make an example of em anyway.”

“But it wouldn’t, like, be murder. It’d be manslaughter.”

“Yeah, I guess. And whoever it was would sure not get sent back here. That’s for sure. Like a jail sentence already.”

6. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

Two Minutes of Silence, a Milwaukee Vigil

I’m glad the Reverend is here. He is deep and wise. Some young men and women, men mostly, from Occupy the Hood speak. These guys are speaking of the absence of adults, the absence of people who might teach them, or help them, or love them. They’re too tough to say it that way, but that is what they are saying. Lost boys make angry men. They are getting worked up. Public oratory does that. It is like a snowblower that is hard to start, but once it gets going, it is powerful, throws a lot of stuff, and doesn’t stop even when you think you are through. Anger is a glowing thing, a righteous thing, refracting sparks and shards of light. It is a small animal awaiting the night when it grows in dream proportions.

According to the story, this Florida boy, Trayvon Martin, lived his last two minutes between a phone call and a gun shot. What kind of animal fear lay huddled as his stalker pounced and killed, mercilessly and needlessly? What lousy fear and soft clarity of spirit, intermixed and lifted from the body of the broken boy, arose into the shredded night? We ended the ceremony with two intense minutes of silence to parallel his last slice of time on earth. Two minutes. Utter silence except the sounds of the streets, the wind picking up in the trees, a smell of water in the night, the shuffling of bodies turned inward, thinking, praying, being. Two minutes is an eternity. Two minutes is over quick, like a broken stick.

I could tell the story of what happened next, of a couple of men wanting to talk, of a quick eruption of anger, of the bitterness of male rage, energy in the clenched muscles of frustration, force and aggression and a hardened hopelessness, anger like a fire, consuming, leaping overhead from tree to tree. There are no jobs here. The television crew is now long gone. There are prison beds waiting with open arms for the bodies of the dispossessed, the drugged, the wrong places at wrong times people habituating the fringe economies of the street. Police are armed or arming like international military forces. Their guns will always be bigger, their force always asymmetrical and overpowering. There are now laws aimed to escalate the ubiquity of arms: Castle Doctrine, Stand Your Ground, Conceal Carry… upright and proud sounding things, manly and powerful, secretive and protective. Deadly to boys. There is no economy here. This is no country for young men.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

I am afraid nothing much at all will happen to Zimmerman… partly because it IS an election year…

… and now with some supposed ”secret witness” who has come forward.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

Maybe I am looking at this thru a too dark lens… but looking at the Google News page on the shooting… is not any sort of comfort…. I even think the usual Jesse Jackson slobber is a preamble to the parents down the road being let down (gently or otherwise) by the DOJ.

The night it happened no homicide detective was sent, Sanford PD sent a narcotics detective, they retained no evidence, certainl not his clothing…. and returned his gun to him… I don’t know if it has changed but a couple of days ago, his atty claimed to know where he was, but the local authorities claimed not to. One would hope tha investigators from Tallahassee to say nothing of DC would locate him and “be on it”, but who the hell knows.

* * * *

Ooops Google news page link

diane - 25 March 2012

But before all the coverage ends and the parents are left to live in misery, it will be ensured that Obama, in his puppeteer role as The First Black President will have milked as much as he can out of it, to get those racist citizens (the only ones who don’t like him!!!!!!! ) off his back.

Things are so very Fucked UP.

Madman in the Marketplace - 25 March 2012

the gun lobbies are coming out in support, too, and those assholes are good at PR, and have very deep pockets.

This is a culture built on violence, cultivates violence, profits from violence, and that’s not going to stop anytime soon.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

One thing that I think has gone underplayed… it was a mixed race sub division… it looks to me to be a subdivision of the smallish two bed two bath “town home” on a two story plan that is all over the country… with the fakery of a “gated community” tacked on.

One thing I have not seen reported is how many blocks from his own home was Zimmerman. I’d be interested in knowing that…

Yeah I am not expecting much and it has clearly moved to a “Feel Good Moment” for the nation. Always deadly. And it comfortably takes a lot of focus – such as it was ever going to be anyway – away from Bale

diane - 25 March 2012

and didn’t ya get such a kick out of yesterday’s Super Seal Bale Update with the double mission version, I heard it on the car radio, and thought here we go!

Meanwhile, the surviving Afghani victims are apparently being held in $UZ$ medical facilities, and barred from press interviews.

marisacat - 25 March 2012

yes they floated that… it is just so much killing, plus the rapes, plus the burning of some of the bodies. But I doubt Americans are even picking up much on Bale’s past. Just a con… and still one.

diane - 25 March 2012

yeah Bale’s past, and then, the past of his partners and ‘superiors’ in that Mass Slaughter. Maybe someone like Russ Baker will be doing a quaint EXPOSE!!!!! on that, some 20 years into the future …..sigh, is not at all the word for it…

diane - 25 March 2012

(Sorry, for ‘digressing’ back to Russ! :0) ;0) …but he even looks like a supercilious, pedant, ….a deliberately disingenous, paid creep, to my knee jerk: http://whowhatwhy.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/QQ截图20120312010442-150×150.png (disclosure: that’s a “png” image “file extension” on that piccy!!!!, perty speshul huh? … first “png” file extension I’ve ever seen on a piccy, I was expecting the normal “jpg file extension,” ahhhh well, Progress Hope and Change!!! ……. Obama 2012!!!!!!! …..™.))

marisacat - 25 March 2012

We have moved into the election year, what little there is always shuts down…. then after election we get about a year to a year and a half of bits of news…. Then it all tightens up again.

FWIW, to me, the worst f the bunch is Ray McGovern… more and more revealing what a Jesus freak he is. That and a CIA mouthpiece / herder of the so called left.

Etc and so on.

diane - 25 March 2012

I have such a hard time believing any of the Ops believe in anything but themselves, that I never connect them with any belief system which has even the slightest connection to an actually benevolent manner of living, other than the ‘Religion’ of Self Preservation ™.

7. marisacat - 25 March 2012

hmm There some conflicting stuff floating around on Zimmerman’s family but this in the SMH is the first I have read this claim about his father:

However, in December 2008, he applied for a citizens’ police academy with the Seminole Sheriff’s Office. In his application, Zimmerman stressed his background with the law:

He wrote that his father is a retired Virginia Supreme Court magistrate judge and his mother worked as a deputy clerk of courts. ….

There’s been all sorts of speculation around about the father….

The article does say he lived with his wife inside the same gated community…

What a mess it all is….

diane - 25 March 2012

what a fracking tangled web …was Zimmerman’s mom, of the North American Indian, Seminole Tribe? and was the gated community a faux, gated Seminole Tribe Community, …and doesn’t that pardon the murder? ….. is his dad a friend of Rahm’s Daddy … and therefore a forever pardoned Holocaust (Why yes! there has only been one racial Holocaust! ) Connection? …… or were both parents connected, and white as a the driven snow (and/or a combination of the above racial mixes?), with lawyers who eat folks for desert? …….. were they all three assholes ready to storm all over their own peers to survive? …. was just the son an deadly asshole? ……….

marisacat - 25 March 2012

hmm his mother seems to be either from Peru or Peruvian parents… the story varies on his father. Some reports indicate he may, repeat may, have moved to the US fom Mexico. Quite a few reports refer t him as ex mil or retired mil… how being a magistrate judge as well fits in… well the courts are a mystery. And everything to do with thm is basically a mystery, frankly…

diane - 25 March 2012

the whole thing does lead a mind to race all over the map. He physically looks like he could just as easily have been victimized in certain areas in Florida, Cali, Texas, (New!!!! York, etc.), ….. perhaps not so much in Southern Florida, where Wealthy, MIC Connected, ExPat “Cubans,” and other Fascist, Latinos may SubRule, ….. in certain areas. …Clearly he’s Connected ..in some way.

8. marisacat - 25 March 2012



…………… 😯 … 🙄

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