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Flight 7 April 2012

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, WAR!.

A ladybird in flight | Jeff Horner/AP

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Shootings here, shootings there, shootings seemingly everywhere… more to come, no question. I landed on this quote riding at the top of an article at Cpunch:

Founded and preserved by acts of aggression, characterized by a continuing tradition of self-righteous violence against suspected subversion and by a vigorous sense of personal freedom, usually involving the widespread possession of firearms, the United States has evidenced a unique tolerance for homicide.

-David Brion Davis Homicide in American Fiction 1798-1860



1. marisacat - 7 April 2012

hmm fwiw, the Tulsa shootings led the ABC national evening news, AND the NBC national news, tonight…

Madman in the Marketplace - 7 April 2012

CNN gave it heavy coverage, too.

2. marisacat - 7 April 2012


– Media Matters fires AJ Rosenberg for a slip up (scolding Drudge and calling the site racist for running a pic of Trayvon, claiming it was a fake or of someone else, when
wh 😳 😳 psie! it was/is TM)

– NBC lets the producer, editor, whatever go for the selective editing of the Zimmerman audio 911 tape…

– Lowry at The National Review has canned John Derbyshire for a very inflammatory and racist column (imo, it was, and JD has taken great joy in public racist rants for years so… syonara Derb)

hmm think I have forgotten one or two recent head choppings…

😆 … 🙄

3. diane - 8 April 2012
marisacat - 8 April 2012

ooo thanks for that…

There was a pretty funny video this am on … some channel. A big white bunny performer at some children’s party… and the kids were loving it, screaming and happy… so Big Bunny began to run around and … fell. And his bunny head rolled off…. as the childrens’ heads fllowed the decapitation, then he grabs it to get it back on… and puts it on backwards.

😆 They won’t be forgetting that one anytime soon…

diane - 8 April 2012

When I saw the pic I thought about your meeting with that bunny hiding under a bed at a friends place. ;0)

marisacat - 8 April 2012

oh yeah… I had no idea the thing would lunge at me teeth bared…. I popped back and up and said, “Beatrix Potter just died”…

What a hoot. I never did warm up to that bunny either….

diane - 8 April 2012

I don’t think I’d want to witness the toofers on that Beaster Bunny, they must be enormous. ;0)

4. marisacat - 8 April 2012

Gingrich, a true slob himself… says this is “the most important election nto only of our lifetimes but since 1860



I hope some side draws REAL blood (I don’t mean assassination, I mean political blood) or this is gonna be a borrrrring few months.

Why not go nearly all the way back? Most important since 1801? Most important since old George W? I mean Washington… farmer….

diane - 8 April 2012

Oh why, WHY? Are you SO negative! These are truly Historic Times!!!

Prepare to be mindblown: the new face of US border patrol is a semi-automatic-toting Steven Seagal

… he was sworn in by the West Texas sheriff’s department so he could start policing the border. So now he says stuff like: “I work in Texas on the border, and Arizona on the border, and there is a lot of crazy stuff going on with the border wars these days. Probably more than 50,000 people have been killed in the border wars over the last few years, which is way more than Iraq and Afghanistan. Don’t you think this should be declared a war too?”

… I don’t think I’ve felt this mindblown since I learned that Rocky and Predator legend Carl Weathers had been contracted by the US defence department to serve as acting coach to various West Coast Iraqi immigrants, who were themselves hired to play insurgents in mock battles at the California military base to which soldiers were sent en route to deployment in Iraq. (I also once watched an official military training video in which Carl explained how to arm a Patriot missile. Puzzling times.)

Anyway, it is this border work that seems to have brought Seagal into contact with that gruesome creature Joe Arpaio, the self-publicising Arizona sheriff who makes prison inmates wear pink and spend their days doing things such as investigating Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Last week, for instance, the On Deadly Ground star was involved in an Arpaio-masterminded drugs bust in which he seized 500lb of marijuana – all captured on camera, of course.

But it is a 2011 operation under the same aegis that has landed Seagal in the legal hot water to which we alluded earlier. The facts, such as we know them, are these. Suspecting a man of being involved in cockfighting, Arpaio’s office mounted an assault on his property that featured between 30 and 40 fully armed Swat officers, the entire county bomb unit, a bomb robot, canine units, the use of explosive devices, and a camouflage-geared Steven Seagal driving into his house. Literally – Seagal was in a tank. “All the sheriff’s office had to do was to call my client and ask him to meet with them,” the man’s lawyer said. “But this common sense does not make for good reality television.”

So last year, said client filed a suit accusing Seagal of killing his children’s puppy during the raid, and he has now lodged papers suggesting the force used in the operation was excessive, given that portions of the house were destroyed. I’m afraid there simply isn’t space to get into the Seagal camp’s claims that the roosters found on the farm had been genetically modified – suffice to say that all the birds were killed. And that it’s unclear whether this was effected via a standard euthanasic procedure, or an improvised weapon such as a pool ball in a bar towel (Out for Justice) or a microwave oven (Under Siege).

diane - 8 April 2012

(oops, sorry didn’t close the italics after …Historic Times!!! …then again, mehbe it’s fitting ….. what with all the historicness and all …)

diane - 8 April 2012

(thanks honey, Happy Beaster! :0) …. ;0) )

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2012

Welfare Limits Left Poor Adrift as Recession Hit

PHOENIX — Perhaps no law in the past generation has drawn more praise than the drive to “end welfare as we know it,” which joined the late-’90s economic boom to send caseloads plunging, employment rates rising and officials of both parties hailing the virtues of tough love.

But the distress of the last four years has added a cautionary postscript: much as overlooked critics of the restrictions once warned, a program that built its reputation when times were good offered little help when jobs disappeared. Despite the worst economy in decades, the cash welfare rolls have barely budged.

Faced with flat federal financing and rising need, Arizona is one of 16 states that have cut their welfare caseloads further since the start of the recession — in its case, by half. Even as it turned away the needy, Arizona spent most of its federal welfare dollars on other programs, using permissive rules to plug state budget gaps.

The poor people who were dropped from cash assistance here, mostly single mothers, talk with surprising openness about the desperate, and sometimes illegal, ways they make ends meet. They have sold food stamps, sold blood, skipped meals, shoplifted, doubled up with friends, scavenged trash bins for bottles and cans and returned to relationships with violent partners — all with children in tow.

Esmeralda Murillo, a 21-year-old mother of two, lost her welfare check, landed in a shelter and then returned to a boyfriend whose violent temper had driven her away. “You don’t know who to turn to,” she said.

Maria Thomas, 29, with four daughters, helps friends sell piles of brand-name clothes, taking pains not to ask if they are stolen. “I don’t know where they come from,” she said. “I’m just helping get rid of them.”

To keep her lights on, Rosa Pena, 24, sold the groceries she bought with food stamps and then kept her children fed with school lunches and help from neighbors. Her post-welfare credo is widely shared: “I’ll do what I have to do.”

Critics of the stringent system say stories like these vindicate warnings they made in 1996 when President Bill Clinton fulfilled his pledge to “end welfare as we know it”: the revamped law encourages states to withhold aid, especially when the economy turns bad.

marisacat - 8 April 2012

Critics of the stringent system say stories like these vindicate warnings they made in 1996 when President Bill Clinton fulfilled his pledge to “end welfare as we know it”:

Yup it does… and it is… Edelman, the only decent half, in my opinion, of the [Marian] Wright-Edelman marriage quit at HHS over the Clinton law… along with 2 others. But of course his wife Marian Wright Edelman had helped wedge the Clintons esp Hillary into office in 1992. All that blather celebrating Hillary, the truly nasty small town woman and corporate law partner for her long work and dedication to children.

Such a fucking bad soap opera.

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2012

some of the liberal blogs are choosing to skip right over the donklephants’ part in this and frame it totally as the fault of Republican governors.

ms_xeno - 8 April 2012

Big Bill and his Big Dick, proving how bad-ass they were by beating up on the defenseless.

What a scumbag he was, and is. And he’ll never apologize for it, or be made to pay for it. No, in the fictional land of the Democrats, it’s only Republicans who punish the powerless endlessly for “sexcrime” and then get into a snit when their own sex lives are subject to some fraction of public scrutiny.


marisacat - 8 April 2012

Poooooor little Democrats. They love to look down on poor white Sutherners too stupid or prayerful or gun-clinging to vote Democratic. Geesh. Pick up a mirror someday.

So much happened under Bill… and ti was reported at the time, not all of it, but geesh ENOUGH…. all I could do was grab the free alternative press publication here, The Bay Guardian, when they would do a big spread on the Telecom Act or Welfare Reform or whatever, read it at lunch and ….. because in a machine town it sure was not in the daily SF Chronicle.

We get no political reporting at all. Have to read the LA Times, or the Nevada papers (think of it?!)… or the Bees, the Sacramento Bee… which at least now is accessible online.

marisacat - 8 April 2012

oh and Edelman DID make it known, he toured all the news shows that would have him….

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2012

I’ve noticed you only get honest political reporting in your local paper about OTHER states and cities.

diane - 8 April 2012

This country forces once law abiding people to choose illegality or living under a bridge, and then …. either rape searches and incarcerates, …or tags as insane, it’s victims. Pretty fucking venal.

diane - 8 April 2012

This country forces once law abiding people to choose illegality or living under a bridge,

very sorry to have neglected the mention of the third choice this country offers, which is Suicide. Those persons are tagged as incredibly selfish, even when they do it to leave some “currency” for their loved ones, knowing that if they don’t do that, things might even be worse, as their loved ones would then feel obliged to help the suicide victim, when they aren’t even capable of helping themselves anymore, despite dotting their “i”s and crossing their “t”s.

(oh, …. and Fuck you Hillary Clinton ….. as I vividly remember your applause for the Austerity Program in Greece™.

diane - 8 April 2012

Greece suicide: Tributes for retired pharmacist

Helena Smith in Athens | Thursday 5 April 2012 14.34 EDT

The night before Dimitris Christoulas died he sat alone on his balcony, between a large fern and the sliding door that led into his flat.

It was a balmy spring night and the elderly pensioner cut a solitary figure. “His aloneness stood out,” said Fani Theodoropoulou, a neighbour who lived opposite. “But he was a gentleman, a good man, of that there is no doubt.”

The next day the retired pharmacist – first ensuring his first-floor home was securely locked and balcony doors firmly shuttered – walked down Logothetidi street on which the nondescript apartment block stood and headed for Syntagma square. He had made the decision that would turn him into the symbol of the inequities of Greece‘s debt crisis.

By 9am, as Athens was beginning to awake, the 77-year-old had shot himself in the head only metres away from the parliament.

Last night, as hundreds continued to pour into the plaza, leaving flowers, flags and handwritten notes at the foot of the pine tree under which he had stood, it was clear that the suicide had taken on a significance that Christoulas may never have imagined. His death prompted vigils, anti-austerity protests and in Athens, clashes between demonstrators and police.

With passions running high, the pine had overnight become a tree of liberty – watered with the blood of its own martyr.

“He chose this place because it was under that tree that he pitched his tent when the aganaktismenoi took over the square last summer,” said Nicholas Fotopoulos, a fellow member of the “outraged”.

“I remember him well. He’d sit on the bench over there and greet passersby. People feel very angry, very aggrieved because in this man they see how far we have been pushed. He said it in his [suicide] note. He had been pushed to the point where he couldn’t survive with dignity on a pension that had been cut to virtually nothing. You tell me, how can anybody survive on virtually nothing?” he asked.

It was a question many had posed in angry notes pinned to the pine. “Down with the junta of the lenders,” said one referring to the EU and IMF, the foreign creditors keeping the near-bankrupt Greek economy afloat. “This is not a suicide. It’s a political murder,” said another.

“I’m quite sure that what he did was about sending a message. He wanted to say ‘revolt, take up arms, don’t put up with this anymore,'” said Fotopoulos.

Those who knew Christoulas described a decent and dignified man. A committed leftist, he actively participated in citizens’ groups such as “I won’t pay” which started as a one-off protest against toll fees but quickly turned into a grassroots anti-austerity movement. Neighbours recalled how the divorcee, who lived alone, had hung a banner emblazoned with the words “I won’t pay” from his balcony.

“You’d meet Makis in the street and he’d rail about the injustices of our society,” said Kostas Angelis, a friend who runs a pharmacy in Ambelokipoi, the neighbourhood where Christoulas lived. “He wasn’t a communist or anything like that. He was a progressive man who had spent years away in Switzerland during the [1967-74] junta, and he’d often say ‘they don’t do things like this abroad. They shouldn’t do them here.”

Angelis, like others who knew the pensioner well, was in no doubt yesterday that he had taken his life to “shake people up.”

“With his suicide he wanted to send a political message,” Antonis Skarmoutsos, a friend and neighbour was quoted as saying in the mass-selling Ta Nea. “He was deeply politicized but also enraged.”

Only days before his death, the pharmacist had insisted on paying his share of the “common expenses” contributed by residents in the building where he lived although payment was not due for several weeks.

“He was clearly very educated, a man of habit who walked everywhere and didn’t smoke and didn’t drink,” said Giorgos Christopoulos who owns a restaurant where Christoulas would often eat. “He was an exceptional person, very, very decent who was upset with what was happening to Greece.”

Ensuring that all his bills were paid was part of the meticulousness that appears to have defined a man who for 35 years – nearly half his life – had faithfully contributed to his pension fund without any “state support”.

The state, however, had not kept its side of the social contract. Instead, like so many of Greece’s older generation, Christoulas had found himself paying for his country’s debts.

The anger that would prompt the pensioner to kill himself is shared by the vast majority of middle-class and low-incomed Greeks who have carried a disproportionate burden of the extraordinarily stringent tax increases, pay and pension cuts meted out to trim budgets in the name of putting Greece on an economically sustainable path.

“He was deeply problematised by it all, the inertia of young people and the situation as it had emerged over the last two years,” said Antonis Skarmoutsos his friend. “He would go down to Syntagma to attend protests [held in the square].”

Wittingly or not, the retired pharmacist has become a symbol of resistance to policies that are perceived as not only unfair, but – as Greece sinks further into recession – ultimately self-defeating.

diane - 8 April 2012

Oh lurvely, speaking of this country forcing people into misery, whichever way they turn, the Beaster Sunday hardcopy headlines Of the Sly Con Valley San Jose Mercury News (in red white and black): Choosing How You Die – How End-Of-Life Planning Guides Doctors And Loved Ones Through All The Agonizing Decisions Associated With The Cost Of Dying

In essence ….The State [Cali, in this instance], after forcing people into desperate poverty, has enlisted the Fourth Estate … to finger wag about people cleaning up their uncleansable economic affairs (yeah, a feature, not a bug) before they die, or commit suicide, soz ‘the State’ doesn’t have to bother itself with it, even though they brought it about.

marisacat - 8 April 2012

ugh… it is advisable, however, to have made a decision on paper about so called life saving heroics…. If you don’t want your ribs cracked in some possibly useless atempt to “save” you, say so while sane and coherent.

diane - 8 April 2012

whichever way you look at it you’re fucked, they’ll either crack your ribs to say they saved you, or aid your death to rip out your organs for the current Savior Technocrat[s], etc., who needs fresh blood and/or flesh/organs.

marisacat - 8 April 2012

Well I never signed up for the organ donor business – and I kept the pink opt out card rubberbanned to my Cal ID… and I used to carry a notarised note in my purse, stating I did not want my organs used for anyone.

😆 Now that I am so ill, I am safe. They don’t WANT my organs… what a laugh.

diane - 8 April 2012

I thought about keeping that pink opt out card somewhere visible in the event of my finish, but then I thought, shit, if they want the organs they’ll $$$$$take them anyway$$$$$$, …which would be unfortunate for the benefactor, as I’ve been smoking like a fiend ….

marisacat - 8 April 2012

hmm I don’t think so… they DO try, from someone on a table in an ICU, ER or OR, to get permission or find a document. Families make trouble. And not everyone believes in organ donation, for all sorts of reasons. Including religion. I never wanted my chances in a real emergency as a relatively, or just plain young, person to be cut short. Not to be infused with the preliminary drugs to organ removal.

I think outside of a major hospotal, if you fall afoul of the black market in organs, you are a goner however. Such big money in organ tranplant… the ways to split up a healthy body are scary.

All new parents should read what happens if they agree to the donation of organs in the early death of a newborn or infant. Very high rates of donating … and it would end if parents read up a bit.

diane - 9 April 2012

(for any youngsters reading and wondering why the Red, Black and White colors might tweak me emotionally: those were the colors of the Nazi Flag. ……. I think it’s pretty telling that Marcos at Daily Kos appeared to have initially considered those colors for that worthless, disingenuos (to say the least) book he published about breaking down gates (versus the Gate Keeping that Marcos specializes at), with some other asshole (swindler of sorts, wasn’t he?) whose name escapes me (Jerome something?) I don’t believe that color combination is lost on the muckety mucks of the Fourth Estate or the Blawg Boyos(as I recollect Marcos was a big fan of the Ahnold the Groper Nazi).

Anyone who believes we aren’t, and have not been, approaching something far far more ghastly than even Nazi Germany was, is either a fool, or a liar.)

marisacat - 9 April 2012

Jerome Armstrong

6. marisacat - 8 April 2012

I am not esp a fan of Naomi Wolff, but here in Guardian Comment is Free, she is right… (moiv sent me the link…)

[B]elieve me: you don’t want the state having the power to strip your clothes off. History shows that the use of forced nudity by a state that is descending into fascism is powerfully effective in controlling and subduing populations.

The political use of forced nudity by anti-democratic regimes is long established. Forcing people to undress is the first step in breaking down their sense of individuality and dignity and reinforcing their powerlessness. Enslaved women were sold naked on the blocks in the American south, and adolescent male slaves served young white ladies at table in the south, while they themselves were naked: their invisible humiliation was a trope for their emasculation. Jewish prisoners herded into concentration camps were stripped of clothing and photographed naked, as iconic images of that Holocaust reiterated. . . . . .

diane - 8 April 2012

That was a great piece, … I even saw, in a recent comment somewhere, where someone mistakenly attributed it to Naomi Klein.

7. marisacat - 8 April 2012

oh life is so complicated!! One of the shooters in Tulsa self identifies as Cherokee…. and may indeed be so.

The other may have carried out a revenge killing, for his father’s death.

SO complicated, what WILL media do?

Quick, Call the Bureau of Indian Affairs in DC!!… ONLY they will know for sure!!

Carry on! We’ll get a perfect story yt!

Madman in the Marketplace - 8 April 2012

The relationship between the Cherokee and African Americans is complicated and messy.

The dispute stems from historical events that pre-date the Civil War. Certain native Cherokee owned slaves who worked on their plantations in the Southeast US, where the Cherokee Nation’s original ancestral homelands were located. By the 1830s, most of the Nation was forced to relocate to present-day Oklahoma via the infamous Trail of Tears, and some members brought their slaves with them. The current-day “Cherokee Freedmen” are descendants of those slaves.

Following the Civil War, a treaty was signed in 1866 guaranteeing tribal citizenship for the freed slaves. The U.S. government asserts that the 1866 treaty with the Cherokee Nation guaranteed that the slaves were tribal citizens, whether or not they had a native Cherokee blood relation.

The African American members of the Cherokee Nation lost their tribal citizenship last month when the Cherokee Supreme Court voted to support the right of tribal members to change the Nation’s constitution on citizenship matters. The change meant that Cherokee Freedmen who could not demonstrate a native Cherokee blood relation were no longer citizens, making them ineligible to vote in tribal elections or receive benefits.

In addition to pressure from the BIA, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development is withholding a $33 million disbursement to the Nation while the dispute remains unresolved. A federal lawsuit has been filed in Washington DC seeking to restore voting rights for the Cherokee Freedmen in time for the September 24 election for the Nation’s Principal Chief.

marisacat - 8 April 2012

hmm mmm not that I know the situation in Oklahoma, I don’t but I did know that Indians had plantations and owned slaves in the SE, Seminole from what I knew, I had nto known of Cherokee in particular… one report I read today did bother at least to summarise the situation in OK, with relocated SE Indians to reservations.

It did not mention the further issues raised in that snippet….

Media shall search for the perfect story for the GE…

8. marisacat - 9 April 2012

This is going well: NBC National News is referring ot the two arrested in Tulsa as white. No mention of Cherokee.

The right wing blogs will avenge this mislabeling…!

If media is going to name race, they need to at least try to be accurate.


9. marisacat - 9 April 2012

Taibbi latest…

Why Obama’s JOBS Act Couldn’t Suck Worse

POSTED: April 9, 11:53 AM ET

Boy, do I feel like an idiot. I’ve been out there on radio and TV in the last few months saying that I thought there was a chance Barack Obama was listening to the popular anger against Wall Street that drove the Occupy movement, that decisions like putting a for-real law enforcement guy like New York AG Eric Schneiderman in charge of a mortgage fraud task force meant he was at least willing to pay lip service to public outrage against the banks.

Then the JOBS Act happened.

The “Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act” (in addition to being a viciously stupid and dishonest law, the Act has an annoying, redundant title) will very nearly legalize fraud in the stock market.


diane - 9 April 2012

speaking of which:

… a geographical point, … Silicon Valley rather than anywhere on the east coast at all, and that journalists in San Francisco [unfortunately, I guess he’s not very geographically familiar with Sly Con Valley and the fact that the Sly Con Valley San Jose Mercury News is located in the Guts of this Obscene Thievery – diane] generally have very little experience of covering legislative issues [clearly they are PAID not to – diane], and even less ability [NEED/DESIRE? – diane] to effectively insert themselves into such coverage. And that’s assuming that they would have the [HONESTY? COURAGE? – diane] cynicism necessary to cover the act skeptically.

D – A.G. Eshoo, of Googleplex, FaceScan, etc., territory (Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, much closer to San HOSE than to San Francisco), wet her nasty drawers (right along with all the ReThugs and DemRats) in delight! … with the Jaw[b]s Act as she had been begging for an increase (HR 1070) in SEC Regulation A lawlessness from $5 Million to $50 Million dollar caps (no really …Ma & Pa businesses!!!!!).

diane - 9 April 2012

(sorry about the itallics fuckup within the first set of brackets, I had intended the entire bracketed comment to be in itallics)

10. diane - 9 April 2012

Oh, fucking priceless and a bow to Owen, for the link, …… after a few 24 ouncers, …… this is what I make of this link Owen provided: …… While Obombster Desires Reagan’s Dirty Drawers Legacy and slobbers over Ronnie at every chance he gets, there’s that ReThug versus DemRat issue to sell the DUPES on, ….so why not: Just Say Yes!!!!!! …….

diane - 9 April 2012

(if it weren’t for the 24 ouncers …I would shoot myself, it’s the only thing that numbs the horror anymore …and that’s so fucking sad, …I can’t barely face it.)

11. marisacat - 11 April 2012


Official: Prosecutor plans to charge George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin

A Florida special prosecutor plans to announce charges against neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman in the shooting of Trayvon Martin as early as this afternoon, according to a law enforcement official close to the investigation.

It was not immediately clear what charges he will face. . . . . . .

Read more at:
Washington Post

I heard John Miller yesterday am on CBS … whatever the show is called Charlie Rose helms, say she is known to be tough and has taken on the Stand your Ground law before, in terms of charging the shooter in the deal…. apparently one as recently as mid-March.

OK Tsunami warning on media spasmgasm – for days..

diane - 11 April 2012
marisacat - 11 April 2012

blissfully, she will be too old. People pretend not, but let’s get real.

diane - 11 April 2012

well, barring the state of modern ‘medicine’ which only the elite elders are privvy too, yeah …. and she can’t escape being a wimmin, …though I’m sure she’d love too. ….I would say the odds are probably against it.

marisacat - 11 April 2012

They all delude themselves, thinking they are Reagan. It just isn’t so…. and I never had any quibble with the commenters around Blog Land who would characterise her as “classic ex-wife”. Hell, she grates. A lot.

Basically we have a load of hard core idealogues, hard liners. Susan Rice is another. Negroponte was (is) a long time war criminal imo, but Rice is nothing short of frightening in different ways.

A fucking crazy.

We are so scrooood.

diane - 11 April 2012

Refreshing my memory, and then much much more. ….Oh my, …. Spo’ (Sportin) Susan Elizabeth Rice is the perfect Trojan Mheir to the Throne: Well Bred!;…..A True Go Getter¸ TEAM PLAYER!!!! ATHELETE!!!!!!!; Smart and AMBITIOUS!!! (and/or cunning, take your picks); ‘Black American,’ who most probably hasn’t a clue (and could likely care less) how 99% of Black Americans are forced to live their lives; … Spo’, would be The FIRST! ‘WIMMIN’z!!! PRETZEL, though she probably hasn’t a clue (and could likely care less) how 99% of wimmins are forced to live their lives; and she’s……Young Enough! (and very well preserved).

I’m sure we can all agree that she’s been at the forefront of promote[ing] respect for human rights., why, every other day ….. I hear someone referring to her latest demand for human rights, here …. and abroad!

(gotta love the ‘Formal’ $UZ$ Terminology (I hadn’t even known it existed): .. Permanent Representative of the United States of America to the United Nations …beyond the law indeed, … right Madeleine, et al?)

marisacat - 11 April 2012

well… not like the preceeding US Amb’s to the UN are a great bunch. She’s just one more…

It’s like: Napolitano? Chertoff?

Who cares.

diane - 11 April 2012

oh agreed (see the last sentence), but I’m thinking she makes a perfect second (after Herbert Walker) to run for pretzel, as, unlike some of the others, I don’t think people have a clue even who she is, and what she has and hasn’t done.

marisacat - 11 April 2012

ugh have you ever observed her? She’d die on the campaign trail…. absolute dead weight. I can’t think of any US UN Ambassador, other than iirc Adlai Stevenson in a very different world, who could transition between those two jobs…

diane - 11 April 2012

not that I clearly recollect, I very very rarely watch the nooz or pundit shows on tv, nor the online videos; but then GW, Palin, Bachman, Steele, Trump, Perry, Newt, Dicky etc. (not necessarily in that order) ran too, and while they weren’t prior ambassadors, it still appeared to be unbelievable that they should consider themselves candidates and that anyone could have agreed to support them.

marisacat - 11 April 2012

Catch her act someday….

ALL of those people have run for office, most all repeatedly, or in the case of Trump, just been running generally for decades… and he keeps flirting with office. And collecting cash.

diane - 11 April 2012

I’ll try to do that if I see anything coming up on network tv, you’ve really tweaked my curiosity hon.

12. marisacat - 11 April 2012

The family at their presser gave a huge tribute to Sharpton.

Messy messy….

NYT reported weeks ago that the family atty, or the lead one, the one with the most face time on TV, Crump, called Sharpton directly and invited him in.

They’ve done past bidness.

Good Luck!!

13. marisacat - 11 April 2012



……………. 🙄 … 😳

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