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When pigs swim 2 July 2012

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Total fucking lunatics.

A man evacuates pigs through a flooded street in Manila after heavy monsoon rains                 Picture: NOEL CELIS/AFP/Getty Images

hmm If it isn’t flood waters, it’s fire, if not fire then locusts (we have them here now, in California, in inland counties) if not fire and locusts then it is massive power outages across several states, millions will have gone without electricity for around 10 + days, if it is back on in some places, at least, by this Friday…

Has Slobby said anything?  He dropped in on the fire devastation in Colorado, that much I noticed… but any note take of the outages, which literally are in the backyard (MD) of the WH….

Only a hopeless voter would greet it with anything but cynicism, but even Mittens, the Great White Mormon Father, is collecting donations at campaign sites in Ohio, even in Democratic districts, for the dispossessed…

Those odd brothers, W and Jebby, handed out ice in some crisis – in Florida in campaign season in 2004.

Slob?  Slobessa?  No campaign they could cook up with one of their favored corporations?  Handing out water?  Ice?  Food rations?  Accompanying the Tide trucks of mobile washing machines?  Helping at a Red Cross emergency station?

Does it rate a disaster declaration?  Do we still hear of FEMA?  For good or ill?

Surely there is something they might be handy at?  No?

I hear they’ve got the daughters appearing in campaign commercials in swing states.  To “humanize him”, the campaign says.

Good luck.


1. ts - 3 July 2012

Found this one…


A ‘death by a thousand cuts’ is likely to be in the offing, in which legislators gradually reduce the coverage requirements for the “minimum liability” policies people will need, resulting in junky insurance policies that don’t really cover anything but keep you legal becoming the norm for many, and simultaneously allow pols to point to dubious statistics about increased overall coverage. Likewise a reduction in the ‘burden’ of the fine businesses must pay if they don’t want to cover their employees, resulting in more businesses that have to cover their employees not doing so, cue to an expert who expresses surprise at this turn of events on the evening news. Next, there will be reduced access and funding for medicaid, justified by the afore-mentioned dubious stats about increased coverage, so that politicians can demonstrate how ACA saves money, shifting the costs from employers and governments to individuals along the way.

You may object that if you vote for the democrats this will prevent these things from happening. But just as Obama insisted on a deficit commission, remember that ACA was designed from the start to be vulnerable to such funding cuts and loosening of regulation. A universal plan, some kind of single payer or national health plan wouldn’t have created a wary fence between the haves and have nots, and would eventually become as popular as medicare or social security.

marisacat - 3 July 2012

I think we are in deep deep trouble… as example, Pelosi, herself has issued over 20 waivers (last I paid attention, some monhts ago – who knows how many by now) to SF businesses, that they do not have to participate.

I really am expecting a significant number of businesses to cease providing group insurance…. to pay the penalty and overall save money…

They’ve been cutting Medicaid for so long that this much new cutting (and slashing of Medicare payments as well) is dire.

ms_xeno - 3 July 2012

There’ll be more infighting in Unions, too, as the workers are encouraged to turn on one another and compete for shrinking benefits. Old against young, FT against PT, Able-bodied against disabled, Parents vs. the child-free, and so on.

And with WI as a bellwether, we already know that labor leaders will smother an infinite number of their own in the name of preserving their cozy love affair with the Donkey– right up to the moment when there aren’t any more fucking workers to misdirect, misuse, etc.

marisacat - 3 July 2012

bingo. Sell out the baby, walk it into a burning house, torch the dog, strangle the cat. Slash the throats of parents, workers…

It will get ugly.

Workers rights such as they ever got anything has been steadily undermined for decades.. and most unions, but for a few small union shops here and there, ably assisted.

ms_xeno - 3 July 2012

I still have respect for the guys at the Longshoreman’s local. They came out to a rally when Powell’s Books (the premier local/indy chain in PDX) was being Unionized back around 2000, and basically silently dared the cops to try anything. It’s hard not to warm to behavior like that.

I knew individual officials and stewards at my old AFSCME local back in the day who I respected (the ones closer to me in the food chain), but by and large the constant mating with the Donkey has been so ugly for the rank-and-file. So damn ugly.

marisacat - 3 July 2012

Oh the story of the wildcat strike up in Longview was depressing….

There are def some shops, some stewards, some union office workers and organisers, etc., but too few.

ms_xeno - 4 July 2012

I was sitting in a bar one day last fall (on my way home from yet another clusterfuck temp interview), watching the bar TV. FOX was breathlessly yammering on and on about the tons of labor-authored violence up there– parroting that despot-shithead of a local sheriff, whose name I’ve thankfully blotted out.

Of course, there was zero accompanying footage of all this alleged violent destruction. Just lots of stuff showing the longshoreman being cuffed and carted away.

marisacat - 4 July 2012

Hitting a bar is good idea… anytime, bt esp these days.

2. marisacat - 3 July 2012

hmm just catching that the outages extend into NJ….

3. ts - 10 July 2012

I guess everyone’s on vacation – or hitting the bar. I’m still here. Very warm today. Hope everyone’s hanging in there.

marisacat - 15 July 2012

I really was not up to it for a while…. but putting a new post up in a little bit…. may take a while as the back pages of WP are pretty stiff….


ms_xeno - 24 July 2012

Our weather is great. Nothing else is, but…

I was gone due to computer issues. But they’re sorted out now. (I hope.)

For those who haven’t o.d.’d on cat videos, yet, here’s The Sid, himself, helping me with paper shredding.

ms_xeno - 24 July 2012

One more try at the link:

The Sid!

marisacat - 1 August 2012

Kiss the kitties!!

ms_xeno - 1 August 2012

They’re keeping a low profile now, since dinner’s still a couple of hours away… =^..^=

How are you doing, M?

marisacat - 1 August 2012

Pretty good, thanks… (kiss the kitties!)

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 15 July 2012

Jill Stein Wins Green Party Nomination in Spite of Roseanne’s Fame

Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician, and Cheri Honkala (whose epithet in NPR’s report is “formerly homeless single mother”) secured the Green Party’s coveted presidential and vice-presidential nominations on Saturday. Stein secured 193.5 delegates, compared to comedian and avid motorcyclist Roseanne Barr’s 72, thereby earning the chance to siphon a few votes away from the Democratic Party during the upcoming election.

“It’s a convenient scapegoat,” said Stein, addressing concerns that any traction her party gains in the 2012 election would only help the Romney campaign, “and it’s a convenient public relations campaign to try to suppress the voice of the opposition.” Though the Green Party hopes to be on the ballot in 45 states come November, it’s currently on the ballot in only 21 states. Still, Saturday marked a significant moment in the party’s 11-year history, as Stein became the first Green Party presidential candidate to qualify for federal matching funds (party officials hope to spend up to $2 million on the upcoming race).

marisacat - 15 July 2012

When I get the new post up I will move this forward….


Jill Stein, a Massachusetts physician, and Cheri Honkala (whose epithet in NPR’s report is “formerly homeless single mother”) secured the Green Party’s coveted presidential and vice-presidential nominations on Saturday.

Yeah what WOULD a single formerly homeless mother know abut the country. Obviously nothing…

5. marisacat - 15 July 2012

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