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The world is weary… 18 May 2007

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  Dolomites flowers 

inevitably though, spring is somewhere.  I saw these fiori di montagne, mountain flowers in the Dolomites – and was reminded of an interview Chris Hedges gave in 2005.  I could not find my original essay using it, from LSF… but did find the interview and an old comment of mine from Marisacat.

So I strung them together. 

War, brutality, criminality and failure seem all around…

Hedges on Love and Resistance, several poignant passages, but this:

SARAH: Many of the people who read YES! opposed the war—we were out on the street demonstrating, trying to persuade our government not to take us to war. I think many of us feel powerless and frustrated, and a great deal of grief about what has happened in Iraq.

CHRIS: First, remember that the opposition to the Vietnam War took 10 years to build. It’s a long, slow process.

Second, we can’t be saved by what we can accomplish, because if we did, we’d fall into despair. I had a great theology professor who used to tell me that, for intellectuals, faith is an embarrassment. Focus on what you do this day: don’t give in to cynicism, because then you are defeated. To get up and carry out an act that may seem not only insignificant but absurd gives you a sense of worth and meaning, and allows you to participate in an act (however small) of resistance.

When I covered the war in Kosovo, the Serbs would go into villages and gun down innocent people, families—line them up against the wall and kill them. Then they would block the roads into the village so that we reporters couldn’t get in. We would have to walk in, often for hours and hours, chronicle what happened, at great danger to ourselves, and then get the news out and publish it.

That didn’t stop the Serbs from getting up the next morning and killing again. But we found that  our activity sustained us, because it was an act of resistance. It made it harder for the Serb forces to deny that the killing had taken place. It chronicled yet one more atrocity against innocent civilians, innocent Kosovar Albanians.

I think the cumulative effect of taking a moral stance, over time, is slow and hard and frustrating. If you go back and read Martin Luther King’s autobiography, you see what kind of despair he faced in the early years of the Civil Rights movement.

Sustain yourself through community and try not to become too focused on what you can accomplish, because it may very well be that, by the time we’re gone, the world will be a worse place. But we have to validate our own existence, our own morality, our own life. And that comes by taking a stance, by standing up and remaining human. And there are times when remaining human is the only resistance possible.

And a line – or two –  from my old comment:

I think it may be time for me to post an interview from early 2005 with Chris Hedges of “War is a force…”, he speaks beautifully of the struggle just to stay human in tough political times…

One reason I take very seriously the scheisse hole that Kos and KosThugs and assorted Whacks built.

And intend to post against that sort of thing … as long as I have a keyboard. AND brains. I did not come online, get addicted to some bubbly hype and lose my brains as unnoticed effluvia during the night.

LOL. Take that thugs.



“She got what was coming to her” – only been said forever: 26 March 2007

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Marisacat wants it rough | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

Yes, i too get into a lot of scenes. oh.


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There won’t be anything else added to this post.


… must still have Democratic party DNA in my rage meter… 25 November 2006

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WTF?  Is he saying Nancy needs two men to .. RESTRAIN her?  A Blue Dog and a DLCer?  Or else? …some wild pinko reddish rampant liberalism will invade the Capitol?

   The Economist

If only… Here is the whole of the Edsall guest column in the NYT, willfully liberated from behind the so fucking stupid TimesSelect (Mickey Kaus says TS is dead and will be out within the year… I hope MK is right):

Guest Columnist

TimesSelect  The Struggle Within

Published: November 25, 2006


Can the Democratic Party become fully competitive? Is American liberalism dead, the 2006 election a last twitch of life before rigor mortis sets in? The answer to both questions is yes. (More on this next week.)

For the Democratic Party to revive, major tenets of American liberalism, economic and sociocultural, will have to be discarded. The party can join Studebaker and the Glass Bottle Blowers union, it can trudge along as No. 2, or it can undergo a painful transformation — without guarantee of success.

To stay in the fight, Democratic leaders will have to acknowledge political realities affirmed by the electorate in 1994 and 2006. Many Democratic constituencies — organized labor, minority advocacy organizations, reproductive- and sexual-rights proponents — are reliving battles of a decade or more ago, not the more subtle disputes of today. Public sector unions, for example, at a time of wide distrust of government, are consistently pressing to enlarge the state. For these players, adapting to a re-emergent center will be costly.

Democrats won on Nov. 7 by carrying a 59 percent majority of independent, moderate voters angered by the Iraq war and Republican corruption. These voters demonstrated 12 years ago that they can easily turn against Democrats.

An example of the reality that Democrats refused to face the last time they had a shot at consolidating power materialized during the fight to pass Clinton’s 1994 Omnibus Crime Bill, legislation that sought to burnish the party’s justice credentials by increasing the number of felonies subject to the death penalty. Instead, amendments added to win support from the left — most visibly, $40 million for midnight basketball leagues — caught fire on conservative talk radio, spread to the establishment media, and soon became a liability.

When Democrats bend to the will of liberal interest groups, even in pursuit of laudable goals, the damage to the party’s credibility can be devastating. President Clinton succumbed to such pressure, and Democrats in the House and Senate paid the price. Democrats now have a chance to regain public trust, but even a minor miscalculation can push the party off the tightrope. Its House majority is tenuous: 17 of the new Democrats represent districts that voted for Bush in 2004 by at least 54 percent, according to the political scientist Gary Jacobson.

The public will desert Democrats placing a disputed cultural or spending agenda above the broader public interest. This is especially true at a time of extreme uncertainty: lethal struggle in the Mideast, nuclear proliferation, mounting skepticism toward free trade, and a rising non-marital birthrate — now at 37 percent — that concerns moderate voters.

The potential for an incendiary controversy to engulf the Democratic left has sharply escalated with Web access to each committee and floor vote under new Congressional transparency rules, and the development of aggressively partisan outlets in the blogosphere. An army of conservative media is determined to recreate the political climate so advantageous to the G.O.P. in 1994. At the same time, very liberal senior House Democrats now have vastly enhanced power to add inflammatory provisions to bills moving through their committees (think Rangel and the draft).

Nancy Pelosi and her closest advisers in the House are more likely to support such radioactive amendments than to serve as guard dogs protecting a slender Democratic majority. The first test of Pelosi’s ability to distinguish between broad-based and special interests will be when she decides whether to appoint Alcee Hastings, the once-impeached federal judge, to head the House Intelligence Committee.

Only two members of the House leadership are intuitively attuned to such problems: Rahm Emanuel, chairman of the Democratic caucus, and Steny Hoyer, the majority leader. But Emanuel has limited influence, and relations between Pelosi and Hoyer are distant at best.

Still, the vigilance of Hoyer and Emanuel will be crucial to a party whose renewal could easily be stillborn. Congressional leaders are not all-powerful, but they can set the stage for a successful presidential candidate, or lay waste to the center-left, dooming the nominee.

The Democratic Party can secure its 2006 gains, but to do so will require abandoning a decades-long willingness to indulge pressure groups on the left that no longer command broad popular allegiance.

Thomas B. Edsall holds the Pulitzer-Moore Chair at Columbia University. He is a guest columnist this month

What slop.  Top to bottom…  IF only the Democrats believed in something… things would get exciting in DC…


UPDATE, Saturday 3:20 pm…

    Feldman Gallery

I scammed this from Cursor.org… so it may not be news to people, but i think it is great, IF the Dems had a full skeleton under those skin sacks:

Dave Lindorff: Congress Should Immediately Terminate the 2001 AUMF

by Dave Lindorff, co-author of “The Case for Impeachment

Forget Nancy Pelosi’s “100 Hours” agenda for the new Democratic Congress.

The first thing Democrats need to do when they walk into the Senate and House chambers this January is to vote out a joint resolution repealing the September 18, 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF), which was the authorization for the U.S. attack Al Qaeda forces and the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

That AUMF has been used, wholly inappropriately and wantonly, by President Bush as the justification for his assault on the US Constitution, for his willful violation of laws domestic and international, and for his unconstitutional usurpation of legislative and judicial power.

The president has claimed that the AUMF, far from simply being an authorization to go to war against Afghanistan and against the Al Qaeda organization there, was an open-ended authorization for him to initiate an unending “War on Terror,” which he has subsequently claimed has no boundaries, and will be fought around the globe and within the U.S. [snip]

And here is an interesting snippet, which if I knew I had forgotten (so much has happened in 5 years, hard to count the crimes and sell outs)… Cute how the Dems always know the score… 😉 but let it go on, in agreement:

[F]urthermore, as Barbara Olshanski and I explain in our book “The Case for Impeachment,” the AUMF never gave Bush any authority at all to conduct war inside the U.S.

(In fact, Tom Daschle, who as a Democratic Senator from South Dakota was the Senate Majority Leader at the time the AUMF was passed, specifically denied a last-minute request from the White House to have the words “in the United States” inserted into the wording of the resolution authorization.)  [snip]


UPDATE, 11:30 PM Saturday…

From Joe Galloway, taking a look at the options:

Go long. Under this scenario, the United States would add 20,000, perhaps as many as 50,000 more ground troops to the 143,000 now in Iraq, giving our commanders a more credible force of more than 160,000 to pacify Baghdad without stripping the other troubled parts of that country of their security. This short-term option was used last year to jump-start the Maliki government in Iraq. This beefed-up force would decline gradually while the U.S. maintained more than 100,000 troops in Iraq for an additional five to seven years. […]

If I were a betting man, I’d put my money on Option Two, go long.

The president has so boxed himself in with his public statements about ”cutting and running” that Option Three simply isn’t available to him, however appealing it might be as we approach our fifth year of war in Iraq.

Nor is Option One any more palatable, with its attendant surge in the cost of the war, already more than $2 billion a week and nearing a total of $400 billion in just those costs we can see. Then there’s the near impossibility of attracting scores of thousands more young Americans to enlist in the Army or Marines when recruiters are already hard-pressed to find enough warm bodies to maintain the current authorized levels of around 500,000 for the Army.

Then, at the close:

If the week wasn’t bizarre enough already, who should arise like an unstaked vampire from his tomb but Henry the K himself. It was recently revealed that Kissinger the elder had been secretly advising Bush the younger on his Iraq strategy, telling him that withdrawal would pitch the Middle East into unimagined turmoil. This week, he was on the talk shows advising that there can be no U.S. military victory in Iraq, and that any idea of installing Jeffersonian democracy there is hopeless.

 Perhaps Kissinger can use his diplomatic skills to arrange for a decent interval for an American withdrawal, a declaration of victory, and that fleet of aircraft carriers and helicopters to pull the last Americans off the roof of the U.S. Embassy in the Green Zone in Baghdad.

 To cap the week, Vice President Dick Cheney arose like Lazarus to declare that the recent congressional elections and his party’s loss of Congress to the Democrats has changed nothing: The Decider is still deciding, Cheney is still scheming, and American troops are still dying in battle every day in Iraq.

    It gets curiouser and curiouser.


If only they’d stick to incense, stained glass and reliquaries… 6 June 2006

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…but noooo, they must meddle in human life. 

Pope Benedict  XVI Tired old white men, vicious Irish ignorants, conservatives stuck-in-the-muck-and-the-mire of religious ignorance Poles and Africans lost in mystery and miasma.  That is what they send to US cities… The Holy Romans.  It is a vicious colonisation, internal and external.  Without even mentioning the institutional pedophilia…

  I am not surprised the Chinese, who know something of "vicious", not to say sheer brutality, are anxious to not add the Holy Roman Empire to their struggle toward the future.

  It seems we never shall be free of the Inquisition, in one form or another.  Nor free of religious torture.

 Wouldn't it be enough to comfort the sick, feed the poor and bring a gentle transition to the dying?  Clearly not. 

 You get the feeling that the reward of heaven, to dwell in the presence of their Lord is not a meaningful reward for the church leaders?  Have a laugh.

 Here from the AP, via Wapo…. Yes, worthy of hanging a condom off the nose of the barely retired Nazi, Ratzy…


The Associated Press
Tuesday, June 6, 2006; 2:37 PM

VATICAN CITY — The Vatican declared Tuesday that the traditional family has never been so threatened as in today's world, lashing out against contraception, abortion, in vitro fertilization and same-sex marriage.

The 57-page document was issued by the Pontifical Council for the Family, whose head, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, is a strong opponent of the use of condoms under any circumstances. […]

The document did not mention the current debate within the Vatican on whether the church should permit condoms to battle AIDS in a particular circumstance _ when one partner in a marriage has the virus.

It reaffirmed the 1968 encyclical "Humanae Vitae" that stated the Vatican's opposition to contraception. However, it noted, couples "have been limiting themselves to one, or maximum two children."

The document also condemned in vitro fertilization, artificial insemination and the use of embryos.

             il papa... any one of them, all the same.

Franco Grillini, an Italian lawmaker and honorary president of the activist group Arcigay, condemned the Vatican document as "grotesque."

 In other ground breaking (truly! they are digging a hole to hell) Catholic news:  Ratzy went to Auschwitz… and pronounced its greatest sin was to try to exalt the will of man over the Will of God.  Not kidding here.  Catch Allen in NatCath.org.

Without denying that the Holocaust was often implemented by professed Christians, Benedict argued that at a deeper level, Christianity and Judaism both represented systems of thought that the Nazis instinctively understood must be destroyed, because without God and God's moral law there is no bulwark against totalitarianism, or against evil.

Benedict thus offered a new touchstone for Christian reflection on Auschwitz — not guilt, but a profound sense of the starkness of the choice facing humanity: God or the abyss.

Stark choice, or lack of choice I would say.  Thanks Ratzy.  The whole piece is worth reading, the old Nazi had a busy day:   in physically good shape as well.  Pity.

      Ratzinger at Auschwitz, 6/06/06, no really!

Just caught Vic Fazio… 8 May 2006

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a House member from CA on FOX with Hemmer. As I was firing up the umpteenth cup of espresso that can acid etch the spoon….

 The eternal push back question came up, they have peppered the Dems all week with this, as it will be a core issue, lobbed out daily from now to election day in November:

 Will the Democrats proceed with impeachment hearings should they win a majority?

 Laugh now laugh later.   

 One, they will not be winning a majority, not any time soon.  They gain a little here, a little there, as they are permitted.   

They make a huge push, PR and otherwise, for Casey and the like, so they can publicly remake the party.   Even if they won, the Democrats would plan no concerted action that would impede dear leader. 

 On censure, practically just saying the word, Feingold stands alone.  Boxer, Harkin.  Blogs play at pretending to like Feingold, it feeds the "confuse the message, confuse the base, confuse it all" big "D" Democratic, hardly democratic, games going on.  That is it. 

 The rest of the party, aside from Boxer and Harkin, look constipated when the word "censure" comes up, they quickly finger their prayer and ''values voters are for us!'' beads. 

 Pathetic Dems.  Fucking fried shrimp.  No bones at all. 

 In the end, they worship the Republicans.  They want to be them.  Hypocrits, still, but in power.  Instead Demcrats are hypocrits, out of power.  And fret they cannot crack the code that brought the R to power.

 It is simple, it was hard work. Across decades. And massive churning of the base.

The Democrats are not interested in either the hard work, nor in turning out the base.

The Democrats actively despise their base… and work against it…

 Fazio?  Oh he said (close paraphrase):

 The Democratic leadership does not plan either censure or impeachment investigations.

  I believe he added, "i assure you…".

  You aren't surprised are you?

  Worship the Elephant.