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Skewering the Sewers… 13 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in Abortion Rights, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Sex / Reproductive Health.


From IOZ – he throws in a classic period shot of Nuremberg as well…

So he wants “the people,” whatever on earth those are, to throw off their shackles–“shoplifters of the world, unite and take over,” such as it is–and cast off the elite and the status quo, but he hopes “to be an active member of the small clique, coterie or circle that identified the possibility for massive change and precipitated its manifestation.” At first it smelled like contradiction, but the more I read it, the more it smells like something that exits through an orifice further south. An inner circle is an inner circle is an inner circle. The dork wants power, and he wants to ride a wave of popular whoop-dee-doo into a office with a view, a satellite feed, and two secretaries. Fuck the revolution, kiddo; work on your resume.

Now I don’t know what sort of revolutionary lines up Benjamin Franklin and Tristan Tzara and says, “Oh yeah, I like the looks of that,” but it’s not a revolutionary to be taken seriously–or trusted.[…]

Electoral politics as practiced by the Netroots, lawd god, is not a revolution. It’s not even like a revolution. There is no category of metaphor, no figurative instrument of language elastic enough to encompass such a comparison.

Public Service Announcement:  warning, the original post at IOZ has a long passage of Bowers’ original writing.  Hip waders advised… 🙂  I am immunized.. I do believe my reading the slobberific fictions around Day Trippers Go To Harlem Wearing Whiteface… did it.  Better immunization than Ari Fleischer!!

If you need a quick one shot hit of the two years rolling out ahead of us… do drop in on this diary at Dkos on The Second Blogger Resigns… catch ”Dr Frank Lives” (among others).  sigh.  Back again.  Not a boon to the Edwards camp either… In 2003 it turned out he ws a volunteer, an acquaintance of Edwards (also a trial atty I do recall –  they often have an additional degree such as “Dr”…), who built the primary season website for Edwards.  And a total shit on line.  He has been abusive for weeks at MyDD… another viral spammer…

I say Good Luck to the campaigns.  None of them seem Ready for Prime Tme… much less the messy job of Saving the Nation… or seeking to raise Big Buckaroos Online.  I know which one comes first…

[thanks to ms_xeno for the IOZ link]


Miss Devore accepted the challenge to craft, with art, a fight song… It had to hve cunt, bitch, whore and harpie in it… 😉

“This evening, the tear is in my eye.”

{conductor raises wand}

There’s a jeer in a post
that’s offending the host
And that’s where more troll-rates will apply

With the power of your site
Sure some bitch you can smite
Be it banning or trimming blogroll

All the soft porno banter
And the 4’s to the ranters
While your lies fail transparency

You can launch other sites
While the runt huahua bites
Your ankles of hypocrisy

Ovarians have called you
On your clear misogyny
To the hilt of “cunt”embracers
You can hear the harpies pling.

When dying sites get crappy
From the whores within your pay
Your ad bucks will be declining
While the bitches still have their say.

MIss Devore emailed earlier she thought she’d get chihuahuas in there as well and she did…  apparently some “Livid Vitriol” persona spurred the enterprise…

more to come.. 😉


UPDATE, 8:35 pm

Ah…. love it when a picture starts to develop

From Democrats for Life as their 95/10 prescription for impeding womens’ lives, their autonomy, their right to self determination, their right to privacy, to not being misled…  begins to work its way thru…

Pregnant Women Support Act Advances

The Federal Pregnant Women Support Act will be reintroduced in the House by Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-TN) and also introduced in the Senate this year.  Several states have or will introduce similar bills.The Commonwealth of Virginia will be the first state to approve the pregnant Women Support Act.  The State legislation creates a Pregnant Women Support fund to assist women who wish to carry their children to term.  Introduced by Senator Phil Puckett (D) and Delegate Ward Armstrong (D), the legislation (S 1088 and HB 3183) passed unanimously in the Senate and by a vote of 94 to 2 in the House.

Democratic Governor Tim Kaine is expected to sign the measure into law.
Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 February 2007 )

And please refer back to the previous post… oddly Amanda Marcotte was pushing 95/10 last October… Does she or does she not like Catholics?  As I said, DFLA is riddled iwth Catholics… Couldn’t Donohue cut her some slack (sorry! the Right fights hard, give up that silly thought!)…

Here is moiv writing on 95/10 (one of several articles over many months) and Democrats For Life America last September.

And while I am at DFLA.. such a thrilling site!  I spy this update right underneath the Kaine news…

The House once again passed a bill to expand research on human embryos. While DFLA opposed the measure and the President has vowed to veto the bill, we truly appreciate and recognize the courage of the 16 Democratic Representatives who opposed this measure.


We would particularly like to recognize Congressman Bart Stupak, who has been a leading voice in support of ethical stem cell research that does not involve the destruction of human embryos, and new Congressmen Joe Donnelly, Heath Shuler, Brad Ellsworth and Charlie Wilson. For a full list of the Democrats who opposed the measure please click here.

We urge you to contact the Members to thank them for their vote and their strong committment to life issues.

Not bloody likely! 


UPDATE, 5:52 am

Really.  I should resist.  But no… the proverbial car wreck:


Let me make this brief… One reason for mega meta smegma smack arounds all over the place (sorry, I am hors de classe – and the Blahg boyz can pronounce that any way they wish) is money.  Over the years, Kos and his related, afllilated sites, baby Agony Aunt sites (they know shit about politics but they do skin rip in public, regularly), the tied together box car sites, etc., have proven – in the finance area – to be small, smaller, ever smaller, downright tiny (but shrieking!) potatoes. 

They have not raised the bucks.  Not really.  (MoveOn raised over 240 million in the ’06 cycle, ran national ads.) 

And now Kos, and his online relatives, is a potatoe casserole, dropped on the floor in a public transit area.

About it.


Not quite it.  As usual, he seems unaware of reality.  Ban hundreds of people if not a couple thousand (who knows) but keep Armando, DhinMI etc…


Overnight Open Thread… ;) 5 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Lie Down Fall Down Dems, U.S. Senate, Viva La Revolucion!.

  This is not a Blog Maid

Awww.  And ”they” say I am bitter and … mean.  I think those are words they use.  Of course, after cunt, bitch, whore and harpie.

So this thread is dedicated to the Service Corps of Blog Maids.

You know who you are.


UPDATE, 12:25 am .. a balmy night in San Francisco…

From the NYT:

“Senator McConnell led his Republican troops off the cliff,” said Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Oh not to worry!… All of the Dems already over the cliff, lying prone in the dry creek bed below, will cushion the fall of the Republicans.

No surprise.  This vote is only “brilliant” or “useful” (they did say that) to the huddled BlahgSnots.  The tired party pundits and mouthpieces..  Not so to anyone else.

 And I surely did not hear reports of the Gang of 14 being paraded as the great safety net so that the R dare not mount a filibuster.  The Democrats are a party of children.  Always submissive to authority.


UPDATE, 1:11 am

Suellentrop (behind the TimeSelect wall) has an interesting tidbit on Obama

In the fall, Ezra Klein used the word “Barackobubble” to refer to the speculative, media-driven mania over a potential Obama candidacy. Now that Obama ’08 is a reality, The Politico’s Mike Allen reports that there’s a new bubble surrounding Obama, one that’s less likely to promote adulatory press coverage.

Allen writes:

”Obama, riding an astonishing wave of glowing publicity for a candidate 21 months from an election, already has a bubble around him that is tighter than the one that surrounded Texas Gov. George W. Bush, who spent long hours of the fledgling days of his candidacy in bull sessions with reporters. ”

For example, Allen discusses how Obama allowed him to walk alongside him but refused all questions. “The encounter pointed to some of the unusual dynamics of the ’08 [campaign], where several of the candidates – including Obama – are celebrities who have to manage the attention being thrust on them, rather than the more usual situation where a hopeful is desperate to gin up coverage,” Allen writes.


UPDATE, 12:58 on the Pacific Ocean…

That Madman.  He does not get the memos!

That the Republicans were so ably using the REAL powers of the minority yesterday shouldn’t be a surprise. That’s what a party that actually functions does. It differentiates itself from its opponents. It drives the debate by refusing to play except on its own terms. This is the power that Harry Reid and the rest of the Democratic Party leadership steadfastly refused to use when THEY were in the minority. Eager to mirror the Republicans, not to set themselves apart. What is important is maintaining the basic functioning of the status quo for the Donklephants … they stand for nothing else.  [snip]

Earlier i heard on Cspan that Reid will be withdrawing the vote, ”unless he can get some R support”.  hmmm.  Don’t take up skydiving Harry.  Not your lucky week.  I don’t read Dkos (no really I don’t).  Does he have up a pic yet of Reid in his Everlasts?

You can watch Senator Feingold here and read some more of what he has to say here. Reid and the rest will not listen to him. They won’t listen to you, they won’t listen to me. They won’t listen to voices of reason, decency or righteous passion. They won’t listen to the screams, to the crying children, to the supplications from families left bereft both here amongst military families and in Iraq and Afghanistan amongst those unlucky enough to be “collateral damage” of our supposedly “accurate” modern munitions. 

McConnell is holding forth on the senate floor.  Ooops!! here is Gregg.  He says Dems are ”scared” to allow his bill up for a vote as well.  It might get so much Dem support.  Before either of them, Barbara Boxer (did you leave your spine in Marin?) said the R would not LET the Dems vote yesterday.


Harry is up. He cannot understand… what is wrong? “No one spoke in support of the surge”… so whaddup with the vote?

WHen Boxer spoke she was nearly begging.  Saying if you voted for this war, it may be harder for you to now… etc.

Bonne Chance!


UPDATE, 4:00 pm

Words a Go Go!… 😉  Thanks to Sabrina Ballerina in the thread, this diary from paradox at Dkos.  Please note Cheez Whiz in the thread.

I’m reading blogs this morning and at Greenwald’s place I see that The National Review (online edition) promotes an article by Byron York calling Valerie Plame a cunt–in my world that’s the C word I know, that everybody instantly knows.

One month ago I was over at Wolcott’s place and he linked to a writer who gruesomely made fun of Jane Hamsher’s battle with breast cancer, before her third round with the disease became public.  Jane’s been in a perpetual state of peeve since she caught a dose of BDS* and it metastasized into the implants.

In the world I know there are fathers, brothers, boyfriends, husbands, uncles, cousins and good friends who don’t accept that kind of talk about their women under any circumstances, none at all. You’re stupid enough to talk about women like this and it’s totally understood you’re looking for a fight and are about to get one.  [anip]

Here is paradox at Mcat, back during the tidal action post DD diary… I “know” paradox, online….  From the early days of Dkos, he predated me.  He, JJB and Billmon (who also weekend blogged for Kos at that time) were the posters who were particularly welcoming to me…

paradox | ——-@hotmail.com | futureofthewhirled.com | IP:

Just wanted to hi five you for getting Delaware dem to throw in the towel, though I doubt the dirtbag will actually do it. There’s few people in the blogosphere I respect less than him.


Feb 1, 7:53 PM

And this is Cheez Whiz in reply to paradox…

Cheez Whiz (fuck you marisacat) | —–@dragonfly.com |

paradox, you best not be the paradox that posts at Steve Soto’s blog.

Feb 1, 8:34 PM —

Gotta laugh

(requisite link to the DD comments)

Oh Cheez Whiz is all thru the pertinent diaries.  But this is amusing…  Philly soldaten?  Part of DD posse?  Boyz just have to gang up…

troll rate this shiznit (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
qwerty, taylormattd, homogenius, sbdenmon

ain’t seen something as like to be ratebait as this in a long time.

Anything’s possible with Commander Cuckoo Bananas in charge. -Homer J. Simpson

by Cheez Whiz on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:14:17 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Sorry … hilarious!


Bench Cat Two 3 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  Cats in paris 

A friend emailed this to me 15 minutes ago:   Outing Marisacat / Chihuahua Watch

and the friend included this note:

These guys are bullies and have a deep hatred of women. You dared to raise your eyes (and voice).

Watch your back,

Please peruse their site at will.  You will see some stressed comments I left (in 98/99) at an online devotional site related to a pre Revolutionary church (it has damage still on its main doors from the Revolutionary era) in Paris, Eglise St Roch, Rue St Roch, Premiere Arrond., that I love and have visited since I was a child.  The online site is dedicated to St Michael (if I fuss with that shit I go with an archangel and not some collection plate bully padre online) and to Paris.  The site is elegant and eccentric.

I fell ill in 1991.  My mother was ill from spring of 1993 to late summer of 1997.  I was an only child and, with LVN help, cared for my mother to the end.  She, like my father in 1987 and my grandmother in 1959, died in our home. 

During those same 4 years I lost my dearest friend to recurrance of breast cancer and had two friends murdered.  By 1998 and 99 I was still working, still ill, flying periodically to the East to a specialist.

I stopped working in 2000.

I stand by everything I have ever written online.  I have never deleted and I never will.

Anyone who has read me knows I have a deep and abiding interest in politics.  I always have had, since a child. 

I will continue to write and observe as I see fit.

I kick the dogs to the curb.



Please note addition to the blogroll. Be sure and let your mouse drift over the link and read the sub text.  P

This post will stay up for the full week end.


UPDATE, 1:47 am on the Pacific Ocean… a balmy night..

Who is IOZ has up a lovely essay on the very moment we find ourselves in… but thinks it will come down to Edwards… links to the recent Ezra KLein interview with Edwards … and other observations.

Me, I think, clunky as she is (I found her speech Friday to the Dems embarrassing), they ram Hillary thru the process.  Look what they did with Kerry.  Virtually a broken man and the former R wif.  They patched and glued and shoved that thru to the Boston convention.  Now he is just a pinata for them (as in, we will never do that again, Kerry lost it, not us!)


 So Edwards it is, the Lawerly Lord Orthodontia of the Carolinas, and to firm up his rather wimpy portfolio, he’s started hitting up all the right people and telling them that he’s totally down with bombing the fuck out of Iran. (As the memorable line went in Bullworth: “My people aren’t stupid. They put all the big Jews on my schedule. You are Jewish, right?”) His actual phrase is “It would be foolish for any American president to ever take any option off the table.” Any option. Ever! Read it and weep. Or, if you’re a fan of the Donk, you can read it as backing away mildly from even bloodier nonsense spouted first at a conference in Herzliya, Israel, and then up in New York at some AIPAC conference with La Clinton also rattling her saber in the general direction of the Persian Plateau.




Kos, Kos… your marginal troops are linking to me… You must reinstate total control… blast fax the memo! Further, I notice they lack intestinal fortitude.  Of any kind.  The halls must get messy at the FratWhack House:

 See for yourself: (0 / 0)

Harpies on Parade


by GOTV on Fri Feb 02, 2007 at 06:44:40 PM PST

[ Parent ]

Sorry! People who are constantly “puking”, unable to gather their guts in, are the frat boys and the little sorority sisters. 

What … ? you thought you had me on the run?  Maybe you need to check in with St Michael the Archangel.  Light a candle or two for youselves.

The fight song must now include not only cunt, bitch, whore but also Harpies.


UPDATE, 4:13 am

Thanks to DT in the thread, this is what GOTV (who has been there long enough to know better, but you know Fickle Funsters, for hire) had to say about the square dance DH carried out with Bob Brigham (blogswarm):

This is what GOTV has to say about DHinMI outing of Bob Brigham…

Also posted on BTD’s current diary: (3+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
musing85, PaintyKat, vcmvo2

Before anyone feels too sorry for the allegedly outed individual, it may interest you to know that he has posted

* 1016 times from December 29, 2004, until March 27, 2006, under what one assumes is his given name, and
* 1204 times from July 26, 2004, until present under a so-called screen name.

That’s an overlap, where he posted under both names simultaneously from December 29, 2004, until March 27, 2006, the complete period where he posted under his assumedly given name.

That this was exposed at all is to mind my harmless — this site does not allow sock-puppets, does it? –and to know that this individual outed this information himself, well, it makes all these protestation concerningthis particular individual that moot. (This is not to say that BTD’s concern about actual outing is not valid.)

I just think it’s important to know all the facts (or, at least, as much of the facts as can be readily discerned.)


by GOTV on Fri Jan 05, 2007 at 07:50:07 PM PST

[ Parent ]

 Cue the laughing!


And from Blogometer:

2/2: So What Now?

The latest language in the bipartisan Iraq resolution seems to have finally pushed the netroots into open opposition with Dem leaders. Encouraged by the departure of Sens. Russ Feingold and Chris Dodd more and more lefty bloggers are calling on Dems to reject the current compromise in favor of some binding legislation. Feingold, in particular, is embracing the anti-war support of the netroots writing in a Daily Kos diary: “We have the support of a majority of Americans behind us. We should recognize that and act on it. Thank you again. I really appreciate the encouragement.”

Netroots opinion on Dem cong. action on Iraq has been volatile this week, but it is unclear what further steps they’re willing to take to influence Dem leadership on the issue.

Yes, they will do little.  They mimic the party, bitch and capitulate.  Such a limp fighting force.


UPDATE, 4:52 am

hmmm.  The Amanda Marcotte Blogger To the Edwards campaign Pandagon Erasure LaCrosse Duke Rape Not Rape is still moving on the plasma screen of life.

And it doesn’t help that Marcotte has been both dismissive and defiant in response to her critics.

“[I]f I see the words ‘Duke’ or ‘lacrosse’ in an e-mail that has the whiff of accusatory tone, I’m deleting it and simply not going to reply to it,” she wrote at Pandagon. “I have never, ever stated that I think that anyone should go to jail without a proper trial. Those comments will also be deleted from this thread.”

That thread eventually was closed, but the controversy surrounding both Marcotte’s thoughts on the Duke case and her subsequent attempts to alter the historical record is continuing.

Yes…the blogatrix is being a tad intransigent about it all.  I have to laugh.  In the BIg Pond now… but dear girl, you swore and swore again, you’d do anything ot get your guy elected.  Give it up.  I am laughing again.  Elizabeth only shows us the endless mother.  You will find you are the hired help.

Some commeters in a forum at TalkLeft called Marcotte a “political liability” to Edwards, and one said that “if she feels this man should be our next president, it might be wise [to] make herself politically correct immediately or resign from the position.”

Glover makes it sound bigger than I think it is or even could be.  But it is just dumb.


“Benchcat” 3 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  Cats in paris 

A friend emailed this to me 15 minutes ago:   Outing Marisacat / Chihuahua Watch

and the friend included this note:

These guys are bullies and have a deep hatred of women. You dared to raise your eyes (and voice).

Watch your back,

Please peruse their site at will.  You will see some stressed comments I left (in 98/99) at an online devotional site related to a pre Revolutionary church (it has damage still on its main doors from the Revolutionary era) in Paris, Eglise St Roch, Rue St Roch, Premiere Arrond., that I love and have visited since I was a child.  The online site is dedicated to St Michael (if I fuss with that shit I go with an archangel and not some collection plate bully padre online) and to Paris.  The site is elegant and eccentric.

I fell ill in 1991.  My mother was ill from spring of 1993 to late summer of 1997.  I was an only child and, with LVN help, cared for my mother to the end.  She, like my father in 1987 and my grandmother in 1959, died in our home. 

During those same 4 years I lost my dearest friend to recurrance of breast cancer and had two friends murdered.  By 1998 and 99 I was still working, still ill, flying periodically to the East to a specialist.

I stopped working in 2000.

I stand by everything I have ever written online.  I have never deleted and I never will.

Anyone who has read me knows I have a deep and abiding interest in politics.  I always have had, since a child. 

I will continue to write and observe as I see fit.

I kick the dogs to the curb.



Please note addition to the blogroll. Be sure and let your mouse drift over the link and read the sub text.  😛

This post will stay up for the full week end.

Topical items will be added in the thread…

Because… I plan to keep this post with a miniature of the pic of the kittens in paris on the sidebar.

Like the striped zebra-donkey with its legs in the air, the post on the first reading of Howl. Oh yes, and Hillary the Red Thai Show Poodle.


Friday Open Thread 2 February 2007

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Completely off topic, but of interest… From the BBC:

Russia has flown a team of chemical experts to a Siberian region to find out why smelly, coloured snow has been falling over several towns.

Oily yellow and orange snowflakes fell over an area of more than 1,500sq km (570sq miles) in the Omsk region on Wednesday, Russian officials said.

Chemical tests were under way to determine the cause, they said.

Residents have been advised not to use the snow for household tasks or let animals graze on it. [snip]

Apparently the snow has a high iron content.  


UPDATE, 1:01 pm on the Pacific Ocean…

A few weeks ago Obama said that Dkos was “predictable”.  Well, he got that one right.  Believe me, none of us who have observed the sludge heap that is too much of Dkos, all of the leadership (sorry, they signed on with bullies and they hope to be Fellows) and a large subset of the posters… none of us is surprised..

Delaware Dem has deleted his Grand ”Good Bye” Diary.  I will say it again, til the masses over there, the Martin Longmans, the Pastor Dans (deleted the text of his diary) and so on, stop buying the fluff and stuff, the likes of DD – he is not alone – will not learn to self-fellate.  Take it into the upstairs bathroom, Boyz.  Close the door.

Simple as that. 

Meanwhile: Viva FireFox Scrapbook!


UPDATE, 3:08 pm

Ouch!  Ouch again!

[S]peaking to a huge audience of Democratic elders and activists, Mrs Clinton was left in no doubt by the heckling she received — and the rapturous reception given to her rival Barack Obama — that her vote authorising the war poses a serious threat to her candidacy.

As the two presidential candidates were forced to appear on the same stage after weeks of carefully avoiding each other, Mr Obama, who spoke shortly before Mrs Clinton, brought the audience to its feet as he reminded his party that he opposed the war before it began.

The two frontrunners were taking part in the first public parade of the party’s ten White House hopefuls — and before an audience that will be crucial to gaining the nomination.

Mr Obama received a long and cheering standing ovation on the issue of Iraq; for Mrs Clinton, many sat on their hands.  [snip]


 And across the pond and thru the chunnel, Sarkozy and Segolene go at it, on the internet, on the French blogs… have a laugh at how familiar it all is:

[T]ales of the supposed dalliances and skulduggery of the presidential candidates are flooding the internet as the parties, supporters, bloggers, trouble-makers and comedians pile in before the April presidential election.

Distrust of France’s compliant media and a love affair with weblogs and video clips have turned the internet into a strategic weapon of a kind seen so far only in US campaigns.

The main candidates have multiple sites and battalions of web infantry fighting their causes with both fair and dirty methods. Unlike the US, the French version has added spice because of the traditional squeamishness of the press over private lives and off-the-record talk. Ms Royal, the Socialist, and Mr Sarkozy, of the centre-Right Union for a Popular Movement, are discovering that little now can be hidden.  [snip]

They squeal as they do not wish to be found out.  Simple as that…


UPDATE… 3:30 pm in San Francisco!

WSJ Opinion Journal on the Feingold hearing [not behind a sub wall]… btw, not the only under attended hearing.  I was watching the hearing for McConnell (iirc, it was not the one for Fallon, nor for Casey) and Levin opened the hearing.  Then I notice… WTF??  Warner speaks.  Then McCain.  Then there is some back and forth, Levin is obviously embarrassed, some chatter about his staff and the list he was given for who speaks.  Then Sessions speaks.  His 8 minutes in the first round.

Then what happens?  Hillary shags in late, with Bayh in tow. And as the camer pulls back, that is it for the Dem side.  Levin and the giggly kids. They almost look like High Schoolers who skipped class.  That is it.  Maybe others showed up later.  It was a fucking REPUBLICAN hearing.

Back to Feingold:

Sen. Russ Feingold held a hearing this week on Congress’s constitutional power to shut off funds for the Iraq war, and followed it up a day later with legislation that would do just that. The Wisconsin pacifist might not understand the importance of winning in Iraq–or the cost of losing–but at least there’s an element of principle to his actions. He’s opposed the war from the start and his proposal to cut off money after six months would certainly end it. It also happens to be Congress’s one legitimate means of stopping a war.

Mr. Feingold’s reward for honesty was to preside over what might have been the least-attended hearing so far in the Iraq debate. And those of his Senate colleagues who did bother to show up looked like they couldn’t wait to hit an exit door.

“If Congress doesn’t stop this war, it’s not because it doesn’t have the power. It’s because it doesn’t have the will,” declared Mr. Feingold. Ted Kennedy–one of two Democrats who put in an appearance–could be seen shifting uncomfortably in his seat.

That’s because Sen. Feingold is coming uncomfortably close to unmasking the political charade playing on the Senate stage. {snip]

Bingo on that!

Whatever comes, Congress is to blame. For a month the Senate has been trying to wrestle control of Iraq from the president, but undercover, and in a way that that avoids accountability. Sen. Feingold shone a light under that rock this week, and now the hard questions begin.


UPDATE, 4:00 pm PT

Madman has up a good piece over at LSF, tracking the latest congressional wilt.  Not that there was much spine beyond the Hagel wording (now gone) and Feingold… Dodd seems to be emerging with some rhetoric – but, how cheap are the words? 


Repeat that several times, make it a Sutra, chant it to people who browbeat you that you have no choice but to support the Democrats, even though they do nothing but make the rich richer, lay down for corporate donations and beat their breasts about how “strong” they are. A political party that really wanted to oppose a criminal President would force that President’s party to go on the record, to vote FOR his continued imprecations. They would do to the Republicans what the Republicans have been doing to them for decades now … they would force votes that differentiated the two parties, that actually at least went through the motions of appearing to fight for “their” voters. They don’t do that, they WON’T do that … because at base Nader was right, there is little difference between the two parties.

This is all even more galling as word comes out that many more troops will be sent to Iraq: [snip]


UPDATE, 9:33 pm on the Pacific Ocean

Did not quite turn out the way you expected, did it Martin?

Since DD is a lawyer I assume he will be taking some action. If I were Marisacat I’d take that photo down and apologize…profusely.

I wonder, did you actually read the DD diary? 

The comments he made?  (hint:  the comments are still around, in various comment searches) 

Did you read the thread to the Pastor Dan sanctimonious diary (text also deleted at Dkos)?  And those poor sods line up for his Christian crap and the virtual cookies…

Did you read the comments from the “leadership”, at the cess pool known as Dkos?

Or did you just take a call from DD, Armando etcetera?  And they told you what to do?  I think your “community”, some of the old timers, has figured out who your “community” is:  The Boyz.

Poor guy.  Flying blind.


Frazzled 1 February 2007

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comments closed

… a little bit today. 


So, a link to a post at IOZ  Holy Roman Empire, Take 2, and a snip…

[W]hen you hear Condoleeza Rice talking about overthrowing the old Westphalian notion of sovereign states; when you hear her talking about abandoning extant international institutions–flawed though they may be–for variously described coalitions of “democracies”; what you’re hearing is the description of an essentially medieval-feudal worldview, with the United States as monarch and the rest of the “democratic” world as a collection of fiefdoms paying tithes and raising armies when called upon to do so. Those in the not-so-democratic world, of course, are fair game.

David Rivkin is on Washington Journal with Dellinger. The subject is war, the War Powers Act, Congress, Iraq, &c. There is a whiff of an Israeli accent from Rivkin, bespoke suit, the shirt as well, and for the umpteenth time it, the Continental bespokedness, as well as the accent, grates.

We have enough right wing lunatics.  We need to import them as well it seems.

Who runs who.

They are followed by Abercrombie (D-Hawai’i) the fellow who called the “surge” the ”dumbest idea” ever.  And he is doing …just OK.  Let’s just say he plans a big, big ol’ campaign against the mercenaries we use, but did not know who runs Blackwater.  Hard to win for never being ready.  Blackwater has been a major topic since Fallujah, again during Katrina.  Over and over.  He did know enough to note it when a caller discussed the link to Amway.

In other less than new news, I think this should be displayed thru Blahger Land as the Operational Code of Ethics. Subject to change and updating. 

And this has been, is, will be the standard response to very serious issues.  Otherwise known as The Purity Accusation.  With a slam at The Other Candidate for good measure.  Might as well simply memorise it.  And skip the THOUSANDS of posts just like it to come over the two very very long years rolling out ahead.

Have a pure day. Suck a green donkey dick but be malleable (that is Edwards on Iran, as assessed by a Liberal mouth breather, the second link above). Alls well that is as soft as an overcooked, water soaked noodle.

Be sure and support the War and the Man. Having  bitched and moaned about both, til you get hired.  No, this is not about Amanda.  She is one of so many.  Which is another way of saying, a commodity (sorry to be blunt).  And, above all else, commodities are brokered.


UPDATE, 11:40

They should know (from Blogometer):

CLARK: But What Does His Arenas Source Say?

Parsing the DNC winter meeting schedule MyDD‘s Chris Bowers is convinced Wesley Clark since his speaking slot is surrounded by other declared candidates. Daily Kos‘s djm4america reports his “Platinum source” has confirmed Clark is running.

Is the “Dem” field up to 15 yet?  I so want to watch those early debates.

And let me start the Mcat Claw Brigade (I have to amuse myself!):

From a luncheon speech to the Pulaski Co Arkansas Republicans, May 11, 2001 (note this love for all things R was before some great patriotic heart flutter post 9/11)

[W]e were really helped when President Ronald Reagan came in. I remember noncommissioned officers who were going to retire and they re-enlisted because they believed in President Reagan. I remember when he gave his speech on the 40th anniversary of Normandy. I don’t know how many of you all–do we have any World War II veterans in this room? Anybody who is here? I think we ought to give our World War II veterans a hand.

I was a colonel at the Pentagon. I was working for the Army chief of staff and doing lessons learned and things. And I didn’t get to go to the celebration of Normandy, but we heard the speech when he gave it. He talked about how the rangers took Pointe de Hoc. He talked about how they did it for love. And we all cried. That’s the kind of president Ronald Reagan was. He helped our country win the Cold War. He put it behind us in a way no one ever believed would be possible. He was truly a great American leader. And those of us in the Armed Forces loved him, respected him and tremendously admired him for his great leadership.


One of the things I’m most proud of is they asked me to serve on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy. I don’t know if you all know what the National Endowment for Democracy is, but President Ronald Reagan started it in the early 1980s to promote American values abroad. And one of the things that we do with a very small amount of money–which I hope Sen. Hutchinson will keep in mind and help us a little bit with, and maybe his brother will too. This is a $30 million program that could be a $70 million program. We help democracy, we help elections, we help form political parties. There’s a National Democratic Institute, an International Republican Institute. And we’ve got great young men and women out serving our way of life in these other countries. And they’re doing a great job of it. And thank God Ronald Reagan had the vision to start that. But I’m really proud to be on that. We’ve got to do that.

The General is wound pretty tight.  I so hope he runs…


Meanwhile, in the real world, Bob Parry on the build up to the next war:

[O]ne well-informed U.S. military source called me in a fury after consulting with Pentagon associates and discovering how far along the war preparations are. He said the plans call for extensive aerial attacks on Iran, including use of powerful bunker-busting ordnance.

Another source with a pipeline into Israeli thinking said the Iran war plan has expanded over the past several weeks. Earlier thinking had been that Israeli warplanes would hit Iranian nuclear targets with U.S. forces in reserve in case of Iranian retaliation, but now the strategy anticipates a major U.S. military follow-up to an Israeli attack, the source said.

Both sources used the same word “crazy” in describing the plan to expand the war to Iran. The two sources, like others I have interviewed, said that attacking Iran could touch off a regional – and possibly global – conflagration. [snip]

And here is a tidbit from the Clark speech, remember again, from before 9/11…

[B]ut we didn’t lose. We hung fast; we broadened the strikes; we intensified the strikes, and we deployed 5,500 American troops over there with the Apache helicopters into Albania. We had a ground plan that was taking form, and I would have laid my stars on the table if necessary to get that plan implemented. We weren’t going to lose. One thing I learned after my experience in Vietnam is we never, ever, ever commit the United States of America to any fight, to any mission unless you go into it with a clear intent to win.

Anyway, a lot of that is in my book. The title of the book is “Waging Modern War”; I’m not going to go through all of that tonight.

But I’ll just make a small prediction:

When this book comes out, it may be World War III. Because when you’re there, when you’re a general and you’re caught up in these things, it’s just like politics or business or anything else–you know a lot of people with different ideas. And I hope that we have learned something out of this experience in the Balkans.

Yes he rambles, takes the circuitous route… but, if one reads closely.  Well, my cut line is, will they vote, facilitate, jolly us along to the next war.  Some just play interference, to box up and deflect anti-war feeling.

The military goes along to get along.  They like war.  Too  many of them.  Oh there is this war or that war that this one or that one disagrees with, or in the leisure of pensioned retirement, they speak harshly about…but let’s get real. 

 It is a business, and they know that.  One reason the Generals Revolt in the spring angered me more than anything.  Bacevich called it an effort to set the scene for history, to divest of some of the responsibility.

I’d go along with that…

Oh yes, sorry to be rude, but cowards.  Cowardly to ”oppose” the war in its 4th year.


UPDATE, 12:30.

The site is on full moderation.

Here, have a laugh.  And remember: when he ws fully outed, his name as well as who he was diarying as at Dkos by a DE reporter last October, he was going to GBCW and then rename himself.  He did not.  I believe it was that reporter who stated, more or less, that he supported Beau Biden for AG, tho he had failed the bar.  DE does nto even require a JD for their AGs.  And Del Dem failed the bar in DE THREE times.  Something I did not know 2 days ago.

Whoops.  As if it mattered.  He names himself at his blog, which has been carried as a link in his tag line in comments at Dkos for a year or so and he is public thru his listing at his law firm. 

I have jsut been emailed that his photo was posted at BMT during the PA elections, that may be.  I don’t read it enough to know. (Sorry.) 

And they were busy busy busy electing Patrick Murphy.  And now they are all so slightly embarrassed that he is a Blue Dog.  Well, don’t be.

Have you ever seen such wilted peacocks?  In their pin-striped suits? 

I am sorry, it is laughable.

And someone has sent the link: click on the pic and you get (as appeared at BMT on 11/7): Link. Standing in the light blue shirt.

And Opps.  Soft flanking motion incoming:  BMT  I long ago emailed him during one of his many many defenses of Armando (with blame heaped on his “community”, it ws during the suskind diaries, don’t worry suskind deleted at BMT, so many anti-Armando comments!) but I emailed Martin, What do you think they, the Boyz, say about you when you are not around.

Men are far bitchier than women.

Peacocks in a Tizzy Whizzy!  Blog Maids to All Aisles! 

Blog Maids to the Editing Room!



I Repeat:  A PSA to follow… this is getting heavy incoming. 

Yes, I know it is entitled:  Tough Guys Flying Blind, but it is a May piece of mine, drawing on an Asia Times article on the Neocons and how sadly fuckingly stupid they are. 

I am guessing one of the Boyz has linked to it inadvertently…???

Unless it is a kinship / fellowhsip thing.

Public Service Alert:  Blog Maids to the Editing Room!

Maybe they can call Cheney’s professional shredder company?  I am sure Lynne gives good reviews to workers.


UPDATE, 2:06

Well I finally read the Delaware Dem and the Boo stuff to the end.

Give it a break Boyz:

Milhouse’s Glasses

Published Saturday, January 20, 2007 by Jason Melrath. Looking down the steps in City Hall. Published Saturday, December 02, 2006 by Jason Melrath.
jmelrath.blogspot.com/ – 35k – CachedSimilar pages

Milhouse’s Glasses: October 2006

Published Tuesday, October 31, 2006 by Jason Melrath. The Chicago River. Published Saturday, October 21, 2006 by Jason Melrath.
jmelrath.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_jmelrath_archive.html – 52k – CachedSimilar pages

Blogger: User Profile: Jason Melrath – Jan 30

Jason Melrath. Gender: male; Location: Philadelphia : PA. Blogs. Blog Name, Team Members. View this Blog, Milhouse’s Glasses
http://www.blogger.com/profile/17507322 – 6k – CachedSimilar pages

Daily Kos: Support Kos

Jason Melrath. My Photoblog, Milhouse’s Glasses. by Delaware Dem on Fri Apr 02, 2004 at 05:43:02 PM PST. Huh? (none / 0). Joe Donnelly’s ad was running
http://www.dailykos.com/story/2004/4/2/194734/9122 – 90k – CachedSimilar pages


I swear, the out themselves, but wanna be secret.  Think it is a James Bond fixation, with the boyz?  Secret Agent Man?

Observing the collective emotional age seems to be around a pimply 13, I’d guess so.

My own guess, way back, with all the messy outing of themselves they do, is they are hoping for a rise in the ol’ nutsack.  From an “energetic girl”.  As Del Dem said at his Friendster page.

I mean, you have to wonder!

uh.. Go Boyz, Go Blog Maids.


UPDATE, 4:20

D Throat in the thread has posted YEARS of Del Dem outing himself (a serial self outer, do you think?  Perhaps he can sue himself?)…

But this one should be elevated.  Love the Torricelli etc.  So Democratic.  In the classic mold.

Why not. (none / 0)
Some people have already figured out who I am anyway.

Jason Melrath
Wilmington, Delaware.

My father was involved in local politics in Cecil County, Maryland, which is where I grew up. I went to college at The George Washington University in D.C., where I was a Campaign Coordinator with the local chapter of the College Democrats. We helped Bill Pascrell for Congress in New Jersey and (eek) Torricelli for Senate. And of course Clinton-Gore 96. I am now an attorney admitted to practice in Pennsylvania and I live in the North Wilmington Suburbs.

by Delaware Dem on Wed Mar 03, 2004 at 10:55:18 AM PST


I see that Boo at BMT  says:

If I were Marisacat I’d take that photo down and apologize…profusely. 

I think I will just let that lecturing – and the wording – sink in.


PALATE CLEANSER… served with Veuve Clicquot… in honor of cunts and bitches everywhere! 

I have to admit i merely skimmed the attorney’s posting, Yes that would be Jason Kirk Melrath at Dkos, known as Delaware Dem… but I hear he called me “bitch” and “cunt”.  Quite a lot.  And threatened to sue (do he and Armando have the same mother?)

I would suspect that the commentary about Amanda Marcotte up thread, did not go down too well either.  She is Safe Vaginastan.  I know it appears she is Really Out There.  But if you read the blog (and some of us think it is quite obvioius that Pam is waytooclose to DHinMI as well as John Aravosis… so safe lesbian Vaginastan a TwoFer!) nothing much is ever the Dems fault.  All problems come from the Big Big Baddie Daddies. 

These people are controllable.  They want to be hired to flack for candidates, or offer up their blogs.  They want to go to A’dam on a free ticket… have flings with other bloggers.


but as a palate cleanser (and free advice if you wish to be banned, it is quite chic you know!):

Re: Outing Bloggers (none / 0)

I have been trying to get myself banned at Big Orange for… gosh, years now.  What do you have to do, exactly?  Because I’m stumped.

by NYCO on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 05:44:00 PM EST
[ Reply to This |  ]

Re: Outing Bloggers (4.00 / 3)

What do you have to do, exactly?Piss off DHinMI and/or Miz Laura.

by the other colleen on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 07:06:36 PM EST
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Re: Outing Bloggers (4.00 / 3)

NYCO, just ask for transparency about where the money flows from on that site. You’ll be gone in no time flat.

by wilfred on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 07:42:26 PM EST
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start with an (none / 1)

“An appreciation of hrh, Marisacat and Miss Devore” diary.

by Miss Devore on Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 06:41:35 PM EST
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* [new] Re: Agree (none / 0)

I know marisacat well enough from her writings.  She has said some very vile things about me, my brother and my girlfriend–not to mention several kossacks whom I am proud to call me friends.


She can go to hell, quite frankly.  I have no more respect for her than I do for Freepers–same basic lack of intelligence and human decency.

Tizzy Whizzy!! … Whiff of a Tiff? 30 October 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2006 Mid Terms, Abortion Rights, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Political Blogs, Sex / Reproductive Health.

In Key House Races, the Democrats move to the Right.  They sure do! says the Cat.

[“M]y guess is that if Democrats are in the majority, it’s going to be because of these New Democrat, Blue Dog candidates out there winning in these competitive swing districts,” Representative Ron Kind of Wisconsin, co-chairman of a caucus of centrist House Democrats, said in an interview.

But if candidates like Mr. Shuler do help the Democrats gain majority control of Congress, it could come at a political price, which may include tensions in the party between its new centrists and its more liberal political base.

While Democratic leaders have gone to great lengths to promote the views of these candidates, some, like Mr. Shuler, have views on issues like gun control and abortion that are far out of step with the prevailing views of the Democrats who control the party. On some issues, they may even be expected to side with Republicans and the Bush White House.

Democratic officials said they did not set out with the intention of finding moderates to run. Instead, as they searched for candidates with the greatest possibility of winning against Republicans, they said, they wound up with a number who reflected more moderate views. [snip that whip]

What is Boyz in a whiffy squiffy over?  Big Dramatic Tent – BDT, to bullshit everyone, says the NYT article is BULLSHIT.  Right back at you, Drahma Queen…

Stoller (we wuz stabbed!  Front and Back!!  [ooo! ouch!]), Bowers is now up on the roof… whizzing from the heights [emphasis is mine]:

[W]hat position would Democrats be in right now if our campaigns were $300,000,000 in debt and couldn’t run a single ad the rest of the election? That’s where they would be without our money.

[oooo, tell us more… news to us in the box seats… -MCat] 

Where would they be if suddenly 75% of their volunteers disappeared, and most GOTV operations were utterly devoid of warm bodies? That’s where they would be without us. Where would they be if 10,000 precinct captains disappeared a week before the election? That’s where they would be without the silent revolution.

[Boyz is the silent revolution?  Do tell… -MCat] 

Where would they be if the base wasn’t fired up and ready to vote? That’s where they would be without progressive media. Where would they be if they weren’t running on Iraq, finally? They certainly wouldn’t be this far ahead in the polls, and they wouldn’t have done it without pressure from the base. Where would they be without a means to distribute their message directly to millions of progressives every day on every issue? That’s where they would be without the progressive blogosphere.

[Screaming with laughter here! My Whiskers are Shaking!!  – If Kerry had won, and it was Kerry’s War, Boyz be so supportive!  So understanding!   – MCat]

Where would they be if they didn’t have more Democrats running for office this year than in any election in decades? That’s where they would be without the fifty state strategy. We re-introduced all of these things to the Democratic Party in the last four years, and basically all we asked in return was for them to play by their own rules and be partisan on behalf of the entire party for a change. They couldn’t even do that.

And I can’t emphasize this enough–we did it all by playing by the rules. I know this, because I was there every step of the way.  [snip]

What about the party’s long move to the RIGHT did they miss, “every step of the way”?  Boyz have facilitated.  Or are they ignorant of what they do, themselves?  Did they miss Kaine, Webb, Casey, all their drooley love [have a bib] for Schweikert?… shafting Cegelis for Duckworth? (I don’t like the rather too centist, whiff of ”faith” in the deal Duckworth, but no real dog in the fight)… McNerney and Hodes were personal ass cover selections for the Boyz… 

The boys bleat and their hearts beat for the Centrist shit.  Or did they miss the whole point of that Libertarian Democrat scheisse from Daddy Kos?

On and on.  Why weep now?  Boyz helped the party move right… Or did they miss what Reid is all about?  What Rahm is all about?  My my, they do public housekeeping for the DSCC, for the DCCC.  They constantly cover Reid’s shakey white hack ass.  Now that is a dirty job.

Too late to pitch a bitch fit now Boyz.  Have a hankie.  And a bottle. I have Opera Glasses to offer to the viewers.  This should be a good one.

It all smacks of extortion.  They wanna piece of pie (pie pay off?  Do you think?).  Did the big bad DC pols promise the Boyz something… and now don’t call back?  Because this weep fest from the Boyz has NOTHING to do with Left Liberal Progressive politics, values, goals or beliefs.  SInce the Boyz share none of that.

Oh you bet I am laughing.

And you KNOW there is more to come:  Boyz on display.  Show up and laugh.


BTW, thsi is the close of the NYT article… tell me this is not a target voter, a re-capture in this case, for the Koswhackians and the Party… oh they so want him back.  One reason Reid is Leader.  One reason they ran Casey, a virulent pro-lifer, in the most high profile, expensive race.  One reason they are running adamant pro lifers. 

What??, you think Boyz, Blog Maids and out a work H’Wood Producers and Dixiecrats and Former Republicans are not on board with this shit?

Mr. Yelton, 59 and a lifelong Democrat, said he recently changed parties, in part because he believed that the Democrats had suppressed anti-abortion viewpoints. He is running as a Republican for clerk of court in Buncombe County.

“There’s going to be a moderate party for Joe Blow, and whether that party is the Republican Party or the Democratic Party, that’s the battle we’re seeing,” Mr. Yelton said. “I expect to see Hillary Clinton quoting Scripture before it’s over with.”

He does not have to wait.  That bitch ladled out the shame game and the prayer game just weeks after the ’04 loss.  God forbid they look to themselves.

No, as Ron Reagan jr said A DAY AFTER THE LOSSThey will go right and go red.  It is what they know.

I call it now:  the party of mean old men and mean young men.  And the women who hang with that sort.


More of Bowers…

[E]llen Tauscher, just so you know, when you have a surprisingly strong and well funded primary challenger with tons of volunteers and lots of support in the progressive media come out of seemingly nowhere in 2008, just look over the cliff to see where that challenger is coming from. At the bottom, you will see me standing there, with hundreds and thousand of my friends and colleagues. We will be in the process of forming a human ladder for your challenger to use to climb up the cliff. When s/he reaches the top, don’t be surprised if more than a few of us come along, and suddenly you find yourself outnumbered, even as you stand next to your twenty-seven new friends. And then we will see who gets run over the cliff next.

Sorry.  ET is not worried.  She just is not.  Y’all had your chance.  WInograd who challenged Harmon… and that is just one… Believe me, Ellen is not worried.  The other reason is one word, Lamont.  DId not go well… and there was very little Blogosphere support (blackface notwithstanding, over at the FireyDoggieLakers). 

They ALL noticed the lack of real $$ blog support… 


Oh.  The gift that keeps on giving… This is the Big Dramatic Tent’s own comment to lead off his thread:

I tell you where our fights will come (5+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
michael1104, thereisnospoon, Larry Horse, Elise, shergald

Tax and trade policy, not social issues or national security.

Who in blazes is Ellen Taucher? Who does she think is going to listen to her?

Our intellectual leaders on national security answer to names like Clark, Levin and yes, Biden.

Not Taucher and Lieberman.

More at TalkLeft

by Big Tent Democrat on Sun Oct 29, 2006 at 10:14:40 PM PDT

I must go dip my whiskers in cream!  Hold the Opera Glasses for me, be right back!


UPDATE:  10:00 am

hmmm:  Bowers continues.  I have not had a chance to read it… so this is up here as a PSA.

Laugh… 😉

I am listening to Alan Abramowitz of Emory U… a poli sci prof. C-Span, catching up on Wash Journal of this am.  

Muddying the waters to assist the Repubs.  Or that is my take.  He also makes faces when blacks call in.  Not kidding on that.


UPDATE, 10:25 am

Aw.  The Guardian NewsBlog picks up on the Lamont  [LOL] “lost the plothistoire.

[M]r Lamont appears to have lost the plot in recent months, allowing Mr Lieberman, who is running as an independent, to make the election about his independence rather than the war. Mr Lamont is now trailing Mr Lieberman in all the polls. In the last few days, Mr Lamont has returned to Iraq, the issue that helped him to win the Democratic nomination.

He’s rolled out a new TV ad featuring the retired General Wesley Clark, Nato’s former supreme commander. “And now, three and a half years into a failing mission in Iraq, Joe Lieberman can’t seem to say we should change the course. And that’s a real mistake,” says Gen Clark.

But Mr Lamont may have left it too late. He’ll be hoping that this post at My Left Nutmeg, where Laura N managed to persuade still undecided voters to vote for him, is a portent for election day. [snip]

You know, the Democrats are suffering mightily from a couple decades of spotty to no bench building.  Clinton ONLY cared about his personal legacy … (throw a few dollar signs in that comment too).  Oh and the wif.  Yes, pulling ”an RFK”, with a remarkably inarticulate Democrat however, in the carpetbagging to NY.

When Hackett takes some snide swipes as he departs, who is speaking?  Not a Democrat, who speaks with a basis of knowledge.  A party carpetbagger.  Oh come on, he voted for Perot twice. So, what did it all mean?

Davis, a former Repub and self funder, cannot manage to make traction against Reynolds?  Mahoney in FL running in the ‘suddenly gifted to him’ Foley seat, bleats for the Blue Dogs and looks all smiley and non comittal when Pelosi’s name comes up.  Repub and self funder.

I could go on.  The list is long… These people will be less than really interested, no fire in the belly, believe me! then they’ll drift and make personal points (no REAL lasting battle within the party from them, they are basically just cheap imports) as they exit a contentious but brief association (politics is a diversion for them, a lot of vanity in the game) …

And who do you think the [former} Republicans, the “pro-lifers”, the Christianists will be voting with?  Damn straight!

Of course, the likes of Tauscher are crowing.  And soon the Boyz will be bowing.  They want IN, they give fuck-all about the country and the people.  Those poor ”people”.  Never any power.

Hell, if she just barely loses, Duckworth might run in the future as a Republican. Since she has a pick of districts…  Having a spotty at best personal voting record.  Tell me, why did Edwards barely vote half of his adult life?  It does not show ”he cared”.  All those years.

And poor Clark thinks he run as the general who ”fixed pot holes” and waged a war.  General Jackson is now retired, the opposite who tangled with him in Kosovo.  In the past he has been circumspect and declined comment on the WWIII accusations…  He might no be so in the future.  Those stars Clark wears are REPUBLICAN.

In short… there is not a party, imo, to fight for.  Damn straight: the Opera Glasses are to watch the actual, visible structural collapse.  Even if they squeak by in the House.  And I am not really expecting it.

 There was a very clear issue to elevate women, elevate choice, elevate privacy (if they cared) elevate safety for women in Red States.  The party passed.  I noticed.


UPDATE, 11:10

Tizz Whizz and now there is a monk in the skiff:

[T]he young monk wonders what we are doing sullying our principles by carrying people like Ford, Casey Jr., and Heath Schuler across the stream. The old monk says, I have already put them down, but you are still carrying them.

Not really worth a lift of the Opera Glasses, but what the hell.

Sorry fellas… the righties, DLCers (have you all missed who Clinton and the wif are?  DLC!) Blue Dogs, etc.,  are ALL crowing.  And with reason!


UPDATE, 1:00 pm….

Almost forgot… til the wee Boyz starting awakening on the wrong side of the trundle bed last night (who knew Blue Dogs and NDC was n00z)… I had planned to use this from the LAT on slightly out of view and 527 money, 501(c) as well…

Sterling, Colo. — Unions, corporations and wealthy individuals have pumped nearly $300 million this year into unregulated political groups, funding dozens of aggressive and sometimes shadowy campaigns independent of party machines.

The groups, both liberal and conservative, air TV and radio spots, conduct polls, run phone banks, canvass door-to-door and stage get-out-the-vote rallies, with no oversight by the Federal Election Commission. Set up as tax-exempt “issue advocacy” committees, they cannot explicitly endorse candidates. But they can do everything short of telling voters how to mark their ballots.

As is often the case, some nitty gritty on page 2 (link to a single page version):

Musgrave’s Democratic challenger, Angie Paccione, watched the water ad with a sinking heart. Like many candidates, she regards 527s as a mixed blessing. The independent group has undoubtedly given her campaign a boost; when the national Democratic Party canceled $630,000 worth of TV ads in the district, Patricia Stryker wrote a check for $720,000 to keep anti-Musgrave spots on the air.

But Paccione has no control over the message. Attacks such as the pickpocket dramatization could alienate voters. She considers ads like the one on water a waste of money.

“Clean drinking water?” Paccione said. “Holy smokes! There’s a litany of things you could do against Marilyn Musgrave. Clean drinking water is not one of them.”

Paccione’s own ads portray Musgrave as a conservative ideologue.

Don’t worry, the article hits the Repub money as well…;) 


Update, 4 PM… on a cold, gray SF day…

Blogometer on Bowers v 2.0 and the chime from Big Tent Drahma:

Later Bowers returned to strike a more conciliatory tone:

“We need a broad coalition in order to govern, and neither conservatives nor progressive will ever be thoroughly purged from a Democratic governing coalition. … To keep the coalition together, we need to do three things. First, we all must have an ownership stake. Second, we must all agree to act within mutually agreed upon rules to resolve intra-coalition conflicts. Third, we have to all be working for each other, despite our differences.”

Talk Left‘s Big Tent Democrat looks at the same stories and argues the MSM is trying to create differences among Dems the don’t exist

Other than that, if one reads Blogometer.. Boyz seem to be all about Lamont.  Kind of dear of them.  Right… all about Rules and Loyalty.

Have they heard of politics?


 UPDATE, 5:20 pm

Reversal here… as I am listening to the debate for SC governor… the moderator asked the Dem running as challenger if he would support Hillareeeeee in ’08.

He just barely managed not to faint.  He sorta gasped out something about hypo the ti cals.

So the Reversal is … every winger, “pro-life”, xtianist, 12 Commandment toter, faith droooling, tiniest little red tent on earth faker running on the Democratic ticket should win win win.

I wanna hear the howling on all sides as those questions fly … Fly for two years. 

And a writer I like – and like when he writes on America, Gary Younge from The Guardian… polls say one thing, people are less sure.

[I]f the pollsters are correct, the US is set for a transformation on a scale somewhere between the Gingrich revolution of 1994, the last Republican legislative revival, and the Blair landslide of 1997. Republicans are about to be crushed by a series of meteorological metaphors – tsunamis, floods and hurricanes are poised to descend on the US electoral landscape with devastating effect.

But, to hear the people talk, you would think the country was in store for little more than grey skies with a chance of rain. Many voters in key districts in the midwest say they are undecided or just plain uninterested. Ask them what will swing it for them and they shrug. The big issues, they say, are Iraq and something else – usually healthcare, the economy or social security. Hurricane Katrina, corruption and terrorism never come up. They will answer questions about the election if you ask them, but it rarely seems to have been on their minds before you interrupted. [snip]

 Not washing out the big wok, not just yet, so as to stir fry a cat next week…  😉


Sorry to give everyone indigestion… 21 October 2006

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  photo from Kiev Ukraine News BLog

I know, I know, quite the distasteful line up – all decked out to support the USA!USA! bought and paid for Orange Revolution… Dkos pushed that little ditty quite hard, as I recall..  But!! none of them (that includes the flagging, rather-too-rightie strumpet that is Kos) is going to exit stage right quietly.

Billmon has a good one up today, on McCain… as I listen to Hillary in her debate yesterday with John Spenser.  uh GO… Go Nobody!

And I read this puffer piece (piece work in my opinion) on the Lamont whateveritis…

The whole Lamont thang reminds me of a Steve Clemons post about the core reality needed for a real insurgent run.  I used it in a piece I did on Ohio (Hackett, Sherrod – and I had no dog! in that, that… whateveritwas…) last February:

…and The Washington Note – Clemons is on point with what is required of insurgency inside the party:

Furthermore, to win this battle for control — some candidates, like Hackett, will have to vigorously run until the end, even if their candidacy looks doomed, or cash-strapped. It is certainly true that a slug-fest between Sherrod Brown and Paul Hackett may have harmed the Democratic Party — and may even help Mike DeWine — but to win a seat at the table and to chair the meeting when decisions are being made, the insurgent Dems will have to line up behind a number of candidates willing to go all the way. […]

A successful insurgency won’t care what Emanuel does. The insurgents will see victory behind both short-term defeats and short-term wins. Hackett needed to go all of the way — win or lose — to give the insurgents validation and strength in the Democratic Party.

Dem insurgents also over-invested in Hackett without lining up the rest of the insurgent candidacies. There are some out there, of course, but not enough. Hackett became the face of their overall campaign which I believe was a mistake.

If I thought the Boyz, Chicklettes (also known as Blog Maids), puffer piece workers, etc., were capable of learning … I’d be less nasty.  If I thought they were the least little bit interested in real political change, real political movement, I’d be less harsh.  Over and over I see Pundit Wanna Bes.  Gee … something we need more of…

(By the way, Stoller will be on C-Span tomorrow am, 7:30 ET… as I am often up for a 4:30 am – PT – Baby feeding right about then, I may catch the earnest toiler in the fields of <cough strangle choke> political movement  uh…work.)

Ah, but why not have fun as they grovel around, do the grubby work of shoring up the tired status quo.


In other news, Electronic Intifada has a gentle and rather cheering-in-the- midst-of-horror, photo essay on Ramadan in Ramallah. 


With the coming of Eid al Fiter and in spite of the depressed economy and Israel’s chokehold on Palestinian revenues and customs, traders and vendors in Ramallah are hoping to make some money.

Some of them are children, since government schools have yet to open in the West Bank because of the strike by government employees.

As well as a sobering essay, short and bitter-sweet, on the uneasy Ramadan in Beirut:

[T]he fifty and seventy percent off sales on the summer collection of clothes and shoes are still being offered in Beirut. Stores are opened just to “keep opened and to fake an idea of work, to keep going till we see what the future holds. We know no one is going to buy any summer clothes now, but we also are scared of paying money to get winter clothes and keep them in display till the next summer.”

Shop owners are “waiting till next month to decide whether to get the new collection, and just keep coming to work to feel as though we are working,” says one shop owner in Hamra Street. Why wait till next month? The answer lies in the “White House, where the emperor decides our future and the future of generations to come. If he decides to hit Iran, then there is nothing on earth that can makes the situation return to normal in the region.” For another shop owner, the reason he waits till next month is related to the domestic situation in Lebanon. “Hizbullah has given the government a truce till the end of Ramadan. They may take drastic steps if the government does not resign and another unity government is formed.” He still thinks it is all related to “what will happen in the region and especially Iran.”  [snip]


UPDATE, 9:00 pm PT

Catching up on Billmon, a good entry on Weldon… showing why Nov 7, no matter what, will be a struggle.  I think it is a huge diservice to the electorate … all of the soft slobber in the MSM (rise or fall, the Dems are set up) and the flat out stupid triumphalism on the Blahgs.

But you have to give the bloated old pig his due — he’s not going to give up his place at the trough without a hell of a fight.

Weldon may be a blustering, obnoxious, idiotic jerk, but he’s also socially very much in tune with his district. Delaware County is, in many ways, a cultural extension of west and south Philly, which means the older neighborhoods, particularly those down near the river (Weldon’s heartland) have a kind of blue-collar feistiness to them. Weldon’s personality plays there, I think, whereas Sestak comes across as very Navy — quiet, soft-spoken and a little starched, almost waspish, despite his local Catholic school upbringing.

Well…. I have long heard there is a Catholic enclave inside the Navy, among the officer class.  No shock there…

Maybe the tide will carry Sestak’s ship into port nonetheless, but at this point I wouldn’t write Weldon off — politically I mean. [snip]

To ”get well” in this country, we’d have to admit how very sick we are.   it is deeply mixed with the fabric of American life…

That is gonna take some time, a long ways off…



This is the 2006 Mid Term analysis that Ezekiel mentions in the thread.  They take a strong leading indicator from the candidate who heavily outraises.  They give the nod to Burns over Tester … which really would be a shame.  I am far away, but it does seem that Tester showed a bit of courage, ran a long, nearly two year race… and certainly Burns is a classic crazy mean old coot. Nor was Tester some candidate that Kos found under an organic lettuce leaf.  He is president of the state senate. As for Burns, time for him to go, no question.  Some races are more sharply defined than others.

[E]ven some Republicans privately confess that they are anticipating the election-day equivalent of Little Big Horn. Pardon our hubris, but we just don’t see it.

Our analysis — based on a race-by-race examination of campaign-finance data — suggests that the GOP will hang on to both chambers, at least nominally. We expect the Republican majority in the House to fall by eight seats, to 224 of the chamber’s 435. At the very worst, our analysis suggests, the party’s loss could be as large as 14 seats, leaving a one-seat majority. But that is still a far cry from the 20-seat loss some are predicting. In the Senate, with 100 seats, we see the GOP winding up with 52, down three

We studied every single race — all 435 House seats and 33 in the Senate — and based our predictions about the outcome in almost every race on which candidate had the largest campaign war chest, a sign of superior grass-roots support. We ignore the polls. Thus, our conclusions about individual races often differ from the conventional wisdom. Pollsters, for instance, have upstate New York Republican Rep. Tom Reynolds trailing Democratic challenger Jack Davis, who owns a manufacturing plant. But Reynolds raised $3.3 million in campaign contributions versus $1.6 million for Davis, so we score him the winner.  [snip]

They also give the nod to the males (Talent and Kennedy) over McCaskill and Klobuchar.  I have a suspicion that if women do not pull it out this year, the likes of Rahm and Schumer will not be interested, n ot the least little bit, in recruiting women.

What a fucked mess, over all….

I do agree with their outer boundaries for Dem gains in the House, 8 – 14…

And there is this (part of the basis for the running <laugh now> attempted smack down of Madman at one of the Armando run Box Car Sites is that Madman maintains – and has from the get go – Casey cannot pull it out.  BTW, the Dems ran a lower profile pro-lifer against Santorum in 2000. Klink was his name, and riiiight! did not work then…):

In Pennsylvania, pundits have written off Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, who has raised $17.3 million. His Democratic challenger, Bob Casey, who has raised $15 million, has a large lead in the polls. This is the first serious challenge for Santorum since he was elected in 1994. We see him defying the pollsters on Nov. 7 and hanging on to his seat, with voters from the Western part of the state riding to his rescue.

I have read that Casey barely campaigns two days a week… seems the idea is to hide him and maintain a possibly vaporous lead.  Santorum unfortunately IS the scapper he says he is.  Out there relentlessly, goes every where, shakes every hand.

One thing the Dems have miscaste from the beginning, Casey sr was not the beloved figure they claim he was… We shall see. 

And as a clincher, thereisnospoon is waxing win for Lamont.  GMAFB.


UPDATE… 1:40 pm

Aw.  I must be truthful and admit, this graph of a year’s worth of traffic, visits and page views, at Oliver Willis does give me a giggle.  “Like Krytonite to Stupid”… is the motto there.

That squishy squish of the squishy center does not taste so good …. oh well… there is encouragement:  He is holding flat for a couple months there. isn’t there a supposedly, possibly realigning Mid Term coming up fast?   And I bet like all the rest, eyeballs flat or falling, OW raised the ad rates. 

Enh.  What ever the rate, it’s too much.  Plus Oliver does not claim to liberal at all at his site. Quite the opposite.  Try for some… constancy, Boyz.  Either you are or you are not. But “Liberal” was a good hook the past few years, wasn’t it?

 I hear the latest game (read, laugh) is Libertarian Democrat.  Or maybe y’all are just Dixiecrats.  That’d be my pick.  Yessuh.

Oliver Willis: Standard

Like Kryptonite to Stupid, OliverWillis.com has been providing liberal commentary in an aggresive way on the web since 2000


Ads: 1



Gotta love the Boyz.  And the game.

Boyz Boyz Boyz.

I never said I was gonna be nice.


UPDATE, 4:20 pm on the Pacific Ocean…

In over the transom… 😉

by BooMan
Sun Oct 22nd, 2006 at 06:42:34 PM EST

In case you didn’t know, Atrios sucks. But, he’s not alone. For example, Matt Stoller and PsiFighter37 and Oliver Willis and thereisnospoon suck too. Of course, Kos sucks. My Left Wing sucks. I suck too. Chris Bowers sucks not once but two times. Armando sucks. Meteor Blades sucks. And in case you are not sure, Steven D sucks too.

Comments >> (4 comments)

Beat those .. uh … those jungle drums… and thanks for the confirmation!  if they don’t suck at the Rahm, Schumer and Reid teat, then they suck at the Kos teat or the Armando teat or the Dana teat… some tied-in teat.  Right.  Not a pretty picture.

And all that suckin’ off a teat, makes them A LITTER. 

Precisely my point.  I do believe a sharpened butter knife landed.  Silly of them to admit it… But the MB advance work was a bust.

Oh…. Addendum:

One would think that Booman would have other, more pressing issues:

Ain’t me who complains about ads, or pushes the stuff in the shop, or worries over lack of diaries… and that all goes back months, iirc.

Booman Tribune: Booman Tribune

A progressive Scoop-powered community that has been mentioned in the Philly Inquirer, the Wash Post, and talk radio. Savvy, well-educated readers looking for news about politics and current events.


Ads: 1



Oh that was amusing…

BTW, listening to Wulsin on C-Span 1, in the run agaisnt “Mean Jean” Schmidt.  I read it is neck in neck.  Good for Wulsin.  Maybe she has staying power the guy who voted for Perot twice did not have.


UPDATE, 5:20 PM on the Pacific… 😉

I noticed this a couple of hours ago in the London Times feed on the right… but, uh, I was distracted (who knew twaffic gwaphs were so vewy intewesting?)…

so… here it is:

AMERICAN forces are negotiating an amnesty with Sunni insurgents in Iraq to try to defuse the nascent civil war and pave the way for disarmament of Shia militias, The Times has learnt.

The tactic marks a dramatic reversal of policy by the US military, which blocked attempts to pardon insurgents with American blood on their hands after handing over sovereignty to a secular Iraqi Government in June 2004.

The U-turn comes amid the bloodiest fighting for two years and growing domestic opposition to the war as Americans prepare to vote in crucial midterm elections.

Even as President Bush convened emergency talks with his generals and national security advisers to review strategy in Iraq, commanders on the ground were negotiating a peace deal. Observers expect leaders of the Sunni insurgency to join a peace conference early next month.

“There’s been a change in the position of the Americans,” Jabr Hadeeb Jabr, an independent Shia politician and member of the Council for Reconciliation government agency, said. “Before, they refused to give any amnesty to the people killing Americans because there was some dispute about the risk of rewarding their killers.”


UPDATE, 6:15 pm PT

Well. I am de-light-ed to have helped traffic.  Perhaps some dropped in on the BMT shop as well.


UPDATE, 7 pm

 Well… I have been listening to Charles Lewis interview Peter Stone of Heist (on Abramoff and all the others…) as I did a few things, but taking a look in the “back room”, it appears that this posting has them in tizzy. In addition to this post with the traffic graphs (let me be helpful, straight UP).

I had forgotten it.  Around the time of the Harlem Day Trippers… and whatever else.  Frankly, one of so many.  Apparently an especially sharp butter knife.  😉

It is entertaining.  So enjoy…

Oh and I found Josh’s website.  They are “grassroots organisers” who set up “activist communities”.    Fine.  Yes, yes, for clients.  Dear clients, perhaps… 😉

Political work.  And Peter Daou is still a PR / ad guy (blog hurricanes notwithstanding!  Does Harlem Day Trippers qualify?).  But Hillary hired ”a blogger”.

Fine … whatever.  Amateur is fine too, if that is comfy. 


UPDATE, 11:00 pm.

I gather from a comment in the Mcat thread that Boo has done his usual.  Go beg for attention over at Dkos.  So let’s bookend this minuet.  Why not… 😉

What, do you suppose, happened from October ’05 to October ’06 at Dkos?  And remember, two weeks out from such a hyped election? 

Still the same old 2 seconds for a “visit”…  Page Views at a minute +.

Nothing to sniff at. The Biggest [Political] Blog in the Whole Wide World. 

 But what did happen?

Meanwhile the ad monies just expanded and expanded.  That 7K is for a standard ad.  Not top of the heap “Premium”.

DailyKos: Standard

Reach over one million daily committed progressive activists on the web’s highest trafficked political weblog. Ad inventory is tight to 11/08. Write kos@blogads.com for blogad avails and leaderboards.


Ads: 4



Not the only site on a slide … to where ever.  I thought they, the Liberal (but they are not) Left (but they are not) Progressive (but they are not) Blahgs were ever self-fulfilling of their own hype?, ever expanding?  Some kind of Tulipmania Motherlode?  Yes?


LOL…. There will be a new post by am.  But this one can just sit here for a while.

That was fun, Thanks Boyz.  Oh and Blog Maids, too… not to be forgotten in their attention to Aisle 10!.  I am sure they did something for the cause.


Tide Pools 21 September 2006

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    Tide Pool at Palos Verdes

I had a sort of meandering day… we are in a heat wave again and it will continue thru tomorrow. 

Because of the last thread, off and on I would think of the blogs, before they were full-on Blahhggs… and, likely suffering from heat exhaustion, they reminded me a little of tide pools. Open to the elements, part of a whole, a bit removed, changeable due to rain or sun or influx of creatures. 

But so alive.

I pulled up a few references and photos, remembered a late afternoon that I had been to the tide pools at Point Loma north of San Diego.  It was a wonderful, revitalising respite after a wretched day going in to and out of Mexico.

As I kept reading… I read that one of the predators of the tide pools are the “leather stars“. 


Fitting, no?


Out in the wild world, beyond any floating confinement… I found this at Electronic Lebanon, a sort of after event snapshot of S Lebanon.

[S]hoes, clothes, curtains, shards of furniture, bits of rugs, closet doors, children’s books, school books, shards of kitchen utensils, all torn to shreds, all smashed, all dusty, all mixed in an ugly salad of dust, shattered cement, broken glass, and bent steel. But the dust formed the largest percentage of the mix. I try to imagine the power that made dust out of life.

Meanwhile, to cover the horrors of the crime in Lebanon, the western press has been redefining the dictionary. Terrorism is the defense of one’s own community and the preservation of its life and culture. Democracy is the racism, apartheid, and murderousness of Zionism, the destruction of nations, the assassination of leaders, and the theft of resources. Self-defense is the hostile killing of civilians on neighboring lands, and the bombardment and destruction of that neighbor’s land. Freedom is the kidnapping of others, and their torture and imprisonment. Piety is Jewish and Christian blindness to Islam. Fascism is the moral practice of Muslims in the Arab world.

[I think that sums it up very well – MCat]

Many are confused here and everywhere. Hizballah keeps its head and its commitment, thus its influence with those who have no influence grows.  [snip]


I am just catching Robin Wright on Charlie Rose… and she works hard to get this in at the end… that there is a misperception about, this idea that if America strikes at Iran it will be a limited strike at the hardened sites.  Charlie is very hot for regime change (Iraq is going so well?  Taliban under control?  Osama under control, getting a US tax payer provided “three hots and a cot”?) but she does not agree that it will necessarily go that far.  But surely broader than limited aerial strikes…

I say we are for WAR! and, as gas prices come down… the American people return to sleep.  Or, passively engage in nothing farther afield than aggressively declining to love thy neighbor as thyself.  Nor even loving one’s fellow blogger….


I do believe this stunningly self serving comment deserves some light and air – not the only one in that particular thread, btw:


The contempt you have for the real issues people of color are trying to bring to the forefront in this is crystal clear.  

The issue is whether we’re going to help each other or hold each other back, and throwing messy public temper tantrums over imagined sleights is holding us all back, and has to stop. I treated the African American commenters exactly the same way I’d treat anyone else behaving badly.

Maha actually called two african-americans commenters racist.

Anyone who prejudges and hates another because of race is a racist. Those two clearly qualified.

Comment by maha — September 21, 2006 @ 5:29 am

Rather a whiff of “sage on the stage” here… The blog as false classroom? And a wooden ruler at the ready to rap the knuckles o f those who “throw messy public tantrums over imagined sleights…” and are so clearly “holding us all back”.

As I said, stunning.

Day Trip to Harlem and playing pattycake with Big Whitey (a friend calls Bill that) failed.  Really failed:

I say that if the people at that table are your “oppressors,” your life is gravy. Everybody should have such problems.

When White progressives need to wonder why progressive people of color won’t join their organizations, eagerly attend their events, or even talk to them? Remember this comment. The contempt you have for the real issues people of color are trying to bring to the forefront in this is crystal clear.

Comment by Delux — September 20, 2006 @ 7:53 pm



Maha actually called two african-americans commenters racist.

That is the kind of attack I would expect to hear from a radio or television wingnut against a person of color who dared to question the attitudes of many white people.

I am white btw — so what next, accusations of self-hatred?

In all seriousness, you are way behind the 8-ball here. I recomend you read something, anything by Arnold Mindell. Like “Sitting in the Fire.”

Comment by not your standard poodle — September 20, 2006 @ 7:58 pm  

 Further, this is of interest… 😉  For some reason, Bill and his reaction to being asked to sign a baseball comes to mind. 

Chris Nolan of Spot-On (who is a credentialed reporter, having worked in DC in business and politcal reporting and now reports on Silicon Valley issues and people) who has had several trenchant articles on Kos and Dkos issues over the past couple of years, early on identified this coming issue, that Kos bleated (my words) he was “activsit” or “just a blogger, man” but he really wanted to BE media.

A great deal of virtual ink was spilt last week in long discussions about Markos Moulitsas – known to most folks as DailyKos – and his insistence that he’s not a journalist, he’s an activist.

Since he’s a partisan Left-wing blogger – not a journalist or, God forbid, a mainstream media representative – Kos argues that he’s doesn’t have to worry about some of the conflict-of-interest restraints that tie down others who style themselves as reporters and writers.

So he can accept payment from candidates. Or have clients who are advertisers and advertisers who are clients who benefit from his fundraising. It’s a convincing argument – up to a point. A brief and unstable point.

Seeing Kos – he introduces himself with the simple “I’m Markos” — Saturday at the Western Caucus of the Democratic National Committee brought the back the questions raised last week with full force. Kos, the partisan blogger, was wearing a green card, a press credential. Sitting with a group of Simon Rosenberg supporters, Kos wasn’t wearing the yellow cards hanging around staffers’ necks or the necks of those calling themselves “observers” – folks attending for some particular purpose or cause. Nah. He was wearing a press card.  [snip]

I know blahhggers (The Harlem 20?) entertain themselves – and unpleasantly insist to the rest of us – with the notion that none of this matters… but it is not going away.


A snip from Tuesday’s Democracy NOW! with Michael Ratner, president of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

MICHAEL RATNER:  … It’s really, Amy, the fundamental right that protects us against just arbitrary arrest and disappearance. It’s absolutely crucial. And so far, unfortunately —

I just want to emphasize this — both the administration bill and the McCain bill abolish the writ of habeas corpus.

And there should be a massive, massive public campaign about that. People can go to the Center’s website and get information about that and get to their senators and say, “Don’t abolish the writ.” This is the protection that will protect the Maher Arars in the world, that protect our Guantanamo detainees and protect people who are really disappeared all over the world.

AMY GOODMAN: No Democrats have stood up to defend habeas corpus?

MICHAEL RATNER: Oh, no. There are some. It’s happening. I mean, it’s just not in the public dialogue or discourse right now.

But certainly within the Senate, there are Democrats who are extremely, extremely concerned by the abolishment of the writ of habeas corpus. The problem is, right now, of course, in an election year, Democrats feel they don’t want to necessarily oppose the administration on that issue.

They are happy to see the Republicans and the Democrats fight about, you know, the use of torture, and they’re not really raising this issue. But let me just say, abolishment of the writ, those who abolish it will really go down in infamy as really taking away the fundamental constitutional right, a right that goes back to 1215. [snip]

Hell.  Can’t they even say this:  Lincoln, that Republican they so want y’all to think they are like, Lincoln GAVE US HABEAS CORPUS BACK... after suspending it during war [and from what I have read he should not have, did not have to suspend it…].

But you know, each of the reprehensible judges that they declined to use filibuster over, spring 2005, could have been appropriately demagogued (hey I am not above that… remember how much The Clinton BLahgers think we should ignore to Save! The! Nation!, lol…) with a single line:

Here is one … Owens… Just label her “Rove’s judge”.   Even more so:  “Enron’s judge”.

Rodgers Brown…  more fun, “does not believe in child labor laws”.  Just slam that home, every single appearance about the judge nominations…

Instead we get the Gang of 14.

Democrats don’t fight.  And the Republicans wake up every morning knowing that…


UPDATE, 11:50 am Thursday

– Blahg Smog –

Noticed this at Schechter’s News Dissector.  I am guessing it is drawn from a personal email between Nyhan and Schechter, there is no link provided.


Brendan Nyhan quits American Prospect after being told to aim at conservatives. He writes in part:

Everybody Has One: Bloggers and the Death of Opinion Journalism by Brendan Nyhan

Not that long ago, many people thought the Internet would break down partisan boundaries and improve the quality of political debate in this country — a prediction that sounds as silly today as previous hype about the educational potential of television and radio.

Today, online politics has come to be dominated by two warring camps, just like offline politics. And while many critics complain about the polarization of the blogosphere and its effect on elections, how blogs will affect the economics of opinion journalism is less well understood. In particular, partisan blogs have become so popular that they are threatening the business model — and the independence — of center-left opinion magazines, which may be forced to toe the party line to ensure their survival.

I learned this lesson the hard way after I signed on as a contributor to The American Prospect’s media criticism blog a few weeks ago. It seemed like a bit of an awkward fit — the Prospect is a liberal magazine, and I had previously co-founded Spinsanity, a non-partisan watchdog of online spin — but I assumed they knew who they were hiring. I was wrong.”‘

I am guessing this may have been the entry that triggered “a little talk”. 

 Now, if one thinks about it… Nyhan’s angle would have been the one to discuss, possibly, the Harlem Day Trippers, issues raised, as well as the blog commentary to follow — and a messy non progressive swamp it is, has been (on to YKos 07!)… blinded as the Blahgers are by the reflection of the sun off their white skin… and find themselves down to offering the ORGANISER as indicative that a Blogger of Color was there. 

Sorry, scrambling around to call Daou other than present at the luncheon as a facilitator for Hillary… that is not a ‘no harm no foul’ reach.

But it was a desperate and outta gas scramble… .


UPDATE, 2:00 pm

– More Blahg Smog – Harlem Day Trippers –

Not sure if this – from today – is the first entry at Blogometer on the recent diversity issues but in this one they give Bowers the dance floor, which I would call a mistake.  His pissy, whiney take, rhetorically hiding out in a nasty redoubt somehwere, his take thru out this makes him not worthy of the dance floor alone…  He is part of the problem.

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Don’t Blog About Affirmative Action Angry Now

Chris Bowers at MyDD sees two ways solve the “diversity problem of the Clinton blogger lunch.” Bowers first articulates a “type of blogger affirmative action in order to make sure that a more diverse range of people had the privilege of having lunch with President Clinton.” The second view Chris forwards “is not who was invited, but the problem is that the leadership of the progressive blogosphere is itself not very diverse.” Bowers then writes: “As someone who has spent a long time studying the demographics of the netroots and as someone who rather immodestly considers himself a leader in the blogosphere, I side quite strongly with the second view. … The solution has to be … to increase diversity within the leadership of the progressive blogosphere”

Bowers then offers six things progressive bloggers can do to increase diversity: [snip]

AND… Blogometer fills in on the Nyhan / American Prospect / Etc. recent events… VERY interesting – and I am taking liberties and posting the entire Blogometer entry… [emphasis is mine]:

BLOGGERS VS. BLOGGERS: The American Politburo

Andrew Sullivan excerpts Brendan Nyhan‘s 9/20 contribution to Time‘s Political Bite

Last Wednesday, controversy broke out when I slammed two liberal blogs for using an airline employee’s suicide after 9/11 to take a cheap shot at President Bush. My post, which initially contained a minor factual error, prompted one of the bloggers, Atrios (aka Duncan Black), to label me the “wanker of the day” and to call on TAP editors to “rethink things a bit.” Hundreds of Atrios readers filled the Prospect’s comment boards with vitriol. In an email Friday morning, Sam Rosenfeld, the magazine’s online editor, asked that I focus my blogging on conservative targets. … I refused and terminated the relationship.

Why was I asked to slant my work to the liberal party line? In an email statement, TAP editor Michael Tomasky said that “[t]he Prospect is hardly averse to criticizing liberal verities” and that the magazine had no problem with my initial posts criticizing liberals, but “there were a few posts in succession that struck us as either inaccurate or an effort to draw equivalencies where none existed. The Prospect has always opposed a ‘pox on both houses’ posture, and that’s what we came to believe you were doing.”

Sullivan comments:

“Sorry, Michael, but that’s pathetic. The blog partisanship on the right is often depressing – and boy would I have been fired long ago if I had ever been blogging on a “conservative” site. But the politburo on the left is no better. And to think we once believed the blogosphere could liberate independent thought. Yeah, right.”

 [and believe me, I am no Sully fan… I feel I have watched him equivocate, deflate, dissemble and whatever else for 16, 17 years now… MCat]

Over at his own blog, Nyhan has a thorough rundown of other blogger reaction to the episode, including a link to Hit and Run‘s Matt Welch’s very similar experience with TAP.

[close of Blogometer post] 


UPDATE, 3:30

– Blahg Thugs and Dem party Thugs –

gong posted to threads the latest version of SYFPH…

 It is a Del Dem (whip of the blahg and all around classic ‘never grew up from being a parochial school boy’, and now thinks the sun sets and rises with Dem party thug attys… oh yes, IMO) … anyway, it is a Del Dem diary and I extracted a classic Del Dem comment.  Brevity is best when the sloberation on offer is old.  And very slimey:

 You don’t have to like it. (14+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
BTP, Kevin in Long Beach, zenbowl, SallyCat, spartan68, Miss Blue, MadEye, gmb, BWasikIUgrad, Sopiane, Rick Oliver, trashablanca, dennisl, greenearth

But you don’t have to come here and complain about it.

If all you can do to help us win is vote, fine.  But do nothing us.  I do not want to hear any bitching about Democrats on a Democratic site like Daily Kos this close to an election.

Do you understand?

If you don’t, get out.

My Photoblog, Milhouse’s Glasses

by Delaware Dem on Thu Sep 21, 2006 at 12:50:45 PM PDT

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Good luck to them all.

more to come


BBB: Birds sing, links fly… :: Ups! and better yet, WHUPS!! :: WHUP the PUP, and all comments to moderation… 4 July 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2004 Election, 2006 Mid Terms, 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.


Riehl World View is up with a link rich piece – and he goes where this would inevitably lead, to the Rappaports, the Phoenix Group (PG) and the money to the Blahggs… Riehl follows the money, or starts to.

 BTW, Matt Bai who first, for publication, delineated the early days of much of this, in summer of 2004 in NYT Magazine, Wiring the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy, was a member of the now defunct Townhouse e-mail list…

 And, who was belly aching about money last week?  Bowers was it? 

 I wanted to put the Riehl World View link [thanks to aemd] up raw, before I mush thru and open all Riehl’s links myself….

 Why wait? 

 Billmon has one of his famous extract rich entries… not sure what is meant by his last extract, referring to Kos and Armstrong, being with all the others…

 Again:  Why wait?  Enjoy, or not.

You know the Blahggs are squirming… squirm!  squirm!

Unpacking Update, 8:00 pm, PT:

From Riehl – and bear in mind we are at different points in our political positioning, not all of his conclusions or assessments are mine, but in this I concur:

Is there money in Liberal blogging? You bet there is. But apparently Reagan’s trickle down economics isn’t working at MyDD. As Rogers Cadenhead recently pointed out, it sounds as though someone else is now looking for their just dues.

A critical mistake some Liberal Blogger benefactors may have made is picking bloggers too far out of the norm. As stated, neither Armstrong nor Moulitsas have any experience or accomplishment in the real world. […]

Now Hillary and the adults at the DLC have decided to start to play.

Many genuine Liberals feel cut off from the grass roots because Armstrong and Moulitsas have been as heavy-handed as they both have been erratic.

I call them reactionary and unstable – too hard to handle, too ego driven for their ”results” and their day to day worth….

And it’s possible they too will start to moderate their message lest they lose the financial support of their masters. That could leave the real, or perhaps more dedicated Liberals of the blogosphere with nowhere to go. [we are already there, with sites so tied-in, one way and another…  -MCat]

It basically depends on who wins the war in messaging between the old DNC and those who would hope for something new. Only now, the same elitists who have always taken a back seat to the politicians after giving them money, hope to more directly be pulling the strings.

Bingo on that last line…


Low hanging fruit UPDATE, 11 pm Tuesday…

really, a two-fer, Whup the Fuck update TOO (having fun here, not stopping any time soon!): 

Read any way at all, this is a scream on wheels.  Right off the bat, the navel-born self description, “nascent progressive movement” ??

I don’t think so.

And this:

She [Clinton] shipped $10,000 to right-wing reactionary Bob Casey, and even has her pollster say that Senator Clinton doesn’t care what liberals think.

Can we quote Stoller on that, about Casey?? …the Hillary stuff is not news, months old, she put in that 10K months ago, like she sent early money to Salazar in the primary run… she luvs her some christians, reactionaries, conservatives and whatever else.

  Love how they, boyos in general, tossed off the odd kind word for Pennachio (we’re progressives!!, mired in our own nascent progressive movement!!) – or, now that Casey safely ”won” (shall we call Schumer his “baby daddy”??), a tossed off denigration for Casey… did you know, I mean really know, that Bowers supported Chuck Pennachio?  That is right, one born every minute! 

And this too on Hillary: 

Senator Clinton has a good heart, an she is in some ways one of these party regulars.  She is a good Democrat who wants to see Democrats take control …

 Stoller sounds positively patronising and pandering.  That must take very flexible knees and a spine of jello.  Sonny, she is leadership.  The party is held in a neck lock by her and her husband.

But push that too hard and you won’t get cut some sort of product enhancement check… right??

Well I guess you are ambitious smelt, you boys.  Not even sardines, smelt.

These boys say anything.  Carnies.  Shills.

 And such soft slobber for how smart Hillary was to hire Daou and Berney.  Come come come… Matt, Chris, Kos, Jerome et al. [oops! plus Women-Assists, too, they are so progessive, those boyos!]

she fucking hired AD MEN. 

See last whup/up (“spearing bologna”) in:

BBB: Frying the Circuits :: Whopper Whupdate! :: Updates and Whup Uppity ::Spearing Bologna Update

 The title of Stoller’s, hmm, entry: 

 The Age of Principle. 


WHUP the Pup Update… 12:24 am, PT, Wednesday:

La LoucheAnd, La Louche is still hanging around… 😉

Marisacat on plain old vanilla AOL…




Real WHUP the PUP Update… 1:30 am PT

Please note very boring BLAHHGGER dog in threads…. ”St Germain Dog”.  This dog has never seen Paris!, I promise you, nor St Germain, des Pres nor boulevard. Never had a demi-verre de vin rouge at Deux Magots… Jamais!

IMPOSTER!, BORING IMPOSTER!!  WE do not deal with bores here.

I am sorry, due to very boring dog tracking BLAHHGGER dog shit all over… opening  windows and medicinal dosings of Eau d’ Hadrien will take care of that!, but! due to St Germain  Dog,

all comments will now go to moderation.

St Germain Dog:  You were BOR-R-RING.  Just a dullard, a BLAHHGGER.


WHA-A-A-ACK the pup update:

BLAHHGGER masquerading as ”St Germain Dog” has been clipped.  Electric shears were used.  I managed not to cut anything he might value. A passing kindness.

 Really a lot of fun…;)

 All comments to moderation. 

BLAHHHGGER dog was clipped!

carry on…


In Memoriam Update,  I am sorry to report,

”St Germain Dog”, the best that dull BLAHHHGGERS could send, has choked, mais qui!…  to death.  

He tried to be cosmopolitan (a waste of time, but he was not very intelligent) and swallowed his Croque Monsieur whole.  Lacking opposable thumbs he was unable to use the knife and fork… as any good habitue of Paris would know to do.

He choked… and ooops, there was no servant willing to perform Le Heimlich.

Spritz of Eau d’Hadrien. C’est la vie.