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So. They say Hillary is running. 28 April 2006

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Democrats, Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Ya think?


When was she not, I say.

She must do something about getting a stump… er, fire hydrant speech. Just has to. After La Kerry we cannot have another self-impressed nom, who also does not have a credible stump speech. Kerry drooled his speeches, she spits out lectures.

As I type this just the memory of her voice grates in my ear. Quite aside from the guff she upchucks (10K to Casey).

Meanwhile Bill is handy. Useful, ministering, evangelising Bill.


Spoiled Sparky [not kidding, that is his name]

A little Bush Biz, some Africa Biz with Holbrooke (no pic, he is not a dog, he is a rock that speaks), some Ports Biz, little phoning to our (that means Bush and Clinton) friends. You know them: the UAE team for global security and ports and terminals administration.


This is our Poodle Whirligig. It is 15 inches tall and has 10 inch legs. Available in black and white. $29. Look at our other dog whirligigs!

Oh planning on adding enough senate seats to get to majority. Opera glasses at the ready!. This will be fun. Have some champagne, the bubbles help keep one upright in turgid times….

And Rahm, doing what poodles like Rahm do.

Fun stuff – fun for them. Much fuss and bother, accomplishing little.


And all the while the party is:

[This first appeared elsewhere, March 21, 2006]


1. dblhelix - 28 April 2006

Always good to recycle the classics.

2. Parker - 28 April 2006

I hear Lady Hilliary Thatcher is now in favor of building a wall between the US and Mexico… perhaps she expects Mexicans to build it themselves and politely leave the US side of the wall when it is completed and their three year indentured servatude is over.

Or perhaps Empress Hilliary can do as the ancients and just kill all the works and bury them at the base of the wall.

A physical structure is obviously important,” the New York Democrat and possible presidential contender told Goodwin. “A wall in certain areas would be appropriate,” she said, endorsing a high-tech “smart fence” that could spot people approaching from 200 or 300 yards.

3. marisacat - 28 April 2006

Always good to recycle the classics.

LOL And Reprise was a record label.

Thanks for stopping bye…

4. marisacat - 28 April 2006

A for the Southern border, gun turrets are next. An electrified fence… why not.

God forbid we keep a single rightie immigrant out tho… they fly home to Taiwan, to Poland to whereever to double vote. God forbid a single Iraqi in the US miss the Iraqi vote but shaft New Orleanians – in their own country, in their own city.

Vote here vote there, the rightie immigrants vote conservative both places, and, generally speaking, dislike Americans. That is my perception and I am in a test ground, proving ground…. for social engineering. Every bit as much as NTS.

Maybe Bibi Netanyhu can run with her as VP.

Whatever… 😉

5. Parker - 29 April 2006

M. Chat you should find a pics of a poodle pissing on the grass (roots) for Rahm and another of a poodle up-rooting healthy stalks (candidates) for Schumer.

6. kay boski - 8 June 2006

worth reading 😉

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