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So… Gone? 6 September 2009

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Photo from NetNuts 09… drawn from this rogues gallery of a diary (a laugh and a half on its own)

Mo Betta’s RIP

Last diary he appeared in.. for some three days running. Honestly, he seems tame, tired shit that he always was.  Scum too. Lying shit. Manipulator. Operative. Dumb shit. Etc.

My guess, in the fine tradition of Armando Fernando Big Tentola, he will re-appear somewhere. He needs the lousy facelessness of the Net and he needs astroturf work… low level Donald Segretti wanna-be.  (No JD degree however, Donald had one of those … no university nor college degree either, which would not matter but for the screwed sphincter that he was)

Operative. Entertaining that the measly low life shit kickers kick out a shit.

🙄 I stayed mild.

hmm mmm beats being a jackass ……;) [WHUPDATE, titmouse bleed] 24 June 2008

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beats being a jackass... LOL

gatto kiev

nothing much to add… 😉

Tho, here are the Obama comments from my comment in the last thread, with the original links

Obama spokesman Bill Burton on October 24, 2007: “To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.”

Barack Obama, June 20, 2008: “Given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as president, I will carefully monitor the program.”

Tidbits from October, at the TPM link…. Enjoy!



I see a titmouse has bled….

So, I say to the belching, bleeding titmouse: put up or shut up.

I have two examples from my own experience (0.00 / 0)

Maryscott O’Connor posted privileged (private) information about me on her site in retaliation for a disagreement we had. I forced her to take down the information, but had to threaten legal action to do so. I have The O’Connor’s home address, cell phone number, and lots of other personal information, but no matter how bad the dispute between us got, I’d NEVER post it

Marisacat posted my IP address on her site–or at least what she THOUGHT was my IP address (turns out that dim old Shadowthief knows how to spoof his IP address!). I have Marisa’s real first and last name and her full address, but once again, I’d NEVER post it. [bolding is mine, Mcat]

Not even Kos or Hunter or the odious Booman stooped so low as to do the things The O’Connor and Miss Kitty did (or if they did, I certainly don’t know about it).

Yet both Marisacat and The O’Connor assume the High and Mighty Pose to this day, despite the fact that both of them are full-fledged members of the Disloyal Order of Hypocrites.*

I appreciate that Peeder respects the online/real life boundary, but I find it a bit depressing that he has to reassure that he won’t. That should be a given.

The ethics of most blog owners, including Moulitsas, O’Connor, and Marisa (real last name redacted to protect the guilty), are a notch below child molestor.

*not actual societies to my knowledge, but you have to admit that if they don’t formally exist, they ought to…

by Shadowthief @ Sat May 31, 2008 at 07:26:50 AM CDT
Link to the sub thread, link to the PffterPoofter post (a peeder house specialty).

An online friend was passed the comment recently, by an itinerant reader at PFF (anyone wants the email forwarded, let me know)… probably accounts for the delay.

I don’t recall reading the peeder post, nor the comment from the titmouse (with many masks). I think I’d remember such a juvenile declaration.

Again: put up or shut up, to the titmouse with the small, smelly belches. And the many masks.

I have Marisa’s real first and last name and her full address, but once again, I’d NEVER post it.

Too fucking chicken, then email ME with my personal information: Marisacat@aol.com


WHY? 15 October 2007

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       Cindy for Congress, For CD 8th

Cindy for Congress [official website, 2 links that follow are at the same site]

Donate to Cindys Campaign  Sign up for Newsletter Updates 

Because she will not ever, as long as she lives, be saying this

“If they were poor and they were sleeping on my sidewalk, they would be arrested for loitering, but because they have ‘Impeach Bush’ across their chest, it’s the First Amendment.”

Thre is no whiff of brioche, no sniff of Shepherdess — with Cindy.

Thar she blows – that whiff and sniff, and look closely, with Steny bringing up the rear. 

      whiff of brioche, sniff of Shepherdess

 Next year it will be small trained monkeys carrying a Cathedral length train.  I have it on good authority the monkeys’ custom suits are being made, as I write, at Versace.   Little violet suits, from the softest vicuna, trimmed with South Seas Pearls… sweat shops on the Marianas (Delay gave Nancy the keys) are sewing, fast as they can, the many sets of undies for the monkeys, from China silk.

And of course, there is this little tidbit – Ray McGovern writing at Consortium News [thanks to Madman]:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has admitted knowing for several years about the Bush administration’s eavesdropping on Americans without a court warrant. She said she was briefed on it when she was ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee.

But was she told that the illegal surveillance began well before 9/11?

Referring to her briefing in an apologia-sans-apology Washington Post op-ed on Jan. 15, 2006, she wrote: “This is how I came to be informed of President Bush’s authorization for the NSA to conduct certain types of surveillance.”

Demonstrating her unconstitutionally subservient attitude toward the Executive Branch, Pelosi wrote:

“But when the administration notifies Congress in this manner, it is not seeking approval. There is a clear expectation that the information will be shared by no one, including other members of the intelligence committees. As a result, only a few members of Congress were aware of the president’s surveillance program, and they were constrained from discussing it more widely.”

How did the American people react upon learning in December 2005 of this glaring infringement on their Constitutional rights. Most reacted as they have been conditioned to act—out of the old fear-factor shibboleth: “After 9/11/2001, everything changed.”

And I won’t be leaving this part out! 

Yes, just as after 2/27/1933, the night of the burning of the German Parliament (Reichstag) in Berlin, everything changed.

As a German attorney there at the time put it:

“What one can blame them [German politicians and populace] for, and what shows their terrible collective weakness of character, is that this settled the matter. With sheepish submissiveness the German people accepted that, as a result of the fire, each one of them lost what little personal freedom and dignity was guaranteed by the Constitution; as though it followed as a necessary consequence. If the Communists burned down the Reichstag, it was perfectly in order that the government took ‘decisive measures.’” [Defying Hitler, A Memoir, by Sebastian Haffner, p. 121]


Dennis Perrin has an interesting and timely post up on John Lennon.  Calmez!   I am nto especially a Lennon fan, but I can appreciate and even venerate the struggle.

[I] knew about the harassment of Lennon before watching this film, but I didn’t realize how deep this campaign ran. When Lennon used his celebrity and popularity to help spring from jail the radical John Sinclair, the powers-that-be became very concerned about what Lennon would do next.

Unlike Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Angela Davis, or even the Weather Underground, Lennon’s appeal crossed over to apolitical types; and if he could wake them up, or worse, radicalize them, that would be a bad thing for those higher-ups already shaken by the growing opposition to the Vietnam war.

So J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI, in concert with the Nixon White House, began spying on Lennon and Yoko Ono, assembling a fat file on their every movement and personal associations. They weren’t about to let some long-haired dope-smoking limey fag and his Jap wife fuck with their domestic power. This is confirmed in the film by G. Gordon Liddy, who takes pride in that operation which Nixon not only knew about, but obsessed over.

Good post, very political… and this: 

They weren’t about to let some long-haired dope-smoking limey fag and his Jap wife fuck with their domestic power.

So classic.  And yes, cross over appeal drives the ptb absolutely batshitfuckingcrazy.  They feel they cannot control groups that may pop up in support, from either left or right field.  Or hell, center field.  You never know, the center right libertarian batshit all but Republicans Boyos [and they know who they are] could wake up. 

Not likely, but could happen.  Not likely tho…..  😉


This is open to comments: 

  I am going to try to do 2 – 3 “real” posts a week.  With or without threads… But will have threads 3 – 4 times a week, of course leaving that thread open til there is a new one….  If I could physically do more, I would.  But I intend to continue to post thru the GE election and into the new Congress and Administration, on all the subjects I usually post about…

Last:  “donkeytale” – and his titz –  is banned, are banned.  He has a lap pool to ply his trade in now and in all his parts and pieces is banned.  Personally, I think he is paid astroturf. 

Hey, Dkosser/Moon/noom got three diaries out of being asked to lay off for a while.  Go for it, donk. 



So: Who wins Best in Show? 4 August 2007

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… speaking of the candidates and their hair…


Shilling for the party… 24 July 2007

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HEY hey... how many candidates did you shill for toda?

Should the DailyKos be Subject to the Federal Election Commission?

Written by John Bambenek
Published July 23, 2007

Today I filed an Federal Election Commission (FEC) complaint against Kos Media, LLC., better known as DailyKos.com. I allege that they operate as a political committee and are therefore subject to FEC rules.

I first thought of this complaint during the Cindy Sheehan debacle over at Daily Kos, where Cindy pledged to run as an independent against Nancy Pelosi, and the Daily Kos basically turned on her. While some conservatives took great delight in this, I really didn’t care because it’s politics as usual. The right has thrown their fair share of people under the bus for not drinking the Kool-aid too.

However, the statement that the DailyKos was about electing Democrats stuck with me. I always assumed it was a standard left-wing group blog spouting the latest and greatest in left-wing diatribe. However, the statement that the blog exists to get Democrats elected is repeated in various places around the site, including statements by Kos himself.

Federal Election Commission rules apply for organizations that spend or contribute an equivalent of $1,000 per year in trying to influence elections for federal office. DailyKos is owned by Kos Media, a company, which makes it fit the definition of an organization. It surely spends at least $1,000 per year in hosting and based on what they charge (and get) for advertising, their support of candidates is certainly worth over $1,000 per year. Lastly, their self-identified purpose is to influence elections in the Democrats favor. They fit the criteria. [snip]


Thanks to D Throat in the previous thread (see his/her several comments)… for linking to BLog Critics and the Bambenek post 😉

What do you think?  FEC should get on the Dkos / Markos ass? 

I certainly have long thought so.  Further, post 2004 election when Kos declared it a Democratic site, dedicated to the election of Democrats, I was not the one to raise it in threads… several did.  I did post there and at LSF he should BANNER that it is a Democratic party aligned site.

I say:  Be up front.  Why not [snigger, we can guess, FEC issues]

Kos and his tied in Blahgs have long been product enhancement, product endorsement scams.  In my opinion. I am not have not been a devotee of the site for years (UID 97 and an observer, surely) but I can remember housekeeping posts from Markos, to the FP, exhorting Dems in congress to pungle up their mandatory donations to a congressional elections kitty.  Names, amounts owed, amounts they have chipped in, etc.  Just a job for Rahm.  Or Reid and Shumer.

He surely organises to influence elections, by his own admission.

Go Bambenek.  Go for it.


UPDATE, 9:45 am

From the thread, Sabrina Ballerina update, Adam B (who, iirc handled issues of bloggers before the FEC for Kos/aligned blogs) is at the Blog Critics site in debate with Bambenek:

Sabrina Ballerina

Adam B arguing his case on Bambeneck’s blog:

#17 — July 24, 2007 @ 00:22AM — Adam B.

John, the “reform” groups explicitly argued before the FEC in the FiredUp case that “an organization whose stated purpose is to be the functional equivalent of a partisan campaign organization — to elect Democratic candidates and to solicit contributions for such candidates — does not qualify for the press exemption.”

Every single commissioner on the FEC rejected this argument, and agreed that FiredUp was indeed a press entity.

Moreover, the “compensation” issue only applies to being compensated by campaigns for the blogging. The FEC’s explanation of the regulations make clear that even if a campaign paid a blogger to perform technical/consulting services, the blogger’s personal blogging for which he wasn’t being paid didn’t count as a contribution/expenditure.

John, I fought long and hard alongside the folks from RedState to get these exemptions in place. The FEC could not have been more clear in 2005-06 as to what the new rules were. Please read them.


#18 — July 24, 2007 @ 00:23AM — John Bambenek [URL]

I read the 2005 advisory opinion and it involves a site that doesn’t (unlike Daily Kos) state that their primary purpose is to elect Democrats. Marcos is on record, several other editors are on record, and the site itself states prominently that the purpose of the Daily Kos is to elect Democrats. They don’t say report news, they don’t say advance an agenda, they say elect Democrats, period. It’s a different situation. You can’t argue that you’re a press outlet, when all over your site you say you’re all about electing a certain political party to office. They are incompatible. And that’s why its different…

Fired Up and others are commentary sites and act like it. Daily Kos’s self-identified purpose is to get Democrats elected. It’d be different if they themselves stated they have another agenda, but they come out and admit they act like a PAC… they can’t run and hide simply because they are challenged.

This is an interesting comment also ….

#47 — July 24, 2007 @ 10:17AM — apetrelli
Those referring to the Fired-Up advisory opinion or the FEC hearings and ensuing exemption are wrong.

This complaint is based on DailyKos’ efforts at organizing voters, and raising money to further organize voters, for the expressed purpose of electing Democrats. This is not speech, it is clearly the actions and incidents of a political committee. There are clear grounds distinguishing this from both the advisory opinion and the exemption.

Watch DailyKos over the next few days (or at most, weeks) strip all references to ‘electing Democrats’ as they attempt to rewrite history. DailyKos is as DailyKos does.

I’m sure Kos is not taking money from the DNC, but all he has to do is disclose who he is taking from and end the inquiries … and stop banning people for political discussion …. allow discussion of all candidates. Why, eg, did they ban Ron Paul diaries? Or Cindy Sheehan candidacy diaries, if their claim is to be a ‘news entity’. That is shot down by their banning of any news related to these two political candidates, imo.

Be interesting to see the troll patrols waving around their FAQs. Someone in that thread says that Daily Kos never says anywhere that they are there only to elect Dems. Lol! Very bad defense.

Thanks to Clonecone’s, Elise’s and their cohorts’ endless waving of the ‘rules book, it is embedded in the minds of all that that is exactly what they claim. It is chanted like a cult mantra ‘This is a partisan site! Dammit, READ the FAQs etc. etc. Lol. I knew the troll patrols would eventually have some value to someone … looks like the FEC will be pouring over their admonitions to ‘banned trolls’ or were simply people wanting to discuss politics on a political board?

Jul 24, 9:43 AM  

************ End of Sabrina’s comment ************



That big bad world… and then Blahgs and blog issues… (UPDATES :: WHUPDATES :: Whiner Whipdate) 21 June 2007

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1948 to present

the above map is from left i on the news, a spectacular blog that Madman often sends me links to.  left i linked back, as well, to the larger map version.

Robert Sheer (via TO) has a piece up on Hamas:

The Palestinian movement was then led by puppets of Nasser and was secular in focus. It remained so, after being invigorated by the late Yasser Arafat, who gave the Palestinians their first serious and independent political identification. But as Arafat wasted his credibility in futile jockeying with Israel (mostly while in exile), corruption came to dominate his movement.

    By contrast, the religious zealots who later formed the Hamas organization were more focused on spiritual probity and tended far more closely to the needs of their impoverished brethren in Gaza and the West Bank. As with Hezbollah in Lebanon – and that other Iranian-backed Islamist movement, the Shiites who now control Iraq – the religious movements, both Shiite- and Sunni-based, cornered the market on purity of purpose as opposed to rank opportunism. That is precisely why these fiercely anti-Western movements have been able to turn the favorite fig leaf of U.S. neocolonialism, the slogans of democracy and elections, against the United States by winning popular elections.

    While the American mass media tend to join the Bush administration in ignoring this unpleasant contradiction, the fact is that the people we brand as the enemy can make a strong claim to having won the election that our President Bush champions.

What irony that the United States and the European Union, both of which cut off aid to the Palestinian government in 2006 when Hamas won the election, have now resumed aid to the PLO-dominated government that lost power through the vote.

Oh we always fund who suits us. 

Here little puppet dictator torturer endless line of desert princes, wanna cookie?  Swedish blonde on a triscuit?   Hidden desert oasis stocked with blondes and a lifetime supply of rare, aged cognac?

Not so much irony as bidness as usual, I would say. 

Now it is also too late for the remnants of the PLO to once again unilaterally assert a claim to lead the Palestinians. Sure, the United States, Israel and the EU can throw aid and tax dollars their way, but if the price is that the PLO assist in crushing Hamas, or even sit idly by while Israeli troops reoccupy Gaza, there will be chaos. The only hope is for the funders, including Israel (which has withheld the tax monies paid by the Palestinians from them), to recognize that the Palestinian people need to make their own history.

At this point, that must include Hamas, which it is hoped will be moved, as was the PLO, to accept Israel’s right to exist within borders that permit a viable Palestinian state.

 That last line there from Sheer is belied by the series of maps at the top of this post.  It ain’t viable right now. 

To his credit, possibly the last actual liberal to inhabit the op/ed pages of a national paper, Anthony Lewis, discussed, tho without benefit of maps, the “Bantustan” aspect of the land the Palestinians have been shoved into, in his next to the last column for the NYT… that was years ago, when utter silencio was imposed on this issue… 

Information is starting to trickle out these days, thanks in large part to Jimmy Carter.

Carter, a Nobel Peace Prize winner who was addressing a human rights conference in Ireland, also said the Bush administration’s refusal to accept Hamas’ 2006 election victory was “criminal.”

    Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with Abbas’ moderate Fatah movement.

    Hamas fighters routed Fatah in their violent takeover of the Gaza Strip last week. The split prompted Abbas to dissolve the power-sharing government with his rivals in Hamas and set up a Fatah-led administration to govern the West Bank.

    Carter said the consensus of the U.S., Israel and the EU to start funneling aid to Abbas’ new government in the West Bank but continue blocking Hamas in the Gaza Strip represented an “effort to divide Palestinians into two peoples.”

    “All efforts of the international community should be to reconcile the two, but there’s no effort from the outside to bring the two together,” he said.

Oh in my view the west and Israel see it in terms of arms deals.  Death by bullet in armed conflict, a civil fratricide, arms dealers the world over stand up and cheer… many deaths by bullets.  Gun running, a growing business.  Better yet, supply both sides!, fuel it for a long time.

Back to left i on the news, who links to the publication in the NYT and Wapo of two important guest editorials:

This has to be unprecedented. The Washington Post and the New York Times have simultaneously published today op-eds by Ahmed Yousef, the political adviser to Palestinian Prime Minister (the legitimate one) Ismail Haniya, explaining Hamas’ position on recent events. Interestingly, the two are not identical. Read both.

Thru left i, I read this remarkable post at Lenin’s Tomb on our systematic destruction of cities in Iraq:

“When we identify positively an enemy target, we’re going to go ahead and take it out with every means we have available.

I like to remember what Viscount Slim said during the Burma campaign. He said, ‘Use a sledgehammer to crush a walnut.’

And that’s exactly what we will do. We will use force, overwhelming combat power when it’s necessary.” – US Major General Charles H. Swannack Jr.

“the Burma campaign”.  Lovely.  How are you feeling about being an American?  Yesterday, today and tomorrow?  Feel the oncoming rush of a bright and wonderful future? 

I see dust stoms, blood storms and too likely the mushroom cloud, from our own hand.  Who did it first?  Who never has stopped talking about doing it again?

Again, from Lenin’s Tomb:

A new study by over thirty NGOs, including some excellent groups like the Transnational Institute, contains a lengthy section on attacks on cities by the occupiers. It outlines some rules of thumb for destroying a city:

5) massive bombardment: “The Washington Post reported that in Falluja, an “official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, described 12 hours of overnight strikes by American helicopters, fighter-bombers, field artillery and tanks as ‘shaping operations.’

Military commanders use the term as shorthand for battlefield preparation, combat operations specifically intended to remove enemy strong points in advance of an assault.” In the second assault on Falluja, the air strikes began on October 15, the first day of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, and continued for three weeks prior to the assault of November 7.

In Najaf, US Marines bombarded the cemetery near the famous Imam Ali Shrine as well as much of the city center, in a massive attack backed by aircraft and tanks. In Ramadi, US forces carried out intensive bombardment, targeting the city’s power stations, water treatment facilities, and water pipes, leaving many destroyed houses and no civilian services functioning”;

6) conduct a massive urban assault, using sniper fire, and put survivors through violent searches:

“The US military has increasingly relied on snipers to back-up infantry patrols. Commanders portray snipers as a precision method to avoid civilian casualties, but in fact sniper teams often fire at anyone moving in the streets, in gardens or even inside of buildings. Everyone is treated in the besieged cities as an enemy.

 Using night goggles and special high-power scopes, snipers shoot at any moving object, which might be a civilian going out in desperate search for food or water, seeking medical care, escaping a collapsing building, or trying to leave the city. During the siege of Falluja in April 2004, the Guardian reported that US snipers shot an ambulance, an elderly woman carrying a white flag, and an aid worker delivering medical supplies on foot. The UN reported that, in August 2006, snipers in Ramadi shot thirteen civilians who had breached the curfew, killing six and injuring seven in just one district of the city.” ::snip::

I hang my head in shame at my country. And the friends and associates of my country.

The close at Lenin’s Tomb:

We are, if the repeated signals via the news media are serious, about to see what new forms of depravity Israel can inflict on the cities of the tiny Gaza strip. Baquba is already being perforated and burned and razed. Next month it will be a new set of cities transformed into moonscapes. Israel may find itself back in downtown Beirut. Iranian cities may soon cop it from missiles – with nuclear heads, no less (and neither Republican nor Democrat will take such an option ‘off the table’).

Over thirty years of imperialist terror has left Afghanistan in ruins. To the Planet of Slums is being added dozens of mass graves and hollowed out bomb sites. Only the surreally calm Green Zones of the world are safe: but for how long?

Just a few weeks into the Iraq War i saw a small snippet in the NYT, that we had “greatly expanded our foot print in the Horn of Africa”.    My eye is always drawn to the phrase, “Horn of Africa”, as when I was too little to know what it meant, the wood and caned seat, straight back chair at my mother’s desk was always called the ”chair that come ’round the Horn”.

On Monday, this was in the Orlando Sentinal… an opinion piece under the name of Senator Bill Nelson of FL.  I s u p p o s e he is capable of composing sentences, so possibly he did write it.  My other thought is that the mil wrote it for him.   

Blood and remnants of already masticated human flesh (they say newborn babe is quite tender and sweet) is apparent ’round the greedy mouths of the Democrats:

[W]e cannot allow terrorism to fester in parts of Africa because of poverty and anarchy. We have to prevent that continent from becoming a fertile ground for terrorists.

Let us lead the effort to bring peace, security and prosperity to Africa. Earlier this year the administration took a step in the right direction when it announced plans for a new military command solely focused on Africa. The plan is to safeguard our strategic and national-security interests on a continent of increasing economic significance.

Congress must help determine the size and scope of this pioneering effort.

Based on my trip to West Africa and my discussions with Gen. Bantz Craddock, head of our European forces, I believe we need to create an unconventional command for Africa — one not only to combat terrorism, but also to coordinate successful aid efforts; and, to protect humanitarian workers while promoting diplomacy with local leaders. [snip]

Humanitarian aid workers officially advised us, years ago, they did not wish to be seen in the presence of American mil in Afghanistan (oh too right, our clean war, the one the fucking pope sanctioned) for their own safety.. so the above is mouth wash for the general population.  Who persist in remaining functional idiots. 

Medecins sans Frontieres, one of the few NGOs that I will link to or quote, is adamant, if they find themselves referred to or seemingly written about as though they align with any government or military force, they immediately and officially ask that the reference be removed. 

 So this is bullshit from Bill.  All the Bills.  Any care org that accepts this too cosy arrangement is already compromised or soon will be…

But look whom the US public trusts (sorry no link, ooops something substantive that is not linkable, guess what?  Lump it):

Confidence in most institutions drops

by Frank Newport


PRINCETON, NJ — The percentage of Americans with a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress is at 14%, the lowest in Gallup’s history of this measure — and the lowest of any of the 16 institutions tested in this year’s Confidence in Institutions survey. It is also one of the lowest confidence ratings for any institution tested over the last three decades.

Gallup’s annual update on Americans’ confidence in institutions shows that confidence ratings are generally down across the board compared with last year. The public’s confidence ratings in several institutions, including Congress, are now at all-time low points in Gallup’s history of this measure. These low ratings reflect the generally sour mood of the public at this time.

Of the 16 societal institutions tested in Gallup’s 2007 update, Americans express the most confidence in the military. They have the least confidence in HMOs and Congress. Americans have much more confidence in “small” business than in “big” business.

Let’s isolate that last there:

Of the 16 societal institutions tested in Gallup’s 2007 update, Americans express

 the most confidence in the military.

Feel good about America?  Bright, brilliant future dawning?


On the domestic front and because it should be linked to and linked to and linked to…

moiv’s latest diary

 In early May, Ferguson figured largely in a controversy involving Pastor Wiley Drake, Second Vice-President of the Southern Baptist Convention. The Southern Poverty Law Center reported what some of us had known for years — that since 2003, along with that of his friend Ferguson, Wiley Drake’s signature had been published on the AOG-hosted Declaration of Support for Dr. Slepian’s killer, James Kopp.

This document bears signatures and comments from a number of activists who openly condone or even advocate violence — some of whom, such as Brockhoeft, have acted on and served time for that belief. For a brief time, national attention focused on Drake’s documented association with Ferguson and Bruce Murch, among others.

 Bear in mind as you read it, these are the people with direct access to congress.  Think I am being an extremist?  Think again. 

Pastor Wiley Drake isn’t the only publicly respectable figure who has some questionable connections.

Fr. Frank Pavone — Director of Priests for Life, number 31 among Daily Catholic’s Top 100 Catholics of the 20th Century (ranking above popes, cardinals and at least one saint), and honoree of the Catholic Leadership Institute — was commissioned by the Vatican to found Missionaries of the Gospel of Life, the first religious order solely dedicated to ending abortion and the ability of families to make their own end-of-life decisions.

In addition to campaigning and fundraising for his good friend Randall Terry, the Vatican’s “vicar for life also lends his considerable influence to Flip Benham, with whom he has worked closely for years. In 2005, Pavone accompanied OSA to Colorado, where they made a target of Dr. Warren Hern.

Think of the SCOTUS and the recent language from Kennedy, a Catholic – one of 5 on the court, in the ruling on Gonzales v Carhart. 



mink swaddling clothes, a layette of gold… other peoples’ sexual plumbing… etc.

From time to time, a lot gets said about me.  I intend, however, to expand on a couple of comments made last Sunday.

Link Link  Link Link to comments from these two Sunday posts:  link link

No one online has met me. No one in my  private life knows I have a political blog, but for a friend of my family in Tennessee, a woman I know and trust implicitely.  One person has spoken to me on the phone, wilfred of LSF.

No one can say to know much about me.  They can speculate but what they say is not, from them, supportable fact.  They draw from my own commentary… and then they become fabulists.  Fabulists are floating free, unmoored.

Before I forget, wealth. 

Lest lunatics contact me for cash donation to their BlogPACs, no. 

I was born in what might be termed, frequently fortunate circumstances.  Nothing more.  My mother worked from about when I was 4.  I’d say in what world, but there is the extremely slight possibility I could be identified thru that.  Sorry, not interested in being like Digby (wasn’t. that. exciting!).


That substantive issue that so required proof, a blog persona and her polyamory:   check the update to “Well … what did we expect…” 

And once again I recommend the  full exchange between Shanikka, Dr William Harrison, Choice Joyce, and a commenter “megeara”… One benefit of Sunday,  an extremely high number of readers have clicked thru to read that sub thread. 

And I got some hilarious emails regarding Shanikka’s rolling riot of misinformation and accusatory – in fact, imo, racist – comments. 

My favorite ws this one:

Lawd God A’mighty!

Please suggest that I close the windows and turn on the gas … before reading shanikka again. Please. 🙂


Comments on Sunday were made related to two earlier threads (link, exchange at issue starts at comment # 11,  link, relevant exchange starts at comment # 103) in which Cindy Sheehan’s Memorial weekend diary at Dkos – or carry-over issues – were raised.

 Read it yourself. 



 95. BooMan – 17 June 2007[Edit]

Marisacat-How many drugs do you go thru in a given day?

Oh poor Martin *… I really think his less than fortunate forays here (this one was described to me as, live cat dead mouse..several times I suggested he call his atty, poor Martin was in the deep end of the kiddie pool… and remember Martin is not a smart man) are on days he needs to prove (inconclusively) that he has a third leg.  hmmm.  Or he gets a “too helpful” email from one of the Blahger buds.  Martin and his like are so suggestible.  That, suggestion, has been, imo, one of the operational tactics from the Blahger Boyz, both A for Asshole –listers and B for Bullshit –listers.

 I would not be accusing anyone, of anything, if I had recently been picked up by the police in the vicinity of a PA middle school for removing an article of clothing from the body of a child (omigod!  right! the clothing was STOLEN!). 

A child not my own and one whom I do not know.  What a fool. And then, in usual fudging fashion he exposed it at his blog (mostly to acclaim).   I found the whole thing boring…   But someone with much more interest in the incident, sent me these links to PA statutes on trespass and disorderly conduct.  It was sent to me shortly after his comment here, linked to above, on Sunday.

Go for it Martin.  Sorry, I don’t do drugs.  Can you sink lower?  Yeah probably.

* Booman of BMT has posted at his blog that he finds it odd I refer to him as Martin.  Lord luv a dumb man, someone must.  His name is out there, not my doing.  Google “Martin Longman” and see for yourself.  I have said that “Booman” sounds like the nickname for a child, a 3 year old still in diapers and dragging around in a soiled pair.


Last, why did I close the blog and close threads?  I sense heavy panting out there. 

Here is the reason:  I keep a public blog with threads.  Once I shut it, fully, I was no longer public property, available for certain people to piss on me. 

Exactly that.  And, knock yourselves out if anyone is still in a fog, links above.

When will I re-open threads?  To be determined.


And, not related to Sunday… but this link belongs down in this area… do quickly hie over to one of the  “pre-eminent anti-kos blogs in the blogosphere”. 

And start laughing:

In point of fact, if anyone had been paying attention, they would have noticed that when I stood on the precipice of the possibility of real fame or notoriety, back when the Washington Post article about me came out and I did the guest spot on Fox News television and appeared regularly on Fox News radio — and, unbeknownst to many, being approached by various other entities, including a few campaigns — I withdrew from that precipice.

 Oh hon.  Take it easy.  Poor girl.

On related matters, for anyone who did not know, TownHouse google group is up and running.  They streamed in here Sunday and Monday.

So cute.  They too should take it easy.  8)


UPDATE, 10:20 pm

When I hear the words non-profit or foundation, and then the poor or poverty or hunger (oh that would Bono in the papal mitre with the 500 dollar sunglasses, who is he kidding?!), I open the windows and get out a heavy duty cleanser. 

‘Cuz there is fall out coming and it will be dirty.  Absconded monies, hidden accounts, fat paychecks, all around subterfuge and lying… and the poor just go on.

Stuff hs swirled around for weeks about Edwards foundation for poverty issues.  It fucking stank from minute one. He never cared before, why now? (If you bought that simple syrup sludge called Two Americas, slap yourself awake, now.)


While Mr. Edwards said the organization’s purpose was

 “making the eradication of poverty the cause of this generation,”

its federal filings say it financed

“retreats and seminars”

with foreign policy experts on Iraq and national security issues. Unlike the scholarship charity, donations to it were not tax deductible, and, significantly, it did not have to disclose its donors — as political action committees and other political fund-raising vehicles do — and there were no limits on the size of individual donations.

Nattering on about haircuts is the taunt while they compile this sort of thing…

But it was his use of a tax-exempt organization to finance his travel and employ people connected to his past and current campaigns that went beyond what most other prospective candidates have done before pursuing national office. And according to experts on nonprofit foundations, Mr. Edwards pushed at the boundaries of how far such organizations can venture into the political realm. Such entities, which are regulated under Section 501C-4 of the tax code, can engage in advocacy but cannot make partisan political activities their primary purpose without risking loss of their tax-exempt status.

Remember, worth 37 million.  They let the DC house sit on the market for almost two years, refusing to lower the price, iirc it sold for over 5 million.

Because the organization is not required to disclose its donors — and the campaign declined to do so — it is not clear whether those who gave money to it did so understanding that they were supporting Mr. Edwards’s political viability as much or more than they were giving money to combat poverty.

The money paid Mr. Edwards’s expenses while he walked picket lines and met with Wall Street executives. He gave speeches, hired consultants, attacked the Bush administration and developed an online following. He led minimum-wage initiatives in five states, went frequently to Iowa, and appeared on television programs. He traveled to China, India, Brussels, Uganda and Russia, and met with Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain and his likely successor, Gordon Brown, at 10 Downing Street.

Busy bee boy.  So important to meet with Blair and be paid to go thither and yon…


In other news, those simple boyz and girlz on the TH list… can’t they hold on to their emails?… seems they are, or someone is, a tad tetched that MSOC called them, with “a tremor of genuine horror” in her voice (sugar plum fairies and gold statuettes swam in her head),


Marie told that to DHinMI in summer of ’04.  I still remember the monikers that chased after her, from thread to thread, taking the part of the thugs.

Of course they are fucking asshole conservatives and reactionaries.  Who did you see win in 06? 

LIBERALS?  REAL ONES?  The few that did were never discussed on the Blahgs.  Oh McNerney, that was ass cover.

Rahm and BillPillHIll and Chuck are building a conservative coalition of Bloooooooo Dogs and New Dems to align with Republicans.

We will never get a breath of air, again.

It was a line up of Bloooooo Dogs (such shock about Patrick Murphy joining the BD coalition).  That mix of schlubs on TH coordinating messaging are not liberals nor progressives. 

They are operatives and aides.

What do you read on the A Asshole Lists and B Bullshit Lists?  Strong liberal / left rhetoric?

Such old news. How many times is writing about TH interesting? Oh, did you think Mother Jones was an independent organisation?  Party organ.

Well silly you. 

I will say it again, they are caging dissent.  Look! See, over there, waaay over there:  the looney bin [Emsock] dissents.


The vanguard for Reid, who pulls his pink Everlasts to his sagging man tits (grace a Madman):

Back in 2005, Armstrong set out his own ethics rule of thumb: “What the campus blogethicists don’t understand is that we are at war out here every day on the front lines as partisan Democratic activist bloggers against a Republican machine that uses whatever means it takes to win. So, if it’s not against the law, I don’t want to hear about it, because in the political arena, the first thing that matters in elections and campaigns is winning, with the only accountability being the electioneering laws of Congress.

Only after winning do we have a chance at enacting a progressive agenda.”

Oh right. How could we forget???  It only gets said everyday.  Please note, to the right of the fake lemonade stand with the fake mannequin children, is Rahm, Reid, Chuck, Bill C, etc.

Moulitsas chimed in on Daily Kos:

“Anyone that tries to tell me how to act will get a big middle finger shoved up their face.”

Shoved up their face?

They so wanna be Donald Segretti.

But Donald was smart enough to pass the bar.  And manage to not lose it (suspended for two years), somehow, after Watergate..


The only thing of any interest is — if you can get past the skin ripper yearning for an Oscar (don’t think so hon) —  on the 3rd page, to the right.  Down near the bottom.  Check the name of the the J Armstrong consulting company. Digital Field Group. 

Not even a web page frontispiece available without password.


WHUPDATE, 12:11 pm

Just got an email from a reader… that MB is lying on the FP of the lemonade stand…

yeah mannequin “60s guy” is there too.

Are You “Aye” or “Nay” on Congress?

by Meteor Blades

Thu Jun 21, 2007 at 05:15:32 PM PDT

Here are the results of six congressional job approval polls taken so far in June:

Newsweek (6/18-19): 25% approve; 63% disapprove
Gallup (6/11-14): 24% approve; 71% disapprove
NBC/WSJ (6/08-11): 23% approve; 64% disapprove
Quinnipiac (6/05-11): 23% approve; 66% disapprove
LA Times/Bloomberg (6/07-10): 27% approve; 65% disapprove
FOX News (6/05-6): 29% approve; 55% disapprove
ABC/Washington Post (5/29-6/1): 39% approve; 53% disapprove

Hey guy!  Where is Gallup?  Here at Mcat it is 6 inches UP.

And one inch down… Link to the full Gallup report

by Frank Newport


PRINCETON, NJ — The percentage of Americans with a “great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in Congress

 is at 14%,

the lowest in Gallup’s history of this measure — and the lowest of any of the 16 institutions tested in this year’s Confidence in Institutions survey. It is also one of the lowest confidence ratings for any institution tested over the last three decades.

They’ll put bullshit in the lemonade and charge you for it:  


Oh look! over there, see the skin ripper on the corner, muttering.  She is Left dissent.

Yeah right.


Whiner Whipdate, 7:56 am, Friday morning in San Francisco

Truly, it must be something I wrote.  Do you think? 

From:  jmelrath
To: marisacat@aol.com
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:39:50 +0000
Subject: Pathetic

You do nothing but insult people you don’t know all day long, but the minute one of your followers criticizes you, you close your comments on your blog. 


 The header:

Return-Path: <jmelrath@>
Received: from rly-mg07.mx.aol.com (rly-mg07.mail.aol.com []) by air-mg03.mail.aol.com (v117.7) with ESMTP id MAILINMG034-a21467bb50744; Fri, 22 Jun 2007 07:40:01 -0400
Received: from sccrmhc11.

(sccrmhc11..net []) by rly-mg07.mx.aol.com (v117.7) with ESMTP id MAILRELAYINMG073-a21467bb50744; Fri, 22 Jun 2007 07:39:51 -0400
Received: from smailcenter68..net ([])
          by (sccrmhc11) with SMTP
          id <2007062211395101100cmd68e>; Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:39:51 +0000
Received: from [] by smailcenter68..net;
 Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:39:50 +0000
From: jmelrath@
To: marisacat@aol.com
Subject: Pathetic
Date: Fri, 22 Jun 2007 11:39:50 +0000
Message-Id: <062220071139.2069.467BB5060009341
A000008152207020653089B0E9D040A0306@comcast.net >
X-Mailer: AT&T Message Center Version 1 (Oct  4 2006)
X-Authenticated-Sender: am1lbHJhdGhAY29tY2FzdC5uZXQ=
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary=”NextPart_Webmail_9m3u9jl4l_2069_1182512390_0″


My guess, and I can’t give this more than a minute or two… what set him off is a mix of pointing the finger at their caging of dissent… and that I bothered with a slapwa at Booman.

Who of course has no original thoughts, ever.  Always suggestible. And poor skin ripper would do anything to dream of sugar plum fairies and gold statuettes. 


Don’t like me?  I could hardly be less interested.  Don’t like the blog?  Why do they read it?

Hate me? — rather a strong emotion, but it happens in life.  I don’t “hate” them.  They are just an old entity in the US, Dem party thugs.  I observe them.

Remember tho, if you wish to hate me, get in line.  Behind a load of Dkos rotted flesh. A-Asshole-Lister rotted flesh.  B-Bullshit-Lister rotted flesh.

And you are downwind of their rotted farts.


UPDATE, 10:56 am – basking in the southern exposure in San Francisco

Poor Mr Melrath:  He has written again.  It will remain unopened and should he try again, will find the AOL account has been [already] blocked to him.


I don’t want to have opened the “edit” page for nothing [see above] and this is tangentially related to the issues Mr Melrath and his ilk represent:

 the ever narrowing of the national party as it becomes absolutely nothing other than a coalition of moderate R, conservative D and conservative R, but not movement Republicans…

Do drop in and kick the Henneberger op / ed contribution in the NYT (not behind a wall).   

Propaganda, sending a message is what it really is.  Reminding the party, they have conceded to the US Catholic Bishops (and any fucked fundie on a street corner with a flyer) and they damned well better not forget.  She just delivered a job.  Don’t miss the length either… when is the last time you read a two pager on the guest Op/Ed page at the so tired NYT…

Who is her father confessor I wonder – and why so little progeny in her home?  (she lectures, her life gets discussed), as it is all for the Glory of God and Fodder for a Century of War?

Henneberger is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and earned a graduate degree in European Studies from the Catholic University of Louvain in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium.

Henneberger is married to Bill Turque, an editor at The Washington Post. They live in Maryland with their 8-year-old twins.

In case you, as a liberal supporter of ever expanding rights, thought the party, ANYONE IN IT, gave a flying fuck about you.  All they want is to absorb (they think) Main St Republicans.

We are just seeing the full final colonisation of the D party by Republicans.

Today, in a similarly oblivious way, the leading Democratic presidential contenders are condemning the Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold a ban on the procedure known as partial-birth abortion. An overwhelming majority of Americans, polls show, support a ban. Legal scholars have underscored the narrowness of the ruling in the partial-birth case, Gonzales v. Carhart, which does not even outlaw all late-term abortions. Yet the leading Democratic candidates, all of whom are lawyers, choose to overstate its impact.

Hillary Clinton called the decision “a dramatic departure from four decades of Supreme Court rulings that … recognized the importance of women’s health.” Barack Obama echoed that it “dramatically departs from previous precedents safeguarding the health of pregnant women.” Though John Edwards was one of only two United States senators who did not cast a vote on the bill in 2003, he, too, found the decision to uphold that law “ill-considered and sweeping,” and “a stark reminder of why Democrats cannot afford to lose the 2008 election.”

Actually, it is a stark reminder of how fully capable they all are of losing it. A Democratic senator I spoke with recently did not see the disconnect between public opinion and the party’s position on Carhart as any reason to worry: “Make no mistake; this is a pro-choice country, period.”

The candidate commentary is GOTV propaganda.  And she knows it.  The party has capitulated.  What little was left, what little there ever was.

THEN she pitches this greasy spit ball as well:

Most people differentiate between a fetus in the early weeks of development and at nearly full term, and draw the line at a procedure that Democratic Senator Pat Moynihan regarded as


hmm.  So tired of not only closeted creeps interfering to suit their pathology, but old dead still closeted bitches still interfering, thru the mouthpiece of a Henneberger..

Truly:   Did Moynihan ever ever ever go home — to his wife?

Earlier in his career in the Senate, Moynihan had expressed his annoyance with the adamantly pro-choice interest groups petitioning him and others on the issue. He complained to them saying,

“you women are ruining the Democratic Party with your insistence on abortion.”[1]

This woman is gone from the party, for just that sentiment above.  And for Obey, “you liberals”.  And for Kerry allowing Dukakis his first night of real sleep since ’88.  Kerry out did that run, in a flash.  For the war vote. 

For lying and pointing fingers at women.

Hey, BOO Them All!  Not just at some quite stupid little in-house parade called Take Back America.

  yes it is in San Francisco, and on public property ... No less!


Spilt milk? Spoiled milk? Struggles in Blogoland? Boyz in a tizz whizz? Tiny violins playing? 7 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, Iraq War, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  Kittens in Paradise, Paris May 1, 2002

Sounds like any old evening in BlogSnottery.  But be sure and finger the unnamed woman (she is many) as Official Scarlet Woman.

Clue:  The trouble is between Boyz.  Always was, always will be.  As will the denouement be between Boyz.  And a stray Blog Maid,  or better two Blog Maids…  

Boyz do need housekeepers around… to dust and mop up.  Wipe them down.. 😉

Really, here is a thought!.. beloveds with FP spots to offer should take Armando/Drahma Tent in.  Why not?

Opera Glasses and Popcorn!  Enjoy! 


lucid’s comment from the thread… by popular acclaim:

39. lucid – 8 March 2007[Edit]

reflects the military’s new counterinsurgency doctrine, which puts a premium on sustained efforts to try to win over a wary population.

Oh, happy days. They’re just wary. Let’s just play them some 50’s classic pop about wary hearts and they’ll suddenly succomb to the soothing sounds of having their neighbors blown up, and thier kids imprisoned, and their girlfriends raped… They’re just wary because, even though they maintained the only successful non-religious, somewhat free civil society in the ’70’s and early ’80’s in the middle east, we ‘re just hoisting too much freedom on them. They’ll come around really, just play them “Only You” by The Platters and their hearts will just melt.


Have a quadruple espresso … 7 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Lie Down Fall Down Dems.

  Cafe de Flore Paris 1971

Oh, I should be embarrassed… but I’m not!

Is this the longest car wreck?  Ever?  Still in motion, if rather sad and lonely motion…

  •  Wrong again (0+ / 0-)

    You have no idea what you are talkng about.

    That has nothing to  do with it.

    Are some of his little friends feeding you that BS?

    Let’s Go Gators!

    by Big Tent Democrat on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 07:56:16 PM PST

    [ Parent ]

    •  OMG!! That comment…. (1+ / 0-)

      Recommended by:

      …actually sounds like hrh in her most unhinged phase.  Awhile back, I suggested a deep breath, and got that same “You don’t know anything” reply.

      Without knowing the particulars, I’m pretty sure of the following:  Anyone who swats off the suggestion that a few deep breaths are almost always a useful idea is getting unhinged themselves.

      You do get very bratty sometimes, and probably most others would have been banned sooner.  Auto-banned, in fact.  Don’t understand the insistence on burning bridges.

      Safe journey, wherever you go.  And even the occasional deep breath, eh?

      “Every single Democratic candidate is immeasurably better than what we have in the White House now.” – Sen. Joe Biden paraphrased

      by Land of Enchantment on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 08:38:14 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

      •  Omigod! (2+ / 0-)

        Recommended by:
        JPete, Same As It Ever Was

        You don;t know either.

        You see, unlike you and hrh, I know what I am talking about when it comes to office politics at daily kos.

        I  can not imagine why you would even write that comment.

        Let’s Go Gators!

        by Big Tent Democrat on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 08:56:30 PM PST

        [ Parent ]

        •  I don’t claim to know much about… (1+ / 0-)

          Recommended by:
          Major Danby

          …office politics at Kos.  But it’s possible that my knowledge is something beyond a subset of your knowledge.  That I might actually know one or two things you don’t know.  Likely, even.

          I’ve been alive a little while, and have encountered plenty of varieties of human dynamics in groups.  Some more byzantine and ruthless than anything Daily Kos could ever dream of.  (Since our lives are mostly conducted outside of here, and there’s only been a very few years for convoluted intrigue to develop.)

          Mostly, I’m becoming convinced that you’re more thin skinned than I previously thought.  So it goes.

          Safe journeys to you.  At whatever you do.

          “Every single Democratic candidate is immeasurably better than what we have in the White House now.” – Sen. Joe Biden paraphrased

          by Land of Enchantment on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 09:20:36 PM PST

          [ Parent ]

    •  OMG, i’m THE MAN! (0 / 0)

      yes, i am in immediate and constant contact with them! OMG!!!

      in fact, i’m IMing with all the current and past FPers — well, except you — at this very moment! it’s so fun! we’re dissing Anna Nicole’s funeral and Britney’s new do! OMG OMG OMG!

      ::good gawd almighty::

      what it boils down to is this: i made a direct hit. you don’t like it. so you’re having a fit and making wild accusations.

      but BTD, how many people at this site have been through so much worse? and you’re complaining about a troll rating and a warning?

      but whatever. at least now you have the martyrs gathering ’round you to ensure you don’t see the error of your ways and to keep fueling this wild paranoia. not a one of us can save you from that – only you can. it’s your choice: fall into the embittered angry pit — or join us here in reality. 🙂

      so i’ll leave you with it. go join peeder and whoever and carry on about all the secrets being passed to the extremely dangerous OMG COOKIEBEAR!!! OMG OMG! dkos’ newest THE MAN! … or return to the realm of the living

      ::bangs head against wall, returns to the much more interesting and definitely more exciting wholesale order i’m getting to make at Frontier Herbs::

      No, I’m more liberal than you!

      by cookiebear on Tue Mar 06, 2007 at 09:39:11 PM PST

      [ Parent ]

View Story | 718 comments

In case, by any chance, you wanted to be “up tp date”… that is the latest as of putting this page together…   Earlier, he natters on about who is “admin” and who is the “face” of the blog.

Good lord!… ws there a worse manager of a business enterprise than Kos?  Shitkickers, comment / abuse people / click / refresh / rinse and repeat addicts, all in a row…  and raking in the dubious ad money.  I have to laugh if this broken down display (and the “great” DH, DD, others, are no different) was ever to be the online Reid ”rapid response machine”.  Or much of anything…

What a scam!  Last… take a look at the FP.  My take, he is still missing a premium ad (9K a week) and the second spot as well.  Further, the revolving ads show Taegan Godard’s Political Wire and Jeralyn’s Talk Left.

Nice of them… or, like the top banner, week after week, giveaways.  Last I looked the banner was, forevermore, the religious slobberation and collection plate pass, Street Profits. Another underperforming effort at extending the shakey franchise. 

Fun to watch.  Keep it up Boyz…


This, from the AP, just up in the SF Chron:

Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias of New Mexico told the Senate Judiciary Committee he was fired after the state’s senior U.S. senator, Republican Pete Domenici, called him at home in late October and asked whether the prosecutor planned to indict top local Democrats in a corruption case.

The call came just days before one of the country’s most hotly contested House elections between New Mexico Rep. Heather Wilson and Democrat Patricia Madrid. Corruption was a key issue in the race and an indictment of a top Democratic official could have had an impact, the prosecutor testified.

“(Domenici) said, ‘Are these going to be filed before November?’ ” Iglesias said. “I said I didn’t think so. To which he replied, ‘I’m very sorry to hear that.’ And then the line went dead.”

“I felt leaned on, I felt pressured to get these matters moving,” Iglesias told lawmakers. Five weeks after the phone call, he was fired.

So.  Democrats.  Lend me your ears… what are you gonna DO?  And what shall you do about Domenici, whom y’all love to hate in little asides about senility… and, what shall you do about WIlson?

Because this comment at the end of the last thread is what I see:

67. supersoling – 7 March 2007[Edit]
all the breathless celebrating of Libby’s conviction across the so called Left blovisphere is nauseating. Uh…Reid’s nipples are still sagging, Fitzgerald is going back to his day job, whatever that ever was, punk ass Bush is warming up his pardon pen and the Vampire Cheney is getting his clots cleaned to make way for more bloodshed.…and oh, we need to keep crossing over and voting for more uselss democrats now. What a sick fucking state of affairs. Sunk it is.


Lotta bullshit out there… ;) 16 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, DC Politics, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had.

  La Louche is a low life snob! 

As I said, La Louche would be on an island for a respite… champers at the ready… but she is simply an entertaining fiction, serving as an alter ego and diversion.. 😉

This of course, again from the OPOL diary, is one of the core problems with a site that is top down, thug run, lid on it, tied by the shoe laces to the Democratic party:

 we don’t know the whole truth (4+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
StupidAsshole, SFprogressive, godislove, jfm

and someday we will have to make room for this discussion.

Remember to call Congress and call often

by lisastar on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:32:42 AM PST

[ Parent ]


and miracle of miracles, what is just a little farther down (and I remember testvet’s diaries):

 OPOL keep blasting and saying it LOUD they will (12+ / 0-)

Recommended by:
Jett, Lipstick Liberal, Euroliberal, venice ca, mmcole, Annalize5, blueoasis, creeper, One Pissed Off Liberal, godislove, Catrina, LightningMan

listen,  I never expected to learn at 47 that the CIA had used me in mind control experiments while I was in the Army at Edgewood Arsenal I am hardly a hippie  and I am definately not a right wing loonie  I am just an average American who joined the Army because of family, I trusted my Chain of Command and they in turn turned me over to Nazis the CIA snuck into the US after WW2  and then let the bastards do human experiments on 7120 enlisted Army soldiers the CIA  had gotten DOD to recruit and abuse   where is our justice? even now 3 decades later  Congress does nothing and I will keep protesting it  that is our right as American citizens free speech  just say it often and loud

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with but one step”

by testvet6778 on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:17:09 AM PST


Yes, well… some people benefit from controlling the conversation… and that is part of the problem. Nancy has her list of what is “off the table” as do the party organs.

Note to banshee: apologies if I bore you.


UPDATE, 6:20 pm in San Francisco… 😉

My.  Stress in Blahgstrasse.  Well… I recall an email a few weeks ago from wilfred, commenting on some flap doodle the Boyz were on about… the gist was, stress among the natives:  The congress they bitched at people over, shut people down over, shut off conversation over… and it will be as limp in the majority as it has been for years in the minority.

That would be a bingo!  wilfred wins!

[Q]uite a few Democrats took, and continue to take, great pains to make it known that they disapproved of Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan being hired by the Edwards campaign.  

[oops! not all that happy with the Salon article?  Tizzy Whizzy that the campaigns did not take the blogger advice to stand up?  What party do you think you are dealing with here?  -Mcat] 

However, none of the same people are making it known that they found Young comments offensive, and that they would like to see the Washington Times journalist who propagated the false quote be fired. This is because, ever since Clinton denounced Sistah Souljah, many Demcorats have convinced themselves that distancing themselves from their own party is the surest path to political and media fame as a Democrat. It is in this way that virtually every single media scandal about someone saying something outrageous, offensive or vulgar focuses on Democrats and progressives. This is one of the reasons why we are the ones always apologizing, where Republicans and conservatives are the ones always on the attack.

For a party whose main image problem is that we don’t seem “tough,” it is pathetic and self-fulfilling that the only people are [sic] “leaders” are willing to be tough on are ourselves. For crying out loud, take advantage of these moments when they come to you. Have some respect for yourselves.   

Are you talking to the… Democrats???

Don’t let Republicans demand you apologize for year-old comments made by random junior staffers while their elected officials call for your murder on the floor of the House. Why would anyone respect a party that acts like that? How pitiful can we be, as we beg for mercy even after we took the majority in both House of Congress? If the Democratic Party doesn’t learn to respect itself, and find that it is more important to denounce Republicans than it is to Sistah Souljah every single person in your own party, not only can we forget about winning the White House in 2008, but our time in power on Capitol Hill will be short lived indeed. [snip]

My.  Maybe someone can get Bill to invite him back to Harlem for Red Devil’s Food Cake…  That did seem to to do the trick…

This was an amazing day for me. I felt a tremendous swelling of patriotic pride and love for America when I attended this meeting. Here I was, with a group of my friends and colleagues, meeting with one of our nation’s Presidents because our small, do-it-yourself political operation had drawn his attention. I mean, this is largely work I have completed and a movement to which I have contributed from the bedroom of my apartment in West Philly. Somehow, in only a few years, this resulted in meeting with a former President of the United States. As I was thinking about this, I quickly remembered that President Clinton attended a public high school Arkansas (as I did in Liverpool, New York), and rose to become President of the United States. And here we were, conversing with one another as citizens, overlooking the New York City skyline, which is quite possibly the greatest architectural achievement in the history of humanity. And we were doing it in a neighborhood, Harlem, which has never been particularly wealthy but whose residents produced some of the greatest works of art worldwide in the 20th century. It was a dizzying and remarkable moment that reminds you just what the true promise of this nation really is, of the greatness we have achieved, and of the still yet untapped potential of America to accomplish far greater things still. As I walked back to the subway with Atrios after the meeting, crossing streets named after other great Americans who achieved far more than anyone had expected–Adam Clayton Powell, Martin Luther King, Malcom X–I could not stop thinking about how utterly vast our potential as a nation is. American democracy indeed.  [snip]

I would have inserted grafs, but the gush oops! I mean rush of it is stronger in the original format, the unbroken roll out…

Don’ t miss the thread.  Commenters were not impressed…


UPDATE, 4:30 am Saturday… balmy night on the Pacific Ocean…

Oh I fought with myself, manfully I did!, over posting this hmmm entertaining sub thread that landed in the InBox.  I donned a black belt to fight with myself.  Not sure who won, but here it is!

 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (4+ / 0-)

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During the Blizzard of 2006, I commented on the current snow fall acculamation.

“It was five inches when I checked two hours ago.”

Since then, that statement has been attributed to me describing something else.  As I have been telling these two for the past year, a yard stick would be required.  

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 06:24:37 PM PST

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Open topic thread.

What’s it all about… and who ARE these people… 16 February 2007

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Big Box Blogs, Blonde Sense, la morte de St Germain Dog - the best the BLAHgers had, Political Blogs.

  The donkeys laugh at the rank and file

Not sure anyone can stand more of it… but via Danny Glover at National Journal‘s Beltway Blogroll… The Bloggers are still talking (La Louche’d be on an island for a week smoking gilt tipped pale rose and violet cigarettes, flutes of Veuve Clicquot at the ready, but what the hell) and others are still observing…

I did read thru the Marcotte entry at Salon (very quick one screen ad) as I was certain I would be interested in different snips than Danny Glover… and yes I was interested in a different snip:

As I noted at the time of my resignation, the majority of the hate mail I was receiving was from men, and almost all the e-mails made note of my gender or suggested that I would be a more pleasant woman if I wasn’t so “angry.” Bluntly put, I find it hard to believe that many men would end up being denounced on TV for using words like “fuck” or “cunt” on their blog and expect to receive piles of e-mail offering an opportunity to suck the sender’s dick.

I dunno, call DD/LV – he and his Blahgger Support Boyz may know….

Regardless of its motive, the result of the smear campaign was to send a loud, clear signal to young feminist women. It tells them that campaigning for Democratic candidates, and particularly doing so in positions that would help the candidate connect with young feminist communities like the one that thrives in the blogosphere, is a scary, risky prospect. There are few things like having Bill O’Reilly work himself into a pearl-clutching fit while speaking your name over the air, or watching your in box fill to the brim with sexually violent, threatening e-mails. Young feminists certainly picked up on the message. As one wrote in a blog post tracking back to Pandagon, “I will never, ever go into any sort of actual work on any political campaign. I still might have to close off my original teenage wasteland-style blog. People will gleefully tear you apart any day of the week — but I’d rather not have that done to me over politics.”

Yes, with great assist from Bowers  (please note the rather tart reply from moiv, who manages an abortion clinic in a red state) and not a little from The BLoggers themselves, the theme is that the women were victimised, in fact terrorised! – and so they fled.  With hordes of similarly affected women behind them.

Oh puh-leese.  What about politics – and the politics of religion in the game – have y’all  missed for the past nearly 30 years?  Donohue is a killer operative and made his play.  A big one.  The Bloggers (not limited to Marcotte and McEwan) were chicken tenders, dispensed with rather quickly for maximum effect.  The Edwardses are the hapless Southern Baptists (where ever they may drop their white christian donations these days) in this mess of an Event…

There is this from Joan Walsh at Salon (emphasis is mine):

The backlash to the Edwards scoop, even more than the outcry over our Obama stories, was puzzling but also enlightening. We weren’t the only people who had solid information that Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan had been told they were leaving the Edwards campaign.

But if any bloggers knew, they didn’t report it. The bloggers closed ranks around the Edwards campaign, some even claiming that Salon had gotten the story wrong. There were suggestions, in Salon letter threads as well as in blogger-to-blogger whispers — it was loud; we could hear you! — that we’d peddled misinformation, or perhaps been peddled it, to help Hillary Clinton.

Before the Marcotte-McEwan meltdown, liberal blogfathers [STOP THAT!  they are NOT liberal! – Mcat] Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas Zuniga and MyDD founder Jerome Armstrong came under scrutiny, even attack, for their work on behalf of Democratic candidates, especially former Virginia Gov. Mark Warner. (Armstrong was on his payroll; Kos was merely friendly, but surprisingly friendly given Warner’s centrism.)

[JOAN!  JOAN!  Kos and Jerome are NOT liberal/left/progressives – at all!  Please get this straight!] 

Then Warner announced he would forgo a 2008 run, as did netroots favorite Sen. Russ Feingold, leaving the field without an official candidate.

When the blog-friendly Edwards campaign — the candidate’s wife Elizabeth has reportedly blogged on lefty sites under an assumed name — hired Marcotte from Pandagon and McEwan from Shakespeare’s Sister, it was hailed as a victory for the blogosphere. Thus preventing their firing, or denying it had ever happened, became crucial for building “the movement,” as MyDD’s Chris Bowers so often describes his blog colleagues’ goal.

But what is “the movement,” and what are its goals? Is it correcting, challenging, augmenting and maybe someday replacing the staid, arrogant, sometimes corrupt, rarely courageous titans of the mainstream media? Or is it replacing a tired and politically timid field of Democratic consultants with a new generation of cyberspace kingmakers? Of course, there’s room for both in the liberal blogosphere. But can individual bloggers do both? [snip]

I’d say smart campaigns will vet and have a tightly configured contract for the blogger/hire to sign.  Bloggers who want (all too desperately) to work for the narrow, tired, corrupt game of Two Party politics will start writing about the politicians’ pets, children and wives… rather than the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM), Holy Jism and Plan B all in the same breath.  AND hook up with the goals of the DFLA to push 95/10, along the way to the Holy Jism…

Compromise” means time to blather about women’s morality, but still not about men

Published by Amanda Marcotte October 3rd, 2006 in Abortion Rights

As I indicated yesterday, I think the 95-10 legislation is a good bill for pro-choicers. Since we are pro-choice, we have supported women’s right to choose how she wants to manage her reproductive life. Choice means it’s on the woman; whatever her reasons, they are hers and not ours to use political means to constrain.* That means if women are making choices that they don’t feel are optimal, we pro-choicers want to find out how we can help them make the best choices for them.

The 95-10 legislation was conceived by “pro-lifers” and the ironic thing about it is when “pro-lifers” honestly looked at the actual reasons women have abortions, they found that the best measures to lower the abortion rate is to adopt…..pro-choice proposals we’ve been making since the beginning of the second wave of feminism: Access to contraception, the education to use it, and more assistance to women to raise the children they do want. This clearly bugs the “pro-lifers” who are reluctantly signing onto this project that the meanie feminists were right all along—every “moderate” on the abortion issue I’ve read who praises the 95-10 legislation admits to the fact that pro-choicers are the exact same people who legalized contraception, advocate for education, and advocate for low-cost contraception. In his article yesterday Saletan acted like pro-choicers just suddenly discovered contraception, even though the plantiff on the landmark contraception rights case Griswold vs. Connecticut was the director of Planned Parenthood, an organization that most “pro-lifers” want to shut down. [snip]

now that Pandagon is up… the articles are accessible…  


For good measure:


by Delaware Dem

Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 11:58:17 AM PST

I have had some close calls with outings. 

Back last fall, a Wilmington News Journal reporter revealed my identity in a story about Biden failing the bar exam.  Back in 2004 or 2005, I had posted, as Delaware Dem here on Daily Kos, a comment talking about the prospective Delaware state races that were upcoming in 2006. In that comment, I referenced the fact that prospective Attorney General candidate Beau Biden had failed the bar on numerous occassions, although he eventually passed. 

This industrious reporter was able to do some googling on “Delaware Dem” and he was able to find out who I really was.  No amount of begging or pleading was going to dissuade him from going ahead with the story on Beau Biden failing the bar, even though my part in the story was trivial at best.

Delaware Dem’s diary :: ::

Well, I had an understanding boss, and there was no harm, no foul.   After considering briefly stepping away from blogging at Daily Kos due to the outing, I continued.   I naively trusted the good will of Kossacks and those on our side of the spectrum in general.
I have just been informed that Mariscat, a founding Kossack who has since been banned from Daily Kos, has posted a picture of myself on her pathetic little WordPress website.  I will not link to it.  I do not want to give the bitch the traffic. Needless to say, this picture is not only another outing of me, but it is also a copyrighted picture owned by my employer, which Mariscat stole for her own uses.  She posted this picture on her website, apparently in oppostion to my opinions here at Daily Kos, although, after reading her rantings, it is hard to tell what she is saying.  Her writing has all the comprehension and grammar skill of a ten year old.

Since the little cowardly bitch has no contact information on her website, I had to contact WordPress itself, and I am pursuing the necessary legal action. 

But, that does not resolve the problem.   I have been a outspoken member of this community for nearly four years, as both Delaware Dean and Delaware Dem.  I have made many good friends here, and while many, even Markos, do not agree with me all the time, we all respect each other and friendly with each other.

Hey, I am even friendly with Big Tent Democrat, pyrrho, and other notable Kossacks who probably oppose everything I stand for.

The problem is the people who do not respect you.  The people who refuse to act civilly, respectfully, or even legally when they disagree with you.

There is too much on Google, and too much is known about me, and my personal life, for me to continue to trust the goodwill of those who shown none to me.

Therefore, this will be my final diary and comment on Daily Kos as Delaware Dem. 

I will still be here, and like other outed well known Kossack, I will be back in time.

But for now, Goodbye.

Tags: GBCW (all tags)


BTW, my email is still at my Info page at both Dkos and BMT.  Perhaps a simple mispelling of my blog name prevented finding it.  Oh those third tier attys… doing third tier work…

And this as well (emphasis mine):

Outing Bloggers

by BooMan
Thu Feb 1st, 2007 at 03:48:21 PM EST

Delaware Dem has been outed by Marisacat and has written a GBCW diary. I happen to know Delaware Dem from our local Drinking Liberally chapter. We enjoy disagreeing about politics over a few beers. I don’t know why some people have the urge to reveal the identities of people that are clearly trying to maintain their anonymity. Is that a cool way of winning an argument? Is that a proper retribution for what you consider to be rude or bullying behavior? I think it is totally lame. Marisacat ranks on me all the time. I don’t mind, although sometimes I have to shake my head at what I consider a bad misreading of what I think and where I stand. But this outing business is beneath contempt. I know Delaware Dem likes to tell people to STFU and get in line and all that. But that is no reason to go post his picture on the internet. Since DD is a lawyer I assume he will be taking some action.

If I were Marisacat I’d take that photo down and apologize…profusely.

Not Cool.


I have to laugh.  The (Edwards) Bloggers never figured out who their compatriots in the “movement” were, or they did not care.  They wanted the linking and the stroking….  And the jobs with The Big Democrats.  Apparently.

What  has been revealed in both Events is that Blahhggers (male and female) do a ton of empty chest beating, missing the point, whining, whinging and all around bullshitting. 

The souffle that never rose for sinking.  Into their laps.

 Seriously. Troll Rate me. Ban me. (8+ / 12-)

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But Mariscat is a bitch, a whore, and a cunt.  Whatever derogatory term you want to use, use.  

by Delaware Dem on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 01:31:58 PM PST

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As Elise is selling/describing/offering her body parts to, I would surmise, anyone reading the thread, the only worthwhile non-knee jerk assessment slides by (who ever called the Boyz really swift missed the boat):

 Sad, really. Your have just thrown away (8+ / 0-)

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the possibility for any meaningful visible role in politics. Your lack of discretion is astounding, counselor.


by Robert Davies on Thu Feb 01, 2007 at 05:57:14 PM PST

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And Marisacat… well, not a victim.  Not fleeing.  What can I say.

Whinge on Boyz. And Assists.


UPDATE, 1:10 pm

Via Danny Glover’s Blog Bits column:

Jerome Armstrong of MyDD is working with Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., to hire an eight-member Internet team for Kerry’s Set A Deadline project to get U.S. troops out of Iraq. Politics and Technology also gave Kerry kudos for running the first Flash advertisement with Blogads in order to promote Set A Deadline. And Kerry was a guest of Heading Left at BlogTalkRadio this week to discuss the project.

Well. Its a paying job… tho the whole thing is pretty transparent as an ego rescue for Kerry.  Democrats will go in 20 directions and then dither.


And in a diary just up at MyDD, California Nurses profile the ’08 field, so far, w/r/t health care:

Health Care Corps. & ’08 Candidates–Today’s SinglePayer Update

Watch your wallet: the health corps are gearing up to lobby, bribe, threaten and cajole the 2008 Presidential candidates.  You can count on them to pressure our leaders for more profit and less reform.  Two of the biggest healthcare corporations/lobbyists, United Healthcare and Blue Cross, are in trouble for patient endangerment, while George Bush looks to hack more money out of Medicare for his Iraq adventures, the Governor of Washington fumbles healthcare reform, and the Governor of California can’t make his healthcare math add up.

Brought to you by the National Nurses Organizing Committee as we organize to make 2007 the Year of SinglePayer Healthcare.

Roll Call takes an early look at the lobbying efforts by health industry groups directed at 2008 candidates.

Short take: it’s not good news. [snip]

… and this:

The American Medical Association has long blocked any genuine reform in the healthcare sector, putting their profits above their patients.  Now their proposals exactly mirror George Bush’s:  

”AMA’s plan calls for a combination of public- and private-sector initiatives to get health coverage for all Americans, he said. Those proposals include tax breaks for people who pay for their own health plans and insurance policies that people take with them from job to job”. [snip]

and this…

The article singles out Hillary Clinton for her closeness to the pharmaceutical industry.  As we have noted earlier (here and here), Mrs. Clinton was the second-highest recipient of money in 2006 from both the insurance and the healthcare sectors of our economy.  Perhaps that explains this:

While Mrs. Clinton has said she intends to issue a universal plan, her focus thus far has been on more incremental change. …Since announcing her White House bid on January 20, she has touted proposals to expand the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, to increase the use of electronic health records, and, most recently, to improve access to lower-cost prescription drugs.


While I don’t like Edwards’ plan, I give him credit for putting something out.  Romney has, too, although his plan is far worse than doing nothing.  Mrs. Clinton–what about you?  Mr. Giuliani, McCain, Obama–do you have anything to add?  [ooo… towel snap!]

Fun fun fun in the dry and cracking arroyo of American national politics.  How many are running?  20 yet?  Is it possible to get it up again for the eternal ditherers, Biden and Harkin?

Looong two years.


UPDATE, 2:25 pm on the Pacific Ocean… bright and sunny here…  

Really, it is low comedy.  I happened to see OPOL riding at the top of the Rec List.  Never saw the whole thing (I know they think I read the Blahhgers and the Baby Box Car sites religiously, but I don’t) so read.  And what do I see, all on my own, no emails this time, 🙂 [emphasis mine]

 Is it because of the graphics maybe? (7+ / 0-)

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I understand you had problems yesterday, which of course confirmed in the minds of the Obsessive-Compulsive Girlz that there was a conspiracy to keep OPOL down.

Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Fri Feb 16, 2007 at 11:26:32 AM PST

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Tsk.  Get with the script:  that is cunt, bitch, whore

I used to see/read “OPOL” in various comments here and there, and did not know who it was.  Very good diary… deserves to ride at the top of the Rec List. 

Open Topic thread…