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hmm mmm 6 August 2008

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I was completely out of ideas, when, fortunately, a kind emailer sent this… and when I said I’d hunt for a pic of Noel Coward smoking, to go with, even supplied a selection of photos. Well, God Bless America!, as the pols would say… 😉 .. choking on their breath mints.

A snip… a refrain…

There are bad times just around the corner,
There are dark clouds hurtling through the sky
And it’s no good whining
About a silver lining
For we know from experience that they won’t roll by,
With a scowl and a frown
We’ll keep our peckers down
And prepare for depression and doom and dread,
We’re going to unpack our troubles from our old kit bag
And wait until we drop down dead.

If you scroll down at the link, there is an updated version for the American market, NC pulled it out for his Vegas cabaret act…

There are bad times just around the corner,
We can all look forward to despair,
It’s as clear as crystal
From Brooklyn Bridge to Bristol
That we CAN’T save Democracy
And we don’t much care.
At the sound of a shot
We’d just as soon as not
Take a hot-water bad and retire to bed
And while the press and the politicians nag nag nag
We’ll wait until we drop down dead.

No need to update, I say!

In other news… I see Paris replied. Heh. Go Girl! I may not ever have “joined the women” but I will stand with the blondes (add Britney and Lohan, she got a good one off back at Bratton, that Guiliani creep). Especially when dismissed as bimbos. And more especially as Celeb Bimbos (surely one capitalises this?).

I am not surprised it/her reply is deft, I caught her appearance on SNL a few days after the so! scandalous! video!. She was very adept. Does she write her own content? Who fucking cares.

You want Bimbo? Political pundit class. Every last one of them.

Trite stuff? Not the ”big” issues? The POLS won’t be doing shit about the “rully big stuff”, either.

This is not big stuff either: Life is tough. But not tooooooo tough.

If you have liquids in the mouth, swallow now:

His fund-raisers invariably say their support for him is not rooted in any kind of promise of access, but rather their belief in him.

“This is about Barack Obama and changing the direction of our country,” said Jonathan B. Perdue, a business consultant in Mill Valley, Calif., who has raised more than $250,000 for Mr. Obama’s campaign.

Think he said that choking on breath mints.

It’s a hot night.. 4 September 2007

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   Divine in Pink Flamingos, John Waters Film, '72

… have a thread. 

BTW, that does not look like a Baretta to me.  I am sure Divine had other persuasions… 😉  Thanks to Intermittent Bystander for reminding me


Clue: Marisacat is here… 28 June 2007

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   What can I say, my mother, a red head, smoked English Ovals and wore Revlon's Lilac Champagne lipstick and nail polish.  Pyrrho smoking fell short. 

Well there seem to be some too cute efforts around to send me on vacation or slam the garbage can lid on my head.

Still here.  Sorry to disappoint.

Audition tape… “Marisacat on Vacation”

This defines jejune.  I got as far as the first awkward clutch of the cigarette.  My mother was an elegant smoker, for the ages.   Why observe studied awkwardness, if not a required course.   If, as wilfred says, YouTubes just look like audition tapes (and he is right – even the great ones) the camera angle is beyond unfortunate.  One is forced to engage with the front teeth.

I moved on.  Swiftly.  YMMV.

UPDATE:  oops!  Incoming from wilfred, please quote him accurately, so, straight from the email:

hey quote me accurately 🙂

i said ‘podcasts’ are audition tapes (not ‘YouTubes’) which is not plural, kind of like Bush’s ‘internets’).

But it’s always regrettable when a unique voice leaves the arena.

Keep me laughing:  Still here.


Will be up later with something on the rather too effective reversal of Brown v Board of Education (oh right Kennedy slightly left the school door open.  His Catholic Dorothy Day trickle down charity.  We are showered with goodness and light – for thine is the power and the glory) and the – stunning!  I am so so stunned! – loss of the senate immigration bill.

Did you love it the other day when Bush, so helpfully, said it IS an amnesty bill… effectively garrotted it.  Well, try try again.

Oh they are so tricky, the really big big boyz.


In case you thought this was a … post:

No, just explaining, Marisacat is here (for those with eyes) and that threads are still closed.  Til further notice:  I discovered a great and wonderful thing when I shut threads… I had so much more energy.  I enjoyed the threads (another clue, I am a consumer, a true news junkie, the threads brought news and links) but it took endless time to monitor and maintain.  Read and at least be aware of links in 175- 250 comments a day.  Several times an hour sift thru not just moderation filter but also spam file for mis directed real comments.

St Germain Dog, when he spammed me for two weeks last summer, threatened to put a spam bot on me.  I would get up to 800 spam a day.  Who knows, perhaps he did.  If you just dump spam, who cares, but i had to go thru it, day after day for comments.  That gets wearing.

And – I got this wonderful one line email a couple days ago, from somewhere in the midwest:

You are on fire.  You should turn off comments more often. Outstanding


For those who also miss threads, I am looking into Haloscan.  One thing is certain, it can never again be as time consuming as it was.

Thanks for all the great participation, threads were a very real part of Mcat.  And hopefully will be again.

But as I say above, slam the trash can lid all you like.


Off the Blog till later in the week… 18 June 2007

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     oh right!  spilled milk!  Sorry!  not crying...  

 probably Thursday, there abouts..  Too much hanging fire at home that needs care.

If you emailed, I have replied to you.  Some very kind words and thoughts, thanks.  One person made me laugh.  Quite a lot.

Several have asked that when I enable comments to please email them:  that I will do.  If threads re-open it will likely be weeks, not days… 

If you’d like to be emailed when comments are enabled, let me know:  Marisacat at AOL com

VAGreen left a comment [which sits in moderation, threads are closed], FYI, I used the email you registered with to reply to you. 

One person I have asked to cease emailing.  Seems that is a hard request:  back off.  I just made it as plain as can be…

I will say what I have said all along:   politics interests me, it always has and I won’t stop writing about it.  The B-B-Blogs are, sad to say, a fucked part of politics, a choke point.  I won’t – LOL – stop writing about them.  And the “made men”, as someone put it in an email tonight… 8)


The world is weary… 18 May 2007

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  Dolomites flowers 

inevitably though, spring is somewhere.  I saw these fiori di montagne, mountain flowers in the Dolomites – and was reminded of an interview Chris Hedges gave in 2005.  I could not find my original essay using it, from LSF… but did find the interview and an old comment of mine from Marisacat.

So I strung them together. 

War, brutality, criminality and failure seem all around…

Hedges on Love and Resistance, several poignant passages, but this:

SARAH: Many of the people who read YES! opposed the war—we were out on the street demonstrating, trying to persuade our government not to take us to war. I think many of us feel powerless and frustrated, and a great deal of grief about what has happened in Iraq.

CHRIS: First, remember that the opposition to the Vietnam War took 10 years to build. It’s a long, slow process.

Second, we can’t be saved by what we can accomplish, because if we did, we’d fall into despair. I had a great theology professor who used to tell me that, for intellectuals, faith is an embarrassment. Focus on what you do this day: don’t give in to cynicism, because then you are defeated. To get up and carry out an act that may seem not only insignificant but absurd gives you a sense of worth and meaning, and allows you to participate in an act (however small) of resistance.

When I covered the war in Kosovo, the Serbs would go into villages and gun down innocent people, families—line them up against the wall and kill them. Then they would block the roads into the village so that we reporters couldn’t get in. We would have to walk in, often for hours and hours, chronicle what happened, at great danger to ourselves, and then get the news out and publish it.

That didn’t stop the Serbs from getting up the next morning and killing again. But we found that  our activity sustained us, because it was an act of resistance. It made it harder for the Serb forces to deny that the killing had taken place. It chronicled yet one more atrocity against innocent civilians, innocent Kosovar Albanians.

I think the cumulative effect of taking a moral stance, over time, is slow and hard and frustrating. If you go back and read Martin Luther King’s autobiography, you see what kind of despair he faced in the early years of the Civil Rights movement.

Sustain yourself through community and try not to become too focused on what you can accomplish, because it may very well be that, by the time we’re gone, the world will be a worse place. But we have to validate our own existence, our own morality, our own life. And that comes by taking a stance, by standing up and remaining human. And there are times when remaining human is the only resistance possible.

And a line – or two –  from my old comment:

I think it may be time for me to post an interview from early 2005 with Chris Hedges of “War is a force…”, he speaks beautifully of the struggle just to stay human in tough political times…

One reason I take very seriously the scheisse hole that Kos and KosThugs and assorted Whacks built.

And intend to post against that sort of thing … as long as I have a keyboard. AND brains. I did not come online, get addicted to some bubbly hype and lose my brains as unnoticed effluvia during the night.

LOL. Take that thugs.



A reminder of how the Blahgs take orders… 26 March 2007

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from a blown up minivan, August 4 2006

An Open Thread… aren’t they all… if I find things will pop them up…


Open Thread… one that elevates the past few days… 26 March 2007

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which began with a noxious, considering the source not the act, sexual advisory to a commenter at Mcat… However with a swift brush, we move on from that, as well as away from awkward and horrific allusions from the ignorant – to Columbine, lynchings, etc…

Egophelia, a French site, is a drifting reverie, imagery – art, photography, graphics – and poetry, essay, audio —  with the most developed section on woman, etre une femme.

One of the marvellous images is a Hokusai print from 1820, La revie d’une femme du pecheur:  Dream of the fisherman’s wife.

 A many tentacled dream it is …

  Hokusai Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

post as you like in the thread…


“She got what was coming to her” – only been said forever: 26 March 2007

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feels good | igetintoalotofscenes@yahoo.com | IP:

i get into a lot of scenes, including kidnap and rape scenes. and i am a hardcore feminist who stars in porns. i love engaging in triple penetration.

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cheerleader | ilovefootball@dailykos.com | IP:

i was raped in high school by the captain of the football team, and i fell in love with him. he was so tall and muscular, he held me down with one arm. it was fucking hot. now he rapes me every night, and i really get into it.

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truefeminist | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

I get into it too. In fact, true feminists now rape is really subversive.

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igetintoalotofscenes | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

oh. penetration.

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Marisacat wants it rough | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

Yes, i too get into a lot of scenes. oh.


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Marisacat wants it rough | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

i let my husband rape me on a daily basis. i even wear a babydoll for him, a babydoll with a little stain.

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Marisacat wants it rough | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

i shave my pussy every two days for my husband, and i let him come all over my face.

Mar 26, 1:08 AM — [ Edit | Delete | View Post ] — Bulk action:  Approve    Spam    Delete    Defer until later

Marisacat wants it rough | marisacat@democrats.org | IP:

My husband raped me so many times, I am paralyzed. I cannot even walk, and my husband thinks that is really hot.

Mar 26, 1:14 AM — [ Edit | Delete | View Post ] — Bulk action:  Approve    Spam    Delete    Defer until later


There won’t be anything else added to this post.


Well… there’s opera glasses and then there’s… 25 March 2007

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   Norwegian peacekeeper, Israel

Tho Boyz flatter themselves however… I had to have “slouise” explained to me (sorry, was not reading then) and I just read my first OPOL diary in February.  The place was set in motion years ago.  Now we are on endless re-tread.  Everywhere!

Basically it all became so predictable.  As for the “troubles” of BMT and MLW… well they keep exchanging pacifiers and nipples for the baby bottles.  That, essentially, is their problem.  Maybe a good German baby nurse could sort them out…

I hear, but have not read (sorry! he is predictable!) that Armando is well ensconced at MLW.  Good.  I hope he is still an Admin. So easy that way…  He needs a home where he can trash and slash.  Go for it!

I am still pushing for So Cal Lefties Get Together (I can see the T-shirts! Cafe Press, cue MLW, always up for a buck).  Meteor to go out to the valley (any valley) and visit with Msoc.

Unity 08!  Live it!  Know it!  And then… you know what is coming:

Sell it!

aw…. not to disappoint:

Chevron on a triscuit.  If it pays them, they will march right on over.


yes, as I find things will pop them up… 😉


UPDATE, 7:35 pm on the Pacific Ocean

 Oh I am excercised!  I am very very upset!  I am stamping my size 6 foot (make something of it, I dare you!) and I am wringing my tiny, tiny white hands (make something of it, I dare you!)…


I know you will be very distressed… sit down. Have a bracing cognac ready, to revive yourself.

[Y]ou disingenuous bitch.  You sure played the “Taking care of my sick husband” card to get sympathy while on your fluffy little morning show, and yet when these two strong people ask for no sympathy and deal with grace and strength, you bait them like that.

Shame on you.

Oh Ooops.  I see now.  They (it ws quite the groupy little effort) are writing about Katie Couric. 

Not a woman.  Not a mother.  Not the widow of a cancer victim.  I am actually quite disinterested, these are merely facts.  I am not endorsing Katie.  I don’t, as it happens, watch her anymore.

OK… there is some [cough strangle choke] assumption that Blahgers, and Baby Blahgers / Blahgerettes / OperativaDivas are a “protected class”? 

You do understand this is the thrust of what is going on, they are to engage with the political slu$h mu$h me$$ and be beyond reproach from the online political news and information consumers, the readers, voters and thinkers.

So… they think I fall for that ?  moi?

Disabuse yourselves of that immediately.


Excuse me!  I missed the closing line and it is special.  You know, “Special!”, like the sales tables at Macy’s or Gimbels.  Or Bloomies.

I’d stick to feeling up water nymphs and leave the real journalism to serious women.


UPDATE, 9:57 pm in San Francisco..

IOZ has a rumination (from Saturday, I am catching up) posted that ranges from the fired USAAGs

 Justin has written a definitive account of the significance of the so-called purge of US Attorneys, which is that it’s not significant. The point of interest, if there is one, is entirely the position of the President in the matter, which is to withhold the testimony of his aides, or, if they are to testify, to require that it be done in secret and without oaths. Jon Stewart summarized it neatly: “Why can’t Karl Rove go up to Capitol Hill, put his hand on a bible, and tell the fucking truth?” Stranger things have happened, but not many.

to the wars we might expect under HIllary-Obama-Edwards-Whomever to the snippet below, at the close.  And I surely do agree.  Had Kerry won, had it become ‘Kerry’s War’ (think of the convention salute!), watch the BlahgSnotteries change their tune.  Tho they edge to pro war, even now..

I’ll be eager to see how the fabled Netroots responds to that development. Personally, I suspect that the big-boy Donkle bloggers will be singing a very different tune than the current antiwar anthem when a President Obama or H. Clinton or Edwards decides to show off our indispensibility.

Yes I am sorry (in a rhetorical sort of way) for the blahgs that tied their hoped for prosperity and their potential for notoriety to the Dkos/BlogAds/BlogPAC franchise. 

It may get pinched, that bright and buxom future..  Do I think the online tools of the Dem party are “going away”, No I don’t.  But we may be at stasis, endless treading of water for the compromised..


Popcorn anyone? Butter? 25 March 2007

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   hmmm maybe a bigger machine?  Do you think?

hmmm… Tense much?

Meteor Blades – 25 March 2007

Hahahahahahaha! “They” SENT me here? You have such an exalted opinion of this little cul de sac. I was laughed at by the few at DKos who knew I was posting here for trying to engage through a barrage of personal insults based on lies, selective quotations and truncated quotations from things I had written.

Protected? Puhleez.

Nobody is above legitimate criticism. Certainly, not I. But if 90% of the commenters here would spend half as much time taking on our real enemies as they do gossiping like junior high students, you’d have a site worth visiting more than once every six months.

Oddly, I do think Nonpartisan’s “corner of corners” was slightly more inventive.  Or alliterative.

But the 60s guy tried.  Beard and all…

The trick of the thing is, they need to be certain, absolutely certain, that when they throw the bone you beg for (mind you, I have made it clear over and over, never wanted their bones!) but when they throw that bone, you are supposed to pole dance with it.

Then they feel safe. You are performing for them.

Sorreee!  Wrong site.. 😉 and wrong woman.


Yes those groceries still need to be put away.  The site is on moderation.  I will try to ensure that comments are not held up too long.

And as I find things that might be of interest will pop them up.


Yes yes… my my .. There is a bigger world out there.  A world that is affected by Chevron ads.  Corporate sell out.  I am sure you have heard of corporate sell out… and Chevron ads…

People running for Pretzeldent with no Health Care plan.  Not that it matters.  Eventually we will get shoved into some revamped version of the RomSchwartWydEdw plan.  All of whom sell out to the insurance companies.

So maybe Obama is refreshing in that he does not care.  Have a laugh — and remember, they have found him some Irish relatives!  Soo rare in America!  I am sure they are hunting for Jewish ancestors :


The junior senator from Illinois admitted he does not yet have a health care plan but said he will announce one in the next few months.

“The basic principles,” he said, “are everybody is in it, there has to be more money for prevention, and some form of pooling of costs and risks. If we have another forum in a few months and my plan is still not on my Web site, I will be in trouble.”

hmmmmmm?  Responsive?  I guess that serves as attentive. He heard the question… and…  he will get on it, maybe…

 How much will it cost and how will he pay for it?

Obama did not mention cost, but said, “I think we are going to have to put some money in on the front end. I think we can make the system more efficient and get a lot of money out of the system. I haven’t foreclosed on needing additional revenues, but we should not underestimate the amount of money that can be saved.”

That is just flat out CONFUSED.

When will we get it?

He didn’t say.

Most intriguing line:

“Every four years, somebody trots out a health care plan. The question is do we have the political will and sense of urgency to actually get it done. I want to be held accountable to get it done.”

Is he really running?  Or is it preamble for a book?