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Speech! (again) 31 August 2010

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Changing times:   The Oval Office has a new look with a modern coffee table, more comfortable sofas, a streamlined Presidential seal and updated, arty pictures as opposed to dull landscapes. The famous bust of Britain’s wartime PM, Winston Churchill, has been replaced by one of Martin Luther King   Daily Mail Photo EPA

oh who said this:

‘My faith teaches me every day about humility. I have been humbled by my imperfections. But my faith also teaches me about forgiveness.

Sounds like Ob doesn’t it?   Or Beck.  Or any number of people bereft of useful brain matter and drooling Jesus onto our lunch plates.

No, it is the mosqueteer developer of the Mosqueria… by way of explaining his somewhat checkered past.   Not a big deal in the RE labyrinth from hell that is NYC… but apparently details previously unknown to Daisy and her Imam.

Ob may speak, but I doubt that Cultural Center ever gets built.  NTIM.

So, speech!  Speak to us O Commander in Chief!!   (Might as well humor the guy.)


Any silly idea left about the cops not being out of control?  Any lingering idea of “serve and protect”?

People in their own home in Marin County, no crime committed, his wife right there begging for them not to tase him, that he had a heart condition and he is tased THREE times.  Twice after he is down on the ground….

 What a fucking horror story.


What… 30 August 2010

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Phoenix, US: Inmates spend their day under tents at the section that houses undocumented immigrants at the jail in Maricopa County [Darren Hauck/EPA]

What is that they have been saying? 

The end to combat in Iraq? 

Something like that, weeks of video clips of pulling out men (women too I am sure) and materiel… Tens of thousands of texters and video gamers, I guess they want us to think, left to control and command… and many more tens of thousands of contract paramilitaries left to do the job…

As if we have retreated to base, ceased house to house, ceased night patrols, ceased clear and hold, much less opened the prisons and released the political prisoners and the innocents, relinquished control of the air – it is we who control the air space over Iraq – we have stopped none of that anywhere in the world, including at “home”, tho Homeland is more accurate.


Oh For Fuck’s Sake… why not just dispatch Barbara to the WH with the Holy Walker Bush Oil of Office and she can annoint Obby as a younger brother to adopted son Bill C?

It smacks of obeisance to the Lord of Texas…

President Obama plans to call former President Bush on Tuesday when he visits Texas to speak to troops, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said.

Obama will address soldiers at Fort Bliss, Texas, before he returns to the Oval Office to speak on the formal end of the U.S. military’s “combat mission” in Iraq.

“I don’t believe there are plans to see him, but my sense is, it will be one of the calls he makes tomorrow,” Gibbs told reporters Monday when asked if Obama will speak with Bush.

She can say something so Barbara, so Bushian … like, ”we’ve always liked Negroes.  er … Africans.  Well… we like some Americans, I know that.  More oil Barry?”

AND I see that Simpson survived comparing all of us to nursing calves.  No surprise…

Heckuva job Obby.

I even caught the last few mins of his remarks today, and I sure missed the pounding action (maybe below camera view the podium reached out and grabbed him… ).  The quote sounded more like a beg to me:

Pounding the lectern, Obama continued:

“Holding this bill hostage is directly detrimental to our economic growth. So I ask Senate Republicans to drop the blockade.”


Speech… 29 August 2010

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I linked to this in the last thread, an illustrated children’s book on, what else?, what Mama Democrats do, having found it at SMBIVA, one of several great posts in a row from Al Schumann… infantilization being the theme…

We’re infantilized all right.  (I like this illustration a lot, as well.)

Speech in New Orleans today…. then, wheels up!  Back to the Vegetable Patch on Penn Ave, then an address to the nation on Tuesday.

A busy social calendar.  Speechmaking is hard work.


down side up…. 28 August 2010

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A burrowing owl chick plays up for Rob Palmers' camera in Pueblo, Colorado

A burrowing owlet plays up for Rob Palmers’ camera in Pueblo, Colorado [Rob Palmer/ Solent]

What a laughable mess we are in… wars all over the place (“the place” being Earth)…. I am supposed to be all whupset over Beck and Palin and dear neice Alveeda King just disporting themselves all over the Lincoln Monument, on today!  of all days!… and I could not care less.

We have killed M L King off so many times, narrowed and tied him down to this one instance in his life, The March on Washington, the “I have a dream” speech, strangled him in his clerical collar… that if stupid over-paid white people (Beck makes 32 mil a year) want to do this… have at it.

New Orleans is “back”, but for persistent blight, which is basically what they are saying… If you don’t like the sorts of R that Bobby Jindahl and Haley are and what they say… why Mitch and Mary [Landrieu] are happy to inform you!  I see Ray Nagin is pleased to present himself for interviews… Even “Heckuva job” Brownie popped up…

Yes SELA, and the coastal regions of MS and AL are so back.  Right.

And, you know, we all have our bibles in hand, authored by BP.


Obby goes to NO tomorrow and speaks to us, I guess, on Tuesday from the Oval.

Spare us please.  He is barely even animated these days.


Love this pic of the trash bin cat in England… the cat is saying:

That woman is going to be very sorry.  Very very sorry.  Sorry as can be.  She is going to be more than sorry…. and I have so many lives left to wreak my vengance… I am going to live a long long time.


Squawk 26 August 2010

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A pelican squarks at a donkey named Apollo 13 at the private animal park owned by Roland Adam, in the Teutoburg forest, near Horstel, Lower Saxony, Germany

A pelican squawks at a hapless donkey named Apollo 13 at the private animal park owned by Roland Adam, in the Teutoburg forest, near Horstel, Lower Saxony, Germany     [ANIMAL PRESS / BARCROFT MEDIA]

I think the pelican in Saxony has been reading his email from the Gulf.

In other feathered news… my guess is Canadian Invasion Geese, well armed, were being employed to guard these  huge poppy grows in BC…


Mid-week 24 August 2010

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A pigeon lifts its newly hatched chick from its nest, in a flower pot in Athens.      [John Kolesidis/Reuters]


gah. 23 August 2010

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Birds under a roof in Solda, Italy [Giuseppe Cacace/AFP/Getty Images]

People thrash back and forth about what Obby “should do”, “must do”, “has to do”.  Get over it!  He’s doing what he’s doing. 

Which is pretty much The Plan…

However wretched the execution.  Not that it matters if we agree, disagree or dislike the roll out.

Dean Baker in The Arena at Politico:

There are very few people interested in ideology. However, President Obama does have to lay out a path forward and when it comes to the economy, it is very difficult to see what it is. The economy is essentially dead in the water. It is creating few, if any jobs, and the unemployment rate is almost certain to drift upward through the rest of the 2010. And, there is no obvious reason to expect things to look much better in 2011. (Two really bad unemployment reports in the next two months are not going to help the Dems’ prospects in November.)

President Obama has to have a story about how his policies will make things better for ordinary workers. He doesn’t have a plausible one at the moment. Everyone knows that he supported the rescue of Citigroup, Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wall Street gang in their hour of need. If he expects to regain his popularity he has to be prepared to stick his neck out for the rest of the country. There may not be a workable program that can get through a Senate filibuster, but at the moment, he is not even publicly pushing one.

Don’t make me laught too hard.  He’s not pushing one privately either.


Holy Vermicelli 21 August 2010

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Hyderabad, India: A worker dries seviiyan, thin vermicelli, used in the preparation of sheer khurma, a traditional sweet dish served during Ramadan [Noah Seelam/AFP/Getty Images]

I am really really tired of images of people praying… which I find to be a subtle message, deeper than any desire to depict and promote multi-culturalism:

Pray to the Nothing in the Sky.

No thanks. Praise the extremely fine and near-transparent vermicelli? Have at it.


Dark night… 20 August 2010

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Obama prays during a worship service, January 17   [AP via Politico]

Dark night of the Christ child on earth, man-child in the Promised Land… dark night of the soul…  expect another spate of stories about how gray his hair is, how pretzels suffer

He may be on Martha’s Vineyard but he’s suffering for your sins… certainly not for his of omission and commission.

And, one senses a band-aid speech coming….

White House spokesman Bill Burton suggested Thursday that the increase in people thinking the president is a Muslim could actually be the product of a vacuum — the public seeing less coverage of Obama practicing his faith.

“For most Americans, they’re not reading a lot in the news about what religion the president is,” Burton told reporters aboard Air Force One as Obama headed to Martha’s Vineyard for vacation. “What they’re focused on is, you know, what you guys are focused on, which is important issues like what’s happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, what’s going on in the economy, what are we doing to create jobs.”

They can try telling themselves that, but it won’t work…  I think the rather simple political observation around the past few days, hapless voters stating he is or might be Muslim is merely a punt, a way of stating they don’t like him, is correct.

And sure, people speak in forked tongues; who would know that better than the West Wing handlers and caretakers…

“The president is obviously a — is Christian. He prays every day. He communicates with his religious adviser every single day. There’s a group of pastors that he takes counsel from on a regular basis. And his faith is very important to him. But it’s not something that is a topic of conversation every single day,” Burton said.

Another White House official, Jen Psaki, sent reporters a statement calling Obama a “committed Christian”—a phrase his campaign rolled out two years ago when his faith became a subject of contention and Internet rumors.

Trot out that old political wisdom, when they are explaining this much, they are dying. 

I always make the leap when people claim they are “committed”, it just reeks of ill-considered intemperance.  Long sleeved shirts all around, please.  Tie them up tightly and cart the idiots off.


“President Obama has, I believe, referred to his religion less frequently than the two prior Democrats to hold that job — Southern Baptists Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, and certainly less than George W. Bush,” said Paul Begala, a Democratic consultant and former adviser to Clinton. Obama, he said, “is not a man who wears his faith on his sleeve, so maybe that’s part of what’s going on.” 

Oh he has referred to it plenty… ad nauseum.  They fashioned him as a Savior.  Our very own, to take home and keep, put under our pillow like a baby tooth to meditate upon, our Black Pulpiteer. 

An almost natural born son of Martin.

People forget but he dragged his personal, born-again religiosity along with his political campaign, early late and often. What worked in the small fish bowl of the SS of Chicago did not on the larger stage, however.

 Rev Wright was offered up, early and often, as his spiritual father. Trinity congregation as his true home.  His chosen father in his chosen place, one might say his father of audacity and hope, his spring board to the healing spirituality he would preach to us….  we were to take our lessons at his knee.

To match the book.

Didn’t quite work out tho did it?  Any wonder there is a festering, somewhat incoherent dislike of him? 

Hell, it may pulsate to full sucking chest wound by 2012…

Some analysts say the mistaken views about Obama aren’t shocking because the American public has long been susceptible to inaccurate views that are hard to dispel. In 2003, for example, close to 70 percent of Americans believed that Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein played a role in the Sept. 11 attacks, even though no proof of such a link has ever been found.

Oh this is an easy one, it’s because the worst, most awful, fluff-puffed, fact deprived fast food in the nation is our news business.  The whole of it, top to bottom, is nothing more than political arms of the various factions, business manipulated marionettes. 

AND, merely as afterthought – the cancerous maraschino cherry on top –  it is so mind numbingly mediocre.

The American people are on so many forms of crack cocaine…  We have blown out our minds… truly we have.

This did give me a laugh:

Begala said the White House should keeps its eye on issues most of concern to voters, like the economy, and not spend a lot of time fretting over inaccurate beliefs about the president.

“I don’t think Americans would care if he were a Druid, so long as we were creating jobs. It is still the economy, stupid,” Begala said.

I don’t think Obby and his handlers know from KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid.


Beats… 18 August 2010

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A group of mating frogs leap away after laying eggs in a lake in Jura, eastern France, causing the spawn to scatter. Tadpoles usually hatch three weeks after the eggs are laid. [Michel Loup/Biosphoto]

… looking at a politician’s puss – by a long shot…