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Little to add… 9 February 2010

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Islamabad, Pakistan: A girl holds an umbrella as she shelters from the rain outside a house [Muhammed Muheisen/AP]

Dennis Perrin dispatches neatly with the wars, Our Leader.. and at the end, Murtha and the LibBlahg slobber fest.

Snips and bits:

Keep your heads down.”

Thus spake NATO. Afghan civilians in the southern town of Marjah have been duly warned. So if they get their heads blown off by NATO firepower, it’s their problem, not ours.

The Israeli state is fond of this approach. Let the locals know that the sky will burn, the ground will shake, and should they still be around once the missiles fly, well, what more can one do? It’s what separates us from the terrorists, a humanitarian duck-and-cover. Of course, this only applies to us. As I’ve said before, had the 9/11 hijackers warned World Trade Center workers in advance that the buildings were coming down, it’s doubtful that stateside politicos and commentators would applaud Al-Qaeda’s concern for civilian casualties. Still, had Al-Qaeda thought more tactically, they could’ve responded, “Hey, we’re just following the Israeli example.”   ….

True to form we are the bringers of democracy, peace and stability.  Whatever it may look like on the ground.

Amazing we can push that scheisse, isn’t it?  And we do, from sun up to sun down…….

Pile it on!

 I did receive an online petition from Rethink Afghanistan, a group that seems opposed to expanded war, though strictly from a domestic angle, since numerous Americans aren’t interested in how continual bombing affects those on the business end. But even this meek approach can’t shake pro-Obama feelings among the faithful. “Staunching the flow of American blood and treasure into the Afghanistan war will be essential to the success of the Obama presidency and to getting our economy back on track.”

Yes. The real tragedy of this imperial war is how it keeps the Obama administration from succeeding, which clearly is the main priority among liberal patriots.  …

I call that an online petition from the duck blind on the edge of the shooting war…  We need to save our Cool Pretzel!  Above all else!  The little foreign people can stop dying… in order to save him.

In his Murtha evisceration, he skewers John Nichols of The Nation.  Some special sauce bullshit cooking over at The Nation.  Hardly new, of course.


So… Gone? 6 September 2009

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Photo from NetNuts 09… drawn from this rogues gallery of a diary (a laugh and a half on its own)

Mo Betta’s RIP

Last diary he appeared in.. for some three days running. Honestly, he seems tame, tired shit that he always was.  Scum too. Lying shit. Manipulator. Operative. Dumb shit. Etc.

My guess, in the fine tradition of Armando Fernando Big Tentola, he will re-appear somewhere. He needs the lousy facelessness of the Net and he needs astroturf work… low level Donald Segretti wanna-be.  (No JD degree however, Donald had one of those … no university nor college degree either, which would not matter but for the screwed sphincter that he was)

Operative. Entertaining that the measly low life shit kickers kick out a shit.

🙄 I stayed mild.

War zone 25 August 2009

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Kabul Hit By Violence On Eve Of Elections [GETTY]

hmm A redhead photog at large in our global garrison system… and in some ways she is as lethal as he is.


Glenn Greenwald has a post up on the ‘Joe Klein unraveling at the beach’… Madman posted a comment in a thread, from “No More Mister Nice …” blogger Aimai, who confronted JK…


Sunday Aug. 23, 2009 11:24 EDT

Bush critics: still evil, crazy extremists

(updated below – Update II)

Time‘s Joe Klein was at a beach party last weekend and was confronted about his recent, vague statement that “there are Democrats who are so solicitous of civil liberties that they would undermine legitimate covert intelligence collection.”  The person doing the confronting was Aimai of NoMoreMisterNiceBlog — who also happens to be the granddaughter of I.F. Stone (which ends up being relevant to the confrontation) — and she masterfully recounts the revealing and hilarious Klein outburst that ensued, during which, among other things, he accused me of being “evil,” a “crazy civil liberties absolutist”  and “crazily anti-national security.”

Much of this is just standard Klein.  He’s been “accusing” me for years of being what he calls a “civil liberties extremist” or “monomaniacal on the subject of civil liberties” — as though that’s some type of insult, when I view it as being exactly the opposite.  For reasons I recently explained — in response to to Michael Massing’s Chuck-Todd-echoing accusation in The New York Review of Books that I fail to take into account “practical considerations” when advocating various views — it’s impossible to believe in constitutional principles and the rule of law without being “extremist” and even “absolute” because that is the nature of those guarantees.

Funnily enough, all thru Klein’s diatribe at the woman confronting him, was his toss at her that she did not know what she was talking about… how dare she characterise either Izzy Stone OR Glenn Greenwald.  Only Klein knows who is who, who is a guilty-as-a-commie Leftischer.  (Or “lefticle”, as I read someone use over at SMBIVA yesterday, cute!  I like it!)

Then, turns out she is IF’s granddaughter.  So Mr Klein, may she speak?

A bit more from Glenn:

But the more significant aspect of Klein’s outburst is its relationship to the lesson revealed by Marc Ambinder’s similar outburst earlier this week, in which Ambinder insisted that those who were right about Bush extremism and criminality nonetheless deserved to be ignored and marginalized because they were such hate-driven extremists (Politico‘s Mike Allen, on right-wing radio, similarly called such people “left-wing haters”).  Paul Krugman aptly summarized the meaning of the Ambinder episode:

It was clear from any serious analysis of that record that the Bush people consistently relied on lies and misinformation to sell their policies, consistently abused power for political gain. . . . [I]t’s really sad that those who missed the obvious, who failed to see what was right in front of their noses, still consider themselves superior to those who got it right.

Just think about this:  Joe Klein is someone who went on Meet the Press in February, 2003 and urged that the U.S. invade Iraq, which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of human beings.  Once the war went bad, he lied and claimed he never supported itIn February, 2002, he bitterly mocked Europeans for complaining about torture at Guantanamo; insisted the U.S. would never do any such thing; and said Gitmo detainees should “be dressed in pink tutus, to give them an appreciation of the freedoms accorded western ballerinas.”  snip

Yes, we all can be so proud of Non-Lefticle and certainly Not-a-Leftischer Joe Klein.  Relax Joe… You’re Not A Lefty, it’s official.  Same advisory to Ambinder… Relax kid:   You’re not a Lefticle Lefty, either.  Chuck Todd, same deal.  Relax kids!  Unclench the sphincters!

We, the evil, crazy extremists on the Lefticle Leftischer Left, are relieved.  Bed checks later to be sure the journo-boychicks are sleeping on the right side of the bed.

Can’t be too safe.  Only reactionary, authoritarian righties are safe to cover the commodity known as the “news”.

Alloh-O akbar 15 June 2009

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Mir Hossein Mousavi suporters protest in Iran. Supporters of leading opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi protest the election results in Azadi square in Tehran, Iran. (AP)

Taking this post in toto from Angry Arab. Life is so complex, esp when listening to events carried out in a different language. So many ”helpful” Farsi translators about… (no embedded link, as it is his own ramble, I did insert breaks)

Iranian developments

Have not had time for posting especially about Iran: I just woke up at 2:30AM Oslo time. Not fun if you value sleep as I do.

Typically, I support neither side in the Iranian situation: but I support those Iranians who are struggling against both sides. I have worried before about the impact of Ahmadinajad’s stupid rhetoric on the Iranian public attitudes toward the Palestinian question. I worried that in the long run it will move the public away from solidarity with the Palestinians. Of course, there is so much hypocrisy in the Western coverage and official reactions to the developments.

Most glaring for me was the statement by the secretary-general of the UN who insisted on the respect of the will of the Iranian people. Would that US designate utter such words, say, about Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Morocco and other dictatorships that are approved by the US? The role of Faqih in Iran undermines any claim of democray in that country: but I am in no way sympathetic to Moussavi. He is a man who suddenly discovered the virtues of democray. When he was prime minister back in the 1980s, he presided over a regime far more oppressive than Ahmadinajad’s.

And why has no Western media really commented on his rhetoric during his own campaign: the man kept saying that he wants a “return” to the teachings of Khomeini. I in no way support a man who wants a “return” to the teachings of Khomeini. But Western media are always quick to pick villains and heroes: especially when one side is identified against Israel. I don’t know whether the elections in Iran was stolen or not, and I would not be surprised if such a regime did that. But why do Western media express outrage over a stolen electin in Iran but they don’t even feign outrage over lack of elections in Saudi Arabia? So it is not about democracy or respecting the will of the people any way.

Posted by As’ad at 6:15 PM

And so we mush onward…

Promise them anything… 1 September 2008

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…arpeggios are a succession of notes (do mi sol do, do sol mi do) as opposed to a chord with notes all played together at once–roughly speaking. Lanvin Arpège is named for this musical form because Jeanne Lanvin’s daughter, whom she had Arpège created for, was an opera singer. It was presented as a gift on her daughter’s 30th birthday; the year was 1927.

Arpège, an Aldehydic Floral

like the old parfum ad, Promise her anything, but give her Arpège. The Dems did too much of it.

Oh I know, being actively opposed to the first Black nom for the presidency is not pretty. It would be nice to play along, no? And he works to be so appealing. As he ”grabs lightning with his own hands”. (Biden quote from the 60 Minutes interview)

People like me were really supposed to cave to the free flowing accusations of being racist, it rolled out slightly soft boiled, out of Iowa and then, harder boiled, as Obama lost NH.

Don’t think so. And I see already, the soft Democratic propaganda is starting: “They can’t win unless they steal it”. Don’t make me laugh. Especially as I notice that “help” from useful idiots. They steal it for sport, on that fevered GOTV day. They’ve won long before, often.

The doe eye’d ”liberal” and the down market conniver. Nope, won’t be voting for them. We have just seen a frantic, panic’d play from Ob and Knob. Meanwhile the former beauty queen is with Cindy McCain today, mother of 7, and Laura Bush, outgoing First Lady. And the Democrats are wondering what just happened.

Obama says, It was not me! I will fire that staffer when I find him. Or her.

Quite a stench off that perfume. Right right… the Palins are some kind of redneck or fundie or whatever they are… ”they deserve what they get”.

I consider both tickets to b hidebound shit kickers, in different garb.


hmm mmm beats being a jackass ……;) [WHUPDATE, titmouse bleed] 24 June 2008

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beats being a jackass... LOL

gatto kiev

nothing much to add… 😉

Tho, here are the Obama comments from my comment in the last thread, with the original links

Obama spokesman Bill Burton on October 24, 2007: “To be clear: Barack will support a filibuster of any bill that includes retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies.”

Barack Obama, June 20, 2008: “Given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay. So I support the compromise, but do so with a firm pledge that as president, I will carefully monitor the program.”

Tidbits from October, at the TPM link…. Enjoy!



I see a titmouse has bled….

So, I say to the belching, bleeding titmouse: put up or shut up.

I have two examples from my own experience (0.00 / 0)

Maryscott O’Connor posted privileged (private) information about me on her site in retaliation for a disagreement we had. I forced her to take down the information, but had to threaten legal action to do so. I have The O’Connor’s home address, cell phone number, and lots of other personal information, but no matter how bad the dispute between us got, I’d NEVER post it

Marisacat posted my IP address on her site–or at least what she THOUGHT was my IP address (turns out that dim old Shadowthief knows how to spoof his IP address!). I have Marisa’s real first and last name and her full address, but once again, I’d NEVER post it. [bolding is mine, Mcat]

Not even Kos or Hunter or the odious Booman stooped so low as to do the things The O’Connor and Miss Kitty did (or if they did, I certainly don’t know about it).

Yet both Marisacat and The O’Connor assume the High and Mighty Pose to this day, despite the fact that both of them are full-fledged members of the Disloyal Order of Hypocrites.*

I appreciate that Peeder respects the online/real life boundary, but I find it a bit depressing that he has to reassure that he won’t. That should be a given.

The ethics of most blog owners, including Moulitsas, O’Connor, and Marisa (real last name redacted to protect the guilty), are a notch below child molestor.

*not actual societies to my knowledge, but you have to admit that if they don’t formally exist, they ought to…

by Shadowthief @ Sat May 31, 2008 at 07:26:50 AM CDT
Link to the sub thread, link to the PffterPoofter post (a peeder house specialty).

An online friend was passed the comment recently, by an itinerant reader at PFF (anyone wants the email forwarded, let me know)… probably accounts for the delay.

I don’t recall reading the peeder post, nor the comment from the titmouse (with many masks). I think I’d remember such a juvenile declaration.

Again: put up or shut up, to the titmouse with the small, smelly belches. And the many masks.

I have Marisa’s real first and last name and her full address, but once again, I’d NEVER post it.

Too fucking chicken, then email ME with my personal information: Marisacat@aol.com


Drop in for a ride… if you dare. 14 May 2008

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it seems Mcat is a mighty scary place. Over and over, the last thing one dare do, is decline to fall for “any of the above”.

It really ticks people off.

I am not a refuge for people who are in endless, life altering (one must assume) rebound from being serially banned from any site where Armando hung out his tattered, then expired, shingle. There was a cadre of women who chased after Armando, begged for his email attention, some surprising names among them. I found it odd then, even odder as some of them cannot let go of beloved Armando, or Fernando, or Big Tent Democrat. Or poiuynick (think he got that one right). And have spent years beating up the landscape in their misery. I shared this privately in email with Miss Devore last year when she made an issue of herself, a rather too large display of her misplaced angst, for the first time. I declined to state it publicly. Then.

I am unsure who thought the political blogs would function as a hook-up service. It does not seem to have gone well.

So, as I was never in that number, it seems I am a “leatherneck lesbianic” and “KKK” gets strewn around my online name, along with whatever else Delaware Dem and his 2 inch henchboys missed throwing last year… largely, then as now, for eschewing the latest Dem party con. And dropping the vestiges of the old Armando fan base. And, of course, speaking bluntly..

The “shut up” brigades just grow and grow. It does not work with me…

It is a little, idiosyncratic blog, exactly what it always was. I use it to take my mind off other, bigger things and because I like to observe the political scene, for better or worse.. I always have done and won’t be stopping anytime soon (have a hankie). I am not interested in being “liked” or anything even remotely near that…


UPDATE, 10:11 pm

Chosen by Gawddddddddddd... or he hopes KY will think so. I realise he is in a never ending bind over issues of being thought Muslim but I have long since come to the end with smarmy in your face religion. White, black or in between. i simply do not care. He’ll be pushing that Sysiphean pebble for the entire campaign.


And last, for the ignorati, tho there is little real help I can offer, there is, however, this

Take your mind off of bigger things, gurl. Which would be?

I don’t make much specific reference to being ill, for one, if I am disinterested in the details and dismissive of a lot of the all too easy psychological mumbo jumbo and palaver around chronic illness, it would surely follow others are disinterested as well. Suffice to say that tho I leave it at, “under the weather today”, “not in the pink”, “sorry, not up to much today”… it is ”bigger” and ”other” than a tiny niche blog.

That is, as they say in the cartoons, The End.

8,500 words in The New Yorker… [UPDATED: Delaware Dem’s Deleted Drunk Diary] 2 March 2008

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       Reuters from UK Telegraph
                         Reuters / UK Telegraph

Yesssssssssssss, I picked the photo for the everlasting godamned lecturing political finger.  I am so tired of that finger.  No matter the color.  Bill excelled at the Lecturing Political Finger.  He never brought it down… and I do mean a digit attached to his palm, as in, a FINGER.

Anyhoo, The New Yorker has a longish piece on Michelle O.  I am half way thru it, and I must say it is clunky writing.  I don’t know the writer, Lauren Collins…. so no way of knowing if s/he is reluctant on the subject or a boring writer.   It seems written for the suburban market, esp page 6.  Gah.


UPDATED, 2:53 pm

Well I had been hunting for a graph or two or three that stuck out… most sites linking to the article are landing on a dumb (and I do mean dumb) passage of MO’s brother being derisive of Hillary welling up… O bore to me death why don’t you!??  Jesse Jackson jr was already there, give it up!

But here it is… for me anyway… Can she not hear herself?  Saying to gays what has been said to blacks… to Obama even, about this very run…

Pox on all their glass houses.

Last month, I attended an Ash Wednesday service at the church. When it was over, I approached Wright and asked him to tell me about Michelle Obama. “She’s from the ’hood,” he said. Within seconds, a minder rushed over to say that I was forbidden to conduct any interviews on the premises.

“We don’t want our church to receive the brunt of this notoriety,” Obama told me. I asked her whether Wright’s statements presented a problem for her or for Barack. “You know, your pastor is like your grandfather, right?” she said. “There are plenty of things he says that I don’t agree with, that Barack doesn’t agree with.” When it comes to absolute doctrinal adherence, she said, “I don’t know that there would be a church in this country that I would be involved in. So, you know, you make choices, and you sort of—you can’t disown yourself from your family because they’ve got things wrong. You try to be a part of expanding the conversation.” (She made a similar argument when I asked if she agreed with her husband in opposing gay marriage. “It’s like you gotta do the baby steps. . . . You don’t start with the hardest, toughest issues when you’re trying to unite a group”

Now you just wait, honeychile, for your turn.  Mind momma (pappa, pastor, priest, policeman, teacher, babysitter) and wait patiently.  Others know best.  Mind your manners, prove to momma you deserve rights and responsibilities… here, have some pudding.  And you can stay up a little longer tonight, if you are good.


UPDATED, 3:01 pm Monday…

A kind former commenter at Dkos forwarded me Delaware Dem’s latest quick delete, latest diarying while drunk as a Catholic skunk… with an added note that comments were disappearing as they were posted, so someone was hitting delete all the way.

It is nearly time to go nuclear on Clinton. Hotlist

by Delaware Dem [Subscribe]

Mon Mar 03, 2008 at 04:23:01 PM CST

You all know that I think Hillary Clinton and her husband have behaved in ways that can only be described as narrcissistic, arrogant and ignorant during this campaign.  And you have all heard that no matter the outcome tomorrow, Clinton will remain in the race (barring some devastasting Obama landslides in all four states).

You all know how disgusted I have been with her campaign and its tactics.   All the while, most of us who oppose Clinton and support Obama have not treated her as her supporters and her campaign itself treats Obama.   Hillary, her campaign and her supporters and surrogates have frequently used every smear and potential Republican attack against Obama during this campaign.

The Muslim Card.
The Race Card.
The Rezko Card.
The Patriotism Card.

Indeed, as her campaign stated today, it is ok to raise these issues because the voters need to know what the Republicans are going to throw at Obama in the fall.  

Interesting, that point.   For we, all throughout this primary season, have choosen not to discuss what the Republicans are going to throw at Hillary in the fall.  We have not discussed the volumes of scandals we all endured during the 1990’s.   We all know the Obama campaign has not and most likely will not discuss what the Republicans are going to throw at Clinton in the fall.  It would be contrary to the new politics approach they are talking.

But if Hillary selfishly decides to continue tearing the party apart for her own vain purposes, and if she decides to make Barack Obama damaged goods in the fall, then the least I can do is return the favor.

We all know the scandals.  

We all know the charges.

We all know some of charges leveled against Bill Hillary Clinton were not true.  We know that in most cases Bill Hillary Clinton have been vindicated of any wrongdoing.

That matters not.

Truth is not a concern in this game.

Hillary Clinton cares not about the truth of any of the smears her campaign has advanced in recent weeks.   Her campaign is just throwing mud, hoping it sticks.  Indeed, if Hillary Clinton cared about truth, she would have emphatically answered “No, Obama is a Christian,” last night without offering any tortured qualifications, used no doubt in the hope that ambiguity would feed the smear.  Hillary knew that her qualified answer (“I have no basis…;” “I take him at word”) would leave doubt in the minds of many as to whether she believed the smear or not.

Therefore, truth is not a factor.   All that counts is how much mud we can throw at any other.

In the Clinton’s past, there is plenty of mud.  Mud we know the Republicans will use against her in the fall.  

Therefore, using Hillary’s own rationale, is it not wise to use against her now what the Republicans will use against her in the fall?

I don’t care about the propriety of this.  If Hillary Clinton is hell bent on doing anything she can to ruin Obama as a candidate in the fall, then so should we. 



And try try try to remember, I don’t support Hillary EITHER.  Both are a bad bet, the Republicans lie in wait for BOTH.

[the diary was loaded with messy html (likely the result of drunken vomitus) that was screwing up spacing, I tried to clean it up]


Hot Damn! 12 January 2008

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This gave me a chuckle in the middle of the night:

Chris Matthews’ Bias Against Women Spurs Protest Campaign

Ride is shut for a few days… 22 November 2007

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    tea cup ride, disney world, paris

           away for a bit and offline……………..


UPDATE, 12 Noon

One last thing before I go… a sad tale of woe, The Last Days of Mexican Corn – with an Iraq story tucked inside:

[M]oreover, as farmers from other climes who have resisted Monsanto and refused to buy into the GMO blitz, have learned only too traumatically, pollen blowing off contaminated fields will spread to non-GMO crops. Even more egregiously, Monsanto will then send “inspectors” (often off-duty cops) to your farm and detect their patented strains in your fields and charge you with stealing the corporation’s property.

When Saskatchewan farmer Percy Schmeiser came to Mexico several years back to explain how Monsanto had taken his farm from him for precisely these reasons, local legislators laughed that it was a science fiction scenario. “It is going to happen to you,” the old farmer warned with all the prescience of an Aztec seer.

Mexican corn is, of course, not the only native crop that is being disappeared by global capitalism.

Native seeds are under siege from pole to pole. In Iraq, where the Tigris and Euphrates rivers come together to form the birthplace of agriculture, one of the very first acts of George Bush’s neo-colonial satrap L. Paul Brenner was to issue the notorious Order 81 criminalizing the possession of native seeds.

The U.S. military spread out throughout the land distributing little packets of GMO seeds, the euphemistically dubbed Operation “Amber Waves.”

To make sure that Iraq would no longer have a native agriculture, the national seed bank, located at Abu Ghraib, was looted and set afire.

so “mismanaged”. Right.