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I suppose …. 6 September 2012

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President Barack Obama closes his eyes before he tapes his weekly Radio Address in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, June 2, 2009.

The convention in Charlotte could get more disgusting, but hard to see HOW.

I hope others are wiser and busier than I am and thus are not watching… 😉

Dingdingding! 15 July 2012

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We have a winner!!  I have no idea who wins this mess of an election (could we have two worse boobs running?) but Mr Fish …

WINS….  Cruel… and true.

Memento mori 28 May 2012

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A man strolls past a red flamboyant tree on a street in Hai Phong, Vietnam. Red flamboyant is the symbol of Hai Phong, which is also named ‘The city of the red flamboyant’. According to tradition, summer has arrived when flamboyant flowers bloom. | Luong Thai Linh/EPA

“Red flamboyant” beats “rockets red glare…” And it beats most of what is in MSM today for Memorial Day. Such dreck on view. So supportive of war, loaded with knee jerk obeisance to the military….

Is it Slob who is muttering “time for Syria” ? I guess so:  Commander-in-Chief.  And all that.

Long term, I don’t think we survive ‘war forever – forever war’.

Pattern 6 May 2012

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A herd of zebras drink at a waterhole in Etosha National Park, Namibia. Wildlife photographers Ann and Steve Toon from Hexham, Northumberland, captured the scene. | Ann & Steve Toon/Solent News & Photo Agency

A lot better looking than politicians.


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hmm Cockburn has a piece up recounting some level of sexual assault is now a common occurance by police toward women OWS protesters – he details a drag from camera view when a protester took issue with a breast grab and a wrist forcibly broken… and along the way he has this:

It won’t be long before the NYPD kills a demonstrator. It will take that to force the issue of methodical police violence back onto the news pages.

Oh, briefly I would say…  it, a cop killing an Occupier, will be briefly in the news.  Brief, beyond brief.  Other than that, depending on what side of the dividers you are on, sounds like Lara Logan hardly had to leave home.

new ;) 29 April 2012

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Snowy egrets (Egretta thula) and great herons (Ardea alba) at Birds Island in the Suchitlan Lake, near the town of Suchitoto, El Salvador. The artificial lake, formed by the Cerron Grande dam, is a natural shelter for wildlife  |  Jose Cabezas/AFP/Getty Images

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Blue 25 April 2012

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Northern pintail ducks flock to the wetlands of the Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge during their migrations in southern Oregon. | USFW/Reuters

Flight 7 April 2012

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A ladybird in flight | Jeff Horner/AP

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Shootings here, shootings there, shootings seemingly everywhere… more to come, no question. I landed on this quote riding at the top of an article at Cpunch:

Founded and preserved by acts of aggression, characterized by a continuing tradition of self-righteous violence against suspected subversion and by a vigorous sense of personal freedom, usually involving the widespread possession of firearms, the United States has evidenced a unique tolerance for homicide.

-David Brion Davis Homicide in American Fiction 1798-1860

Cat 25 March 2012

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Amber Handley-Collins: My cat Teddy is pure puurrfection. He looks unworldly, like a magical Disney animal | Amber Handley-Collins

The Guardian has multiple galleries on cats… It is completely impossible to choose among them, but this fellow was one who stood out (he’s in the “cute” gallery). He is, as she says, fantastical.

Top Cat competition: best catcessory winners – in pictures

Top Cat competition: special talent winners – in pictures

Spring 19 March 2012

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Paris, France: young women sit in the sun on the Pont des Arts with its fence covered with padlocks left by lovers over the River Seine as unusually warm temperatures hit the French capital | Benoit Tessier/Reuters

has sprung…. 😉

Hi 14 March 2012

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The wave from the balcony | Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Definitely not high, 😆

Tho if any one of them did not want, desperately at the end of the day, to go somewhere and ingest, smoke, drink something altering, then even nuttier than they all appear to be…