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Carnevale 20 February 2012

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Nice, France: the King of Nice represented during the city’s carnival | Frederic Nebinger/Getty Images


I have on Treme, Season 1 for the umpteenth time… as Mardi Gras rolls around again…

Occupy 15 November 2011

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From the NYDN LIVE blog….


Moving Madman’s comment forward from the last thread:

Mario Savio Memorial Lecture on Tuesday in Berkeley Will Be Moved to Sproul Plaza

The Mario Savio Memorial Lecture and Young Activist Award Board of Directors and Robert Reich, the scheduled lecture speaker, have been asked by the Occupy Cal General Assembly to transfer the event to the Mario Savio Steps in Sproul Plaza at 8 p.m. Tuesday evening, instead of holding it inside Pauley Ballroom. This is in protest against the use of excessive police force against non-
violent demonstrators who were peacefully exercising their First Amendment rights to free speech in a symbolic encampment. Although we recognize that this change of venue may pose a physical hardship for some of the attendees, it was unanimously agreed that we would be violating our mission statement (see below) to reject the request. Depending on the exact circumstances at the time, a somewhat shortened presentation of the Young Activist Award will be held, and the award winners will speak.

The following efforts are being made to ensure people’s comfort and safety as far as possible.

1 – The students are planning to erect a few tents on the grass in front of one side of Sproul Hall at 6 p.m. Based on past experience, they believe the police will either seize the tents pretty
immediately or wait until late at night. In other words, a confrontation is very unlikely to occur during the period of the lecture, especially with a large number of people in the Plaza.

2 – Professor Reich is likely to start speaking at 8:40, not earlier. This will be preceded by the Young Activist Award speakers.

3 – the students intend to set up an area with chairs for those in need. If you can sit low down and still get up, please bring a cushion or a low beach chair. All of the rest of the audience will also be asked to sit on the ground so as not to block the view..

3- Dress warmly. Rain is not expected. The temperature is likely to be in the low 50s.

4 – There will be amplification.

Please do not attend if you feel the circumstances would be too difficult for you. We also want you to be aware that it is possible (though the students feel it is unlikely), that if the tents are taken down earlier, the
atmosphere might remain too charged and too chaotic for the lecture to be held.

If you contributed to the Lecture fund in order to secure seats in the reserved section, you may choose between having your donation refunded or letting us keep it and receiving a CD of the lecture, if one can be made.

We apologize for your inconvenience and disappointment, but, as Mario Savio said: There comes a time…

Thank you for your interest and your support.

Lynne Hollander Savio and the Board of the MSML&YAA

Mission Statement: To honor the memory of Mario Savio and the spirit of moral courage and vision which he and countless other activists of his generation exemplified;

To promote the values that Mario Savio struggled to advance throughout his life: human rights, social justice, and freedom of expression;

To provide a forum where young people can connect with older activists to understand their common ideals and find inspiration and nourishment for activism today;

To recognize and encourage young activists engaged in the struggle to build a more humane and just society.

Occupado 5 November 2011

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Occupy Oakland protesters claim a vacant building during a march [Noah Berger/AP]

I think this photo was taken at the “Travellers Aid” building that was reported broken into and, the story goes, an attempt was made to take it over by the protesters…

HOWEVER an alternative narrative has emerged:

It appears it had been occupied by homeless (and the building itself was in fact in foreclosure, tho who had owned it – the city? – and what bank foreclosed, no word) AND cops were entering, undercover of the chaotic night, to roust the homeless and the Occupiers showed up TO DEFEND the little encampment.

Works for me.


And this, a comment from Madman, from the last thread:

#OccupyOakland: video shows journalists, legal observers kettling themselves to seek safety, then they’re arrested

Focus 1 November 2011

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Image: Robert Johnson  Gallery at Business Insider

The irresponsible and untended (where ARE their nannies?) children need focus.  They lack focus.  They need leaders.  They need 3 well articulated goals.  Not 2, not 4.  Three.

And so on.

We see how it goes today in Oakland… So many entities will be working against it… POA, the Oakland Police Officers Association run by a nasty thug, and the Oakland Chamber of Commerce have been all over the media…

Oh yes and never-to-be-forgotten, BART… an Oakland thug all on its own.

City thugs, state thugs, Federal thugs… Here a thug there a thug…we are crawling with thugs.  Lots and lots of Federal thugs will be out and about, esp at the Port of Oakland…

Diminished… 28 August 2011

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People sheltering at Penn Station in New York grab some shuteye Photograph: Chelsea Matiash/AP

Diminished Irene may be but she definitely checked in… and wanted a lot of room service…


Waiting… 26 August 2011

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A lifeguard watches from his chair at a beach before the arrival of Hurricane Irene   (AFP/Getty Images, Spencer Platt)

.. for Irene.


[M]ichael Curcio, who lives directly across from Rockaway Beach, boarded up his windows piece by piece with wood as he prepared for the storm.

“I wasn’t going to do this, but the mayor convinced me. I got a good deal on the wood, so instead of suffering $7,000 in damage, maybe we can save the house. Or maybe the house will be gone and the wood will still be here,” he said with a smile.

But he was still undecided about whether to leave.

“My wife says she wants to stay here and see the waves. I told her I’ll put a rope around her waist and hold on as long as I can,” Curcio said jokingly.  . . . .

I don’t know what they are saying in the East but here it is being reported that Irene is shifting a bit East, and while it will cause flooding, be a strong tropical storm with surging sea levels and downpour, it appears to be weakening in advance of landfall in NYC.

Carry on! (no need for a[nother] speech from L’Obster, is what I think!)

Irene 25 August 2011

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A man walks along a seaside park as Hurricane Irene passes to the east of Nassau on New Providence Island in the Bahamas, Thursday Aug. 25, 2011. Irene is pounding the Bahamas as a Category 3 hurricane. [Lynne Sladky/AP]

Max Mayfield of Katrina fame (well, he tried, but the ptb had a plan, which I call the New Orleans Plan) has weighed in on Irene:

[T]he former chief of the National Hurricane Center called it one of his three worst possible situations.

“One of my greatest nightmares was having a major hurricane go up the whole northeast coast,” Max Mayfield said.

He said the damage would probably climb into the billions of dollars: “This is going to have an impact on the United States economy.”  . . . .

Brace!  Incoming!!  She hits or she fizzles….

Eventually… 17 May 2011

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After two years in the White House, Obama is likely to find some old friends less friendly.  [AP]

Eventually… have to stick a politician at the top.  Anyway, I could not pass up this pic, which I snagged from People Mag. . .

What a precious peach, huh?  Smile sweetie, show us the canines.

Slither and dither:

“The success of our economy will depend on your skills, but the success of our community will depend on your ability to follow the Golden Rule — to treat others as you would like to be treated,” he said.

“We’ve seen how important this is even in the past few weeks, as communities in Memphis and all across the South have banded together to deal with flood waters and to help each other in the aftermath of terrible tornadoes.”

more by Barack Obama – 4 hours ago – ABC News

And I moved this forward from the end of the last thread:

Dennis Perrin:

[O]bama’s presidency is the next logical step in eliminating whatever challenges to centralized power remain. If “progressives” didn’t balk at Clinton’s cruder corporate model, they sure as fuck aren’t abandoning Obama’s sleeker version. At this pace, we’ll eventually have a mass murdering lesbian president in a wheelchair. Liberals will rejoice (FDR and Eleanor in one!) while reactionaries curse political correctness. The country will be broke, but only nihilists will care. Politics is all about compromise, even if you have no power to negotiate. Freedom ain’t free

Forward, into the breach! We have nowhere else to go!!


Hopeless 19 April 2011

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A dead sea turtle washed onto the shore at Waveland, Mississippi. Endangered sea turtles and dolphins are still dying in high numbers in Mississippi, which continues to be impacted by tar balls and weathered oil following the Deepwater Horizon oil leak   [Mario Tama/Getty Images]

From the above link:

[T]he view from her submarine is different, and her attachment is almost personal. On her descent to a location 10 miles from BP’s well in December, Joye landed on an ocean floor coated with dark brown muck about 4cm deep. Thick ropes of slime draped across coral like cobwebs in a haunted house. The few creatures that remained alive, such as the crabs, were too listless to flee. “Most of the time when you go at them with a submarine, they just run,” she says. “They weren’t running, they were just sitting there, dazed and stupefied. They certainly weren’t behaving as normal.”

Her conclusion? “I think it is not beyond the imagination that 50% of the oil is still floating around out there.”

At a time when the White House, Congress, government officials and oil companies are trying to put the oil disaster behind them, that is not the message from the deep that people are waiting to hear. Joye’s data – and an outspoken manner for a scientist – have pitted her against the Obama adminstration’s scientists as well as other independent scientists who have come to different conclusions about the state of the Gulf. She is consumed by the idea that she – and other colleagues – are not really being heard.”It’s insanely frustrating,” Joye says.   . . .

The Guardian article included this little tidbit:

[K]en Feinberg, the independent administrator of BP’s $20bn compensation fund, says he is close to finishing compensating individuals and businesses who were hurt by the disaster – without even coming close to exhausting the $20bn.

He paid out only $3.6bn last year   . . . .

In other news, I see Hapless Hopeless, our iron-deficient so-called leader, is in Annandale today for a dry run, with some hapless kids, of the speech he will give at Facebook tomorrow.

We are blessed to have Leader with us for two whole fucking days.  Here on Wednesday and Thursday in Los Angeles. 

Something around 35K per ticket.

Oh right!  The Democrats pretend to take  a principled, spine-filled stand against the Citizens United SCOTUS ruling.

Bridges for sale and moving fast over in Aisle 4!

[M]ore than 150 dolphins, half of them infants, have washed up since the start of 2011. At least eight were smeared with crude oil that has been traced to BP’s well, NOAA said, and 87 sea turtles – all endangered – have been found dead since mid-March. [that would be 87 in just over a month – Mcat]

“To me it makes no sense to think that it is random consequence, but it is kind of maddening because there has been a lot of energy and effort put towards beating the drum of everything is wonderful, everything is going to be fine by 2012,” says Joye.

Other studies have disputed Joye’s findings. Terry Hazen, a scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, failed to detect any traces of underwater oil in the six weeks after the well was capped. But he did find evidence of naturally occurring bacteria that ate the oil. John Kessler, a scientist at Texas A&M, found that the huge quantities of methane gas, which were released along with the oil, had also rapidly degraded.     . . . . .

Oh please.  Lawrence Berkeley (Chu had been head of it) and Lawrence Livermore Labs are part of the Defense Industry.  Get a clue.  Lawrence’s widow has campaigned for what seems like two decades to have his name taken off the labs.

None other than RUSH, as in Limbaugh, loves to push that oil eating bacteria.  I have no doubt that such an organism exists and functions with naturally occuring oil leaks.

We’re talking massive, on-going disaster here.

Bud Light 27 January 2011

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A group watches the State of the Union address at a bar in New Orleans Tuesday. | AP Photo Close

Snicker.   Having skipped out on the speech and the after event “analysis”, I would have paid cash for what some good ol’ boys in New Orleans said.

And yes, sure, some of it, possibly a lot of it, would have been derisive and race laden…

Just for the entertainment value… considering the Gulf has been the recipient of bi-partisan screwing, for years now.


 BI has a post on how hard liquor sales are experiencing an uptick in the US of A.

Americans are getting drunk off vodka, whiskey and tequila again according to a Citi report, though beer is clearly the cheaper drink of choice.

 Beer still has the upper hand with 49.8% of the market share according to Reuters, but spirits drew some money away and came in second with 33.3% of the market. That compares to sub 33% market share last year.

At least some people have figured it out, stay smashed thru the decline.  Blur the mind numbing parade of pretzels.


I don’t know why exactly but street protest that is independent of the USA!! USA!! always cheers me up. 

Egyptian slogans
Dalia kindly translated those Egyptian slogans that I posted yesterday:
“ا مبارك ارحل غور أحسن بكره تموت مقتول
“Oh Mubarak leave for good, or else tomorrow you’ll be killed”

• الهلال ويا الصليب بيقولوا لأ يا حبيب“The crescent and the cross say “no” my love / darling”
(Jonathan sent me this: “Just FYI the Habib in الهلال ويا الصليب بيقولوا لأ يا حبيب is surely Interior Minister Habib el-Adly, not ‘darling'”

• الهلال ويا الصليب ضد القتل والتعذيب“The crescent and the cross against murder and torture”

• حسني مبارك يا عميل بعت الغاز وفاضل النيل“Husni Mubarak, you agent, you sold the gas and (only) the Nile is left (to be sold)”

• قولوا وردوا أنت وهي …مصر هتفضل غاليه عليا“Say and repeat, you and she…. Egypt will stay dear to me”

…مصر حتفضل غاليه عليا رغم الخونه والحراميه“Egypt will stay dear to me, despite the traitors and the thieves”

• ارحل ارحل ارحل غور خلِّي بلدنا تشوف النور“Leave, leave, leave, for good, let our country see the light”

• ارحل ارحل يا عميل بعت بلادك لاسرائيل“Leave, leave you traitor, you sold your country to Israel”

• ياعيون العالم طُلي مصر لبست توبها التلُّي“Oh, eyes of the world behold, Egypt wore her tulle dress”

• ارفع ارفع الهتاف شعبنا حر ومش هيخاف“Raise, raise the chant / call / slogan, our people are free and not afraid”

• اضرب اضرب يا حبيب مهما تضرب مش هنسيب“Hit, hit, you darling, no matter how much you hit, we won’t let go”

• مش عايزينه مش عايزينه ولا كلابه ولا زنانيه“I don’t want, I don’t want, neither his dogs nor his prisons”

• اصحي يا مصر وفوقي م النوم نهبوا ولادك يوم ورا يوم“Wake up Egypt and become aware, they had deprived your sons of sleep day after day”

• ثوره ثوره في كل مكان ضد الخونه والأندال“Revolution, revolution everywhere, against the traitors and the scoundrels”

• ثوره ثوره يا مصريين لجل ما نخلص م الخاينين“Revolution, revolution, oh Egyptians, so that we can get rid of the traitors”

• اهرب اهرب ياجمال انت وابوك والأندال“Escape, escape, Gamal, you and your father are scoundrels”

• يا مبارك يا خرتيت ارحل ارحل يا غتيت“Oh Mubarak, you rhinoceros, leave, leave, you’re annoying”

• علِّي الصوت علِّي كمان لجل ما يسمع كل جبان“Raise your voices even more, so that every coward hears”

• حسني مبارك جلده تخين هو وعيلته مش سامعين“Husni Mubarak has thick skin, he and his family aren’t hearing”

• حسني مبارك يا بليد شعب مصر مش عبيد“Husni Mubarak, you lazy one, Egypt’s people are not slaves”

• حسني مبارك يا جبله اطلع اطلع اطلع بره“Husni Mubarak, here’s the clarification, get out, get out, get out, outside”

• يا جمال يا غراب البين خد ابوك وروحوا لزين“Oh Gamal, you crow, we’re turning your father’s cheek, so you two leave to Zayn (al-‘Abideen Bin ‘Ali)”

• شعبنا رافضه من سنين بس مبارك جلده تخين“Our people are refusing him, it’s been years, but Mubarak’s skin is thick”

• علِّي علِّي علِّي الصوت النظام خايف موت“Raise, raise, raise the voice, the regime is scared to death”

• التغيير التغيير ارحل ارحل يا حقير“Change, change, leave, leave, you contemptible (person)”

• مش ماشيين قاعدين قاعدين حسني مبارك جلده تخين“We’re not leaving, we’re sitting, sitting, (because) Husni Mubarak has thick skin”

• ارحل ارحل ياخسيس بره بره يا عجل يا تيس“Leave, leave, you despicable (person), outside, outside, you calf, you ass”

• فاقد الحس والأهليه هو وابنه والوليَّه الخرتيت ابن الحراميه“They don’t have sensations or qualifications, he and his son and his wife, the rhinoceros, the son of thieves”

• كل الشعب يقول وينادي حسني مبارك بره بلادي“All the people say and call: Husni Mubarak (get) outside his country”

• يا حبيب يا حبيب حسني مبارك قتله قريب“Oh sweetie / darling, oh sweetie / darling, Husni Mubarak’s murder is near”

• السرطان في كل مكان والغاز متباع بالمجان“The cancer is everywhere, and the gas is sold for free”

• باعوا دمانا وباعوا كلاوينا وبنشحت احنا وأهالينا“They sold our blood, they sold our kidneys, and we beg, we and our families”

• تسقط تسقط العصابه الزعيم ويا الديابه“Fall, Fall, the gang, the boss, and the wolves”

• مسلمين مع مسيحيين كلنا طالبين التغيير“Muslims with Christians, we all demand change”

• الكرامه والحريه مطلب كل المصراويه“Dignity and freedom, is the demand of all Egyptians”

• التحرير التحرير من حكم الرمه الخنزير“Liberation, liberation, from rule by the dregs / junk, the pig”

• التحرير التحرير من حكم عصابة التزوير“Liberation, liberation, from rule by the gang of fraud”

• مصر بلدنا مش تكيه للهليبه والحراميه“Egypt, our country, is not a hospice, for villains and thieves”

• شرطة مصر يا شرطة مصر انتو بقيتوا كلاب القصر“Police of Egypt, oh police of Egypt, you’ve become the dogs of the castle”

• لأ لأ لأ يا جيش خليك بره واوعى تطيش حسني مبارك مش حيعيش”“No, no, no, oh army, stay out and aware, don’t be reckless, Husni Mubarak will not live””

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