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Half 6 March 2012

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Women protesting around the world – in pictures

Guardian Gallery

A longer view: from Senegal to Syria, women have put themselves at the front of different protest movements all over the world during the past week  –  La Paz, Bolivia: a woman clashes with riot police during a protest by hundreds of disabled people in La Paz to demand government support   |   David Mercado/Reuters

They look pretty frantic to stop her, don’t they?  Think they have enough cold hard men in blue with riot shields to do the job?

Relegated to being outsiders – when women are half, more than half, of the damned species.

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Nutty 20 August 2011

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A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid
A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid REUTERS/Susana Vera

Nutty as fruitcakes, fruit loops… face off in Madrid, between the weeping, swooning pilgrims… and the anti-Papist protesters…

If you hurry you can confess your abortion(s)!!  Looks inviting doesn’t it?

Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid's Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Spain
Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid’s Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images

Carry on!


Straw Polls 13 August 2011

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New Delhi, India: An Indian Muslim girl waits for noon prayers to begin at the Jama Masjid mosque [Kevin Frayer/AP]

hmm… for the moment, she is allowed to be a turquoise flower… soon enough the black robing will get slapped on her.

Ah, religion.  Succor of the masses.

On the same issue, USA!! USA!! style…I see reports around that the entrance of Perry, The Hair from Texas, means that the “culture wars are back”.

They were gone?

Somebody believed that blither last year from Mitch Daniels? Something something about setting aside the social issues?

Yeah right, as if they OR the Fucking Democrats ever planned to do that.

Take a moment and feel the cement hardening around us.


sigh 21 December 2010

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Punjab, Pakistan: Women displaced by floods sit on a bench outside a hospital in Basira village [Muhammed Muheisen/AP]

Nader has a decent piece up at C-Punch on the whole flap doodle the US – well, Holder et alia – is carrying on about / against Wikileaks…

Thomas Blanton, the esteemed director of the National Security Archive at George Washington University described Washington’s hyper-reaction to Wikileaks’ transmission of information to some major media in various countries as “Wikimania.”

In testimony before the House Judiciary Committee last Thursday, Blanton urged the Justice Department to cool it. Wikileaks and newspapers like The New Yorks Times and London’s Guardian, he said, are publishers protected by the First Amendment. The disclosures are the first small installment of a predicted much larger forthcoming trove of non-public information from both governments and global corporations.  …

The people running our lives are simply berserk.  The hirelings are pathetic.  Who can have any shred of respect for any of this ??

Consider what Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith, who was head of the Office of Legal Counsel in George W. Bush’s Justice Department just wrote:

“In Obama’s Wars, Bob Woodward, with the obvious assistance of many top Obama administration officials, disclosed many details about top secret programs, code names, documents, meetings, and the like. I have a hard time squaring the anger the government is directing towards Wikileaks with its top officials openly violating classification rules and opportunistically revealing without authorization top secret information.”

On the other hand, if Mr. Holder goes the narrow route to obtain an indictment of Mr. Assange, he will risk a public relations debacle by vindictively displaying prosecutorial abuse (i.e. fixing the law around the enforcement bias.) Double standards have no place in the Justice Department.  …

That last line is a bit of a dissemble.  I don’t think the DoJ has any trouble at all with double standards.  In fact, double standards seem to have a long standing seat at the table.  I would say that double standards sits on a lovely, soft, down filled love seat.

And last, I doubt any of us can feign surprise….

Over-reaction by the Obama administration could lead to censoring the Internet, undermining Secretary Clinton’s Internet Freedom initiative, which criticized China’s controls and lauded hacktivism in that country, and divert attention from the massive over classification of documents by the Executive Branch.

A full throttle attack on Wikileaks is what the government distracters want in order to take away the spotlight of the disclosures on their misdeeds, their waste and their construction of an authoritarian corporate state.

Professor and ex-Bushite Jack Goldsmith summed up his thoughts this way: “The best thing to do….would be to ignore Assange and fix the secrecy system so this does not happen again.”

That presumably is some of what Peter Zatko and his crew are now trying to do at the Pentagon’s famed DARPA unit. That secret initiative may ironically undermine the First Amendment should they succeed too much in hamstringing the Internet earlier advanced by that same Pentagon unit.

The Imperial State, with 30% of its people mired in generational poverty and hunger, sails on.


Wave upon wave… 30 June 2010

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Hurricane Alex delays Gulf oil clean-up efforts

A containment boom is placed along a beach in Elmer’s Island, Louisiana as efforts to clean the beach from effects of the Deepwater Horizon spill arehalted due to bad weather. Hurricane Alex disrupted the BP oil spill clean-up in the Gulf of Mexico as the storm gathered strength and was expected to make landfall.… Read more »

(AFP/Getty Images/Joe Raedle)

hmmm they don’t mention that Elmer’s Island is FEDERALLY protected beach… public land. Or, I should say, previously open to the public.

HOWEVER, after a few days of unfettered access following the explosion of Deep Water Horizon, a truck from the sheriff’s office appeared, parked at the single road turn-off leading to EI, telling media and others, locals too, that if they wanted access they had to go to a BP center and APPLY.

Glory in our freedom. To be serfs.


I snagged this directly from a thread at The Oil Drum… a handy comment from someone shut-in today and thus spending some productive time looking at Corexit and its banning in the UK:

 [new] k3d59 on June 30, 2010 – 5:58pm Permalink | Subthread | Parent | Parent subthread | Comments top

I brought you all a present. Have to wait for the weather to improve to go outside, so I spent the day researching previously discussed TOD topics. Ever wonder why Corexit was banned in the UK? Here’s excerpts from the documents of the entity that is responsible for monitoring and approval over there. BTW, note that the Rocky Shore Test used an exposure period of six hours followed by rinsing. That’s not even close to what’s going on in the Gulf. Brits They have a nice way of handling bioremediation products too. EPA could take lessons. All protocols are on the Marine Management site as are the results for each product approved for use in UK.

Marine Management dot org/UK

Oil spill treatment products approved for use in the United Kingdom

All products approved after 1 April 1996 have been required to pass both the Sea/Beach and Rocky Shore Toxicity Tests. Any products coming up for renewal that have only passed the Sea/Beach toxicity test in the past are required, before they can be renewed, to pass the Rocky Shore Test also.

The following products have been removed from the list of approved products because they did not pass the Rocky Shore Test when submitted for renewal:

Chemkleen OSDA JAC (removed from list 21/01/1998)
****Corexit 9527 (removed from list 30/07/1998)
Corexit 9500 (removed from list 30/07/1998)

Sea Test

“This test is based on the premise that if oil treatment products are correctly applied to an oil slick at sea,marine organisms will be exposed to a mixture of oil and product, rather than to a suspension or solution of product alone. The test therefore compares the toxicity of oil dispersed under standard conditions of mechanical agitation, with that of the same amount of oil treated with the product in question under the same conditions of mechanical agitation.
Research has shown that concentrations of oil especially dispersed oil) under slicks reduce rapidly in the first few hours (Cormack, 1977). It was, however, technically difficult and unrealistic in a routine andreproducible laboratory test to reproduce this phenomenon. Therefore, it was decided to base the test on the exposure of a marine organism to a fixed concentration for a fixed period.”

Rocky Shore Toxicity Test

“The intertidal zone is of great value both in amenity and ecological terms. Toxic effects of beached oil treatment(dispersant spraying etc.) are likely to have only limited impact on commercial fisheries e.g. cockles etc., on sandy beaches and will be relatively benign on dynamic pebble beaches where there is good drainage and a relatively impoverished species community. Therefore,for these environments (i.e. sandy/pebble amenity beaches) it is assumed that a product passing the Sea Test will be of an acceptably low risk. However, the death of grazing organisms (e.g. winkles and limpets)that inhabit rocky shores can lead to a much more significant deleterious ecological change due to extensive uncontrolled growth of seaweed. Consequently a toxicity test was developed using a typical intertidal grazing organism, the common limpet (Patella vulgata L.).

“…When products are used to clean oil from beaches,animals are exposed to very different conditions to that experienced at sea. Both oiled and unoiled animals may be exposed to neat product and left exposed until they are washed by the next incoming tide or the use of water hoses. The Rocky Shore toxicity test for all dispersants and bioremediation agents has therefore been based on these exposure conditions…

“Preliminary tests in the laboratory showed that the mortality of limpets exposed to oil is high and the detection of a toxic effect due to the product over and above that of the oil would be difficult and less accurate than determination of the effect of the product alone. Additionally, a product is likely to be applied over wide areas of shore and the evaluation of a particular product should also take into account the effect of the product on those parts which are un-oiled as well as those which are oiled. Therefore, the test finally adopted was designed to assess the effect of application of the product on un-oiled limpets. The amounts of product applied to the test organism were based on the density of application likely to be encountered in practice. Similarly, the test sought to simulate the initial exposure to a product for an ***average period of 6 h followed by successive tidal rinsing***.   In order to compensate for seasonal variations in the susceptibility of the test species, the effects of a standard oil alone were also assessed…”

Apparently tar balls — from whatever source — have hit Texas beaches… and at today’s presser Admiral Allen somehow already knows it is seepage from the Keys.

Ex-ray eyes!  Mind reading!  He tele-ported!  Communication with the shell fish down in the Keys…! A great big sea shell called him up!!  E-mailed him!  One of the Hemingway cats told him!  The coral soon to be under threat told him!

He just knows.


THIS via the People mag for politics… gave me a laugh.  Calling him on his hypocrisy.

Barack Obama

Gay soldiers subpoena Obama

The gay soldiers arrested outside the White House protesting “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” will annouce today that they’re demanding that President Obama testify in their trial on minor civil disobedience charges.

Their novel argument: Obama himself called on gay rights advocates to pressure him, so they were just following orders.

“Don’t Ask” has energized gay rights activists frustrated with the White House’s deliberate pace, even as Democratic leaders are frustrated with continued protests, as repeal is on track for next year.

The subpoena in the defense of Lieutenant Dan Choi and Captain James Pietrangelo’s  arrest  [….]


President Obama, accompanied by Mayor John Dickert, tries a pecan kringle during an unscheduled stop at O and H Bakery in Racine, Wis., Wednesday, June 30.   [AP Photo/Charles Dharapak]

Oh just have a kringle and shut up.  Be happy…

How far fucking back are we supposed to go? 7 May 2010

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I don’t have an attribution for the photo, I first used it in this post in June 2007.

It seems fitting.


Madman sent me this from Science Blogs Pharyngula:

The American Academy of Pediatrics has come up with a compromise on female genital mutilation.

International human rights organization Equality Now is stunned by a new policy statement issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), which essentially promotes female genital mutilation (FGM) and advocates for

 “federal and state laws [to] enable pediatricians to reach out to families by offering a ‘ritual nick’,” such as pricking or minor incisions of girls’ clitorises. The Policy Statement “Ritual Genital Cutting of Female Minors”,

 issued by the AAP on April 26, 2010, is a significant set-back to the Academy’s own prior statements on the issue of FGM and is antithetical to decades of noteworthy advancement across Africa and around the world in combating this human rights violation against women and girls. It is ironic that the AAP issued its statement the very same day that Congressman Joseph Crowley (D-NY) and Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (R-CA) announced the introduction of new bipartisan legislation, The Girls Protection Act (H.R. 5137), to close the loophole in the federal law prohibiting FGM by making it illegal to transport a minor girl living in the U.S. out of the country for the purpose of FGM.

I have not poked around to find out more on this… but I suspect a disgusting accommodation to fundamentalist Muslim doctors.

P Z Myers at Pharyngula also links back to the POLICY STATEMENT of the American Academy of Pediatrics for this:

In addition, “mutilation” is an inflammatory term that tends to foreclose communication and that fails to respect the experience of the many women who have had their genitals altered and who do not perceive themselves as “mutilated.” It is paradoxical to recommend “culturally sensitive counseling” while using culturally insensitive language. “Female genital cutting” is a neutral, descriptive term.

I cannot wait for the cosy little news segments on American, Western born converts, adolescents and wives who decided this was just a fine thing to do.

News at 11:  I cover my head and I had my genitals stripped.  Or nicked.

And what of their daughters?

The thread is a mixed bag, with too much back and forth about male circumcision vs fgm — as the thread dissolves to a battle festival, of sorts… but there is this:

I am sick of “compromising” with the horrors of religion.
PZ has said he imagines reducing religion to a harmless personal hobby, like knitting or masturbating.

I used to agree, but I’m getting to the point where I am hoping for the glorious day when this social disease and mental illness, “religion”, is eliminated from human culture altogether. The sickness and evil is too pernicious to ever tame down to acceptible levels.

I’ve been following this issue half heartedly in the UK press over the past few years (I can barely stand to read about it)… where they have tried to stop immigrants taking daughters ”home” (?!) at Christmas or summer (the preferred, longer recovery time away from prying eyes at school and elsewhere in the UK) to have the surgery done… that has been illegal for several years with a stiff prison punishment… but they have never convicted anyone of this. 

Additionally, communities have a “doctor” from the home community flown in to do the work, usually on several girls.  Group price.  This is not supposed to happen either, but again, it does.

The American Academy of Pediatrics mentions that Scandinavia indicates success with immigrant communities when it is banned (and I don’t much like banning, such as the bans on the niqab and burqa),  however it seems to work in Scandinavia, with

the penalty being loss of your child.

I know, harsh.  BUT, if that works, go with it.  Because the system in the UK is obviously not working, thousands mutilated abroad and an estimate of 700 annually at home (2009 report in Times Online).  Sufficient numbers that the NHS is planning to offer reconstructive surgery as an added effort to dissuade people from the practice.  I can’t see that really working, tho some women may be helped by the reconstruction.

And the whole thing kept hidden.

corriere della serra – february – 2003


Still in the news, still god’s awful emissary… 25 March 2010

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If it is not the Dutch, then it is the Irish…. if not the Irish then it is the South Germans – in the old stomping grounds.  If not Germany, then Florence and Roma.  If not in the parishes then in the choirs… if not in the choirs…  then among the deaf children of Wisconsin.

Is there no gay beach resort Benny and Ganswein can retire to?  Gay mountain resort?

Gather up the lacey underskirts, the jewels, the custom made Versace clothing (Ganswein, overseen personally by Donatella)… the nifty red slip ons… the bon mots from Bono.. and, you know, get the hell out of [un]Holy Dodge.

One would think.  How hard can it be?  No one is asking the High Holy Boyos to take a vow of [gasp choke] poverty……….

Cheap laughs… 22 March 2010

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A woman walks a large pig on the Pan-America road, south of Lima, Peru

Walky Porkies: A woman walks a large porker on the Pan-America road, south of Lima, Peru. This big piggy went to market…. [AP via UK Telegraph]

I laughed when I read this a few hours after The Big Vote:  

Mush! Salesman-in-Chief!  You’re booked, on the hoof and out on the hustings, for months to come….

President Obama is set to begin an immediate public relations blitz aimed at turning around Americans’ opinion of the health-care bill.

Planning inside the West Wing for the post-vote period has proceeded quietly, even as the president and his allies on Capitol Hill were fighting for the measure’s passage.

Reshaping the legislation’s image will take place in three phases, White House aides said:

– the immediate aftermath;

– the seven months until the November midterm elections;

and the several years that follow, during which many provisions in the measure will gradually take effect.  [Good Luck!]

Driving the message during those periods is the belief among Obama’s top advisers that Republicans have boxed themselves into a corner with unanimous opposition to the legislation and talk of a repeal.

“The Republicans have way overshot the runway in their criticism of health reform,” said White House communications director Dan Pfeiffersnip snap

Well, it should be easy to take down all those R who have OVERSHOT the runway?  Right?

Can this get funnier?

It can!

Administration officials are also preparing talking points and fact sheets that lawmakers can take home with them on their Easter vacation, Obama advisers said. Those documents are being developed with Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, aides said.

That immediate help — along with efforts by the Democratic National Committee, its Organizing for America project and outside groups that supported the health-care legislation — could be critical to Democrats’ hope of retaining control of Congress in the November elections.

With the DNC and OfA at the ready to save the bacon, there should be no problems.  


Homework for Easter break… and hey, speaking of Easter Break! there may be a resolution in Natalee’s Less Than Excellent Adventure to Aruba, some years back, coming up. (Not exactly vacation pics, but … it seems there are photos of bones lying in the sandy depths of the water… could be our lost Southern Miss!)

Then there is Tiger. And the golf balls.  Sandra and Jesse James (and other inflagrante delicto to come!  Can only expect so much from one pair)…


Entertainment for years!!  (They’ll all be making speeches!  Interviews!  Flashbulbs!)

No worries!!

And it could not come soon enough for some nervous House members, many of whom have been disappointed by the weak support they have received from the administration and Democratic groups.

One Democratic lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to be considered critical of the president, said such support has been extremely limited. He said opponents of the legislation have run nearly $1 million worth of ads criticizing him, while supporters have spent about a tenth of that. Organizing for America “has been a paper tiger in my district,” he said.

At the Democratic National Committee, officials running the Organizing for America project said they have received pledges of 9 million hours of volunteer work on behalf of candidates who supported health-care reform.  snip snappy


Holy! 12 March 2010

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FILE – This is a Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 file photo of a Czech activist as she laughs with inflated condoms during a protest against Pope Benedict XVI’s policy not using condoms in downtown Prague, Czech Republic. The Pontiff was on three-day visit to the Czech Republic. A Rome high school has incurred the ire of the Catholic Church after its decision to install condom-vending machines for students. Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the pope’s vicar for Rome, has criticized the decision as trivializing sex, while the Italian bishops’ newspaper said Thursday March 9, 2010 that sex was being reduced to “mere physical exercise.” The Keplero high school said it would go ahead with its plan to install six vending machines as part of its efforts to educate students in sexuality and HIV protection. The Vatican opposes artificial contraception. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

The church is all in a lather (ahem!) over a school in Rome installing a condom vending machine…

Vatican criticizes condom machines in Rome school

By ALESSANDRA RIZZO (AP) – 1 day ago 

ROME — The decision by a Rome high school to install condom vending machines has set off a storm in Italy, with the Catholic Church charging the move will encourage young people to have sex and Rome’s mayor saying it sends the wrong message. 

But the Keplero high school vowed Thursday to go ahead with its experiment, billed as the first in the capital. While it’s a relative novelty for Italy, schools in several other European countries have installed the machines in hopes of curbing teen pregnancy and HIV. 

“This is not about stimulating the use of condoms or intercourse,” Antonio Panaccione, the school headmaster, told The Associated Press. “On the contrary, it’s about prevention and education.” 

The school plans to install six vending machines as part of educating students about sexuality and HIV protection. The price: euro2 (US$2.70) for a pack of three, lower than market prices. 

Cardinal Agostino Vallini, the pope’s vicar for Rome, said the decision trivialized sex. He said it “cannot be approved by Rome’s ecclesiastical community or by Christian families who are seriously concerned with the education of their children.” 

The newspaper of the Italian Bishops’ Conference said Thursday that sex was being reduced to “mere physical exercise.” The newspaper, L’Avvenire, lamented that young people these days have no spiritual guidance on sexuality, and that educators are more concerned with “the health and hygiene consequences of sex” than its moral implications. 

The Vatican opposes artificial contraception. Catholic teaching views sex as a means for procreation within marriage. 

Pope Benedict XVI drew criticism from European governments, international organizations and scientists last year when he said distributing condoms was not the answer to Africa’s AIDS problem, and could make it worse. He said a moral attitude toward sex — abstinence and marital fidelity — would help fight the virus. 

“The scandal is that we do it in Rome, because this is the city of the pope and therefore one can’t really talk about sex,” Panaccione said in a phone interview. “They can talk about pedophilia, can’t they?” he said, referring to a sex abuse scandal rocking the Roman Catholic Church in several European countries. 

But some criticism came from outside the church, too. 

A leading association of parents, MOIGE, said the move was “trivial and insufficient.” Rome Mayor Gianni Alemanno, a conservative, was quoted by the ANSA news agency as saying that “on the one hand it’s childish to think young people need these vending machines, on the other hand it seems like a bad message to them.” 

The head of Italy’s national association of Catholic pharmacists, Piero Uroda, suggested condoms were responsible for increased rapes and violence. 

“We’re giving sugar to the diabetic,” he told Radio 24 Il Sole 24 Ore. 

Panaccione said condom distribution was only part of the sex education curriculum. The school enrolls about 860 students aged 15-19 at two venues — one in a lower-middle class neighborhood, one in a blue-collar area. 

Panaccione said the decision was taken because of the rising number of HIV cases among young people, and to break a taboo still surrounding the use of condoms in Italy. 

LILA, a national association for the prevention of HIV/AIDS, said distributing condoms could help combat HIV among the young. 

Teen pregnancies have been on the rise in Italy, although not sharply. According to the latest figures made available by national statistics agency ISTAT, there was a 0.5 percent increase in teen pregnancy between 2006 and 2007. 

On average, Italian women have sex for the first time at age 16, according to SIGO, a group of Italian gynecologists and obstetricians. Almost four in 10 have unprotected sex the first time. 

European countries including Belgium, Britain, Germany and the Netherlands have had instances of schools selling condoms. Spain, like Italy a predominantly Catholic country where the church still has some influence on society, has a few schools in the Catalonia region with condom vending machines

In France, nearly 96 percent of high schools — public schools and private schools that receive state funds — have condom vending machines, according to a survey conducted by the Education Ministry last year. The prevalence results from a 2006 government circular urging high schools to install them. 

However, students at Lycee Carnot, a public high school in western Paris, appeared divided Thursday about whether condom dispensers in their school were useful. 

“I think it is a good idea. More is better than less. And it is less expensive than in a drugstore,” said Alexis Freiberg, an 18-year-old. 

There have been some cases of condoms being distributed at public schools in the United States, but it is not commonplace. 

In Italy, the only other reported case of a condom-vending machines was in a Turin school over a decade ago. ANSA reported the machines were eventually removed since they weren’t being used. 

The Vatican still has some influence on Italian society and politics. Its views on sexuality, marriage and contraception are often echoed by the powerful Italian Bishops’ Conference and typically get significant coverage. 

Panaccione said the reason Italy is less progressive regarding sex education than other countries lies not with the Vatican alone, but also with the “duplicity and reluctance of many families, which to this day still look the other way.” 

“To them this is a dogma: One must not talk about it, only do it — secretly!” he said. 

Elena Bucchinelli, a high-school student in Rome, said she approved of the Keplero initiative. 

“We young people are the most vulnerable to the risks of unprotected sex. Schools and families are the best places to receive this kind of information,” the 16-year-old said, as she drove her moped to a public school downtown Rome. 

“Many young people think they know all that there is to know about sex,” she said, “but that’s not true.” 

Associated Press writers across Europe contributed to this report. 

(Pier Paolo Cito/AP)

Hmmm can’t we just declare them Holy… imbued with the greatness of gawd… and thus necessary? Isn’t that what the pope does, in reverse?

I landed on the story while trolling thru the latest on the German pedophile priest scandals.


Slap a happy face… 4 March 2010

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Peter Brookes in the London Times

catnip posted a link in the previous thread on the birth defects in Fallujah.. I just caught the BBC report on it. Beyond ghastly, 2 and 3 births a day in the local hospital, a bright new place built, the report said, with US money…. but 2 and three births a day of deformed, badly deformed, babies.

One of the things I remember reading years ago – and all I can do is piece together what I can read –  about Fallujah was that it ws a resistance city, it resisted the British, it resisted Saddam, and it resisted the Americans, the coalition war.

Now, the report said, there is an advisory to the women of Fallujah to simply not give birth.

In the wake of the many months of mass bombing, during which I recall we basically flattened nearly all of Fallujah, the rubble was bulldozed into the river, where the city gets its drinking water.

Last night and today I caught bits of Petraeus on with Charlie Rose for the hour. God it ws awful. The line that sticks with me is the blither about how it is and was so important we were there, in Iraq, with “our values” [what values?] and that we were on the ground, over and over, “first with the truth”.

Fear the blowback.