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Half 6 March 2012

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Women protesting around the world – in pictures

Guardian Gallery

A longer view: from Senegal to Syria, women have put themselves at the front of different protest movements all over the world during the past week  –  La Paz, Bolivia: a woman clashes with riot police during a protest by hundreds of disabled people in La Paz to demand government support   |   David Mercado/Reuters

They look pretty frantic to stop her, don’t they?  Think they have enough cold hard men in blue with riot shields to do the job?

Relegated to being outsiders – when women are half, more than half, of the damned species.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nutty 20 August 2011

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A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid
A protester shows a pilgrim a condom who in turn shows him a cross during a demonstration in Madrid REUTERS/Susana Vera

Nutty as fruitcakes, fruit loops… face off in Madrid, between the weeping, swooning pilgrims… and the anti-Papist protesters…

If you hurry you can confess your abortion(s)!!  Looks inviting doesn’t it?

Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid's Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to Spain
Priests listen to confessions at temporary confessionals set up at Madrid’s Buen Retiro park, ahead of Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Spain PEDRO ARMESTRE/AFP/Getty Images

Carry on!


Still in the news, still god’s awful emissary… 25 March 2010

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If it is not the Dutch, then it is the Irish…. if not the Irish then it is the South Germans – in the old stomping grounds.  If not Germany, then Florence and Roma.  If not in the parishes then in the choirs… if not in the choirs…  then among the deaf children of Wisconsin.

Is there no gay beach resort Benny and Ganswein can retire to?  Gay mountain resort?

Gather up the lacey underskirts, the jewels, the custom made Versace clothing (Ganswein, overseen personally by Donatella)… the nifty red slip ons… the bon mots from Bono.. and, you know, get the hell out of [un]Holy Dodge.

One would think.  How hard can it be?  No one is asking the High Holy Boyos to take a vow of [gasp choke] poverty……….

Cheap laughs… 22 March 2010

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A woman walks a large pig on the Pan-America road, south of Lima, Peru

Walky Porkies: A woman walks a large porker on the Pan-America road, south of Lima, Peru. This big piggy went to market…. [AP via UK Telegraph]

I laughed when I read this a few hours after The Big Vote:  

Mush! Salesman-in-Chief!  You’re booked, on the hoof and out on the hustings, for months to come….

President Obama is set to begin an immediate public relations blitz aimed at turning around Americans’ opinion of the health-care bill.

Planning inside the West Wing for the post-vote period has proceeded quietly, even as the president and his allies on Capitol Hill were fighting for the measure’s passage.

Reshaping the legislation’s image will take place in three phases, White House aides said:

– the immediate aftermath;

– the seven months until the November midterm elections;

and the several years that follow, during which many provisions in the measure will gradually take effect.  [Good Luck!]

Driving the message during those periods is the belief among Obama’s top advisers that Republicans have boxed themselves into a corner with unanimous opposition to the legislation and talk of a repeal.

“The Republicans have way overshot the runway in their criticism of health reform,” said White House communications director Dan Pfeiffersnip snap

Well, it should be easy to take down all those R who have OVERSHOT the runway?  Right?

Can this get funnier?

It can!

Administration officials are also preparing talking points and fact sheets that lawmakers can take home with them on their Easter vacation, Obama advisers said. Those documents are being developed with Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, aides said.

That immediate help — along with efforts by the Democratic National Committee, its Organizing for America project and outside groups that supported the health-care legislation — could be critical to Democrats’ hope of retaining control of Congress in the November elections.

With the DNC and OfA at the ready to save the bacon, there should be no problems.  


Homework for Easter break… and hey, speaking of Easter Break! there may be a resolution in Natalee’s Less Than Excellent Adventure to Aruba, some years back, coming up. (Not exactly vacation pics, but … it seems there are photos of bones lying in the sandy depths of the water… could be our lost Southern Miss!)

Then there is Tiger. And the golf balls.  Sandra and Jesse James (and other inflagrante delicto to come!  Can only expect so much from one pair)…


Entertainment for years!!  (They’ll all be making speeches!  Interviews!  Flashbulbs!)

No worries!!

And it could not come soon enough for some nervous House members, many of whom have been disappointed by the weak support they have received from the administration and Democratic groups.

One Democratic lawmaker, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he did not want to be considered critical of the president, said such support has been extremely limited. He said opponents of the legislation have run nearly $1 million worth of ads criticizing him, while supporters have spent about a tenth of that. Organizing for America “has been a paper tiger in my district,” he said.

At the Democratic National Committee, officials running the Organizing for America project said they have received pledges of 9 million hours of volunteer work on behalf of candidates who supported health-care reform.  snip snappy


Dissent 3 February 2010

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“In a social milieu that encourages the expression of a variety of opinions on every question that arises, it is important to recognise dissent for what it is, and not to mistake it for a mature contribution to a balanced and wide-ranging debate.”

Well that settles that, doesn’t it?

It’s Benny of course…


Now… this is just for fun.  I don’t much care overall. 

Special Olympics: Apology not accepted

The Special Olympics is disputing the White House claim that its chairman, Tim Shriver, accepted Rahm Emanuel’s apology for calling liberals “retarded.”

Seeking to damp down the controversy over Rahm Emanuel’s reported, months-old use of the word, a White House official yesterday told me and other reporters that Emanuel had called Special Olympics Chairman Tim Shriver to apologize.

“The apology was accepted,” the official said yesterday.

The Vice President for Communications at the Special Olympics, Kirsten Seckler, told me that account of the conversation is “inaccurate.”

“Tim didn’t accept his apology,” she said. “Tim can’t do that. He can’t accept an apology on behalf of all people with disabilities.”

Shriver had simply said, she said, that he was willing to continue the conversation with the chief of staff. Emanuel is currently meeting with a group of advocates for the intellectually disabled who are lobbying him to join their campaign against the “R-word,” and Seckler said the group would release a joint statement after the meeting.

Posted by Ben Smith 03:06 PM

Quite aside from calling LIBERALS “fucking retarded”, and with no need for a shaming punishment to be connected to any particular outburst, I think Rahm should spend a few days with his tongue diaper-pinned to his chin.

Changes the daily ambiance, don’t you think? 

No apologies, no hiding, he can say, or gurgle more likely, what he likes to whomever he likes (or, ahem, does not like) … just be out and about with the tongue pinned to the chin.  Or either cheek, I am not picky.

Still the weekend.. ;) 24 May 2009

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A new collection of bathtubs designed to look like women’s shoes have gone on sale. The tubs cost up to £17,000. The user reclines with their feet at the toe end of the shoe and their head towards the heel. Water trickles from a jet at the heel Picture: SOLENT

Jeff Cohen of FAIR has a post up about the coming SCOTUS pick…

[O]n this topic (like others), Obama speaks eloquently. . . out of both sides of his mouth.

In revealing comments to the Detroit Free Press last October about his models for Supreme Court picks, Obama praised liberal lions Thurgood Marshall and William Brennan of the Warren Court as “real heroes of mine.”

Then he added: “But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I think their judicial philosophy is appropriate for today.”

After noting the Warren Court’s powerful role in taking on racial segregation, Obama added a typically frustrating caveat:

“I’m not sure you need that. In fact, I would be troubled if you had that same kind of activism in circumstances today. . .

“So when I think about the kinds of judges who are needed today, it goes back to the point I was making about common sense and pragmatism as opposed to ideology.”   …snip…

It’s so cute the way they call him “pragmatic”…

Less important than his direct quotes, but very interesting, is the set up Cohen provides for the article… let me just give a ringing, GOOD LUCK!

[T]he centerpiece of the Times article was a fascinating study conducted by two University of Chicago law professors (one of whom is a conservative federal appeals judge) analyzing the judicial records of the 43 justices who’ve served on the Supreme Court since 1937.

Four of the five most conservative judges of the last seven decades (Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito) now sit on the Court. With Anthony Kennedy at number ten, five of the ten most rightwing judges are currently on the Court. The current majority, in other words, is almost a conservative all-star team.

By contrast, among the ten most liberal judges since 1937, the only sitting justice is Ruth Bader Ginsburg – she’s number nine. Today’s other three “liberal” justices (Stevens, Breyer, Souter) are in the top 15, but outside the top ten.

All in all, that’s a rightwing-dominated Supreme Court.

The study gives credence to the claim of Justice John Paul Stevens (age 89) that he hasn’t moved left since being appointed by President Ford in 1975, but that the Court has moved right.

And it backs Stevens’ assertion that “every judge who’s been appointed to the Court” since 1971 “has been more conservative than his or her predecessor” – with the exception of Ginsburg (who recently underwent surgery related to pancreatic cancer).

The question facing Obama: Will he continue this trend of shifting the Court rightward?

Unfortunately, from what we’ve seen of Obama’s general penchant for “moderate” appointees who don’t inflame Republicans, it’s quite possible the Court will continue trending rightward – if liberals get replaced with less liberal appointees.  …snip…

…it’s quite possible the Court will continue trending rightward…

More than possible…

Brings up that old question about used cars…. 15 January 2009

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Visitors pose next to a lifelike wax figure of US President-elect Barack Obama at Madame Tussauds in Berlin (Tobias Schwarz/Reuters)

Reading over the massively depressing news.. I am thinking maybe we could just make the 50 stars on the US flag into depictions of the Star of David… or maybe one big SoD, surrounded by a sprinkling of a few Crucifixion images… and call it appropriate.  I see 44 is properly displayed with his lapel flag… and made sure he wore one for the official photo taken the other day, and soon to be displayed in Post Offices and Embassies.. and so on.

Truly, we are blessed.

…. Speaking of blessed!  This is so delicious, thanks to the Telegraph, that I simply cannot snip nor clip nor whip it to some truncated dimunition.

”The Apostolic Penitentiary, or “tribunal of conscience”, has been shrouded in secrecy ever since it was established by Pope Alexander III in 1179 and until now has never provided details of the cases it scrutinises.

They are considered so heinous by the Catholic Church that only the Pope can grant absolution to those who perpetrate them.

But in an effort to present a more transparent image and to encourage more people to make confessions, the tribunal held a two-day conference in Rome in which it discussed its purpose and inner workings.

“Even though it’s the oldest department of the Holy See, it’s very little known – specifically because by its nature it deals with secret things,” said Bishop Gianfranco Girotti, the tribunal’s second most senior official.

While priests and bishops can deal with confessions of sins as grave as murder or even genocide, the tribunal is reserved for crimes which are viewed by the Church as even more serious.

They include attempting to assassinate the Pope, a priest abusing the confidentiality of the confessional by revealing the nature of the sin and the person who admitted to it, or a priest who has sex with someone and then offers forgiveness for the act.

A third type of case that comes before the tribunal involves a man who directly participates in an abortion – even by paying for it – who then seeks to become a priest or deacon.

“That is an irregularity and it means he should not receive the ordination without a dispensation from the Pope,” said Cardinal James Francis Stafford, the American who heads the Apostolic Penitentiary.

Defiling the Eucharist, which Catholics believe is the body and blood of Christ, is also considered a sin of extreme gravity and one which is on the increase, the high-ranking members of the tribunal said.

Cardinal Stafford said there had been a rise in incidents in which people would receive Communion and then spit it out or otherwise desecrate it, sometimes in Satanic rituals.

In July last year an American academic, to make a point about freedom of thought and religion, drove a nail through a Communion wafer and then threw it in a rubbish bin.

Paul Myers, from the University of Minnesota, said later: “I pierced it with a rusty nail. Then I simply threw it in the trash. Question everything. God is not great, Jesus is not your Lord.”

Such sins, which can only be dealt with by the Pope, acting through the tribunal, bring automatic excommunication from the Church. If the Pope decides to grant absolution, the excommunication is lifted.

A study by Italy’s Sacred Heart University found that 47 per cent of Italians either never go to confession or last did so a long time ago.”

* * * *

OK!  I read it twice… and I think I got it.  Defiling the Eucharist is the Tops.  Tippy tops!  Top top tippy tippy top top!

While priests and bishops can deal with confessions of sins as grave as murder or even genocide

A mere mortal can forgive the sin of genocide… dispensed by your local priest or Msg or Bishop or Archbishop.  Any old thing in a cassock! Excommunication is not even part of the punshment!  They probably do that one by telephone.  Or both sides can assume forgiveness… even speedier!

The immortal soul… You have to love it!


Light from above… 20 December 2008

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The aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, shine over the town of Stedman east of Fayetteville, N.C [Picture: AP]

One of nine pictures of the Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights from a gallery at the Telegraph

W/R/T Pappas (raised in classic disjointed fashion, by me, in the previous thread):

That’s a far cry from what Pappas said about Kennedy, in part:

“Women have forgiven Kennedy, stuck up for him, stood by him, hushed the fact that he was late in his support of Title IX, the ERA, the Family Leave and Medical Act to name a few.”

When reached in her Albany office, Pappas said she was “inundated” with calls from reporters and would get back to me.

I like it anytime, for what ever reason, someone breaks out of the locked classroom and, even if babbling and feverish, just speaks.

He’s an old goat, the sooner he dies the better and the Kennedys are clearly attempting (probably successfully) to buy the junior senate seat from NYS… It sounds, but I can only guess, that the amounts of monies promised for her self funded run(s) will release enough bucks back to the party, that people will fall in line.  If the voters do too, it’s a lock.

But I am far away and I just guess…

Red in the ice storm… 19 December 2008

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Mickey Patel sent us this photograph from Hanover, New Hampshire. “The storm made everything plenty depressing, but the trees and plants looked stunning”, he says. [BBC]

If the Warren story is worn out for you or was always boring and one dimensional… employ the eyelids or allow the seasonal haze to insert itself and scroll on by…

None other than Sully’s nookery served up this remarkable email (among his 25 or so posts on Warren) from a reader of his… who, as a young and confused pastor at a church near Warren’s,  put himself thru the Warren ministry that seeks to heal the gay (bold is mine)…

[S]o when I send emails to my otherwise liberal friends telling them to send an email expressing their disapproval of the choice of Warren, and they send me emails back acknowledging the political symbolism of why Obama did what he did, please understand my frustration.

It’s obvious what Obama is trying to do by having Warren give the convocation at his inauguration, and it is understandable – but for me as a human being who was personally damaged by Warren’s theology and his church specifically, it is unforgivable. 

And to cover it over with vague rhetoric about a politics of inclusion and unity is similarly unforgivable.

Some friends have told me that my “personal issues” make me too emotionally involved with this issue, and of course they do – but perhaps that is precisely what gives me the right to be upset about this decision.  […]

Why is it so few care when the so called religious do great harm?

It affected Sully for a bit, but soon he was back to:

Dish readers will know my own conflicted feelings about the selection of Rick Warren for the Inaugural Invocation. But feelings must at some point cede to reason. And I sense an understandable but, the more I think about it, misjudged response on the part of my fellow gays and lesbians. In our hurt, we may be pushing away from a real opportunity to engage and win hearts and minds. […]

I think the earnestness and sincerity of his campaign, and its generational force, have given us a chance for something new, and I fear that in responding too viscerally to the Warren choice, we may be throwing something very valuable away far too prematurely.

He ends up referring to the selection of Warren as nothing more than a  “symbolic slight”

But we should also understand Obama’s attempt to bridge some gaps in America that the Clintons, with their boomer baggage and Dick Morris cynicism, couldn’t and didn’t. This is what matters. Do gays and lesbians want to be a part of this – or sit fuming on the sidelines at symbolic slights?

And lobs this whopper – someone inform him he is ONE GAY, he does not speak for all, no more than I speak for all women (italics are mine)…

The greatest distortion of our politics in this respect is the notion that gays are in some way opposed to faith and in some way that our cause is a function solely of the left. Neither is true.


Malcolm Gladwell goes rather too ga-ga (imo) for Warren’s “cellular” approach… who effing cares?  I am as interested in the way all manner of  things sort themselves out and arrange themselves as most are… but that is NOT really what Warren is up to… some cellular building block launch pad to Jesus (fly me to the moon!)…  In light of another article today in the Guardian, this from the 2005 Gladwell New Yorker piece is revealing:

[W]arren has made repeated trips to Africa. He has sent out volunteers to forty-seven countries around the world, test-piloting experiments in microfinance and H.I.V. prevention and medical education. He decided to take the same networks he had built to train pastors and spread the purpose-driven life and put them to work on social problems.

“There is only one thing big enough to handle the world’s problems, and that is the millions and millions of churches spread out around the world,” he says. “I can take you to thousands of villages where they don’t have a school. They don’t have a grocery store, don’t have a fire department. But they have a church. They have a pastor. They have volunteers. The problem today is distribution. In the tsunami, millions of dollars of foodstuffs piled up on the shores and people couldn’t get it into the places that needed it, because they didn’t have a network. Well, the biggest distribution network in the world is local churches. There are millions of them, far more than all the franchises in the world. Put together, they could be a force for good.”  …snip…

Spare me.

[A]t the Anaheim stadium service, Warren laid out his plan for attacking poverty and disease. He didn’t talk about governments, though, or the United Nations, or structures, or laws. He talked about the pastors he had met in his travels around the world. He brought out the President of Rwanda, who stood up at the microphone—a short, slender man in an immaculate black suit—and spoke in halting English about how Warren was helping him rebuild his country. When he was finished, the crowd erupted in applause, and Rick Warren walked across the stage and enfolded him in his long arms.

Have a  hug from Jesus…

Reminds me of how Bill C trots out his usual mouthpieces at his annual CGI in Manhattan.. one of which is Sirleaf, the woman president from Liberia.  The Johnsons, together or apart, of BET fame, Rania of Lebanon… and so on.  Mannequins.

Gladwell was utterly uncritical.  Again I think, The New Yorker is all too often the Sears Roebuck catalogue of this century.  Hang it in the outhouse.

Madman sent me this today, from the Guardianand I think in this passage the author, Michelle Goldberg, gets to the nut of what should be happening, if a different party than the national Dems were to reach out to organised religious leaders (bold is mine)…

Recently, Democrats have been much concerned with wooing religious voters, and with pushing back against the conservative calumny that they are a party hostile to faith.

But the way for a progressive party to do that should be to enlarge the scope of discussion about morality in American life, not to pander to the same prejudices as the religious right. Democrats could foreground religious leaders who articulate the moral imperative of fighting poverty, torture and inequality.

They don’t need to get religion by becoming more hostile to gay people and to reproductive rights. Rather, they need to empower the many religious voices who support both.

There’ s a thought!

Here  Goldberg gets to what is happening in Uganda in the wake of Rick Warren (and Bush and PEPFAR and all the movie stars and Democrats and religious who slobber for the great good Bush has done…):

Warren is sometimes credited with broadening evangelical activism to transcend religious right preoccupations, but that’s a bit deceptive. Much has been made of his work on HIV/Aids in Africa. In fact, though, Warren has taken the standard Christian conservative approach to the epidemic, which favours abstinence and prayer over condoms and sex education.

I once attended Sunday services at the church of Martin Ssempa, one of Warren’s protégés in Uganda and a major force in that country’s devastating move away from safe-sex campaigns. It is a heartbreaking thing to watch a tongue-speaking faith-healer promise a room full of sobbing people – many of them poor, many infected with HIV – that Jesus can cure them, if only they believe in him unconditionally (belief demonstrated, of course, in part by tithing generously).

Obster and Warren, imo, are marketeers – and whatever else…  And, as Moss who followed Wright at  TUCC refers to the business, pulpiteers.  What a shame.

Blown 18 December 2008

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Pope Benedict XVI’s skull cap is blown away in a gust of wind prior to his weekly general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, May 24 [Picture: AP]

He’s OK, Ganswein is right there to his right (where else) to reassemble the parts and pieces of papa

This ditty from BHHM from the previous thread:

During the Advent of St Ob’s Innaug

Unprecedented in its scope,
The Vatican is now coordinating with US Central Banking moves
Both have agreed to move Christmas and the current End Of Quarter to January 20, 09.

“Shopping, shoes in particular, always has been an issue for me,” the Holy Father confessed in rare candid press conference from the Holy See.

Questioning Papal Authority, A Greek Reporter attempting to remind the Pope of the great Schism of the East was then interrupted by a younger shoe throwing Anarchist Greek, shouting Shut The Fuck Up! to both, while beanballing a shoe at Benedict, who, amazingly, snagged it like a Rock Star OutFielder, and immediately began sniffing it..

The shocked Greek Reporter was then hit by the second incoming size 10, neither as agile nor fully orgasmic as the Pontiff was at the time.

Vatican Security seemed thoroughly prepared , as they efficiently ushered the semi-spasmodic Pope from the room. Dragged towards the safety the Papal Residence, Benedict was still seen to be clutching the younger Greek’s shoe to his nostrils.

Speaking of things clerical, and things BLOWN

… via TPM Election Central, the group statement from People for the American Way:

It is a grave disappointment to learn that pastor Rick Warren will give the invocation at the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Pastor Warren, while enjoying a reputation as a moderate based on his affable personality and his church’s engagement on issues like AIDS in Africa, has said that the real difference between James Dobson and himself is one of tone rather than substance. He has recently compared marriage by loving and committed same-sex couples to incest and pedophilia. He has repeated the Religious Right’s big lie that supporters of equality for gay Americans are out to silence pastors. He has called Christians who advance a social gospel Marxists. He is adamantly opposed to women having a legal right to choose an abortion.

I’m sure that Warren’s supporters will portray his selection as an appeal to unity by a president who is committed to reaching across traditional divides. Others may explain it as a response to Warren inviting then-Senator Obama to speak on AIDS and candidate Obama to appear at a forum, both at his church. But the sad truth is that this decision further elevates someone who has in recent weeks actively promoted legalized discrimination and denigrated the lives and relationships of millions of Americans.

Rick Warren gets plenty of attention through his books and media appearances. He doesn’t need or deserve this position of honor. There is no shortage of religious leaders who reflect the values on which President-elect Obama campaigned and who are working to advance the common good.

But just for a taste of what a lonnnnngggg 4 years it will be, the mouthpiece Ambinder (emphasis mine):

From experience, one can presume that the decision to invite Rick Warren was made because (a) Obama likes the guy, and (b) he knows it would send a message to groups like the HRC, and to conservative Christians who might be wary of the new president.  Not so much pandering as it is Obama’s deft manipulation of the politics of symbolism. Obviously, Obama disagrees with Rick Warren on important issues. He has said so, many times, and publicly. And he agrees with him on other important issues. And ignoring something like Warren, a mainstream figure who commands the respect of million of Americans, would be foolish.

Obama’s message is: Rick Warren is a part of Obama’s America, too.

Delighted not to be part of Obama’s America. Any more than I was part of Bush’s America. Or Clinton’s. We’re here at the same time, but we are not alike.

Another example of what a long, bad, tired blow job the years will be… this from Sully (who by the way is still on Palin and, specifically, the Trig pregnancy):

I think the choice of Warren is almost certainly designed, in fact, as a unifying move – and it is a signal that Obama has every intention of reaching out to Christianists who have some liberal leanings on poverty, the environment, and heterosexual HIV and AIDS. (Check out the last time Rick Warren reached out to gay people with HIV or AIDS.) I understand where Obama’s coming from, and I don’t think
this is an inherently bad idea.

Building such a liberal Christianist coalition is something I saw coming, and sadly see no way to avoid.

But not on the backs of gay people, please, Mr president-elect. Wedge politics is wedge politics, whether practised by Clintons, Bushes, or, yes, Obama.

Sully also says UGH.  But before “ugh”, before the news of the Warren selection was announced today, he had several posts today calling out Warren (one linking him to the hated Palin).  Now, Warren is clearly a BFF of ObLand.  So very clear it is, that Sully fusses but genuflects to his dear-president elect.

Liberal christianist coalition”?  IN WHAT UNIVERSE?

Get a clue, Ob likes Warren.  His kind.  A long line of cassocked users hang off Ob, Meeks, Phleger and Wright, all of the SS Chicago world, Donny McClurkin, others … Ob liked to join in the weekly “prayer circle conference call”, held by his cadre of “ministers”.  FIGURE IT OUT.

And the  likes of Glen Reynolds just laugh, and why not.

Grow up FFS, throw a shoe.


What never ceases to amaze and astound me, and what is true of patriots of all stripes, whether Progs or Blue Dogs, Christian Conservatives or Lou Dobbs, is that they all profess an undying love for some country that has never existed.