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Legs 3 May 2012

Posted by marisacat in Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

A close-up look at an ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn, South Africa  |  Dale Morris / Barcroft Media


1. marisacat - 3 May 2012

Comment of Madman’s brought forward from end of the last thread:

The Christian horror movie Harmless features a possessed box of porn. No, really.


2. marisacat - 4 May 2012

So…. thanks to the Maraniss book we have learned (as if we wanted to know) that when his youthful GF, Genevieve Cook, said “I love you” Barack answered:

Thank you.

Really he did, or so she says.

Wonder what he says to Jamie Dimon (prolly, May I have more sir?)

“JPMorgan Chief Jamie Dimon Blasts Obama, Asks For Simpson-Bowles Now” – Forbes.com:

“Dimon was speaking …. at the University of Rochester, where he received the ‘Executive Of The Year’ award. … ‘[T]he U.S. is the opposite of Europe, we know the way [to solve our crises], it’s called Bowles-Simpson. … Our problem is that we don’t have the will … Why the hell are we so depressed[?] … [W]e have the best military in the planet, the best universities and … incredible innovation … [W]hen things go wrong, finance gets blamed, just like this ridiculous stuff of blaming speculators for oil prices.”


Whambulance! Pronto… and some hankies for Jamie. Maybe he needs burping. Diaper change. Fresh nappies for Jamie!

3. marisacat - 4 May 2012

via Madman…. RS has a photo of masses of peoiple on Broadway in NYC on May Day for the march…

Photo Rolling Stone May Day March

4. diane - 4 May 2012

welp, ……I guess I’ll post it, …I’ve been imagining that most of us here, posting at this site were seriously just near through with it after reading it …and couldn’t bear much to even ‘put it in print.’ ….’Jack Crow’ makes so much sense about those instinctual ‘feelings’ that there really isn’t a spoken ……written …..language for ……..

my tiny knee jerk, the following ……epitomizes …….the stunningly wealthy …for a stunningly few …State of California and its stunning Degradation Cruelty of the unrepresented masses subject to its Sunny Skies ……and unending Military Industrial Complex ‘Funding’ and ‘Research’

May 3, 7:01 PM EDT

…….. …. ….. …. …


Associated Press

SAN DIEGO (AP) — The case of a detained college student who was forgotten in a holding cell for more than four days suggests a breakdown in procedure and oversight within the Drug Enforcement Administration, a California federal lawmaker said Thursday.

Republican Congressman Duncan Hunter said in a letter sent Thursday to DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart that the treatment of 23-year-old Daniel Chong raises concerns about the agency’s handling and monitoring of individuals in custody.

Chong was swept up in a drug raid on April 21. After questioning him, agents told him that he would not be charged and to hang tight in the holding cell until they finished the paperwork to release him. The door did not reopen until April 25 when agents found a severely dehydrated Chong covered in his own feces.

Chong spent five days in the hospital.

The incident was one of the worst cases of its kind, law enforcement experts say.

Hunter said he wants a full account of Chong’s incarceration, the process currently in place for holding individuals suspected of unlawful activity and the steps that the DEA is taking to address this matter in its entirety.

“The situation involving Chong may in fact be an isolated incident,” Hunter wrote. “Regardless, my concern is that this situation could also be a symptom of a bigger problem, with errors in procedure and oversight possibly extending to the division’s law enforcement function.”

Hunter said such oversight is especially important given the DEA’s presence in the U.S.-Mexico border region. He is asking for information on any other investigations pertaining to the San Diego division.

A federal law enforcement official familiar with DEA operations said the agency’s protocols require that cells be checked each night. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss the matter, said the cell where Chong was held is not intended for overnight stays because it does not have a toilet.

The top DEA agent in San Diego, William R. Sherman, said in a statement that he was “deeply troubled” by what happened to Chong and has personally ordered an extensive review of his office’s policies and procedures. Sherman also issued an apology to Chong, though the student said he was not personally contacted by Sherman.

Chong told The Associated Press in an interview that he screamed and kicked the door after waiting hours in the cell.

Then as the days dragged on, the terrifying realization set in that he was trapped. He had been forgotten in a 5-by-10-foot windowless room, hearing only the muffled sounds of voices and toilets flushing in the Drug Enforcement Administration facility in San Diego.

On the third day, he began to hallucinate. He urinated on a metal bench to be able to drink his urine. He stacked a blanket, his pants and shoes on the bench and tried to reach an overhead fire sprinkler, futilely swatting at it with his cuffed hands to set it off.

Then, the engineering student says he gave up and accepted death. He bit into his eyeglasses to break them. He says he used a shard of glass to carve “Sorry Mom” onto his arm so he could leave something for her.

He managed to finish an “S.” He says he considered ending his life with the glass to quicken his death.

“I pretty much lost my mind,” he told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

Help came after four days, when agents on a fluke opened the door and found him covered in his own feces. He says a bewildered agent asked: “Where’d you come from?”

Chong was treated in the hospital for dehydration, kidney failure, cramps and a perforated esophagus. He had lost 15 pounds.

There’s a tad more ..at that link (which seems to be in a continuing revision process (I copied the link on April 30 Pacific time, when it was titled: Calif. man forgotten in cell says he drank urine the same link, now leads to a piece dated May 3))…but truly it just serves to distract (quite possibly deliberately) from the horror, to my mind, …… since no one (but the elite) any more appear to be allowed the time to digest before knee jerking ……on that note, think I’ll make myself scarce to do some heavy meditation.

diane - 4 May 2012

…. on that note, think I’ll make myself scarce to do some heavy meditation.

wish me luck, …. as I attempted to imply: …I believe most of us have been quite viciously cut off at the pass …in terms of …peace of mind and the ability to think things out …. without being insanely harrassed by ‘bill collectors’ for bills that aren’t even due in the scheme of living …kindness …. and love..and that, …is putting it …way too kindly, but I do like to give the benefit of the doubt …soze I won’t feel bad at all for calling out nasty vicious: mother father child et al unrequested/solicited FUCKERS who are not happy unless they have a steel toed boot on a ‘VIC[tim]’s neck.

marisacat - 4 May 2012

Well, Cali is perfectly capable of doing the same, but this was federal level cock-up.

Not that it matters…. who did it, I mean.

I don’t think his suit for 20 mil is going to have an easy ride tho. I think JayCee Dugarde only got tht much, more or less, for the 18 years and the multi-level federal and state enforcement, repeated fail….

Between the lack of facilities, water, food and the meth, if he regains his sanity, it will be a near miracle.

5. marisacat - 4 May 2012

😆 Good for a laugh… I don’t believe it is possible Pierce is this bumbling and naive… but I guess it could be.

Some of the lines are a hoot and the thread is pathetic – and beyond…. Loads of forgiving, understanding legally blind Democrats.

ms_xeno - 5 May 2012

What a steaming clot of stupid, babbling, patronizing, self-important little pigfuckers (or starfuckers, or wannabee starfuckers). They deserve Romney and his fans. And one another.

marisacat - 5 May 2012

Don’t they??…. and, to top it off, earlier today at another site I read a comment from someone calling himself “Angry Black Man” (he’s a regular over at Jeralyn’s Talk Left, so he may indeed be a black Slob-ite) claiming that Slobby’s economy is getting better. Bit by bit.

Massive Snicker.

😆 … 😆 … 🙄

As I said, legally blind.. and flying into mountains.

diane - 5 May 2012

It’s Angry Black Guy (not “Man.” …. from what I’ve noticed among black people, whom I’ve possibly spent more intimate time around (since my adulthood, and outside of my direct tiny family of, originally six), the word Guy (versus “Man”) is not commonly used, further it’s held in contempt by some (many?).

ABG (angry black guy ) has been on a shit list (ever since his/its? appearance there) of the very many of those at TalkLeft who are disgusted with Obama/never liked him, and the (not insignificant), don’t care for Hillary either, group, for quite some time. ….As of late, it may not appear so, …because he/it has smoothly segued onto not commenting about anything but Trayvon Martin.

diane - 5 May 2012

(mind, I’m not saying that Jeralyn and Armando aren’t quite on board with ABG ..(one and the same) …just saying that many of the commenters there … don’t deserve to be written/rounded off and consigned to worthlessness, or worse, and that they actually, provide something of worth.)

diane - 5 May 2012

without a love for our own ‘species’ …we are, all, …absolutely ….lost. …. we’ve all experienced, ..however fleeting, …. a reason to love another …of our own …. ‘species.’ …

It is getting pretty late.

Isn’t it?

marisacat - 5 May 2012

Oh lordy… man instead of guy. Sorry, I have not paid close attention to commenters at another site.

His, Angry Black, comments have never seemed to me to advance the T/Z conversation, which is true of several commenters over there… and unfortunately, more than one atty there, whose comments I did appreciate, haven’t been around for some time. Mitch Guthman (oh I hope i have his screen name right! 😳 ) for one, who I read at several sites….

Sorry, to buy into Slob is, in my opinion, to buy into the wars and to unfolding domestic horror. I have no patience with it. Any more than I had with defense of Bushiter and his crew.

diane - 5 May 2012

Sorry, to buy into Slob is, in my opinion, to buy into the wars

is that really what you’ve translated …. from what I wrote above?


I’m utterly speechless …….

diane - 5 May 2012

perhaps for some, unknown to you (after all, …you don’t know everything), the word “guy” translates to something ugly?

I know you don’t care much for the details of sublimating (and I am not talking about political parties), as you call it, ……but I question whether someone caring about the details of semantic useage hasn’t ultimately saved you from falling through the cracks.

really, you can seem quite vicious, at times, marisa.

marisacat - 6 May 2012

I have no idea what “the details of sublimating” is about… but I have mentioned before diane, there is a huge Blogland out there… a veritable Disneyland, State Fair, traveling Barnum and Bailey of comment threads.

diane - 5 May 2012

I’ve got two comments ‘in spam’ ..at 7:32PM “Pacific Daylight Time” ( they were made right after you posted you’re:

Oh lordy… man instead of guy..

comment, at about 7:00 PM)

6. ts - 5 May 2012

The time to talk honestly and ferociously about the abject failure of the Avignon Presidency was in 2009. The time to demonstrate that failure by investigating the incredible panoply of crimes and blunders that were committed by the previous administration on almost every possible issue was shortly after he took office, when he still had at least theoretically congressional majorities and, in any case, could have, by executive order, released documents detailing at least some of what went on. The time to talk about the sheer sociopathic disregard for political norms illustrated by the new Republican majority elected to the House in 2010 was in 2009, when that disregard was on display at rallies, and in the disruption of town hall meetings, and when the manic energy that has forced the Republican party to abandon reason was at its highest levels. The time to talk — nay, holler — about the disinclination of the opposition to do the business of the people was every damn time they refused to do it. The time to do all of this effectively, alas, has passed.

We couldn’t actually do anything about it (you know, like “change” stuff). But we could talk about it. Honestly and ferociously. even. And presumably from our living rooms, since people like us wouldn’t have been allowed within a twenty mile radius of President Avignon and his coterie.

marisacat - 5 May 2012

It’s just amazing to me – to shovel out that guff.

Way way back in 2007/08, one of the things I read (and heard in interview with Cassandra Butts who was on the staff of the HLR then – and I think Sobby has let her have a third or fourth tier job at DOJ) about Slob was, when he got made Editor of the HLR, the liberals and leftischer there, thought, perhaps, maybe!….there would b a chance for them under him.

😆 Then he favored and elevated the baby Federalists….

7. ts - 5 May 2012

He’s got the P. back in his byline. Must stand for “prick”.

8. marisacat - 5 May 2012

We are bedeviled by the messianic. And so many of them, here, there, everywhere.

[F]or six years, Yuval Diskin was the silent chief of the silent service. His shaved head could be seen entering and leaving meetings of secret committees. He is considered the real father of “targeted eliminations”, and his service has been widely accused of extensive use of torture. Nobody ever accused him of being soft on Arabs.

And now he has spoken out. Choosing a most unusual venue – a get together of some two dozen pensioners in a small-town cafe – he let fly.

According to Diskin – and who would know better? – Israel is now led by two incompetent politicians [that would be Bibi and Ehud… – Mcat] with messianic delusions and a poor grasp of reality. Their plan to attack Iran is leading to a world-wide catastrophe.

Not only will it fail to prevent the production of an Iranian atom bomb, but, on the contrary, it will hasten this effort, this time with the support of the world community.

Going further than Dagan, he stated that the only factor preventing peace negotiations with the Palestinians is Netanyahu himself. Israel can make peace with Mahmoud Abbas at any time, and missing this historic opportunity will bring disaster upon Israel.

As chief of the Shin Bet, Diskin was the No. 1 official government expert on Palestinians. His agency receives and collates all the evidence, spy reports, interrogation results and information gathered from listening devices.

Leaving no room for doubt, Diskin said that he knew Netanyahu and Barak from close up, did not trust them and thought they were unfit to lead the nation in a crisis. He also said that they are deliberately deceiving the people. He did not omit to mention that they live in extreme luxury. . . . . .

Of that last line, I’ve often thought of the extreme luxury that Lieberman and Hadassah enjoy in what I assume are very frequent stays in Israel. And no doubt a retirement of extreme luxury there as well.

I mean, why stay here?

There is an interesting passage on Bibi’s father with some useful insights (and he died this past week). What a fucking nutter. He held Menachem Begin in contempt and considered him a “softy”.


[A]ll this shaped the character and world view of “Bibi” – the specter of imminent national annihilation, the role model of the fiercely rightist father, the shadow of the older and much more admired brother. When Binyamin now speaks endlessly about the coming Second Holocaust and his historical role in preventing it, this need not be just a ploy to divert attention from the Palestinian issue or to safeguard his political survival. He may – frightening thought!!! – actually believe it.

The picture that emerges is exactly that painted by Yuval Diskin: a Holocaust-obsessed fantasist, out of contact with reality, distrusting all Goyim, trying to follow in the footsteps of a rigid and extremist father – altogether a dangerous person to lead a nation in a real crisis. . . . . .

We are so fucking scroood.

9. marisacat - 6 May 2012


Not expecting much (from Hollande) but now that Sarko has conceded I will finally accept he lost. Thanks be to Jsus… 🙄

Sarkozy concedes defeat to Hollande in French presidential vote

Moderate Socialist Francois Hollande is elected president of France, exit polls show, narrowly defeating incumbent, Nicolas Sarkozy, a conservative whose five-year term was undermined by Europe’s economic crisis and his combative personality. . . . . .

Read more at:

🙄 Prepare for oodles of foolishness from the Right pundits in the US. Horrors, a bona fide card carrying Socialist. (Hide the children!)

😆 Sorta. Barely. But mieux que Sarko…. better than.

10. marisacat - 6 May 2012



…. 😯

… 😉

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