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Bored… 28 February 2012

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A giraffe sticks out his tongue at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand

A giraffe sticks out its tongue at Dusit Zoo in Bangkok, Thailand | Sakchai Lalit/AP


Mask 26 February 2012

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Maragojipe, Brazil: revellers participate in a masked ball during carnival celebrations | Ueslei Marcelino/Reuters

Hahahaha… somehow it reminds me of the Oscars show!


Sigh 23 February 2012

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The CNN debate was marked by peevish exchanges between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney. | AP Photos

So depressing.  The cons, religious grifters and panhandlers, skunks, slags … I can’t find words crass enough for the horrid mess we are presented with. 

And Slob of course.  The Singing Pretzel.


Carnevale 20 February 2012

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Nice, France: the King of Nice represented during the city’s carnival | Frederic Nebinger/Getty Images


I have on Treme, Season 1 for the umpteenth time… as Mardi Gras rolls around again…

Sunday 18 February 2012

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Lord of the Flies cover designs – the shortlisted pictures – The Guardian will select the winner of a joint competition with publishers Faber to design a new cover for the schools’ edition of Lord of the Flies

The Devil Within by Naomi Bartholomew aged 14 | Photograph Naomi Bartholomew

The cover designs are pretty stunning for teens, 13 – 16.


Occupy! 15 February 2012

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Passing on food from local food kitchens in Athens. Those who work at the kitchens says there are always new people who show up. | Agence France Presse

The photo is from a gallery attached to an article at der Spiegel… the close of the article:

[T]he psychologist Eleni Bekiari knows what dark thoughts the crisis and its consequences have brought to Athenians. She staffs Klimaka’s telephone number “1018.” It is a 24-hour suicide hotline, and its statistics are clear. In 2010, there were about 2,500 calls made to the number. In 2011, there were twice as many. “Most of those who call us are women,” she says. “On the other hand, it’s usually the men who end up taking their lives.”

Greece traditionally has one of the lowest suicide rates in Europe, but the increase has been dramatic. Since the beginning of the crisis, the suicide rate has almost doubled. In 2011, there were almost six suicides per 100,000 citizens. When the callers to the suicide hotline are asked for their reasons for suicidal thoughts, Bekiari says, they often answer with two words: the crisis.


Madman sent me this… it’s cheering:



For Immediate Release

February 11, 2012

Longshore workers name Occupy Movement as crucial in
settlement with EGT

Coordinated action by West Coast Occupys proves effective as
ILWU Local 21 ratifies contract

Longview, WA – On Friday, members of the ILWU and the labor community named the Occupy Movement as key to the settlement reached Thursday between ILWU Local 21 and the Export Grain Terminal (EGT). The contract finally provides for the use of ILWU labor in the grain terminal at the Port of Longview.

After staging the December 12 port shutdowns in solidarity with Local 21, the West Coast Occupy Movement planned coordinated action together with labor allies for a land and water blockade of the EGT ship in Longview, should it attempt to use scab labor to load. Occupys in states where EGT’s parent company Bunge has its growth and operations were also planning actions against the company on the day of the arrival of the ship.

“This is a victory for Occupy in their involvement in forcing negotiations. Make no mistake – the solidarity and organization between the Occupy Movement and the Longshoremen won this contract,” said Jack Mulcahy, ILWU officer with Local 8. “The mobilization of the Occupy Movement across the country, particularly in Oakland, Portland, Seattle, and Longview were a critical element in bringing EGT to the bargaining table and forcing a settlement with ILWU local 21.”

“West Coast Occupys had already demonstrated their ability to stage such a blockade by shutting down ports along the West Coast on December 12th, as well as the Port of Oakland on November 2nd,” said Anthony Leviege, ILWU Local 10 in Oakland. The Occupy Movement shut down ports in order to express solidarity with port truckers and Local 21, as well as responding to a nationally-coordinated eviction campaign against Occupy.

Negotiations progressed to the point where Longshore workers began loading the merchant vessel Full Sources on Tuesday. “When any company ruptures jurisdiction it is a threat to the entire union. The union jobs wouldn’t be back in Longview if it weren’t for Occupy. It’s a win for the entire class of workers in the Occupy Movement in demonstrating their organizational skills,” said Leviege.

“It is clear that the port shutdowns on November 2nd and December 12th, and the impending mobilization in Longview, is what made EGT come to the table. When Governor Gregoire intervened a year ago nothing was settled – non-ILWU workers were still working in the port. It wasn’t until rank and file and Occupy planned a mass convergence to blockade the ship that EGT suddenly had the impetus to negotiate.” Said Clarence Thomas, an officer of ILWU Local 10. “Labor can no longer win victories against the employers without the community. It must include a broad-based Movement. The strategy and tactics employed by the occupy Movement in conjunction with rank and file ILWU members confirm that the past militant traditions of the ILWU are still effective against the employers today.”

EGT itself made evident the company’s concern about Occupy’s role in the conflict in the January 27 settlement agreement: “The ILWU Entities shall issue a written notice to The Daily News and the general public, including the Occupy Movement, informing them of this settlement and urging them to cease and desist from any actions[…].”

“The Occupy Movement and rank-and-file unionists both within and outside of our ranks have forced the company to settle, but this is not over,” says Jess Kincaid of Occupy Portland. “Occupy doesn’t sign contracts. We have not entered into any agreements with EGT, nor do we intend to do so. EGT and its parent company Bunge bribe the government for military escorts, use slave labor in Brazil and systematically avoid contributing anything to our social safety net in the US or abroad. There is no ethic here beyond putting money back in the pocket of the 1% at the cost of working people and thesustainability of the earth.”

“It was the brave action of members of Local 21 blocking thetrain tracks this past summer that inspired the solidarity of the Occupy Movement up and down the West Coast and around the country. It was not until Occupy joined together with Local 21 and its labor allies that the company returned to the table. Governor Gregoire did nothing but let EGT raid Longshore Jurisdiction until Occupy responded to the call for support,” said Paul Nipper of Occupy Longview.


Still… 12 February 2012

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Petrol bombs explode in front of police. | Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

It’s been clear for years: the Greeks are not leaving the streets any time soon. NOT a stupid people.

Riot 11 February 2012

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Clashes between riot police and protesters have become a regular sight in Athens since the financial crisis began | Dimitri Messinis/AP

Marshmallow 9 February 2012

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Washington, USA: Barack Obama reacts as Joey Hudy launches a marshmallow from his Extreme Marshmallow Cannon in the state dining room of the White House | Kevin Lamarque/Reuters


Global 6 February 2012

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A protester holding red balloons walks past riot policemen prior to the protest in St Petersburg | Dmitry Lovetsky/AP