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1. marisacat - 20 April 2006

Native born San Franciscan.

Inveterate political observer. I was, repeat was, a long time Democratic voter. It has been a long slide downward to where, now, most of the pols on view are cocktail party hors d'oeuvres for the Republicans. And the Republicans are power mad and certifiable… too many freaks in that show.

Oh: last and truly least, fair warning, I have been banned at bigger places than this.

I was banned for having quite a lot of spine. Or starch in my crinolines. Or both.

2. n69n - 1 July 2006

you were banned for being a STAUNCH charactah!!!!

3. marisacat - 1 July 2006

oh sweetie, thank you… 😉

4. mt - 8 July 2006

Where did you find that picture—“white agitator”?

Love this layout.

I have not figured how to hack this theme yet…. 🙂

5. Marshall - 14 July 2006

Marisa, this is a great blog! Definitely one of the morning four (now five) starting today.

6. marisacat - 14 July 2006

ooo Marshall, hello!

7. ali eteraz - 31 December 2006

hi there,

i came upon your blog from booman. i was hoping you’d check out our community blog about islam and perhaps become amember or share it with your readers.

the site is eteraz.org – we are dedicated to activist islam globally

8. ltx - 1 February 2007

I want to thank Delaware Dumbass for pointing me to your site! Glad someone is saying the things we can’t say over at that Big Box Blog. So many of those blowhards need deflating. But we get one of their precious frosted donuts if we point out they are blathering tools.

9. Squirrel2634 - 1 February 2007

I admit I came over here because of the whole “outing” thing, thinking that maybe DD was being unfair. However, I found something completely different on this site. Incoherence. I can’t understand a damn thing you’ve written. And as for the “big box” sites, if you were a bit more intelligent and didn’t market in character assassination, you would be welcome. But we’ve got enough problems with the Republicans making false claims and ad hominem attacks, we don’t need more. You are no better than Michelle Malkin.

You say you have a spine…post this.

10. marisacat - 1 February 2007

You say you have a spine…post this.

The Squirrel speaks.

well Squirrel baby, e voila.

I cannot think that you thought that your tiny little taunts were of interest.

11. supervixen - 1 February 2007

Hi Squirrel! Orange Kool-Aid does make this site appear “incoherent”. Better go easy on the stuff.

Make sure to let your buddies at the frat know that you ventured over into enemy territory. Maybe at Yearly Kos, you’ll be vouchsafed an opportunity to kiss the hem of Kos’s garment.

12. dave - 1 February 2007

Dear Cunt,

Fuck you.

Very truly yours…

13. marisacat - 2 February 2007

Well that rates a chuckle.

Pretty clear that you guys rarely get to talk dirty. Not to a real woman.

Maybe all you can manage is the internet. Who knows.

14. bayprairie - 2 February 2007

dave’s post is positive in the sense it at least affords squirrell a comment he can follow. evidently squirrell’s mind doesnt move fast enough to keep up with yours. dave is probably more his speed.

i just hope those same agressive woman-hating sentiments haven’t send his wife to the DV shelter. lord knows men like him have sent far too many.

15. Marie - 10 April 2007

Love the HIllary poodle.

Congrats on your own blog.


16. Jesus B. Ochoa - 20 April 2007

Wandered by via XicanoPwr. Good stuff, and congrats on the Kos stuff.

17. Paul - 7 May 2007

You’re so right, Marisacat.

18. Paul - 7 May 2007

Marisacat, would you do me a huge favor and email me?

19. marisacat - 7 May 2007

Paul, sent you an email.


20. Noor Khan - 12 August 2007

Hello marisacat.

I would like to ask your permission to use a picture of trench warfare from the Iran-Iraq war on Wikipedia. (https://marisacat.wordpress.com/2007/05/26/oh-right-wrong-war-wrong-dead-and-wrong-memorial)

Can you please give me formal permission so they don’t take the picture down from Wikipedia? Thanks alot. Appreciate it.

21. marisacat - 12 August 2007

Noor Khan

Yes of course,

I found it somewhere myself, perhaps I forgot to label the resource.

22. supersoling - 25 August 2007

an fyi re. Darcy Burner. She’s not the same Darcy that is SusanHu’s daughter. SusanHu’s daughter is much younger and looks completely different.

23. capsicum4me - 12 December 2007

Hi Mariascat:

And now from one of the less testosterone poisoned, grateful for your site, and hope that Squirrel and Dave keep looking for that inner child of the past, who I hope they tell to shut the hell up when they find him/her…

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