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Weekend Open Thread 31 March 2007

Posted by marisacat in Big Box Blogs, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

   Morris Arboretum, Chestnut Hill - Philadelphia

Boy, I notice that the sub text of “Opera Glasses and Popcorn” really pisses people off.

After I was banned… in a little bit I re-registered, not to comment but to drop 4s (oh, they say I slammed people with zeros… well anyone who wants can check the ratings column, my Dkos page is linked in the Banned By Kos graphic over to the right) and recommend diaries.  And sometimes at the bottom of one of their big, messy bullshit, joke and abuse threads, I’d drop a single line:

Opera Glasses and Popcorn.

 Of course they banned ‘StGermainCat’ the night they banned, kos personally banned, Madman.


We’ll be diddling the war baby forever… 31 March 2007

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  night manoever, the taking of Haditha Dam, 2003, DOD/AP photo

I am a little behind, Arthur SIlber has a piece up from March 29 on the deaths of innocents at the hand of the perpetrators, building off Matt Taibbi in RS on congressional charades and Dave Lindorff from Counterpunch…  and here is a snip:

One of the primary ways in which evil advances is by means of people’s refusal to see the connection between their actions and their ultimate results. As I have often pointed out, those results are felt by specific, individual human beings. These are not finally abstract questions of “policy” or of intentionally unenforceable “timetables”: these are people’s lives — and people’s deaths.

So let’s make the connection that almost everyone struggles to avoid. Here is the approximate tally for only a single day, yesterday:

Heavy violence continued overnight in Tal Afar where retaliatory attacks for yesterday’s massive twin bombing left scores dead. Overall, at least 166 Iraqis were reported killed or found dead and another 146 were wounded throughout the country. Also, a Marine was killed in Anbar province yesterday, another GI died of non-combat related illness, and three British soldiers were wounded in separate incidents in Basra.

Asia Times has an article up, detailing the situation, to the extent known, of the 5 Iranians arrested in Iraq a few months ago..

Under Iraqi law, detainees identified as insurgents who are “actively engaged in hostilities” – those implicated in attacks on coalition forces and innocent Iraqi civilians – are supposed to be charged in civilian courts. They may be held up to 14 days before being brought before a magistrate and either charged with a crime or released. To hold detainees longer without charging them, detention authorities must provide justification for doing so, according to Horton.

That such requirements appear to be systematically ignored by US forces not only in Iraq, but also in Afghanistan and the broader “war on terror”, has fueled criticism of Washington’s detention policies and practices by human-rights groups and legal experts around the world.

“The US hasn’t articulated the legal grounds under which it detains ‘combatants’,” said John Sifton, a researcher with Human Rights Watch.

They regularly conflate criminal terrorism, innocent civilians and real combatants on the ground, and throw them all into the same pot. The vagueness of the war on terror has supplied the soil under which all this has flourished.”

US detention camps in Iraq currently hold more than 15,000 prisoners, most of whom, like the Iranians, have been held without charge or access to tribunals for months, even years, in some cases, according to a recent New York Times investigative report.

“It’s an exercise of raw power by the US that’s not backed by any legal justification,” said Horton.

I just do not see a possible scenario under which it ends.  In the grip of the militarists, the defense (misnomer) industry, a pliant greedy elected class, an overworked and very worried (on all fronts, for all manner of reasons) citizenry… additionally, as a diversionary stress release offered by the ruling class, their heads spun by social issues and the Rule Of God (we’ve left the tattered Rule of Law in the roadway… and Chavez and Morales have said what the El Norte Rule of Law means there, murder and mayhem.  Starvation and being driven from the land…) 

A warring, damning God, most days… 

MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Shelling rocked Mogadishu for a third day on Saturday, overwhelming hospitals with casualties as Ethiopian and Somali troops backed by helicopter gunships resumed attacks on Islamist rebels and clan militia.

Scores of civilians have been killed in what the International Committee of the Red Cross says is the capital’s worst fighting for more than 15 years. Ethiopia says its forces have killed more than 200 insurgents since the assault started.

Terrified residents said volleys of artillery rounds began crashing down onto homes hours before dawn.

“Whoever is doing this is not human. They have clearly never had a grandmother or children to think about,” Salado Yebarow, who lives between the main stadium and the presidential palace, told Reuters by telephone.

“The whole city is being shelled indiscriminately.” [snip]

As arms dealers the world over stand up and cheer!


Oh yes, how could I forget:  The Lemming Version of diversionary.
Long and wordy.  From drool to twaddle and back again. 

I have the original text and nearly 60 original comments. louisianagirl, in a world well populated with operatives, was one form of the arc.  She arrived all politics, polls, analysis and tag space on comments that for all I know was for sale.  I don’t much care for Obama but her posts contra Obama had a whiff of cash in the air.  She hung at the Box Car Sites, as I call them, and posted as well at Swing State Project.  Not at Dkos, under that name anyway…

Then she became all about sex.  And laid her IED, in a place she knew tongues would hang out (I counted the naysaysers), especially the owner of the site..  LG tried to erase when the fun ws had — little is gone forever and people learned long ago from massive deletions at Dkos (Armando and DD among others) to save save save.

I will say it again, these are not nice people, they are not even decent. 

Diddling the war baby on your knee 30 March 2007

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A post from IOZ on the various arguments proffered to appear to be against Iraq War, but oh so eazy squeezy for any war in the offing [that has not failed yet] when you pick it apart.  Or, the argument sent forth is some tossed-in yearning for that other war, the one that is failing just as spectacularly, just not in the headlines..

 Here is a snip:

[F]or a guy who spends as much time lamenting the “intellectual dishonesty” (is there another kind?) of his infinite array of intellectual opponents, this is startlingly disingenuous. You know, I think the kids in ANSWER are kinda funny too, but I’m able to loosen by garters and pull off my opera gloves and admit them to the Brotherhood of Don’t Invade Iraq. And if they want to bring along their “Free Mumia” tee-shirts, good golly, let ’em.

When folks like Bérubé start chattering about The Message, you can be pretty sure that something’s up, and that something almost always looks like a Democrat who wants to be sure not to “discredit” some or other sort of “intervention.” The Message is marketing; it’s a word for political campaigns. Of course they want their rallies to look like Just Folks. They love Just Folks.[snip]


I have a few other things, will pop them up.  And sorry, comments are still being filtered in skrewball fashion.  Some to spam and some to moderation… Sorry!

Whatever! The mere words include a shrug of the shoulders… 30 March 2007

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Madman has a post up on the chocolate Jesus.  What a concept… and nekkid too.  Donohue is in a lather…

[Y]es, you read that right … it’s not the mounting number of poor in the world, nor the ongoing bloodshed in the many wars and criminal occupations around the world, or people suffering in prisons under torture and deprivation … one of the “worst assaults on Christian sensibilities ever” is a big sweet suggestion of Deophagy

Where to start with these people? It’s not like you can’t buy novelty chocolates to mix in with your candied eggs and Peeps. Hell, Tom Wait’s even sang a song about a sweet melty Jesus. [slurp]

Should we try the white glove / M&Ms routine with chocolate Jeesus?  Somehow I guess not.


No news to anyone here, but Miss Devore is inspired… 😉

Lucid has a WP site, the bare structure is up at the moment, but … 😉

Lucid Culture


paine comments on “pure cornball horsefeathering” over at SMBIVA

It’s getting to look mighty wonderful, as the commander in chief calls out the jackasses in front of a lobby/rally of ox-tough cattlemen.

What’s up here? A stand off — okay, not exactly toe to toe, but a face off nonetheless — Bush and Cheney at one end of Penn Ave, Nan and Harry at the other, Congo agin White House: cue the Ennio Morricone.


Last… Don’t miss it.  Here.  And here too.

Soon to open in major theatres near you:

Re: Voyeurs (none / 0)

You should post this to Daily Kos. It’s bound to get attention.  

by tulip1962 on Fri Mar 30th, 2007 at 08:28:38 AM EST
[ Parent ]

And… by no means least but surely of interest to Martin who guards the door for attorneys like the Chinese palace pi dogs (and failed badly when over here to “talk” to me about his issues) … I suggest he take note:

Adam B is still cyberstalking me (0.00 / 0)

at Booman Tribune.  Adam B of DailyKos is out of control.  He needs a time out.  Make him stop.

Learn more about Bobby Jindal.

by: louisianagirl @ Thu Mar 22, 2007 at 05:09:29 AM PST Reply

Mind you I don’t care, I assume it is just itinerant effluvia and adam b is a politico (wannabe, would be my guess) he can take care of himself… but if Martin wishes to FP writing about me and drive hits off me, wishes to lecture me, he can also eyeball the landscape closer to home. 

By the way, they can call me what they want.  Hard to beat cuntwhorebitch.  And sure, if its a running carnival, I will comment.


as i find things today will add them…

UPDATE, 9:37 am in San Francisco

From Hotline On Call:

Hotline After Dark: A Bad Day For Bushies

The political talk on cable last night focused on ex-DoJ CoS Kyle Sampson‘s testimony:

CNN’s Henry: “The president under siege on two fronts, with the full Senate defying him on Iraq policy while a Senate committee hears explosive testimony in this U.S. attorney flap” (“Situation Room,” 3/29).

MSNBC’s Shuster: “Even administration supporters said today that testimony by Kyle Sampson was devastating” (“Hardball,” 3/29).

PBS’ Holman: “Since the controversy broke, Gonzales has maintained that the firings were not politically motivated, but for performance-related reasons. Today, Sampson said there is no real difference between the two interpretations” (“NewsHour,” 3/29).

CNN’s Bash, on GOPers’ reax to Gonzales: “They’re simply fed up. They say that, at this point, the attorney general has a very high bar to get over in order to explain himself. They’re not pushing him over just yet. But they’re certainly not getting out there to support him, not even close” (“AC 360,” 3/29).

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), on Gonzales: “I’m not going to run him out of town on a rail based on newspaper stories or television or radio interviews. I want to see him eyeball to eyeball. I want him under oath and hear what he has to say” (“LKL,” CNN, 3/29). [EMILY GOODIN]

You know all I really think about?  How convenient for Bush(ies).  Should have happened in 2004.  Plenty to run on then, in an election year, post AG, post invasion, post NO WMD, during the time that Rumsfeld should have gone, but did not.. during the time that Kerry should have run a real campaign, but did not – think of the convention with a PROHIBITION against “being mean” to Bush, I mean, WTF?

And a bit later in NYC, merry R pranksters have hog fleshed R conventioneers parading with bandaids and tiny purple hearts crayoned on them?

BTW, not lauding Kerry nor his service.  A regressive love affair iwth a hideous war, which is what the Dems did all thru 2004, helped put a tourniquet on criticising the current horror.

The problem is they love war and they especially love the armaments


La Louche Overnight Thread… 29 March 2007

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La louche is beat!  But not beaten!  Ther is a difference...

Via hrh/SV (whose email address he had) Meteor Blades has conveyed an apology w/r/t the Klebold Harris Columbine comment.  Here is a snip at the close of the email:

Clearly I used poor judgment in this matter. I was wrong. I shouldn’t have made the accusation. I shouldn’t have stubbornly refused to retract it. I shouldn’t have needed seven reviewers to tell me so. And I apologize unconditionally to everyone who posts at the site.

I have no idea (nor was there mention of that in the email) if MB wishes to comment at the site, but if he should wish to at any time, he certainly can.


Other than that, at the moment,  I don’t have anything in hand to post… 😉

Fancy footwork… 29 March 2007

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  Shatt al Arab

Pepe Escobar in Asia Times on the UK 15 being held in Iran…

[F]rom the Iraqi shore one can see the Iranian shore, flags aflutter. These remain extremely disputed waters. In 1975, a treaty was signed in Algiers between the shah of Iran and Saddam Hussein. The center of the river was supposed to be the border. Then Saddam invaded Iran in 1980. After the Iran-Iraq War that this sparked ended in 1988, and even after both Gulf wars, things remain perilously inconclusive: a new treaty still has not been signed.

The British are adamant that the sailors were in Iraqi waters checking for cars, not weapons, being smuggled. It’s almost laughable that the Royal Navy should be reduced to finding dangerous Toyotas in the Persian Gulf. Some reports from Tehran claim the British were actually checking Iranian military preparations ahead of a possible confrontation with the US.

Western corporate media overwhelmingly take for granted that the British were in Iraqi or “international” waters (wrong: these are disputed Iran/Iraq waters). Tehran has accused the British of “blatant aggression” and reminded world public opinion “this is not the first time that Britain commits such illegal acts” (which is true). Tehran diplomats later suggested that the British might be charged with espionage (which is actually the case in Khuzestan province in Iran, conducted by US Special Forces). […]

I think I’d take a few minutes and pay attention to Pepe, who was posting in late summer of 2001, come get him, something big is coming and if that is right, afterward you won’t be able to get him

Right, that was about Osama.  AT kept links to the PE 2001 articles on the front page for a long time post 9.11

There is more:

From the depths of their abysmal, recent historical experience, even the Arab world – which is not so fond of Persians – sees the US-orchestrated UN sanctions on Iran for what they are: the West, once again, trying to smash an independent nation daring to have its shot at more influence in the Middle East.

More sanctions will be useless as China and India will continue to do serious business with Iran.

Tactically, as a backgammon or, better yet, chess move – in which Iranians excel – the Shatt-al-Arab incident may be much more clever than it appears. Oil is establishing itself well above US$60 a barrel as a result of the incident, and that’s good for Iran. It’s true that from London’s point of view, the incident could have been arranged as a provocation, part of a mischievous plan to escalate the conflict with Iran and turn Western and possibly world public opinion against the regime.

Oh get ready… here it comes:

But from Tehran’s point of view, for all purposes British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a soft target. The episode has the potential to paralyze both President George W Bush and Blair. Neither can use the incident to start a war with Iran, although Blair has warned that his government is prepared to move to “a different phase” if Iran does not quickly release the sailors. [snip]

I know I pushed the extracts (mea culpa) but it’s just such a meaty look … 😉


The Hill has an article on the Obama method with lobbyists…

[“A]nd as people have looked away in disillusionment and frustration, we know what’s filled the void,” said Obama. “The cynics, and the lobbyists, and the special interests who’ve turned our government into a game only they can afford to play. They write the checks and you get stuck with the bills, they get the access while you get to write a letter; they think they own this government, but we’re here today to take it back. The time for that politics is over. It’s time to turn the page.”

In a fundraising e-mail distributed yesterday, Obama emphasized his stance against taking money from lobbyists and PACs.
Two lobbyists who are supporting another candidate and spoke to The Hill on condition of anonymity said that Obama’s campaign contacted them asking to be put in touch with their networks of business clients and acquaintances.

One of the lobbyists, who supports Clinton, said that Shomik Dutta, a fundraiser for Obama’s campaign, called to ask if the lobbyist’s wife would be interested in making a political contribution.

“I was quite taken aback,” he said. “He was very direct in saying that you’re a lobbyist and we don’t want contributions from lobbyists. But your wife can contribute and we like your network.”

Dutta declined to discuss his work. [snip]


In The Hill also, Code Pink just will not let up on Hillary… 😉

[O]ne of Code Pink’s co-founders, Gael Murphy, said the group has been following Clinton for almost two years and will continue to do so until she introduces legislation to bring American soldiers home from Iraq. Murphy said it was likely the group would protest Clinton and other candidates at this morning’s forum sponsored by the Building and Construction Trades Department of the AFL-CIO.

“We think it’s important to put pressure on her as one of the most important politicians in the United States,” Murphy said.
Murphy said not even an apology for the 2002 vote, like the one rival candidate and former Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) has given, would appease the group.  [snip]


Family bringing suit against Harper’s Magazine, loses

OKLAHOMA CITY — An appeals court has ruled against family members of an Oklahoma National Guard member whose open casket was photographed by Harper’s Magazine.

The 2004 funeral of Sgt. Kyle Brinlee at the Pryor High School gymnasium was attended by 1,200 people, including Gov. Brad Henry, who spoke.

“While it could be argued that publication of [the photo] without prior authorization was in poor taste … it does not constitute an actionable claim under any of the theories advanced by plaintiffs,” the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on March 23 in Showler v. Harper’s Magazine.

Robert Showler, Brinlee’s biological father, and Johnny Davidson, his maternal grandfather, alleged among other things that the magazine and photographer Peter Turnley invaded their privacy, deceived them and unjustly enriched themselves by publishing the photo.  [snip]

And a summary and link to the loss in the initial court case…

Family loses suit over soldier’s open-casket photo in Harper’s

If father, grandfather wanted privacy, federal judge rules, they shouldn’t have held public funeral with reserved press section. 12.27.05

Well, that seems quite direct:  You wish privacy, guard against the loss of that privacy.  Yes, someone popped me the link to the case.  And a few others…


UPDATE, 11:13 on the Pacific Ocean…

Madman has a good one up, words for citoyen and citoyenne.  Yes, slap me (you know they want to… )  for being “sexist”… I just happen to love the word:  citoyenne.

Back to Madman… and the mud and blood laden trenches of retail politics (and just the littlest, tiniest slice is online, as everybody knows)…

Despite what the slavish Big Box Blahgs say, despite what the horse-race-flogging tee-vee pundits say, citizens AREN’T political consultants. They AREN’T political advisors. They SHOULDN’T approach politics the way they follow sports, counting box scores and campaign fundraising numbers and gleefully concentrating on the ins-and-outs of political gamesmanship.

They should heckle, they should stop traffic if they feel they must. What they shouldn’t do is calculate and equivicate and dance to the self-serving tune of the politicians and their big money donors. Political parties are NOT the only avenue for political action.

Then a snip from Zinn, whom Madman quotes in the post:

I am reminded of the situation at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, when the black delegation from Mississippi asked to be seated, to represent the 40 percent black population of that state.

They were offered a “compromise” – two nonvoting seats. “This is the best we can get,” some black leaders said. The Mississippians, led by Fannie Lou Hamer and Bob Moses, turned it down, and thus held on to their fighting spirit, which later brought them what they had asked for.

That mantra – “the best we can get” – is a recipe for corruption.

The party and it’s sales people are all about “the best we can get”… manufacturing consent.  Off line, online. 

Don’t settle.  Just don’t.  Make them service the constituency.  All there is to withhold is the vote.

Yes this is immense heresy, especially at one of the little sites that, for some reason, the BBBlahgers think they can control.  Won’t be happening.

Speaking of the “Mississippians”, one thing I took note of after the ’04 loss (they so expected to win) was Kennedy in interview railing that only 43% of eligible Blacks in MS are registered to vote.  I later read Manning Marable who confirmed this…

It is not as if in the intervening 43 years the Democrats cared.   Fannie Lou Hamer and Bob Moses knew:  they must be forced.  I am certain that the Democrats are no more interested in poor whites in the South than they are in poor, or otherwise, Blacks in the South… some deference in the big cities, where there are machines.  About it.  So 43% was long ago judged to be “what they could get”.


UPDATE, 1:30 pm in San Francisco

I was reading TAPPED, a post from Lomonaco, who is listening to the hearings:

For instance, Dianne Feinstein questioned Sampson about the fact that Sampson talked about “the real problem we have right now” with U.S. attorney Carol Lam in San Diego the day after her office alerted DoJ that they would be executing search warrants in an investigation of Dusto Foggo and Brent Wilkes. (For more on the story, see here.)

Feinstein asked Sampson today, “And are you aware that on May 10 Carol Lam sent a notice to the Department of Justice saying she would be seeking a search warrant — of the CIA investigation into Dusto Foggo and Brent Wilkes?” And Sampson carefully responded, “I don’t remember ever seeing such a notice.” The obvious follow-up: “Are you saying you specifically remember that you never saw such a notice? Or are you saying it is possible you saw it and now you just don’t remember?”

Sampson says he doesn’t remember ever seeing such a notice. “Well,” Sampson should be asked, “did you ever learn of the substance of the notice? That is, did you ever learn, in any way or form, of the fact that Lam intended to have search warrants executed in the investigation involving Foggo and Wilkes?”

That reminded me of the Iran-Contra hearings… and Walter Karp’s book Liberty Under Siege (Franklin Sq Press, 1988, paper ed.) a sub-section called Oligarchy Restored, p 254

“In four days of questioning, the congressional committee investigating the Iran-contra affair never pinned down Robert C. McFarlane on what he told President Reagan about the White House staff’s activities in behalf of the Nicaraguan rebels.”

Senator Daniel Inouye, chairman of the Senate half of the committee, a Hawaiian Democrat, asks McFarlane whether he had “advised the President on whatever you were doing” for the contras.

“Yes, sir,” replies McFarlane and Inouye drops the subject-the subject of subjects dropped. McFarlane mentions discussing Colonel North with the President, alleged “loose cannon,” supposedly scarcely known to the President. “Once again,” notes the New York Times, “Senator Inouye dropped the subject.”

Questioned by Senator Warren Rudman, a New Hampshire Republican, McFarlane says the President had “a far more liberal interpretation” of his freedom from the laws “than I did.” And “Senator Rudman dropped the matter.”

For the people believe in the supremacy of law. Do we want them to hear over television that the President does not?

Yes, and what are we facing today?


UPDATE,  2:25 pm

hmm IOZ has a timely post on getting your groove on, selling your religion, your angst, who you poked, selling whatever is grist for the mill, if it gets you a laying-in spot on the greasy, battered, bloodspattered clover bed that is politics.

Yes…it fits today…. and the awkward and effortful shimmy going on elsewhere…

Feelin’ on Your Booty.

Evidently, Fred Thompson isn’t a Christian. That’s according to James Dobson, although a spokesman clarifies: “We use that word–Christian–to refer to people who are evangelical Christians.” Which is fine, I suppose, just as it’s fine to call insects bugs and chimps monkeys, even though not all bugs are insects and chimps aren’t monkeys at all.

Newt Gingrich, meanwhile, wins fulsome praise after a radioland discussion of his Monica-Lewinsky-era extramarital affair. It seems that people are confused about the objects of praise and derision here, wondering how it is that “the most politically powerful evangelical figure in the country” can come out for a wife-abandoner, but there’s nothing to be confused about.

Joan Didion famously observed that everything that didn’t make sense about Reagan if you thought of him as the President made perfect sense if you thought of him as an actor.

Didion surely knew.  From an old Sacramento CA family and a long long time observer of the political scene… 


A bit more of IOZ:

Let me put it to you this way: Montel holds no moral position In Re: if he is or if he ain’t your baby dady [sic]–not so long as you’re willing to dish in front of the live studio audience. Dobson would support an Iranian hooker with every Sutra of the Koran tatooed in miniature on her backside if she’d show up to get a little weepy on his show. This game works well all across the world of Christian broadcasting. There is hardly a sentence that comes out of Pat Robertson’s mouth that couldn’t be followed by “only three easy payments of $19.95.”

This is America, friends. There is only one meaningful question: What are you selling?

Commerce, you gotta love it… It made America – and Tony the Tiger – grrrreat!

Shimmy on!


UPDATE, 5:40 pm…

Oh yes, if people are not bored, they are tired of it.  Imagine how i feel, who lives to amuse, myself primarily…

But if they could read it would be so much better…  Of course the many manias would not be fed. 

Today at Mo Betta Meta:

[A]s for the DD situation — really? He posted a link to his blog which had his real name on it? I stand corrected. Then this whole thing about him being outed, if that is true, is UTTER NONSENSE. I shan’t say another word about it.

Now, as I remakred on BMT to Lucid, I am sorry, but for my own sanity and peace of mind, I am going to have to adopt a Do Not Engage/Do Not Acknowledge Policy as pertains to anyone who condones the horseshit that passes for dialogue at Marisacat’s site. i’ll be happy to speak to anyone who repudiates her lies and malicious obfuscations and behaviour, but as for anyone who participates at that blog and says NOTHING to indicate they do NOT approve — you are Dead to Me.

Or, in the words of the Good Witch of the North…

Begone! You have no power here! 

 February 1 at Marisacat, the day after the photo was posted with

no name,

no moniker and

no law firm listed:

UPDATE, 12:30.

The site is on full moderation.

Here, have a laugh.  And remember: when he ws fully outed, his name as well as who he was diarying as at Dkos by a DE reporter last October, he was going to GBCW and then rename himself.  He did not.  I believe it was that reporter who stated, more or less, that he supported Beau Biden for AG, tho he had failed the bar.  DE does nto even require a JD for their AGs.  And Del Dem failed the bar in DE THREE times.  Something I did not know 2 days ago.

Whoops.  As if it mattered.  He names himself at his blog, which has been carried as a link in his tag line in comments at Dkos for a year or so and he is public thru his listing at his law firm. 

I have jsut been emailed that his photo was posted at BMT during the PA elections, that may be.  I don’t read it enough to know. (Sorry.) 

And they were busy busy busy electing Patrick Murphy.  And now they are all so slightly embarrassed that he is a Blue Dog.  Well, don’t be.

Have you ever seen such wilted peacocks?  In their pin-striped suits? 

I am sorry, it is laughable.

And someone has sent the link: click on the pic and you get (as appeared at BMT on 11/7): Link. Standing in the light blue shirt.

And Opps.  Soft flanking motion incoming:  BMT  I long ago emailed him during one of his many many defenses of Armando (with blame heaped on his “community”, it ws during the suskind diaries, don’t worry suskind deleted at BMT, so many anti-Armando comments!) but I emailed Martin, What do you think they, the Boyz, say about you when you are not around.

Men are far bitchier than women.

Peacocks in a Tizzy Whizzy!  Blog Maids to All Aisles! 

Blog Maids to the Editing Room!


just as it appeared January 30th 2007

UPDATE, 7:50 pm

hmmm.  And what if this is a mainline ”Kossack”?  One harbored close to the bosom of Daddy Kos?  An online whip…  A defender, sword drawn, of the Great Realm that is Koslandia?


Myself, I see Tammany Hall..  Bossism.   Democratic (or its early Jeffersonian incarnation) family, all the way back to Virginia and with Garvey and Brennan on one side of my family, I may speak.

What do you see?


March 29

His many many self outings across the years were cut and pasted, linked to, enumerated and indicated.  For several days.  And subsequently…  But no, that was too hard, not fun, too truthful for them.

They loved the cuntbitchwhore merry go round DD opened up in the vaunted Dkos, MLW and BMT ”community” square.


Yes yes yes… they think political discussion 28 March 2007

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comments closed

     The Lion Tamer... well so they think!

should be theirs to control on the Blogs.  That they own any little blog they set their eyes upon… and the words on that blog.   MB saying I should monitor March for a word count of what I say against Dems vs against Bush.  Fuck No.  Not taking homework assignments.  Nor is it applicable.  Sheer intimidation… of a wussy, ‘nothing better to do’ sort.

AND:   I surely am not available to kiss their scabrous party asses.


overnight open thread… 😉


UPDATE, 6:40 pm

Black Agenda Report has a good weekly set of posts up again, here are snips from two:

Heroes and Hypcrites

[F]irst, the “withdrawal” suggestions in the supplemental war budget don’t apply to any military personnel the president certifies are engaged in “training” Iraqis or fighting insurgents, or those who guard the US embassy and America’s city within a city, the Green Zone. 

Entire battalions have already been certified as “trainers” by the stroke of a Pentagon pen.

 Second, Democratic “withdrawal” suggestions do not apply to the 100,000 or more Pentagon-paid mercenary troops, who are believed to have sustained more than a thousand dead, several thousand casualties, and inflicted their share of the monstrous Iraqi death toll.

 Third, the withdrawal suggestions only kick in if and when the president “certifies” Iraq’s puppet government and its forces are “ready to stand on their own”, whatever that means;

 And fourth, the suggested deadline for beginning – not ending, but beginning the partial, conditional and suggested withdrawal of US armed forces from Iraq, if it ever happens, is March 2008.  Until then Democratic House leaders have granted the president a free, unobstructed, and bloody hand to continue his genocidal war against the peoples of Iraq, Afghanistan, and perhaps Iran.

Numbling Democrats.

BAR’s Margaret Kimberley on Black abortion, abortion politics and abortion as part of Civil Rights:

With Black women undergoing abortions at about four times the rate of white women, it’s time that African Americans made reproductive rights a “Black” issue.

Escalating attacks on Roe v. Wade threaten Black and poor women most of all, yet Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both use “weasel words” when defending abortion rights.

Meanwhile, “anti-abortion racketeers” employ African Americans like Alveda King, niece of the late civil rights leader, to give the impression that Blacks are anti-choice. Black leadership is challenged to “speak up,” especially “when bad preachers and right wing cash comes calling.” [snip]

Last, links to BAR’s Glen Ford posting on our USA! USA! ‘war free for all’ stirring it up in Chad, right next door to Darfur and Arianna posting at BAR on our hideous, punishing drug war, War on Drugs = War on Minorities.


Why be for Chevron? 28 March 2007

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  Protest at Chevron HQ  East Bay

Barricade and Occupation of Chevron’s International HQ in Bay Area

Report back from Josh Russell

The sun hadn’t risen yet. After circling once under the cover of darkness, our van and truck pulled up to Chevron’s world headquarters. Our affinity group (Bay Rising Affinity Group aka BRAG!), burst out of the van and deployed our barrels, lock boxes, and bodies. The cops were waiting for us, but for some reason when we hopped out of the van, they ran the opposite direction. Welocked our arms into place.

Our barricade and occupation of Chevron’s entrance was in place in less than 60 seconds. We completely shut down the main entrance to Chevron’s International HQ. Initially we were worried that we wouldn’t have enough bodies to cross the whole 6 lanes of the entrance – but lucky for us, even though we didn’t reach the other side (at first!), the cops completely shut down the rest of it for us!

   Protest Chevron Intl HQ East Bay CA

Directly related, this interview from (yesterday) Democracy NOW! on the office occupation campaign that is on-going for over two months now…

AMY GOODMAN: And the response of the Democrats? I mean these are Democrat-led bills in both the House, and now this week, the Senate, about to be voted on.

KATHY KELLY: The Democratic National Leadership, with Nancy Pelosi playing a very, very active role, I think, was very anxious about the 2008 elections. They don’t want to be pinned with any kind of allegations that they don’t support the troops. And so they have put forth a bill that would allow for the supplemental spending to go forward, and they have issued a timetable.

But I think Howard Zinn had it right. I mean imagine if the early abolitionists had said we want to see an end to slavery, but we’re going to extend a timetable that would extend it for two more years.

So we have great admiration for the congress people whom you named. I mean Mike McNulty in Albany New York was somebody who vigorously was for the war. He actually appeared at a press conference and apologized to the people who were vigiling on the streets of Albany, saying that he now realized that this spending is wrongful and it has to end.

But I think many people agree with their constituents, if we go into their offices and ask them, so who is asking you to prolong this war, the aides say nobody calls and asks for that.

So who is pressuring Nancy Pelosi and the democratic leadership to prolong the war?

We can’t help but think that it has a lot to do with the major weapon making companies, with the oil execs. And we are very disappointed, really, to see that even groups like moveon.org have gone along with this idea that the supplemental funding bill has to be passed but with some reservations.

   Protest Chevron Intl HQ  East Bay Region - CA

And this is just a hoot:

AMY GOODMAN: So you’ll be leading the occupations of Senator Obama and Senator Durbin?

KATHY KELLY: Sure, we think that Senator Obama now has an extraordinary opportunity with a high profile as a presidential hopeful, and we have been disappointed that even though he says he’s against the war, he’s ready to continue paying for it.

AMY GOODMAN: And Hillary Clinton?

KATHY KELLY: Well, Hillary Clinton’s aides have been deeply distressed by people who stayed in her office.

They said that Hillary doesn’t want to be viewed as someone who supports the war.

But we have to insist that they can turn off the funding for the war if they don’t want to see it continue.

Tell Hillarious aides that it is failing … She and Bill supported – and support – this war. Fully.

Amy and KK then turned to a discussion of the ME refugee situation, the large numbers fleeing Iraq… with this at the close… the SHAME is that so many Democrats agree!

AMY GOODMAN: What is the solution overall?

KATHY KELLY: I believe that the overall solution is to bring these Unites States troops home. End the war and put very, very generous packages of reparation and reconstruction into an account that would be made available to Iraqis, but detach that from the United States military or the logistical military security companies that have been attached to the United States. Certainly the United States owes people in Iraq a huge apology for what has been done. However, it seems that President Bush’s statement in January was that he thinks the problem is that Iraqis aren’t showing a sufficient level of gratitude.

Last, is a point that DT raised in the previous thread… yes, maybe if you take Chevron ads, well… maybe you just plain old agree.

Words are cheap, especially when sold to a willing, jelly-like mass, but self-representation is just that:  What you are willing to say about yourself.

this …

Yet sometimes, many times, military force is a force for good. There are evil people in the world, doing evil things. And all the sanctions in the world, all the strongly worded denunciations, will never have the effect of a 1,000 pound bomb.

Last (really last), from Sabrina Ballerina in the previous thread:

If only Nancy hadn’t taken it off the table and if only the so-called progressive blogs had not treated part of the Constitution as ‘Impeachment Porn’ but as the legal remedy it was intended to be by the Founding Fathers, to rid the country of lawbreaking elected officials.

These blogs should should have been a megaphone for the people to uphold the Constitution, instead they acted like the hired hands of corrupt machine politics whose job it has been to muzzle the very voices they claim to represent.

Ironic how often we tried to tell them that once the magnitude of the crimes of this administration were made public, their concerns about votes in the Senate for conviction (or excuses) would no longer be valid. Once again the ‘pragmatists’ are proven wrong. Ironic that it is Republicans who are willing to discuss impeachment, and who are backing away from Gonzales, Cheney and increasingly from Bush.

Democrats lost the chance to be out front on responding to the concerns of the people regarding corruption by keeping everything on the table and by being very vocal about it.


As they twirl on… 27 March 2007

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 Star Ballroom Championships, London 1953

locked in formation… what will they do next to ride to the top of the Rec List… if only in their own minds.

I suggest a lot of them take a much needed break from the emotional stimulation.

Blunt?, you bet.

This is the down side of the internet, in fullest bloom. For all the good it can do, it can also cause immense harm.  – scribe


A reminder of how the Blahgs take orders… 26 March 2007

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