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It’s official 28 February 2010

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People look at destroyed cars by a collapsed bridge over the Biobio rive linking Concepcion and San Pedro de la Paz
Photograph: Francesco Degasperi/AFP/Getty Images

Chileans are “looters”… The first three pics in this gallery are of “looters”… the fourth is of people crowded and pressed, trying to enter a grocery to BUY food and being held back by the police.

It is inevitable, what are people going to be doing a day or two after disaster?  Trying to get food, water and supplies, however they can.


Pacific ripple 27 February 2010

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According to reports, the Hawaiian authorities are currently evacuating all the coastal areas today ever since the Hawaii tsunami warning was issued.  [UK Today]

It seems whatever tsunami raises itself from the quake is due in Hawai’i later today, Japan tomorrow. I also read projections of 1 metre… some reports of 8 feet.

I noticed it took us, that would be liberal SF, a few minutes to figure out the percussive force in the water was headed in the wrong way, out to sea and away from us… and we finally alerted we would not be affected.  We probably had so many [very dry gin] martinis, our official bird!, on Friday, we had to think long and hard on that one.

From CNN:

Ongoing developments in the Chilean earthquake and the tsunami warnings that followed. All times are local in Chile, which is two hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

(CNN) — 2:36 p.m. — The earliest estimated arrival time for a wave that could affect Hawaii is 11:05 a.m. HST(4:05 p.m. ET), according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center. The center had earlier reported the first wave could arrive at 11:19 a.m. HST.

2:15 p.m. — The government of a Chilean province says a large wave killed three people and 10 were missing on the island of Juan Fernandez, 400 miles off the coast of Chile.

2:02 p.m. — U.S. State Department now says two of its Embassy employees in Santiago are missing, after earlier reporting that all 118 were accounted for.

1 p.m. — Evacuation sirens sounded in Hawaii at 6 a.m. (11 a.m. ET) alerting residents and visitors of a possible tsunami. The earliest estimated arrival for a wave that could affect Hawaii is 11:19 a.m. (4:19 p.m. ET), according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.

12:40 p.m. — Death toll in Chile rises to 122, according to President-elect Sebastian Pinera. ….

From what I read (and see in the pics) the runways are operational at Santiago airport, but the airport is severely damaged.

Well…I have on La Boheme, live from the Met, the mail box a little later should be stuffed with incoming Netflix, but I can promise in other parts of Cali, there is ever growing hope for a killer quake to enable the clearing of the flatlands in the East Bay.  New Orleans model. I am sure they call it something like, “effective triage”…

Someday they get their wish…

‘Til then, and to forget what is coming, blast the opera louder and louder…


UPDATE, 11:07 am on the Pacific

I just saw this at MSNBC

This color-coded map shows earthquakes that have been recorded over the previous seven days. The size of the box indicates the quake’s strength, and the color indicates how recently the quake occurred. Notable quakes include the cluster of red boxes in Chile, and the blue box indicating a seismic event in Japan.

The article manages to be interesting as well, mostly on the Ring of Fire:

[W]hile the Chilean earthquake wasn’t directly related to Japan’s 7.0-magnitude temblor, the two have some factors in common.

For one, any seismic waves that made their way from Japan to the Chilean coast could play a slight role in ground-shaking.

“It is too far away for any direct triggering, and those distances also make the seismic waves as they would pass by from the Haiti or Japan events pretty small because of attenuation,” Arrowsmith told LiveScience. (Attenuation is the decrease in energy with distance.) “Nevertheless, if the Chilean fault surface were close to failure, those small waves could push it even closer.”

In addition, both regions reside within the Ring of Fire, which is a zone surrounding the Pacific Ocean where the Pacific tectonic plate and other plates dive beneath other slabs of Earth. About 90 percent of the world’s earthquakes occur along this arc. (The next most seismic region, where just 5 to 6 percent of temblors occur, is the Alpide belt, which extends from the Mediterranean region eastward.)  snip

Have a drink… 26 February 2010

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Photographer takes to the water for perfect shots in the Great Rift Valley: A zebra stallion peers through the dust cloud that has blown up around his herd [Greg du Toit/Barcroft Media – Guardian ]


I read today (in Spiegel) that Politikon, the Danish newspaper that published, at least in Europe, the so blasphemous cartoon images of The Prophet, has settled with his descendants for damages.

Lordy! Dregs of French aristos have for years claimed descendance from none other than Jesus….

Please, Heavenly Father and Allah and whoever else!, renounce them all.

Can you imagine the law suits from the fucking whining Xtians?

Better to contemplate the watering hole in the Great Rift Valley.


Ground up… 25 February 2010

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Many outside of New York were first exposed to graffiti in 1979, when Lee Quinones and Fab 5 Freddy were featured in a gallery in Rome and when Jean-Michel Basquiat was featured in Blondie’s video “Rapture.” Basquiat later branched out from street graffiti, working on pieces like the one above.  Published: 02/05/2010 09:19:51 – Credits: Bloomberg News

NYDN of all places, has a nice gallery of street art in NY…. tho perhaps less surprising when one considers years into decades of commissioned work, as well as gallery commissions.

I had not meant to pick one by so well known an artist as Basquiat… but it appealed.


Meanwhile… 24 February 2010

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In pictures: protesters and riot police clash in Athens during 24-hour general strike – The walkout comes as Greece is considering tougher austerity measures to ward off a financial crisis that has undermined the euro and raised fears that financial market contagion will spread to other weak economies such as Portugal, Spain and Italy [EPA]


While I was wandering around the UK Telegraph I notced they referred to Jeb Bush as the “former California Governor”… well, not to worry! We elected Arnold, once on the infamous Recall of Grey Davis and once all on his own, so obviously we would have elected Jeb, given the chance.

The Bush Rove machine screwed up, they needed a long standing Cali division, as well. For Neil or Marv… Or, hey for Doro… we are big on turning out the wimmens vote in Cali…


Empire… 23 February 2010

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Google Earth Image of the the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group     [Photo: BARCROFT]

From the article at the Telegraph:

The 2,600 acre facility, officially known Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, is home to thousands of outdated aeroplanes and helicopters mothballed by the United States Air Force and other allied forces.

Click here to see a high-resolution image of the “The Boneyard”

 The article seems to strive for usefulness of the boneyard, in stating that fully a fifth make it back to flying and fighting.  Or floating and killing or whatever the toys do… Meanwhile they, all 22 Billion worth!, lie there, shrinkwrapped no less!

I call it what I called the massing of the troops on the border of Iraq in February and March of 2003:  OUR HEALTH CARE SYSTEM.

In a sense.

Meanwhile Ob and his Oblettes chew on their own fingers and toes and service the various industries they are tied to.


Ratty little Romanovs 22 February 2010

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Flies over this article at Politico (fwiw)

So, chickie babies, what’s the joke?  Surely the collegiate hilarity is not…. ENFORCED?

Doesn’t look like a fun party.

New… 21 February 2010

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Zurich, Switzerland: The arm of a baby gelada baboon (Theropithecus gelada) protrudes through the coat of its mother at the city zoo [Steffen Schmidt/EPA]


Weekend… 19 February 2010

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Birds gather around a feeder in Nashville, Indiana   [David Snodgress/AP]


Takes “awww” to the extreme… 18 February 2010

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This sleepy dormouse made use of a TV prop mini sofa at Paignton Zoo in Devon and dozed away to his heart’s content whilst waiting to be photographed for a feature on the lifestyle of dormice Picture: RICHARD AUSTIN

but, if the legend beneath the photo is true, just a model lounging before a shoot… 😉