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…art… 1 February 2011

Posted by marisacat in Europe, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Portugal.

Art houses: Lisbon graffiti – in pictures

The derelict buildings of Lisbon are providing an enormous blank canvas for urban artists, who are creating street art bold enough to stop the traffic. Rachel Dixon goes on a graffiti-spotting trail      Read Rachel’s story

A giant thief in the night by Sam3 [Rachel Dixon/Guardian]


The Hand of Gawd Almighty… 10 January 2010

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A large lenticular cloud (also known as a UFO cloud) caps Mount Hood in Oregon, during the search for two missing climbers. A third member of their party was discovered dead last weekend (about 3 weeks ago, this being from UK Telegraph’s Pictures of the Day, December 18, 2009) [Picture: AP]

hmm Sometimes in the magic of the earth, its atmosphere and outer space, you can almost, but not quite, see why people believe in a god… The cloud is nearly a soft possibly protective shroud for the dead. 

Of course it and other weather hampered search teams on critical days.  The last two on the mountain were not found, not rescued. 

No “joy cometh in the morning” for them. 

When my father was about 20 he climbed Mt Hood… and always said he “thought he would die”, but managed not to.  I never quite grasped how real that was until some years ago when the mountain claimed 9 in one climbing party.


Local CBS this morning had on a pretty decent local legal analyst.  It seems clear that the aftermath of Prop 8, here in California denying SSM, will lead to the US SC.  Where the hinge will be if gays are to be a protected class, as are African Americans and others.

Feel the chill wind of an unloving god:  Thou Shalt Not… grasped by the pols.  Their mouths, teeth and tongues ready to masticate human life.  To a pulp.

Render unto Caesar…

I don’t see that, expansion of the protected class status, being agreed to by 5 of the 9, much less allowed by the elected class, both white and black.

Glory to God in the Highest.

As the legal access to SSM opens in Portugal… the president, it is reported, will not veto the law and the PM said it will “wipe away needless pain”… as Spain lives peacefully with SSM, as Mexico City leads the way…

The legal analyst mentioned the specific glory that will impede a freedom:   Pols don’t want to anger religious voters, of either party.


A lot of worshippers of god, where ever he may be, are in a hidey-hole.

All glory to some vaporous god and none to flesh and blood, man and woman?  Seems that way to me.

Popcorn! 22 February 2007

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         Politics and Popcorn!

Dickerson at Slate says Hillary won the center ring event:   Hillary, SC Black pol, Geffen, Obama, MoDo – and assorted operatives…

Fineman watched from the same seats – and says Edwards and the Repubs won.


[F]or Obama, this first major cut-and-thrust of the Democratic contest offered an opportunity to match his gallant and unconventional message with action. He could have ignored the ambush, picked up the phone to call Sen. Clinton, or disagreed with Geffen in public, saying that while Geffen was free to speak his mind, the public discourse doesn’t need anymore pollution. It would have been risky to gently rebuff a major donor, but it would have been in keeping with Obama’s high-minded stump speeches.

For the Clinton team, the Geffen remarks offered a chance to bait a trap. If they could goad Obama’s campaign into firing back, they could show that his soaring talk is just talk.

So, who won this round? Sen. Clinton. The Clinton team got exactly what they hoped for.  [snip]


[A]s is often the case, the fight promoter was Maureen Dowd, whose many gifts include an ability to lure public figures into saying nasty things about each other.

It probably wasn’t that hard in Geffen’s case. “David would fly half way ‘round the world to pick a fight,” said a Hollywood movie-producer friend of mine, begging for anonymity for obvious reasons. “That’s how he operates. I never wanted to be his friend and I certainly never wanted to be his enemy.”

Which now means the Clintons. He split with the former president over a number of things: the Monica Lewinsky mess, his failure to obtain last-minute pardons for some friends of his. He also has a well-developed instinct for the next new thing. So he co-hosted a $1.3 million fundraiser for Obama.

That was a dis, but Geffen went further with Dowd. “Everybody in politics lies,” he said, but the Clintons “do it with such ease it’s troubling.” He went on to hint that Bill still had marital fidelity issues, and that Hillary was over-produced, over-scripted, over-ambitious, stiff-necked and  haughty. And then he said the worst thing a Hollywood guy could say:  The Clinton Show was boring. “And I’m tired of hearing James Carville on television,” he said. [snip]

 Me-e-e-e-ow!  But mud wrestling would be good too!  Wet T-Shirt?  Downing a ridiculous number of drinks in an adolescent dare?

One thing is for certain, neither Obama nor Hillary will be throwing lace edged hankies at each other.  What a relief!

LA Times:

[W]ednesday’s eruption coincided with Bill Clinton’s official entry into the campaign with a fundraising letter to supporters.

“The attacks on Hillary haven’t stopped, and she hasn’t stopped winning,” the former president wrote.

In Hollywood, Clinton campaign officials have moved aggressively to limit Obama’s inroads and force longtime donors to back the former first lady.

Her campaign chairman, Terry McAuliffe, recently warned donors that Clinton would remember those who did not back her. “You are either with us, or you’re against us,” McAuliffe told potential donors during a dinner at Saban’s house.  […]

Love the phrasing!  Where did they get that… ???

And a snip from the Great Offense (the MoDo column):

“Obama is inspirational, and he’s not from the Bush royal family or the Clinton royal family. Americans are dying every day in Iraq. And I’m tired of hearing James Carville on television.”

Barack Obama has made an entrance in Hollywood unmatched since Scarlett O’Hara swept into the Twelve Oaks barbecue. Instead of the Tarleton twins, the Illinois senator is flirting with the DreamWorks trio: Mr. Geffen, Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who gave him a party last night that raised $1.3 million and Hillary’s hackles.

She didn’t stand outside the gates to the Geffen mansion, where glitterati wolfed down Wolfgang Puck savories, singing the Jennifer Hudson protest anthem “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” But she’s not exactly Little Miss Sunshine, either. Hillary loyalists have hissed at defecting donors to remember the good old days of jumping on the Lincoln Bedroom bed.

“Hillary is livid that Obama’s getting the first big fund-raiser here,” one friend of hers said.

Who can pay attention to the Oscar battle between “The Queen” and “Dreamgirls” when you’ve got a political battle between a Queen and a Dreamboy?



No hankie toss here either… James has a new post up at Mo Betta Meta on Dissidents vs The Gated Community… 😉  Or maybe it is the other way around… Slice of Blahger on a triscuit!  [thanks to catnip]

In the gated community blogs, this pressure to conform usually takes on at least a couple forms: one is the in the form of using guilt and shame as a tactic to stifle nonconformist discourse. Those using this particular tactic can proceed in at least two ways. They could try to reminisce about “the good old days” when we “were all on the same side” and lament the current state of dialogue. Another weapon is to take on the role of the victim who has been “attacked” by the hordes of “savage” leftists. The tactic is most effective if delivered with a sufficiently stern motherly or fatherly voice. Sometimes the unruly member might fall for it, and clam up. Others, smelling the stench of manipulation, the embarrassing guests will continue as before, with maybe a flamewar or two added for good effect.


Last… and possibly least… I was not going to bother, but!, it so fits in:

 Many want Daily Kos to be destroyed. (15+ / 0-)

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Indeed, entire sites are devoted to such a purpose, but it will never happen.  


Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

I support Barack Obama for President.

by Lucius Vorenus on Tue Feb 20, 2007 at 05:43:25 PM PST


uh, gee… no… I told Armando long ago… spring or summer of 2005, that Kos/Dkos and assorted Koswhacks should stay just as they are. All the better to observe the tawdry sausage squeeze they engage in… 😉

Oh this is just plain funny!!:

  •  Mcat and her evil followers (9+ / 0-)

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    ChurchofBruce, Plutonium Page, highacidity, peraspera, terrypinder, CSI Bentonville, Irishkorean, blue vertigo, Same As It Ever Was

    will declare this a “fatwa” and further evidence of how Daily Kos is a Republican Male-only site.  

    Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

    I support Barack Obama for President.

    by Lucius Vorenus on Sat Feb 17, 2007 at 11:55:59 AM PST

  • Well… maybe the odd slapwa, here and there, with words…


    if I run across similiarly bitchy “stuff” will add to the post… 🙂

    UPDATE, 6:07 am… drizzle in San Francisco…

    In. the. dark. of. night… what crept in?

    Ellen Tauscher: DLC-ona non Grata

    … and some ‘splainin’… all laugh together now:

    (Editor’s note: Hyphen inserted in title for those unfamiliar with the Latin term ‘persona non grata’ and for those who speak Portugese or who are unfamiliar with the DLC.)

    Aw.  I’d have gone with DLC Persona non Grata… in the original.  The other was such a piece of work.


    UPDATE, 6:31 am

    snagged this from Danny Schechter’s News Dissector:

    As the trial ends, Sid Blumenthal reports:

    Libby’s last disinformation campaign

    Not only did Scooter’s defense rely on emotion over facts, but it appealed to the jury to dismiss the craft of journalism as false by nature.


    hmmm.  I’d be worried that might work!


    UPDATE, 6:52 am

    Who is IOZ casts a chilly glance at the center ring event and the weaklings known as Democrats…

    Murder and Mayhem

    The Democratic presidential primary season is just underway, and already the hackles and dander of Los Netroots are up (“Like a twelve-year-old’s dick,” as Marky Mark memorably said of something else in The Departed).

    The nominal frontronners, HRC and BHO have begun snittering at each other like a couple of city rats over a crust of rotten bread, and now the various and sundry voices of the Bush-made-me-angry Left are shocked, shocked that the campaign is not being conducted on the high moral ground of right honorable this and right honorable that, tender as a virgin, pure as driven snow, etc., etc.

    Here’s Digby mewling that one or the other of the pair isn’t playing by whatever decorous rules she thinks should govern the pre-silly-season silly season. (Here The Son lays it out in pretty clear terms through the lens of L’affaire Marcotte.)  [snip]


    UPDATE, 12 Noon…. cold and clear…

    I had this down in the thread, but as I updated the DLCona/DLC-ona games in thsi thread, this belongs inside the post:

    This is just laughable. Top to bottom.

    I don’t think the Boyz read the Wapo closely at all:

    So far, Pelosi and her leadership team seem determined to protect Tauscher and her 60 New Democrats — up from 47 before the election. In fact, the day after Working for Us, the new progressive political action committee, targeted Tauscher, Pelosi sought her out at a caucus meeting and assured her: “I’m not going to let this happen.”

    House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) spent 20 minutes complaining to Working for Us founder Steve Rosenthal, who swiftly removed the hit list of “Worst Offenders” from the group’s Web site.

    LOL And this… perhaps they just wish to ignore reality. Like the 65% approval rating Joe had in CT (and how little the party cared about his so-called “traitorous” actions, 😉 when they felt they could take him down and have leverage inside the party… be a FORCE, other than in their own minds.

    Working for Us was created in January by a coalition of bloggers, trial lawyers and labor leaders, the trifecta of Democratic interest groups. But once the group took aim at Tauscher, the trial lawyers quietly withdrew.

    And Tauscher soon met for a glass of wine with Andy Stern, the feisty liberal who runs the Service Employees International Union; he assured her of his union’s support, even though it had helped launch the political action committee.

    For 12 years, Republicans ran the House according to the “majority of the majority,” which meant that the conservative majority within the GOP caucus ruled. Pelosi is trying to run her House according to a consensus of the majority, avoiding legislation that does not have broad Democratic support. She hasn’t forced members in swing districts to take tough votes on same-sex marriage, gun control or trade. She is focused on the minimum wage, ethics reform and other issues that can bring together Tauscher and MoveOn.org.

    They aren’t interested in being anything but inside playas. Further, they persist in misunderstanding, or seeming to misunderstand, where the party is and where its major institutional supports are as well.. and WISH TO BE.  And really, it is not far off where the Boyz are.  Not being of the left, nor liberal nor progressive.

    It  – the lines they peddle – makes a good chat ’em up for blogging tho, and shaking sticks and fists, and so on…  And chatting each other up…

    What can I say?  POPCORN! 


    UPDATE, 2:34 pm

    The Mt Vesuvius of Popcorn, Krakatoa of Popcorn… laugh, laugh… laugh again.  Don’t the Boyz, the Assists, the Blog Maids the ‘can barely pass the bar’ consigliere… don’t they all, repeat all of them, just seem…

    weak ??

    [new] hmmm (none / 0)

    so I don’t know the phrase “persona non grata”… perhaps I UNDERSTAND “non grata” is ALSO a phrase on its own.You were given a chance to correct by our gentle and non-accusatory question, you are not one of those that has to give a passive aggressive dig with simple corrections, are you?

    – pyrrho

    by pyrrho on Thu Feb 22nd, 2007 at 03:17:38 PM EST
    [ Reply to This |  ]

    * [new] Re: hmmm (none / 0)

    DLCona? Are you calling her a cunt?

    That’s non-accusatory?

    Anyone can have a misimpression and ask a question.

    Let me ask you if you think this is a reasonable response to your confusion and my reaction to it (which was direct and succinct and required no ‘correction’ on my part).

    You’re exactly right. He comes up with an extraordinarily lame attempt at a pun that inadvertently produces a Portuguese vulgarity, and the people who point that out are the clueless ones. I don’t know whether to more impressed by the size of his ego, the shallowness of his mind, or the thinness of his skin. A little self-deprecation in this instance would go a long way towards disspelling the notion that he’s a vain little man of mediocre intelligence, but if he were capable of discerning that, he wouldn’t be a vain little man of mediocre intelligence.

    or, how about this one?

    You’d think that since it’s been pointed out to him what Cona means in Portuguese that he’d find a little grace and take it down. Which should have been msoc’s next question. Nope. Stubborness counts for more on the mean streets of Philly I guess. Tough guy.

    That’s my paparazzi fan club busy at work.  When they’re not accusing me of racism, they’re piggybacking on your questions to insult me.

    by BooMan on Thu Feb 22nd, 2007 at 03:28:33 PM EST

    As I said, weak.  Frail.  Fragile. Easily thrown off balance, by their own problems.  Does not require the external…

    Since DD is a lawyer I assume he will be taking some action. If I were Marisacat I’d take that photo down and apologize…profusely.

    hmmm Did not qui-i-i-te turn out that way…


    That’s my paparazzi fan club busy at work.  When they’re not accusing me of racism, they’re piggybacking on your questions to insult me.

    Rereading…  I must make something clear.  No.. I/Mcat am not piggybacking on the little mice that went to speak so sweetly to you.  Ask and kindly fall back.

    No I posted here first, the possible, apparent use of cona (btw, it is not so off track, the standard Mexican Spanish would be same word with an accent)… and a link to the Portuguese in the Urban Dictionary.  Then I waited.

    Did not take long.  First little mouse.  But she was not very enterprising.  So I posted again.  Second little mouse went forward.

    Next time I will use cheese.


    Saturday Evening Open Thread… 10 February 2007

    Posted by marisacat in Abortion Rights, Big Box Blogs, California / Pacific Coast, DC Politics, Democrats, Europe, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Iraq War, Portugal, Sex / Reproductive Health.

      Manila protest against Israeli war on Lebanon 2006

    “I think the American public’s very satisfied with what’s happening,” said Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev. “We’re on the right side of the angels here.”

     Oh I don’t think so…….

    Madman just popped me this

    CHICAGO – In Washington, Democrats are blaming Republicans for the Senate’s failure so far to vote on a resolution opposing a troop increase in Iraq.

    But in the heartland, some voters say such excuses no longer are good enough.

    Having banked on the promise that Democrats would force a change of course in Iraq if they won control of Congress, some of the people who helped the Democrats get there are growing impatient.

    They’re frustrated that Democrats sank so much energy into a nonbinding resolution then dropped the bipartisan plan of Sens. John Warner, R-Va., and Carl Levin, D-Mich., like a hot potato when Republican leaders who support President Bush maneuvered them into a corner.

    All the finagling has gotten in the way of a formal debate or vote in the Senate on Bush’s plans for Iraq.  [snip] 

    And this tidbit as well… no shock.  I don’t expect heroism… nor suicide… but they have to go home and afaiac, aplogise to the voters.  If not now, then later, I suspect.

    Democrats, who control the Senate 51-49, have nine new senators this year. All have supported Reid’s handling of the Iraq issue so far.

    And a bit more

    Democrats saw a trap: If they backed Gregg’s resolution, then didn’t get 60 votes on Warner-Levin, the only formal statement out of the Senate would voice no opposition to the troop increase. If they rejected Gregg’s, opponents would run ads accusing them of hurting the troops.

    Their decision: Hold off on a formal debate. Senators who are critical of Iraq policy have been waiting a long time for a debate, though, which they couldn’t get when Republicans were in charge.

    Despite Democratic senators’ confident talk, their party is worried about keeping voters’ faith.

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the House couldn’t let members go home Feb. 17 for a weeklong recess empty-handed. So the House plans to begin a three-day debate Tuesday and vote on its own resolution opposing the troop buildup.

    Call when y’all are ready.


    UPDATE, 4:40 am Sunday

    This may be old news to some, but it fits in with what I post about, so a link to peeder’s diary on the Dkos business model.  A semi-insider view.  Emphasis is mine:

    [W]hile people around here describe him as “moving into the bigtime” it seems to me that his star has fallen quite a bit since Yearly Kos, his fame an easy-come, easy-go kind of thing. I doubt he has anywhere near as much recognition at this point as the least popular NYT columnist, much less a TV news personality. Viewership has been flat (apart from being condensed around the election). Opportunity not seized.

    Now he thinks his staff and volunteers will cover for him on his front page, freeing him to do his new projects that he finds more interesting.  But while he has tried, he never managed to find and develop an heir apparent  […]

    So I see his business as suffering from two highly related managerial errors: Firstly, as far as I know, he’s bootstrapping all these ventures, not taking external investment. By a law of microeconomics, this limits his growth to his internal rate of return. Similarly, his retention of authority limits his growth to his own attention span.

    To be fair, it’s again not clear he ever had good choices available in either area.  [snip]

    Just have to have a hardy laugh at that last…

    And a trenchant comment from peeder to the thread:

    And he ended up with a community

    full of attention addicts, who of course can’t resist “meta” and creating personal conflicts, because it makes them the topic of discussion.

    by: peeder @ Fri Feb 09, 2007 at 09:39:42 AM PST

    [ Parent ]

    Which gives me an opening to address the recent photo and the resultant BlahgSnarl Krakatoa.  Del Dem saw fit to post a diary filled with some pretty dark invective (fine, it is what Boyz and their tug boats, Blog Maids and Manservants do), it rode at the top of the Rec List for I don’t know how long.  It also blew my traffic to some stratospheric (and ludicrous) heights… DD sent, over about 4 days, an additional 25K in “hits”.  A friend who posts on his/her own Word Press site and thus sees “Top Posts”, “Top Blogs”, “Fastest Growing BLogs”…and the rest of the internal PR,  told me that Mcat landed in the top 30 blogs on WP.

    Does that mean anything?, No.  Does it change anything for me?, No.  I will go on the same.  I have seen too many storms in life to care much. This is the smallest ant farm I have viewed. 

    Take that or leave it.  I long ago told Kid Oakland who was trying (I do believe at the behest of DHinMI) to engage me in an email “friendship” … all the writing, all the snarls, all the invocations and protest and whatever else, every night it rolls right back out on the ether it rolled in on with the dawn.

    In other words, I was not impressed.  But DD certainly, as he has done over and over, exposed himself.  I know, guard the children from that view!

    Anyway, peeder’s diary is interesting, and the thread is in some ways an absolute hoot!  So many people online, in abusive and co-dependent fake communities, play several sides of the game.  I have noticed they do just the same in Real Life… 😉


    Ding! Ding!  A prize to “sometime” for succinctness:

    The volunteers wouldn’t begrudge

    him financial success, so long as it doesn’t appear excessive. Nope, it’s his management style that will kill him. He doesn’t understand the necessity of superior customer service in a competitive market.It is simply a failing strategy to tell your customers regularly that it they don’t like your fucking company they should fucking take their business elsewhere, you don’t want them. That failing strategy is aggravated when it is enforced by managers who take the customers they really don’t like outside, in front, and beat them up, during business hours.

    by: sometime @ Fri Feb 09, 2007 at 16:27:42 PM PST

    [ Parent ]


    UPDATE, 10:45 am Sunday…

      Ballot Portugal Abortion vote

    CSTAR kindly left the link to the ballot today in Portugal, with question as to how “Pimp Conehead” will fare on the abortion vote today… 😉

    Inglese 😉

    [T]he center-left Socialist government wants to grant women the right to opt for abortion during the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.


    Portugal, where more than 90 percent of people say they are Catholic, has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the European Union. The procedure is allowed only in cases of rape, fetal malformation or if a mother’s health is in danger, and only in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.

    In 23 other EU nations, abortion is permitted within much broader limits. Women can ask for abortions up to the 24th week of pregnancy in Britain and up to the 12th week in Germany, France and Italy.

    The government has portrayed the ballot as a measure of Portugal’s willingness to adopt more modern attitudes.

    Its effort to change the law, though, has run into emphatic opposition from the influential Church, which wants to keep the restrictions in place.

    And a snip on the Prime Minister:

    Anticipating a repeat of the 1998 referendum, Prime Minister Jose Socrates has said that if the turnout is too low to make the ballot binding but the “Yes” camp collects most of the votes cast, he will use his party’s majority in Parliament to push through legislation allowing abortion.


    Socrates, a longtime campaigner for abortion rights, has called the current law “backward” and “a national disgrace.”

    I was doing something rote the other day… and fell to thinking if Roe is overturned, the “trigger” laws in 11 or so states snap into place and for women in those dark red bloody states abortion is banned fully… well, what if the abortion ship were to dock in the Gulf.

    Why… I feel certain that all hell would break loose.  Women would be arrested for ‘unauthorised departure from the Homeland’ (Achtung!)..  the US federal government, ably reinforced by the National Guard of Alabama (Senator Sessions in the lead) and some vagrant militia from MS commanded by Haley Barbour, wearing white neckerchiefs for “tradition”, white shirts with red crosses on their back, would bomb the abortion ship.  Bob Casey would argue in the senate for Pennsylbama to join the Righteous Reclamation mob… oops! I mean, Army.

    The women and the ship’s staff would be deemed Terrists…

    Really.  I can see it…  America has become a cartoon.


    UPDATE, 11:58 am

    TruthOut has the Frank Rich column on Obama up.

     [H]istory is going to look back and laugh at last week’s farce, with the Virginia Republican John Warner voting to kill a debate on his own anti-surge resolution and the West Virginia Democrat Robert Byrd seizing the occasion for an hourlong soliloquy on coal mining. As the Senate pleasured itself with parliamentary one-upmanship, the rate of American casualties in Iraq reached a new high.

        The day after the resolution debacle, I spoke with Senator Obama about the war and about his candidacy. […]

    Now that Mr. Obama has passed through Men’s Vogue, among other stations of a best-selling author’s cross of hype, he wants to move past the dumb phase of Obamamania. He has begun to realize “how difficult it is to break through the interest in me on the beach or that my wife’s made me stop sneaking cigarettes.” He doesn’t expect to be elected the leader of the free world because he “can tell a good joke on Jay Leno.” It is “an open question and a legitimate question,” he says, whether he can channel his early boomlet into an electoral victory.

        No one can answer that question at this absurdly early stage of an absurdly long presidential race. But Mr. Obama is well aware of the serious criticisms he engenders, including the charge that he is conciliatory to a fault. He argues that he is “not interested in just splitting the difference” when he habitually seeks a consensus on tough issues. “There are some times where we need to be less bipartisan,” he says. “I’m not interested in cheap bipartisanship. We should have been less bipartisan in asking tough questions about entering into this Iraq war.”  [snip]

    Well that last did not make much sense to me, I sense a tiny viral mind spin… but “bi partisan, to be or not to be”, in some caniption of quadruple strangulation, is certainly the mating call we shall be hearing.  The conservative Dems (Jerry Rafshoon and Ham Jordan) and Repubs (Doug Bailey, Ford communications guy and now Blogometer/National Journal) and policier actors (they have conscripted Sam Waterston to speak for them) of Unity ’08, are rubbing their hands.

    We watch all of that out here, writ larger than life:  Arnold.  Big Dems got on board with Arnold the last go round.  Angelides could not get a hearing. Arnold, who has put forth his own “Universal Health Care” (it’s all the rage, now that the corps are screaming!), with his left hand, or maybe his right hand (who knows?) will be stripping a HALF BILLION from poor children.

    Too much “policy”, with bi-partisan support, smells like napalm.


    UPDATE, 1:04 pm

    I think this is an opportune moment to post again the Billmon LAT opinion piece from fall of 2004.. Be the media:  Blogging Sells and Sells Out (HTML version of the LAT pdf).  To be fair to the tyke (LOL I have been called worse!), link to Kos response (and he links to others within).

    [W]hen I say blogging is headed for a kind of commercialized senility, I’m talking primarily about political blogs—those that have, or claim to have, something to say about government, economics, foreign policy, etc. Not surprisingly, these are the blogs most likely to show up on the media’s radar screen. …

    “To be sure, there are still plenty of bloggers out there putting the 1st Amendment through its paces, their only compensation the satisfaction of speaking the truth to power. But it’s going to become more difficult for those voices to reach a broad audience. If the mainstream media are true to past form, they will treat the A-list blogs—commercialized, domesticated—as if they are the entire blogosphere, while studiously ignoring the more eccentric, subversive currents swirling deeper down. 

    Not the most glorious ending for a would-be revolution, but also not a surprising one. Bloggers aren’t the first, and won’t be the last, rebellious critics to try to storm the castle, only to be invited to come inside and make themselves at home.” …

    Sivacracy published the bulk of the text as well in Feb 2006 (and linked to the pdf), catching on to it (in part) from a comment of mine at mediagirl.org… attached to a column on the A’dam trip that 20 Oh So Lucky Bloggers were gifted with from BlogAds.  Ms Marcotte among them.  It is an interesting post and thread.  Catch Ann Bartow, who picked up the Billmon reference for Sivacracy… AB comments on a BlogSheroes ad for, what else?  Kate O’Beirne’s really quite nasty book.  Don’t be surprised.  Catch the so slippery slide in reply…

    It all congeals.

    Further this is an opportune moment to spread a forming rumor (Mother did not call me Pathe News for nothing as a child)… well a bit more than a rumor!… Money.  IRS.  Various forms of cash flow.  Including but not limited to:  Donations, ad sales, ad space “donated” to candidates (that would be money in kind)… “gifts” (like that A’dam junket) that should be declared as income…  I rather suspect that not too far in the future there may be an example made.

    That too is just how it works.


    Ooops!  I shut down “edit” too soon.  In thru the transom from a reader, wtih athe added comment:  Who knew those threads could be so elegant? 

    And I do believe this comment fits right in with the Billmon opinion piece…  and needs some light and air…

    [new] LOL (3+ / 0-)

    Recommended by:
    Elise, condoleaser, GoldnI

    I think I prefer circumcised to non-circumcised.

    Less chance of something getting caught in the teeth, huh?  I’ve always thought you were a very practical woman, Elise. :-p

    No tears to cry. No feelings left. This species has amused itself to death.

    by Kevin in Long Beach on Sun Feb 11, 2007 at 01:24:19 PM PST

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    You know you needed to know that… 🙂  Are the B-B-Blahgs just begging to scream, BITE ME!  I BEG YOU!

    I suspect wish fulfillment en route