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In the pink… in the drink… 25 July 2009

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, la vie en rose.

A flamingo drinks water at Erfurt zoo, central Germany Picture: AP

From another sweet animal gallery at Telegraph, including a minute hedgehog, a new born…rescued by a care shelter called…. St Tiggywinkles.

There is a religion, with saints called Tiggywinkles, that I could get behind.



1. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 July 2009
2. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 July 2009

Democratic Senate hopeful: Keep abortion funding ban

Aiming to stop debate over abortion from derailing health care legislation, Democratic Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami is calling on Congress to continue the ban on federal funding for abortions.

Though proposed legislation does not mention abortion, some Republicans argue that the proposed overhaul of the healthcare system could open the door to federal funding of the procedure. Democrats counter that abortion opponents are trying to cook up controversy in an effort to topple the broader reform effort.

In a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday, Meek joined four others Democrats in proposing a “common ground solution” that would maintain the status quo on abortion policy. Specifically, the government would continue to allow insurers to decide whether to offer abortion coverage — most do — and keep federal tax dollars out of it.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

He’s a church black. I used to have a vague soft spot for him as I was watching Cspan when Rumsfeld testified before first the senate then the house. His last questioner at the end of the day was Meek… and I thought I detected racism coming ot boil in Rummy, in fact I htought it would boil over. that this young black man DARE question him.

But he is so happy lately to step right up for the pro lifers. Slap happy!

Screw all the electeds.

3. marisacat - 25 July 2009

It’s so bad it’s funny!

Meet the Press: SecState Clinton for full hour

This Week: Sens. Conrad, DeMint. Roundtable with David Brooks, Donna Brazile, Arianna Huffington, Paul Krugman, George Will

Face the Nation: David Axelrod, Rep. Cooper, Gov. Jindal and Douglas Brinkley

Fox News Sunday: Gibbs, Sen. Kyl. Roundtable with Brit Hume, Mara Liasson, Bill Kristol, Juan Williams

State of the Union: Axelrod, Pelosi, Sen. McConnell

4. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 July 2009

We will always be at war with Easteverywhere:

CORNYN WANTS TO PREPARE FOR THE INDIAN THREAT…. Senators have had to get pretty creative lately to defend spending more money on a fighter jet that doesn’t work and that the Pentagon doesn’t want. Sen. John Cornyn’s (R-Texas) argument, however, might be my favorite.

“[The F-22 is] important to our national security because we’re not just fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,” Cornyn says. “We’re fighting — we have graver threats and greater threats than that: From a rising India, with increased exercise of their military power; Russia; Iran, that’s threatening to build a nuclear weapon; with North Korea, shooting intercontinental ballistic missiles, capable of hitting American soil.” [emphasis added]

marisacat - 25 July 2009

geesh.. I am pretty sure we have treaties or agreements with India about war. I mean we gifted them with da bomb, after all.

But hell, a master’s voice, from the Great Enclave in Washington.

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 July 2009

Ousted Zelaya on Honduras Border, Criticizes U.S.

LAS MANOS, Honduras (Reuters) – Defying U.S. criticism, ousted President Manuel Zelaya returned for a second day to Honduras’ land border to try to put pressure on the coup leaders who threw him out of the country last month.

In a move that risked alienating his most powerful ally (ally, really?!?! The only country in the world that hasn’t unequivically condemned the coup is his ALLY?!?! What a fucking worthless piece of shit the NYT is.) in his bid to return to power, Zelaya also said U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not adequately informed about Honduras’ “repressive regime”.

Clinton criticized Zelaya as “reckless” when he came to this town on the Honduran border with Nicaragua on Friday and took a few steps on Honduran soil as police and soldiers with orders to arrest him stood just yards away .

He returned on Saturday and insisted he would not give up his fight to regain power, although he showed little appetite for a confrontation with security forces, saying he had held back from entering Honduras to avoid provoking a massacre.

“You know that if I get close and they want to arrest me, people will defend me and there will be a massacre,” he told reporters, sitting on the hood of a white jeep.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

😳 Sorry you r two were caught in moderation, out now!

6. Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Seal of approval for that amazing birdface, too. Photo taken at a research center swimming pool in Logy Bay, also Newfoundland. (At some point, I just quit asking about these names.)

Can’t stand watching national politics much anymore, either, personally. It’s all so fucking predictable, on the grand scale, and meanwhile the super-close-ups seem to take all my available energy.

Grateful to you all for keeping watch. (Adds to chorus of special kudos for Marisa, and extra thanks to BHHM for reliably hilarious commentary on recent, er, sweep! On behalf of New York State, may I also thank New Jersey? )


marisacat - 25 July 2009

Can’t stand watching national politics much anymore, either, personally. It’s all so fucking predictable, on the grand scale, and meanwhile the super-close-ups seem to take all my available energy.

ain’t it the truth!

7. Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Water is like a jewel in that shot, eh?

marisacat - 25 July 2009

the water is very beautiful in the photo…

8. Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Jeez, just checked out the hedgehog! They don’t waste no time, when it comes to their spines, do they? Hold off just enough to get themselves safely born, it looks like?

Is it wrong of me to think someone should spoof a right-to-lifer protest brigade with a counter-picket featuring photos of that?!

Wear nun’s habits and monk’s robes, and tell the press you’re from the Sacred Order of St Tiggywinkles!

moiv - 25 July 2009

Truly inspired, IB. And just in time, because tomorrow would be the perfect occasion for it.

DC Area Anti-Abortion Activists to Hold ‘Street Theatre’ at White House to Protest Obama’s Plan to Kill Babies with Tax Payer Money — 2:30 PM, Sunday

“Obama” (actor with mask) will carry a whip to drive his “slaves” so that they will work on his “death plantation;” I.e., taxpayers are forced to give money to kill the innocent. The “slaves” will have chains they pull behind them…and more…


“We hope this imagery will awaken some of our fellow citizens to the evil that will be brought upon us if we do not hold a ‘slave rebellion.’ We will not rest in our efforts to keep child killing out of the health care bill — and being successful in that endeavor — we will work to defeat the bill entirely.” — Randall Terry, Founder, Operation Rescue

Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Jesus Fucking C.

SOMEBODY’S got to match these people for heavy-handed DRAMA.

catnip - 25 July 2009

Oh, that sounds like fun.


9. catnip - 25 July 2009

Oops. I was wondering where everybody was! I left a couple of comments in the last thread.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

yeah I just left you a comment reply to come on over!


Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Did the poor fellow expire from being shot at with a cannon full of veteran’s day poppies, once he decided to open up publically about pacifism, at age 100?

catnip - 25 July 2009

😆 Could be!

marisacat - 25 July 2009

about 8 years ago I saw some very heart breaking encounter… forget where now, some battle site from WW One… of two quite natty old dears… one German one English. Both in wheel chairs… I suppose one was Allingham perhaps… or this one. They both reached out from under their blankets, held hands and shed tears they had been forced to fight. And for what.

It was so the opposite of all the war memorial crap we get handed.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

From catnip from last thread (my error think I forgot to post a forwarding thread link)

Defying Hillary, Zelaya returns to Honduras border.

catnip - 25 July 2009

Hillary will no doubt return fire in the morning on MTP.

She gets a full hour? WTF?

marisacat - 25 July 2009

She started some low level pot shot taking on Ob a couple of weeks ago, rat a tat tat… and the WH is blocking her attempt to bring on Sid Blumenthal as an aide de camp at State…

he has returned fire indicating she LOST the health care debate. yeah she did, Big Time…, but sorry to say so will you bud. And I assume Bill’s sudden conversion (yeah really, I so believe it!) on gay marriage ws a salvo too. I’d love it if the two perps the Democratic party put up in ’08 fought it out, low level street battles.

So her appearance might be interesting. And she is now so doctrinaire in the foreign stuff… like listening to a soviet meeting or something. snooze as we lose and die.

catnip - 25 July 2009

and the WH is blocking her attempt to bring on Sid Blumenthal as an aide de camp at State…

I missed that news.

Yes, there’s definitely a pissing match going on with that dysfunctional menage a trois. I’m surprised Obama is allowing her so much press time since he likes to be the face of absolutely everything that goes in in his administration.

Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

he likes to be the face of absolutely everything that goes in in his administration

Icarus flew for a while, too!

I’m surprised Obama is allowing her so much press time

Using up your own national sacred facial indulgences risks losing your right (and power) to block out another’s, eh wot?

marisacat - 25 July 2009

Hoagland, who I cannto stand had an interesting column, think it was a Sat (menaing this Sat) column on some aspects of it … he felt her hurry up speech (not planned for weeks as the PR said) at CFR was a response to a column of his remarking on her sidelining.

I dislike Hoagland but there were tidbits in therre.

Allocate weapons, assign seconds and let them go at it in the streets.

Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

sorry to say so will you bud

I’d love it if the two perps the Democratic party put up in ‘08 fought it out, low level street battles.

Double Snork!

10. Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Cambodian baby elephant with foot prosthesis, Giraffe Manor hotel in Kenya, and the Sundarbans tiger release photo are the best!. (Yes, yes, Leo the lamb with Alice the Kitten break the cute-o-meter, for what that’s worth, too.)

marisacat - 25 July 2009

I loved Alice the kitten’s outstretched posture… and it looks like she is in a hammock. HE looks like a toy he is so perfect….

I have seen several docs and short segments on that Giraffe Hotel.. over the years… I would have loved to have gone there.

Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Leo and Alice are ab fab, no doubt about it!

And Giraffe Hotel was brand-new to me – what a riot!

But the tiger’s expression, upon release into the river, just takes my breath away.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

I loved that one two… and the rather simple direct way of it all… soft rope net… and just let her go from the boat. Works for me

Intermittent Bystander - 25 July 2009

Exactly! Just let HER do it . . . make herself free!

catnip - 25 July 2009

I read the story about that clouded leopard cub in Bangladesh recently. They thought those leopards were extinct there since no one had seen one for years. They let the little guy go back into the wild after his photo shoot, iirc.

Love that giraffe!

marisacat - 25 July 2009

oh I am glad to reead they released him to the wild… the look on his face was haunting…

moiv - 25 July 2009

Yes, catnip, thanks for saying.

He was sadder than Buckley, the puppy who’d lost his ears and tail … because despite what he’s been through, Buckley looks happy now. The cub’s eyes peering through the mesh of the cage looked so forlorn. I’m glad he’s not still there.

catnip - 25 July 2009

Here’s the story.

11. catnip - 25 July 2009
marisacat - 25 July 2009

Gah. … they push it the Cambridge cops will release the damned tapes. As it is this will never die. We will hear of Gates arrest for ever. And ever. All the white and black factions have lined up.

AND Zeleny let it drop on the Gwen Ifill show that yes indeedy, Obama WH knew the question was there. And the answer WAS scripted, tho Zeleny would not cop to “stupidly” being fully scripted.

What an affair of putzes in a co mingled hump effect.

catnip - 25 July 2009

Gates will push it as long as he can while Obama tries to run away from it. “Moving forward”, as he calls it. Gates may end up finding himself under Obama’s bus.

marisacat - 25 July 2009

planning a PBS docu on thr trials and perils …

Everything is working out so well. But look on the upside, the 28 acre expanse on Martha Vineyard that the Obs have taken at a supposed 50k a week has a vegetable garden. So perfect!

12. catnip - 25 July 2009

Apparently, Obama’s health care plan is modeled after Larry King:

In part because legislation under consideration already includes substantial savings in Medicare over the next decade, CBO found modest additional medium-term savings from this proposal — $2 billion over 10 years. The point of the proposal, however, was never to generate savings over the next decade. (Indeed, under the Administration’s approach, the IMAC system would not even begin to make recommendations until 2015.) Instead, the goal is to provide a mechanism for improving quality of care for beneficiaries and reducing costs over the long term. In other words, in the terminology of our belt-and-suspenders approach to a fiscally responsible health reform, the IMAC is a game changer not a scoreable offset.

I thought an IMAC was a computer….

marisacat - 25 July 2009


The two women on with Moyers, one said that it seems clear that Medicare will be moved to 100% privatised, with the poorest and sickest shuffled to whatever is the New [Wretched Horrible Bare Bones] Government Program.

Welcome to America, a little apocalypse at a time.

13. marisacat - 26 July 2009

Yes everything is going so well. Maybe the Pak of AfPak just needs a homey community vegetable garden. Then all will be “OK”.

The Taliban’s power in Pakistan continues to grow and it now has entire towns under its control. Under US pressure, the Pakistani army is fighting the Islamists — with limited success. Pakistani intelligence says the Americans are doing more harm than good.

14. marisacat - 26 July 2009

It has been interesting listening to KGO call ins over the past few days… with the exception of a hideous closet racist (his vote for Obama and his months of gush for Ob, covers that closet door) who thought Gates should apologise to Crowley (geesh!)… the difference between GatesGate… and the death of poor Oscar Grant shot in the back at the Fruitvale BART station early Jan 1 2009 is about from here to the moon.

Soft slobber for Gates (who of course is an issue for the Democratic party, to be blunt, and a personal issue for Obama) vs hideous racism, masses of presumption and screawming and diatribe agaisnt black callers during the Grant weeks.

I have noticed since an East Bay judge, in a hearing to be bound over for trial for Mehserle, the BART cop who shot Grant and then resigned, since the judge called what happened “murder” and utterly discounted, again from the bench, the ”story” of thinking he was using his taser AND the release in court of a new never seen video that discounted what ohter Bart cops said to support Mehserle… well KGO has shut the fuck up about the Grant killing.

Zipped lips.

But slobber all over Gates.

catnip - 26 July 2009

I think Obama would rather slit his eyes open than wade into that one.

15. catnip - 26 July 2009

While nobody’s paying attention: White House eases stimulus lobbyist restrictions

In a significant change, the Obama administration will now allow lobbyists to meet and have telephonic discussions with government officials regarding economic recovery projects.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

what a fucking joke his admin is.

16. catnip - 26 July 2009

Sheesh. Hillary talking about her relationship with Obama. Going on about how “the president sets the policy” and it’s her job to carry it out. So, congress has no role in foreign policy? Sounds like a monarchy to me.

17. marisacat - 26 July 2009

At the close of This Week (a dismal display of stuttering idiots!) but they listed 24 KIA service people from Iraq and Afpak.. “since the last airing”. Meaning a week ago.

Way to go Obama. Claim the mantle. You earned it.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

gawd that panel was painful.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

ikt was horrible… tho even Ditz Queen Arianna nailed it, Only Begotten Son will sign anything. ANYTHING… just to get “health care” passed.

They all deserved each other. And Krugman sure di dnot eat his Wheaties this morning. Was he about to SOB?

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

I think Krug’s surrendered.

I’m catching up on the Moyer’s I recorded. We are so skarewwwwww’d.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

the two women are great. Theyhave their hands on the bleeding heart of this mess. And the segment on shock jocks declaring open season murdering whomever is excellent.

18. catnip - 26 July 2009

The Health-Care Sacrifice:
What President Obama needs to tell the public about the cost of reform

When Jake Tapper asked that question of Obama at his presser last week, the kossacks pulled out the torches and pitchforks. How dare he ask such a question!

19. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?

President Barack Obama on Saturday continued his full-court press to pass health care reform legislation. In his weekly Internet and radio address, Obama cited a new White House study indicating that small businesses pay far more per employee for health insurance than big companies — a disparity he says is “unsustainable — it’s unacceptable.”

“And it’s going to change when I sign health insurance reform into law,” Obama said, adding that he has “a sense of urgency about moving this process forward.”

This time, the health care industry groups see a strategic opportunity. As lawmakers squabble, the groups are focused on how to come out ahead in the end game.

“We’re still optimistic that we can get health care reform accomplished,” said Robert Zirkelbach, spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans, the main insurance industry trade group. “There is strong support from policymakers and from across the health care sector. ”

It’s all got to do with shifts in the economy. Even before the recession hit, employer-sponsored health coverage had been steadily shrinking, and many people couldn’t afford the premiums for individual policies. Meanwhile, government programs have been expanding — and they’ve gotten increasingly friendly to private insurance companies. Insurers now play major roles as middlemen in Medicare, Medicaid and the children’s insurance program.

And if the government requires everybody to get coverage — just what the overhaul legislation calls for — it could guarantee a steady stream of customers subsidized by taxpayers not only for insurers, but for all medical providers.

What I’m concerned about is the damage that’s being done right now to the health of our families, the success of our businesses, and the long-term fiscal stability of our government,” Obama said in his address.

Obama criticized what he said were tactics by opponents to block health care overhaul “as a way to inflict political damage on my administration. I’ll leave it to them to explain that to the American people.”

“Today, after a lot of hard work in Congress, we are closer than ever before to finally passing reform that will reduce costs, expand coverage and provide more choices for our families and businesses,” Obama said.

The industry groups have invested heavily to make sure their views get taken into account. The health care sector gave $167 million in campaign contributions to congressional candidates in the 2008 election cycle, according to the watchdog group OpenSecrets.org. Health care companies poured $484 million into lobbying efforts in 2008, and are on pace to exceed that this year.

Separately, the drug companies have offered up $80 billion over 10 years to reduce prescription costs of seniors if a deal goes through, while major hospital groups agreed to a $155-billion reduction in Medicare and Medicaid payments to free up funds that would help subsidize coverage for the uninsured.

The political infighting on Capitol Hill has strengthened the hand of the health care groups, since liberals have been thwarted so far in their attempts to win speedy passage of the legislation through the House and Senate.

catnip - 26 July 2009

Krugman nails it in a simple piece:

…health care can’t be sold like bread. It must be largely paid for by some kind of insurance. And this in turn means that someone other than the patient ends up making decisions about what to buy. Consumer choice is nonsense when it comes to health care.

20. catnip - 26 July 2009

Military Weighs Private Security on Front Lines

The U.S. military command is considering contracting a private firm to manage security on the front lines of the war in Afghanistan, even as Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates says that the Pentagon intends to cut back on the use of private security contractors.

On a Web site listing federal business opportunities, the Army this month published a notice soliciting information from prospective contractors who would develop a security plan for 50 or more forward operating bases and smaller command outposts across Afghanistan.

Although the U.S. military has contracted out security services to protect individuals, military bases and other facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, this contract would award a commercial company unusually broad “theater-wide” authority to protect forward operating bases in a war zone.

Same shit. Different president.

21. BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Breakout the spare – no – expense.
Solid Gold Dildo Award.
(Mahogany Base or select hardwood of your choice)

Is the Recession Over?
by bonddad

Simply put, there is a ton of information indicating the worst is over.

(Financing Unavailable)

marisacat - 26 July 2009

some mainstream media outlet is declaring it over. I forget who, USA Today or one of the news mags, Time Newsqueak…

hmmmmmmmmm. It ain’t over out here.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

it’s Newsweak … cover story.

catnip - 26 July 2009

It ain’t over out here.

And that’s the thing, isn’t it? Our Bank of Canada guy came out last week with the same declaration – that the recession is over. But the way that’s looked at by those in the world of economics compared to those of us on the ground is definitely at odds.

22. BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

they don’t even have the econometrics to describe what is happening. No matte for “bourgeois dad” . The intentional con of preferring economic narratives and framing this collapse compels such blibber….

It is Class Warfare courtesy of the collusion between Democrats and Republicans alike. What’s astounding is this fellow (the media and the upper middle class are full of them) …they hold forth cluelessly, and as far as I can tell , actually still believe in the system.

If there isn’t a run on brokerage accounts after the Times stories on Goldman Sachs this week it will be a small miracle.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

thanks for the tip… will remember to go read TIME… or do you mean NYT? I must have missed them.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009
marisacat - 26 July 2009

oh now I remember that piece… you linked to it a thread or so back. Sorry it slipped my mind.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Trying to lay off my loutish ways today,
I want to add a bit to this heeya “…they don’t even have the econometrics to describe what is happening.….

What is really Concentration Theory (of Wealth in economic terms , other uses in other disciplines…)
Concentration Theory (in Econ at least) is a term out of use, muddied over on many levels for obvious political palatability… yielding to bland reporting on Income Distribution, pay gaps, savings rates etc..

Academic quants are struggling still to define factors (LOL in acceptable terms) of this dynamic (on the move) accelerating (picking up speed) reality..(our SUCK)

Anyway’s™… from Leo Egge’s abstract in 92… worth a peek.

Abstract The generalized (also called extended) transfer principles as introduced in two earlier papers by Egghe and Rousseau are known to be stronger properties than the classical transfer principle of Dalton. Hence, functions satisfying one of these generalized principles are very good concentration measures. This paper studies the following non-trivial problem: how many different generalized transfer principles can a function satisfy? We show that a function can, at most, satisfy one generalized transfer principle. This also shows that a further generalization of transfer principles, comprising the generalized ones, is not possible. The proof of this result involves the solution of a norm problem in mathematical analysis and analytical geometry.

I’ll be glad when they describe in detail and can quantify the various sets of political actors, their corruption, rise and fall of relative strength. I mean how do you factor in Mistress Payments. Be they from Edwards or Ensign? How do you chart the cycle of wealth and political power transfer and its cummulative effect, with any accuracy or marginal utility, snerk ,of, say Orthodox Jews dealing in everything from counterfeit Gucci handbags to live vital organs?

How can they report it?
What? Kidneys are still Up!!?!! But Jews are down 20 Rabbis today in political trading???

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Essentially all they can tell us is what we already know:
The Rich are getting Richer. At an alarming rate.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

And they dare not tell us precisely how, and frankly not so much for differentials among certain protected sets….
The D=R/R=D would become patently apparent esppecially if they took the snapshot of family wealth ex-officio.

23. BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

I call this Till the Last Shoe Drops

We took her Right one
Without Insulin for years
She has one foot left..

The Left one goes too
A matter of time… money..
Till the Last Shoe Drops.

24. Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009
BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Yes. Surely a sign of a Peaceable and prosperous Kingdom.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009

I’m sure their wrists will sting from the slapping for several minutes.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

Quick! where is Ob to comment, then retract? Then hedge… then offer a beer to all involved.

Oh no Ogletree involved? Mentor and teacher to both Ob and Snob…and Martha’s Vineyard habitue… Shit. No Cambridge tree filled streets? And piss yellow houses? And door locks repaired by Harvard… well shit.

Won’t be hearing from obdumbstruck.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

He only emails shocked assholes.

Madman in the Marketplace - 26 July 2009


BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Glad to Oblige Mad-“That’s It You’re Banned” ,man in the Marketplace.

I pee’d myself with that blast from the past, seeing how you got under markos’ downy little chipmunk skin. Well done, sir, well done. LOL.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

well the victim should have done what Gates did.. even before he supposedly offered up his ID. He dialed the Chief of Police in Cambridge. No evidence he got thru… and I am sure he was shocked as hell when a stage filled iwth cops to prove the Blue Line and call out a Pretzel.

Poor sod handcuffed on the ground with a taser up his ass could not dial. Otherwise I am sure he has all the access that Gates, a dancing courtier, has.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Well these are anomolies donchaknow..
abberations in this heeya best diss’d, er, Best-iss nation…
abberations we’re told among our finests. Our markets…Cop’s are UP!!

Surely the market will surely take care of ANY poor soul who can’t call for help with a high voltage, police state poker lodged up the ass…

The rollout of the Taser Ass Phone surely will be welcome news.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

HA! the first place I saw a phone you could walk around iwth… albeit as long as you did nto venture too far from whatever line it was keyed to… was in Texas in about ’78. OF COURSE, it was red white and blue and was called a Freedom Phone. I mean, what else?

It was useful out at the pool, especially after we discovered his step mother had gone cold turkey, cleaned out all the wet bars, but we found the pool side bar and the pool house was still fully stocked. She never figured out why two pale people who barely could manage to float moved to the pool… 🙄

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009


Nice Score.
The Old Liquor in the Poolhouse Trick.
Sorry StepMamma. Not even a contest…LOL.

BooHooHooMan - 26 July 2009

Training one’s sphincter muscles to dial the thing is a bit awkward at first , not to mention VERY muffled reception but this is a burgeoning market, and otherwise, I think we’ll see this does a LOT for the Market. Back to you, Cramer.

catnip - 26 July 2009

Quick! where is Ob to comment, then retract? Then hedge… then offer a beer to all involved.

Ha! My first thought as well (after the shock of how bloody horrific that act was).

25. marisacat - 26 July 2009

gnu thred….


…………… 😆 …………….

26. catnip - 26 July 2009

Do any of you know the artist of the painting on this page of the NYT? I clicked on the link but couldn’t find more info.

marisacat - 26 July 2009

What a painting? IS that the right link.. I get an article on immigration ICE tactics in NYstate…

catnip - 26 July 2009

There’s a painting of a woman lying on the ground on the right side…

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