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Jesusing 25 August 2008

Posted by marisacat in 2008 Election, Abortion Rights, Democrats, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, Sex / Reproductive Health, WAR!.

yeah right

I did not find this in my own paper, but an emailer did…


Democratic National Convention CEO the Rev. Leah Daughtry, a Pentecostal pastor, referred to the “sacred responsibility” of citizens at Sunday’s service. Added Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter:

“There is absolutely, in this party, a tremendous intersection of faith and politics.”

Over the next 90 minutes, the half-full, 5,000-seat Wells Fargo Theater heard readings from the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and the Metta Sutra.

“It’s great to see that faith is being acknowledged finally,” said Marti Hawkins, 35, an African American nurse and nondenominational evangelical Christian from Denver who was in the audience. “Especially in my community. When your pastor talks about something in church, you go out and do it. Politically, this could help.”

And… via Geraghty of National Review, who is there at the convention (full text):


Buddhist Verses vs. The Democratic Platform

C-SPAN is replaying Sunday’s Interfaith service. There was a reading from the Sutta Nipata, a scripture in the Buddhist canon, from University of Colorado Denver student Kathryn Ida.

She spoke this line, which caused me to raise an eyebrow: “Those born and to be born, may all be at ease.”

UPDATE: Rev. Raymond East, of St. Teresa of Avila, also made a reference to “those waiting to be born” during his remarks.



1. liberalcatnip - 25 August 2008

She spoke this line, which caused me to raise an eyebrow: “Those born and to be born, may all be at ease.”

It only raises an eyebrow if you think in black & white.

2. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

Truly an embarassment of DNC riches, courtesy of youtube:

Hat tip to cometman at PFF.

Once the urge to throw up on your shoes from the Barbie ‘N Ken “journalist” stereo-babbling passes, it’s pretty damn amusing.

“And not all of them are OBAMA fans !! That’s perhaps the BIGGEST SURPRISE OF ALL !!”


3. marisacat - 25 August 2008

they are really pushing it

Early excerpts of Kennedy’s speech show she plans to open the segment of the convention slotted for a tribute to the Massachusetts Senator by praising Obama, her uncle and her father.

“I am here tonight to pay tribute to two men who have changed my life, and the life of this country – Barack Obama, and Edward M. Kennedy.”

4. marisacat - 25 August 2008

ummm? I know I said I was tired of American Man Hugs… but…

5. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Obama urging punishment of news stations (CNN and Fox) airing Ayers attack ad.

6. wilfred - 25 August 2008

MSNBC just introduced a segment with their new Youth Reporter and it was none other than Luke “carbs and brewski’s” Russert.

He had zero charisma. What a shame they didn’t allow him to work his way up the ranks, he might have developed into something besides the biggest nepotism award winner.

7. marisacat - 25 August 2008

punishment? That won’t be working. He’s got a letter into the DOJ (I remember when Kerry wrote a letter too) and like lots of things iwth Ob, he should have been straighter about stuff, even stuff like Ayers that he thinks are tangential. There aer a lot of messy quotes out there.

Good luck to somoene. Hey both eh and Biden wear flags so we know they are good guys .. Right?

8. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Ob foolishly has hiw own ad out (apparently) trying to explain Ayers. I call this a biiiig mistake. Now the back and forth has to be covered.

9. NYCO - 25 August 2008

I have C-SPAN on with the sound off. All I see is the same blue-and-red-glowing displays and big video screens and funky hats they have every four years. Meh. Not even sure I should bother staying up for Jon Stewart.

10. NYCO - 25 August 2008

8. I thought you were joking until I followed the link.

What a waste of money! Why does he keep doing this?

11. wilfred - 25 August 2008

Up on stage now is Pelosi.
She has one huge face full of botox, that face couldn’t be any tighter and still allow her to speak.

12. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008


Boycotts, girlcotts, stern letters to management and advertisers from the rabid lamb militias.

(I think DK has been leading a charge against AP in the last couple of days, too.)

Hey both eh and Biden wear flags so we know they are good guys .. Right?

And Pelosi is very proud of the Democrats in Congress and all their accomplishments.

God is in Heaven (when he isn’t busy being shot out of a cannon and into your face). All is well with the world.

13. marisacat - 25 August 2008


can’t believe whoever dresses La Nan let that suit happen. And the wrong brassiere, to be blunt.

Oh cannot they all go away?

14. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Except John McCain is wrong. . . repeat . . . .

15. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Tonight is fast becoming the Love Teddy til He Dies night

I just want to know if, when he’s gone, are they are gonna throw his ashes off a bridge?


16. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

Well, we rescued a stray cat over the weekend. Abandoned by somebody down the street. Borrowing money from a relative to get said rescue to the vet. Not as much fun as yelling “Fuck FOX news” for an intrepid videocam operator in Denver, but it’ll have to do.


17. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

When your pastor talks about something in church, you go out and do it.

Spoken like a half-witted child.

18. NYCO - 25 August 2008

It’s quite amusing watching politicians bloviate with the sound off. The way they shout and over-enunciate and lean forward like they’re trying to squeeze out a particularly stubborn bowel movement.

Nancy just mouthed “Obama.” (That sounds way sexier than it looks.)

19. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

The suit looks like something the Pope would wear, if he surrendered the Vatican to China.

20. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

4 – wow, I missed that scene on “Swingtown”.

21. marisacat - 25 August 2008

We’ll always have Chappaquidick.

22. NYCO - 25 August 2008

19. I thought it made her look like a contestant on Top Chef.

23. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

I would show up to cheer on the Rabid Lamb Militia if they were wearing genuine fleece at the time– Then some stuffed shirt working for the Hope Bong Dispensary could show up with a foam rubber razor and do the ceremonial shearing.

24. marisacat - 25 August 2008


Yes it is a very odd mix of impulses and misses. Very odd.

I dread to think of the shoes. Mother of Pearl Specials from some one of the shoe boys?

25. marisacat - 25 August 2008


oh ms xeno.. a place in Cat Heaven for you and mr xeno. What is kitty’s anme ?? (as I paw the computer screeen)

26. marisacat - 25 August 2008


I would never let Biden that close to me. Just would not.

Kinda like Ariianna screwing Gingrich. Ugh no.

27. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

NPR today: Democratic Convention Is A Faith-Based Initiative

Convention material does not shy away from religion. “Senator Obama is a committed Christian, and he believes that people of all faiths have an important place in American life,” Obama’s director of religious affairs Joshua DuBois said in a statement. “We are honored that so many religious leaders are reaching across partisan and ideological lines in this convention to address the values that matter to Americans.”

Obama has put religion on the frontburner of his campaign. “Some of his campaign literature makes George W. Bush look like a member of the ACLU,” Waldman says. “There is a lot of alienation among evangelicals in the Republican Party. People are more open to looking at Obama.”

Seeking Common Ground On Abortion

Democrats who favor abortion rights are even looking for ways to compromise with voters who are against abortion, such as stressing an agenda to limit abortions through birth control education, health care for new mothers and aid in facilitating adoption. “Some people in the Obama campaign are taking the views of pro-lifers seriously,” Waldman says. “Whether it’s because of conscience or electoral necessity, they are doing something.”

To that end, the Democrats have invited Evangelical pastor Joel C. Hunter, an abortion opponent and registered Republican from Florida, to deliver the benediction on the all-important Thursday night when Obama accepts the presidential nomination. Hunter says unequivocally that life begins at conception and he opposes abortion, but he challenges Democrats and Republicans to deal with the root issues of unwanted children, such as reducing poverty.

Cynthia Hale, an Evangelical pastor from Decatur, Ga., is scheduled to give the invocation on Wednesday. “I’m excited about the marriage between religion and politics,” Hale says. “We need to make sure we put faith in action. We need to stay focused on the needs of people, particularly the least of these. Our faith as Christians calls us to.”

She says she wishes she could also address Republicans at their convention in St. Paul next week.

Wallis will be there, running interfaith forums — similar to the Democratic ones. “In the Twin Cities,” he says, “I’ll be focusing on the issues: Iraq, poverty, the environment, the sanctity of life.”

He adds, “I think the gospel is political. Its implications are public. It can’t be partisan.”

28. NYCO - 25 August 2008

It’s Obama’s turn in the spotlight. And Wall Street is tanking. What a surprise. I think they plan it somehow.

I’m not saying Obama is bad for Wall Street – I’m saying I think this is getting beyond coincidence.

29. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Clearly the Fab Four will have to regimentalize their body clasping behaviors. Fox will cheerfully pay double for the most alarming Ebony/Ivory snapshots they can get.

ms-x – Just heard a friend recount the tale of their housecat (with no claws) disappearing into the eaves of their Adirondack lakeside vacation rental cabin and refusing to come out. Week was up, a new family arrived to move in, lock stock and suitcases, and Reggie just would not materialize or budge. (Fortunately the new folks were Waltonesque and good-humored.) My friends had to leave the cat there and wait a day and a half for the call that the new tenants had finally snagged her and she was ready for pickup.

PS – there’s a black raspberry mojito for you a couple of threads back.

30. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Another Brit wonders WTF is wrong w/ Americans:

It seems incredible, but as the Democrats gather in Denver to anoint Barack Obama, America could be on course to re-elect a Republican as their President. Not just any Republican either, but a belligerent 71-year-old who can’t remember how many houses he owns, would happily nuke Iran and whose answer to global warming is to drill for oil in environmentally sensitive areas off the coast of America which don’t even have much oil. But according to the polls, John McCain is drawing level with Barack Obama, and even pulling ahead.

Really, America is a strange, strange country. After a disastrous and illegal war, in which 4000 American soldiers have died, in the middle of an economic crisis largely caused by the investment houses that finance the Republican party, you would have thought it almost inconceivable that the Republicans could be re-elected. Could any political brand be more toxic? Has any party in history deserved to be thrown out at an election more than the Republicans in 2008?

Hmmmm, wonder if he understands that the investment houses own the donks, too?

Obama has not developed any economic answers yet, apart from a bit of job protectionism here, a bit of help to mortgage holders there. He supports tax cuts to middle class families and tax increases on those earning over $250,000. This has been attacked as “socialism” by the right, but it is far too anaemic and incoherent to be called anything recognisable.

Meanwhile, McCain has gone for the six-pack vote by calling for offshore oil drilling to cut petrol prices – a simplistic policy which would not do anything to reduce oil prices, but which sounds good to working-class America. He is also promising tax cuts, but for the rich as well as the poor. (McCain is on record saying that no-one worth less than $5m can be called rich.) This should be an open goal for a politician of Obama’s gifts. Yes, race is an issue, but not as much of an issue as the lack of clarity and edge to Obama’s political programme. He needs to target the root causes of the economic crisis and show that only Democrats have the route out of it; to reawaken the idealism of Franklin D Roosevelt and the New Deal for a country ravaged by greed, irresponsibility and inequality.

Of course, Obama will do none of those things.

BTW, a African American man asked me about the election at the deli counter tonight. Asked if I was excited about it. I said I was sick of it, but was gonna vote for McKinney. “Really? That woman is SO bitter.” Then, “not that it matters who it is anyway.” We agreed on that.

Meanwhile, I get home and the evening variety show thing on the G4 network is HAMMERING on Biden for his whoredom to the software, music and movie industries. Biden wants to monitor peer-to-peer networks, opposes net neutrality etc. I’d forgotten about that. So MANY reasons to hate them.

31. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

Mcat, his “working name” is “Steve II.” It’s silly, but a friend across town had an almost-identical black Oriental shorthair literally handed to them by a passing homeless woman. The woman said something like “Will you just hold Steve for me ? I have to go buy some catfood and I’ll be right back.” She never came back, so they took their new adoptee to the vet and kept him. This was in the Spring of ’06.

Two or three weeks after this happened to them, we started seeing this little half-grown creature with a collar lurking in our yard. He seemed to be in good health for awhile, but a couple of months ago he came back to visit after a long absence, collarless and looking like skin and bones. We borrowed a humane trap from the neighbors who gave us Butterscotch (they do a lot of rescues) and nabbed him.

Whoever adopts him will probably give him a much cooler name. At least I hope somebody will adopt him, because we can’t really afford another cat. :/

32. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Adirondack escapee in moderation.

33. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Richard Dawkins reads his hate-mail aloud

LOL … priceless. He’s careful to read them exactly as written, other than beeping out the expletives. One of them was “I hope you get hit by a church van and you die slowly”.

34. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Oops – you caught it. Thanks.

35. marisacat - 25 August 2008

I read taht RIAA has a big presence in Denver. As does fake grass roots Bono and One Campaign.

All tied up lookin’ like it is alive.

36. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

#29– IB, you are aces with me. And I’m glad your friends and their stubborn feline got a happy ending. Not enough of those nowadays.

[clinks glass]

37. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Religious nuttery from across the pond: Buffy the Vampire Slayer slaying church attendance among women, study claims

The report claims more than 50,000 women a year have deserted their congregations over the past two decades because they feel the church is not relevant to their lives.

It says that instead young women are becoming attracted to the pagan religion Wicca, where females play a central role, which has grown in popularity after being featured positively in films, TV shows and books.

The study comes amid ongoing controversy over the role of women in all Christian denominations. Last month its governing body voted to allow women to become bishops for the first time, having admitted them to the priesthood in 1994, but traditionalist bishops have warned that hundreds of clergy and parishes will leave if the move goes ahead as planned.

The report’s author, Dr Kristin Aune, a sociologist at the University of Derby, said: “In short, women are abandoning the church.

“Because of its focus on female empowerment, young women are attracted by Wicca, popularised by the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“Young women tend to express egalitarian values and dislike the traditionalism and hierarchies they imagine are integral to the church.


Over the past decade, it claims, women have been leaving churches at twice the rate of men.

In addition, the census is said to show that teenage boys now outnumber girls in the pews for the first time.

Dr Aune says the church must adapt to the needs of modern women if it is to stop them leaving in their droves.

She believes many women have been put off going to church in recent years because of the influence of feminism, which challenged the traditional Christian view of women’s roles and raised their aspirations.

Her report claims they feel forced out of the church because of its “silence” about sexual desire and activity, and because of its hostility to single-parent families and unmarried couples which are now a reality for many women.

But it also says changes in women’s working lives, with many more now pursuing careers as well as raising children, mean they have less time to attend church.

Dr Aune believes churches must now introduce services and activities that fit in better with modern’s women’s schedules, such as Saturday morning breakfast clubs.

She said: “Gone are the days when the mother was at home during the day and had time to visit the church’s coffee mornings and mother and toddler groups.

“With the pressures women face, churches must adapt to make themselves more accessible.”

38. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

“Cause they just can’t kill enough: Whale-Protection Cuts Sought; NOAA Scales Back Proposed 30-Mile Speed Limit Zones.

The Bush administration yesterday proposed scaling back protected zones for endangered whales in the Atlantic Ocean, yielding to cargo companies’ concerns about new speed limits for ships in these areas.

The proposal, unveiled yesterday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, could end more than a year of wrangling between federal fisheries scientists and the White House over new measures to protect the North Atlantic right whale. About 300 of the whales remain, and researchers say their tiny population has been reduced further by fatal collisions with large ships.

In July 2006, NOAA announced plans to create 30-nautical-mile buffer zones off of several East Coast ports, in which ships would be required to slow to 10 nautical miles per hour during certain times of the year.

39. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

36 – Clink!

I’ve been out celebrating for much of the weekend, but today is my actual birthday. (I’m hoping for an accidental balloon drop in Denver, tonight, Dems!)

40. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday IB…

😉 … and many more…

41. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Greg Mitchell reporting arrest of suspected would-be assassins in Aurora, CO, with rifles, meth, and a high-powered scope.

42. marisacat - 25 August 2008

The Ob response ad to Ayers is not just web, it is going on air.

Bad move.


43. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Thanks, Marisa!

One of my sisters sent me some gorgeous purple and white orchids
today, and the long-haired delivery guy admired my 14-year old car.

Hope we all clock up a bunch more years, despite the dreadful weather!

44. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

happy b-day IB.

45. marisacat - 25 August 2008

They’re starting the National Service push with the Teddy intro. Right on schedule.

46. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Thanks, Madman.

Izzat literally true? – “An american flag still marks the surface of the moon.”

47. wilfred - 25 August 2008

It was nice to see Teddy still standing. They keep showing Maria Shriver in the stands, she looks stern and miserable. Maybe she should push a perfume called “Sellout”.

And have a great birthday IB, those orchids sound amazing.

48. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

That is a very crappy O response ad on Ayers. Smells like defense, and even worse, prestidigitation. Don’t bring it up, if you’re just gonna swat the whole thing offscreen.

49. marisacat - 25 August 2008

he’s always done the deer in the headlights seeing orange hunting vests when ayers comes up…

50. bayprairie - 25 August 2008

Happy Birthday IB!!!

51. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Thanks, wilfred!

PS to 48 – Don’t like the quick-cut to the childhood photo of O in that context, either. Not when photos of brown pre-teens with suicide vests make the news on a regular basis.

So much for frickin dem Luntzes and Lakoffs.

52. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Mule Notes

“Amazingly, not a single one of the 25-30 people we tried to interview would speak to us about who they were, how they got invited, what the party’s purpose was, why they were attending, etc.”

I trust that Glenn’s being sarcastic here. He should be, given what’s right in front of his face. But then, liberal hope is elastic — it can stretch around the largest corporate gathering, provided that mule symbols are numerous and prominent. I think it’s safe to say that there’ll be plenty of hope stretching over the next few days.

There will also be pointed reminders to those who may refer to reality, and thus call the whole gathering into question. This morning, C-SPAN covered a “convention conversation” at the Denver Athletic Club, featuring several prominent African-American politicians and commentators.

I came in when Prof. Cornel West was in mid-sermon. I wasn’t quite sure what West was talking about, as he has a tendency to free associate. But he did mention the “American empire” that covers the globe through various means. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. cut West off to remind him that there was a huge audience watching at that very moment, and that the Prof. should reconsider his language, lest “independents” or even Republicans who might be leaning toward Obama be offended. (I guess we know now who’s balls REALLY got cut off) West shot back that Jackson knew what he was saying was true, and while Jackson quickly agreed, he reiterated that this was “Barack Obama’s platform,” and talk about an American empire was potentially alienating. This was followed by former Virginia Governor Douglas Wilder’s claim that the planet looks to the US for guidance, and that an Obama presidency would reassert American power and influence abroad.

53. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Izzat literally true? – “An american flag still marks the surface of the moon.”

No reason why it shouldn’t be.

54. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

In honor of IB’s birthday, a bit of cake.

Sorry, IB. Couldn’t resist after that Lady Liberty float you posted at PFF last month. 😀

55. CSTAR - 25 August 2008

#7 Good lord, am I living under a rock! I wasn’t aware that Ob was now wearing a lapel flag — Well I’ve completely lost interest.

56. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Sun-Times up on Emil Jones… (but what of Yewknitty?)

DENVER — The chief of Illinois’ National Organization for Women chapter today called on Barack Obama’s “political godfather” to resign immediately from the Illinois state Senate for calling an African-American Hillary Clinton delegate an “Uncle Tom.”

“That was a pretty horrible comment,” said Illinois NOW president Bonnie Grabenhofer, also a Clinton delegate, who issued the demand for Senate President Emil Jones’ resignation.

Feminists who make up the Illinois Clinton delegate contingent at the Democratic National Convention were outraged to learn of today’s exclusive Chicago Sun-Times report about Clinton delegate Delmarie Cobb’s accusation that Jones directed the racially loaded slur at her. ::snip::


Personally I am finding the convention floor subdued. I mean they got the last before the casket (or inauguration, whcihever comes first ) of Teddy and Caroline… and really it was kinda quiet.

57. marisacat - 25 August 2008


West is old and in rut and I watched JJjr become a Dem party thug this go round.


58. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Thanks bay!!!

Blush. Me and my Corona-drinking mouth.
Y’all are makin me feel like Queen E for a Day!

Happy not-quite-end-of-summer to all! Anybody got a tune for the season?

53 – You da Madman! Mwah!

There are six American flags on the surface of the Moon. The flags were placed far enough away from the Lunar Modules so that the blast from the ascent engines would not destroy them. Evidence of this fact can be seen in the later moon landings in which the cameras were recording the ascent stage blasting off and rising into lunar orbit. The flags were not destroyed.

There are also six American flags affixed to the descent stage of each of the lunar modules that landed on the moon. So in reality there are twelve American flags on the moon.

The only thing that might have done anything to them are particles from the solar wind and micro-meteorites hitting them. Or they may have been bleach out by the direct sunlight, much like paint on a house or even a flag fades from the constant exposure to the sun.

How very funky it would be to check out the effects of lunar bleaching! Can we send up some cameras and a retriever to check it out? Can we please, can we please?

Rather do that than kill whales, starve people, or blow every single damned sort of thing up.

59. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

(but what of Yewknitty?)

Slipped a stitch?

I am finding the convention floor subdued.

Think it’s sinking in what a dog this ticket is? I imagine walking through an armed incampment puts a damper on the whole affair as well.

60. marisacat - 25 August 2008

I don’t want to sound like a nutty woman in red white and blue wiht buttons all over me (whcih i am not and never was) but I got people to watch the DP convention in 84. People who never had bothered, Democrats adn voters…… and they were amazed, and so I remember that one very well. It was bouyant and diverse. A few weeks later the R tried to mimic it and failed.

I think people are TIRED. ALmost two years and now this. A lot of very hot air.

61. marisacat - 25 August 2008

BTW, the Bidens looked effing BORED. LOL

62. ms_xeno - 25 August 2008

Anybody got a tune for the season?

Martino’s Estate ? Kind of a cliche’ I guess, but what the hell.

My collection includes versions by Jon Hendricks (who extensively rewrote the lyrics), Shirley Horn, Ali Ryerson, blabeddy blah etc.


63. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

54 – Righteous cake, ms_x! Shortbread meets sand sculpture!

She deserves a better pedestal, however. How ’bout we surround her with Canadian maple sugar trees, add a field of purple marzipan thistles, and then garnish with handfuls of shamrocks and orchids?

My birthday is complete.

64. marisacat - 25 August 2008

its the telling of the sermon on the mount. gah.

65. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

speaking of flags on the moon: Mythbusters – Moon Hoax

66. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

PS to 54 – Platform, not pedestal. Pedestal’s purty!

67. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Biden His Time

Barack Obama, that Presidential coquette who teased the world by not announcing his running mate for nearly two months, finally unveiled his vanilla, Vice Presidential bride, thus ultimately opting for a marriage of blandness, predictability and conciliation. Obama’s choice of Joe Biden, the 65 year old Senator from Delaware, now officially cements Obama’s ideological shift from a progressive message of “change” to a placating message of “more of the same…but better than that other guy, we swear!”

With his uninspired choice of Biden as his running mate, Obama not only betrays his initial, zeitgeist promise of reformation, but he also voluntarily concedes his growing insecurity by essentially admitting he lacks the political maturity, experience and depth needed to handle foreign affairs and the “gutter, smear game” known as politics.

For those who follow this fascinating circus known as Presidential elections, they understand traditional wisdom dictates, “He who moves quicker and closer to ‘the Center’ wins the ‘prize.’” However, due to two disastrous, thoroughly right wing administrations spearheaded by a bullish Neo-con cronyism – resulting in a weakened American dollar, a phenomenal deficit, a debilitating recession, an unprecedented loss of prestige in global opinion, and a strategic debacle of a war – the “Center” has shifted considerably to “the Right.”

As evidenced by Obama’s grassroots, progressive campaign, wisdom and common sense suggest a “change” from the current “Center” to the “Left” is what inspired the formerly jaded and apathetic electorate to jump on the “bandwagon.” The Democrats, a party that would win the annual “Mr. Magoo” award for myopia, must be commended for their innate, gifted talent of redundancy: an absolutely paralyzing fear of aggressively attacking the Republican Party for their egregious idiocy and a failure in jettisoning their own cowardly attachment to the right wing’s definition of “national security” and “tough on crime policies.” [See: John Kerry’s 2004 Campaign.] All of this is done to appease and pacify an electorate base [12% of which is firmly convinced that Obama is Muslim and nearly a quarter that are still “unsure”] that would never vote for him in the first place, at the risk of losing a newly energized “youth”, “liberal”,” first time voters” and “independent” block who came on board precisely due to an allegedly refreshing “new” message of “change and hope.”

Obama, as witnessed by his recent conciliatory and flip flop rhetoric on terrorism, the Iraq War, off shore drilling, and national security, continues to dampen any meaningful chance his presumed Presidency would have in actually altering the discourse, ideology and practice of American domestic and international diplomacy in the 21st century. The result? A recent Zogby poll announcing a 5 point McCain lead over Obama, with the latter’s star power falling amongst those he once enthralled: his base.

68. marisacat - 25 August 2008

“He who moves quicker and closer to ‘the Center’ wins the ‘prize.’” However, due to two disastrous, thoroughly right wing administrations spearheaded by a bullish Neo-con cronyism – resulting in a weakened American dollar, a phenomenal deficit, a debilitating recession, an unprecedented loss of prestige in global opinion, and a strategic debacle of a war – the “Center” has shifted considerably to “the Right.”

Gil Gross today for KGO from the convention floor said there is tremendous anger over the moves to the center.

Quel news.

69. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

I am getting a feeling that they have NO idea how pissed off people are. Picking Biden was a bad, bad move. He’s EVERYTHING that is wrong w/ the Donks.

70. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008
71. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

CNN noticed she exists: McKinney slams Democrats over Iraq war funding

DENVER, Colorado (CNN) — Controversial former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is in Denver this week, but she isn’t exactly here to attend the Democratic National Convention.

In fact we found her at a protest against US government detainment of “political prisoners.”

These days McKinney is the Green Party nominee for President, and she’s blasting the Democrats in Congress for not cutting off funding to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“I’ve been liberated from the values that I believe are the failed values of the Democratic party. I’m proud to be outside,” she said.

Back in 1996, McKinney was not only on the inside of the Democratic convention in Chicago — she was even one of the speakers. She praised then-President Bill Clinton, and lashed out at the Republican Party for its opposition to abortion.

McKinney was well known on the Hill for her run-ins with everyone from the Anti-Defamation league to the Capitol police. But for the record, the protest she attended was peaceful and came off without a hitch.

72. marisacat - 25 August 2008

LOL Silber is off his feed from the cameo speaker… but notes that katrhyn jean lopez oozes her approval. Makes sense, I have been watchnig Mich and Ob remake themselves into little parochial school children. So earnest, they want approval. Just right for KJLo.

73. marisacat - 25 August 2008


I’ll tell you there was a caller alst night to KGO…a 38 year old omwan who said she will not vote for Ob, was not esp for Hillary and doesn’t think she can vote for McCain, but she is sick and tired and “will not be threatened any more over abortion”.

Of course the next 6 callers (more or less) stated she had no idea what she was talking about, did nto know what might happen (iow, she is too stupid) and NEEDED TO GET ON BOARD.


Another thing Gross said today was that if the party wants harmony then the Ob people need to drop (and encourage pundits to drop, he named Toobin as just having done it) that they need to drop


As Gross said, its not working. IMO Ob needed to ace the unity thing and there are ways to do it. He and his are doing exactly what they did to Wright in Feb of 2007 and we see how productive that was.

74. marisacat - 25 August 2008

strangely enugh Kucinich speaks tomorrow night.

75. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Interesting speculation over at left i on the news (with embedded links at the post).

[T]he central government in Iraq is starting to talk openly about getting all U.S. military out of their country by the end of 2011. And with Joe “Iraq est omnis divisa in partres tres” Biden possibly on the way to power, there may be more involved with autonomy for the Kurds than there has been previously, namely, allowing U.S. military bases in their part of the country even when/if they’re kicked out of the rest of the country.

Just sayin’.

76. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

Police, protesters clash as Dems convene in Denver

DENVER—Police in riot gear clashed with about 300 protesters about a mile from the site of the Democratic National Convention on Monday night, and some of the demonstrators were hit with pepper spray.

Authorities said the confrontation erupted as police tried to disperse a crowd that was disrupting traffic near the Denver City and County Building, but one protester said police “were coming at us” with no warning.

The disturbance resulted in about 100 arrests, on charges of failure to obey a lawful order, obstructing a public roadway and interference, Jefferson County sheriff’s officials said.

Three hours after the confrontation, officers continued to line sidewalks in the area in an attempt to get loiterers to leave.

“It would be nice if we could get people to disperse, but they’re not committing a crime,” said Jacki Kelley, a sheriff’s office spokeswoman.

Earlier, officers led at least two people away as the crowd chanted “Let them go!” Some of the protesters threw bags containing a colored liquid at police.

Kaycee Ryann and Eric Finch said they were in the crowd marching through Civic Center Park, which lies between the City-County Building and the state Capitol, when police tried to split the crowd into smaller groups.

“There was no warning. We weren’t coming at them. They were coming at us,” Finch said.

AP Television News video showed one group of protesters counting down from 10 and then charging at police. They quickly retreated as police shoved them back. Some of the officers gripped their batons, one hand at either end, as they pushed the protesters back.

It was believed to be the first time a police-protester confrontation turned physical and the first time officers used any kind of chemical spray since demonstrations began on Sunday, a day before the convention.

Ron Kovic, a paralyzed Vietnam veteran and anti-war activist who led a peaceful march the day before, hurried to the scene in his wheelchair from his downtown hotel after he heard about the confrontation.

“We must remain nonviolent. We must have the high moral ground,” he told the crowd.

“There’s a powerful police presence here. The chill of 1968 is in the air of Denver,” said Kovic, whose story was chronicled in the book and movie “Born on the Fourth of July.”

Earlier Monday, protesters chanting “Stop the torture, stop the war” marched from Civic Center Park to the federal courthouse complex.

Some wore jail-style orange jumpsuits and black hoods, like inmates at the infamous Abu Graib prison in Iraq.

At the courthouse complex, the crowd heard a recording by former Black Panther Mumia Abu-Jamal, imprisoned in the killing of a police officer 27 years ago in Philadelphia. Activists in the U.S. and Europe have rallied in Abu-Jamal’s support, saying he is the victim of a racist criminal justice system.

“Here, democracy is on life support,” Abu-Jamal said on the recording.

Elsewhere, about a half dozen men holding signs opposing homosexuality attracted a steady stream of people who wanted to argue on the pedestrian mall. The demonstrators were surrounded by police and bystanders, some snapping photos, temporarily blocking shuttle buses from passing.

Denver police said one man was arrested for keeping police away from another man they wanted to question. Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the second man, who got away, had a bottle with a liquid inside that raised their suspicions.

Only the first day. It seems almost that everyone wants a confrontation.

77. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Thanks again, y’all. I’m saving a few HTML treats for tomorrow, but as the dolphins are reported to say, thanks for all the fish.

78. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Stephen Zunes on how Biden promoted the war, actively.

Biden Shepherds the War Authorization

It is difficult to over-estimate the critical role Biden played in making the tragedy of the Iraq war possible. More than two months prior to the 2002 war resolution even being introduced, in what was widely interpreted as the first sign that Congress would endorse a U.S. invasion of Iraq, Biden declared on August 4 that the United States was probably going to war. In his powerful position as chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he orchestrated a propaganda show designed to sell the war to skeptical colleagues and the America public by ensuring that dissenting voices would not get a fair hearing.

As Scott Ritter, the former chief UN weapons inspector, noted at the time, “For Sen. Biden’s Iraq hearings to be anything more than a political sham used to invoke a modern-day Gulf of Tonkin resolution-equivalent for Iraq, his committee will need to ask hard questions – and demand hard facts – concerning the real nature of the weapons threat posed by Iraq.”

It soon became apparent that Biden had no intention of doing so. Biden refused to even allow Ritter himself – who knew more about Iraq’s WMD capabilities than anyone and would have testified that Iraq had achieved at least qualitative disarmament – to testify. Ironically, on Meet the Press last year, Biden defended his false claims about Iraqi WMDs by insisting that “everyone in the world thought he had them. The weapons inspectors said he had them.”

79. Intermittent Bystander - 25 August 2008

Special shout-out to # 37, BTW. Cracked me up, and cheery news!

80. Madman in the Marketplace - 25 August 2008

79 – I can think of no better role model, at least compared to that church, than Buffy and Willow!

81. marisacat - 25 August 2008

Idov in NY Mag details Joe’s odyssey and adds some of the slither that ws hurled at him via BlogSnottery and made him mad…

This really made me laugh:

And Wonkette, the Washington gossip blog, turned the hatred of the senator into something like a literary extreme sport: “It’s like two quarter-pound stools of alien space shit crashed into a toxic-waste dumpster in Stamford, Connecticut, fucked, and out came their mutilated, blood-soaked carcass of a baby rat-child, Senator Joseph Lieberman.”

I NEVER did get the whole Lamont exercise in LOSING.. and it was clear then, it could give Joe a RULLY big stinger.

82. liberalcatnip - 25 August 2008

I missed the Dem convention tonite. I was in a Freemasons’ hall. No, really.

Guess I’ll have to catch the reruns.

Btw, is the MSNBC crew banned from the inside of the hall? Why are they outside? Did they bring tents?

83. liberalcatnip - 25 August 2008

There was an older homeless guy sitting outside with his buddy who had a little teevee in his cart tonite. He plugged it into an outlet right outside the door of the building, enjoying Law & Order one of the times I checked. 🙂 (He didn’t have cable, otherwise I would have asked him how the convention was going.)

84. marisacat - 25 August 2008

bumpersticker in Denver

Barack O’Biden 08

85. liberalcatnip - 25 August 2008

How about Barry & Joe ’08? 🙂

86. liberalcatnip - 25 August 2008

Your thread is aptly named.

I am so not in the mood for sappy, greatest American story, Hallmark Gold crap. Pass the dramamine. Oh. Michelle loves her country (clap clap).

87. James - 25 August 2008

Happy b-day IB!

88. marisacat - 25 August 2008


Hill and any old Joe ’12

[may they all fall off a cliff]

89. marisacat - 26 August 2008

I am catching Teddy again, snips…’The project of my life, New Hope…. and for every American, North South East and West, health care’. Then he tied it to obama… and that we would have both, hope and health care.

Oh fucking bullshit.

And here is one of the Orgasmics, Al Hunt, to slobber after it… with chorus from CRose.

Well, slap slap slap slap and another round of slps, going the other way…. He has only blocked real universal health care for over 40 years.

Slap slap.

90. marisacat - 26 August 2008

oh… and… ”Kerry wept”.

91. liberalcatnip - 26 August 2008

I tried to catch Teddy but my CNN reception crapped out right after the sailing video. He’ll have to wait til tomorrow, I guess.

92. marisacat - 26 August 2008

LOL the pic from a entry at Dennis Perrin on “Demver”

LINK to pic

93. marisacat - 26 August 2008

DPerrin has some great entries.. really dark humor.


94. marisacat - 26 August 2008

Halperin says that “no one says Biden is not ready to be president”.

Truly, they cannot hear themselves.

95. marisacat - 26 August 2008

Matthew Dowd and Halperin both mention the lack of energy. On the floor. They say it is the lack of mend.

I’d say so……………. LOL what a hoot!

Gross (earlier, KGO) also mentioned that Hillary was being gnerally referred to as a “bitch”.

This shuld go really welll………… 😉

96. marisacat - 26 August 2008

nu thred……………


…………………. 8) ………………………

97. JJB - 26 August 2008

MITM, no. 37,

Over the past decade, it claims, women have been leaving churches at twice the rate of men.

I think a lot of that might have to do with there being more women than men going to church in the first place. Still, the idea that women are abandoning institutions that treat them with such contempt is hardly shocking, can’t believe it didn’t happen much sooner.

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