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Blowing it 15 April 2010

Posted by marisacat in Divertissements, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter.

Iceland Volcanic Ash Clogs the Skies     Photograph by Brynjar Gaudi, AP

Volcanic ash hangs over Iceland‘s Eyjafjallajökull volcano Thursday, three days after the volcano’s latest eruption. (See pictures of the Iceland volcano’s most recent reawakening.)


Impossibly, it is more spectacular now, than last month, last week… that fire and lava bursting from the snow and ice.

But now

Amazing to think it may blow European and connected air travel to hell for however long it spews the heavy ash, right now 7 miles into the air.

You just never know what will come next.




1. diane - 16 April 2010

What a fine compliment to the brazen Government Goonery: going on:

A Brazen Government Give Away of Public Property:

Apr 15, 8:17 PM EDT
Lawmakers to review Calif. sale of state buildings
Associated Press Writer

….The Associated Press reported this week that California will pay about $5.2 billion to rent the buildings over the next 20 years after they are sold to private investors. The administration hopes to net just $660 million from the sale, after paying off $1.1 billion in construction bonds, as a way to help close the state’s budget deficit.


The Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee will scrutinize the sale of two dozen state office buildings during its April 28 meeting. In a statement issued Thursday, the committee also said it will examine the Schwarzenegger administration’s sudden removal of members of two oversight boards who questioned the long-term feasibility of the plan, a development reported last week by the AP.

Schwarzenegger persuaded the Legislature to authorize the sale last summer as a way to get upfront cash to help close California’s deficit, now projected at $20 billion. Just three of the 120 lawmakers voted against the plan, which was never heard in committee.

Lawmakers were made aware that the state likely would pay more rent than it would if it continued to own and maintain the buildings, but there was no fiscal review to determine whether California ultimately would make or lose money on the deal.

Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles, said Thursday that it would be unconscionable to sell state property at fire-sale prices only to have to rent them back at market rates. Bids from prospective buyers were due Wednesday.


….The AP analyzed state documents created by the marketing firm the state has hired to run the sale, CB Richard Ellis [ for those unaware, California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s husband, Richard Blum, of course, is on the Board of Directors at CB Richard Ellis, . diane ].

According to the lease proposals, the state would pay $5.2 billion over the next 20 years to rent offices it currently owns and would pay monthly fees for nearly 3,500 parking spaces it now controls, adding $138 million to the state’s costs. The state also might have to cover increases in property tax assessments once the buildings are sold.

After the 20-year period, the state would have the ability to repurchase the properties at market rate.


2. marisacat - 16 April 2010

The stories will be coming out forever. They have barely scratched the surface of S America, much less SE Asia or Africa.

[C]lodoveo Piazza is an Italian Jesuit who ran a homeless shelter for street children and worked in Brazil for 30 years. In 2005, he was awarded $600,000 from Brazil’s national development bank to set up four facilities in the northeastern city of Salvador.

Last August, prosecutors said at least eight boys and young men had come forward to say either that they were abused by Piazza or that he allowed visiting foreigners to sexually abuse boys. Brazilian police are seeking his arrest.

Piazza now works in Mozambique, according to the Catholic nonprofit Organizzazione di Aiuto Fraterno, and the church has come to his defense.

“The Italian Jesuits express their solidarity with the brother and father Piazza,” reads one note on the nonprofit’s Web site. The group adds that “the slander against missionaries is becoming an increasingly popular game.” [it’s a GAME!!]

Brazilian prosecutors say Piazza, a naturalized Brazilian, has refused to respond to the charges of sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children.

Interviewed in Maputo, Mozambique, this week, Piazza said the charges were false and part of a campaign to blackmail him by “political circles” in Brazil that he did not identify. He said he had been acquitted of the charges twice in Brazil, and that there is no evidence against him.

A spokeswoman with Bahia state’s Public Ministry said there were no records of Piazza ever being tried or acquitted and that the case against him is still open. She spoke on condition of anonymity, in keeping with department policy.

“This is propaganda in order to earn money,” Piazza told the AP, saying people in Brazil had asked him for money, which he could not pay.

He said he has been living in a Jesuit residence in Maputo for about seven months. He said he was working with Italy’s Turino University on “economic projects” and was not working with children.

3. catnip - 16 April 2010

Goldman Sachs charged with fraud.

I wonder what kind of slap on the wrist they’ll get.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

their stock fell 13% today……………………….. YUM!!

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

I wouldn’t be surprised if a bunch of them got wind of it and shorted their own stock. I wonder if the SEC is even looking.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

That would be my guess….

Ben Smith, who really is nto to be relied on (the People Magazine of Politics!) seemed to indicate Paulson may… m a y become a target of the investigation.

My guess is active headline generating from the Obster Mobsters… Like gays can now hold hands in federal subsidised hospitals.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

Full text, The Hill

Hedge fund manager in Goldman Sachs case is major Dem donor

By Alexander Bolton – 04/16/10 06:06 PM ET

The billionaire hedge fund manager at the center of an alleged fraud hatched at Goldman Sachs, a leading investment bank, has given tens of thousands of dollars to both parties.

Campaign fundraising records show that John A. Paulson, founder and chairman of the hedge fund Paulson & Co., gave $30,400 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in June, qualifying him as a major Democratic donor.

He also gave $2,300 to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) reelection campaign in February of last year and $4,800 to Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) last April, according to records filed at the Federal Election Commission.

But Paulson has also given thousands to Republicans and supported several GOP candidates for president in the 2008 election cycle.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010
marisacat - 16 April 2010

We’re all in Ric’s Place…………. forever!!

4. BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

To me, it’s pretty clear Kagan was set up to be knocked down.
A mere wave from the boys on the Presidential yacht as it drifts by the isle of Lesbos. Where isle inhabitants are expected to remain.
Oh- and send in campaign cash- because There Was those recent shoutouts from the boys aboard right before they hit the throttle pulling off so to speak: “Ya’ll can visit each other in hospital!” “If you or your loved ones buy protection from the commercial insurance rackets!”

Exhibit A.
The FIRST thing Rahm’s leak operation did was pee in the punch.
The Admin was not “looking for a fight’ on the confirmation.
Were they EVER?


Kagan couldn’t have more of the Pavlovian stimulus response inducing resumes. All together now, everybody drool.
NYC’s Hunter College High, Princeton, Oxford, Harvard Law.
One simply must lest ya’ll’s anti intellectual.

Yes, the resume. Which she promptly turned in for token status, albeit as an upper echelon token in the DP’s political hackery. A smart, wow that’s neat you were a Rhodes Scholar hack, but a hack nonetheless. Who found the reliable revolving door havens:
Haven at Chicago, haven at Williams and Connelly under Greg Craig, haven in Bills 2nd Admin as it was trading everything it could out of (nominally) herSolicitors General Office to keep his horndog ass afloat.

That Larry Summers , in the middle of his looting Harvard and digesting his own misogynistic feet so far down his throat they were turtle heading out of his rectum with regularity, that Summers appointed her as Dean of Harvard Law given the identity politics blankie she offered hardly refutes the Hacks Little Helper angle for Kagan, or let’s Harvard’s then Happy Hour Board/ then busy with the Bubble off the fiduciary hook.

Anyways. Almost Bottom Line?
She’s a team player who was never meant to be confirmed in the first place.

Oh but they Triiiied they’ll say.
( Always THE Bottom Line )

catnip - 16 April 2010

Adam B supports her. So, there’s that. He also openly wept about Greenwald’s take on her. 😉

And what’s Ben Domenech, plagiarist, doing working for CBS?

marisacat - 16 April 2010

I just read at Ben Smith that Twoleroad has been speculating openly for months about Kagan, is she or is she. Meanwhile Human Rights Campaign, which would nto help a gay squirrel, is bitching and moaning what a right wing slander it all is.

Gotta love it.

Ben unhelpfully adds that most Americans don’t think being gay should matter for a job. Oh yeah? Then add it to Civil Rights protections in the workplace. Cuz most states it is still legal to fire someone for being gay.

Coretta Scott King stepped in to help people, but then she had more courage and intellect than most [male] Civil Rights leaders all squished together. In that ‘congealing fuckball’.

And ya know, now she is dead. And the kids are punks.

5. BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

Get in the box, motherfucker.

Darryl Gates, LAPD goon squad police chief dead at 83.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

good riddance to that racist motherfucker.

6. catnip - 16 April 2010

Trainwreck update.

Some people should have been turfed for that shit. Numerous fainting couches would have been required however and I don’t think they have a Send Money Now!! campaign for those.

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

Ah, the middling Tim Lange.
AKA “Meteor Blades” , The Marginal…turned “movement” relics trader.
Who tolerates all…except …..disruption.
That passed by sideboard margarine who is such the
sympathy fuck he sweats when full air is given to butter.

Despite the claims of many that we now live in or are closely approaching a post-racial society, this is simply not the case.

Captain Ob – Captain Obvious – Is that you?

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010
marisacat - 16 April 2010

oh god… still at Sistahspeak.

I wish I drank. And drank and drank.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

turned “movement” relics trader.

yeah.. and that story always stank to low heaven.

7. marisacat - 16 April 2010

Ah Bill…. just on a ramble.

Bill Clinton:

McDonnell proclamation a symptom of national ‘disorientation’

In a speech today on the Oklahoma City bombing and its legacy, former President Bill Clinton said he sees echoes of that fevered time in today’s politics.

“There is an enormous psychological disoreintation today and that is also the way it was in the early ’90s,” said Clinton, citing several examples, including “the idea that we ought to bring back Confederate month in Virginia without talking anything about slavery” and “the fact that you ought to be able to pack a six gun into Starbucks and order a Cowboy Latte.”

“All of this is really about whether you feel oriented walking through the day — how to feel secure in the face of insecurity, how to feel orderd in the face of chaos,” he said.

Clinton cautioned public figures that their words “fall on the serious and the delirious alike. They fall on the connected and the unhinged alike.”

“We have to pay special care both to have a raging debate, because we need to figure out what to do about this and to do it in a way that nurture the best in us — not the worse,” he said.

Clinton concluded that “this Tea Party Movement can be a healthy thing” if it, and other grassroots movements, are truly focused on fiscal discipline, and is “careful not to advocate violence or cross the line.”

Posted by Ben Smith 10:57 AM
comments (23)

He’s gonna be on TW with Tapper. In Miami……………… more rambles.

8. marisacat - 16 April 2010



[A]n illuminating example of this type of reporting involves the increasing incidence of rape and sexual abuse of U.S. female military personnel. The Times recently reported on the Defense Department’s release of its annual report “Defense Task Force on Sexual Assault in the Military Services.” [see “The Third Front: Sexual Assault in the U. S. Military,” CounterPunch, March 19-21, 2010] While the Times has addressed this issue repeatedly over the last decade, it has, like its coverage of Mormon polygamists, never undertaking a rigorous or in-depth investigation of the institutional sexism at their heart of the military.

The Times’ coverage of sexual abuse and a religious group is revealing. In March 2010, “Rabbi” Baruch Lebovits, a Brooklyn Hasidic Jew, was found guilty on eight of 10 counts of sexually molesting Jewish teens in 2004 and 2005. Lebovits, was the owner of a Borough Park travel agency and faces up to seven years in prison. This story was not reported by the New York Times but by the New York Daily News.

Sadly, the Times has offered little coverage of the mushrooming sexual abuse scandal involving Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn. Hasidics are ultra-orthodox Jewish sects such as the Satmars, Vizhnitzs and Bobovs. In October 2009, like other New York print and media outlets, it covered Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’ press conference in October 2009. As it restated from a press release, over the preceding year, 26 Orthodox Jewish “yeshiva teachers, rabbis, camp counselors, merchants and relatives of children” were arrested and eight were convicted; 18 still awaited trial. [NY Times, October 13, 2009] Unfortunately, the cases involving Rabbis Avrohom Reichman and Yehuda Kolko, yet the 26 originally arrested by DA Hynes, have not been reported.

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

{ reaching for popcorn}

See, that’s agitation at its finest.

The New York Times has devoted extensive investigative resources and page space to exposing the sins of the Catholic Church and its sclerotic leadership to cover-up the long-endemic pedophilia scandal. This reporting has been valuable and one can hope for more of it. But one must ask why such extensive selective journalism has been devoted to this one sinful subject? Why has not similar attention been paid to the other equally troubling examples of sexual abuse of the young, of women and other powerless people, many living in the Times’ very backyard?

Though it IS hard to tell … if Bill Donohue will be sending Rosen a few bucks or frothing that his piece is another obvious attempt by Joooos to displace Catholics at what they’re really good at.

Leave the Times and Catholics “alone” for now, Dave. 😉

Things are going so well. 😆

marisacat - 16 April 2010

oh I think they should string Ratz up by any parts available for stringing… but ………….. there is a take down going on. Or a big haircut.

NOBODY cares about the children. None of the parties moving againist the Vatican cares about the children. They are baically just throwaways, caught in commerce… Nor do the parties even care about the rampant criminality, absent any idea there are victims…. We all know this.

Just a big power play of some sort.

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

I agree. And well deserved.
Yet spoils of such a useless vast , brutal autocracy must inevitably be divided. Which is probably more understandable than laughably ironic, given a RealPolitik POV: Something oh so alive and well , since FFS, being all but invented by the folks who co-opted the Roman Empire. And to think, that fuckin Hebrew – Henry Kissinger -tried to make it his own. Noob. LOL. Oh well.

As near as I can figure they hardly fill any role, hardly caging their sheep even. Who are multiplying. Which is so not good for some PTB,
especially the democracy- as – lip- service US PTB with political and economic demographic concerns here and fretting the lack of service by the CC in managing popular expectations in South America.
Then theres the money. And “These Times”. So, while perhaps not necessarily Church liquidity in bank, tho nothing to sneeze at, it still throws of a lot of cash, but the assets, man, the assets involved…. Fuck, its the ultimate raider’s dream.

So there’s all that.
But Good Luck! to the CC with that…somethin… what was it … oh yeh , that systemic child rape goin on.
That the Heirarchy covered up and the flock denied.
As many STILL DO. So Good Luck! to the CC trying to get around to the catechism of peace, class struggle, and justice.
Seeing as how they’ve been AWOL on it. Just a bit of the last coupl’a millenia. Utterly useless. Time to cast lots for their garments.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

Actually I think the group escaping gunshot at the moment is the Boy Scouts of America. Partly because they are al tied up with the US government, in so many schools, community centers, youth groups…e tc.

AND I read a few years ago when there was an earlier eruption of the issues with the BS, every single boy in Utah is enrolled in the org.

Of course they too are blaming plain old homosexuals… in that they were barred from banning them as of a few years ago.

Tho I am sure they have work arounds…

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

Well, I certainly hope they keep the whole Boy Scout thing
from Ratzy and his minions. Jeezis.
They find out there’s an entire organization full of boys in brown shirts…

marisacat - 16 April 2010

oh that made me laugh! Little Brown Shirts… just out in the open for the taking.


Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

they could show them how to rub two sticks together.

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

😆 Hulluva way to spark off and burn a heretic tho.

9. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010
10. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

They’re Trying to Call HIV-Positive People Bioterrorists?

April 16, 2010 |

The body of a 44-year-old man is a bioterror weapon, according to a Michigan county prosecutor who is charging Daniel Allen, with “possession or use of a harmful biological device” for biting his neighbor during a neighborhood fight. Allen is African American and HIV-positive; his case is believed to be the first in the nation where prosecutors are linking anti-terrorism laws to an individual’s HIV infection.

On October 18, Allen and his neighbor, Winfred Fernadis Jr., got into an argument that quickly turned violent. Allen contends he was the victim of a hate crime — Fernandis allegedly taunted him about his sexual orientation after a stray football landed in Allen’s yard — and he has filed a complaint with the FBI. (He also filed a personal protection claim against the Fernandis family.)

Fernandis, however, suffered a severe bite through his lip, as well as bites on his ear, nose and neck; he was hospitalized for his wounds. Allen too suffered injuries. At an early hearing on the case, Allen’s lawyer presented 37 photographs of his wounds, including bite marks on his body. Allen was initially arrested on assault charges, but when Macomb County Prosecutor Eric Smith discovered he was HIV-positive from his disclosure on a local news broadcast, he decided to additionally charge him with using his body as a terrorist weapon.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

Fernandis, however, suffered a severe bite through his lip, as well as bites on his ear, nose and neck; he was hospitalized for his wounds. Allen too suffered injuries. At an early hearing on the case, Allen’s lawyer presented 37 photographs of his wounds, including bite marks on his body.

the multiple biting is just too feral for me… frankly. But charging under terrorism? Just throw the assualt book at him. Them.

lawyers will tell people, there is just no winning in ”neighbor v neighbor” wars. It gets impossibly ugly. Best to avoid, or move.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

I don’t understand why assault isn’t enough, either.

11. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

I Didn’t Do Anything, And I Got My Ass Kicked’ — The Unfolding Police Scandal Over Videotaped Student Beating

The video, even before the beating, shows a ridiculous over-reaction to a public celebration of a sporting win.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

And the victim was beaten, bruised, bloodied… and handcuffed to his hospital bed.

12. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

Jesse Ventura on Bill Maher just advocated prosecuting the Catholic Church under federal RICO statutes, as they were an organization that moved people accused of felonies across state laws.

Capital idea, methinks.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

Yeah RICO should be used for that… and a couple of other things I can think of. The organisation behind killing Tiller, for one.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 17 April 2010

Yay Jesse! Love that guy. He says the things that need to be said.

13. Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

Speaking of Maher, David Remnick is on (Vanity Fair editor). Dear Spaghetti Monster, what a fucking middling halfwit. He’s like David Broder’s clone. Oh, and he and the guy who made Gore’s movie (who’s made a new scary movie about “loose nukes” that we’re all supposed to be scared of now) all agree that scary Arabs will steal nukes and kill us all, but those swell Israelis would NEVER use nukes.

Who the fuck ARE these people?

marisacat - 16 April 2010

well David is a mittel brow idiot Dem operative.


Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

and big apologist for Israel.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

well he looks as tho he never grew beyond his bar mitzvah party.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

He’s with the New Yorker

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

oh, that’s right … I get my vastly diminished formerly good magazines mixed up!

catnip - 16 April 2010

It’s Simon Johnson nite. I just watched him on Moyers.

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

he doesn’t say much, sadly.

catnip - 16 April 2010

No and they’re all pretty dismissive of Israel’s nukes.

catnip - 16 April 2010

Oops – just read the above comments. Slow grey matter nite here…

Madman in the Marketplace - 16 April 2010

that was disgusting, wasn’t it? Of COURSE those motherfuckers will use nukes if they feel threatened enuff.

marisacat - 16 April 2010

itching to.

marisacat - 17 April 2010

Catching up to it now………………. Oh gotta love this.

One wth the Petersen Insti… the other with McKinsey… here in SF, neoliberal company, and government connected, fully.

And thse boychicks are calling out Wall St and Rubin…

I did love th tidbit of Biden being the headline speaker next week at the Hamilton Project, the conservative baby of Rubin.

14. catnip - 16 April 2010

Just caught the end of the McLaughlin group. The host predicts Holder will step down this summer. I wonder why he thinks so…

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

Oh he stepped down when Lanny Breuer told him how he liked his coffee.

catnip - 16 April 2010

Speaking of Breuer.

BooHooHooMan - 16 April 2010

Bottom line, NSA sweeps every call. Every call.
They get some rogue within NSA leaking – and not the mere booty calls of pols – tho damaging its really chickenshit — but the latest encrypted shit over money conspiracies, market manip, case fixes, legislation and political posts for sale….

We’re soo overdue for it. But, unfortunately, we come full circle:
NSA sweeps every call. Every call. We know it.
We also know we torture. And wage illegal indiscriminate wars.
The country yawned. With Democrats happy to pass the sedatives.

And now under Obama, they are fine with the overdose.
Administered with a smile.
I do have hopes in the paranoia that is apparently dogging our overlords, e.g. the Admin, the Hill, and FBI freaking about “threats of violence” , “sovereign citizens”, homegrown militia, etc. Bill and his slobber about reactionaries today. ETC.

I do hope the overreach and paranoia of despots proves to be their undoing. In that light, I think it’s not that surprising the “charges” against GS – 🙄 a civil complaint to be settled for pennies on the hundreds of billions. But I regret to say it means an even more repressive swing Right in the meantime.

15. marisacat - 16 April 2010

Roundtable at Rose on Goldman Sachs.

They need to be roomies with the Pope… apparently one of their whines is that the rating agencies did n’t tell them the scheme (their OWN schemes!) was a scam.


Madman in the Marketplace - 17 April 2010

they really are shameless.

16. catnip - 17 April 2010


White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs met with a delegation from the White House press corps for 75 minutes on Thursday in an effort to improve frayed relations between the two sides.

Ed Chen, a White House correspondent for Bloomberg News who is president of the White House Correspondents’ Association, said he asked for the meeting “to clear the air because in my 10-plus years at the White House, rarely have I sensed such a level of anger, which is wide and deep, among members over White House practices and attitude toward the press.”


The immediately precipitating event for the meeting was an April 10 incident in which President Barack Obama left the White House complex to attend one of daughter’s soccer games at 9:20 a.m., without being accompanied by the usual traveling press pool, which had been told to show up by 11:30 a.m. About fifteen minutes after his departure, press officials scrambled to assemble a partial pool that departed at 9:43 a.m. But the pool did not catch up, and the president got back to the White House 10 minutes before the reporters.

Oh, c’mon. Who the fuck cares?

marisacat - 17 April 2010

they have a more … “nothing” name for it.. but it is what I think of as the assassination pool. Just in case anyhing happens, there is supposed to be a representative pool .. not with but roughly en route.

I actually think the meeting was probably becuase both Obster and Gibbs have ratcheted up the anti media rhetoric the past couple of weeks… in a few interviews. Gibbs was really scathing a few days ago… in the Wapo.

Good luck to them all.. a biting frenzy should commence… etc.

catnip - 17 April 2010

Well, geez, he’s had more media than G*D. (Okay, maybe not lately considering the Popeyness shit…but still…)

17. catnip - 17 April 2010
18. catnip - 17 April 2010

Missing New Mexico cat found in Chicago

Hanging out at the blues bars, I suspect.

19. catnip - 17 April 2010

My brother, Mike the Hippy: “hope that volcano in Iceland gives ‘er for a year at least just to screw things up”


marisacat - 17 April 2010

well… because *new* things are interesting, I am enjoying it, in a way… but gosh I do wonder at extended ash and smoke. When will it calm down.

catnip - 17 April 2010

What gets me about flights being suspended is that airports don’t have contingency plans – no cots etc. They just don’t seem to care.

catnip - 17 April 2010

not that “airports” can care about anything…whoops… 😉

catnip - 17 April 2010

and you’d have to know my brother – he’s a bit warped. 🙂

marisacat - 17 April 2010

I saw cots being set up a couple of European airports, think some countries mandate that airlines and airports do what they can…. and some indication that to the extent possible (not all that many rooms) some international non-US carriers were putting up some people stuck, booked on connecting flights…

Seems the US does the least. Quelle Shock!

But trapped is trapped. What a state of being in limbo. Or trapped with small children. Elderly, babies.

Esp trapped in a foreign country…geesh.

marisacat - 17 April 2010

oh another story I heard, think on BBC or DW…. the Monty Python guy,…. the one who was later in Fualty Toers… is that Cleese?

Took a $5000.00 cab ride from Scandinavia to somwhere… I think in Southern Germany.

What a hoot! And well worth it.

catnip - 17 April 2010

I saw that. 🙂

Must be nice to have that kind of cash to throw around.

Heather-Rose Ryan - 17 April 2010

Why should they care?

ms_xeno - 17 April 2010

Hey, if I can’t afford a vacation, I think that everyone else should have to stay home, too! :p

diane - 17 April 2010


I don’t believe a “toolometer” will help us now in determining tools, from whatever

On a foolish note, yes, I am apparantly a drunk

This struck me as funny

Got wonderfully smashed, by invitation to humbling food drink live music and humanity, at the corner Meck restaurant

Felt so good after leaving way after open hours, went into the next door 7/24 and bought a 6 pack o mickeys in the more and more rarified, GLASS version

Some youngster, clearly amused by my grey hairs, said sumpin about grenades!!!
(duh, yeah they really do look like GRENADES!!!!!!!!!! CALL HOLDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

hilarious, the likely beseiged young middle eastern person at the counter was uproarioulsy and freely laughing, somehow, I’m glad to be part of that joke

diane - 17 April 2010

they serve tan beans


chicken chunks,


a beige cheese

chili powder

unleavened corn triangles

secret stuff


much comfort


diane - 17 April 2010

and the devil, swine, shrimp, are absolutely delightful

though I usually, perhaps lamely, prefer the sauce, verde

“verde,” not to be confused, in any way, shape or form,

with Al Gore, tobacco

and a green Silicon Valley California, where, apparantley, a LUCKEY EMPLOYEE,
can eat theior lunch on silverware made out of potatoes which could have fed hungry people, and drop that silverware on the sidewalk for the homeless to eat…”presumeably” resolving any issues of morality they had, in one fell swoop.

diane - 17 April 2010

Why, yes, yes I am fried, nonehteless sober as “sin”

I mistook “too!” for tool


the good part of that, was that I aired something gnawing
although, I really do apologize, if, in that interim, I hurt any beleaguered feelings of so many of us underdogs.

diane - 17 April 2010

Need I really say?

Need I really say….that I was fully aware that I posted nonehteless

If so, is it not like that ever so HIP, teh,


20. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 April 2010

What the Founding Fathers Really Thought About Corporations

A couple months ago the Supreme Court ruled that restricting corporate political spending amounted to restricting free speech. In this view, corporations are pretty much equivalent to people. Would that have seemed reasonable to the Founding Fathers?

In a word, no.

I read this opinion carefully — I’m trained as a historian, not a lawyer. Chief Justice Roberts lays out an ideologically pure view of corporations as associations of citizens — leveling differences between companies, schools and other groups. So in his view Boeing is no different from Harvard, which is no different from the NAACP, or Citizens United, or my local neighborhood civic association. It’s lovely prose, but as a matter of history the majority is simply wrong.

Let me put it this way: the Founders did not confuse Boston’s Sons of Liberty with the British East India Company. They could distinguish among different varieties of association — and they understood that corporate personhood was a legal fiction that was limited to a courtroom. It wasn’t literal. Corporations could not vote or hold office. They held property, and to enable a shifting group of shareholders to hold that property over time and to sue and be sued in court, they were granted this fictive personhood in a limited legal context.

Early Americans had a far more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of corporations than the Court gives them credit for. They were much more comfortable with retaining pre-Revolutionary city or school charters than with creating new corporations that would concentrate economic and political power in potentially unaccountable institutions. When you read Madison in particular, you see that he wasn’t blindly hostile to banks during his fight with Alexander Hamilton over the Bank of the United States. Instead, he’s worried about the unchecked power of accumulations of capital that come with creating a class of bankers.

So even as this generation of Americans became comfortable with the idea of using the corporate form as a way to set priorities and mobilize capital, they did their best to make sure that those institutions were subordinate to elected officials and representative government. They saw corporations as corrupting influences on both the economy at large and on government — that’s why they described the East India Company as imperium in imperio, a sort of “state within a state.” This wasn’t an outcome they were looking to replicate.

ts - 17 April 2010

I think Chomsky has written a bit about this. It wasn’t until the mid-19th century that corporations were able to decharter themselves.

marisacat - 17 April 2010

iirc it was the late 1890s when the court gave THEM personhood…. (soon to expand to the fetus).

21. catnip - 17 April 2010

This looks like a job for The Onion: Fight Al-Qaeda with satire, ridicule: researchers

Yeah. That’ll do it! I mock thee.

22. catnip - 17 April 2010
marisacat - 17 April 2010

People have forgotten that the mere word, “DOW” was so toxic in the wake f the Vietnam war that for … years and years —- maybe close to a couple decades, they back pedaled advertising in regular consumer magazines and similar publications. They stuck to industry periodicals for advertising, mostly.

Go Gore!

[go anywhere]

diane - 18 April 2010

thank you for that catnip!

the insane Gore worship drives me bonkers.

23. catnip - 17 April 2010
marisacat - 17 April 2010

oh but we all live under the same threat as Sderot! No fair!! We have to be safe, just like Israel.

24. catnip - 17 April 2010
25. BooHooHooMan - 17 April 2010

Gates Says U.S. Lacks Strategy to Curb Iran’s Nuclear Drive
Published: April 17, 2010

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has warned in a secret three-page memorandum to top White House officials

God these fuckers leak.
So “secret” its on the FP of the NYT. In a lede by David Sanger, an Israel Guy. (pick a number). And the Obama cheerleader on the Nuke Summit who made the rounds on CR the other day ..
“Progress!” – buut {drool} –
“Ob says Sanctions might not work!
Says Sanger…coming a few
a few days after Lanny and Rahm’s big –
Did I say God these fuckers leak? ETC- ..marquis arrest of an NSA functionary for leaking classified specs to journos:
“We do not Leak!”

So they say. Back to Sanger’s stenography:

….. that the United States does not have an effective long-range policy for dealing with Iran’s steady progress toward nuclear capability, according to government officials familiar with the document.

Several officials said the highly classified analysis, written in January to President Obama’s national security adviser, Gen. James L. Jones, touched off an intense effort inside the Pentagon, the White House and the intelligence agencies to develop new options for Mr. Obama. They include a revised set of military alternatives, still under development, to be considered should diplomacy and sanctions fail to force Iran to change course.

Oh really, Sanger?
“A revised set of military alternatives,”??
Howd’ya find out? Given your. next. fuckin. line.?

Officials familiar with the memo’s contents would describe only portions dealing with strategy and policy, and not sections that apparently dealt with secret operations against Iran, or how to deal with Persian Gulf allies.

One senior official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the memo, described the document as “a wake-up call.” But White House officials dispute that view, insisting that for 15 months they had been conducting detailed planning for many possible outcomes regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

So who’s in for the knife? And Who’s stickin it in?
(Oh, we’ll get around to policy eventually)
Is Gates looking to sandbag Jones via the the tattle chain? Gates?
The guy who has no prob dropping bombs without blinking?

Flashback to last summer
and the young bucks whispering around Jones then… Here’s David Ignatius trying to grapple with it in WaPo last summer when Gates called HIM up for an… interview? Reprimand? Fanny paddle?

Ah Ignatius, that fifth columnist, inveterate Zionist, TOOL of Israel –
who tried to end the discussion he was chairing in Davos at the World Economic Forumwhen Erdogan confronted Peres over Gaza, AND THEN gave Peres the final 25 minutes to spew the Israeli line.

David Ignatius
Sunday, June 7, 2009

Defense Secretary Robert Gates doesn’t give interviews all that often. So it was interesting that Gates reached out last week to talk about Gen. Jim Jones, the national security adviser, and how he is managing the foreign policy process in the Obama administration.

{ So the Adviser IS the Manager! Who’s on First?- BHHM}

Gates is a fan of the retired Marine general. He said that he has watched national security advisers up close since Henry Kissinger in the early 1970s and that Jones is “among the best” he has seen.

{ Shorter Gates: “You’re gonna print this, Ignatius.
Ever hear of rendering?” – BHHM}

“I think of Jim as the glue that holds this team together,” Gates said.

🙄 Gates:
Jones as “the glue that holds the team together”. Some Horse.
Anyhoo, Ignatius being Ignatius, not able to help himself after Gates sought him out for reprimand, sang then like Sanger did today ~ and slipped in just a little more tool work before spinning Gates definitive verdict : Jones was STAYING. “Silly Season” or some slobber chuckle chuckle was the emphasized Igno-spin:

This encomium wouldn’t be newsy, or even very interesting, if it weren’t for the whispering campaign about Jones that has been making the rounds in Washington for the past two months. The proverbial “anonymous sources” have been sniping at Jones, claiming that he is out of the loop and unprepared, doesn’t stay late enough in the office and kicks his dog. (Actually, I made up the last part.)

Gates is well aware of the whispers (that’s why he proposed the interview), but he dismissed them as “typical Washington. . . . If nobody’s fighting, nobody’s having fun.” He says that the rumors are coming from “lower levels,” not from any of the principals. And while the gossip is “not very helpful,” he insists that it won’t disrupt the real work.

You could argue that if Gates is countering the rumors, there must be a real problem. But I suspect that Gates is right, that it’s a Washington parlor game.

Well it ain’t Gates in the Parlor. And it ain’t Colonel Mus- I mean Jones at the NSC. It’s Rahm and his shits in the press. < — The previous link is about as well cited a rundown of the handlers , hacks and press flacks v Jones there is. Hey they're all imperialists , No Boo-Hoo for Jones, Gates, or any of them, May they Claw Each Other to Death©, but it is very well cited.
All the gobblers are there.

Holly Bailey for example.

Has Jim Jones Lost His Clout?
By Holly Bailey | NEWSWEEK
Published Jun 27, 2009
From the magazine issue dated Jul 13, 2009

Where has Jim Jones been? As the White House navigated its response to the Iran crisis, President Obama’s national-security adviser was nowhere to be seen.

Holly’s first lines in the Newsweek piece. Thank you Holly. Gobble.

Steve Clemons: Can James Jones Survive a Second Round of Attacks and “Longer Knives”?

Etc. Gobble Gobble.

It’s soooo Rahm. The Israeli butler. In the Parlor with the knife.
In Jones back. Mr. Gates is gonna be pissed.. Oh well.
“Graba mop” Rahm. Who doesn’t do floors.
LOL. Remember this – and the walkback – right after Ob was elected?

Rahm Emanuel apologizes for father’s disparaging remarks about Arabs
By Reuters
Tags: Israel News, Rahm Emanuel

U.S. President-elect Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel apologized to an Arab-American group on Thursday for comments disparaging Arabs made by his father.
In the interview, Benjamin Emanuel was reported as saying: “Obviously, he will influence the president to be pro-Israel. Why wouldn’t he? What is he, an Arab? He’s not going to clean the floors of the White House.”

But guess who had to step in to give the mumbo jumbo reply on the Gates memo? And note the Newspeak at the end, thevirtual nuclear state”

Translation: Coach Gates says PUNT. Next possession we can have GE throw nuke techno to Israel OR Iran. Fuck it. Coach says PUNT or we’ll ALL be selling chickens outside a circus in China.

From Sanger’s Duck and Cover piece at the NYT-

In an interview on Friday, General Jones declined to speak about the memorandum. But he said: “On Iran, we are doing what we said we were going to do. The fact that we don’t announce publicly our entire strategy for the world to see doesn’t mean we don’t have a strategy that anticipates the full range of contingencies — we do.”

But in his memo, Mr. Gates wrote of a variety of concerns, including the absence of an effective strategy should Iran choose the course that many government and outside analysts consider likely: Iran could assemble all the major parts it needs for a nuclear weapon — fuel, designs and detonators — but stop just short of assembling a fully operational weapon.

In that case, Iran could remain a signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty while becoming what strategists call a “virtual” nuclear weapons state.

LOL – They trotted out JONES.
Which is delicious given the knife in his back.
And after the year old pic they released in one organ or other this past week . LOL. Of Jones answering the phones there on the left while Rahm holds court.
Maybe they’ll have JONES call Rahms tithers for Obs re-election campaign.

Conclusion: I don’t think WE are going to war with Iran .
Afterall. Anymore. For Now.

MJS at SMBIVA makes a compelling argument against Leftish CV (something I’ve always been a sucker for – LOL) , WRT “The Sacred Relationship”.

Still, there was something off. Finally I hit the nub of it:

“””The U.S. government… needs the Israeli government as an outpost in the Middle East.””

Oh, to be sure, Washington would not look with favor on a Palestine in charge of, say, Hamas, which would be a lot like a replay of the Iranian revolution. But there’s quite a gap between that and a client state that doesn’t know its place; a client state with its own nutty hubristic regional-superpower fantasies; a client state that routinely insults and domineers over the captain and bridge crew of the global hegemon. I mean, really, who needs that?

Comrade Andrew’s well-informed but ultimately disappointing treatment of the subject reveals a certain widely-shared schematism in our understanding of empire and, for that matter, of class society. Or so I think. We too often imagine our rulers as a highly organized and self-aware monolith, when in fact they’re a loose collection of rival gangs. They share an interest in milking, bilking, and suppressing us, of course, but except for the rather rare periods when that happy state of affairs seems to be in question, they don’t all pull in the same direction, always or even most of the time.

The CR the night of the Nuke Summit last week, had Sanger of NYT rounding out – mostly blowing – Kissinger’s Managing Direct Joshua Cooper Ramo and – who else – Sam Nunn. Who were blowing China.

A few other observations: Hillary has steered clear of any visible connection to the Play Palace intrigue. Busy with Policy and all I guess. LOL. And crickets on it all from Susan Rice, the Admin’s We Can Do Condi Too clone at the UN. Persuading China at the UN on the big Iran vote, I suppose. LOL. Gates and the Generals will decide.

marisacat - 18 April 2010

Steve Clemons: Can James Jones Survive a Second Round of Attacks and “Longer Knives”?

Etc. Gobble Gobble.

… and so on..

Last year Greg Craig, this year Jim Jones?

BooHooHooMan - 18 April 2010

Thing is none of em ever really go.

And while stranger shit has happened,
oh like opening the Russian Front- – Whoops Adolph! –
I’m of the mind that Jones and Gates will be on to the next landing when Rahm and Ob have to show up at AIPAC with the slight change of plans:

May we interest you in a Pahlavi? A good old 50’s style coup?
Somethin like that.

BooHooHooMan - 18 April 2010

Although I have to say the guy who is prolly gonna get chopped down to the size of a Ken doll before its all thru is Abdullah of Jordan.

marisacat - 18 April 2010

Why King PlayStation and Queen YouTube? (as Angry Arab calls them, off in their US supported operetta)

marisacat - 18 April 2010

I think Craig did get pushed out.. for whatever reason. Prolly not over Gitmo issues….

Not that it matters…………

Yeah there is a Pahlavi ”kid” running around, looking all eager.

26. BooHooHooMan - 18 April 2010

Watch This Case
Published: April 16, 2010

Months ago, Gretchen Morgenson and Louise Story of The Times exposed Goldman Sachs’s practice of creating and selling mortgage-backed investments and then placing financial bets that those investments would fail. While appalling, it wasn’t clear whether the practice was also fraud. The Securities and Exchange Commission has now decided that it was, charging Goldman on Friday.

We urge everyone to keep a close eye on this case. … 😯 …

If it is handled correctly, it should finally answer the question of whether malfeasance —

and not merely unbridled greed, incompetence and weak regulation — was also responsible for the financial meltdown.

Good to know. The APPALLING! mere unbridled greed, incompetence, and weak regulation we can live with!
I sure hope it’s not malfeasance tho.


marisacat - 18 April 2010

We urge everyone to keep a close eye on this case.

I am really tired fo the trampoline we are TIED TO… chained to. Tethered to……….

It gets so wearing.

27. BooHooHooMan - 18 April 2010

Mcat, {I’m joking} could you put one of those 😯
things after the NYT saying

We urge everyone to keep a close eye on this case. 😯

It just doesn’t look right without it. 😯
LOL. Maybe one in hypoxic blue for those of us holding our breath.
Somebody hit me with the adrenalin and the paddles me when they perp walk Greenspan, Blankfein , Rubin and Stanley Fisher.

I’m all 😯 ‘d …. out

28. marisacat - 18 April 2010

Finally… 😉

A new thread:


………………… 😯

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