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Eventually… 17 May 2011

Posted by marisacat in 2012 Re Election, DC Politics, Inconvenient Voice of the Voter, The Battle for New Orleans, Total fucking lunatics.

After two years in the White House, Obama is likely to find some old friends less friendly.  [AP]

Eventually… have to stick a politician at the top.  Anyway, I could not pass up this pic, which I snagged from People Mag. . .

What a precious peach, huh?  Smile sweetie, show us the canines.

Slither and dither:

“The success of our economy will depend on your skills, but the success of our community will depend on your ability to follow the Golden Rule — to treat others as you would like to be treated,” he said.

“We’ve seen how important this is even in the past few weeks, as communities in Memphis and all across the South have banded together to deal with flood waters and to help each other in the aftermath of terrible tornadoes.”

more by Barack Obama – 4 hours ago – ABC News

And I moved this forward from the end of the last thread:

Dennis Perrin:

[O]bama’s presidency is the next logical step in eliminating whatever challenges to centralized power remain. If “progressives” didn’t balk at Clinton’s cruder corporate model, they sure as fuck aren’t abandoning Obama’s sleeker version. At this pace, we’ll eventually have a mass murdering lesbian president in a wheelchair. Liberals will rejoice (FDR and Eleanor in one!) while reactionaries curse political correctness. The country will be broke, but only nihilists will care. Politics is all about compromise, even if you have no power to negotiate. Freedom ain’t free

Forward, into the breach! We have nowhere else to go!!




1. diane - 17 May 2011

That pic Dennis chose, in his post of the oBombster, was near perfect, almost as malevolent looking as a pic I saw beneath one of the oBombster’s: we will succeed on Mars photos, that near gave me nightmares …..well okay, it did.

So much to choose from there, people like Dennis, and many others (here, for one), make me feel like things aren’t all rotten:

The sad thing about Donald Trump’s announcement is that it makes him Obama’ s moral better. Unlike the incumbent, Trump has no stomach for the serious meat. Photo ops and bad television seem enough for him, and we can all be thankful for that….

Yeah, Obama (and, a seeming majority, at the upper echelons of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the US Government) is far worse than Trump, …and that’s saying something that many refuse to admit, … for the nightmares it might bring to them.

marisacat - 17 May 2011

Somebody doesn’t like Obby as more and more pics like this and the others, turn up.

diane - 17 May 2011

Yup, and how bout that excellent one that Black Agenda Report posted a while back ….with the huge goblet of White Wine, and the huge, cast in gold, razor taloned, predatory bird casting nailed to that podium.

Let alone that solar roofed, white lilyed, meeting with the Sly Con Valley Vizards shot ….

diane - 17 May 2011
diane - 17 May 2011
diane - 17 May 2011

And perhaps I should qualify: the pics wouldn’t seem near so malevolent if oBombster didn’t usually appear absolutely absent of sympathy, in fact, bearing an enormous smile, as the citizens of the country he presides over, increasingly fall through the cracks, never to know another restful day, in their entire lives, …until, apparently, .they die.

marisacat - 17 May 2011

…increasingly fall through the cracks

the country is one big crack.

2. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 May 2011

Business groups to Obama: Drop order on contractor disclosure

A coalition of more than 80 business groups told President Obama to “abandon” a draft executive order that would have government contractors disclose their political contributions.

In a letter sent Monday to Obama, groups such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute, the National Retail Federation and the National Association of Manufacturers said that they oppose the draft order since it would inject politics into the federal contracting process. In addition, they said the draft order would chill their free-speech rights.

“The Executive has a statutory obligation to procure goods and services based on the best value for the American taxpayer. It also has constitutional obligations to respect the legislative domain of Congress, to refrain from chilling protected political speech, and to avoid subjecting citizens to arbitrary laws,” the letter says. “The draft executive order violates each of these duties and potentially turns the procurement process into a tool with which to reward political allies and punish political opponents. Accordingly, we urge you to abandon this dangerous and ill-advised proposal. American businesspeople should not be forced to limit the exercise of their constitutional rights under a new and oppressive regulatory scheme.”

The letter comes as the draft order has fallen under heavy criticism from several Republicans, as well as a few Democrats.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and Rep. Sam Graves (R-Mo.), chairman of the House Small Business Committee, held a joint hearing last week that blasted the administration on the draft order. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) also told reporters he opposed the draft order, while Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) signed on to a letter with senators expressing concerns about it.

marisacat - 17 May 2011

They should be as transparent as Mr Opaque.

Even steven.

3. catnip - 17 May 2011

Oh Jeebus – Maddow with new details of the OBL killing. And now the WH is saying ‘Geronimo’ wasn’t about the mission at all! No! They were just at the letter ‘G’ – which, coincidentally, stands for Geronimo.

Can they just STFU already?

catnip - 17 May 2011

There are some nites I can’t stand her nattering. This is one of them.

4. BooHooHooMan - 17 May 2011

Condé Nast Will Be Anchor of 1 World Trade Center

It’s a….~Lifestyle~ kind of thing now.


History (some years hence)

What ever became of those people, the U.S. of A ‘mrkns?

The Americans? The Empire noted for its literature and cinema reflecting a mythically attainable life that none of their plebes could possibly afford? Oh, The plebes eventually deep fried them all in Scalamandré, with a nice fringe I might add. Sort of a Venetian filo thing.

lucid - 18 May 2011

I’m sure my friends that work at Conde Nast will just lurve that…

5. Madman in the Marketplace - 17 May 2011
6. marisacat - 18 May 2011

Jeepers… this Arnold thing is the proverbial peeling back of the onion. Every day, a few new revelations.

AND Dominique… revelations a go go.

7. marisacat - 18 May 2011

Well. 😳 I guess!

President Obama will give his Middle East speech on Thursday as Muslims around the world view him and the United States negatively, according to a Pew Research Center poll published Tuesday.

The survey reports that the majority of respondents in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Turkey and the Palestinian territory — and not in Indonesia, where Obama spent some of his childhood — don’t have favorable views or confidence in Obama and the United States. In Jordan, Pakistan and Turkey, where Obama’s favorability is lowest, his numbers have dropped since 2010.

For example, just 12 percent of respondents in Turkey said they have a lot or some confidence in Obama, an 11-point drop since last year. And in Pakistan, only 11 percent said they view Obama favorably, down six points from 2010.

The poll’s results are from March 21 to April 26, before U.S. forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

marisacat - 18 May 2011

hmm could be another 😳 oopsie!

OBAMA & CO. PLAYING EXPECTATIONS GAME. “President Obama’s reelection campaign will bring in a “moderate” amount of money when it reports its fundraising total to the Federal Election Commission in July, a senior campaign adviser said,” according to National Journal’s Marc Ambinder.

“The adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that campaign officials have decided to devote the bulk of their early efforts to fortifying the Democratic National Committee rather than the president’s own reelection campaign, anticipating that DNC will need to spend the money earlier. [A likely story! – Mcat]

This decision, they said, accounts for the lower total. Obama advisers anticipate that the president’s campaign will face questions about whether it is on track to meet internal fundraising targets, which have not been disclosed. [oh but but, they said it would be a billion dollar campaign… so, what will it be?? a billion drachma campaign??? Inquiring minds want to know! – Mcat]

Inevitably, Obama’s take will be compared with Republican Mitt Romney’s because Romney is the closest thing the GOP field has to a front-runner. On Monday alone, Romney’s Nevada call-a-thon took in more than $10 million. ? So far the president has attended a dozen fundraisers in six cities since announcing on April 14 his decision to seek reelection. Half have been events where tickets cost $35,800. DNC takes $30,800 of that; Obama’s campaign gets only $5,000.”


Maybe Michelle can run Buy the Fat Off a Child telethons! Force small children to lose weight, on 24 hour television! and get people to support each pound lost.

I sure could see it.

8. marisacat - 18 May 2011

Little trickles of hope (and there are a few at Angry Arab, not just this one):

The New Egypt: Finkelstein in Egypt

A trend of the new Egypt is the extensive coverage the visit by Norman Finkelstein is receiving in Egyptian press.

Posted by As’ad AbuKhalil at 9:48 AM

He also said that Al-Ahram, a Cairo weekly, has a long interview with an anti-Israeli Nasserite, and is now selling over a million copies, apparently way up from its previous numbers, under Mubarak.

9. lucid - 18 May 2011

Seems like today is ‘throw Cornel West under the bus’ day on the Dem blogs… I’ve never really been a fan of the man myself, but when Dem partisans cannot even tolerate his tepid criticisms of the administration you know they are just forever lost.

marisacat - 18 May 2011

Did you read the Hedges piece on Cornel (and his disenchantment with obby)? With extensive quotes from him.

Yeah I never was a fan, but gosh golly gee.

What a self serving, self deluded idiot.

It’s a Truth Dig and should not be far down, think it was new this Monday.

lucid - 18 May 2011

For all of the reverential religious wackiness, they deserve each other…

marisacat - 18 May 2011

Don’t they?

I have a much cruder take on why Brother Cornel was so drawn to Obby, than West’s own.

diane - 18 May 2011

I’ve never understood how anyone, with any sense, could possibly think that a black man (or a woman, of any color), who amazingly managed to get elected while the Cheney/Bush Admin was having their way, instead of being locked up in jail – where the Legislative and Judicial branches of US Government should have placed them, if those branches were working as they were supposed to – could possibly think that that person was representative of an oppressed minority, or representative of anything else which bode well for average citizens.

diane - 18 May 2011

soooo, instead of a representer of increasingly oppressed, ‘little’ people civilians, we got this, every bit as rotten as his precedents.

diane - 18 May 2011

‘n’ …. Shack Bully, would be quite the understatement there, …to my mind, …. in fact, him and the wifie, … would be the ones, …at the very least, …. directing the <Shack Bullies …

(jus’ an opinion … plenty of them out there ….)

diane - 18 May 2011

(That comment: ‘n’ …. Shack Bully,… was an additional thought on this comment: soooo, instead of a representer …, we got this…)

marisacat - 18 May 2011

Well if you are speaking of L’Obster… he never represented any oppressed minority. Nor was he some great vaunted Community Organiser, he did [mostly] office work, for one, gathering stories at the various housing projects he was assigned to and crafting narratives from the stories.. etc…. you have to troll thru the online archives at big and small Chicago press, black and white, but the story is there.

he takes credit for getting asbestos removed from one of the projects, but thw work was done by long time on site community workers, 3 older black women in particular.


diane - 18 May 2011

… if you are speaking of L’Obster

that would be the target of my comments, more widely known as, Barack Obama, pretty much … a despot.

ts - 19 May 2011

Even his “rage” was qualified. If Obby threw him half a bone (or just faked the throw), he’d be back in a nanosecond.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

SMBIVA has a great piece up on Cornel and another of the cringing, lecturing grovellers. Melissa Harris Lacewell…

10. brinn - 18 May 2011

I am so damned tired of dealing with one major stressfest after another….

Just cehcking to let you all know that I’m still alive.

marisacat - 18 May 2011

oh brinn… pour a glass of wine (beer, wine spritzer, whatever) and take 30 minutes OFF.

brinn - 18 May 2011

Not possible atm, well, the latter anyway, the former has been done! heh.

I think I may have gotten an apartment for the school zone issue…put in the app. today, now if my current landlord doesn’t screw me over and/or if they decide that they don’t want to rent to me for credit or income reasons, we should be set on that front…

Of course, just as I got home from that, I got an email from kid the younger’s school saying that they want to hold him back in 2nd grade….

And I still have and entire 4 BR house plus garage worth of stuff to sort/toss/pack and a course to prepare for (starts 6/13) that they have changed the textbook and completely revamped since the last time I taught it…oh, and other stuff…I can’t even remember anymore…

marisacat - 18 May 2011

lighting candles… convening for novenas.



brinn - 18 May 2011

‘scuse my ignorance (I have been feeling mightily brain-damaged — hell, soul/spirit-damaged too!– lately, but “convening for novenas”?

If it goes with candles, I may be able to pull it off!

marisacat - 18 May 2011

Well I am teasing… Catholic Novenas… prayer groups of a sort. Special requests.

About Catholic Novenas. The novena is a devotional prayer that one prays to ask for special requests or to make a petition for help in times of distress.

Not likely I’d be doing Catholic prayers, but I will hold a good thought!!

brinn - 19 May 2011

Hey, I’ll take whatever help I can get at this point!! 😉

Thanks, M.!!

diane - 18 May 2011

ughhh, and hugs to you!

I’m feeling the same fucking way, so many assholes, so lucky I don’t own afucking gun, cause I might be tempted!

It seems to be a plan, certainly not a “bug,” that way too many of the few people getting/holding jobs, are basically hired/kept on because they have no integrity, and the worse they treat a customer, the more they’re rewarded.

marisacat - 18 May 2011

oh yeah……….. if I owned a gun and the moment arrived, the right combnation, I’d use it.

diane - 18 May 2011

I’m afraid I might too, if I owned one, at the rate at which so many companies have predatory employees on board that you’re forced to deal with because you need to have a given service to keep a fucking roof over your head.

Yesterday some mofo blatantly lied to me about a purchase I made, and way overcharged me. While management admitted that he did, and refunded me, they didn’t even reprimand him, which told me that he was following their desired policy. I did get the pleasure of loudly calling him a predator and a liar in front of a bunch of customers.

Madman in the Marketplace - 18 May 2011

I recommend loud music and cold beer! LOTS of both!

11. diane - 18 May 2011

sooprise! have those barf bags at the ready!

Obama plans to nominate Gallagher to be SEC commissioner

Gallagher, a partner at the law firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, held leadership roles in the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Division of Trading and Markets. He was deeply involved in the agency’s response to the financial crisis of 2008.

He returned in 2010 to WilmerHale, where he has advised financial companies, William R. McLucas, chairman of the firm’s securities practice [and that would be the same WilliamR. McLucas who: was director of the SEC’s Division of Enforcement from 1990 until 1998 — the longest tenure in agency history. Guess the WAPO didn’t know that – diane], said in a recent interview.

Looks like a thoroughly greased, 24/7 revolving door at Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, or, as Matt Taibbi notes, SEC West:

POSTED: March 30, 2:13 PM ET | By Matt Taibbi

The S.E.C.’s Revolving Door: From Wall Street Lawyers to Wall Street Watchdogs

Got a quick note from a friend today, sending some happy news from the corporate non-enforcement arena. It seems that the white-shoe corporate defense firm Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale is expecting yet another regulatory baby!

The SEC last week announced that Anne Small will serve as the SEC’s new deputy general counsel. Small worked in Wilmer Hale’s litigation department before snagging this post. She’ll be replacing Mark Cahn, who worked at – wait for it – Wilmer Hale for 20 years, until joining the SEC last March, when he stepped in to work for a fellow named Andrew Vollmer, who had served as the SEC’s Deputy General Counsel since 2006. Cahn will now be kicked upstairs into the General Counsel spot.

But guess who his predecessor Vollmer worked for? That’s right, Wilmer Hale. So a Wilmer lawyer comes in to replace a Wilmer lawyer, who replaced a Wilmer lawyer. Hence the firm’s nickname – “SEC West.”

Besides Cahn and Small, there are other ex-Wilmerites at the Commission. There’s Joseph Brenner, the chief counsel of the Enforcement Division, and Meredith Cross, who heads the Division of Corporate Finance. Both were Wilmer partners.

Of course it’s not like the traffic doesn’t go in both directions. Last year the SEC’s head of trading and markets, Daniel Gallagher, left to become a Wilmer partner. And the SEC’s former Director of Enforcement William McLucas is now the head of Wilmer’s securities department. The firm hired the head of the SEC’s Los Angeles office, Randall Lee, in 2007. And so on and so on.

Exactly how tough do you think all these ex-Wilmer lawyers will be on current Wilmer clients like Goldman, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, General Electric, Credit Suisse, and practically every other major financial services company? The shamelessness factor is growing by the minute.

(bolding mine)

diane - 18 May 2011

shit, I’m sorry, can you put an end blockquote after …said in a recent interview. hon? thanks.

marisacat - 18 May 2011

I read somewhere today that the WH has already suggested a West Winger for the IMF chair. A former Morgan Stanley guy.

It’s endless.

diane - 19 May 2011

I really don’t understand how they can live with themselves and the misery they create. Seems that pretty soon the average age of death is really going to tank in this country, as there’s not only a disappearing safety net, but a criminal culture nurtured by their policies, and lack thereof.

12. catnip - 19 May 2011

Had to pop in for the latest ‘Obama Saves The Middle East!’ speechifying.

catnip - 19 May 2011

Handy that he finally slapped sanctions on Syria’s slaughtering regime, just in time for the speech.

catnip - 19 May 2011

This is his little OBL=dead end zone dance.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

started 25 mins late……… they obvioiusly walked him thru this speech several times. But he is, frm time to time, slurring words.

Dear Foundling.

catnip - 19 May 2011

Can you just go on and on and on and on saying shit we’ve heard 20 gazillion times, Mr Obama, please? Thanks.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

I have it on, but as soon as he says it it turns to drivel in my brain.

diane - 19 May 2011

You ,and catnip, are far braver than I, I get too strong of a nasty, visceral reaction watching and listening to oBombster prattle on in code, for our Master’s of the Universe, to tune in.

…seems like decades since I regularly listened in, and “watched,” the nooz.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

oh actually this speech was pretty interesting, in twisted ways…. am not sure how it will play… with the various groups.. I think the ME countries see thru him, the people i mean… and the others, leaders, just use us, collude with us and Israel. Send checks!!

It MAY have been a speech in response to the growing power of China, abroad in the world.. We’ll see….

But then I dragged myself thru W’s too. He always told me something. One spectacular speech was when he claimed we, by invading had delivered potable water at the tap for Iraques. When we actually took it away.

diane - 19 May 2011

The last one I watched was the March 2003 “Press Conference,” days prior to bombing the fuck out of Iraq, with that faux black woman reporter, April, …the only reporter, to my recollect, he responded to:

…Have a question April?

and of course, the sociopathic spittleing,I, ME, Mine, followed:

My military will…..

or some such similar.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

oh April asked if he had prayed on what was to come.

diane - 19 May 2011


diane - 19 May 2011

do you have the transcript hon?, I might, but a search might prove difficult.

I spent quite a while searching for a Reporter named April, quite a while back, ….oopsie, ….she must be around somewhere? …. right?

marisacat - 19 May 2011

I don’t save anything anymore… and a 2003 link is two computers ago. Maybe you can search for WH briefings Bush 2003… see what comes up.

IF she is sthe one I m thinking of, she is a softball questioner…black reporter, reports for radio, somehwere inland. Like Ohio or Illinois. Might have been black radio, in fact.

diane - 19 May 2011

she is the one you’re thinking of, I remember that ugly “religiousity,” very, very clearly.

and yeah, unlike the other Reporters who were highly vetted as to their “Major Media” pedigrees, she amazingly slipped through that door.

will see what I can find as to transcript, but it may take a bit.

marisacat - 19 May 2011

oh I thought she was there for a reason, that was my take. She always lobbed soft balls. Always.

diane - 20 May 2011

Found this, seemingly edited, version of the the March 6, 2003 transcript. For one, the This is scripted comment to CNN reporter John King, is not included:

After calling on CNN reporter John King, Bush says, “This is a scripted—” and then breaks into laughter. King, like his colleagues, continues as if nothing untoward is happening.

I also found this Eric Boehlart summary of that farce:

At one point while making his way through the press questioners, Bush awkwardly referred to a list of reporters whom he was instructed to call on. “This is scripted,” he joked. The press laughed. But Bush meant it was scripted, literally. White House spokesman Ari Fleischer later admitted he compiled Bush’s cheat sheet, which made sure he did not call on reporters from some prominent outlets like Time, Newsweek, USA Today, or the Washington Post. Yet even after Bush announced the event was “scripted,” reporters, either embarrassed for Bush or embarrassed for themselves, continued to play the part of eager participants at a spontaneous news conference, shooting their hands up in the air in hopes of getting Bush’s attention. For TV viewers it certainly looked like an actual press event [huh? speak for yourself there, it looked like the tragic, murderous farce, that it was – diane]

(It’s really too bad, from what I’ve seen, briefly poking around at Media Matters, Eric Boehlert dosen’t appear to have any journalistic integrity when it comes to the scathing criticism Obama so richly deserves as much as Bush, instead, he appears quite satisfied with going after the fruit already rotted on the ground, like Beck. Perhaps he’ll comment on that convenient ‘blind spot’, three years after the fact.)

marisacat - 20 May 2011

oh I think MM is a jackass organisation. Never could stand the weak little turn coat who heads it (cannot think of his name). I read a GREAT take down of him at Redstate, years ago….., that made perfect sense to me.

He exists simply to insert himself, promise a lot and get as much mooney (well that was a typo but it works!) as he can from whatever political party he is currently calling home.

diane - 21 May 2011

The Media Matters site, from a quick glance, appeared to be the, typical democRat, hat pin to the vital organ from the back, as one is being gut punched from the reThuglicans from the front – hopey, changey dribble….As those two creepy twins walk off with “the currency” we’re all forced to muster up in order to have shelter and sustenance…….let alone the pursuit of happiness …have I spelled happiness wrong? ….no fuckin small wonder if I didn’t, …as I can barely remember what it means.

13. diane - 19 May 2011

Went to see if Matt Taibbi updated re the Gallagher: from Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr, again, … back to the SEC, again, appointment …..(he did) ….when I saw this fresh post:

Wall Street’s Next Big Short: China?

A lot of people aren’t aware of the role Wall Street investment banks had in moving American jobs overseas. Most of the major bailout recipients, in fact, helped finance the wholesale export of the American manufacturing sector by lending money to the Chinese to build the sophisticated industrial infrastructure it needed to take full advantage of its inexhaustible supply of cheap pseudo-slave labor. This has been one of Bernie Sanders’s pet peeves for years, that we not only provide financial assistance to companies who lay off American workers, we even spend taxpayer money to help finance the disappearance of American jobs.

too true, …. and more.

ts - 19 May 2011

China’s been an artificial bubble for a long time. Cheap labor, no environmental standards, etc have allowed them to pull enough money into the country to build empty cities and keep GDP growing. That’s how Ponzi schemes work: as long as you can pull more money in. But there’s always more destitute countries that can do it cheaper and pretty soon the inflow won’t be enough to keep the game going. I’m sure Goldman has plenty of people on the inside (or close enough) to know how bad things are really getting. It pays to notice where these rats are running away from.

14. marisacat - 19 May 2011

NY Grand Jury indicts ham sandwich…… (DSK)

diane - 19 May 2011

not at all to see he wasn’t every bit the predator as painted, …but ..yeah, there is a huge whiff of you’re dispensable there.

Diseased Sadists all…..certainly, not friends to one another, after all, they are predators, bar none.

diane - 19 May 2011

(“say,” not “see”)

15. diane - 19 May 2011

Awwwww,……..and I thought you wewe my fwends?

It is not your imagination, you really are being followed

Department of When Foil is not Foily privacy
Thu, 05/19/2011 – 10:21am — Dcblogger

‘Like’ Button Follows Web Users

For this to work, a person only needs to have logged into Facebook or Twitter once in the past month. The sites will continue to collect browsing data, even if the person closes their browser or turns off their computers, until that person explicitly logs out of their Facebook or Twitter accounts, the study found.

diane - 19 May 2011
diane - 19 May 2011

(no friends either, only fellow fiends….

(fuckin Brit Elites, always up to sumpin ..I see ya’ll have given up on that stupid i before e excuse though…..ASSHOLES,…., not unlike: [name your fuckin poisonous, HISTORIC, ELITE CREW, HERE:] _____________))

Lucid - 19 May 2011

Stuff like this really pisses me off, but at the same time at this point my life is an open book for anyone who cared to research it given that I never used a handle at the bbb’s in the ’90’s and have always linked my handle to things that could identify me… Not to mention I’m under constant surveillance by cameras in new York….

Madman in the Marketplace - 19 May 2011

I gave up on the whole idea of privacy a long, long time ago.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2011

Well, the battle is on if ya ask me.
Between the Robo-Cops and the ‘mrkn peepuhl longing for Life, Liberty, and, of course, a Robo-Cop converted to electro-mechanical sex toy in the privacy of their own home.

(It certainly should be framed as such.)
Time to Win This Future up in heya.

BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2011

Actually, “sex toy” should read “mongo-fucker”.

marisacat - 20 May 2011

I caught a few mins of Jimmy Kimmel…and laughed pretty hard at the Arnold jokes – speaking of electro mechanical ssex toys…. LOL

I think one joke called him the Childinator.

Snicker snax

16. marisacat - 20 May 2011



………… 😯

17. BooHooHooMan - 20 May 2011

LOL. Yeh, Netanyahu is in town.
Hava Nagila!
-> Ed Rendell, Steven Rattner AND Richard Hass on Morning Joe.

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